The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 11, 1915, Image 4

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G. M. VanCamp
Over Store) 's Clothlnft Store
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Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Entered In tliu I'oHtdlllt'o nt Kid Cloud, Neb.
an .Second Clam Matter'
'How great Inttli tho mighty fall-
Cut this out nnil lo'irn It. Then
wlion tlio woathor opens up and your
friends get their ears out, joii cull sit
on tilt porch mul lititn it over. It's
full of truth and human nut mo:
J ii tlio tlie gloaming, oh, my dm lint',
when the cars nro whizzing
Sit we two upon our front porch till
we nee the very hint.
It is tiuiu to seek the feathers,
but we linger still outside;
Twenty portions wit 1 they'd take us
out H riding, hut they lied.
In the gloaming, oil, my darling,
we will sit till luidniijhi'n hour,
As the motor curs tly past us, on the
wings of benzine power.
Do not Iglvc up" hope, my'darllng,
beep a smiling, mid sit Unlit;
If we witll for twenty huihuiois
uiujbe one will stop some night.
-l'ardevllle, Wis, Times
A few more dinners like the one kI-
en Tuesday and the Hud Cloud busines
men will becon o acquaint o I with theli
own schools,
Tliu legislation tins passed a law
that hetuafter all oflleors shall hold
their respective olllccs for a period of
four years and no longer. Iiuent
olllcials are not eligible to re-election.
This is a law that wilt call forth much
condemnation a n d much defense.
There are two sides to it and it re
mains to be seen whether it will worl
out well iu practice or not. Many be
lieve that when the county or state
ouco obtains a really competent olllcial
that it should retain Ids sorvlecs as
long as possible because he gets moie
md more prollcieut iu his duties a d
bunco is more valuable to the com
inanity or public corporation tli u
new timber and tlioro is good sound
r msinlng In that, argument. On the
other hand not a few Hay that it It is a
good thing pass it niotiud and let
vor,vonehave a little, that fuq tenth,
an olllcial becoinesarbittary or fin gets
his honesty and the community suffers
Unfortitfiiitcly- this has sometimes
been the case iu the past aiul Hi we
iwait the outcome of this new order f
things and the future will I'ochle
whether it is better than the old or
lot:. J
The present condition of the Ne
braska roiuls Is proving a fouulduble
ally in assisting tlio house and senate
Toad committees in shaping practical
highway legislation. It is believed
that the legislature will take some ac
tion to ussist iu solving the road piol-Icms.
There are plenty of catalogues from
foreign houses being circulated in our
tntdst again. Do these houses buy any
of our butter, egg", giain or cattle?
Do the J help us pay our tuxes? Do
they II x our roads? Do they return a
a single one of our dollars',' It would
1m well for us to nil seriously consider
tills question from every angle, and if
wo do we will certainly Dud that in
the long run we are injuring ourselves
every time wo send a dollar out of our
icommiiuity, for it will never come
Members of the house finance com
mittee Friday afternoon listened to
pleas of swine biceiiors who deslro a
new building on the state fair grounds.
The importance of the hog industry
-was emphasized and the needs for the
improvements explained. A number
of representatives from the various
3 ve stock oigatiizatlons were present,
Farmers who are Interested iu this
measure. House Roll 18.1, by Ropic
aonlativcs Naylorand Palmer, should
C3mmuntcate at ouco with the sotia
itors and representatives who repre
sent their districts iu the leglslatuie.
Wo have lost faith iu tlio ground
iiog. From our infancy up we have
atlwiys believed Implicitly iu the pie
illctlouH of this old-time weather
prophet tint this last forecast has en
tirely shuttered our chcribhed beliefs
.as to tbo Infallibility of this mythical
jinlmal. He did not seo his shadow on
alio Bocond of last mouth which means
that he told us there would not be any
xuoro winter and now we have the
most winter and snow In all our hist
State Senator William Weesner. of
his distiict, felt that when a saloon
lebauched a man and the good wife
intended bi Inning suit tor damages,
.she should tlr-t notify the saloon keep
er in the uialttr, and so he voted for
that Iniquitous measure. He ought go
further. He ought demand that a bill
be brought up before the legislature
demanding that when an unfortunate
debauched specimen of womanhood in
tends to prosecute herdebaucher, that
sho shall flist serve a written notice to
the miseiaiit and if he shall commit tie
act again, then he must be liable to
prosecution Indeed, this paternal
statesman, in justice to the loglo he
has demonstrated with his vote, ought
favor a measure, that when Ills son or
any other man's sou frequents u saloon
theie to start perhaps upon it career of
detmuohment, the saloon keeper hhall
tlrst servo the ptreutu with a notice
that the boy is desirous of so making
entry, before he shall be permitted to
make the start, by tho said saloon
keeper Hut Wen-tier won't do this.
