The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 14, 1908, Image 8

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A Cndlllar (Midi.) rentier of The
Commoncrwrllon: "The farmers should
1)0 wttli us on (ho tariff mill trust
quentlonn. Around licio the farmers
nro getting yt cents ii pound for
1iI(1g, ngnliiBt It rents 11 your ago. Yet
tlio prlco of leather Ik uh high as .It
was last your, ntnl no Immediate prom
Iko ot n reduction, and liln hIiucs and
harness nro oohIIiik lilm fully uh much
lis n year ago. This year our fanners
received 15 centH for wool ugnlnst a
prlco of 24 a year ago, yet the. Amur
lean Woolen Company Hint controls
nhout 70 per cent, of the leading
woolen nitlln of the rotiulry lu charg
ing uh much for woolen clotliH uh u
year ago and the fanner must pay as
much for his clothing as ho did hint
year ind ho lu lucky If ho dons not
pet moro cotton lu IiIh clothes than ho
loon wool. Let us direct our efforts
(o convince. I ho farmers mid laborers
that tholr Interests lie with uh. Along
that lino Ilea the road to victory."
Ych, and the farmers should he
with uu on Hie question of an eco
nomical administration Thoy nhould
lio with us In the protest against tlio
5xorcl8o of mbltrary power hy tlio
tqtonkcr, whoiehy the Iioubo of ropre
flontalircs has ceased to ho u popular
Thoy nhould ho with uh In the con
demnation of tlio misuse of patroiiitge;
in tlio demand for lallroad regulation
that will regulate; lu the advocacy of
publicity for campaign contributions!
boforo election day.
Thoy should be with uh In tho oppo
sition to that centralization, which
would destroy our system of govern
merit and ultimately make It necos
snry for the farmer, as well ns other
citizens, to look to tho national cap
ital, rathor than to tho stato capital
and tho county seat, when seeking re
lief from corpora to abuses.
Thoy should bo with us for tlio pop
ular election of senators; for tlio In
come tax; for tho guarantee to tho la
boring men, as well iih to all men, tho
light of trial by jury; for the farmer
Iiiih a deep concern in tho welfaro of
tho Inborlug muti who Is tho consumer
of tho farmer's products.
They Bhould be with us on tho guar
nntco of bank deposit; for what shall
It profit ti farmer If ho obtain high
prices for his product, and then have
no place where ho may, with absolute
confidence, deposit hip hard-earned
They should ho with us upon the
groat quosllnn, "shall tho peoplo rulo,"
for tho farmer has n deep mid abiding
intorcBt In popular government; and If
die docs not already know It, Investiga
tion will raven 1 to him tho fact that
In tho languago of tho Doniocratlo na
tional platform, " 'shall the people rulo,'
Is tho overshadowing isuiio which man
ifests itself lu nil the quest tons now
tindor discussion."
rtcforrlnR to the doclslon of tho
Tlnltod States court of nppealH lu over
turning Judgo Inndl' lino or tho Stan
nrd Oil Company, tho Chicago Record
Jlerald snyH; . v j.j
i "Tho members of I'gf court sen 111
1ngly arraigned Judge Liuidhj, by In
ference, us denying the right of trlnl
by jury to the defendant corporation,
of attempting to visit punishment upon
a corporation which hnil not oven boeu
indicted and or setting his personality
and beliefs above the law."
Many Ropubllcnu papers heartily
approve tlio decision. Some of thorn
nro Indignant that Judgo Lnndls "by
inrcrenco" denied to tho Standard Oil
Company "tho light of tilal by Jury,"
but thoy condemn tho efforts of Domo
icrats who Insist that tho right of trlnl
by Jury bo accorded to individuals In
indirect contempt cases.
I In the light of tho blttor criticism
Visited upon Judgo Landls by Judgo
OrosBcup In releasing tho Standard Oil
Company from fine, It will not do, of
Icourso, to criticise the court, although
jwo have eminent Republican authority
for such u course, I. e Theodore Roose
velt's criticism of Judgo Humphrey's
boot trust decision. We make bold to
say, however, that tho New York
,Wirld puts It forcefully, although
calmly, whon It says "It is uurortu
Jtiato this most harsh condemnation
-of a judgo by his higher associates
should have been for bis attempt ade
quately to punish tho Standard Oil
Associated Press dispatches say that
Representative James S. Sherman, the
Republican noniluoo for vlce-piesldont,
will make a tour of tho west In behalf
of tho Republican ticket. Vo sug
gest that Mr. Sherman, who is Speak
or Cannon's right hand man in tho
bouse, toll tho peoplo what he thinks
of (ho Republican revolt against Can
nonlsm. Ily tho tlmo Mr, Sharninn gets
through explaining to Republicans tho
methods of the Cannon-Sherman oli
garchy lu tho house, ho may liavo somo
tlmo to devote to his wldoly ndver
Isod "arraignment ot Doinocrats."
