The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 08, 1909, Image 1

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j, l VV. M.
Stato Uislorical Society
.1 Nsiafcr 'Iltat ii:: Tin: News Plft-ma Heck-, Vnir Tor One Uollnr.
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F. Mizer C. J. Pope
Wm. M. Crabill Win. H. Thomas
S. R. Florance.
Goming To Red Gloud.
Chief of Slaff of Hot Springs
Doctors on Annual Tour.
At Royal Hotel
July 10th,
He Will Make No Charge
For Consultation or for
Tin' Cliit-r or Staff or I he Mot Springs
Doctors is making his annual tour of
the state, visiting the towiisnud cities
calling on their patients in each com
munity, and consulting with new pa
tients who are desirous thereat treat
ment that cures all chronic and ner
vous diseases of men and women. The
phenomenal success of the Hot Springs
treatment is due to tho fact that it re
moves from the patient's system the
cause of disease; usually doctors treat
tho symtoms of the case, instead of
making n complete diagnosis and then
removing the cause as do these spec
ialists. The human body lias been the life
study of these noted specialists, their
skill in the mutterof medical diagnosis
puts them in the front ranks of Ameri
can Specialists After they make a
painstaking examination they are in
a position to stato positively whether
or not a cure is possible; if not they
tell the patient so and refuse to under
take a cure. If they do uudertako a
euro the patient is cured. They do
tills at oxtreinol y.reasonuble cost, they
ask no feo at all until the patient is
completely cured. Only a moderate
charge is made for the medicine in
each case.
Tho highest standard of quality to
the only standard in the medicines
used by the Hot Springs Doctors.
These expensive medicines nre espec
ially prepared for each case, they are
from the World's best laboratory, guar
anteed by the pure food laws, eliminat
ing all possibility of anyone taking
into their system any poisonous drugs
A cure is sure and pormanent as a re
sult of taking the world famous Hot
Springs home treatment.
Chronic and nervous diseases like
rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, goit
er, diseases of the heart, blood and
lung diseases, catarrh, gall stones, opi
lepsy, kidney, stomach and bladder
troubles, and female diseases must
yield to the treatment as glvon by
these noted Specialists. In their Lin
coln olllces are thousands of letters
from people who have been restored
to health, in many insiunces these peo
ple could not have boon cured were it
not for the Hot Springs treatment.
For example take tho case of Mrs.
"White who lives at I'niverslty Place,
Neb. These Specialists made a care
ful examination of her case and found
that shr wns suffering from rheuma
tism, kidney, and stomach trouble.
After tak'ng treatment, here is what
,lho says In here own words:
University Place. Neb., April IS. "Do.
Word almost fail me to tell how
thuiikliil I niu for renewed health and
strength after suffering with stomach
trouble which eventually reached a
stage where I could scarcely retain
food, and sulVered great pain. To add
to my trouble I was also ulllictcd with
rheumatism which swelled my foot
and hands so that I was helploss. 1
tried several local doctors but their
treatment failed to g'vo me imv relief.
1 began to take the lint Springs Doc
tors treatment and commenced to im
prove at once, and now at the end of
twelve months I am entirely recovered
anil feel as well as at any time of mv
life. I am glad to recommend the
Hot Springs iieatment lor what it has
done for me, toany who nny be alllict
ed in the" way I have been
MISS. II. R. win ri:.
Here is a testimonial letter from
Smith Center. Kansas, that is Inter
esting. Smith Center, K.ins. April It, "0D.
Mrs. Amis is getting along just line;
has not had any oT her old dropsyieal
trouble at all this year. It has been
just about one year since Kind Provi
dence sent you to Smith Center and
we are certainly thankful for tho help
yon have rendered us. Wishing yon
unbounded success, we are as ever,
MR. and MltS.S. b. AMKS.
The treatment that has cured thasu
poople and restored thousands of
others to health is available to the
people in this section for it is this won
derful system of treatment that tho
Chief of Stalf of the Hot Sprigs Doc
tors brings to us on .Inly 10, at the
Hovai. Horn.
As the Specialists will bo here only
one day, it is respectfully requested
that people do not call out of idle
curiosity. He will be busy with pa
tients who ically need his services and
it would bo an Imposition to tako up
his time idly. It is also important to
announce that married women who
wish to consult with the Chief of Staff
must be accompaincd by their hus
bands, and all minors by their parents.