He is a zealous servant of the cause of
fie liquor interests whether he iu
toads to be. or not, and eveiy vote he
has cast in the sta'e senate i his winter
only proves It. This is Hih lai .finite
session Weesner will sit iu maik Unit
well Rivertun Review.
No doubt the R vie editor h.o
realized for some time that he Is a
back number iu the race for the U. S.
Mar.shalshlp and would like to be an
aspirant for tho olllo o' Senator or
this district two yoars fiom now. It
is a question whether or not it would
have pleased the llevlow plaster.-!' edi.
t r, had Senator Weesner voted against
the bill.
Home Grown Seed Corn Best
Kvn tbo it. is said that like pro
duces liko, the pretty ears of seed corn
from tlio distant seed house may not,
and usually do not, produce com as
g od as that grown under local condi
tions. Results from many farmers,
c unity agricultural agents, and the
Nebraska Kxpoilincnt Station show
an incivaso of from l 5 to in bushels
nn acre iu favor of the home grown
jtoeil Co.oporative experiments in
, wesjtcrn Nebraska have shown that
the native seed yields about a fourth
moro than corn just brought frcin the
. eastern pin t of tlio stao. The results
'of the Nobr-iska Kxperluicnt Station
are included iu Bulletin No. ISO, which
may be lmd free.
The Legislative Grind
That Nebraska voters will have it
cliHt.ce to vote oil at least one consti
tutional amendment in twoyeats fiom
now Is coitalii, tho amendment provid
ing that all supremo judges shall be
elected by districts Instead of In tln
stale at large as at present. The bill
has alt end) passed the Senuta and is
certain to be acted upon favorably in
the House.
The bill Intending to place more
power Iu the bauds of the Railway
Commission and for which Thomas
Hall has been so pcrsNleuily lobbying
met its defeat lu a rather novel way.
After amending tlio bill it was report
ed out for passage by the committee,
One of the inlro iucois of this incisure
moved be imlellnltely postponed
mid il was so ordered without taking
the legubit- course of going Ihiotigh
committee of the Whole,
Another bill governing public utili
ties which win Introduced by Os ter
mini of .Merrick and vested more power
lu the people of each comity rather
than in tlio ltuilway Commission, was
recommended by the committee to hi;
iudi-lluitely postponed, Thecommitlce
gave a public hearing at which a large
number of attorneys and professional
men presented their opinions of this
The House has passed a bill provid
ing for a Supremo Court Commission
to assist iu clearing the docket which
I now overloaded witli cases.
A bill has passed the House and been
sent to the Senate which compels the
St it' Railway Commission to furnish
the county boards of equali.ttion and
assessment with the liguios showing
the physical valuation of the Railroad",
Telegiaph and Telephone Hues of the
While many thousands of dollars
will be appropriated for tho various
B'ate institution", for reptirs, etc., it
occurs to us that one of the things
needing actual and immediate attent
ion is the present State House. True
it is that this has an old fa ml I'm r
sound, but nevertheless the roof of the
state house is so bad that it is almost
Imnimslbbi In men stutn iirnnnrfv with
out keeping the janitors on duty day!
and night with pails and buckets to
c itch the water winch is supposed to
go down the caves, but which uu
fortunately doesn't do anything of the
kind. ,
The three big railroads of Nebraska
occupied the flout of the stage at the
state house on last Wednesday evening,
when the presidents of the Union
Pacific, the North western and the
UiirliiiL'lon eudeavored to show by
figures and argument that they must
have '! cents a mile for passenger
tratuc- uiih in iiie-o gentlemen exi
plained, that, the Railroad), were .pro
ceeding on tlio plan of "tlio people be
shown" and weio ttylng to take them
into their conlidcucc. It is doubtful if
ono vote was made or lost by their
coming but all members agreed that
they appreciated having tho-o men,
who lu tho past have dictated from
their oftice chair, come down from
their "high horse" and talk with the
lawmakets as man to man.
For the first time this session mutter
lias been expongod from the record.
Mockett of Lancaster after losing iu a
tight between the Railway Commiss
ion and the Attorney General present
ed a resolution attacking the.eliaractcr
of Arthur F. Mullen. Henry Rich
mond of Douglas came to the rescue as
a paciller of troubled wateis. Mr.
Richmond iu very forceful laniMimre
persuaded the House that in justice to
.Mr. Mullen whose character had been
unjustly assailed and in the interest of
harmony, (which is so much' talked of
in tho democrat party just now) that
the proper thing to do would be to
w'pe out all the record on this matter.
He spoke of the great amount of woik
before the House alii of how impossi
ble it would bo to accomplish this work
if the mem) ors engaged iu p-ison-alities
or failed to work iu harmony each other
Tho Hist copies of Nebraska's 'Ulm
Book" were delivered on Friday to
members of tho Senate and House.