Tho Npw York Evening Post says
that tlio Democrats "practically con
redo Now Yorlc to tho enemy." Tho
Post is mistaken. Now York Is Demo
cratic ground and every Inch of it will
tg cgnUmtod.
under date of New York, July 22, fol
lows: "The report that the Standard
Oil Company Is about to unnouiico an '
Increase of $500,000,000 In Its capital
stock was leeolved with gieat Interest
in tho financial dish let hero to-dny.
Similar rumors have been circulated
several times lu the Iiihi few years,
paitlcularly in the went, but generally
they have been met with denials by
the Standard Oil Intel ests. A promi
nent financier who has close lelatlons
with tho Rlandnrd Oil Company said:
'1 inn sure that It Is the same old
story revived again and that there Is
nothing lu It. Certainly this would
bo a most Inopportune time to tako
any Hiich action, with a presidential
election only a few months ahead of
us. I suppose It Is possible that some
thing of that kind tuny he done somo
time lu the future, but not this yenr
not now.' "
This would he "a most Inopportune
tlmo" to pump a half billion gallons of
water Into the Standard Oil stock. If
anything like Hint Is done II will be In
accordance with other Republican
plans "after election."
"After the election" the tariff will
bo levlsed by a parly that dorlvcH Its
campaign funds from the special bene
ficiaries or tho tariff.
"After tho election" tho contribu
tions to the campaign fund will be pub
lished when It Is too Into for tho peo
ple to learn (lint tho trusts pny tho
bills for the Republican campaign.
"After the election" Standard Oil
trust stofk will be vatorrd If that
course nulls tho purposes of the Rock
efellers and tho RogerseB; and "after
tho election" should the people re
elect the special privileges' party
they will pay dearly for their Indiffer
ence to tho solemn warning confront
ing them on every hand.
Tho New York Tribune saye: "Mr.
Hryan Is not fortunato In his efforts to
create political capital out of tho
reasonable popular deslio for publicity
In respect to campaign receipts and
expenditures. A few weeks ago, whllo
both tho nominees still lu the
position or candidates tor tho nomina
tion, Mr. ltrau, in what he conceived
lo be a muster stroke of adroitness,
Invited Mr. Tuft to express uu opinion
as to the propile'.y of shedding full
light on the funds employed In a con
test for the presidency, tholr sources,
amounts and distribution. Thereupon
Mr. Tuft, who bad hesitated to as
sume an authority not yet bestowed
upon him, caused the fact to be made
known that he had already declared lu
writing for complete publicity, which
left Mr. Hryan lu a Homewhut less com
fortable position that ho had sup
posed himself to bo assured of when
liu addressed his complacent sugges
tion to the prospective Republican can
didate." put several Important -facts aro to
bo remembered in this connection.
Chalrniim llurrows forgot, to tell
tho convention about tho "publicity
letter" ho lecelved from Mr. Taft.
The Republican congress forgot to
pass a law providing for publicity.
The Republican national convention,
which nominated Mr. Taft, defeated,
by a vote of 880 nays to 04 yeas, tho
LaKollotto plank pi o tiling for pub
licity. And the best the Republican party is
.willing to do on -this Hue is tho prom
ise that '"after llio election" Repub
lican managers will take the peoplo
into their confidence.
Attorney General Wado H. Kills of
Ohio, who wab a member of tho com
mittee on resolutions in tho Repub
lican national convention, Issued a
Btntoment lu which, referring to the
propositions voted down In tho Re
publican convention, he says: "Of tho
seven omissions he (Mr. Hryan) re
fers to, six are In no sense Issues be
fore tho peoplo at this time, nor hnn
there boon any attempt to make them
such hy the administration, nor by nny
other lutluentlnl element In tho pnrty.
Tho seventh concerns Injunctions."
Many Republican papers suppressed
this portion of Mr. Kills' statement.
The reason for the suppression will
bo readily understood when it is re
membered that among tho proposi
tions which Mr. Kills says are "In no
sense Issues before the peopla" aro
tho following:
Publicity ot campaign contributions.
Ascertaining the vnluo ot railroads.
Tho national Income tax.
