The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 15, 1913, Image 10

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The Chief
O. B. HALE, Publisher
I And now It conies out Unit Bilk Is
prrt tin accounting for tho rusty
buck, perhaps.
At nny rnto tlio croaking of frogs
Ih moru somnolent tlinn tho popping
Of till! gnsollnc englllO.
It Ih to "Inf" nt lliu persistent but
unavailing efforts of Umbo who seek
to chnugo our spelling.
Homo of tho now fomlnlno styles
Been on tho avenues uro a genuine tor
luru to a man with it Rtlff neck
Now, n self-made womnn may bo ob
(i(lnilrnl)lo ns a Rflf-mndu man, but ono
mtiHt draw tho lino nt Bclf-mndo Wid
ows. Strnphnnger Ih a noun that has long
boon heard. Invent your own torm for
Hioho who havo to hung on to tho
Hiuit back handle.
No womnn, It has boon ascertained,
cnu llvo on Icbb thnn $8 n week, but n
mun'a minimum stands unexplained
nud uninvestigated.
Eastern dlvlno alleges women a
not progressing morally iih rapidly as
men. llow can they when ono con
Aiders hobble sklrtH?
Now York Iiiih only (1,3:12.000 Inhnbl
tnntH, owing to tho freaklshncHs of
lw which forbldH It to annex Connec
ticut nud Now .JcrBoy.
Did you over notice how difficult It
1b for n womur. to bo very friendly
with nny other woman her husband
over whs engaged to?
Nobody over receives n Cnrnoglo he
ro medal for wenrlng tho llrHt Htrnw
hat of tho BctiBon. Mr. Cnrneglu le
too nurrow In his views.
An Inveternte gambler wnB sen
tenced by a Judgo to gamble with no
ono but IiIh wlfo. NIco way of keep
ing tho money In tho family.
That youth who married n girl to
keep his father from mnrrylng her
certainly set an oxamplo of solf-sacrl-llco
Boldoni soon thoso days.
Now that Hoda water season has
'opened, It Is well to remember that,
Although nil drlnkB nre charged, you
will havo to pay for them just tho
A southern young man drovo two
r miles ntono before ho discovered his
'sweetheart hnd fallen out of tho buggy.
And thou thoy ravo about southern
Tho Now York girl who Bpont seven
years looking for a "real man" mny
havo heard of Napoleon's confession
of unfalth: "Good Lord! how rare
men are."
Now comes an expert and declares
that much riding In automobiles Is tho
causo of Hat feet. Hut, In tho opinion
of most nutomoblllHts, that Isn't as
bnd as flat tires.
A Kansas medical scientist Is go
ing to try two-yenr, cold-storage eggs
on a squad of men. They uro lucklor
than most of us, who havo to tako the
older brands.
Moxlcan Indians havo boon tortur
Ing people. Llttlo can bo dono about
It Just now becnuBo tho Mexican In
dlans nro outsldo tho humanizing In
fluence of baseball. ,
Tho blondes nro disposed to accept
with philosophic acquiescence, If not
ubsoluto enthusiasm, tho dictum of Dr.
Illnckford that brunettes nro tho best
working girls.
The automobile knoo Is tho latest
physical complaint to bo discovered by
tho pbyslclans. Hut It 1b to bo feared
that putting mora Bents In tho auto
mobiles won't help nny.
Now that tho, or rather somo, of tho
women uro using tho suspondor Bklrts,
It Is to be hoped that they nro not try
ing to pcrpotrnto nnothor of tholr fa
' mous hold-up games.
ParlB waiters hao won tho right to
eat their luncheons elsewhere than at
the restaurants whoro they work. Hut
what tho patrons do not know perhaps
will not hurt thorn.
A correspondent Buys "a good way
to lose an old umbrella 1b to tako It
with you to n restaurant and foiget
It." To Iobo a good umbrolla but no
body needs any formula for that.
Women who constantly wear veils
Buffer in tlmo from deterioration of
features, says a London physician Af
tcr that Btngo has been reached the
wearing of veils should bo made ob
ligatory by law.
