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Head of the
UsBSbsWmLV j ?'79wlv ' " rTii'r&'f?j yoS svcXaByhB
The strange cliff-Buddha of Kiatang, whose head is here pictured, is
about 150 feet in height. It Is full length and the feet are washed by a foam
ing mountain torrent. It was, Indeed, to guard against the dangers of the
rapids here that the figure was cut In the cliff-side by the life-long labor of a
tingle priest. The rock is rather. soft and, as can be seen, there is much
earth In the crevices which has been utilized for a monstrous growth of hair,
eyebrows and mustache.
Un in iSl i 7.TJ
If--, H UilTt'W' f,fJ
It is not unusual for a dog, the pet
of a family, to bo given burial on the
stato of his owner, and It often hap
pens that a tablet of ono kind or an
other is erected to his memory. Dut
It is seldom that theso things fall to
the lot of a horso, although In his liv
ing hours he may havo been none the
less faithful to his master's interests.
"Princo" Carroll's Ufa was unusual
ly happy if horses can be happy
mnd now IiIb grave Is marked by a fine
monument. His home was at Gorham,
Mo. His master, John. Carroll, a man
of means, loved blm.
Prince had a playground all hlB
own, whero he dally romped, forget
ting his advancing years. And when
if 1
Wonderful Painted House
In Locarno on Lake Maggiore stands the remarkable painted houca
here shown. The formerly blank side of the building has been painted to
represent the front entrance of a large villa. The Illusion Is perfect until one
has approached very close to the house. Then only Is It seen that the loggia,
the window with bojtle glass panes, the projecting side column with gar
goyle and cornice, the foliage on the arbor, the round window under the
caves and all the sculptured decorations art merely painted on a flat surface
f cement
Cliff - Buddha
ho died not long ago John Carroll saw
to It that he had more than a decent
burial within plain sight of tho Car
roll homestead. The grave is marked
by a monument which bears tho In
scription: "A Loving and Faithful
Friend, Prince." ,
As is generally known, a big quanti
ty of fish spawn is annually lost. To
avoid this, fish rearers In China care
tully collect spawn from tho surface
of tho water, and when they havo fee
cured a sulllclent quantity they take a
number of hens' eggs, tho contents of
which havo been carefully emptied
through a Hmnll aperture, and refill
tho bIibIIb with the spawn. .Tho holes
are then sealed up, and tho eggs put
under broody henB.
Tho henB aro allowed to Incubate
tho eggs for a ccrtnln number of dayB,
when the eggs aro again broken and
their contents put Into water that
has been previously warmed by the
sun. In a very short spaco of time
the spawn hatches, and tho young fry
aro then kopt in pure, fresh water
until they attain a sufficient size to
be put Into the ponds containing old
er tish. The Chinese have long under
stood all the Intricacies of incubation,
and wero amongst tho first to use In
cubators for tho hatching of hens'
eggs, long before such machines wero
made in this country. At ono time a
considerable business was done ln
this Btylo of spawn hatching. Week
ly Scotchman.
At last, It Is claimed, sea sickness tn
going to bo abolished. The groscopo
Ib what 1 relied upon to accomplish
this exceedingly desirable consumtiia
tlon. You Install n graduated selec
tion of these sclcntlllc double spin-nlng-tops
aboard our ship, and forth
with she ceases to roll or pitch.
So, at least, says tho Inventor of
tho apparatus; but tho ordinary Indi
vidual will probably "hao his doots."
Ho has heard the samo story beforo.
For Instance, thero was the famous
anti-seasick steamer, Hessemer, with
Its adJUBtnblo "swinging oaloon,"
which, It was intended, should always
praBcrvD a horizontal floor. Ab a mat
ter of fact, tho Hessemer rolled worse
than any tramp.
Yet another attempt to overcome
tho evil was that made by a French
man named Llazln. In elTect, his idea
was to construct u steamer on wheels,
Not paddle-wheels, be It understood,
but seinl-submerged hollow steel discs,
which should i oil partly tliioiigh and
partly over the water, bearing the ves
sel with them. Alus for his hopes!
Tho roller boat proved Impracticable
even In smooth water, while In rough,
for which It was specially designed, It
simply would not go tit all.