If you are suffering with any chronic
or nervous disease and desire to be re
stored to health, vigor and happiness,
don't fall to call at the Royal Hotel,
July 10, lOOo.
The permanent olllces of tho Hot
Springs Doctors are located at llth
and O street, Lincoln, Nebraska
Rill. IMA UsM Cllll.l) i. . D.v.
Dr. Dctcoihons Relief for Rheumatism
ami Neuralgia radically cured in 1 to
3 days. It action upon the system is
remarkable and mysterious. It re
moves at onco the cause and the dis
ease immediately disappears. The dis
close greatly beuotlts Too and SI. first
Sold oy The II E. (J rice Drug Co.,
Red Cloud. Nobr.
If you have pains in the back, weak
back, or any other indication of a
weakened or disordered condition of
tho kidneys or bladder you should got
DoWitt's Kidney and Bladder Tills
ritfht away when you oxporionco the
least sign of kidney or bladder com-
j plaints, but be sure that you get He-
Witt's Kidney and Uladder Pills. Wo
know whatthy will do tor you, and
it you will send your name to K. C. Do
Witt A Co . Chicago, you will receive a
free trial bo of thosokldncyund blad
der pills They are sold here by all
A number ol our people weiv nt Red
Cloud Monday.
Mrs. .1, S. Marsh who has been ill the
past week is now silting up.
Mrs. Iilella Watt spent several days
with her brother Lew smith and fami
ly. (iiiido Rock beat the State Line base
ball team Tuesday. The score was I
to 10.
Mr-. Ashpole spent last week with
her daughters Mrs. Pohleuiiis and
.Mrs. Ran..
Mrs. Ivan A mack returned Tuesday
from visiting her mother Mrs. Holm
grain at Red Cloud.
Mr-. Jennie U-terblad bus been in
from the country vi-iting her mother
Mrs Deadlier mid other lelativcs.
Miss Mall-sa l.aiubeit expects the
three young ladits who were her asso
ciate teachers at Diller la-t year to ar
rive here July llth for a visit
Miss Geneva Robinson received a
letter this week from her aunt, Mrs.
Wallaae Robinson of Colorado in which
she said their house had been struck
by lightning and burned with its con
tents. Several (iuide Rock people aiv .so
journing in Colorado. Among them
are I'rof. and Mrs. ('. A. Pcrrigo, the
Misses Anna and Irene Ferguson, Miss
Meulah Doudna, Mrs. I. W. Crary and
sun Clarauce. J. J. Cns-ell and wife
are going soon
Six Trophies tor Graltjs
Three ne.v trophies will be offered
this year by states and organizations,
to the growers producing the best
grains. The trophies have a money
value of from SHOO to S.'.OOO, but their
value to a grower is far more than tho
mere money. No grower has won a
trophy at grain ex posl lions "who could
not get mere than double price for his
grains, especially corn, from those
who are constantly socking better
Tho National Corn Exposition of
fered three trophies last year: the
Iudianu trophy foi corn; tlio Dotnln
guos trophy for corn judging; and the
Western Grain Growers trophy for
County Treasurer's Semi-Annual Statement.
Recapitulation, showing the amount on hand .limy. 1. HMiil. the collections since made, disbursements, and iimiuut remaining on haul at tho
close of the :tOth day of June lOO'.l, in each and all of the several Funds stated.
i, , "" ------- - -
c S i .-c S 9-
v - r I . I A C -" ..--5
KIND OF FUNDS. g , -f ,,, J ,,., TOTAL ransWrl to P TOTAL
tt V- " I 3 5 v "7 S -
a : s " s "j .
3 : ' t
School mid University band.... 1 1(177 1',' Slf.OOl '- S 5 $ 11M1VS .'111 8 IS'.7 1.1 S SUHIil L'.'l S 1DI17S 30
State Consolidated !. 7W: III l14Ht!r 57 47 ,' :M7:Mi III 77rtS',' 1 311 II I L'lTLM 13
County Oeneral 3 (i 38 U07U Sll '-'.'.(I 74 Various fund's 117t7(i lO.'.ll 71 771W 12 S7li! '-"J 1051171
County Bridge- t i Til 7010 10 " " 15 00 71)70 HI 0107 80 180.111 71)70 01
County Railroad bond 5 l'.'08 1133 53 1258 .'! 100 00 858 21 1258 21
County Insane ,' .."...I......"..''. .. .'.
