The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 11, 1915, Image 2

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The Last Shot
(Copyright. ChaxU Scribner'a Son)
, At their homo on tho frontier between
,thn Ilrownii nnd Grnyn Murta (lalluinl und
.her mother, entertaining Colonrl Wester
liner of the Clruytt, nun Cnpluln lanstron
of tlm Urowna Injured by a full In his
aeroplane. Ten yeurs later. VontcrlltiK.
Jn6mlnnl vlru but rcnl rhlef of stuff. re-en-forced
Bouth l.a Tlr nnil iicdllntra on wur.
jMarlii tells him or her teaching children
tho Collie or war ntul martini patriotism,
ml bouH him to prnvent war while he In
chief of ntarr. rnnntron rails on Marin,
iftt her lioini". Hlio tells Iin-itroti that nltu
ibollevrB Keller, tho gardener, to bo n spy.
(Lanstron confefws It In trim and shows
nor a tolcphnno whlrh Feller ban con
cealed In n secret pitHtmKo undor the lower
for use to boncllt tho Tlrowfis In war
emcrKonoina. I.uiiMtron doclnrca hla lovo
for Mnrta. Westerllng and tho tlray
premier plan to usu n trivial International
unfair to foment warlike patriotism nnd
trllio beforo declaring war. I'artow.
Ilrown crilof of HtnlT, rovenls bin plana to
I-uriHtron, mndo vlre-chlef. Tho dray
army croHuca tho border lino nnd attacks.
Tho nrorrna chock thorn. Artillery, In
fantry, aeroplanes nnd dlrlglhlcs engage.
Martn haa hor first gllmpHo of war In Ha
modern, cold, Rclentlllc, imirilermiH bru
tality. Tho Drowns fnll back to tho tlnl
land house. Martn neea a night attack.
The flraya attack In force. Keller lonvos
tils eocret telephonn and Roes back to hlM
funs. Hand to hnnd fighting. Tho llrowna
all back ngnln. Murta nHkn Lanstron over
tho phona to nppenl to Partow to stop tho
fighting. Vnniiiillsm In the Qnlland house.
Westerllng nnd hla staff occupy tlm dal
land houao and ho begins to woo Mnrta,
who apparently thrown her fortunei with
the Grnya and offer vnluablo Information,
flhe calls up LntiHtron on tho serrot tele
phono nnd plana to Klvo Westorllng Infor
mation that will trap tho Dray army.
Wejitorllng forms his plan of attack upon
what he learns from her. Tho Oroya tnkn
Bordlr. Through Marta Westerllng la led
to concentrate bin attack on tho main linn
t ISngadlr. A lenk of Information In sus
pected, llotichnrd Is rellovcd as chief In
telligence o nicer.
All on tho subject for thn present!
When It was taken up again his suc
cessor would bo In charge. Ho, tho
Indefatigable, tho ovor-lntonso, with
tnodlovnl partlsnn fervor, who loathed
In secret machines like Turcus), wnB
tho first man of tho Bluff to go for In
competency. "And Engadlr Is tho key-point," Wes
torllng wns saying.
"Yes," agreed Turcas.
"So wo concentrato to break through
thoro," Westerllng continued, "whllo
wo ongago tho wholo lino llurcely
enough to mako tho enemy uncertain
whoro tho crucial attack Is to bo
"nut, general, If thoro lu nny plnco
that Is naturally Btrong, that " Tur
cas began.
"Tho ono plnco whoro thoy are confi
dent that wo won't attack!" Wester
ling Interrupted. Ho rcHcntod tho
staff's professional respect for Turcas.
Aftor a sllonco nnd n survey of tho
faces around, ho added with senten
tious effect: "And I wns right about
To thin argument there could bo no
answer. Tho ono stroko of general
ship by tho Grays, who, otherwise, had
succeeded alono through repeated
mass attacks, had been Wcsterllng's
hypothesis that had gained llordlr In
a slnglo assault.
"Engadlr It Is
thonl" snld Turcas
with tho loyalty'
of tho Hubordlnato
"In My Own
and for Your
who makes a superior's conviction liU
own, tho better to carry It out.
