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Jew York Pastors Pay Tribute to
Memory of Mayor Gaynor
American Refugees In
Rebel Hands.
Washington.- With tlic tnrirf bill lin
ing ((ii)litc(l nml I lie currency bill
( uiuk'r way In tho house t ho present
week In congress protulHrs marked
progress toward tho Inscribing on tho
statute books of the legislation pressed
by President Wilson. Tho senate and
house conferees settling points In tho
tariff bill In disagreement between th
two houses, Jiiivo uindo much progress.
Tho house IIiIh week will take up tlio
currency bill In detail.
Refugees In Hantj of Rebels.
Mexico City. One hundred Amen
caiiH, Including .a uutnber of women
and children, refugees from Ton eon.
arc reported to have fallen Into the
hnnds of rebelH while proceeding over
laud to -Saltlllo. The authorities at
Halt lllo decline to take the rcHpousI
blllty of sending u force to their
rcHcue, fearing, they nay, that the
robcls might make an attack on Die
refugees, which posHlhly otherwise
would bo avoided. '
Mayor Was Mentioned In New York
New York. From the pulpits of
many churches Sunday tributes were
paid In Hcrmonfl and pruyeiB to the
memory of Mayor Gaynor. At a scoio
of churches It was announced that
sermons dealing with the life attain
ments of the Into major would be
preached next Sunday. These ser
mons will bo delivered while the body
of Mayor (laynor lies In state at the
city hall.
Veterans at Chattanooga.
Cnttunooga, Tenn. llcadqiiuitcis
for the forty-soenth annual national
encampment of the firand Army of tho
dlepubllc. wero opened here Satin day.
When Commnnder-ln-Chler Peers and
the advance guard or vetetans orrlved
hero they found Chnttnnnlgn smoth
ered In bunting and as much enthusi
asm over tho old flag as they ever haw
In any northern city. The (i. A. It.
has never had more complete arrange
ments made for Its entertainment
than this your Jiy tho state of Tennes
see. All tho cltlrons of Chattanooga,
which la to bo tho first camping place
of tho union veterans In the old south,
necrn to hnvo entered Into generous
rivalry to boo who can spread tho
most bunting and contribute most to
tho entertainment of tho visitors.
Methodist Conference at Lincoln.
"Lincoln. Tho Nebraska conference
of the Methodist church composed of
tho Nebraska, the southwest Nebraska
and tho north Nebraska conferences.
Is In session hero this week. About
460 delegates to the conference are
present. Sundny In many of the Meth
odist churches of tho state reviews of
the year'B church work woro consid
ered nnd In somo Instances leave tak
ings of pastors were fentures.
Insidious Lobby" Located.
Washington. President Wilson's
charge that an "Insidious lobby" has
been operating at tho national capital
will be sustained by tho reports of tho
senate nnd house investigating com
mittees. A canvass or the members
Indicated that the democrats, at least,
are a unit in tho belief that evidence
developed so far backs up the presi
dent. The house committee has
planned to closo Its hearings and be
ln preparation of its report.
Body Mangled by Cars.
Lincoln. Phillip Omsler, elghty-llve
years old, was instantly killed by a
freight car on tho Rock Island cross
ing nt Twentieth and Q streets Satur
day. Ills shoulders and both legs wont
broken, his right foot crushed and par
tially amputated, and his head badly
bruised nnd cut. Mr. Omsler was
walking across tho tracks toward tho
west, going to his home.
Sallna, Kas. Consideration or plans
o bring about an extension or the par
cel post system, Including tho raising
or the weight limit and the lowering
of rates, was one of tho problems be
fore tho annual convention of tho
farmers' national educational and co
operative nssoo'atlon In session here
last week.
Rome. Cnrdlnnl Joseph Calasano
tlus Vivos y Tuto, prefect of the con
gregation for religious affairs died
hero Sunday. Recently ho had under
gone au operation ror appendicitis.
