The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 08, 1913, Image 10

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The Chief
C. B. HALE, Publish
Simplified spelling thould bo n boon
for tho rough-writers.
. Hnrvard'B plnn to tench wit anc
humor dtBclifanu n Bad lack of them.
The, open aeason for tho Idiot whe
.teckn tho boat will boon bo In out
"Do not him pretty tenchers," nd
vises nn nuthorlty who never was t
boy himself.
If evolution keeps nbrcast of the
times It must ho occupied In evolving
a BwntlcsH fly.
Montenegro Is III tie, but n very
small tnntch can utnrt trouble In n
powder factory.
Tho btrnwberry box, not tho poach
basket, Is the model of this senuon'K
hats for women.
It In Riven out that thero In to be
no Increaso In tho prlco of leu. Well,
that will h p h o.
Word to tho wise: Tuck awny $1U
or C0 of your week's salary for that
Impending vacation.
Tho only "girl tenor" In tho world
has arrived In this country. Pity the
country that Is without one.
Quito appropriately thoso hair I in
porting musical girls explained when
urrouted, "Well, I'll bo uwltched."
Why Rhould San Francisco bonst
that It was founded In 1776? Tin
work waa not dune- by natlvo sons.
A cigar ctoro flvo feet wldo ha
been opened In Gotham. Stogloi
slioultl bo tho proper stock to carry.
Now that tho government cxpcrtJ
are going to deflno sausage, a great
mystery will doubtless bo cleared up
No longer can wo gain emphasis by
Baying that objects "sink llkon stone."
They nro now building concrete ships
Tho bald-headed man has trouble
enough, what with drafts and flics
without calling his baroness Immodest
A Colorado Judgo says that a wife
should tell her husband all sho knows
Hut usually sho doon, and then some
What baa become of tho old-fashioned
woman who used to put fresh
strnw under tho parlor carpet every
Even though somo men nro slow, did
you over notice that they aro "somo"
(printers when It cornea to running
In dobt?
Thero Is something to bo thankful
for In tho fact that tho peach short
cake crop was spared by tho recent
Simplified spelling Ib to bo taught In
tho Bchools of Philadelphia. And yet
Philadelphia onco had a reputation ol
being slow.
A Pennsylvania undertakon tender
ed a bnnquet to tho doctors of the
town. Thero'B nothing llko gottlng 8
"stand In."
Tho old-fashioned bicycle rider whe
used to got arrested for scorching now
regards tho automobile joy-rider wltb
wonder at tho speed with which w
Report says tho president of Hon
duras has died of a disease. How
strange, when It Is considered how
often officials of that port of tho globe
have shuffled off.
Theoretically a largo number of peo
ple are fond of dandelion greens.
They might get togetbor with the
owners of lawnB.
Tho old maxim, "Learn ono thing
every day," sounds well. But most
of ua nro kept busy unlearning some
thing every day.
A disappointed lover shot himself
with blank cartridges and was arrest
ed. Remodel that statement about
"tho course," etc.
Collogo professor says no man
should marry on less than $5 a day.
but tho chances nro Cupid will con
tlnuo to Iguoro wnges.
Thero waB n splendid argument foi
physical culture In tho story of the
young Canadian athloto who has mnr
rlcd an American widow with 115,000,
000. Modistes in copying natural colors foi
costumes head their list with "flgleai
green" Moro of a compliment to the
first costurao than to an unusual
A New York organization has just
hold a talkless dinner at which post
jprandlal oratory was barred. It de
jservcB to become popular.
A Cleveland motorist, who speeded
around town at 60 miles an hour, has
)een Bent to jail for 30 days. Anoth
er ease of moro haste less speed.
Tho Paris police are now equipped
with asphyxiating guns. From the
volubility shown by tho late auto
bandits of Paris, they were evidently
Among tho curiosities of litigation
may bo cited tho following ense. On
tho boundnry-llno of two farms In an
Austrian village, thero grow n largo
goosoborry bush, from which two
farmers for ycarB gathered tho prod
uct. "What grows on my sldo In mlno,
and you may havo tho rest," was tho
Somo tlmo ngo tho neighbors had
a misunderstanding, and this camo to
a climax when tho gooseberries be
came rlpo. A lawsuit followed, and
appeals wero mndo to higher judicial
bodies. Tho final decision waB lately
recorded In the Austrian courts.
Each party Is to havo tho right to
pick tho berries which grow on his
Bldo of the line, JuBt as It was orlg
ally, but neither may destroy tho
bush. Tho costs aro charged half
Wo each litigant. Each farmer had to
pay 255 krone. Tho yearly yield of
tho bush Is worth about ono-half
krone, and tho Judgo told tho lighting
"With good luck, It will tako you
only 800 yearn to mako tho bush pny.