Near l.orrach, In tho Mack Forest,
Is the strangest lalto in tho world. It
Ib called tho Klchener Seo, and Is per
fectly dry for from ton to thirteen
years nt a tlmo, after which periods
subterranean springs rellll the lake
without any pro lous warning, Hooding
and destroying any crops that havo
been planted. Tho soil In the bed of
tho lake Is very productlvo, but tho
farmers and peasants never know In
what year their work will bo useless
nnd their young crops "drowned." A
few weeks ago tho Klchener Seo, after
hnvlng.boen dry for tho last ten yeuro,
began rulllllng with water, which in
tho deepest part Is now fifteen feet,
tho uverago depth being twelvo feet.
Tho wntora of tho lako generally re
main a year or two, and then gradual
ly disappear Into tho earth, leaving a
rich soil behind.
Tho illustration shows a Korean
maid attired in the latest product of
tho native milliner. It Is probable
that to Korean eyes American fern
Inino headgear would appear as out
landish us this does to ours.
To carry on tho war In tho Balkans
tho Turkish government havo pawned
tho crown Jewels, and this has recall
ed tho fact that tho crown Jewels of
Kngland were on at least two occa
sions placed In tho safe-keeping of
"my undo." They wero pawned to tho
Lombard merchants of London by Ed
ward III. In 133!) and by Henry V. In
1115, In both cases to meet tho
charges of tho monarchs specially do
lighted. So far as Is known the crown Jewels
of Scotland never saw tho inside of
tho pawnshop, though they wero lost
on ono occasion forHovcral years.
At San Ilernardino, Cal., a big
swarm of bees took possession of an
automobile belonging to W. II. Rogers,
which wns standing in front of a chop
house. It is believed tho bees mis
took tho hood and radiator for a hive.
It wob a long time beforo thoy could
bo coaxed Into a box, nnd tho opera
tion attracted a big crowd, many of
whom wero stung as the result of
their curiosity.
The longest screws in the world
havo recently been turned out of a
Pennsylvania engineering works. Tho
castings aro screws uboi In a machlno
for pressing oil from fish. Each screw
is 19 feot 4 inches lontf, and tho
thread upon It la 29 V4 Inches wido at
tlio largo end and 20 inches at the
small jnd. Tho sharp on which tho
thread Is formed has a six-Inch core
running through Its entiro length.
(By 13. O. SKM.UKH, Wroctor of Kvcnlnw
Department, Tlio Moody Hltilo Inntltuttv
I.nsSON TKXT-Clon. 7:M2.
GOLUKN Tr.XT-"To them that lovn
God nil thinks work together for Rood."
Horn. H'.iS, 11. V.
I. Joseph and Jacob, vv. 1-C. Jos
eph's meeting with his ugod father la
u beautiful picture. Agulu Judah
comes Into promlnenco as a sort of
ambassador in leading tlio old man
Into this new land and to present him
beforo his son, who now Is exalted so
highly among the ruhuB of tho earth.
In this ho Is a prophecy of that day
when the descendants of Jacob shall
gather before llliu "whom they
pierced." Joseph does not await their
coming but "went up to meet them"
(4(5:29) us they passed thiough tho
provlnco of (ioshen.
It Ih true that Jacob and his sons
cntno to Kgpl nt Pharaoh's personal
.invitation (45:17, IS), yet thero wero
sufficient lensoiiH why Joseph might
havo been ashnmed of, or fearful to
associate with, theso his kinsmen.
111b fathor was a plain countryman.
Ills brothers weio not an altogether
reputable crowd. And, further, they
wero shepherds and "every shepherd
1b an abomination unto tho Egypt Inns"
(4G:34). lint they aro his brethren
nnd ho was glad to confess them even
as Christ will gladly confess us.
Joseph's Great Wisdom.