A lifo-prcsorvlng suit, with food nnd
water supplies, has been tested In the
Hudson nnd may becomo a competi
tor of tho Now York hotel.
With n now alphabet and a new
constitution tho republic of Chlnn has
laid doep the foundations of n freo
press and practical politics.
If that proposal to requlro tho dat
ing of eggs Is cnrrlod out It may be
come necessary to tench the hens to
rend and wrlto nnd to provldn each
with n fountain pon.
ittuiy''liMfinVfflftiittTiT ffti-.fl'.ji
Great "Tope'
Five hundred years before the Christian era Buddha came from Gaya to
8arnath, four miles from the present Benares, to establish there his religion.
The great "tope," a huge upright cylindrical mass of stone and brick work,
which rises 110 feet above the surrounding ruins, stands in the middle of what
was called the deer park. The story Is that Buddha, struck by the loveliness
of the gazelles, took the form of one and became king of the herd. A certain
rajah, hunting one day with a cheetah, saw this splendid creature and ordered
the cheetah to be loosed upon him. Just as the leather hood was about to fall
from the cheetah's eyes, the mind of the rajah became enlightened and, pros
trating hlmslf In the dust, he cried out: "Oh, sublime master, truly thou art
a man and what a manl In the shape of a beast, whereas I, that wickedly
ought to kill thee, I am a beast and oh, how stupid a beast! hidden under
the shape of a man." In the tenth century Buddhism was crushed out by the
Brahmins, and a Sarnath the great monastery was destroyed by fanatic fury
and Its surprised monks were burned In a gigantic holocaust.
Somo of tho strangest of nature's
grotesques nro to bo found among tho
flBhcs, uh witness this photograph of a
marine creature, which rather sug
gests n parrakcot. It is a denizen of
tho ocean depths.
Swimming in porter at a Cork brew
ery tho other day a workman had n
narrow cscapo from drowning. A vat
of porter, with a capacity of 5C0 bar
rels of UG gallons, burst, tho contents
rushing like n Hood through tho brew
ery yard nnd Into tho cellars. Tho
porter which reached tho roadway
was diluted with water from a firehose.
A Famous Rocking Stone
MSBbT.-. BrSStlJft yBfBsV&aSBBBBBt. S 1 HAl S 4j" AflfctBSSSSSSaMb Jt .'j .JvTMSj x:l
-?: . L.r.0rwmamrmmmx-r-4.',s.V:Ftii'z&r' .",
'K.. . . MAi"? .V..'-
The shaky boulder, north of Larchmont, N. Y., weighs about 150 tons, but
a man of ordinary strength can rock It three inches. On it are the words,
"Chatsworth W. Bryson, C. E 1853," Inscribed when Chatfworth Heights was
surveyed and a street put through the woods.
at Sarnath
Attacked by nn octopus n young
man of Wnlmato Island, N. Z., had
nn exciting experience, n few days
ago. Ho wns gathering mussels
In tho boi closo to thn shore on
ono of tho islands In tho gulf
when tho young man with crlos for
help nttrncted tho notice of his father.
On arriving to seo what wub tho mat
ter, tho father found that an octopus
had ono of Its tcnacles, as big as a
man's wrist, wound round tho boy's
leg. The creature had so strong hold
of tho hid that It drew blood before
thoy could bo separated.
Falling 80 foot, a ilve-year-old child,
Lily Keys, daughter of Hand Corporal
KeyB of tho Lancashire Fusiliers, had
a remarkable escupo from death at
Dover tho other afternoon. Whllo
picking (lowers near' tho edgo of tho
cliff fuclng tho military hospital, she
lost her bahuico anil foil a dlstnnco of
SO feet. Drummer Jones of tho Hork
shire regiment witnessed tho fall and
found the child semi-conscious. At
tho military hospital it was found that
beyond cuts and bruises sho was un
injured. ""' "
CXftfl!SPllBBBBBBBBBFVL3KaTl4KO'X..i&5Uv. . .V
vSvWMt A'm&JJTS 1 "J4
VII.?- 1mxJ - ..II I"' 'V . ..-. V K 1 .i 'xfI'1.f JUJ'll,V'jrtfti''"fVliiirW'-'ii "ife'i '"' i rfflfrVm i i ft u ' n ' T,
Forty miles west of old Hagdnd, n
tho vast level vnlley of tho historic
Euphrates, near Hit, of tho Hlttltcs,
lies tho traditional Garden of Eden,
Such is the Interesting conclusion ol
Sir Wllllnm Wlllcocks, tho famoud
Egyptian engineer nnd Hlblo student,
and many other authorities ngree
with him.