Tho encroachment of predatory
Popular elect Ion of United States
Mr. Kills has, perhaps, noticed that
since the publication ot his state
ment the Republican cnndldnto for
president has given proof that ho has
discovered that tho people have some
concern In the publiclty-of-campalgn-contributions'
We would not for tho world ongago
In criticism of the court. Hut unruly
there can bo no harm in reproducing
a Republican editorial (for whoever
knew a Republican editorial to bo out
of accord with tho accepted rules ot
pollto society?). Tho Now York Press,
a Republican pnpor, referring to tho
Grosscup decision, snys:
"Tho judgment of tho court of ap
peals, which calls for careful scrutiny
nnd cool reading, can not alter tho pub
lic conviction that the offenders be
hind the Standard Oil corporation In
Its robato crimes deserve to be in tho
penitentiary and will to srnt thero
when tho law Is enforced by Uiom who
tako oaths to administer it."
A Scene In the Northern Timber Country.
SaurianB In New York Zoo Settle
Question of Supremacy While
Spectators Look On Unable
to Interfere.
Now York. A light to tho death be
tween two alligators furnished several
hundred visitors to tho Hronx zoologi
cal gardens with n spectacle rarely
seen north of Mason nud Dixon's line.
Tho conflict was waged In tho 40-foot
pool outsldo tho reptile cage.
Ono of tho alligators was "Captain,"
bo named because lie has always been
master of tho aquarium tank. When
ho slid out of tlio crato Captain Belit
tled triumphantly over to tho larger
pool and swam around it several
Finally his malicious little eyes
lighted on a staid-looking 'gator called
Whltey, who has been In the habit of
lording it over tho Hronx park alli
gators. The two boss 'gators looked at each
other for n minute or two. Finally,
finding that it was impossible to catch
each other napping, tho two great rep
tiles closed with a rush.
Hy tho tlmo tho keepers entered the
inclosuro every other 'gntor had left
tho pool. Tho men beat tho forms of
tho two fighters with their poles, but
thoy could not seo whero they were
hitting becuuBo of tlio spray and the
different positions which the writhing
forms took every instant Once tho
spray subsided a little and they saw
that Whltey had bitten Captain's front
leg entirely off. Tho two 'gators drew
off for a minute.
Whltey, moving moro quickly than
Captain, will his thrco legs, could
turn, saw a chnnco to get a death grip
at the side of Ills head and rushed in
again. There was a tremendous churn
ing up of tho wntor for n minute or
Whltey was swimming around and
around tho pool, with the dend body of
Captain In his jaws. Ho was cut and
blooding In a dozen parts of his scaly
'body, and ono of his eyes was torn and
filll of blood. Ho had torn two of tho
logs off Cnptaln's body.
The only way that tho keopers were
ablo to get tho body from him was to
lnsso his head and legs,- draw him to
tho sldo of tho pond, and pry his jaws
open with their poles. Even then
Gov. Hughes of New York Heeds Their
Now York. Nobody loves a fat man?
Not so. Gov. Hughes loves tho fat
man and woman. Also tho public
servlco commission ot Now York has
Indicated that Its affection nnd atten
tion may rest permanently upon thoso
who nro blessed with cxccsslvo avoir
dupois. Tho public servlco commission
since its formation has been busy cor
recting tho ovlla of Now York, but
until to-day It did not find itself con
fronted by any question as Intricate
and us fur reaching as thnt presented
by tho Fat People's association.
Tho complaint wns lu tho form of a
protest a chortle nnd a roar from
several nnd sundry persons, male and
femriv, whoso prcBenco on tho weigh
ing Bcnlo makes the lndlcnlor work
overtlmo and whoso figures cannot bo
called svelte by any stretch of tho
English languago or Imagination.
"Tho elevated roads' stairways arc
too small."
This was tho complaint.
And being a wlso man ns well as i
candldato for renomlnntlon, Gov.
Hughes hearkened to tho protest.
Commissioner Eustls ordered an In
vestigation and Transit Inspector
Frank Hcnnett wns called.
"Tho stairways nro a Httlo narrow,"
said Mr. Bennett; "that is, when two
persons of tho slzo of Mr. Taft nt
tempt to pass each other."
"Well, if Mr. Taft, going up Btalrs,
should moot himself coming down,"
said Mr. Eustls, "what would happen?"
If an Irroslstlblo forco moots an lm
movablo body" began Mr. Dennett
"Enough," Bald tho commissioner.
"We will Investlgnto furthor and If
they had to lot nil tho water out of tho
tank to stop his struggling.