Hazily, Bouchard had hoard (ho talk,
while ho was looking nt Westerllng
and seeing him, not at tho head of tho
council tnblo, but In the arbor In eager
appeal to Mnrta.
"1 Bhall And outl I shall find out!"
-was drumming In his tomploo when
tho council rose; arid, without a word
or a backward glanco, ho was tho first
to lcavo tho room.
When llouclmrd returned to his desk
ho guessed tho contents of tho noto
awaiting lilin, but ho took a long tlmo
to rend Its stereotypod expressions In
transferring him to perfunctory duty
well to tho rear of tho army. Then ho
pulled himself together and, leaden
Itcorted, settled down to arrango rou-
tlno details for his departure, whllo
tho rest of tho staff was Immersed In
tho activity of tho preparations for tho
attack on Engadlr. Ho know that ho
could not filcon If ho lay down. So ho
spent tho night nt work. In tho morn
ing his successor, n young man whom
ho himself had chosen and trained,
Colonel Uelllnl, appeared, and tho
fallen man received tho rising man
with forced ofllclal courtesy.
"In my own defenso and for your
aid," ho said, "I show you a copy of
what I havo Just written to General
A brlof noto It was, In farowoll, be
ginning with conventional thanks for
Wcsterllng's confidence In tho past.
"I am punished for being right," It
concluded. "It Is my belief that Miss
Gallnnd sends news to thn enemy and
thnt sho draws It from you without
your consclousncBB of tho fnct. I tell
you honestly. Do what you will with
It took more courngo than any act
of his life for tho loyal Uouchard to
daro such candor to n suporlor. Seo
Ing tho patchy, yellow, bloodless faco
drawn In stiff lines and tho abysmal
stnro of tho dcop-set oyea In thplr
bony rcccBsce, Uelllnl was swept with
a wavo of sympathy.
"Thank you, llouclmrd. You'vo been
very flnol" said Uolllnl as ho grasped
Douchard's hand, which was Icy cold.
"My duty my duty, In tho hopo that
wo shall kill two Drowns for ovory
Gray who has fallen that wo Bhall
yet seo them starved nnd besieged
nnd crying for mercy In tholr capital,"
replied llouclmrd. Ho salutod with a
dismal, urgent formality .and Btalked
out of tho room with tho trend of tho
ghost of Hnmlot'fl father.
Tho Btrango Impression thnt this
furowell loft with llolllnl still lingered
when, u fow momenta Inter, Wester
llng summoned him. Not nlono tho
dlllldcnco ofn now member of tho
staff going Into tho presenco accounted
for tho stir In his templps, as ho wait
ed till Homo papers wcro signed be
foro ho had Westorllng'e attention.
Then Westorllng picked up Douchard's
noto and shook his head sadly.
"Poor llouclmrd! You can seo for
yourself," nnd ho handed tho noto to
llolllnl. "I should havo realized ear
lier that It wub n caso for tho doctor
and not for reprimand. Mad! Poor
llouclmrd! Ho hadn't tho ability or
tho resiliency of mind for his task, as
I hopo you have, colonel."
"I hopo so, sir," replied Uelllnl.
"I'vo no doubt you havo," said Wes
terllng. "You uro my cholco!"
A Change of Plan.
'Hint day nnd tho next Westerllng
had no tlmo for strolling In tho, gar
den. Ills only oxerclso wns a few
porlods of pacing on tho veranda. Tur
ens, as tirelessly Industrious as over,
developed an Increasingly quiet Insist
ence to leave the responsibility of do-
clslons about everything of Importance
to a chief who vn becoming Increas
ingly arbitrary. Tho attack on Enga
dlr being tho Jewel of Wcsterllng's
own planning, ho wns disinclined to
risk success by delegating authority,
which nlso meant sharing tho glory of
Ilouchard's noto, though officially dis
missed ns a matter of pathology, would
not accept dismissal privately. In
Hashes of distinctness it recurred to
hlin between reports of tho progress
of preparations nnd directions ns to
dispositions. At dusk of tho second
tiny, when nil tho guns nnd troops had
their places for tho finnl movement un
der cover of darkness nnd ho rose
from his desk, tho thing that had
edged Its way Into n crowded mind
took possession of tho premises that
strategy nnd tactics had vacated. It
passed under tho sntno analysis ns his
work. Ills overweening prldo, so son
sltlvo to tho suspicion of a conviction
thnt ho had been fooled, put his rela
tions with Martn In logical review. Ho
had fallen In lovo In tho midst of war.