Wo have hero another evidence of
Joseph's great wisdom in that ho coin,
mands 'tliein to remain in Goshen
whllo ho goes beforo them unto Pha
raoh to pieparo tho way. Even so
not all ate to come nt once Into Pha
raoh's prcbencc (47:2). In ActB 7:13
wo read that this cavalcade consisted
of three score and llfteen souls,
though this probably did not includo
slaves nnd other dependents. It Ib
very significant that Joseph Bccures
Goshen( for his kinsfolk. It wns near
to himself (15:10); It was separated
from all unnecesnary contact with tho
Egyptians (v. 34) and It was a placo
superior to all othcra for them as
herdsmen (v. G). Joseph anticipates
Pharaoh's question (v. 3) and gavo
his brothers instruction how .to an
Bwer, but they seom to havo gone
somewhat beyond in that they raako
request that they might dwell in
Goshen. Joseph charged them to
speak of themselves as keepers 0)f
II. Jacob and Pharaoh, vv. 7-12.
Pharaoh does not seem to bo overly
enthusiastic over theso flvo brothers
whom Joseph presented (v. C). Asldo
from tho fact that they wero Joseph's
brothers, thero was nothing to com
mend them. No more havo wo any
thing to commend us In tho sight of
God except that wo nro Chrlst'B
brethren; though that Ib an abund
ance. Pharaoh and Jacob.
Tho plcturo of old Jacob in tho
presence of Pharaoh Ib striking In
ono respect at least, tho fact that
ho who came to this land for tho
blessing of tho sustcnanco of life,
should bless Pharaoh. Jacob confer
red upon Pharaoh In his blessing inoro
than Pharaoh conferred upon Jacob
by tho opening of all Egypt to him
self nnd his family. Thin act upon
tho part of Jacob la suggestive of tho
dignity of age, and significant In Us
revelation of Jacob's relation to, and
knowledge of, tho purposes of God.
Pharaoh inquires as to Jacob'B age
and ho replies that his "pilgrimage"
bad been 120 years. lie who bad
entered Into all tho rights of tbo birth
right and the blessings of God's cove
nant people, exercised those rights
when he stands beforo tho great Pha
raoh. He bad caught tho truth that
an earthly life is but a pilgrimage.
Conclusion. Not included in our
lesson, but in this section, wo havo
set beforo us Joseph's administration
of the affairs of Egypt which glvo us
further insight Into tho greatness of
thia" man. In tho close dV tho lesson
proper, veraen 11-12, thero Is presented
to us Joseph's provision for his father
and his brethren. This is a typo of
Christ in ils caro for us. In tjio
midst of dangers (Jno. 10:10, 2S) nnd
famine, and misunderstanding Ho i&
over near. Joseph la now satisfied for
ho has '.is own near unto him. Jesus
Christ Is longing that we may bo with
Iflm in tht placo which No hnB gone
to prepare for us, John 11:2, :, 17, 24,
though Ho has not left us comfortless
during these day of separation, John
11:23. Joseph fed Ills brothers on
tho best tho land afforded (v. 11), oven
bo wo may havo tho old corn (Josh.
C:ll) and the new wlno (Prov. 3:9,
10). Wo thus see bow God Ib work
ing out His purpose concerning tho
Hebrew people,
Taken away from tho peril into which
Judah fell (chapter 38), and the
threatened famine, also from tho hos
tility of the other shepherd racea
among 'whom they dwelt, thoy ore
brought into Egypt and aro thero sep
arated and yet supplied as God's plan
develops and they becomo big enough
and ready to bo lod back Into their
promised possession Canaan. God'e
plan works for both tho Immediate
and the ultimate. The true .value ol
any experience Is not within the ex
porlcnco of the boor. Tho exllo ol
today Is the princely possessor of to
Wymoto will have n ehnutauqua In
Tho village of Stelnnuor Is getting
ready Tor electric lights.
Citizens of lleatrlco nro talking of
csturfllshlug a horse market.
Nearly 3,000 people attended tho
first open-air band concert at Hastings,
Funeral directors of tho stato will
convene at Lincoln, Juno 10, 11 nnd 12.
Norfolk la considering tho advisa
bility of purchasing an autotnobllo lire
Tho state Sunday school convention
will bo held nt Lincoln, Juno 17, IS
and 19.
lllshop Tlhon confirmed a class ol
over 100 nt tho Catholic church nt
Wnhoo, recently.
Dog poisoners are killing off the
valuable animals nt Wyinoro, giving
tho cuts the go by.
