The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 01, 1909, Image 1

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A bank conirolled by farmers and business
men of Red Cloud, and whose officers and
directors are all directly interested with you
in the welfare of the community. Interest
paid on time deposits.
Webster County Bank,
CAPITAL $25,000
B. F. Mizer, President, S. R. Florance, Cashier.
B. F. Mizer, C. J. Pope, Wm. M. Crabill, Wm. H. Thomas,
S. R. Florance.
Red Cloud vs Hebron
Morning Game at 10
Afternoon Game at 3
Spend your 4th. of July Holiday at Red Cloud, and see some good
Ball Games. Basket dinner in Court House grove at noon.
Adm- 25C- N charge for Grand Stand.
Coming To Red Cloud.
Chief of Staff of Hot Springs
Doctors on Annual Tour.
At RoyaT Hotel
July 10th.
He Will Make No Charge
For Consultation or for
The Chief of Staff of the Hot Springs
Doctors is making bis annual tour of
the state, visiting the townsand cities
calling on their patients In eacb com
munity, and consulting with new pa
tients who arc desirous the great treat
ment that cures all chronic and ner
vous diseases of men and women. The
phenomenal success of the Hot Springs
treatment Is duo to the fact that It re
moves from the patient's system the
aus' of disease; usually doctors treat
the symtoms of tho ease, instead of
making a complete diagnosis and then
removing tho cause as do those spec
ialists. The human body has boon the life
study of those noted specialists, their
skill in the matter of medical diagnosis
puts them in the front ranks of Ameri
can Specialists After they make n
painstaking examination they are in
a position to stato positively whether
or not a cure is possible; if not they
tell the patient so and refuse to under
take a cure. If they do undcrtako a
euro the patient is cured. They do
this at oxtremelyjroasoriublecost. they
ask no fee at all until the patient Is
completely eurod. Only a moderato
lim-ir.. Is made for the medicine In
each ease. ,
Tho highest standard of quality to
the only standard in tho medicines
used by the Hot Springs Doctors.
These expensive medicines are espec
ially prepared for each case, they are
from the World's best laboratory, guar
s'' "World Slrle(J
anteed by the pure food laws, eliminat
ing all possibility ,pf anyone .taking
into their system any poisonous drugs
A cure Is sure aud permanent as a re
sult of taking the world famous Hot
Springs home treatment.
Chronic and nervous diseases like
rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, goit
er, diseases of the heart, blood and
lung diseases, catarrh, gall stones, epi
lepsy, kidney, stomach aud bladder
troubles, aud female diseases must
yield to the treatment as given by
these notod Specialists. In their Lin
coln olliee.s are thousands of letters
from peoplo who have been restored
to health, in many Instances these peo
ple could not have been cured were It
not for the Hot Springs Jtraatmant.
For example take tho case of Mrs.
White who lives at t'niverslty Place,
Nob. These Specialists made a caro
ful examination of her case and found
that she was suffering from rheuma
tism, kidney, and stomach trouble.
After tak'.ng treatment, here Is what
alio says in hore own words:
University Place, Nob., April 18. 'On.
Words almost fail mo to tell how
thankful I am for renewed health and
strength after suffering with stomach
troublo which eventually reached a
stage where I could scarcely retain
food, and suffered great pain. To add
to my troublo I was also anlioted with
rheumatism which swelled my faot
and hands so that I was helpless. I
tried several local doctors but their
treatment failed to give me any relief.
I began to take the Hot Springs Doc
tors treatment and commencod to im
prove at once, and now at the end of
twelve months I am entirely recovered
aud feel as well as at any time of my
life. I am glad to recommend tho
Hot Springs treatment for what It has
done for me, to any who may boalllict
oil In the way T have beon
Here is a testimonial letter from
Smith Center. Kansas, that Is Inter
esting: Smith Center, Kans. April 1 1, W,
Mrs. Amis is getting along Just line;
has not had any of her old dropsylcal
I troublo at all this year. It has been
rlC i B$r x
Lii ... , .
Newspaper That filvcs The Fifty-two
'just iilunit oiu. rear siiu-o Kind l'rov'
(U'liff sent ,oit to Smith CunU'f it"''
j vu nit-t'iM-tit.iily tliaiiKful lor lliolirlp
'yon have rciiilctvil us. Wishing yon
uiiliunixleil slltl('-. t' art- i.s t-vcr,
i Ml!, i.n.l MKS.S. I.. AMKS.
! Tlic tiiMitini'iit that has fiiifil these
jieoi.lf ami resttuvil thmi'-ands (if
otlu'tts to lifiilth is available to the
liooplo'ui thlssct'tioii for it U Oii" won
ilerful Kjstuni of trunt tuotit that tho
( hlef of .Stall of the Hot SprlRs oc
tor.s brings to ns on ilnl.v 1", at the
I'ovai, Uoii:i.