A cool nnd Intenso Impatlonco pos
sessed him to study her In tho light
of his now skepticism, when, turning
tho path of tho first terrnco, ho Haw
her watching tho sunset over tho crest
of tho range.
Sho was standing quite still, a slim,
soft shadow between htm nnd tho light,
which glided her figure nnd quarter
profile. Did sho expect him? ho won
dorcd. Wns sho posing at that In
stant for his benefit? When eho
turned, her faco In tho shadow, tho
glow of tho sunset seemed to remain
In her eyes, otherwise without expres
sion, yet nblo to detect something un
usual undor oxtornnla ns thoy ex
changed commonplaces of greeting.
"Well, thoro's a change In our offi
cial family. Wo havo lost Douchard
transferred to anothor post!" said
Mnrta noted that, though ho gavo
tho newB a casual turn, his scrutiny
"Jb that bo? I can't say that' my
mother nnd I Bhall bo Borry," sho ro
markod. "Ho wns always glaring nt
uti as If ho wished ua out of sight.
Indeed, if ho had his way, I think ho
would havo mado us prlsonora of war.
WnBn't ho a womnn-hnter?" bIio con
cluded, half lu Irritation, half In
"Ho had that roputatlon," Bald Wes
terllng. "What do you think led to
his departuro?" ho continued.
"I confess I cannot guess!" said
Marta, with a look at tho sunset glow
as If sho resented the loss of a min
ute of It
"Thoro has been a leak of Informa
tion to tho Drowns I" ho announced.
"Thero has! And ho was Intelli
gent officer, wasn't ho7" sho asked,
turning to Westerllng, her curiosity
apparently aroused as a mattor of cour
tesy to hlB own Interest In the sub
ject. "Who do you think he accused?
Why, you," ho added, with a peculiar
She noted tho peculiarity of the
laugh discriminatingly.
"Ohl Hor eyoe opened wldo In
wonder only wonder, nt first. Then,
as comprehension took tho place of
wonder, thoy grow sympathetic. "That
explains!" sho oxclatmed. "Ills hate
ful glances woro thoso of delusion. Ho
wns going mad, you mean?'
"Yes," snld Westerllng, "that that
would explain It!"
"I havo been told that when people
go mad they always ascribe every In
Jury dono to them to tho person who
happens to havo oxcltcd their dislike,"
eho mused.
"Which seems to hnvo been tho caso
horo," Westerllng assented. He did
not know what else to Bay. Ills prldo
was recovering Its natural confidence
In tho Infallibility of his Judgment of
human beings. He was seeing his sus
picions ae ridiculous enough to con
vict him of a brain as disordered as
Marta wns thinking that sho had
been skating on very thin Ico nnd
that Bho must go on skntlng till sho
broke through. Thero was an exhila
ration about It that Bho could not re
Blst: tho exhilaration of risk and the
control of hor faculties, prompted by
a purpose hypnotically compelling.
Doth were ellont, Bho watching tho
sky, ho In anticipation and suspense.
Tho roso went violet and tho shadows
over tho range deepened.
"Tho guns and tho troops wait.
With darkness tho music begins!" ho
Bald slowly, with n start of stern
"Tho music the music! Ho calls
It music!" ran through Marta's mind
mockingly, but sho did not open her
"Thoy wait, ready, ovory detail ar
ranged," ho continued proudly.
Tho sky merged into the shadows of
tho Inndscapo that spread and thickened-Into
blackness. Out of tho drawn
curtains of night broke an ugly flash
and farther up tho slopo spread tho
oxploslvo clrclo of light of a bursting
"Tho signal!" ho exclaimed.
