The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 08, 1909, Image 8

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Because they're the Nation's Choice
When You go for an Outing
Away from Mental and Physical Cares
Your'Eyes Work On
The New HenllliKny bIiiici ore opoclnlly recommended for
outdoor nport one! rrcrc-iliun.
K MiMttj. Iii,li nin oyinn f i the w an rn of tli II Mm
I.AV,lcan-i thry gi c tin yi C''"''''' I"1'1 I'k'iI In " l I,ro
j urtioti isKiiliirrliltrni'Tl
Put ten jcr cent, of natural health lixlit rent'iis thr i yf
t'lrmji tli'' prrwtit eye-glnm Icnwn you wwr
All Hie lunIlti-KlUntftrt IsnliMrlKilby theRlamnml tew of
I ii Hi h.ntrasrriclitlicililiciileretlmir,ftlieec
Hi uui Rn I.i , ,isn si wl protect. rUt health mid mir
t n , ii il f Pin-mi lit iltli nj, nml tlirmish lhl aveiim in.ilc
i i i 11 ' it fur tl i entiri i mem
Hcaltlx-Ravs Give Easy, Comfortable Vision
o (mm j. or i if to s ns o!
inn liot 1 ri ak il ti
If you want tlic cenuinr. look for
the nlinvn trnilr mntk on etch Lent
tlliTsser no dread of tin bright
Jewelers and Optometrists.
. -3ft -s -s '-St a -s '-St --S -a us a a -s - s -i '-a i
I A NiGe New Stock 1
Of Groceries just received at the Home
M Grocery. We now have a complete ii
i line of fancy and staple groceries. : : $
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ness, Hardware, Buggies and Farm Machinery is
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Wi iuj.siM.cni attention to Supplying lluilder's Hardware at the
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tttiik iin.l till Kinds of lip Cutting and Kitting ::::::
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( Hed Sload Hardware & Implement Go.
I WM WOLFE. Secretary.
Because Baking Perfection approved
by the whole Nation made
The National Soda Cracker
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Moisture Troof
-. , ."
JteSff .V.-A7, Ay,s!(vAta!fi ftssaiasftUbfls teiviaaiM'akaKafe
N:in: o? I'tifnccsSaltiof Iit:.l Estate.
Noi i- iii i i in i.i I li litut
if I ill i i . ill Hit I i-ti Ii t I inn I of tin I ui til
liiilli i.i i i Mst ill t. In iiinl (in I i :111k 1 1 n ci Hint,
l'ia-kn in, uli nml enti ml In said tourt on
tin Jith il i n I ii n i . . 1 1. I'D i in a (i itnln
in linn tin ii in iKtiiliiiu' uliti'alu I 'riilik l
Martin i liailis . Martlu. Iit'lli' . I.aiiilurt,
rtliurc. Martin. I.IU' (. I pliniii r. ami
M rile 1:. Martin arc pl.ilntltls. anil W llllam
Martin Itiliu II. Martin. Stilla M. Martin,
( tannic I.. Martin, Martha I. Martin. Win
tile M. Martin, I'nuicis Martin, I.cuIh I.iiiii
lert ami loscpli M. l'illiii;ir, arc ilcfiiiilmitH.
(or the partition ol the follow Int; ilcscrlbcil
real chtatcnltiiatcil In rrniiklln eoiint), Nc
hraska, to wit:
The West Mall iw l.yi ami th North CitNt
(imrter, me Mini Section Twcntj-IHe.
li") In rounililp Tun, ii North, ol Itanije
Ihlrtrin, Went ol the lith I'rlnclpal
Miilillan. anil the (olloulnt; ilcscrllidl
ical estate, hitnatiit In S ihsti 1 Count. Ne
braska, to wit
I In Ninth Wihl iiiartu o( "section
I hlrli . i.hii In lownshlp 'I wo, 1J1 .North.
ol It'iiiui Iwihe, 1IJ1 Wist ol the lith
I'tliulpal Merlilliin. loiitaliilnu In all HID
in it s, mini nr I iss. in mi ill iik to iocin-
1111 nt Miri. .
11tl whli h hulil iliciieilliii tut the iimlil-
hlmiad lalrrtes In x.llit uiilsc to hi II sulil real
1 state at public saw , as upon 1 eciitlcn. w Itli-
out appi.ilM'iueiit.