New York. Tho body of a man
killed August 31 nt Pelhnm parkway
by a Now York, 'Now Haven & Hart
ford railroad train, has been Identified
by several persons as that or "Rig
Tim" Sullivan, Uio congressman who
has been missing from his brohter's
homo In Wllllamsbrldgo for two
weeks. His mangled body was Identi
fied by his stepbrother, Larry Mulli
gan, after It hnd lain for thirteen days
Jn a local morgue. Sullivan, who was
111, evaded his nurses early on August
SI. and wa sstruck and killed by n
train at l'elham parkway.
Result of Deliberations on More lm.
portant Measures Given In
Condensed Form.
Tho Senate. Not In session j meets
Conferees continued deliberations
on tariff hill.
Committee Investigating West Vir
ginia mine stilko continued Investi
gation, Tho House. Currency debate con
tinued. Adjourned at 11:110 p. m. until noon
The Senate-Not In session; meets
West Virginia strike Inquiry com
mltteo contltiticil Investigation.
The House Ilepresentative Ander
son introduced resolution for commis
sion to Investigate practices In the
Labor committee voted to favorably
report bill regarding convict made
Former Representative .lames K.
Wali-on denied ehatges against him
made by Martin M Mulluill before
lobby Investigating committee.
Adjourned at 1 0 : :'. 0 p. in. to II a. m
The Senate Met-at noon, and after
falling to agree on a legislative pio
gram for next week, adjourned at I: IS
p. m. until noon Moudu).
Committee Investigating West Vir
ginia initio strike heaid coal oper
ators. Tho House Sent tariff bill to con
ference. Continued debate on the adminis
tration currency bill
Ilepresentative Anderson of Minne
sota resigned from ways and means
committee, denouncing democratic
enucuJ methods.
Resinned currency debate.
lleptesentatlvo Treadway of Massa
chusetts announced the death of his
colleague, Representative Wilder, and
after adopting resolutions of sympa
thy and respect, the house adjoin net'
nt 9:117 p. in. to 11 a. in. Friday.
Tho Senate. Steering committor
conferred with Piesident Wilson
Agreed to currency legislation.
Continued nomination of Thomas
Fox as postmaster at Sacramento
ufter long debate In executive session.
Adjourned at 8:.ri0 p. in to noon
The House Agreed to close debate
on administration currency bill Satur
day night and hold day and night ses
slons meanwhile .
Representative Ksch Introduced a
bill to authorize Interstate commerce
commission to compel Installation ol
automatic train stops,
Recessed at 0:10 p. m. to 8 p. in
continuing currency debate.
Tho Senate Continued debate on
tariff bill, and later passed It.
Insisted upon senate amendments
to tariff bill and asked the house for
Adjourned at (1:10 to 2 p. in. Wed
Special committee investigating
West Virginia mine stock continued
Tho House Administration cur
rency bill brought In from the bank
ing committee.
Adjourned at a-15 p. m, to 11 n. in.
Confederates Welcome G. A. R.
Washington. A committee of con
federate veterans of Vow Orleans,
representing over) confederate organi
zation in tho city, welcomed a carload
of California members of the G. A. It.
here Saturday. Tho committee met
the Callfornlans at the rallwu station,
escorted them to a hotel and there
pave a reception In their honor. The
visitors were on their way to the Chat
tanooga reunion. The confederates
told the visitors that the spirit of the
recent Gettysburg reunion was alive.
Spain Will go Half Way.
Madrid The foreign minister an
nounces that na soon as olllelal noti
fication Is lecelvid of the elevation of
the American location at Madrid to an
embassy, the Spanish government will
at once raise the Washlngon legation
to tho embassy rank.
Washington, D. C An olllccr or the
reclamation service will visit south
western Nebraska this fall to Investi
gate and icport on the feasibility of
obtaining a water supply for Irrigation
Nebraska Federation of Labor.
Grand Island. The sixth annual
convention of the Stato Federation ot
Lnbor closed Its sessions hero Thins
day. The following olllcers weru
elected: Prcsldont. T P. Reynolds,
Omaha, stercotypers union; vice pres
ident, H. C. Pente, Lincoln, typo
graphical; Nels Larson, Omaha, brow,
ery workers; James Whiting, Omaha,
stage employes, and M. U. F.ricson
Grand Island, clgnrmakers; secretary,
treasurer, F. M. ColToy, Lincoln, typo
graphical; Bcrgennt-at-nrms, Fred
ler, Lincoln, curpeuter.