"Out of Kden enmo a river which
watered a garden, nnd from thenco ll
wnB parted and became four rivers."
And these four rivers, known In lllblc
days as tho Plson, Gllion, Hlddekol
nnd Euphrates tho ancient "Illvcr of
Habylon" havo been Identified by
Sir Wllllnm.
It wns whllo studying, surveying
nnd mapping Chnldca previous to
Bta'rtlng work on tho giant Irrigation
scheme planned for Mesopotamia,
that Wlllcocks becamo convinced
that the reul Gnrdon of Eden lay In
tho region described.
The Garden of Eden Hob nwny over
in Turkish Arabia, too far from tho
benten tourist trail to draw manv
sightseers. Probably not a dozen
white trnvelcrfl boo It In n wholo year.
To reach Chuldcn tho snfest nnd sur
est routo lies through tho Suez, over
Phnrnoh's bones In tho Red Sea.
through tho Straits of Hab-el-Mandob,
up the hot Persian Gulf, nnd thenco
("00 miles nlong tho winding TlgrlB
and Euphrates.
Thoso who stuoko In moderation
hnvo a far better chance of resisting
disease than thoso who do not smoko
at all.
Definite experiments have recently
been tunde which show that tobacco
smoko inptdly destroys In particular
the comma bacillus of cholera.
A good many years ago, snya the
Lancet, It was reported by tho senior
medical ofllcer of Greenwich work
housu that tho tobacco smoking In
mates enjoyed comparative Immunity
from epidemics.
During n cholera epidemic nt Ham
burg it was reported that not a single
workman engaged In the cigar factory
In that city was attacked by tho dis
ease. Later it was stated that
amongst a body of C.000 cigurmakers
only eight cases and four deaths from
cholera occurred.
Tobacco smoko has destroyed the
bacilli of Asiatic cholera as well as
pneumonia, and there is evidence that
It has been preventive of somo forma
of nasal catarrh.
Excessive tobacco smoking, of
course, may easily give rise to consti
tutional effects which diminish the re
sisting power of tho body to disease,
in which case It Is probable tho habit
would afford not only no protection,
but an opening for Invasion.
This picture was taken in a cave In
tho Wyudcllff, near Chepstow, England.
It shows a bat hibernating. If viewed
upsldo down the bat looks Mko somo
uncanny animal walking.
Electric sleep, to bo "tnrned on" or
"turned off" at will, Is tho alluring
promise held out to sufferers from
sleeplessness by Dr. Nagclschmldt, a
German physician.
So far electric Bleep has boon pro
duced only in rabbits and dogs, but
tho experiments on nulmala havo been
so freo from ill-effects that Dr. Nagol
Bchmldt thinks human beings can be
subjected to the same treatment with
out danger.
Dr. Nagelschmldt assorts that his
now method also has tho power to
eliminate pain in nny portion of tho
human body. A condition 1b produced
in which pinpricks, or even tho in
cisions of tho surgeon's knife, aro not
felt so long as the patient remains in
an "electrified" stato.
The Indian plpo, or corpso plant, Is
a strangely Interesting kind of para
Blto. It has n bunch of fibrous roots
which attach themselves to tho roots
of other plants, or sometimes thoy
grow In decayed vegetable mnttor.
The plant Is white, nnd hns no leaves,
but llttlo bracts Instead. Tho flowers
havo no odor and turn black na poon
as thoy nro plucked. Many botanists
claim that tho Indian plpo Is nn un
pleasant plant, but wo havo not found
It so. It nttnchcB Itsolf for life to
ono plant which It chooses for Its
friend. Somo botanists call it "life in
Element of Common Sense Often
Is Woefully Lacking.