Tako good caro of It."
Prom time Immemorial ravens havo
been tho subject of song, story, and
superstition. Their fearlessness, trick
ery, contradictory manners, artfulness,
luirflh note, ugly form, and beautiful
black plumagn have formed tho theme
for many a bird-lore Btory.
Perhaps one of tho most curious
facts about tho raven Is that while
thero Is no more shy bird, or ono more
difficult to get near to, when It is wild,
nono tames moro easily, and when
tamed It Is totally fearless. When
wild, tho raven will never daro to at
tack any bird, but will steal eggs or
young, and hover around uttering tho
most dismal croaks. Hut onco tamed,
ho thinks nothing of walking up to
your dog nnd using old Towser'B back
as a sort of penwiper for cleaning his
bonk, nnd will often go so far, If tho
dog Ib asleep, as to pull tho animal's
ears and tweak Its tall, flying away
with a great scurry when tho dog
growls at him, but returning again In
n few minutes to renew tho attack.
Rotherwaa, ono of tho oldest Beats
In Great Britain, has been bought by
a wealthy American and Its magnifi
cent panelod rooms aro to bo dis
mantled and removed to this country.
Rotherwaa Ib mentioned In tho Domes
day Rook, where It Is spelled "Retro
was." At that tlmo It belonged to
Gilbert, ton of Tyrold. It was tho
chief scat of the Bodenhams, a fam
ily who obtained It through tho mar
rlago of Roger Dodenhnm and Isabel
la, daughter of Walter do la Barrc.
Tho Illustration Is of a carved chlm
ncyplcco In tho James I. room.
In tho valloy of tho Lyn, near Lyn
mouth, North Devon, thero Is a quaint
Ilttlo hamlet called Mlddlcham, whero
for threo months In tho year the sun
Is not Been.
Tho cluster of houses forming tho
hamlet Ib surrounded on all sides by
hills so steep and high that from No
vember until February tho sun docs
not riso high enough to bo seen over
their tops.
Tho first nppearanco of tho sun Is
eagerly lookod for, and as It Is llrst
Been on February 14, tho inhabitants
call It their valentine
If tho dny should bo foggy or
cloudy so that it cannot bo seen, there
Is great disappointment, especially
among tho children.
For tho first few dnys after tho
14th tho sun Is only seen for a very
short time, but as tho sun rises higher
In tho hcaveiiB tho tlmo It is In sight
IncrenseB dally until Its height Is
reached, when It grndually begins to
fade from view again until In Novem
ber It entirely vanishes from sight
for another threo months.
Saving a train wreck, two boys per
formed a noblo act near (loodletts
villo, Tonn., a few days ago. Tho
train was tho "Dlxlo Filer" on tho
Loulsvlllo and Nashville railroad. Tho
lads Virner Morgan and Gurllo Og
loBgy wero playing along tho track,
when they discovered a broken rail.
A moment later they heard tho "fly
er's" whistle, but thoy raced far
enough up tho track to "flag" tho train
bcfoie it reached tho broken rail.
I V3iliB!lMtCICB5!Tjnz7$Vl'ftkvJfc AihDh I
Cawnpore Memorial Angel
paaMsss! Ear 'IwW
JL teffOTr'vi
The most cacred Dritlsh shrine in India Is the memorial angel which
guards the Cawnpore well Into which the massacred women and children
wero thrown. Cawnpore waa the cceno of two masaacrec. First, tho exhaust
ed garrison, which had currendered to Nana Sahib on the premiss of safe
conduct to Allahabad, were fired upon as they embarked on the Gangcc.
Later, the women and children" who escaped this massacre and were taken
back to the city were murdered and their bodies thrown into this well.
Ono of tho most extraordinary
stories over told of tho sea is related
by Captain Engcllandt, owner of the
steel sailing Bhlp Emdto. Ho wan at
sea with threo men on board when a
great galo camo swooping and tearing
and screaming over tho waves, and
drovo his vessel before It Into tho
gathering blackness of night. The
skipper stuck to tho wheel all through
tho long hours of darkness, and tho
galo dying down to a snarling growl
at 4 a. m., ho relinquished his post
and stepped down to his cabin for a
change of clothes.