HlHKHA Cacky ! H
kBiHf Hsw.rKIHH uw Matt , HfcMHI.
Store! -
Wf nr fttcfi
r viturmiL taik
r C. STH.
House Passes Emergency Appropri
ation Body of Mayor Gaynor
Lies in State in
Washington. The piogiess of tho
currency bill through tho debating
stage In the house was inaiked Friday
by vigorous republican attacks on the
way the measure was piepared by the
majority and by a defense from Repre
sentative llardwlck of Georgia, who,
though he declared the bill was far
from perfect, and pointed out what ho
considered weie delects In its struc
line, announced that. In spite of all Its
.faults, he expected to abide by the
Judgment of ids paity and vote for lis
Body In State in Liverpool.
Liverpool. The body of William Jay
Gaynor lay In state Filda.v at the loot
of the grand stall way of the town hall
of Liverpool. It was au unprecedent
ed mark or respect that Liverpool paid
,tho dead executive of the American
metropolis, for never beforo hnd any
ono laid In state In the historic edi
fice. Covered with the stars and
stripes and with the Hritlsh union
Jnck draped over Its foot, the casket
rested on a catafalque brought here
from Westminster abbey, Iondou, and
on which has reposed the bodies of
many of Knglnnd's most famous men.
It last was used at tho funeral of Field
Marshal Lord Wolseley in St. Paul's
cathedral last March.
House Passes an Emergency Ap
propriation. Washington. In response to nn
urgent demand from tho stnte depart
niont, the house has adopted a joint
resolution making an emergency ap
propriation of 1100,000 to be used for
'the relief of destitute Americans In
'Mexico nnd for their transportation to
the United States. Majority Lender
Underwood presented the emergency
resolution nnd rend a personal letter
from Secretary Uryan asking Immedi
ate nctlon. Tho secretary said the de
partment was using f 2,000 a day to aid
Americans In Mexico, nnd that but
$12,000 was available for that purpose.
The resolution will go Immediately to
the senate.
Japan Demands Indemnity.
Peking. Japan's demands growing
out or the killing or several Japanese
at Nanking have been presented to
tho Chlncso government. Though full
details were not aavlhible, sufficient
Information was gleaned to show that
the demnnils wore tantamount to nn
ultimatum. Au apology, au indemnity
and the punishment of the guilty sol
diers and ofllclals at Nanking aro re
quired to accept the terms without de
lay and wlthnutbnrtciing
Another Mysterious Disappearance.
Lincoln. Glenn Q. Pierce, closo
friend nnd late roommato of Paul II.
Thompson, the missing deputy fire
warden, has added another puzzling
element to the mystery surrounding
tho dlsappearajico of Thompson Pierce
went to Kansas City to help hunt for
Thompson, over n week ago. He did
not return on tho day he said ho
would bo back, and relatives hero nnd
In Wnvcrly have heard no word from
him since, and are worrying over tho
additional complication of the case.
Finger Bowls to Be Relegated.
Sioux City, In, Because or n too
prevalent theory among cortaln people
that linger bowls are or close kin to
bath tubs, these bowls will no longer
be a part or tho "menu" In tho hotels
of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and tho
two Dnkotas. The Northwestern
Hotel Keepers' association has reached
such an agreement nnd local hotels nre
making announcement. Finger bowls
may bo had upon request, but thoso ig
norant of their use shall not have
them thrust upon them.
