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Westminster Abbey, Filled with Brilliant Throng, Is Scene
of the Great Pageant Royal Progress from Bucking
ham Palace Delights the Populace.
London. Tlmt magnlflcont spt'ctnclo
which llio cntlro British omplro has
been looking forward to for months,
tho coionntlon of King Georgo V. nnd
Queen Mary, was ulnged In Weslmln
Bier Abbey on Thursday. Sovcn thou
nnd persons witnessed tlio ntutoly
ceremony nnd nH tho Archbishop of
Canterbury placed tho crown of St.
Kdwnrri on tho head of tlio ruler they
all roHo to tliolr foot with loud crlcM
of "I.oiib llvo King George." At tho
Mimo Inutnnt. tho grcnt guns of tho
Tower of London boomed out, and tho
populace without tho nhbey repented
tho gicctlng to tholr monarch until It
bocumo u tremendous ronr that spread
II over tho mighty city.
Great Throngs In the Street!.
From the earliest houra of tho morn
ing tho population of London and tho
Kino George V.
hundreds of thousands of visitors hud
boen moving toward tho royal routo
from Buckingham Pnlnco to Westmin
ster Abbey, As soon ns tho seats In
the numerous stands wcro filled, gates
woro closed that kept out tho rabble,
and then tho throngH tried to crowd In
to tho streuts adjoining tho routo.
From polo to polo throughout tho on
tiro distance guy colored bunting was
strung, and tho wholo city was nl ream
ing with lings.
Along tho Mail and all tho way from
tho palaco to tho abbuy troops wcro
standing, company upon company,
British troops of overy shadn of color,
living symbols of tho countries nnd
peoples over which tho new king and
emperor reigns. On every uldo bunds
wero plnylng patriotic music, nud tho
din of cheering was continuous and
Procession From the Palace.
I As tho hour for tho coronation ap
proached tho waiting thousands first
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8tande Around Westminster Abbey
li :
Germany The Crown Prince and
Princess and Prince and Princess
France Vice Admiral de Fauque
(Ambassador Extraordinary), Gen
eral Count Dor de Jastoure, Cap
tain Langltr and M. Maurice Her
botte. United States John Hayn Ham
mond (Ambassador Extraordi
nary), Major-Gen. A. W. Greely
and Rear Admiral Vrteland.
saw tho arrival of tho gonllemon ap
pointed to net as ushers during tho
ceremony. Thcso wcro led by tho
carl manihal, tho duko of Norfolk.
Th'on tho nobility entitled to scats In
tho Abbey began to como. Most of tho
peers nnd peeresses rodo In ntnto
coaches that hnve been tfacd by tholr
fnmlllcH for many years. Thcso car
riages, repainted nnd rcglldod. wero
drawn by four horses nploco. Each
wnn accompanied by outriders nnd
footmen in gorgeous liveries stood on
tho rail behind. Each peer as ho
pRsscd was greeted wltluchoers nnd
oftcu with futnlllar greetings that set
tho crowds off In roars of laughter, for
oven tho solemnity of the occasion
could not rcstrnln tho irreverent hu
humor of tho cockneys.
Not all tho nobility rode In conches,
however, for tho Icing had permitted
ono violation of precedent nnd given
permission for tho uuo of automobiles
by thoso who havo discarded horses.
This was dono reluctantly, and there
wero not many motors cars in the long
procession of vehicles.
Tho lord mayor nnd his sulto, In
their gorgeous robes and regalia, wcro
tho next to pass toward tho Abbey.
King and Queen Appear.
Now tho bolls of many churches
pealed out, and tlio peoplo knew tho
king and queen wero coming. From
tho moment their majesties emorged
from Buckingham palaco there wnB a
continuous ronr of cheers that accom
panied them all tho way to the Abbey.