Baltimore Couple Set Record for
Hasty Marriages.
Philadelphia. Meeting for tho first
tlmo nt four o'clock and being married
at f:.15 Is tho record for rnpld flio
matchmaking set by Charles Mac
Gregor nnd Kstcllo Myers Snack, both
of Haltimore, Mil., lu Philadelphia re
cently. MncCrcgor is a wealthy real estate
dealer. Ho is 30 and the brldo 22.
Miss Snack had boon spending her
vacation nt Atlantic City. Sho wns
returning home via Philadelphia. Ab
she stood In tho waiting room ot tho
Itroad street station sho dropped her
purse. MacOregor noticed tho fnllen
purse nnd picked it up.
When thoy discovered their homes
woro in tho anme city tho way was
easy. At 4:10 tho conversation turned
to tho discussion of marriage. At 4:14
MacGrcgor was able to proposo with
out changing tho subject, and one mln
uto later he had been ncccpted.
Tho dlfllculty then wns to arrange
tho marriage. Aa MacGrcgor pondered
upon tho difficulty he was aroused by
a heavy slap on tho back. Behind him
was Rev. David T. Neely, pastor ot the
Asqulth Street Presbyterian church In
Haiti moro, his own church. Tho min
ister agreed to perform the coromony
and tho pnrty went to tho homo of
John J. Robinson, an lntimato friend
of tlio groom, whoro tho ceremony was
performed at C:UD o'clock.
Will Soon Have Vast Estate.
Greenwich, Conn. William G.
Rockefeller has recently mado two
purchases of land ndjolnlng his 400
aero Greenwich estate. The first pur
chase was a part ot tho Mills Hasted
estate, including Woodland, a beauti
ful stream ami a stretch of pretty open
country. Tho second was from Oliver
D. Mend, president of tho Groenwlch
National bank, nnd consists of 42 acres
cast of an old road usually called
Zachous Mead's lane. This property
also adjoins land of George Lauder,
Jr., nephew of Androw Carnegie.
Mr. Rockofeller Is now quo of the
largest landholders In tho town. HIb
property Is situated on high ground
north of tho village, whero thero is a
I beautiful view of Long Island SOund.
the stairways will bo
Burn Assailant of Girl.
Greonvllle, Tex. Miss Viola Do
lancey, 1G years of ago, living threo
miles west of here, left her homo to
get mail from the box", about 300 yards
away, On hor return an armed negro,
19 years old, attacked hor. Sho
dragged horself hoinaand wub found by
hor molhor. Marshal Norman cap
tured tho negro in tho bade yard of a
farmhouse. The marshal oluded n
mob nnd placed tho negro In tho coun
ty Jail. At eight o'clock tho next morning
Sheriff Hemsoll took tho negro, Ted
Smith, to tho homo of his victim, who
nt onco Identified him. Ono hundred
men met Sheriff Homsell at tho jail,
dragged tho negro to tho ndjaccnt
squaro, plied wood nround him, sat
urated it with kerosono and set it on
lire. Hundreds of men, women and
children watched tho negro burn. A
second load ot wood wns placed on tho
flro and tho hoy was burned two hours
longer. A negro who donounced tho
action was horsowhlppod.
Baby Drowns In Soapsuds.
St. Louis. Josoph Volaskl, tho 13-
months-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Felix
Volaskl, who was found with his head
submorgod in Boapsuds In n wnshtub
In tho yard of his homo, No. 219 East
Primm street, was tlio Becond child
in threo days to drown In a few Inches
of wntcr.
Tonoy Volaskl, six years old,
screamed when ho found his brothor
In tho tub. Mrs. Volaskl ran into tho
yard and pulled tho baby from the
water. Llfo was extinct. It la be
lieved tho child was playing around
tho tub when It fell In.
For the Third Tlmo Remarkable Varl
atlon In Tint of Skin Is Seen
In Woman a Former
Indlnnapolls, Ind. For the third
tlmo In her life of CO years, (ho wlfo
of America Masscy, a former olnvo
who lives with George Lnswell nt Mln
nesotii street and Churchman avenue,
has turned from black to white.
The llrst 1C yeaia of her llfo wore
spent In slnvery as u housemaid and
as sho can remember nothing about
her parents she does not attempt to
explain tho mystery 'which has battled
ovoryono who has seen her, as well as
numerous physicians who have exam
Incd her.