Lightning struck tho elevator nt
Scotia. Monday, destroying the strut'
tute and Its contents,
A carnival company opened nt Val
entine Tiiemlny and tlio city waa
etnuded all the week.
The Hcbekah lodge of York Initiat
ed twcho new members Into that
older Tuesday evening.
MusiclnuH ol Fnlrbtiry will hold
their annual picnic at lleatrlco the
second Sunday in Angst.
The hitching post question, which
has been agitating Ficmont, will likely
ho settled by a compromise.
Great damage to wheat fields In the
vicinity of Fremont Is thought to havo
been caused by the Hessian tly.
Four cars of hogs were shipped out
of Deshler ono day last week, for
which over $0,000 was paid out.
Tho Thayer county Institute will he
held nt tho court houso In Hebron
during tho chniitatiqua, August 11
to 15.
Tho graduating class of the Fre
mont high school has set a limit of
llvo dollars on tho cost of graduating
Mrs. John Gllmoro was burned to
death nt llrokcn How whllo trying tc
fill a gasoline stovo which sho sup
posed empty.
While trying to subdue a fraction!
pony, Postmaster Jules Hanmont ol
llrokcn How was seriously Injured
about the head and body.
V. CJPnikcr, a Young Men's Chris
(Inn association swimming expert, hns
launched a swimming school at the
Fremont association's nntatorlum.
Tho Methodist, Presbyterian and
Christian churches of Plattsmouth
havo begun a revival campaign which
will Inst during tho month of June.
While tho little son of J. It. Grimes
of Callaway was riding a pony ho wns
thrown from tho anlmnl's back and re
ceived a frncturo of tho arm nt tho
From Juno 12 to 22, a Chautauqua
will bo hold In lleatrlco. The jnrk
commissioners havo granted permis
sion to hold tlio. chautauqua nt tho
Charley park.
According to ihe lntest report of the
fedoral land odlce, thero aro 832,750
acres of Nebraska land still subject to
entry. Much of this Is in the sand
hill region of tho state.
According to a decision of tho Hast
ings hoard of education teachers ol
tho city schools nro not allowed to nc
copt Rifts nt tho hands of pupils dur
ing tho services In tho schools.
Prof. T. C. Tlllotson of Abilene,
Knn., has been clcctod supervisor of
music In tho schools of lleatrlco to
succeed Prof. L. F. Stoddard, resigned.
Fred Loseo was found dend In a
ham yard at his homo near Hnstlngs.
He was a largo man, weighing over
250 pounds, nnd It is thoughtovcr ex
ertion In the heat caused his death.
Mnrguerlto McLaughlin, a six-year-old
girl near Mnrslaud, died from tho
effects of a blow In tho. head, caused
by venturing too closo to a board her
brother wus swinging at arm's length.
Tho Fnrmors' Croamory company of
Hcmlngford Is taxed to its capacity al
ready In tho season. Owing to tho
heavy run of cream It Is necessary to
operate tho creamery Sunday to keep
Open air band concorts will bo
?lvon nt Hastings weekly during tho
Postmnsters of tho state will gather
at Lincoln next week for their annual
Mrs. Henry Shaffer of Humboldt,
whllo disking for her husband, was
thrown from tho plow ns It rnn over a
Btump, and sustained sovoral severo
Grading tho ronds of Gage county,
lining the Inhcrltnnco tnx funds mndo
avallablo by a bill passed by tho lust
legislature, Is being pushed rapidly In
all parts of tho county.
Tho Uov. Charles It. Scovllle, who
recently conducted tho big revival in
Lincoln, Is now at work In Nomnjia
Fruit, growers of southeast Nebras
ka are apprehonslvo that help to gath
er tholr immense apple crop Is going
to ho hard to secure.
' Mall carriers on tho two rural
routes out of Deshler havo purchased
automobiles and aro making their de
liveries of mail with them.
Leonard Hadnchek of Wyinoro
noarly lost a finger when a hook at
tached to a trout lino caught it as ho
threw tho heavy slnkor in tho river.
Tho cherry crop promlsos to bo so
big In Lancaster county that tho fruit
will be a drug on tho mnrket.
Fremont will enforce her' curfow
ordinnnce, and no children will ho al
lowed on tho streetB after nine o'clock
unless In care of a parent or guardian.