As t ho SppclnlUts will lio here only
one day, It ih respect fully retinOHtml
that neonlc do not enll out of idle'
cilliuftlty, lie will be busy with pa
tients who ii'lilly need bis services and
it would be an imposition to tuko up
his time idlv. It is also important to
anmmnco that uinrried women who
wish to eonsult with the Chief of at a IV
must be ai'coiiipaini'il b- their bun-
I bands, and all minors by their parents.
If you aie suiVcrinp with any ehronio
or nervous disease and desire to be re
stored to health. vipr and bappinesM,
don't fail l. cull at Ibe Koyal Iloltl,
July in. t'.H'ii.
The permanent olliee.s of the Hot
Springs Doctors are located at llth
and O street, Lincoln, NebrasUa
.Mrs. I'M. duly is on tho sick list. .
A. J. Haves Was homo over Sunday.
Mrs. James Voting sprained her
ankle one day last week.
tiiiide Kockdoes not celebrate this
year. Many will go from here to
Fred Watt has moved into liLs new
meat market and the old one is being
torn down.
Mrs. Emerton was over visiting one
day last week with her old neighbors,
Mrs. J. Harris and Mrs. 1). H. Crow.
Our genial central i operator, Mlts
Austle Stafford will leav about the
first of August for her home in Indi
ana. .
The It. & M. agent, J. J. Cassell and
wife -leave fora'trip through Colorado
for a couple of weeks as soon as the
relief agent arrives.
Little Lucile Wirt celebrated her
8th birthday last Friday. Hor mother
entertained twenty five children In the
afternoon, serving nice refreshments.
Her father gave her a handsome rock
ing chair.
Miss Lucy Mussingor gave a party
one evening last week in honor of .Mhs
Alice Unity and Mls Rose Ode or
Leavenworth, Kansas. The young
ladies departed Saturday morning for
thoir homes.
George M. Simpson jr. and wife ar
rived Friday from their home at Osh
Kosh, Duell Co., Nebraska, to visit G
M. -Simpson sr. and family, James
Simpson and wife and other relatives.
Tho sister from Wauneta, Mrs. . E.
Murphy will arrive this weok.
Mrs J. W Itobluson, whoso maiden
name was Maggie Kiser, was born in
Tippecanoo county, Indiana, July 15,
1859 and died at her homo in Guide
Hock June til, lOo!) at lO.tlu p. in. after
an illness of several weeks.
Her father James K.Kisor, an officer
in the 10th regular Indiana volunteers,
died in tho service in 1802 and the
mother followed in 18ii8 leaving two
little daughters. Those children Mag.
gle aged cloven and Arlmlnta uged
nine were brought to Webster County
in 18i0 by their grandmother, Mrs.
Sarah Mick.
Maggie Kiser was married to Dr. J.
W. Uoblnson Deo. lis, 18TI). To tliem
wore born four daughters, Maude tho
olddst died at about eight years of ago.
Tho others aro Uertha (Mrs. Wm. Me
Plierson) Ariininta Mao (Mrs. Lee
Simpson) and (ioneva Hoblnson.
Mrs. Itobluson wiih for several years
a member of the M. K. church and
when the Christian's organized here in
161)7 she transferred her membership
to that, as it was tho church of her
choice. She was a member of several
societies and was one of the Vico Presl
dents of tho C . 'J'. L She was a
charter member of Guide Koclc lodge,
No. 15S Degree of Honor organized
t - - , "fcif "MMt itiiATh yff3fcfcA-4JJfi
w& jb "s pjn an n
! M
Wr.cks Each Year For One Dollar.
heie Mnivh :H. ISnT, and curried u
tiineiieiaiy of .l()(Hi. She was i-leeted
Linly ol Honor at the lime of organ ion, then Chief and bei'iime a Past
Chu I. then she served thne years as (
Financier, then again passed tin tt the
chairs being the P. ('. t f 11 . at time of
her death. She was always at her
pO"t aud neversliirked a duty, but al
ways did more than her share oT work.
The funeral was cundiieled at the
Baptist church lit '.' o'clock Wednesday
nftevnoou by Rev J M. Steeley The
casket, was carried from the house to
Uiv church between JinVs of Degree f
Honor and W. C. T. I'., ini'iubeis. Thk'
pall bearers were members of the A.O.
I'. W., lodge. Messers; W. S. Lambert,
C W. Corwln. Alva Miner. .1. ll.t'rary,
(.'. S. .Touch, James Watt Lovely
lloral pieces, cut (lowers, emblems, eet.
.we iv sent by the various orders and
Hoeictics of which she wan n melultl')',
The singers were Mesdimies. Maiuli'
Fall Held, Belle Sabiu, Mabel Kolatiil,
Maggie Crarv. Messers John Yung,
(Sonrue W. Ciowvainl Wusscll Vaughaii.
The Degree of lionorgave its b auti
f ill service at the cemetery. The
burial team consisted of live iip'iiibers;
P. ('.of II., F.lla Van Woert. C. of II..
hli'lla Watt. L. of II.. Vinnie Cassell.