NOW I II I HI I 111(1 . Wl. till hUlll llllllCH,
will, on Moiiil.ij. the'iih ila ol 11u11si. Il!i,
at the hour ol two o'clock I'. M.oImiIiI ilay,
at tlii'ii'klilrmcof Mm tint I. Martin hltiintul
upon tlie.south I ast tti.irtcr ol kuctlon S,
In township J, rHiiuel.l, franklin county, No
braska, kcII hiiIiI rial state to the highest
I1I1I1I1 r or hlililerN, upon the follow dm Utiih
ami (ouilltlous. to wit, one-hall cash In
Imml.amloiie-lmlf In tlirt cam, with Inttr
cstatsU pi r cent per aiiiiuiii payiUl mi
iiually. iiiciirul b a niortuaue upon the pre
mist h so Mihl, I he sale will be helil open one
hour. I hcIi iiiarti r-st ctloii ol land will be
oili reil m p,iratil unit hlils will also be ro
ulM'il upon the whole tiact ns ahoe ill'
kirlbul. IMtnl this l.lli (l;i of liil. I'M'i.
liiimioipii 1 . ivirKiiriiu 1 Itefirtis.
1 lilll 111 I- I 1. 11 1IIMW I
Are durable, attractive and
mftr.narnr.allv mrrprfr
j . a
Red Cloud, - - Nebraska.
, i
Clan m i- II. alilo
IHiroej. ttniiu..
tot OTtWf
Two 1io.ii1h. hnwnvnr. n a
than ono when you aro up agaldit lHe
necessity of buying hor a now hat.
in 1 in. ni-,1 cm r 1 hi ui f ui us 1 1:1;
cm ni . m.iii:.ka.
:i t :i !i I aiiuliu.
flora . Hi r.'lli lil, it til.
Pi femlauts.
lo Insiiu lilcharil Vaimhu.N'eil N'aiiKliii.
(nsiri;e I. mmhu. NallleC. Viiuubn, Or III
'aui;liii, Noel l. Vniichu anil oiKe lohii
Miu nou-rcslileut ilefemlautH:
You anil each ol you will takr notlc that
011 the tilth. ilnyof Mint l'wr.i.sarah I. Vauuhn.
plalutllt herein, lllcil her petition In the
lllstrlct Court of Velster County, Neliraska,
liKtiliiHt Mthl ilcft'iulatitH the object ami pray
er or w lilcli are to iiiltc the title In plalutltl,
as tualiiNt these ilefemluulH et j, to the
houth east i Hurler of the mint It wist quarter
ami the Mouth west quarter of the smith last
qunrter ml the houth west iiiarter of the
Koutli east iiiatter of th south cast quarti r
all In MftioufS. town I, raii'.'e )i. Webstar
Cmiut..Nebriiski. nlkii it pail ol the south
east iii,ii tei of the south west quai ler ol si c
tlun I. tow n I. itiuue'J, lit cbsti r ( oiint Ni
braska. ami loi a eousiructloii of th will of
liisnu M. niiylni. ill 1 earn il. anil that plain
till In iltcneil to be tin ab-nliite owiu r of
thnalHivi iliscilbol pri nilsis, lint In 1 ast the
emu t II mis Hint iimli r tin will of salil lusoii
I'. mulin tin ih leiiiliiiiisluiM'iiiilnti 11st in
w.i Id iIiom ill sci II11 d pri niNcs then that salil
premises iua be partllloui d aicnrdluu to
to the risptctlM- rluhtsof the parllis licielo
ami If the same can not beiiiiltably ilMdid
then that said pieiulscs nuy be sold, subject
to the homistiail ilttlit of plalntlll, ami the
proi rrds troui salil sttla ills hied bctw eeul.the
parties lirrt to and for 1 iiiltitble relief,
011 nre reiilinl tontiswcr said pttltlon on
or before the .'lith. day of Inly I'.ni'iauil Hi on
full to answer said petition the alienations
thrrclniniitalneil will betaken us true ami
JiiiIkciiii nt rendered h therein prajul.
Hated this Kith, dny ol .lime Ukh.
Sarah I. Vatn;liii.
Hy lliruard MeNinj.
Hi r Attorney.
Dally Thought.
Tho appreciation of one act well
performed. Is tho best Incentive- for
another offort.
Woman's Natural Sense,
Ono woman's natural senso Is worth
CO men's trained reason In a predica
ment. Now York Press.
Selfish Philosophy.
Pliny: It Is best to profit by tho
madness of others.
When Love Grows Cold.
When lovo grows cold there aro 1I
ly to be hot times around .the houso.
Subscribe for tho Chief.
No I Ire to Bidders.
"soiled bids will he ricilxul up to h o'clock
p in.. Mnmlaj, Xtii.MiKt'.'iiil IInxi for the pur
chasi ofMhooi Hiillilliu know 11 as tin ilrst
Prlnui'j hiiildlimlocatiil In south waul ami
tin sfimnl -sti hilmiulim to the dlstllct
locatid in the smith wind. Illds to In Hint
with thesicri tarj. Hoard 11 si iis tin rluht
toaeiept or ujiet an) 01 all Mils.
school District of liul Cloud I'll .
Ilx f.,1. ovi.iiimi it:.. I'm s.