Right and left tho blasts spread
along tho Gray lines and right and
left, on tho instant, tho Drowns sent
their blasts in reply. Countless tongues
of (lame seemed to burst from count
less craters, and tho rungo to rock In
a torment of crashes. In tho Inter
vening space between tho ugly, snv-
ago gusts from tho Gray gun mouths,
which sent their shells from tho midst
of exploding Drown bIioIIb, swept tho
beams of tho Drown Hearch-ltghts,
their rays lost like sunlight In tho vor
tex of nn open furnnco door.
"Splendid! splendid!" cxclnlmcd
Westerllng, In a sweep of omotlon nt
tho sight that had been born of hla
command. "Flvo thousand guns on
our sido nlono! Tho world has never
seen tho equal of this!"
Marta looked away from tho range
to his faco. very distinct In tho garish
illumination. It was tho faco of a
maestro of war seeing all his rehear
sals and nil his labors coma true In
symphonic gratification to tho eyo
and enr; tho fnco of a man of trained
mind, tho product of civilization, with
tho elation of a party leader on tho
lloor of u parliament In a crisis.
"Soon, now!" said Westerllng, and
looked at his watch.
Shortly, In tho direction of Engndlr,
to tho rear of tho steady flashes
broke forth lino after lino of ilnshes
as tho long-rango batteries, which so
far hnd been silent, Joined their might
ier voices 'to tho chorus, making a con
tinuous leaping burst of explosions
over tho Drown positions, which were
tho real object of tho Attack.
"Tho moment l'vo lived fori" ex
claimed Westorllng. "Our Infantry is
starting up tho apron of Engndir! Wo
held back tho flro of tho heavy guns
concontrnted for tho purpose of sup
porting tho men with an outburst,
Threo hundred heavy guns pouring in
their shells on a space of two acres!
Wo'ro tearing their redoubts to pieces!
Thoy can't seo to flro! Thoy can't
llvo under It! Thoy'ro In tho crater
of a volcano! When our Infantry is
on tho edge of the wreckago tho guna
ceaso. Our Infnntry crowd In crowd
into tho house thnt Partow built.
Ho'll find that numbers count; that
tho power of modern gunfire will open
tho way for Infantry In masses to tnko
and hold vital tactical positions! And
no no, tholr flro In roplyi la not as
strong as 1 expected."
"Dccauso thoy are lotting you In!
It will bo strong enough In duo sea
son!" thought Marta In tho uncontrol
lable triumph of antagonism. Five
against threo was In his tono and In
every lino of his features.
"It's hard for a soldier to leavo a
sight llko tills, but tho real nows will
bo awaiting mo nt my desk," ho con
cluded, adding, as ho turned nwny:
"It's flroworks worth seeing, and It
you remain horo I will roturn to toll
you tho results."
Turning hor back to tho range for
tho moment, sho saw tho twlnklo of
the lights of tho town and tho threads
of light ol the wagon-trains and the
sweep of, tho lights of tho railroad
trains on the plain; while In the fore
ground every window of tho house was
ablaze, llko some factory on a busy
night shift. Sho could hear tho click
of tho telegraph Instruments already
repotting the details of tho action as
cheerfully as Drobdlngnaglan crickets
In their peaceful surroundings. Then
out of the shadows Westorllng reap
peared. "Tho apron of Engadlr Is ours!" he
called. "Thanks to you!" ho added
with pointed emphasis. Dnck In the
house ho had received congratula
tions with a nod, as If success wore
a mattor of course. Defore her, ox
ultatlon unbent Btlffness, and ho was
hoarsely triumphant and eager. "It's
plain calling now," ho went on. "A
break In tho main lino I Wo havo
only to drlvo homo tho wedge, nnd
'then und then!" ho concluded.
Sho felt him close, his breath on
her check.
"Peace!" she hastened to say, draw
ing back Instinctively.
And then! Tho Irony of tho words
In tho light of her knowtedgo was
pointed by a terrific renewal of tho
Tearing Their
Pieces I"
thunders and tho flashes far up on tho
range, and sho could not resist re
joicing in her heart.
"That's tho BrownB!" exclaimed
Westerllng In surprise.
Tho volumo of lire increased. With
tho rest of tho frontier in darkness,
tho Engadlr flection was an isolated
blazo. In its light sho saw his fea
tures, without alarm but hardening in
dogged Intensity.
