The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 02, 1911, Image 5

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    V -wkir'MMR
This Spring weather mak
es one think of cleaning
Our nice Spring stock
of wall Paper and Paints
is now in the store and
we invite your inspection
a full stock of Chi-Nam-
Elalso. This is the best
varnish made for all
Chas. L. Cotting
The Druggist.
Market Retrart
As Furnished by Hanson tt Trine
liens (fat) J Pb-
Springs "
Cox '
Qcoso '
uuttor -" ;;
Kggs (rots out) 1
Hides r " "
Will Robertson lb on tho sick list.
Dr. Damerell was in Superior Friday.
Noble Hull was in Bivorton Tuesday.
Loo Keith was in Lawrence Satur
day. Clarence Curuey is buck from Okla
homa. A. I'. Kaloy is in Kansas City thin
Alf Saladon moved to town this
.1. Iloseuerans of Bolvldeio is In
A. L. Clow was up from Uivorton
Lee Keith lefi for Hastings this
hoe Keith returned from Hustings
old newsp.ipoisooeiitsii bundle at
this otlico.
h. II. Blncklodgo was in Hastings
M. H. Radioman of hlucolu was In
town Sunday
h. Peterson of AlcCoolc was in tho)
city-Saturday. t
11. K. Fulton of, Nob., spout
Sunday in town. . v
Miss Mabel Day was. hi Cowled tho
llrst oT the week
Henry Brtilmkcr ..fJWiwlos was in
town Wednesday. ;
Gay Uradbrook whs, down from Blue
Hill over Sunday.
A. D. Wonderly and motlnr went io
Hebron Tuesday.
.lohti Lrioksou went to Kansas City
Monday morning
.sh Wednesday was observed at the
Rpim'opal chinch.
Frank W. Cowden Is moving into
his now residence.
Miss Mabel Day was in llluo Hill on
school work last week.
(!. W, Tonnant uiu),fatnl)y of Crete
ate isillng in the city.
See Dr. Stockman for eye glasses
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Miss hula Wilson spent Saturday
and Sunday in tho city.
Cood six room house for rent, in
(piiieof H. W. Clulliford.
hloyd Itradbrook was dow u from
Woodruir, Kas., Sunday.
.Julius Keopke of Blue Hill was in
town Friday on busbies.
Tlio Catholics are erecting a $'0 oOo
church edillee at Hastings.
V. B. Trimble tho land man of Hast
ings was in town Tuesday.
Mrs. Fred Sleeper of Lincoln is vis
iting relatives in this city.
Mrs Springer of Blue Hill was in
town on business Saturday.
Somo good residence lots for sale,
lunuiroof II. W. llulliford.
Dave Kaloy shipped tears of cattle
to Kansas City Wednesday.
Attorney Overman was in Blooming
ton on busiuess Wednesday.
0. F. Howard of Merna, Neb . waw
in town on business Monday.
Will Mountrord moved to Lester
this week where he will farm.
Clarence Wilson of Denver is visit
ing his sister Mrs. W. A. Keiu.
Chas. Click untrW. 13 Sampson wete
down from Grand Island today.
IM Holly and II.. I. .locluuu of Leban
an, Kas., wore In town Saturday.
Miss Catherine Frcduiieksou of Blue
Bill was visiting in town last week.
You will miss it if you don't try
Itoutt County C jiiI. .J. O. C.i imvki.i .
J C. Browne of Hiawatha, Kas., was
transacting business In town Friday
Foil Sam:: White Wyandotte Cook
erels. See me at once. C F. W.m.i i
1 1 ml.. Kiihi'i-tsiin WHS doUll f 1 0111
Blue Hill this wook visiting his par-j
...... i
K. A Wylie of Hustings was In Bed I
Cloud Monday j
John ltoso or Blue Hill was in Hod!
Cloud Tuesday.
The Xmas Club mot with Mrs Bind ,
Smith Tuesday. J
P. A. Wullbraudt moved into his,
residence in the east part of tow u this
wook vacated by Will Mountford.