. . &&
German Manufacturers Will Take No
Part In Panama-Pacific Exposi
tion For Coast to Coast
New York. -William J. (lav nor,
mayor of New York city, voyaging
over sea on the steamer Ilultlc tu tho
hope of regaining his strength to enter
the three-cornered municipal campaign
as a candidate for re-election, died
suddenly on the Raltie. as the steamer
was within a few hundred miles of the
Irish coast Thursday afternoon. The
first news of his death, Hashed by
wiieless and i clayed by cable from
lOurope, stated that he had succumbed
to heart failure. That tho mayor's
heart had been In a weakened condi
tion for years was the statement of
physicians who treated him at the
time he was shot in the neck and nl- I
most done to death by au Insane dls- I
charged employe of the city In August,
11110. They would not declare their
belief that the wound inflicted by tho
assassin's bullet hnd led directly to
his death, but did alllrin that his gen
eral resistance hnd been lessened
thereby to n very great extent.
For Coast-to-Coast Highway.
Des Moines, la. Governor George
W. Clarke will head the Iowa dele
gation which Is to go to Lincoln. Neb.,
September 211, ior n permanent orgnnl
atlon of the Coast-toJCoast highway,
which had Its Initial get-together
meeting in Den 'Moines August 14. The
governor will urge tho state highway
commission to attend. Governors of
three states, Iown, Nebraska and Colo
rado, will bo present and lend their
Influence to the cause of this great
new highway which already has its
organization complete for an unbroken
and uniformly marked road from Chi
cago to Salt Lake City, a distance of
over 1,600 miles.
That Conclusion Reached by Manufac
turing Firms.
Herlln. Tne commercial treaty or
ganlzntion, engaged in furthering Ger
man trade, considered the advisability
or Germany participating In the Pana
ma-Pacific exposition at San Francisco
In 1915. It reached the same conclu
sion as the government commission
nnd Is ngalnst German participation.
Manufacturers onnosed representation
anil the railure or several scores or
firms to renlv to the association's re
quest ror Information Indicated that
they were not concerned In the expo
Quakes on Martinique.
Fort De Francet Martinique. A
scries of enrth shocks occurred here
Sunday morning. The shocks iium
beied thirty, but no material damage
Is reported.
Bad Fire at Norman.
Hastings Neb. Hair or Norman, a
small vlllago southwest or here, Is In
ruins as the result or nn early morn
ing fire that started In tho Williams
hardware store. All or the buildings
nre on the east side of tho strcot and
Include tho hnrdwaro store, the hotel,
cream station and postofllce. Fortu
nately thoro was little wind or the
whole town would have gono, Tho
flro was discovered at about It o'clock
and tho prevailing theory Is that oiled
rags In the hardware storo Ignited
Report Currency Bill.
Wnshington. The administration
currency teform bill, ns approved by
the democratic caucus, was reported
to tho houso from the committee on
banking nnd currency by Chairman
Glass, A voluminous report, Including
n lengthy technical discussion of tho
theory of tho bill, accompanied tho
measure, setting forth the views of
tho democrats on tho committee Rep
resentative Hayes of California pre
seated n report from tho republicans,
criticising tho measure and proposing I
various amendments. I
Items of Interest Gathered from Re
liable Sources and Presented In
Condensed Form to Our
Flans for Inspection of high schools
which nre to benefit under the pro
visions of the Shumway act of the last
legislature, were outlined at n confer
once held by State Superintendent
Delzell, High School Inspector A. A.
Heed, Principal H. K. Bradford of the
stute agricultural school, 1'. II. IJarker
of the agronomy department and Dean
Rurnult or the agricultural college.
Nineteen schools In nil have been des
ignated to receive aid rrotn the $15,000
fund provided In the Shumway law.
The amount each receives will depend
upon the extent to which the work is
undertaken In each institution. The
schools which are to take up the four
eur agricultural courses are: Alliance.
Al'iiu, Aurora, Hcnlrice, Ulalr, Crete,
Fairfield, Gothenburg, Hastings, Hoi
drege, Kimball count) high school,
O'Neill, Pawnee City. Red Cloud, South
Omaha. St. Paul, Stromaburg, Tecum
ten, Wuhoo and York.
Claim Allowance Too Small.