"They've awakened to what thoy havo
lost! Thoy have been rushing up re
serves nnd aro making a counter
attack. Wo must hold what wo havo
gained, no matter whnt tho cost!"
His last sentence was spoken over
his shoulder as he started for tho
Without changing hor position,
hardly turning her head, she watched
until tho firing began to lessen rap
idly. Then Hhc heard his step. She
rose to face him, summoning back
the spirit of tho actress.
"This Is better yet! I came to tell
you that tho counter-attack failed!" ho
said as he saw her appear from tho
shelter of tho arbor.
Sho wondered If sho wero going to
fall. Dut tho post of tho trellis was
within reach. Sho caught hold of It
to steady herself. Palled!
"Tho killing It must havo been ter
rible!" hor mind nt last mado hor ex
claim to cover hor tardiness of re
sponse to his mood.
"You thought of that as you should
as I do!" he Bald.
Ho took her bauds In his, pulsing
warm with tho flowing red of his
strength. Sho let them remain llfo
lessly, ns if sho had not tho will to
tako them away, tho instinct of her
part again dominant. To him this was
another victory, and It was discovery
tho discovery of molting weakness
In her for tho first tlmo, which magni
fied his eenso of mascullno power. Ho
tightened his grip slightly aud Bho
"You are tired!" ho said, nnd it hurt
her that ho should bo so considerate.
"Tho killing to end that! It's all
I want I" Bhe breathed miserably.
"And tho end Is near!" he Bald.
"YeB, now, thanks to you!"
Thanks to her! And sho must listen
aud submit to his touch!
"Then engineers and material were
ready to go In," ho continued. "Be
fore morning, ns I had planned, we
shall be so well fortified In the posi
tion that nothing can budgo us. This
success so strengthens my power with
tho staff and tho premier that I need
not wait on Fabian tactics. I am
supremo. I shall make tho most of
tho demoralization of thta blow to tho
enemy. I shall not wait on slow ap
proaches In tho hope of saving llfo.
Tomorrow I shall attack and keep on
nttacklng till all tho main lino Is ours."
"Now you nro plnylng your real part,
tho conqueror!" sho thought gladly.
"Your kind of peaco Is tho ruin of nn
other people; tho peace of a helpless
enemy. That Is hotter" bettor for her
conscience, Unwittingly, sho allowed
her hands to remain in his. In tho pa
ralysis of despair Bho was unconscious
that she had hands. She felt that sho
could cuduro anything to retrlevo tho
error Into which she had boon the
it W&$'
means of leading tho Drowns. And
tho killing It would not stop, ehe
know. No, tho Drowns would not
yield until thoy wcro uecimatoa.
"Wo havo tho numbers to spare.
Numbers shall press homo homo to
termB In their capital!" Wcsterllng's
voice grew hUBky us he proceeded,
harflh as orderB to soldiers who hesi
tated In faco of flro. "After that after
that" tho tone changed from hareh
ness to deslro, which wns still tho de
Blre of possession "tho frultB of
peaco, a triumph that I want you to
share!" Ho wob drawing her toward
him with an Impulse of the force of
thin deslro, when sho broke free with
an abrupt, struggling pull.
"Not thatt Not that! Your work
Is not yet done!" eho cried.
Ho made a move ns It to persist,
then ho fell back with a gesturo of
"Right! Hold mo to It!" ho ex
clnimcd resolutely. "Hold mo to tho
bargain! So a woman worth whllo
should hold a man worth while."
"Yes!" sho managed to say, and
turned to go In a sudden Impetus of
energy. Half running, half stumbling,
tho light of tho lantern bobbing and
trembling weirdly, sho hastened
through tho tunnel. Usually tho tlmo
for taking . tho receiver down till
Lanny replied was only a half min
ute. Now sho waited what ecemed
many minutes without response Had
tho connections been broken? To
mako sure that her Impatlonco was
not tricking her sho began to count
off the seconds. Then she heard Lan
stron's voice, broken and hoarse:
"Marta, Marta, ho Is dead! Partow
Ib dead!"