Farm loans I am again leady to,
make farm loans at the lowest rate J
and best terms. I nin sole agent forj
Trovett, Mnttis Baker. Some pri-1
vate money
.1. II. Bailey, Bed Cloud. Nebr.
Miss Paulino iutid itf Blue Hill
spent a few days visiting in town last
Mis 'Helen Yeaiku visited her pni -outs
in lUoominirtoii the tlrst of the
Wouldn't a curfew ordinance do n
little good. Lot the city fathers look
into this.
Ileal Dr. Lou .1. Ucuuehamp at the
Opeia lloii-e Monday night.
March ith.
Mrs. Henry Cook left for Ouriha
Saturday lor a tsit with her daughter
Mrs. Pat nek.
The -Whole Family" is extended a
Cordial invitation to visit our stuidio.
Miss Irene Miner and Sarah Tilly
were visiting Mrs t F. Cuitd at Blue
HllrMust week.
Fred Dawson of St .loo was visiting
at the homo of Krt McAllister the fore
part of the week
Makes die most nutri
tious food and the most
dainty and delicious.
Absolutely Purm
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
No fussing or fretting over
thebiscuit-making. Royal
is the aid to many a
cook's success.
Royal Cooh Book 800 Receipts-Fret. Send Name and Address.
I . .
s a low-price picnic
going on; you're invited
VOU'RE probably not very different from
the rest of us when it comes to getting some
unusual value for your money; it's human nature, and every
body's got some of that in them.
We've made up our minds to clean up this stock of good things to wear;
to clear out all fall and winter goods and start the spring season with an entirely
new lot of stuff.
In order to do it we're quoting prices on these things that are good
enough reason for any man who likes to get good things for less than they're
really worth to come here on the run.
Hart Schaffner & Marx
clothes are among these goods; and when any man can get Hart Schaffner &
Marx clothes at less than the usual prices he's certainly not very wise if he
doesn't do it.
There are a lot of other good things, too; we'll give you an idea of what
to expect here:
20 per cent Discount Continues This Week.
This store is the home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes.
o szm.a5J3CTSS3gnr-
i....i n.mlov returned homo from ,
F.tnu Lotion Negotiated t-Loiigost A Diamond of imnsmil value is 'now (has I, Lewis was born in Illinois
......... .!......!!..,.. ,... ( .!.... ,.r i...i .i...,,i ....... .Inn. 'N iH.'.f! .! .It... i ... 1.1. t . i..
ii t u MI..W wlioio he underwent time r.asicsi iiibiumw ....-..- mi- iiiihj nuim. ituu iii u. j !.-.. -. .v... ...... ,,,(. m, ,,ln aiiunm m
WCll'Oll, .Mil.". I "' , i. ...,., ,.,, ,,,..tltsl N'll- ..I.. II.... ......... Su M....I. Vi... ,(..!.. ...i.ll IMc-lMlllt. Mil! I. ,.,, ..I. I. .'!'... .! l.r.u
II 1 I i.i.itin..iif 0lkll-, in iiiivii-h.m. - - .n-. .. ......... .r, ...... j ,.,K,I,.,. ...... -- - .....,,.,, i iiuniiiij , rvu.
moiliuiiiiitiiuiiLiii. tl-u 1)n (Uiiiikii .'C C. At Cim.K ihtliuihiiiulitfrorMr. ami .Mrs. T. .1. , M. J!M I UKud ss J month. Ho
I. llipWUll IIUS -CSJJ,'IK'(1 His pu-. , lllmnii.l Mnflii.i- Mi. (I iliuiirlihu- i-H-. ImS lived ill VVlil..i- ,,.,...(.. f I
........ .... .1..!.... ...,.11 C'l.. !..... Vl'HVt. II.. I......... ... I it
I.....H f..ll ,. Imi... 1. nil .1. llflLII(!htlUlll . "" "'''" "' ' "c "" """ '. """" ",1,r ""'IIIUIH, H
i.iiii u ... ... .- -" ...
... i..r., iii.i... n..vf Mmuiiiv niirht. I i wowwy.
tUillUV1'il" .."" ,u ..."- - - .