County Poor
County Soldiers' Relief 0 ' 15l"'7! 22o"58 .'.."...!."..!.". '.'.'.'.."'. ."'..' 378 37 " 150 (M .!..!..!... ' 228 31 378 37
County Road .,
District Road 7 0237 10 8I5S07 I'lOOIl' 13 I810' 15 Comm'r District.. 3300 0!' 0180 00 11000 13
Commissioner District 8 0824 21 Oi's't." Road 3300 08 1022122 2072 18 7218 74 1022122
District Schools .'. 0 21005 10 30353 80 ,. ' St. appt . ... '.. ' 3300 08 55710 21 3312101 22585 03 55710 21
State Apportionment 10..' '... State Treasurer 320118 .
F i n cs ,v licenses 1511 HO; 3300 0S District Schools .. 3300 08 3300 08
Fines and Licenses Various I'm ties 150 8(1 150 H0i . ... State Apport'in't.. 150 80. 15030
School lloml 12 1133 07 2501 OS 0035 05 012 1(1 0203 55 0035 05
Red Cloud City ;i 31 10 1157 17 HSs33' 1140 32 30 01 11S8;.VJ
Red Cloud Water bond ill 1208 80 350 02 1018 88! 20 50 1010 3s 1018 88
Red Cloud Klectrle bight bond Ifli 50832 31150 01288 00700 211 SO' lUU'.SS
Red Cloud Hlectric bight Works 10 0 52 0S5 30 "" 001 HI I 083 71 1121)1 0!U 01
Red Cloud Water Works 7i 15 00 150 38 175 37 150 10 10 18, 175 37
Red Cloud Water Works Special 18 3 75 .... 3 75' 3 75 375
Red Cloud .lodgment 10 12 70 0s3 02 005 78 083 110 ."........ 12 12, 005.78
Red Cloud Sidewalk 20 2 73 2 73 2 73 2 173
blue Hill m 810 II 502 00 ' ll' II V il'oii'd"' "' 10150 1513 87! 1513 87 :. 1513;s7
blue Hill Water lloml 22 1055 02 113 00 2000 52 1710 27 10150 22100 2000 52
blue Hill Special 23 103 10 103 10. 103 101 103 10
(iuide Rock 21 1000 58' 30177 137135 1200 00 105 20 137135
I'laden ,-, HIS 70 280 81 ' 758 51 020 02 128 02 758 51
Interest 20 30S 21 308 21 Various funds 308 21 308 21
Advertising ; 108 10 ' ' ' 108 10; County Oeneral. 108 10 108 40
Redemption 28 liiio'ol s50 18 ."..'. ! 1108 52 800 15 278 37 110$ 32
Miscellaneous 20 Various parties 111130 IIU.101 Various funds . .. 111130 , 111130
' ! j ..,....
S58371M0 50537778 SwTT '' S12708 30S1007.73 15 78310 111 5 8511 23S70012 28 S 100773 15
, ' , , , 1 J ,,.., .... ,!., , 1 1 n
Fees and Commissions received from .lanuary 1st, HH)0, to July 1st, lOO'.i IS07. 12
Railroad bonds outstanding 20,000.00
I, W. C. Fruhin, County Treasurer, certify that the above is a true and correct statement of the outstanding indebtc
moneys recolved and disbursed by me
to the best of my knowledge and belief,
Siib.eribed and sworn to before
.) t'LY
out- Wlin the Dn-itioii open- m
iMnihti December ;. Kunsi- will oiler'
a ti.iphy for wheat; Colorado olloi
one for oats and Wisconsin a huiicv '
tmphy All tire rcuiaihahlc pIcccN of
the silversmith's arl I
lie-ides these the Robinson trophy i
is offered for Nebraska counties and
several enterprising cereal inantifact
urersare contemplating offering tro
phies for the cereals which they use in
their factories. I
Finishing Corn Cultivation.