Their npproach wao heralded by the
king's bargemnstor and twelvo water
men, wearing quaint medieval tunics,
kneo breeches and stockings, all scar
let, with tho crown and bndgea em
blazoned in gold on their brensts, and
wearing low buckled shoes nnd black
velvet captt. Immediately behind them
camo tho closed carriages of tho royal
party, every ono drawn by Bplcndtd
horscu gorgeously caparisoned.
Through tho windows of tho great
lumbering stato coach tho people could
get a gllmpso of tho king and queen.
Following their majesties rode the
household troops and especially picked
military bodies. Field Marshal Vis
count Kitchener was at tho head of
tho hcad(uarter8 staff, as ho waa at
tho coronation of King Edwnrd. In
this part of tho procession, too, rodo
many Indian princes and mabnrajahs
nnd potentates of England's widely
scattorcd dominions. Their Bplondld
robes glittered with Jewels and they
added much to tho magnificence of the
pnrado. Hut tho man who, next to
the king, received the loudest and
warmest applauso was Lord Roberts,
for tho peoplo lovo "UobB" and tholr
affectionate greetings almost mado the
grizzled hero of a hundred campaigns
Arrival at the Abbey.
Waiting outeldo the west door of
Westminster Abbey wero tbo archbish
ops of Canterbury and York nnd a
largo number of bishops, nnd when
tho king and queen approached they
first entorcd the church, followed Im
mediately by tho Prlnco of Walea and
his sulto. Aa tho monarchs passod In
to tho abbey tho choir Bang an anthem.
Tholr majesties moved through tho
Spain The Infante Fernando of
Auitrla-Hunoary Archduke Karl
Italy The Duke of Aosta.
Holland Prince Henry of the
Denmark The Crown Prince.
8weden The Crown Prince and
Roumanla The Crown Prince
Ferdinand and the Princes.
choir to the theater and aftor kneeling
in prayer, soaled themselves la the
chairs of state.
Tho first action of the coronation
sorrlco, tho presentation of the kins
to tho people for recognition, ! a sur
vival of ancient Teutonic usAgo. Ac
companied by tho great officers of
state, the archbishop of Canterbury,
went to each Bldo of the theator In'
turn, saying: "Sirs, I hero present
unto you King George, the undoubted
king of this realm; wherefore, all you
who nro como this day to do your
homngo, nro you willing to do the
samo?" Tho king meanwhile stood
up by his chair and turned to each,'
sldo, nnd tho peoplo acclnltncd him
with cries of "God brvo King acorgo."
Then followed tho litany, tho com
munion sorvlce and a short sermon
preached by tho archbishop of York,
aftor which tho oath was administer"'
ed to the king by tho archbishop of
The Anointing and -Coronation.
King Georgo now was divested of,
his crimson robes by tho lord great'
chamberlain and seated himself In'
tho chair of King Edwnrd I., which
contains tho ancient "stone of dos
tiny." The dean of Westminster
brought from tho altar the golden'
ampulla and spoon, nnd the arch-'
bishop anointed him on the head, the!
breasts and the palms of both hands(
und blessod him, Tho king was next
invosted with tho coloblum slndonla
of flno linen and the uupertunlca of
cloth of gold, his hccla were touched
with tho golden spurs and tho sword
of stato was grrdod upon him, after
which tho arinlll and robo royal of
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Queen Mary.
cloth of gold wcro put upon him. In
turn, then, his majesty wna given the
orb, tho king's ring, tho glove and the
two scepters.
All was ready now for the supreme
act Tho archbishop placed St. Ed
ward's crown upon tho altar and de
livered a short prayer, and then, sup
ported by tho other clergy, placed the
crown upon tbo king's head. At that
instant tho trumpets sounded, the
congregation shouted "Long live King
Georgo" and the peers and kings of
arms put on their coronets.
The lntbronlzatlon was a handsome
part of the ceremonies. The king
was lifted up into his throno by the
archbishops, tho bishops and certain
peers, and all tho groat officers and
thoso who boro the swords, the scep
ters and other regalia grouped them
selves about tho steps of tho throne.