Mt wan at this moment tho real busi
ness of tho dny begun. Ho had Just
got into dry underclothing when the
vessel quietly turned bottom upward,
and ho found himself standing on the
roof of tho cabin, with the door ovor
his head hermetically sealed by tho
ocean. Was ever a man in such straits
Ho climbed through Into tho hold
of tho vessel, where ho found raisins,
condensed milk, prunes, rice, nnd, of
courso, a Teutonic sausage. Ealing
sparingly of this healthy faro, and
hammering on tho steel bottom of
tho boat to attract tho attention of
any Bhlp that hlght happen to puss,
ho spent 12 days In this strange man
ner beforo ho was rescued. Tho wreck
had to bo towed to a mighty crano
before a steel plate could bo unloos
ened nnd tho skipper bo free to look
cmco moro on tho blue sky.
MAVin RlAtinNM Y Tt. aI
VV' -'!' -. ' V--' '- lv
ji v ,,, Qe3
"Blowing up the Devil" Is a ceremony which takes place in Mexico on
the 8aturday before Easter Sunday. A dummy Is filled with bread, money
and gunpowder and then hung Just above the reach qf the passers-by, who
try to get possession of It. The figure Is continually lowered and raised
again as ths natives Jump at It. After a time the "Devil" is set on fire and
in due time it explodes, scattering the bread and money, for which a scram
ble takes place. It Is the belief of the natives that the blowing up of tht
"Devil" will keep his satanlc maiesty away for twelve months.
Mahomed Knnl el Blmbashl, who It
seen holding tho flag of tho new In
dependent government of Tripoli, is
tho sou of nn Afghan father and an
Albanian mother. When tho Turco
Italian war broko out he went on foot
from Egypt to Azlzla rousing the
tribesmen. He has been In many
parts of Europo and Asia and Is well
known to travelers. The flag bears a
map of Africa.
eioux Maidens Living on the Pine.'
Ridge Reservation Vear Same
Stylo a Lifetime.
Sioux Falls, S. D. American fash
ions versus Parisian 1 Why go abroad
for clothes which only wear ono sea
son when you enn get a dress like the
ono shown In tho accompanying pic
ture, which will wear a lifetime? Long
before tho young woman in the Illus
tration had attained BUfllclent staturo
to fill out tho costumo properly the
materials for It wero being prepared.
Tho owner of thlo "confection" la a
young Indian girl of the Sioux nation
who lives on the Pino Rldgo reserva
tion in Shannon county, South Da
kota. This Ib doubtless her holiday
regalia and It Is doubtful If sho would
trado It for tho latest model from tho
Huu do la Palx. A beaded costume
Sioux Belle, In Her Sunday Best.
llko tho one pictured Is a matter for
serious consideration by the modistes
of tho trlbo and months wero prolmbly
atrjtit over the bcadwork of tho bod
ice alone, whilo tho docGkln for the
shirt had to ho worked over for weeks
by tho old women miming exports In
order to attain the velvet-like quality
necessary for a garment of this de
scription. Tho "shopping bag," too,
whllo not of a hitu model nn our fash
ions go, will nevertheless be In excel
lent taato for years to como In this
"land where fashions never change."
Changea In styles would indeed bo su
perfluous in a country whero it takes
months to complete a single garment,
but which when mado will wear for a
generation or two. The girdle with Its
pendant reminiscent of Cleopatra is
mado of heavy leather, also practically
indestructible, covered with heavy
silver dlsku beaten out by hand. It Is
of prime necessity to ho of athletic
build in order to wear this variety of
clothing succeps fully, aa tho bcadwork
weighs something llko ten pounds to
tho square yard. This "cloth" Is made
by fastening tho beads In parallel rows
on a backing of heavy buckskin. The
blanket in tho background Is of Na
vajo mako from New Mexico.
Taller, Heavier, and With a Much
Greater Lung Capacity Than Young
Women Elsewhere.
Lawrence, Kan. Kansas collego
girls should bo ablo to talk
longer, yell louder and for a longer
tlmo than any other girl students in
tho United States, according to Dr.
'Margaret Johnston of tho department
of physical education of the Univer
sity of Kansas.
The Jayhawkcr co-ed is also taller
and stronger than her eastern Bisters.
Tho average Kansas girl la about one
fourth inch higher than the Wellesley
young woman. The average weight
of tho girl at Wellesley is 116 pounds,
fit Kansas 117.
In strength and lung capacity tho
Kansas girl reigns alone. The aver
ago capacity of tho German girl Is
'147 cubic inches; Oberlln girls can
swallow 141.2 inches of ozone nnd
Wellesley glrlB 150 cubic Inches. Tho
Kansas girl tests 1G5, which is far
abovo tho avcrago for tho United
PlanB wero formed recently for the
establishment of a girl's baseball
league among tho different sororletles
hero. Margaret Johnston, director
of women's oihlotlcs, is expected to
Mart tho co-eds in tho gamo within a
.few days.