Having Blundered In Initial Move He
Now Proceeds to Crowning Folly
of Purchasing Cheap Stock
Way for Success.
Practically all beginners aro honest
In their belief in tho business, but It
seemB at times that tho simplo ele
ment of common scnao Is woefully
lacking In tho majority of cases per
hnps because common eenso is not so
common after all, writes W. B. Thom
as, In Utility Pigeons.
Having blundered In his Initial
move, ho now proceeds to tho crown
ing folly of which ho can bo guilty
ho buys cheap stock because It 1b
cheap. Ho is either victimized by tho
proverbially conscienceless dealer, or
ho takes tho stock of somo fellow who
haB already demonstrated himself a
failure ; In cither case ho gets a sorry
lot of birds.
Now suppose that Instead of com
mitting tho usual folly, tho beginner
applies a llttlo of that golden specific
that I mentioned above, common
sense. Instead of nn old shack, sup
pose ho provides a good rat-proof
house, built on plans approved by ex
perienced breeders; then suppose ho
looks up some good, rellablo breeder
Squabs One Week Old.
and Invests In a few, well-mated work
ing birds. Then, having posted him
self as fully as possible by reading
good pigeon literature, lot him give
his stock that careful attention indis
pensable to tho well-being of all living
things, and It will not tako a very tal
ented prophet to predict a result quite
at variance with the one first outlined.
Squabs dlo In tho nest or nro found
on tho floor or do not fatten up prop
erly, when the old birds aro not fed
properly. A young squab is not to bo
compared with a young chick. A very
young chick can run about and help
Itself to food and water and tho other
necessities of llfo; whereas tho squab
Is utterly helpless at its birth, and Is
unable to walk and must bo fed in the
nest by tho paront bird and with what
ever tho parent birds may feed It.
Tho watchful pigeon man Is tho ono
who gives his flocks tho best of cure.
He keeps them In health by noting tho
first signs of ailment.
Hay Should Not Sunburn.
Tho feeding value, as well as tho,
market value, and palatablllty of hay
is lowered by being sunburned. Tho
feeding value is probably hurt most by
tho loss of leaves. Sunburned clover
nnd alfalfa loso a largo part of tho
leaves In handling, and this Is tho
best part of tho crop.
When tho sun is shining very bright
ly the rlfalfa or grass should not bo
left in tho swath long. A large part
of tho curing should bo done In tho
windrow nnd the cock. Most of tho
hay is then shaded and so tho damag
ing effect of intense sunshine Is re
duced to the exposed portion. And a
stock cover will still further lessen
tho injury from tho sun as well as
from rain.
There is nothing tho matter with
the hen that Bhows a bright oyo and
a red comb.
17VAttaa fa a tinttat Invlnf otltnil.
lant for the' bens han heat-producing
Establish, If possible, a brand of
eggs which will in itself bo a guar
antee of good quality.
Green food of some kind is neces
sary to mako hens do their best In
tho line of egg production.
Eggs ought to weigh a pound and a
half to tho dozen or flfty-flvo pounds
net to tho thirty dozen eggs.
It is poor policy to change tho quar
ters of hons or pullets whllo laying,
for it usually checks or stops egg pro
duction. Experiments show that chickens
with stroug vitality and plenty of
ma8culino characteristics make tho
largest gains.
The boat place for tho Incubator 1b
tne ono whoro tho temperature Is
most nearly uniform from day to day,
under natural conditions.
Collect tho egga regularly at least
onco, hotter twice, a day in modcrato
weather nnd more frequently In very
wnrm and very cold weather.
Whoro green cut bono Is fed, about
4 ounces a week ted in small quanti
ties at a tlmo 1b a good averngo allow
auco per hen. It need not bo fed ev
ery day.
It takon at a very early ago chickens
can be taught to como and go at cer
tain times, to feed in a certain way
and do other things that will savo
tlmo and annoyance.
I pom NQ is
Exercise of Little Care In Gathering
and Selecting Will Net Advance
Over Common Price.