Next tho princes and peors did their
homago, led by ho archbishop of
Canterbury and the prince of Wales.
Each of these and the premier duke,
nianiuis, carl, viscount and barou
kissed the king upon the cheek.
Tho anointing and crowning of
Queen Mary was a short and simple
ceromony. Following the example ot
Queen Alexandra, sho waa nnplnted
on the head only. Sho was Invested
with tho ring, was crowned by tho
archbishop of York and received tho
scoptoi' and tho Ivory rod with tho
Few American In tho Abbsy.
Of all tho Americans who have
been attracted to London by tho fes
tivities of tho coronation season, only
a very few wero admitted to tho
Abboy. Thcso Included President
Tnft'uspocial ambassador, John Hays
Hammond, nnd Mrs. Hammond; MaJ.
Gou. Greely nnd Hear Admiral Vroe
land, representing tho army and
navy, and tho hitter's secretary; Am
bassador Whltelaw Iteld and Mrs.
Held and tho attachos and secretaries
ot tho embassy, IMorpont Morgan and
less than a scoro ot American women
who married English peers.
Ono fact connected with tho coro
nation was the subject of some amused
comment. This was that King Georgo,
who Is qulto tho reverse, ot a giant,
had selected four ot tho shortest
knights of tho garter to hold tho gol
den cauopy over him during the
Saxony Prince and Princess
Johann Georg.
Norway M. Ingrane,
of Foreign Affairs.
Turkey Prince Yueuf Izzed Din.
Japan Prince Fushlml, Qen.
Nogl and Admiral Togo,
China Teal-Chen, eldest son sf
Prince Chun, the Regent.
Servla The Crown Prince.
Chile The Chilean Minister In
To apprehend contempt Is to have
deserved It already. Pierre Lotl.
Talco Garfield Tea to regulate tbs liver
and overenmn constipation.
God pays, btu not every Saturday.
Alphonse Karr,
LewU' Single Hinder gives the imolcer a
rich, incllow-tatling fie cigar.
You complain 'of Ingratitude; were
you not repaid by your pleasuro In do
ing good? Levis.
lti AntlMpUc pnwdpr to bn ihaktn Into th tboct
for tired, aching feet. !- take the Ulng tint of cum
and bnolona and make walking a dellgbt. Bold
Tnrjwhera, Tie. rt'fuit k-litltutn. For FHBI
Ulal packaga, addrcu A, S, Olmettd, ! Hoy, N.T.
Bores Do you bellcvo oysters have
Bored Certainly I do, since they
know when to shut up.
esutlful Post Cards Free.
Bend Jo stamp for five samples of our
very beat Gold Embossed Ulrthday, Flow
er and Motto Post Cards; beautiful colors
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A Use for the Recall.
Knlckcr What do you know about
tho recall?
Docker I bellevo In It for umpires.
The Kaiser Likes the Bible.
Tho kaiser Is a great reader, and
whilo he tries to keep himself abreast
of current events, his favorite book is
tbo Dlble, says tho London Chronicle.
A woll thumbed and marked copy is
always by his bedside. When Mr.
Roosevelt visited Berlin last year, the
kaiser mado him a present of a num
ber of books. About half of thorn re
ferred to theology and tho others to
military subjects. These two classes
indicate the kalser'B own preferences.
He Ct the Pass.
"I want a paBs."
"Pass? You're not entltlod to a
pass. You are not an employe.
"No; but hero the antipnss law says
free transportation can bo granted to
'necessary caretakers of llvo stock,
poultry and fruit.' Well, I'm going on
this trip with an aunt that's n hen
thero's your poultry; a girl that's a
peach there's your fruit; nnd a
ncphow thnt'H a mule there's your
llvo stock. Gimmo a pass." Tho Way
Jlggs That marriage broker was to
get 10 per cent, ot the girl's estate for
arranging a match with a French mar
quis, but' he did better than that he
took it all.
