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Prof. Redman Does Not Favor Pastur
ing Animals During First Summer
on Account of Fliea.
The Mnlno Farmer thUB reports tho
addrosa of Prof. n. W. Itedman given
on the Farming Special trip, on the
subject of tho dairy calf: His sug
gestions were the results of the best
practical experience along that line.
After somu preliminary remarks along
the line of selection of the cow and
the use of n pure-bred bull, In which
ho emphasized tho quite generally ac
cepted assertion that tho sire Is half
the breed, ho spoko particularly of
the treatment of tho cow before calv
ing. She should rest a few weeks an-J
should be fed well but not high, and
should have somo succulent feed. She
should have good care and attention
and will respond with better offspring.
He suggested tho following treat
ment of the calf: Leave It with tho
dam a few days and then take It
away and teach It to drink. A clean
pall should be used and tho milk
should always be the same tempera
ture. After a few days of whole milk,
tho ubo of sklmmllk may bo com-
L3I lb
Comfortable Calf JStanchlon.
menced, with some substitutes for
tho fat which is taken out in the
cream. The feeding of grain and
clover hay may be commenced and
gradually increased as tho calf is
able to assimilate It
Professor Redman said that tho calf
should be kept growing and not al
lowed to get a setback at any time,
for It might never fully recover from
It and would not bo likely to make
the high quality cow that It other
wise would.
Professor Redman did not favor pas
turing tho calves during the first sum
mer, but rather keeping them Inside
and away from the'annoylng flies dur
ing the warm days, for often they lose
more in fighting flies than they gain
by the open air and pasturing. They
might bo turned out into a pen at
Especially Susceptible to Ravages of
Flies and 8hould Be Kept In
Barn Good Repellent.
The young calves are especially
susceptible to the ravages of files and
It will seldom prove profitable to al
low them out of the barn except for
exercise during the night when the
files will not prove troublesome.
There are numerous remedies that
may be used as fly repellents but the
following formula recommended by
Doctor Moore has given excellent sat
isfaction wherever used and where
many of tho expensive preparations
have failed to perform what their
manufacturers claimed for them.
Fish oil 100 parts
Oil of tar 50 partB
Crude carbolic acid 1 part
The cost of the mixture Is about
30 cents a gallon and it may bo ap
plied with a hand sprayer every two
days. Some prefer applying the mix
ture once a day, using lighter1' appli
cations. Loads of clover and other forage
hauled to the stable every two or
three days will keep tho calves and
cows in excellent condition and the
manuro thus made will nearly pay for
the increased labor required in cut
ting and hauling.
When we consider the relationship
between the comfort of the cows and
calves and the amount of milk and
growth we can hardly fall to see that
we should do all In our power to im
prove their condition In fly time.
Learning dairy Business.
The man who Imagines he knows
( all there Is to know about dairying
' without attending the short courses
for dairying at tho agricultural col
leges or without reading a reliable
form paper Is making a great mistake
because no one man can bold all
thoro Is to know about the dairy busi
ness. Temperature of Dairy.
Bacteria do not thrive in the cold,
but in heat only. If you keep your
milk below 40 degrees the bacteria
will have small chanco.
Tho dairy cannot be managed Just
right without the use of a thermome
terand It must be a good one, no 25
tcent affair.
One Big Difficulty May Be Overcome
by. Adding Small Quantity of
Fat-Saturated Alcohol.
In the llnbcock ten-bottle tho bot
tom of the fat column Is practically
a straight line but tho top has a con
cave surface and the question as to
whether the fat should be road at tho
top, the bottom, or somo other point
has been much, discussed.
This uncertainty mny bo entirely
overcome by dropping a smnll quan-
Reading Cream Tests.
tlty of alcohol Into the seek of the
test bottle after the cream test is
completed. Tho alcohol Moats In the
top and changes Its concave surface
to nearly a straight line. As the uso
of the alcohol dissolves tho fat, there
fore reduces the length of the col
umn and gives too low n reading, this
can be overcomo by first adding to
the alcohol all the fat It will dissolve
and then ronrlng n small quantity of
this fat-snturatcd alcohol on the top
of the fat column in tho test botlo
The diagrams In tho flguro show
the difference. In bottlo No. 1 It
shows tho top curve of tho fat which
occupies a space between A and n
of 'nearly 1 per cent of the scale. The
test should be read 19 or 20, depend
ing on the selection of A or B as tho
point to which It Is read.
In bottle No. 2 tho alcohol makes
a straight line at tho top of the fat
column, so that the test can bo read
at that point without any uncertainty.
Cross Piece Should Be as Long as the
Door Is Wide and Tolt Tight
to Keep In Position.
A piece lxG inches Just as long as
the door is wide, is bolted to the door
exactly In tho center. Two pieces
aro bolted to the sides of the door,
one hook up and ono hook down.