Only about 40 per cent of the volume
of water claimed by the Kearney
Water & Klectric Power company as
the amount which it is entitled to take
from the Platte river bus been allowed
by the state board of Irrigation. In n
set of findings prepared by State Fn
glneer Price, which the board adopted,
tho Kearney company Is given authori
ty to divert 140 cubic feet per second
for power purposes and 22 cubic feet
for irrigation. In its application filed
with the board last December, the com
pany asked permission to take 400
cubic feet per second for power and
Hi" cubic feet for irrigation. Tho com
pany cluims that lis needs are meas
ured by these figures and it will prob
ably appeal from the allowance mad
by the bonrd as Inadequate.
Tax Commissioners Make Dates.
Members or the state tax commis
sion have fixed tho first and third Fri
days or each month as regular meeting ror the body. Special gatherings
will be held from time to time on the
call of the chairman or upon a unani
mous demand from the other members.
The woik or future meetings is to bo
subdivided Into sections nnd differ
ent subjects are to be considered nt
each meeting. On September 10 tho
commission will hear representatives
of the various insurance companies of
the state give changes which they be
lieve should be enacted in the laws
governing the tnxntlon of such con
cerns. During the state bankers' meet
ing the problem of bunk taxation will
be given and problems affecting coun
ty assessors nnd county commission
era will be taken up at the state gath
erings to be held here In January.
Will Pay All Expenses.
"Tho Nebraska state fair will pay
out," declared Secretary Mellor of tho
stato agricultural board after officially
reviewing the receipt and expense nc
count of the big exhibition. "We have
made few permanent Improvements
during the year nnd although our
actual expense list was Just us largo
as ever, we believe that we will not
lose a cent by reason of the decreased
attendance. Wo are glad wo drew the
crowds that we did. The big showing
inndo the flnul day through tho efforts
of our Omaha and South Omaha pec
pie was what told the talo of loss or
gain for this year. If they had fallen
down on us we would huvo been up
against it. As It was, their aid made
Friday the best day we have ever had
In the history of the state fair."
Miss Minnie Murphy of Humboldt
has been recommended by Warden
Fenton of the stnte penitentiary for
tho matronshlp of that Institution.
The board of control will fill the place
within it short time. Promulgation of
a rule by the board prohibiting em
ployment of more than one relative of
an Institution head caused the resigna
tion of Mrs. Fenton, who has been act
ing ns matron since the first of the
The supreme Trlbo of Hen Hur hns
filed nn application In federal court
asking for n permanent Injunction
against the Insurance code law which
went into effect In July. The petition
asks that John H. Morehend, governor
of tho stnto of Nebraska, Grant G.
Martin, ntorney general; William B.
Howard, auditor or public accounts,
nnd Lnwson G. Brian be ponnanontly
enjoined rrom eniorclng any of tho
provisions of senate file 3C4, or from
performing any of the duties of the
bonrd of Insurance commissioners cre
ated by this law.
Drouth was Costly.
The dry weather will cost tho state
considerable money, according to Hen
ry Gordees, of tho bonrd of control. As
nn example, ho said tho stato has 2G5
ehoats at tho Kearney Industrial school
for boyo nnd there is not a grain of
corn on tho land of tho Institution to
feed them. AH tho corn raised there
has been cut up nnd put Into a silo.
Thero aro 150 head of cattle at the In
stitution nnd somo of tho stock must
be disponed of or the state must buy
low priced cn"
A Fact.
"My dear, those high-heeled shoe
were a blunler on your pnrt."
"I guess I did put my foot In It."
For Sunburn, Insect Bites.
Ivy Poison or any other skin Inflam
mation ub Tyree's Antiseptic Powder
and get quick relief. 25c. at drug
gists. Sample sent free by J. S. Tyree
Washington, U. C Adv.
A Better Bliss.
"Don't you think a man must bo
happy when he takes his queen by
tho hnnd?"
"Not as happy ns tho man whe
takes four queens In his."