Animal Then Follows Him Half Mile
to His Home Lamp Used as
Shamokln, Pa. As Elmer GrosB wat
returning from work at tho Cameron
colliery a catamount, largo and heavj
ias a bulldog, sprang at him from the
bUBhe3 fringing the road.
Gross sidestepped tho beast and
Jerking a lighted miner's lamp from
his hat, turned tho blazo into the
faco of tho cat, which ran away, but
ccon returned and followed Gross n
half-rallo toward his homo at Tharp
town. Gross hurried into the kitchen and
ot a rifle, but when ho camo out the
cat had disappeared.
Crazed at 8'ght of Corpse.
Wilkes Barro, Pa. Samuel Mumma,
aged forty-five, of Wilkes Rarro, Pa.,
.went insane while vlowtng the body
of his brother-in-law, Guyton Brudoll,
'who bad been killed in the mlncB. As
soon as Mumma caught sight of the
features of bis dead relative, be ut
tered a maniac's scream and it requir
ed several men to hold him. Ho was
taken to an asylum.
Mnht tnfn would ;Iudly tnlfo Ills place
And shoulder all IiIh obligations,
Tliouuli tlieii- nro IIiu-h upon bis fare
And lit Iiuh few and brief vacations;
Most inon would Kludly, If thoy inlqht,
lip wlii re ho Is nnd have bis money;
Bui nothing nil:) him with delight,
To him there's nothing that is funny.
Hip look Is Fotenitt, In hla eyes
Theie never lurks a merry twinkle;
Anions his lines of care thero lies
Not even one tulrth-Rlven wrinkle;
With sober looks hu Koeii his way,
By ono Kilin purpose animated
From him, hard-featured, bent and gray,
Xo Jest bus over eniunutcd.
Yrt thero nro men who wutclt ldtn pass,
Permitting envy to possess them
Men who are hated by no olnss,
And who have few Ills to distress them
Men who sometimes foruet a whllo
That only money Is worth getting,
Vlio wntch the nimble clown, and t-mllo.
Too glad to waste tho moment fretting.
lll.s wenhh Is gicat, his station high,
Uut. by one purpose driven dally,
He has no tlmo to over try
To let lll.s solemn tones ring gayly;
Yet theie nro men who envy him
Who, even while ho plica up money,
Keinnlns luttd-fruturod and as gilm
As death and Just about ns funny.
Consulting His Taste.
"Mary," said Mrs. Willlklns, "dirt
the lamb chops and the beefsteak I;
ordered for breakfast come all right?'
"Yes, ma'am," the girl replied.
"And did the boy fill that order for
Bausago that I gave yesterday?"
"Yes, ma'am."
"Wo huve ham and eggB in the
house, too, haven't we?"
"Yes, ma'am."
"And bacon?"
"Yes, ma'am."
"Let mo see. Yob, Mr. Willlklns
will sigh for a good old-fashioned
mess of mackerel tomorrow morning.
That's the only thing I couldn't think
Clear Case.
"So." tho lawyer said, "you wish tc
break your father's will? What's the
matter with it?"
"Well, ho left nearly half of his for
tuno to colleges and charltablo insti
tutions." "H'm. Did be ever show any evi
dence of being weak-minded?"
"He was accepted as a juror in o
murder trial onco."
"Oh, thls'Il bo dend easy!"
Willing to Try.
"Tho man who marries my daugh
ter," said the old gentleman, "must
demonstrate beforo he receives my
consent that ho can earn his own liv
ing." "All right," tho boy replied, "Just
mako me vice-president of your com
pany for a ilttlo while, and I'll shovr
His Elegant Language.
"Now careful that M,r. Pllmley Is
about his language. Ho seems to be
bo nnxlouB always for fear he may not
use the right word or givo bis a's
and r's tho proper Bound."
"Yes, ho Ib very fastidious in that
way. Ho even pronounces it 'catapil
low. "
His Experience.
"Have you ever played football?"
sho asked.
"No," ho replied, "but when I was n
cowboy 1 waB onco run over by a herd
of stampeded steers."
Odds Against Him.
Tho bravest man may bo tho ono
Who Ic always tolling what
Blood-curdling wonders ho has done,
But tho chances aro he's not.
The Way Up.
Lifo's path has many a hidden pit
And many steps and bowlders,
And they fall hardest thero who sit
On other people's shoulders.
Pa's Idea of It.
"Pa, what's 'a barren ideality?' "
"A drink of water tho next morning
after a fellow has been at a stag dinner."
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