.... .m i .,!..-.. ...hI'UIIICO
Hon wltn mo ivou uujim . "-i
will trsivel on tho roud.
Superior otill remuins In tho htuto
lesiRUO. NV hew when wo had
t'liniiRh I'oor "Superior."
It (loos not niuttor how many of yon (
l.voine, but ko tholr. IMiotogniplis are
illwilVH IliOO. SlKVENM UK"S
March Oth. Ho is a livo wiio and wen
worth the pritM TloUotH at Cook1
1)1 ug Storo.
The Music Study club will meet with
Mrs. O W. Lindsey, Thursday oven-
... i it (111 . ....t..1 ...nlllliilull
Is your farm for sale? Ust it with in-, iuuron -. . no s ....... v- ..
1n A- (Wan. It will bo will have charge of tho ptnKram for
ltboially advoitisod. Chief olllce. tho ovoning.
Mrs. Kugono Smith and children of Chas. Stollon of liiand Island was
M..t-!n..k u?M-rt vlsltliiu'lior iatlier, Mr. suddenly tuln-ii slHt ut niadeti. Tuos
Wollo and other telatives Sunday. I day ami was biought to Kud floiul via
v . iM.,i,......l family loft to day ' auto hb ('has. Ilogato. Dr. Mmanviilo
fm their now homo tit iMbbon. Nobr.
.. w tshlhim suece-h in liis new home.
.... 1...1 ii...
leorge AlUin-oii iu'eiiiiiimiinn
M Intosh's eattlo to Kansas City Sun
day I'tom theie ho wont to Topoha
Mis Agnes liOtouineau of Aiuoia.
Was., lelt. for her home Sunday after a
two weeks visit with Miss Alfa Long
tin. Well have yon anything to say about
that '2 duyt celebration the 4th of July.
Or will wo bo. a graveyard again tins
Mrs. l-'loiouco McDowell Belmont
who has hecn visitiug relatives at
Stl'lla,Ne1.r., returned home Thursday
The Club Dance was held at I'otters
Hull hist night and a good thuo re
ported by; tlitiM) present. Uct.'s Or
chostta furnislied the tnttsitt
Uev. .I. M. UatoH will hold tegular
services at Orauc church next Sunday
He Is not certain yot whothev he can
bo Hole the Second Sunday alfo.
Thnryta.V, Mniislf. i), UUl Hail A
Allet will haw! their mllliitery open
tng?' A souvenir w'jll'.beglvon.lo nuh
caller Everybody oordlally invited.
Kred (Uulo) .lanotj. of laht yoat s lull
team was In towu Monday on his way
homo from York, Nebr. Fred lgttod
:t six mouths uotitnict. to inutiHge the
York league team this season. Hiiro's
luck I'red.
is iitteniling him.
Mrs. Mary .Jones, who been
spending the winter with her sister
Mis .1. II. Kobinson.and her daughter
Mrs. Noah McDowell departed for her
home at Stella, Xebr.. Sunday morn
ing. Uoy Kust proprietor of tin Ko.wil
llarber Shop has all modern conven
iences, in any Hist class Blither Shop.
An electric MassHge, llrst claw, wink
man.' Particular people patronize Ids
particular place.
Our specialties single l'hotogtaphs
Hud Croup Pictures, you do the bitting,
we do tho work in classy, artls-tic man
ner. Ours is -'The Model Studio" and
the sooner you come the sootier you
gut your picture -St'KVEX Umw.
Drs. UidilileA Koote, iiiceessors to
Dt.s. Woirick A Ulddilo, of Ilastiugs.
Xebr, will meet eye, oar nose and
thtoat patients, and those needing
glasses fitted, ut. lied Cloud, Xebr.,
Thuibduy, Mutclt Ki, tOl), ut Dr. Cross'
i '
' The-blll for Dun Oarbor's ltnJio
Sale uppeaiH elsewhoiy in this Issue.