C of C . Clara Parker. K , Ida K Hayes.
Mrs. Maggie Bobinson will be great
ly missed. She always assistetl every
one who was ill cr needed assistance,
and sympathized with all in sorrow
and distress Tho family have the
sympathy of all in their great sorrow.
Keal Estate Transfers.
Transfers reported by tho Fort Ab
stract Co. for the week ending Wed
nesday, JunellO, 100'.).
John B Stanser to Laura Sprang
er, lot US, Blk. !.'. Smith &
Moores add to Rod Cloud, wd 75
Fred Delehoy to Fred Sommer-
field, lot 3, Blk 18, Blue Hill,
Bernurd MeNony to .Benjamin H
Eshelman, part'lottl lu 10-1-1 1,
wd .....A'
M. W. Hornberger to Robert A.
Simpson, lot 0, pt lot 10, Blk.i!
ItohrcreJMld toBlW Hill' wcl
TV 1
Veronica Stoffregati to Casper
Wegmunn, lot 3, Blk. 8, Blue
Hill, wd , L'OO
Sarah A. McCreu to Casper V eg
maun, lots 4, ft, Blk. 8, Blue
Hill, wd (550
Mortgages filed, t:i800.00.
Mortgages released 8.1.V21.00.
Dr. DetcnihonV. Belief for Uheuinatisni
and Neuralgia radically cured in 1 to
3 days. It action .ipon the system is
remarkable and mysterious. It re
moves at once the cause and the dis
ease Immediately disappears. The ills
dose greatly beiiollts 7.1c and 81. tlrst
Sold ty The II K. (Jrioe Drug Co.,
Red Cloud. Nobr.
If you have pains lu the back, weak
back, or any other indication of a
weakened or disordered condition of
the kidneys or bladder you should got
Do Witt's Kidney Mind Bladder Pills
right away when you experience the
least sign of kidney or bladder com
plaints, but be sure that you get De
Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills. We
know what they will do tor you, aud
ir you will send your name to K. C. Do
Witt .t Co , Chicago, you will received
free trial box of these kidney and blad
der pills. Th oy are sold here by all
The Reason.
"Men worry moro than women."
"Yes; they not only have everything
to worry about that women havo, but
they also havo tho women to werry
about, too." Smart Set.
A Faulty Make.
"Well, there's ono thing about Nu
rltch, he's always ready to con
fess his faults." "Xonsenso! Why,
he's forovor bragging about being self
made" "Of courBo; that's Just It."
Sometimes Full of 'Em.
Q. "Thoro Is only ono sparker In a
motor car, Is thoro?" A. "Not neces
sarily. Tho number frequently varies
with tho nuinbor of coupl03 carrlod,"
Kansas City Times.
H ear - - . 2
Kr-. -1
- " - 43Siii. - -
. -
- ry .ri"
i : v&V $ "0 S
-" !
' '
1. 100!).
Albright Bros, i
CflFurniture, Carpets Sewing Ma
chines Lace Curtains Pianos,
Organs Pictures and Sheet Music
CflWe are always thankful for any share of
your patronage and good will. : : ! t : !
LicensQd Embalmcrs and Undertakers
and a display of illustrations of mechanical de
vices requisite in the art of fine 1a"ce "making.
; jjf Thjs sale offers an ceptionaJ;Oppprtunity.for '
economy "purchases of (durable fine laces of ex
quisite beauty. It will prove very interesting even
to those not intending to purchase. 4 Zion
Laces, manufactured in the most modern lace
factory in the world, are the best of their kind
made the best wash laces ever placed be
fore the American women and sold without a
customs duty of 60$ added to the cost, as are all
imported laces. F All machines of Zion Lace
Industries are and have been operating 18 hours
daily, except Sunday, for over a year, with the
product of each machine sold ahead several
weeks. New machines are continually being
installed. F Women wanting laces for present
or future use will experience a marked saving
by visiting our lace counters.
The Miner Bros. Co. (Inc)
General Merchants
H. A. LET&ON. Mgr.
The Chief $1 a year
Alcohol to Children
Ask your doctor how often he prescribes an alcoholic
stimulant for children. He will probably say, "Very, very
rarely. Children do not need stimulating." Ask him
how often he prescribes a tonic for them. He will profr
ably answer, "Verv vc-
about v.t' ,-cr . .. :
rl vmim I
Tlie first UruM ruu i . lu..', n '
Ibis is not so. Tl-cn a'-k hlrn
r-:rf Til I
-jUH -TL. - t3&
Zs - - J"- -
. &
V" V
- ,. '
NUM15E1? 2'
.-?. "rlraSRS
19E&K&. - 'fifWa
i BBsBLy 'P b B mHf t? lnKtLA
clipping and tcallopio the webs of lace.
frequently." Then ask him
r-iwiritln as a tonic for the
'"J. fCnJor 1
lldHLi.' A-4. , ril
Soltl for neatly sixty years.
ill .. ki i ll
Ayir's Fills,