There Is no satisfaction and but
very llttlo money in exchanging egga
for groceries or grain. Ily being care
ful In gathering eggs, so thnt they
won't becomo chilled in winter and
so tho hens won't sit on them over
night and using n llttlo caro in sizing
and selecting, quito an advance over
tho common prices may be obtained.
When possible, sell your eggs direct v
to tho consumer. If not possible, gel
a market In your nearest city wltb
somo grocer who deals In strictly '
fancy groceries nnd provisions. Agree
to furnish him only strictly frcsb
eggs, nnd then, for your own sake
llvo up to tho agreement. Carefullj
clean all tho eggs; don't send small
misshapen or largo ones. Stamp eacb
egg with n rubber stamp, using yout
initials or tho name of your farm, and
in a short time you will have created
a demand for your eggs, nud when
you have created such a demand your
eggs will bring the highest prices,
considerably mora than your store
keeper would pay.
Several neighbors should send their
eggs together, paying a cent or two
per dozen to one of their numbor for
doing tho business, and In this way
all would gain a little.
Smaller Vegetables and Flowers Can
Hardly Be Covered Too Lightly
With the Soil.
More seeds aro probably killed by
sowing or covering too deeply than
too lightly.
It is no uncommon thing to find
small seeds covered with a quarter
or over half an Inch of soil.
Thousands so deeply sown perish,
gerniB cither never come to llfo at all
or nro quite unequal to coping with
biich a weight of covering earth.
Only tho larger seeds of vegetables
should bo sown from a quarter to ouo
Inch in depth.
Peas, beans and such like seeds may
go underground two or thrco inches
but the smaller vegetables and flower
seeds can hardly bo covered too light
ly, provided they aro covered.
It should alwuyo bo borno in mind
that deep sowing ruins more seeds
than any other fault or mistake.
Implement Is Inexpensive, Easy to Put
Together and Will Give Most
Excellent Results.
A garden plow Is a very useful arti
cle, but many people do not have gar
den enough to make it worth whllo
buying ono. I havo a home-made plow
that I find very UBeful. Any boy
handy with tools can mako ono like
it, writes Fred L. Doty of Mound Val
ley, Kan., in the Farmers Mall and
Drcezo. A and U aro pieces of 2 by 4.
At ono end of U a rectangular holo is
mortised into which A fits and is bolt
ed. The other end of li is mortised
out to form tho forks for tho 12-inch
wheel. Tho whcol is from an old baby
carriage, with the rubber tiro re
moved. This leaves a hollow shaped
Home-Made Garden Plow.
rim which rideB over the ground bet
tor than a flat rim would. D is one
of the tools which may bo used for
cultivation. A small cultivator shovel
will answer tho purpose. Other tools,
for garden working will suggest them
selves to the Ingenuity of the maker.,
Tho two iron strips bolted from A to.
D havo soveral holes at tho upper end;
to mako them adjustable. Tho handle,
braces are also of iron strips. The
handles aro made of soft pine. This
plow doea flno work and one person
can do as much with It as thrco per
sons can with ordinary hooB.
To Prevent Oat Smut
Tho Minnesota method: First, thor
oughly clean the seed by rinsing it
through several waters, taking ono
pound (ono pint) of formalin and
pour into a barrel containing 40 to 45
gallons of water. Place tho grain la
a gunny sack and dip it Into this bar
rel until you aro satisfied that every
grain has been mado wet. Then tako
tho oats out and dry them. Thoy may
be kept for several days bofore they
are sown.
Lease Swellings Alone.
The largo swellings that occasion
ally appear in front of tho knees of
cattle, particularly old cows, Is prop
erly known as hygroma. It is usually
filled with a watery or straw-coloredi
fluid. Opening or othor surgical oper-,
ution is not ndvlsablo, except by a
competent veterinarian. Thoso swell
ings usually do no harm, and most of
tho cases aro moat wisely left alono.
Moving Brood Hen at Night.
Movo your sotting hen at night, and
chnncea nro, if sho Is broody, sho
will keep tho nest you put her on;
whereas if changed during tho day
tlmo sho is very npt not to act.
Cutting Injured Trees.
Trees Injured by freezing very often
need to bo sevcroly cut back.
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