Six head of young work horses be
longing to Ed Abler, and valued nt
51,100, wero killed by ono boK of
lightning in his pasturo near Croston.
Jofferson county farmers are busily
engaged in cutting tholr first crop ol
alfalfa. Thoy report tho crop bottor
this year than It has been for a num.
ber of yean.
Much of tlio rheu
matic pain that
comes in damp,
changing weather it
the work of uric
acid crystals.
Needles couldn't
cut, tear or hurt any
W'orse when tho af
fected muscle joint
is used.
If such attacks are
marked with head
ache, backache, diz
ziness and disturb
ances of the urine,
it's time to help the
wenkened kidneys.
Do an's Kidney
Pills quickly help
sick kidneys.
A MIcHljftin Cttao
.1mlll llcxiTcr. :in M Cittinrlnn SI.. nT
Mlih . itrMt "Mr tiAi-k ffnt mi Imtl 1 rntlMri
iioiia of rr. iniii-n noriuii , intit i nan omit
ilonli mill n't. Ikirtm tull-vl tn lixlp m,
mid 1 wnmwlr Itilu tn.) rk. Donn'n Klil
nor I'llt nrlll tight tn llin Mint, tlirrn Imii,
rnrltn! iiiecuinulvW-lf. 1 tuTo liu no truublo
Gil Dona's l Anr Store. SOe Bos
Dirthday Gift Had Every Possibility
of Doing Received as One of
the' Family.
Pago, a trim little southerner, Is lav
ishly endowed with tho traditional
"family spirit." His sensd of family.
Indeed, Is so strong that ho regards
any ono or anything belonging to bis
own household ns In some mysterious
but very real way superior to all Uie
of tho world.
Pago has a dog whom ho loves very
dearly, and It grieved him much when,
not long since, Jlckoy declined to havo
anything to do with tho stuffed boar
Hint camn as a birthday gift. Present
ly, however, ho becamo normally;
cheerful and began to play happily.1
A visitor sympathetically inquired it
Jlckoy hns decided to adopt tho new
bear as his frlond.
"Not yet," Pago made smiling an
Bwor, "but ho will soon, Aunt Annie.
You see, -.llckcy's only a dog and he
doesn't think ns quick an wo do. He
thinks tho bear is only paying a call
hero. Hut Just as soon ns ho knows
that the bear Is ono of tho family boTJ
tnko to him nil right."
Many Plants "Left-Handed."
Habits of plants analogous to the
right-handedness nnd loft-handednoss
of man havo been roportcd to the
Cambridge, England, Philosophical
society by R. II. Compton.
In nn examination of eight varieties
of two-rowed barley tho first leaf waa
found to twist to tho left in 58 per
cent, of moro than 12,000 seedlings,
und nn excess of loft-handed growth
was found also in millet and In oats.
In corn thero seemed to bo no mark
ed tendencyvclther way. No evidence
of hereditary peculiarity nppears to
havo been obtained nnd no qpeclal
significance- of tho results Is pointed
Solving a Problem In Arithmetic.
Little Marlon was busy with her
"homo work." After a great many
perplexed frowns nnd much nibbling
at her pencil sho looked up and said:
"Tho only answer that I can got to
thlB exnmplo Is flvo and three-fourths
horses. Do you 'sposo that is right,
"Well, I don't know," answered her
mother, cautiously. "It sounds rather
A long pause; then tho small arith
metician's face lit up with a smile.
"Oh, I know," sho cried. "I'll reduce
tho three-fourths horses to colts."
Ad Homlnem.
Man with the Dulbous Nose One
or two baths a week, I tell you, are
about all a busy man has time to
Man with the Bulging Brow How
do you knowT
A heavy sermon znaketb a light col
lection plate.
In Summer
When the body needs
but little food, that little
should be appetizing and
Then about' the best
and most convenient thing
one can have handy is a
package of
Post '
This food is fully cook
ed crisp, delicious and
ready to serve direct from
the package.
Post Toasties with fresh
strawberries and cream
are hard to beat
"The Memory Lingers"
Soil by f rocers.
f Poitura Cere ftl Company, Limited,
i Battle Crwk, Mich., U. S. A.
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