Just a closing word on laying by the
corn. Most of the Held- are now being
cultivated for the last time, and Ne
braska corn is indeed promising. The
question which concernsn good farmer
i- 'How can I improve the yield of my
corn Held?"
When we carefully ligure up the
lime we have already -pent in luing
iiig tin- soil to a proper tilth mid the
corn to its prevent condition- will it
pay us to add just a little moic labor
if we can further inciease the yield'.'
Wo think it will, and thcrefoic wish
tomge that the llld be gone over
with a single horse, live-tooth culti
vator, winch will destroy tlie young
weeds, level the ground and conserve
the moisture for the corn itselt. This
should be done twice at least, the llrst
lime commencing about July 1'ith and
the second time during tho llrst week
in August. Should a heavy rain occur
near tho times stated, follow with cul
tivation as quickly us you eui get oi
the ground
, uoiiniiess you win say tins i too
much work when we are busy in grain
and hay Held-, but it will easily pay
an expenditure of i'. per day. This is
not theory but is gathered Ironi actual
experience, fur it was the plan followed
by the boy at Gretna who raised lot!
bushels on a single acre last year
while his father's Held adjoining, cul
tlvated in the usual old-fashioned
milliner went only .'1.1 bushels to the
Two years ago in competition for
the prize offered in the acre corn con
test by tho Stato Hoard of Agriculture,
Ilurrv Olderog, of (iretna, raised MS
bushels and .'(0 pounds from a single
acre ami finished up his cultivation in
as County Treasurer of Webster County,
as per statement submitted.
uie this 7th day of .Inly, 1000.
' '. u.
121 SUA SKA,
N. 1M!I
Albright Bros.
Furniture, Carpets Sewing Ma
chines Lace Curtains Pianos,
Organs Pictures and Sheet Music.
tJWc are always thankful for any share of,
your patronage and good will. ::::::
Licensed Embalmers and Undertakers
this manner. With such facts con
fronting you, can you afford to miss
your opportunity.
The lime is now here when in order
to advertise to the world the wonder
fill icsourccs of Nebraska, uu must
git her specimens ol grains ami grass,
cs foi exhibit imi at the J-lntu Fair.
September Oth to 0h. In gathering
these specimens go into your Held and
Select the very best giaill before it lias
fully ripened, pull it up by the roots
wrap loosely in burlap sacking so that
itVjvill cure as nearly perfect to color
as possible, and hang it up head down
in the barn or the attic. One heavy
piece of twine near the butt will be
sulllcieut to hold it together and hang
it up by. Do this for the benefits de
rived from advertising your county
and when your county society holocts
the mail to bavo charge of the exhibit,
notify him that you have such sample
of grain or grass and see that you de
liver it to him at the proper time.
Stand up for Nebraska.
Nebraska, from tho 1st day of .lunuary,
W. C. I
W. ROSS, County Clerk.
NU Mil Eli 128
"WV WW 7
iaoc Marks
Anffiiio Piiilliiij n sketch nml iti"crlitloii niny
fliilfiily nriTiiilii our opinion fns lntliir mi
iiivimilnii n probably m(nitilil. .niitiiiinlnn.
tiiiiio.'rlctlvroiillilorilliil. HANDBOOK 'Jiil'ntcuU
pent frn. olclot iiui'iiry lor ri'nirin U'ltmiin.
I'iiIi-iiIm tiiki'ii tliroiicli Mmmii ti C receive
Iprruilii'itlcr, without chnritu. Initio
Scientific Jiinciican
A liiiiulxitiiPly llliiKlrnlcit wppkly.
cnlitt Ion of nny ((li'iinlln Jmiriml,
rc'Hr: Sohlbviil
I.nrvott rlr.
TiTiim, II b
llrancli ortlco. eta V St- Wnntilimtoii. . C.
C1rn mil twtuttnei tha hair.
lroTitoti laiuriint growth.
NTr Fil to Itcitore Or
lllr to It Youthful ColorT
Curti Klp dlfuri bib (tiling.
t0o.DdUJUt llnifirliu
dncss of the county and of all
the 1st day of .July, 1000,
1000, to
'RA1I.M, County Treasurer.
"ftHfHM Ti
MJgj?M?tfi'1- " - '