The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 08, 1913, Image 4

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Have You Seen America?
nave you ever stoou on top or riKo s I'eak una looked oft Ht
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J Bho was young, tull, dignified and
'welt dressed, and as she onterod tho
elevated train and demurely slipped
Into tho only vacant seat Wagstaff.
'covertly watching her ovor the edge
iOf his newspapor, decided that she
was a rare girl, Indeed.
Ho kept taking ono more look at
the girl; her attention being centered
upon a book. Dy the time tho train
reached his station he was deeply In
terested In her. Ho vaguely remem
bered having seen her on his morning
'train at. Intervals, but never beforo
had she sat within tho direct rango of
his vlalon.
, Tho next morning ho took special
pains to cntch that samo train. Mlf
fin was sitting near the door of tho
car and dragged him Into a scat be
Bide him. However, Wagstaff lost all
Intcrost In Mlfflu's baseball chatter ns
tho train nenred tho station whero the
girl hnd entered on tho provloun
morning. Ho craned his neck to scan
tho waiting passengers on tho plat
form. Mlffln looked at him curlouHly.
' "Expecting Bomebody to get on
,horo?" MlfTln asked,
i "Oh, no," WagBtaff Bald hastily. "I
thought I saw Borne ono I know."
Then, to his unmeasured delight,
tho girl came demurely In with the
crowd and found a seat almost oppo
site them. Mlflln followed Wagstaff's
enraptured glanco.
"Is that the party you thought you
knew?" he asked.
"Well, no," Wagstaff said guiltily,
"but I wouldn't mind."
After that It got to be a regular
thing every morning for Wagstaff to
watch for the girl and then to steal
glanceB at her all the way to bis sta
tion. Bho looked at him so calmly In
gazing around tho car day after day
that ho thought despairingly that Bho
didn't know ho was on earth.
Just when ho was losing hopo of
ever getting acquainted with her
something happened. Ono morning
sho got off nt a station which the
train reached before it arrived at
Wagstaff'fl. More than that, Wag
staff saw n long handled umbrella
i eating ngalnst the window framo of
tho Heat that sho had Just left.
"What shall I do?" tho young man
asked himself. "Shall I tako her um
brella with mo for safo keeping, or
shall I turn It In nt the lost and found
office? In either case "
With a fast beating heart ho poa
scssed himself of the forgotten um
brella. On mature consideration ho
decided that It would be best to turn
It In to the company In tho usual way
and tnke a chanco on future favorablo
developments. .,
A week later tho developments
came. On a wind-swept elevated
platform ono evening, several stations
distant from tho ono nearest his of
fice, Wagstaff found himself alone
with the girl.
For an Instant her glance lingered,
and there was a sort of recognition in
it as their eyes met. Wagstaff acted
on tho moment's impulse, all the hero
In his makeup coming to the front.
"I beg your pardon," ho said, ad
vancing a step, hat In hand, "but did
you recover the umbrella you left on
tho train a few days ago? I turned
It in at tho lost and found depart
ment" Sho started a little with surprise as
he spoke, and then Bho smiled gra
ciously. "Why, yes, thank you," she
said. "I I got it. Was it you who
found it? It was awfully good of
'Not at all," declared Wagstaff.
Just then the train came in and
ho helped her aboard. They sat down
together and their acquaintance prospered.
In ten minutes ho found that sho
knew half a dozen of his own friends.
Whllo things were a little bit uncon
ventional, sho concluded finally that
ho might call.
Wagstaff called and found two of
tho friends there to vouch for him.
Then ho took pains to call again,
when ho was certain tho friends
wouldn't bo thero. Slnco the girl
chose tho timo for tho call It Is pos
sible that sho didn't want them there
Two or threo months later as sho
and WagBtaff were standing in her
front hall ono night counting the
hooks on the hatrack and otherwise
enjoying themselves, the girl said:
"Billy, I've heard of a lot of ways that
young men get acquainted with girls
they want to meet, but that umbrella
plan of yours makes a bit with me
overy time I think of it."
"What do you mean?" Wagstff ask
ed a bit feebly.
"Why, you innocent child," she Bald,
smiling,. "I never lost any umbrella
on the elevated train!" Chicago
Dally News.
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Red Cloud,
wonderloml -Yellow-
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He Tipped Again.
He was very affable and free with his
opinions, was this young man, but that
was about all ho was free with. To
the man who had carried his not un
heavy bag to tho little countryside
station ho had given ono whole penny.
Notwithstanding tho forlorn look on
the man's face, ho still continued to
chat in nn easy manner.
"I shall never forget," ho continued,
"tho splendor of tho scenery when I
Was In Switzerland. It was an educa
tion to soo tho sun rise, tipping tho lit
tle blue hills with gold "
"Ah!" Interrupted tho man who had
tolled with his bag. "Them 'Ills was
luckier than mo, weren't thoy?" Lon
don Tit-Bits.
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Hard'to Explain Otherwise.
"Dubbs Interrupted his wlfo yeater
"How much did ho win?"
"What do you mean?"
"Didn't he do It on a betr
Edward Hanson
Hardware and Implements
mmij& "