When the door Is closed and you wish
A Handy Door Fastener.
to fasten It, pull down on the left and
raise up on the right and the cross
piece will fit In place. The bolt should
fit tight so as to keep, tho cross pioce
in position.
Never allow tho bull to run loos
about the yard or fields.
Tho cream should be delivered not
less than three times a week.
Watch the milch cows carefully, and
see that they keep up their milk flow.
The value of milk for cheese mak
ing should bo based upon tho contents
of both fat and casein.
Despite every effort, there is always
more or less complaint of shrinkage
of milk In tho dry, hot months,
Tho example of a successful dairy
man neighbor doesn't seem to have
any Impression on some farmers.
The woman who makes good buttei
and clean butter and puts it up attrac
tively does not havo to cut prices.
Tho man who getB his principal In
come from tho dairy should breed bli
cowb to registered dairy-bred sires,
Scours in young calves can b
checked by feeding a teaapoonful ol
dried blood for each calf In two quarts
of warm milk.
The averago production of butter fat
per year per cow Is Bald to be be
tween 140 and 1C0 pounds. This Is far
too little to be profitable
The separator and all utensils
should be kept clean and sweet by
washing after each milking and
then set In the sun to dry.
Nobody has yet discovered how
to get all of the dirt out of milk. The
only way to have absolutely clean
milk Is to prevent the dirt from get-.
ting Into tt
r" -
- 7t
ji Si
A. S "
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Tounrj Woman in State of Como
for 100 Days.
physicians Attribute Miss Haiel
Schmidt's Experience to Work
Which Overtaxed Her Nerv-
ous System.
Vnndalla, 111. Hazel Schmidt, after a
.sleep of 100 days, recently awakened,
and is picking up tho looso threads of
llfo, reading the newspapers and mar
ivollng at tho inflnlto number of things
ithat can occur In so short a tlnfo.
This ,'cmarkablo sleep of a youni
land handsome woman Is said by th
jdoctors to bo unprecedented In authen
tic cases of a similar nature. To bi
sure Kip Van Wlnklo was made tc
sleep 20 years by Washington Irving
but that story Is fiction, while Hazo)
'Schmidt's sleep la attested by hun
jdreds who saw, and no ono In tnli
city will doubt its truth.
I It was on April 25 that she entered
on tho long sleep. The permanent
'awakening did not occur until Thurs
day, August 3, making It exactly 10C
'days that she was practically with
drawn from the world.
During that 100 days tho longest
'time that eho could be kept awak
!was a period of two hours, and th
longest period that she was asleep con
tinually was 61 hours.
, despite tho fact that during these
100 days, and for four weeks before
'they began, and for two or three days
tfter they were ended, she did not
leave her bed, she looks nnd feels Just
Kb well today bb when sho entered on
this record-breaking Bleep.
1 Her Intellect appears Just ns keen
ns ever; she la Interested In the
jworld'a doings, Ib cagor for informa
tion, but Is so scnsitlvo about the ro
tnarkable experience that sho has un
dergone that sho will see no strangers,
and she is loathe to discuss her case
With even her closest personal friends
bnd Is even reticent when talking with
her father and mother regarding It
Hazel Schmidt 1 21 years old nnd
fa remarkably pretty. She Is a. trifle
Girl a Rip Van Winkle.
above the medium height, Is slender,
weighing about 125 pounds, and Is oj
a graceful carriage and figure.
, Five years ago she accepted a posi
tion In the telephone exchange In Van
dalla, and for five years she was em
ployed there. Sho became the chief
operator, and had charge of the long
distance wires. At first the work did
not appear onerous, but during the
last months those who knew "her best
could not fall to detect she was de
cidedly more nervous than she was
When she undertook the work.
Her father observed this, and he
prevailed on her to abandon tho work.
She was ambitious, and after at first
demurring she did glvo up the place,
but accepted a clerkship in the office
of the county clerk, and was employ
ed on the arduous task of making out
the tax books.
Her nervousness Increased to so
alarming an extent that a doctor was
called, and he diagnosed her condition
as a weakening of the nervous Bystem,
and that a complete rest and. no men
tal exertion 'was necessary to restore
her to her normal condition. She gavo
up work altogether and remained at
her homo and went Into society but lit
tle. During the latter part of March
her condition became such that her
family was alarmed. "There is no
cause for apprehension," the doctor
said. "It Is purely hysteria, and with
careful treatment she will eventually
recover, but It may be a long time."
j During the first week of her strange
'sleep the girl waB never awake to ex
ceed a few minutes at a time. She
appeared to suffer none. Her awaken
ings were calm and peaceful. - Thoy
were preceded by no nervous manifest
ations of any alarming character. She
lwould open her eyes and calmly ask
.some question, and apparently did not
realize that sho had been asleep to an
unusual extent The -fact that she bad
slept so long was kept from her for
fear that It would frighten her.
