The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 22, 1913, Image 7

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In The Chief
Voting Contest
1st Prize-Ford Touring Car
2nd Prize Diamond Ring
3rd Prize-Gold Watch
The following voting schedule
will be in effect through the rest
of the contest:
Voting Schedule and Subscription Rate
The following" voting schedule and subscription ra'te
will hold good during the remainder of the Cpntest: ,
Chief one year $1.50, (new subscription) counts 1000 votes.
Chief one year 51.50, (old subscription) counts 700 votes.
Nebraska Farmer to January 1 1915. $1.00 cdunts 1000 votes,
Chief ' (new ' subscription) one year and the Nebraska
Farmer until January 1, 1915. for $2.00, counts 2000 votes.
Chief (renewal subscription) one year and Nebraska
Farmer until January 1, 1915, $2.00. counts 1700 votes.
Five years subscription to the two papers, $10.00, counts
3000 extra votes.
Centestsnts should work far the combination subscriptions. . ,
The Chief Automobile Contest will close
on the above date
awarded. Only three weeks more in which to
secure the winning votes. Contestants should
improve the time from now on. There will
be no more Bargain Days for votes.,
A subscription will count for the same
number of votes today as on the last day of
the contest.
Standing of The Contestants
The votes cast are counted on Wednesday of each
week. The count this week shows the following result:
Miss Gertrude Coon 81.075
Gertie Cartwright 172,325
Mrs.L. H. Matkins 158.100
Miss Maude Hayes 144.400
ElenorGilham 89.450
Miss Rose McGuire o.w
Red Cloiid, -
June 14th
P. Af.
and the prizes will be
sis - Nebraska
Bulletin of Tito Week's Doings
Cutting's "Thelina."
Mrs Geo II. Holllster spout Sunday
Iti Lincoln.
leu crotun and soft drinks served at
Win ion's Restaurant.
Fresh enndy, peanuts mid cigars ut
Wnrren's Uestumnut.
Mrs. Clrns, Potter returned the last
of the week from Ounihn.
The V. C. T. U , met yesterday
afternoon at the home ef Mrs Larrlek.
The lest short orders In town nte
served at the Puritan Cafo. Try them.
Clyde Deltor of Superior was spend
ing ii few days the last of the week In
this city.
X. Glick of Grand Island was a Bed
Cloud visitor one day the hitter part of
the week.
lee cream, soft drinks ami confect
ionery always on hand at the 1'urltun
Cafe. adv.
Ralph Foe and father, Sam, return
ed the last of the week from a short
trip to Omaha.
.loliu Beauchamp of Superior was
spending a few days the first of the
week in this city.
Mrs. G. 11. Throne has returned borne
from a visit with her son, John, who
resides in California.
Ben Gibson and wife spent a few
days the latter port of the week visit
ing with friends In Rloomlngton.
A. W. Oberg vof Superior spent n
few days the last of the week In tills
city attending to business affairs.
Bert Kaley and wife left tbo latter
part of the week for a short visit in
Chicago and other eastern cities.
Mrs. Fanule S. Dow had for her
cuost over Sunday her son, Charley,
who resides in Newcastle, Wyoming.
TheSbriner Brothers of Rlverton
were attending to business affairs in
this city one day the last of the week?
Attorney Walters of Blue Hill was
attending to matters pertaining to bis
nrofession in this citv the first of the
John Havel spent a few days in
Omaha the last of the week purchas
ing supplies and some new cars for
bis garage here.
Floyd Turnurc, of tho,tlnn of F. O.
Turnure &. Son. was a passenger to
Lincoln Tuesday, where be went to ut
tend to some business matters.
Will Holmes, who formerly lived in
Red Cloud, but who now resides in
Washington, Kansas, spent a few days
the last of the week in this"' city.
Dr. Warrick, The Specialist, will
meet eye, ear, nose and throat patients
and those "needing glasses fitted at Dr.
Damerell's oftloe in Red Cloud, Tues
day, May 27th.
Fred Stauberry, formerly the popu
lar clerk In Ed Amack's furniture
store, bat who is now holding down a
position in tbe C. B. & Q., freight
offices in Scotts Bluff, spent Sunday In
the city the guest of Ed Amack and
Farm Leans-I have a limited a
mount of private money to place In first
mortgage farm securities, abort or
long time, at lowest rates with optional
payments. Write or phone. Daniel
Gabbkr, Rlverton, Nebraska.
Springer's bakery, confectionery and
lunch room is now located in the Pot
ter building opposite Cotting's drug
store. We wish for a hearty co-operation
in business and solicit a share of
the trade of tbe public V. E. Spring-
Walt Warren's new fountain arrived
the last of the week, and a representa
tive of the concern . from whom be
purchased it, arrived on Tuesday and
began to install the same. Tbe
fountain is a beauty, and while it
greatly adds to tbe appearance of this
popular eating, emporium, ' it alao
makes it a great deal more convienent
to handle their large patronage "in
this line.