The work lias been iu process of pre
paration for two yeais, provision hav
ing boeu made for the same lu the
lOlIS session. Comments aie very 11 ut
tering for Addison K, Sheldon, the
compiler of the woik. It is ooitnlnly
a book that every Neliraskan who takes
au interest iu Hlul.-s of the state will
want to possess. I he Legislature
m.ule provision by resolution for tho
distribution of 1, (KX) copies, ono going
to each of the lilli schools and to each
of the court houses iu the state.
The past week bus witnessed more
real legislation than iu any of tliu pre
vious weeks this session, I'erhaps the
most far reaching bill to pass tl e
Senate was the county unit plan for
apportioning school funds, providing
for any county iu the state adopting
he systi in ufit r it has been submitted
t.i a vote of those concerned The
Senate has i oported from committees
nearly all of the bills intioduced in
that. body. Those that have not as yet
b,ien reported will have a mighty
hard time getting through. One hund
red bills huve been passed by the
Senate audv are now before the Hoiit-o.
The Miner Bros.
The Store That Sells Wooltex
Red Cloud,
the woman who cannot afford
make a mistake.
A mistake that may be corrected the next day is
quickly forgotten. But a mistake that must stay with
one for several months will not be forgotten for several
more months.
When you choose your Spring
coat or suit, why not select one
of our Wooltex garments? You
can feel sure that it will be in
good style and look well for at
least a whole season.
Every woman knows that con
servative styles are the most
lasting. You know how quick
ly fads and freakish fancies
die, and how out of style you
feel if you are still wearing
Wooltex garments all contain
the best expression of the sea
son's style tendencies, but they
are refined and tempered to
meet the practical ideas of the
best dressed American women.
Wooltex tailored garments give
longer and better service than
ordinary garments for they are
made from pure silk and pure
wool materials, by skillful, pains
taking tailors.
All mate ials are carefully
shrunk before cutting. Seams
are tailor-basted before stitch
ing. Special attention is given
collars, lapels and edges the
places where ordinary garments
show their lack of careful work
manship. Every Wooltex garment is
carefully inspected four times
before it leaves the workrooms.
Such materials and tailoring
combined with skillful design
ing, make alternations unneces
sary in nearly all Wooltex garments.
These are the ideal garments for you- correct in style
faultless in tailoring; serviceable; moderate in price
U II Miaift t
6. CI
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tflM I I .
I'fcs- if
fW. I
It. ii mi. a i.
There is such genuine economy in buying Wooltex garments that
every woman should get acquainted with them. Judged from every
standpoint, they meet your requirements. Our saleswomen know the
thirty points of excellence in Wooltex garments and will gladly
show them to you.
Come in tomorrow and see the new Spring
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Their through and through goodness will prove you
make no mistake when you buy Wooltex garments.
and fifty, indefinitely pnstpened about
the same number aud have on general
Hie i:t'2. A sifting committee will
soon be appoin ed to sift out the
meritorious bills for goneril file
A Husband's View o! tha
Woman's Suffrage Question
Huh, my child, cut out the vellini?.
it will ilo no good, by durn; for I fear
there is no telling when your mother
will return. Father's lieio to rock the
entitle and to sine a dulcet note:
father's here, sweet child, to ladle,
p.tregoric down your throat in your
couch of wood and wattle, take your
rest, my little sweet, drinking cow's
milk from a bottle, while your mother.
on the street, telU the Women's Battle
for ttieir Sacred Rights, by jlng; here s
your little wooden rattle, here's your
silver toothing ring. Ah, tills imita
tion nursing brings to baby's face a
frown, while your mother's nobly
curbing laws t!int keep the women
down. Milk from can and milk fiom
bittle, and the milk the druggists
mike, seems to paralyze your throttle,
and to make your tummy ache; but
my child, your mother's doing work
too long undone, alas! She is storm
ing round and shooing poor male
critters oil tho glass. With her wo
man stitfiage rabies sho is frothing at
t'10 snoit, and can't take care of
babies thn's for dud, the poor gsloot
So, my dear, be bright and chipper;
sing'and smile us flue as silk; father's
here to pour a dipper of the predi
gestcd nilllc Adams' County Demo-
I iBf ketone!
a f3liyH
The House has passed one hundred 'orat.
Come in and let us show
you our line. We have
Ranging In mrlco From 9ZS to 94S. In Flvo and Seven
Dra won In Rotary or Shuttle
What is more serviceable than a good Sewing
Machine. There is none befter than the above
makes. ...
Roy sattley!
Licensed Embalmer and Furniture Dealer, fl
1 mmmmmm mmmmmts&t