"Dad, bring me a glass of water,"
was the request and first Intimation
that George A. Schmidt received that
Morpheus bad relinquished bis grip on
the sleeping daughter.
Attending physicians say that she
has gained weight during her long
sleeping spell, and that sho will fully
Munyon's Stomach Treatment
Performing Miracles.
"A few days ago 1 rccr-lveri a letter
from a young man, who suites ho In S3
yenrs of m:c, nnd hn.i occupied several
Important positions, but owing- to Indi
gestion and Inability to Bleep ho has been
unnblo to concentrate Ills mind upon Ills
work and has consequently been dis
charged on tho ground of m-Klect of duty.
IIo goes on to nay thnt ho In a young
man of steady habits, but for yours ha
has Buffered from dyspepsia, which has
so nffected his nerves thnt hu Is unable
to sleep, and thnt It Is not neglect upon
his part, nor lack of Interest In tho busi
ness, but dimply physical weakness. lie
asks tny ndvlce In this ninttor.
"For the benefit of a largo number of
those similarly situated 1 propoio to
nnswer this letter publicly. Imping that
It mny be tho means of helping many
who mny be affected In this way.
"In tho nrst placo, the, stomach must
be made well before tho nerves can be
mnilo strong. The nerves must be made
strong before one enn sleep well. No
ono Is cnpnblo of doing his best who Is In
any way troubled with Insomnia or nny
form of nervousness. Thn greatest gen
erals have been men of Iron nervo nnd
Indomltnblo will. Thoy havo had perfect
digestion, being nblo to cat well, and di
ces t nil they ntc.
"It Is said that Napoleon lost the bnt
tle of Waterloo because of n lit of Indi
gestion. Grant's enormous reservo power
wns duo to a well stomach. Abraham
Lincoln snld that "ho did not know thnt
bo bad it stomach.' Orover Cluveland, It
Is snlil, could work IS hours a dnv. eat
a hearty meal at 2 or 3 o'clock fn tho
morning, go to bed und sleep Roundly un
til 0 o'clock nnd get up refreshed, ready
for n new day's work.
"Pros. Taft In another tynn of healthy
manhood. Who thinks for ono moment
thnt ho would bo tho President of the
united States today lind ho been n dy
speptic or nffected with some nervous
nilnient? I elnlm that two-thirds of nil
tho failures In proreHnlnnul nnd business
llfo aro duo to weak and deranged stom
achs. "No business Iioubo would enro to em
ploy a dyspeptlo representative to sell
goods for them on thn rnnd. One-half
tho men who stand behind counters to
day, earning from 112 to SIS n week, will
never get beyond these figures, for the
renson that they nro physically weak.
They lack tho nerve power and com
manding strength that como from a good,
sound stomnch.
"No ono cares to henr a dvspeptlo
prencher. No matter how pious lie may
be. he Is bound to reflect his bilious and
laundlccd condition. IIo will unconscious
Iv Inoculate his hearers with his melan
choly feelings.
"No ono would think of entrusting nn
Important legal caso In tho hands of a
dyspeptic lawyer, nny moro thnn he
would caro to entrust his own life, or
that of a dear one. In the hands of a phy
sician who Is nervous, Irritable or n, dy
speptic. Men must hnvo good digestion,
strong nerves and vital manhood In or
der to render n clean, clear-cut decision
cither In medicine, Inw or business.
"I believe that more thnn hnlf of the
divorces enn be traced to 111 health. I
want every dyspeptic to try my stomach
treatment, for It corrects nearly nil forms
of Indigestion and nervousness. It makes
old stomachs almost as good as new. Its
marvelous power for digesting food nnd
getting thn best out of It makes for good
rich, red blood. This, In turn, strength
ens the nerves, builds up tho general sys
tem, and will surely prolong life and
make It a pleasure to live and do the
things allotted to us."
Professor Munyon makes no charge for
consultation or medical ndvlce: not a pen
ny to pay. Address Prof. J. M. Munyon,
Munyon's laboratories. Fifty-third and
Jefferson streets, Philadelphia, Fa.
Red Cross Christmas 8eals.
A statoment denying the recent re
ports about the abandonment of the
Red Cross Christmas seal Bale has
been Issued by the National Associa
tion for tho Study and Prevention of
Tuberculosis. The statement declares
that not only will tho sale be held
this year, as In the past three years,
but that It will be conducted on broad
er lines than ever before. The only
order Issued by the postofflce depart
ment which boars on the sale of Red
Cross seals wassent out on July 1,
and prohibits the use of the malls to
letters and packages bearing non
postage stamps on the face, and also
to any mall bearing seals which re
semble postage stamps, If used either
on the face or back. The Red Croes
teal to be used this year has been
submitted to the postofflce depart
mehnt and approved, and turfs may be
used, but only on the back of letters
and packages. The design to bo used
this year depicts a pretty winter scene
enclosed In a heavy red clrclo. The
corners are white, thus giving the ef
fect when' affixed to a letter or a
package of a round seal.