To allay itching and irritation of th
icalp, prevent dry, thin and falling
hair, remove crusts, scales and dan
druff, and promoto tho growth oad
beauty of tho hair, tho following spa
tial treatment is most effective, ngrco
ablo and economical. On retiring,
comb tho hair out straight all around,
then begin nt tho sldo and make a
parting, gently rubbing Cutlcura Oint
ment Into tho parting with a bit of
soft flannel held over tho end of the
linger. Anoint additional partingB
about half an Inch apart until tho
whole scalp has been treated, the pur
pose being to got tho Cutlcura Oint
ment on the scnlp skin rather than on
tho hair. It is well to placo a light
covering over tho hair to protect tho
pillow from posslblo stnln. The next
morning, shampoo with Cutlcura Soap
nnd hot water. Shampoos nlono may
bo used as often as agreeable, but
onco or twice a month Is generally
sufficient for this special treatment
for women's, hair,
' Cutlcura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
frce.wtth 32-p. Sktn Hook. Address posk
card "Cutlcura, Dcpt. L, Boston." Adv.
Japanese Courtesy.
A country where courtesy Is a busi
ness, and business but a gentle avo
cation, reflects Its peculiarity In tho
most trifling details of conduct. Such
a country Is Japan and such a detail
recently came Into notice when a city
electric bureau of Tokyc asked the
patrons on its street car lines how
they preferred to bo addressed when
it was necessary to urgo them to
"move up." Out of tho 2,710 sugges
tions sent in the Independent sulccts.
and translates six, as rollows:
"Thoso not getting ofr. to tho mid
dle, please!"
"The middle Is moro comfortnblc!"
"I'm sorry, but all movo on by one
"There's a pretty girl about the
middle or the car!"
"A pickpocket has just come on
The municipal authorities frowned,
somewhat upon the last throe sugges
tions, but the conductors will be
taught to uso some of the other forms.
Is It posslblo that the Japanese hope
to enjoy an efficient traction service
on Buch terms? Apparently they hope
to, and we pass along the Jnpanese
Idea as a helpful hint to tho gentle
men who Jerk a gong ( the hear of
our own street cars.
Perfectly Safe.
"Uetter lap up that split milk," said
the first cat. "If tho missus sees the
mess you'll catch fits."
"Not me," said tho second feline
"The woman I live with blames every
thing on her husband." Louisville
Everything Relative.
Madge This summer seems to be
much cooler than last.
Marjorlo You must remember,
dear, that you'ro not wearing so many
clothes. Judgo,
At Last.
"I have Just taken a parting look,
at Mrs. Gadders, who died yesterday."
"Did she look natural?"
"No, her chin was still."
Apparently, with Advancing Age.
"At tho age of 50 years I collapsed
from excessive coffee drinking," writes
a man In Mo. "For four years I sham
bled about with tho aid of crutches or
cane, most of tho time unable to
dress myself without help.
"My feet were greatly swollen, my
right arm was shrunken and twisted
Inward, the fingers of my right hand
wero clenched and could not bo ex
tended except witli great effort and
pain. Nothing scorned to glvo mo moro
than temporary. relief. I
"Now, during all this tlmo and for
nbout 30 years previously, I drank
dally an average of 0 cups of strong
coffee rarely missing n meal.
"My wife at last took my caso Into
her own hands and bought some
Postum. Sho mndo it nccordlng to di
rections and I liked it fully us well
as tho best hlgh-grado coffee.
"Improvement set in nt onco. - In
about G months I began to work a lit
tle, and In less than a year I was very
much better, Improving rapidly from
day to day. I am (now In far better
health than most men of my yenrs
and nppnrently growing stronger with
ndvanclng age.
"I am busy every day nt somo kind
of work nnd nm nblo to keop up with
the procession without a enno. The
arm nnd hand that woro onco almost
uboIcss, now keop rnr ahead In rapidity
or movement nnd beauty of penman
ship." Nnmo given by Postum Co., Rattle
Creek, Mich. Wrlto ror copy or tho lit
tle book. "Tho Road to Wellvlllo."
Postum comes In two forms:
Regular PoBtum must be well boiled
Instant Postum la n soluble powder
A teaspoonful dissolves quickly In i
cup of hot water nnd, with tho addl
tlnn of cream nnd sugar, makes a de
llclnus boverago Instantly,
"Thero's a reason" for Postum.
J .'SuAfa't lk n- .!'. ,-liU, ft V
im miM
Jjw jfji niki