Clyde Points died at hia home ou
Walnut Creek Friday, and .was buried
on Sunday. Tbe young man was 23
years of age and leaves a wife and one
child besides hia parents and several
brothers and sisters. He was born and
raised in Webster county and was held
in high esteem by all who knew him.
To the grief stricken relatives tbe
sympathy of the entire community is
Cbas. Stetlln has one of tbe best
potato patches which we have had the
pleasure of viewing so fur this sensor
lie has planted about two lots right
south of his house of this popular
Irish necessity. Tho vines are now a
trlllo over 11 foot iu holghtb, and have
began to blossom. Chas. says that
"the geutlemon of the cloth," may be
some for chicken ruUers, automobile
traders, etc., but were they the kind
who ever indulged in a game of chance
he would liko ta-ciill them for a few
beans, that he hud them topped when
it comes to raising spuds, We believe,
oursolves, did it come to a show 4own,
Chas, would take the beans.
Dr. Trumble U In OiimIm Ihl.s week.
Try "Tlk'lina" the now perfume alv
Rev. Tompkins was in Superior Frl
The Dcgreo of Honor met on Tins
day iv.n!iig.
The county eonunlssioiicr arc In
session this wool;.
Dr. Cro, who has been very sick, !
much bettor at this writing.
For your Ice cream and soft drinks
go to the Bon Ton llakcry. adv.
The best short orders In town me
served at the Puritan Cafe. Try them.
50 Acres of Hood Pasture for rent
Inquire of V. U Ruimiiu R.F.I). No
Mrs. James McGuIro has none to
Avetivlllc, Illinois, for a visit with
J. Ii. Christian received several cais
of cattle Sunday which he will feed
this summer.
Orris l'earn is hoinu from York
where he has been demonstrating the
art of printing.
Mrs. M. Sullivan of Rlverton was
visiting In this city one day the latter
part of the week.
Evertou Foe of Sheridan, Wyoming,
is visiting his parents and brothers in
this" city this week.
Johu (J. Kay of Nnponce was trans
acting business in Red Cloud one day
the last of the week.
Hamp Wiseearver of Yuma county,
Colorado, was in the city this week
visiting his brother.
Mrs. F. O. Eldredge of La Sallr,
Colo., is visiting frieuds and relatives
lu this city this week.
Our 2jc dlnuers are unexcelled. Try
them at the Puritan Cafe. II. Ludlow,
proprietor. adv.
Oscar Hughes and wife of Hastings
spent Friday in this city visiting wttli
Geo. VanCamp and wife.
Miss Mollio Ferris returned home
the first of the week from a visit with
friends In Graud Island.
Fred Bort field aud wife, who reside
at Almh are In the city this week visit
ing with frieuds and relatives.
Commencement tickets wilt be placed
on salo Saturday morning, May 24th ,
at 9 o'clock at Dr. Cook's drug store.
Special attention given to diseases
of eye and car. Glasses accurately
fitted. Dr. Stockman, Red Cloud, Nebr
Dr. Nellie Maurer was attending a
meeting of The Nebraska Dental Asso
ciation in Omaha the first of the week.
ComnieuccmentTickets will be placed
on sale at Dr. Cook's Drug store Satur
day morning, May 24th . at I) o'clock
Boone Saunders and Lloyd Brad-brook-left
Sunday eveulug for Wyom
ing aud Montana to look for a locat
ion. 'At Or. Cook's Drug store Saturday
morning, May 21th., at 9 o'clock the
Commencement tickets will be placed
on sale,
Frank Hadley and wife bad for their
guest over Sunday Miss Pearl Ireland
and Mack Fentress and wife of Super
ior. " l -
"At tbe High School Athletic meet in
Superipr last Friday our High School
ioya ranked fourth in points. In tbe
120 huddles Bernard Atkins won 3rd
in tbe'pole vault Evan Hutobins took
3rd place and in tbe discus throw
Cecil Glger held down 3rd place.., Ow
ing to the ball game here that day
several of our athletes wbo played ball
could not get away and consequently
Red Cloud's allowing was not as good
as it would have been.
A Bride's
lATILL depend upon her
ability to market suc
cessfully. We help the bride
as we do all of our customers
by the right price on the
rightgoods. There is safety
in trading with us.
B. E. McFarland
J Ail th Phone
avCSSS CS 33iv
Red Cloud and Vicinity
We wan't you to see our line of Spragues
Wash Suits for your boys and the famous
& E.
Wash Suits 50c to $2.50
Wash Waists 50c to $1.00
The most practical and economical dress
for boys ever designed. Come and see
them. It will pay you.
A. Cook of Itlverton was transacting
business iu this city on Friday.
J. Malcom of Iuuvale was attending
to business matters in this city on
A.N. Sarlatid of Itcpnblicnn City
spent a few dHys In tho city the last of
the week.
G. M. l'ierce of San Marcos, Cali
fornia, arrived In this city tho latter
part of the week for h visit with
friends aud relatives.
Wo will take a few horses to pasture.
For further particulars Inquire of M.
II. Hunsieker one mile north of State
Bank. adv.
I have the best rule iu tho county on
farm loaus. See me mid be convinced.
My motto prompt service.