Wlggs How?
JlggB Married the girl himself.
(A short hnman-intlrtit story ivritttn by C. IV. Post fir the Pa stum Ctrtal Co., Ltd.)
Some Day Ask
Your Physician
To telt you the curious story of how the mind
affects the digestion of food.
I refer to the condition the mind Is In, Just
before, at the time, or usfv follow Inn the taking
ot food.
If he has been properly educated (the major
ity have) he wilt help you understand the curious
machinery of digestion.
To start you thinking on this Interesting
subject, I will try to lay out the plan In a general
way and you can then follow Into more minute
Pawlow (pronounce Pavloff) a famous Russian Phy
sician and Chemist, experimenting on somo dogs, cut
Into tho tubo leading from tho throat to the stomach.
Thoy were first put under chloroform or somo other
anaesthetic nnd tho operation was painless. They wero
kept tor months In very good condition.
When quite hungry somo unappetizing food was
placed boforo them and, although hunger forced them
to cat, it was shown by analysis of the contents of tho
stomach that little If any of the dlgestlvo Juices wero
Then, In contrast, somo raw meat was put where they
couldn't reach It at once, nnd a little time allowed for
the minds of the dogs to "anticipate" nnd create an ap
petite. When tho food was finally given them, they de
voured It ravenously and with every cvldenco ot sat
isfaction. The food was passed out Into a dish through
the opening beforo It reached tno siomacn. it was
found to be mixed with "Ptynlln" the alkaline Juice of
the mouth, which Is important for tho first stop In di
gestion. Then n analysis was made ot the contents of
"There's a Reason" for saying "The Memory
started with POST TOASfttiES.
II at
For Your
ti.... .n inrlivMnal amonr
fairly napi with delicious
'hat more to it than mere wetness or weetnett h'svlg
1 orous, full of life. You'll enjoy it from the tint tip
to the last drop and afterwards.
Subordinate Officer the Recipient of
Hints Intended for Hla
A sea captain's wife tells this story
of a maiden woman, sister of ono of
the owners of the ship on which she
once mado a long voyage. Sho had
very decided opinions on most mat
ters, and she and tho captain had
many spirited arguments at tho din
ner tablo.
Tho captain's wife, n meek, submis
sive little soul, fearing that in tho
heat ot argument her husband might
say something to offend their august
passenger, was In the 'habit ot kick
ing him on the chins to hint at mod
oration. Nevertheless, all these re
minders paused unheeded.
One day she administered a more
vigorous kick than usual, and noticed
an expression ot pain flit across the
faco of the mato, who sat opposlto
"Oh, Mr. Brown, was that your
shin?" she asked.
"Yes, Mrs. Blulklc," said the mate,
meekly, "hit's been my shin hall tho
voyage, ma'am." Youth's Companion.
Willing to Suport Proxy.
Albert Tlcdemann, n freshman ot
tho University of Pennsylvania, was
called upon to voto for ofilcers In a
recent guthcrlng. Not being well ac
quainted with the nominees, he
thoughtfully hoaltated before filling
out his ballot.
One of tho company left tho room
with tho explanation that ho would
"vote by proxy." '
"So will I," said Albert, and with his
pencil poised abovo his paper, leaned
over to a companion on his right and
"Say, what's Proxy's first nnrae?"
Bo not angry that you cannot make
others as you wish them to be, since
you cannot muke yourself what you
wish to be.-r-Thomas n Kempls.
Lovo Is tho emblem of eternity; it
confounds all notion of time; it ef
faces all memory of n beginning; nil
fear of an end. Madnmo do Stael.
Speak kindly to all. It lies in God's
hands whether or no that spolten word
shall be the last you utter to the one
you are addressing.