Recovering himself, Lanstron told
tho Btory of Partow'e going, which was
In keeping with his llfo and his
prayers. As tho doctor put It, the
light of his mind, turned on full volt
age to tho lnst, went out without a
flicker. Through tho day he had at
tended to tho dispositions for receiv
ing tho Grays' attack, enlivening rou
tine as usual with flashes of humor
and reflection ranging beyond tho de
tails In hand. An hour or so boforo
dark ho had reached across the table
and laid his big, soft palm on the back
of Lanstron'a hand. Ho was thinking
aloud, a habit of his In Lanstron's com
pany, when an Idea requiring gesta
tion enmo to him.
"My boy, It is not fatal If wo lose
tho apron of Engadlr. Tho defenses
behind It nro very strong."
"No, not fatal," Lanstron agreed.
"Dut lt'a very Important."
"And Westerllng will think It fatal.
Yes, 1 understand his character. Yes
yce; and if our counter-attack should
fall, then Miss Gnlland's position
would bo secure Hm-m-m thoso
whom tho gods would destroy
hm-m-m. Westerllng will bo con
vinced that repeated, overwhelming
attacks will gain our mala line. In
stead of using engineering approaches,
ho will throw his battalions, masses
upon masses, against our works until
hla strength is spent. It would be
baiting tho bull. A risk a risk but,
my boy, 1 am going to "
Partow's head, which was bent In
thought, dropped with a Jerk. A con
vulsion shook him und ho foil forward
onto the map, his brave old heart in
its last flutter, and Lanstron wns alono
In the silent room with tho dead and
his responsibility.
"The order that I knew ho was about
to speak, Marta, I gave for him," Lan
stron concluded. "It seemed to mo
nn Inspiration his last Inspiration
to make tho counter-attack a feint."
"And you'ro acting chief of staff
Lanny? You against Westerllng?"
The colonel of tho 128th and Captain
Fracasso wero eating their biscuits to
gether and making occasional remarks
rather than holding a conversation.
"Well, Westerllng Is a llold-mar-Bhul,"
snld tho colonel.
"Yes, he's got something out of It!"
"Tho men seem to bo losing spirit
there's not doubt of it!" exclaimed the
colonel, more aloud to himself than
to Frucusse, after a whllo.
"No wonder!" replied Fracasso. Mar
tinet though he was, ho spoko In grum
bling loyalty to hla soldiers. "What
kind of spirit is thero in doing tho
work of navvies? Spirit! No sol
diers over fought better In invasion,
at least. Look at our losses! Spirit!
Westerllng drives us in. Ho thinks
wo can climb Niagara Falls! Ho "
"Stop! You aro talking llko an an
nrchlst!" snapped tho colonel. "How
enn tho men havo spirit when you feel
that way?"
"I shall contlnuo to obey orders nnd
do my duty, sir!" ropllcd Fracasso.
"And thoy will, too, or I'll know tho
reason why."
Thero was a silence, but at length
tho colonel exploded:
"I suppose Westerllng knows what
ho Is doing!"
"Still wo must go onl We must
"Yes, tho offensive always wins In
tlio end. Wo must go on!"
"And onco wo have the ran go yes,
onco wo'vo won ono vital position tho
men will recover their enthusiasm and
bo crying: 'On to the capital!'"
"Right! Wo wero forgetting history.
Wo wero forgetting1 the volatility of
human nature."
Cholera's Natural Home.
The marshy ground of tho Ganges
delta, with its vast masses of vege
tation, decaying under a tropical sun,
Is tho nntivo homo of tho cholera.
In that pestilential region tho chol
era nnd plnguo are found ovory year
and nil tho yoar round. Every chol
era cpldomlo which has desolated
Europo, ovcry visitation of tho plague,
Is bolloved to havo started from the
mouth of Uio Ganges,
Mr. Andor Kiss, No. 318
Clinton Place, Kansas City,
Mo., writes! "I cannot
thank you enough for being cured.
For seven long years I doctored
steadily for my catarrh and cough,
which cost rno hundreds of dol
lars. But my catarrh grew worse
11 the time. Even though I was
under the treatment of some of
the most famous doctors, X still
had a tsrribls cough and tbought
aornetlmes that I would choke.