Ho is oll'orlng for sale 7.1 lu'iulolstouu,
Hue list of fur in and hay inachltiury,
Haini'ss Alfalfu Bay and Coin. This
sale will lie held nc.t Tuesday Muwh
7th .cointnenclngat 1 p. m. Dan lias
routed his farm and' his stock, ctop
tiinl equipments all go at the Mile.
The last titid best number of the
lioeturo Course will bo a lecture by
Dr. Lou J. Bonuchaulp at the Tied
Cloud Opera VIousu next Monday night,
March ftth.' lteauchainp Is one of the.
gtoatost eutertalnerM on tho American
plat fm in. Don't fall to hear hint
Tickets at Cook's Drug Store.
lust as much care, in fact a little ,
j more, should be exercised in buying
electric sad Irons, as in bujiug any j
thing else, home irons iiso morn olec- I
tricity than utheis in doing tho same
work, (lot your elect tic irons of
MoltllAiti linns., thoy Chtry theautlii r
ied iron Ho carel'iill of "just as
good" electric irons.
.Mr. Boauehanip has a way of lllus
ti tiling his points with apt stories, and
while tho mouth is open to laugh,
thriistiinr in a 11 1 of serious thought.
which is made doubly effective by the1
conttast Normal Hyto, State I'ni
versily, Cedar tallH, Iowa. Mr. Beau
champ will appear at the Kod Cloud
Opera II on ho .Match 0, as the last num
ber of the loot nro course.
lUtflft... ...wl .1... . (
.....w.t nun hiiuu Miiis to mourn nis
dopurtitro Tho funeral occurred
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at
the Pleasant Hill school house and in
terment took place in the IMcuMint
Hill cemetery. Uev. Hummel con
ducted tho funeral services,
Ho kept the audience In an uproar
of side-splitting laughter. His shafts,
pointed with wit, and feathered with,
humor, had in them euough weight to
mako them go straight to the mark.
Dos Moines i Iowa) Capital. Mr. Beau
chatup Is the last number of the Lec
ture Couiso and will boat tho Opera
House Match (lib Seals on salf at
Cook's iJrug.Stoto.
Lust Thursday evening the P K. o.
Society enterta'mtid at. the home of
MrH. T V. Ttirtinre. Several gentle
meu were Initiated Into the mysteries
of the otdor and are now full Hedged
IS 1 L.'h and possessed of the puss
wind, which seotnod uufutniliar to
some. Dr. Boles however claimed to
ho familiar with the puss word. About
thlrtv live were present and alt leport
a very enjoyable time
$4,000 Cash Buys a Finn Imjiroeil
Pnrm To Miles Prom tlir. Center
of the United Stntis.
For Hale in a hurry, on
No. 3b easy term", line, well
FARM improved, upland farm,
160 Acres in Pleasant Hill Tp. I
$12,800 known as the Oscar
Emick farm, adjoining
Billy'a on the east, the w ace. M
township 2, range 10, 2 miles southwest
of Cowles. Good roadsHn all direc
tion, readily accesHihle to markets,
schools and churches. This farm hna
ubout -10 acres smooth, level land, bal
anco gently rolling to shallow draw
which runs across the quarter; every
foot can ho readily tilled. 110 ucreB
under cultivUoinf-tfJ acres wild grass
pasture, all fenced and cross-fenced. 0
ucrea alfalfa. Fair old house, 1 J story,
Htnall rooms; barn new 10x10x1(1, 10
horsefl and 10 cowh, 25 ton mow; chick
en house, woodshed, line new arched
cement cave, telephone, windmill and
abundant water, steel tank, cement
tank 12xl(!x:i, yurdu, and some shade
trees. Soil all good loam underlaid
with clay (subsoil, froo from sand or
rock. A bargain for someone,
An ideal upland farm for grain, stock
of nil kinds and dairying, All good al
fulfu land. , Possession can -be had
by purchaser until March lf, 11)11.
Price ?12,00. The first man up with
$1000 cashgctHii Warranty Deed to this
farm, balance long time, option ptiy
inents, low interest.
Dan Garbcr & Co., Agts.,
CniBK Okfici:, Hi:n Ci.orn, Nbb.