Do not expect a friend to ask of
you; anticipate his need. Socrates.
drFnka a beverase that
goodnea and refreshing
CO., Altaata.Ca.
foa ate aa
A:w thick
I Coca-Coia
For Storing Grain
Tanks 0f ill Kinds
Write for Catalogue
Co'imblan Steel Tank Co.
1117 w. tllit SI.,liimiCiir,M3.
nrriSMPr TMf'U eaiteit to work witn anl
itarctiai duties nlisiL
Historic Event Celebrated.
Australia recontly commemorated
tho ono hundred and forty-first anni
versary of Captain Cook's first land
ing. It was In 1770 that II. M. S. En
deavor, a barque of 370 tons, entered
tho inlet first called Sting Rays Har
bor, but afterwards Botany Bay, from
the beauty and variety of the planta
growing about Its shore. Tho vessel
remained eight days, and before she
left the British flag was hoisted. As
Is the custom on each recurring anni
versary, the flag was again unfurled
upon the spot wLere It was first dis
played, and was saluted by the guns
of the warships In the harbor.
The Old Gag.
Miss Lillian B. Rowc, at an adver
tisement writers' dinner in Denver,
Bald of the harem skirt:
"It will soon be so widely worn that
the old gag, perpetrated In the'403 on
men, may profitably bo revived for
women victims.
"Soino sharper, you know, will ro
vivo tho gag by advertising in tho
Ladles' Own
"'Send ?1 and learn how to keep
your harem skirt from becoming
fringed at tho bottom.'
"Thousands of dollnrs will pour in,
and to each victim tho sharper will
" 'Wear knickers.' "
Intricate Letter.
When Bllkins was away from home
on a long business trip, he got a letter
from his wlfo that still puzzles him,
It ended thus:
"Baby is well and lots brighter than
sho used to be. Hoping you are the
same, I rerauin, your loving wlfo."
A self-made man? Yes, and wor
ships his creator. Henry Clapp.
Mrs. Knlcker Will your furniture
go in the new flat?
Mrs. Bocker It will after It's
Good maxims are germs of all good;
firmly Impressed on the memory, they
nourish the will. Joubert.
tho stomach. Into which no food had entered. It was
shown that tho dtgt'Ntlve fluids of stomach wero flowing
freely, oxartly na If tho dcalrnblo food had entered.
This pioved that it was not the presenco of food
which entitled tho dlgosllvo Juices to flow, but tho flow
iH caused entirely nnd alono ns a result of tho action
of tho mind, from "anticipation."
Ono dog contlnuod to cnt tho food ho liked for over
an hour believing ho wns getting it Into his stomach,
whereas, not nn ounco wont thero; eveiy particle went
out through tho opening nnd yet all this time tho dl
goHtlve juices flowod to tho stomach, prepared to
quickly digest food, In reuponso to tbo curious orders ot
tho mind.
Do you pick up the lesson?
Unappetizing food, that which falls to create mental
anticipation, does not cause the necessary digestive
juices to flow, whereas, fowl that -Is pleasing to the
sight, und honce to tho mind, will cause the complicated
machinery ot the body to prepare in a wonderful way
fur tls digestion.
How natural, thon, to reason that one should sit down
to a meal In a peaceful, happy state of mind and start
oft tho breakfast, say with some ripe delicious fruit,
then follow with a bowl ot crisp, lightly browned, thin
bits ot corn like Post Toasties, add a sprinklo of sugar
and somo good yellow cream and the attractive, appetiz
ing plcturo cannot escape your eyo and will produce the
condition ot mind which causes the digestive juices
naturo has bidden In mouth and stomach, to come forth
and do their work.
These digestive juices can be driven back by a mind
oppressed with worry, hate, anger or dislike of tho dis
agreeable appearance of food placed boforo one.
Solid facts that are wfirthy tho attention of anyono
who esteems prime health and human happiness as a
valuable asset In the game ot life.
Lingers" when breakfast is
- - a-w.t