About the 8lze of It.
"Why Is It?" queried the youth, "that
so many people fail to mind their own
N "There may be ono or two reasons,
or both," answered the home-grown
philosopher. "They may have no mind
or no business." Philadelphia Press.
Brad te itotup for Are simple, of wj very choic
est Gold Hmboaud Birthday, Flower and Motto
PotC'ardi beautiful colon and lovelleit designs.
Art Cost Card Club, HI Jackson BU, Toueka, Kama
There Is a certain amount of lye In
soap, but thnt Is no reason why It
should be Injected Into the advertise
ments. Inflammatory Rheumatism may males
you cripple for life. Don't wait for
inflammation to set in. When the first
slightpaln appear, drive the poison out
With Hamlins Wizard Oil.
There are cures for the dope and
rum addictions, but the self-kldder
never gets It out of his Bystem!
lira. Wmslonr Soothing- Byrup for Children
teething, softens the gums, reduce Inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic, Uo a bottle.
Some men think they aro ambitious
If they try to avoid hard work.
Ml 0 IffirlN
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,:!!!!'.!nss!?n wk
Grnco (as clock strikes 12) Gra
cious I Twelvo o'clock. How tho hours
hnvo flown.
Tom Yes j nnd your father has
helped 'cm some, too. 1'vo heard hlra
tinkering with tho clock In tho library
for tho last ten minutes.
Lesson In Good Manners.
When tho "Hoy Scouts" movement
wns at its height, three of tho young
sters journeyed from llaltltnoro to
Washington to ho Introduced to the
president. When Mr. Tart shook hands
with them, ono of tho little follows
stuck out his tart hand.
"Why do you give mo your left
hand?" asked tho president.
"That's thu way uh Hoy Scouts shake
hnndH," snld the boy, with pride.
"Well," commented Mr. Tntt dryly,
"thu Roonor us Hay Scouts learn better
tlio nicer im Hoy Scouts will bo." Tho
Twlccn-Month Popular Magazine.
What a Husband Replied.
Amom; tho bnrKiiltiH to ho found
thesn days nro womeu'a lints, and a
fnshlotuiblo young Philadelphia wife,
who has all tho lints sho can wear
without exciting suspicion, could not
resist tho temptation to add "just one
moro" to tho collection. When sho
reached home, Rho produced It for
hubby's admiration.
"Howard, U'h n poem!" she said.
"Yes, but It doesn't rhymu well
with my pockctbook nt this time," ho
Too Late.
"Hubby, I found n lock of hair
among your old papers. I never gave
It to you."
"You ncdn't worry. I don't remem
ber who did."
Some nelghDurs don't llko It unless
you talk about them.
AVegetabte Preparation Tor As
similating Ibe Food and Regula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Diggttion,Cheerful
nessandRest.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narc otic
finf tfoMOrsJuwumurat
nnpm Su4'
Jm JfJ
MinmSttd .
HitttwirtM fntvtii
A nrrfeet Remedv forConslioa
lion . Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Fcverish
ness and Loss OF Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
Tire Centaur Company;,
Guaranteed under the Fooda(J
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
ffX pnNiniiijiii!jjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM g
TA i srsrsTWarwil
J BflBaaKssKiBBB
xfeuarantccd under the Foodasj)
. ...... i. - i i .-..-.m ...-.... ...... i iii hi,, .ii iasi
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fittiaf ,aay vralldajr boots, bacauaa thay ghr
loos; wear, tana as W.LDouglaa Man's ahoaa.
The wotknunthip which has madeW. L.
Douglas shoes famous the world over is
maintained in every pair. .
If I could take you into my large factories
at Brockton, Mas, and snow you how
carefully W.LDougJas shoes are made, you
would then understand why they are war
ranted to hold their shape, fit better and
wear longer than any other make for the price
RIIITinil Tne sennlne have W. Mm Dnuglaa
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If mil nnnnt nhtaln W I IVltifflll ihoes
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Its Btneficial Effect
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Sold by all leading '
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Ym Pay tie
for Clgara
Not Oeed.
rr. LEWIS Peoria. Ill
Don't Persecute
Your Bowels
. Cut out cathartics and purgatives. They
brutal, harsh, unncccstury. TnRa.
Purely vegetable.
gently on. tho liver,
eliminate nne, line
soothe Ihq delicate
bowel. C u ri
Sick Htii.
Kb ass InJIf tillon. as mlllUat knew.
Genuine must bear Signature
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Pi'.'"!" ysagt
,. w&
IJiJBv I ':':':Ur' l .allB
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J .
JjVvVWW. '
mj- u