V. 11. fri ion, si 1 m:i tin
7dn iinilllllfi
mi nleal ha 1 1 (emu - I'm is sipoi'ti, a
perfect shampoo mi'l 'Iais l',n Hum
it combination, whi.-li it faitliftilly
tiseil, will pioilui'i' .1 I'lt'.ci. iiea'tliv
t'otiilition ut Hie liiiit mid scalp
Thin, dry, lirittl" or fa I liny linir
tiiruns tlioru isvniic cause fm mu'Ii 1111
unhealthy condition ninltliut it should
be jittetuli'il to at oncti. The teiisoii
for hciinty linir is tieeauso nil the root
shntt 1110 not iloinjr their duty and the
reason for fulling liuit' is liecatise the
.seal)) is in an iitilieuUliv eouiiitloii
To correct thesi' ovils ix a very sun
plo mattor. To milk" till t In toot
hlmfts do their fluty use Owninc. To
Ket the scalp in a licnltln condition,
shampoo the head with .SHpoycn. a per
ftitmid yi ot'it oil soap. Bn Hum is tin
ideal hair diossiiifj after tin shainpi o.
Tor turllier paitii'iilais, call or
phono Mrs. Nancy A Utile
Swift's Premium
Ham or
Fresh and Salt Meals of All Kinds.
Wmm Koon
Red Cloud, Nebr.
Lcftal Nollr.c.
In Matth M W ildi r.imli 1 Wild
1 "audi r. In-l nml 1 1 I . tilllf, ,r.l
-- - - 1
1 mi w III lukt due iinllci that on tin Itli f
hit of Nom miu r I!i7. s. I iiu In 1 iuri has 'yr
id (roin . C. fraliiu. count.t tuasiirir "fX
1 bsli r Ciiuntj. Ni braska. aeiordluu to law
at a lav sale tin lollowlui; ilescrlliul prop l.olslClnhtci 11. Nlnetecii.l'wentj
seen ami 'I wcnt.-i lulit In llloi k I'mu Itall
toad addition to th town, now ill ol ed
I loud, Nebraska. 'I hat said propcrt was
purchased lorthe ilolluiiicnt tcs thereon
for th years I8'l2 to I'.HXi, IncliisU c. I hat thu
leijal tltlu tosald property rests In the name,
of .MattlM ,M. Wildir.indiriuid that said prop
crt) Isasucssiil In the name of Matlle M.
Walilerauder. 'I hat tin said s, a. fiiicher
w III on or nfter Nov ember .'ith. PKi') apply to
the (oiiuty 'I'rcaHurcr of Webstir County,
Nnbraska, for a Treason rs Dfcd in said
aboxe described property. s. A. fivi lint.
Why not huvo a business college in
Red Cloud SsOdO think of it' This is
what o0 students would lenw in the
town, limiting tlieir I'vpensi' to SI per
week for 10 months. Would n't Ibis
help? Every voting niiui and woinnn
who would be intetested in a business
college in lied Cloud please send your
name and addiess to Ho 52s Red
Cloud, Xebr
".T--f tU
rms anMI Tq s ojaiji oaai.w 'suo3aj
ojjojn ntj) ti oju )tiRd ocjiioouo 01
pOA33q B .()DJ)JJ.l 0J0l(dS0lU)V
i)Buns Jo) onnnqns
ojiih ot( ;o joiuj StiplooH tiSnotto
Xsnq otu sdos 71 aj jo Ea)tii!J3D
tin on.) O)upltuojuoo oi 'Ao jo jotpl
OSOntfil Oil, S.iCS 'tIA0p 1S 40A0U I
oj ;o J9t)dosoimd ooj.
Ml S iwlS WJl
AU jmip lrul.t for CZI-ClinSTUK'S
UIAMUNU llKAN'I) l'H.l. in Dm hiii1a
lior.l) juirtnlllo b icn scaled with llliic(0
Itibtion Tki: ho orn. u. Iiuy oFsllr V
l)rui-,ilt nn.l oU f..r ( III.t'ltl'i-.Tf II H V
III MO.M UK tMI lf,I,N I ir twiutv-flvo
)CirsVcKnuhd is Ilt-kt.b t t. Atwayi IU liable.
TiMi rwcnviMUcrjrr woktii
U,UMI t iii-uu tiiru
to u without insurance. The risk
nisiunod is too great for Mi small
premium you kp in your pocket.
Klguro out how many years you
would Imvo t be free from any lite
in onUr to 8ave tht value of your
houstand (ntents. Then consider
thutyott may luiva a Hi this very
night. Tho cost f von n little
blaye will be more than tliu pre
mium of
nun lNsi'KAXci: koi: years
Hbtter have me issue you 11 policy
today, It'su hol lot bwtter to
be sine than sorry, as many an un
insured man has been
Red Cloud, Nebr.