I could get no air. I then
bought a bottlo of Pcruna, and
that evening and all night my
wife gave It to me according
to the directions, and I feH bet
ter the following day already.
Three days later I felt much Im
proved, and today, after the use
of the fourth bottle, I feel an
tirely cured. I can conscien
tiously recommend this grand
medtdno to every citizen."
A Good Cough Tablet
There are people who object
to taking fluid medicines. For
such people the Peruna Tablets
are especially valuable. They
arc convenient to carry to. the
Feeling of Security.
Dill Saw you out horseback riding,
Jill Oh, did you?
"I supposo you feol as safe on a
horso as you would on a tn51oy"?
"Safer. You aro not oxpeetsd to
give up your scat to a lady on a rwso."
Look, Mother! If tongue it
coated, give "California
Syrup of Figs."
Children lovo thla "fruit laxative,"
aad nothing elso cleanses the tender
Btomach, liver and bowels so nicely.
A child simply will not stop playing
to empty tho bowels, and the result Is
they become tightly clogged with
waste, liver gets sluggish, Btomach
sours, then your llttlo ono becomes
cross, half-sick, feverish, don't eat
sleep or act naturally, breath Is bad,
system full of cold, has Bore throat
stomach-acho or diarrhoea. Llaten.
Mother! Seo If tonguo Is coated, then
give a teaspoonful of ".California
Syrup of Figs," and In a few hours all
tho constipated waste, eour bllo'ond
undigested food passes out of the sys
tem, and you havo a well child agaln.
Millions of mothers give "California
Syrup of Figs" because It Is perfectly
harmless; children love It, and It nev
er fails to act on the stomach, liver
and bowels.
Ask at the storo for a 50-cent bottle
of "California Syrup of Figs," whloh
has full directions for babies, children
of nil nges nnd for grown-ups plainly
printed on tho bottle. Adv.
All His.
"How much loc8 Rogers get a
"All ho earns; he's a bachelor."
Doston Evening Trnnscrlpt
Put Off Old Age
Some old folks are bent and shaky.
Others are straight and sttong. It can't
be mere "oldaiss" that works such havoc.
No it's too often uric acid. Fight off
this life-sapping poison. Help the kid
neys take it from the blood. To aid
then, live carefully nnd stimulate their
action with the old reliable medicine,
Doan's Kidney Pills.
A Kansas Case
ftwnKufiftBianj s. Eighth Ht,
Indopo ndo n oo,
Kun.. saya: "For
vunrs my back
ached constantly
and my feet and
unities wcro swol
len, fipots came
i beforo my eyes and
l got uizzy and
nervous. Tho kid
ney secretions wore
in on a siiape, too.
Doan's Kidney Pills
cured ma and the
'euro has lasted. I
:am over oluhty
1- years old and In
goou ncann."
Cat Dout't at Any Store. COe Box
A Soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved in water as needed
For Douches
In the local treatment of woman's Ills,
such as loucorrhoes and Inflammation, hot
douches of Paxtlne aro very eOlcacious.
No woman who has over used medicated
douche will fall to appreciate the clean aud
healthy condition Faztino produces and the
prompt rellof from so renews and discomfort
which follows its ubo.TIiIs is because I'axtlne
possosso? suporlor cleansing, disinfect
iik uuu neaiing properties.
For tan vears tho L villa K. i
Finkham Medlclno Co. has rec
ommended l'axtlno In tholr
private corrcsponrtoneo with wo
men, which proves us superi
ority. 'Women who havo (iron
relieved say it Is " worth Its
vhtht In told." AtdniL'crldts.
IB MFilnS&Kkz vrj
-i.ffll1 Hi '.KH
g large box or by mall. Hiunplefreo.
Iho Paxtou Toilet Co., Bo3ton,' Mass.
is constantly growing in favor because- it
Does Not Stick to the Iron
and it will not injure tho finest fabric. For
laundry purposes it has no cqujl. 16 or,
package 10c. 1-3 more starch for same money,
DEFIANCE STARCH CO., Oniolm, Ncbraski
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 11-1915.