A. T. Walkkh.
Commencing Sunday afternoon
May 2.1th. at 3:30 sharp the regular
Weekly Hand Concerts will be held
at the Washington School Park.
flarry Vondy has accepted a position
with the International Harvester Co.,
and started out Monday over his
territory. We wish you success Harry.
Do you notice that J. H. Bailey ia
making the moat of tbe farm loans?
He is sole scent for Trevett, Mattls &
Baker, and is offering the beat ratea,
terms and option iu tbe market and
that is tbe reason. adv.
A Pastor in' a neighboring town pat
ted a small gfti on the bead and said:
"My precious lamb, I fear your papa
is one of the wayward sheep, long
strayed from the fold.1' The .tot re
plied "My dad ain't no sheep; he's a
Bull Moose." '
CASH FOR EGGS. Not a new pro-
nosltion. This atore baa ALWAYS
PAID CASH FOR EGGS or one cent
more In trade, and will continue to do
so. Other produce bought the same
way. We make a cash or trade price
optional with our customer. F. G.
Turnure & Son. adv.
Harry Vaughn, editor of tbe Guide
Rock Signal, spent Monday afternoon
in the city, he coming up to take ad
vantage of our big paper cutter. The
Signal hat just completed a new oook
book, which, by the way is a very
creditable affair, and it was these said
books which Harry brought up to
A gang of trackmen In tbe employ
of the 0. V. & Q., arrived in the city
the latter part of tbe week and are
now engaged in' laying additional
trackage and remodeling the rail road
yards in general. A gang of wire men
have also spent several days changing
wires, etc., and tbo preparations pre
paratory to remodeling tho depot go
merrily on.
Last Friday thu Itlverton High school
"Giants" baso ball toam came down
aud demonstrated tho national game
to our local high school team, it wus
a regular hit and run game fron
start to tlnlsh. Webster Hoy, tho
popular It t busemun for our boys, got
a home run aud ran around the dia
mond like u seared rabbit gottlug away
from Its pursuers. Tho Rlverton boys
won tho game by a score of 17 to 8.
Guy Ilradbrook whs the artist who did
the umpiring stunt and we think he
gave good satisfaction.
Waists s
Next Friduy Is Decoration Day.
Mr. and Mrs, Fred Coon and child
ren of Guide Uock were shopping Id
town Saturday.
W. II. Osborn and family autoett
over from liealy, Kansas, on Monday
for a short visit ut the home of John
Suhlief aud family.
FOR 8A1.K-J. I. Case Threshing
Outfit; engine 25 horse power; sepera
tor SOxftH. All In good running order.
For full particulars phono or call ou
Varricka Brothers.
Tbe County Board of Equalisation
will meet June 10, 1913, nt tho court
house at which tlmo all intcested
should bo present and protect their
rights K. W. Rose, County Clerk.
Mrft. Ed. McAlisterand children who
left lust Wednesday for Akron, Colo.,
returned home Saturday morning.
Tbe youngest child was taken sick
and Mrs. McAlister thought best to
return home. At, this writing the
child is much better.
Yesterday was Bargain Day and it
attracted as much attention as the
last two of these popular events have
did. The Chief 'a Automobile Contest
ants took advantage of the bargain;
day offering, a double count In votes,
and the contest taken a great stride.
Sheriff Oliver Hedge returned Tues
day evening from a short atay'at
ExcelUlor Springs, Missouri, where be
bad been taking the baths in an effort
to rid himself of a rather severe attack
of rheumatism. Oliver returned soma
what improved but Is still obliged to
use a oane in order to make muob
headway navagating.
Any person receiving either Tbe
Chief or The Nebraska Farmer who
have not aubsorlbed for them their
selves, can rest assaured that some
friend has did so for them in order to
secure the votes. This week we have
added a good many names to our list
this way, and should you receive the
papers, and have not subscribed your
self f you may know it was done by
some friend and ia all paid for.
"Tbe Great Artiats and Their Con
ceptlons of Jeaus Christ," or "The Life
of Christ in Color," will be the subject
of a Stereoptloan Lecture given on
Sunday evening at the Congregational
church. The 100 beautifully colored
slides which will' be shown will In
clude many pictures by the six great
est painters of Italy and of all time
Leonardo da Viucl, Michael Angelo, .
Correggle, Glorioue, Titian and the'
greatest of tbe all, Raphael,
Arthur Augustus BoukeltiuB Bazaar
Ba.aan McArtbur, known throughout
this crreat state as tbe man who in
vented classical priutiug, nud who
for years has beeu one of the leading
pilots on this big boat, Tho Rod Cloud
Chief, on yesterday morning put on
his new bright red necktie, placed bis
"nightie" iu his suit euse, and left for
Guide Rock. Art said the purpose of
his trip w to again assist In tho
olllco of Tlu Guide Rook Signal for
few days, but to ull oppuarauues uud
from what we have hoard, It looks to,
us as though thero was a stronger
attraction in Guide Itock thun work,
and try as bard as we' can, wo can not
refrain from wondering it Art has let
"some gtri" laice niru so tar irom nous.
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