Having completed tho third transfor
mation Mrs. Massey is now of a fair
complexion. Her bkln is not light In
patches, but Is completely white, with
tho exception of thrco small brown
Bpots on the right sldo of her face and
one on tho left. A tint of pink on
ench cheek adds n bit ot color to her
appeoranco and tho curly hnlr, which
is gray only In patches, brings addi
tional contrast. When working about
the houso hIio rolls her sleeves, show
ing arms whiter than would bo ex
pected on a woman with a fair skin.
In mnklng tho first complete change
from blnck to whlto and then from
white to black, as well as in tho sec
ond completo chnngo, Mrs. Massey
sayH she noticed an itching sensation
of the 3kln before tho appearance ot
tho spots dark or light, as tho case
might bo.
Although she has not as yet noticed
tho accompanying itching sensation,
tho appearance of tho llttlo spots on
the face has given hor ground for fear
that tho roverso process In tho third
transformation may not ho far off.
Mr. and Mrs. MaBsey have a daugh
ter, Mrs. Jeremiah Redman, 112 Nel
son Btreot, where they spend mucb
of their time.
Rome Gossip at Once Connects Mop
gan's Name with Their Purchase.
Rome. A story has been going the
rounds In which tho name of J. Pier
point Morgan is mixed, as is usual
when there Is any disappearance ot
art treasures.
This latest disappearance is that ol
somo precious manuscripts ot Pales
trina, tho composer of church music
They were in tho custody of tho Basili
ca of St. John Latoran. That Is in the
direct care of Cardinal Satolll.
Tho Btory Is that an American mil
lionaire, known for his liberality nnd
his lovo for collecting the rare nnd the
beautiful In other wordB, Mr. Morgan
heard of the MSS., saw them, and
mndo an offer to buy them nt once.
Tho offer was not accepted Immediate
lymuch being mado of tho difficulty
of tho sale bocauso of government In
terference, of breaking the law, etc
Hut when tho amount of the offer was
doubled tho difficulties disappeared
and both sides wcro happy,
Tho report goes on to say that tho
large sum thus gained will bo used on
the Haslllca of St John L'ateran. It
Is difficult to get at tho truth of such
a story, but I urn assured thai the
MSS. have really disappeared.
Nevada Man Tells of an Atmospheric
Freak on Mount Davis.
s Reao, Nov. The specter of nrock-
nro, norotoioro oouevcu to do a super
stition relating to Mount Jeff Davis,
In Whits Pino county, has been veri
fied by Stato Engineer Nicholas, who
has jUBt returned from nn official trip
to tho mountains, and now roports its
height ns 14,700 feet, which is 200 feet
higher than any other mountain in the
United Stntes.
Yenrs ago a band of Indians fled
from the mountains bocauso of an lm
oge of thomselves which appeared
above the mountain In tho clouds, re
flected many times their original size.
Relieving it was tho Bplrlts coming to
destroy them, thoy fled, and slnco then
uono has dared return to tho moun
tain. Nlcholns witnessed tho strango
freak. While standing on tho apex of
tho mountain his imago appeared on
the whlto clouds to tho cast It was
many times bis slzo. This condition
1b not unknown to the government, as
there Is a record of a mountain in Ger
many whero similar phenomena occur.
Nicholas will tako tho matter up with
tho view of determining tho cause.
Stranded Monster, Blown Up, Burst
Into Flame.
York neach, Mo. Tho 7C-foot whalo
which camo ashoro a short tlmo ago
at Phillips Covo at tho cliff nud was
subsequently nnchnrcd off tho Nnbhlo
light whllo tho promoters mndo a good
business taking peoplo out In tholr
motor bontH was towed out to sea and
Then camo n surprlso for tho dyna
mltors. Tho explosives wont off all
right, but another olfect than what
was expected followed, for tho big
whalo hurst into sheets of flnmo. The
oil-soaked body burned fiercely all
night lofc, giving n remarkable offoct
from shore, which waa Hnod with spec
tators. Tho flro spont ttsolf at' a lata
hour In the morning.
Tliis 8ign is.permtuicntly attached
to tlio front of tho limin building of
tho LydJa E. l'inkham Medicmo
Company, Lynn, Mass.
What Docs This SIrii Mean ?
It means that public inspection of
tho Laboratory and methods of doing
business is honestly desired. Itmeans
that thero is nothing about tho bus
iness which is not "open and abovo
board." It means that a permanent invita
tion is extended to anyone to como
and verify any and all statements
mado in tho advertisements of Lydia
E. rinlchani'a Vegetable Compound.
Ls it a purely vegetable compound
made from roota aud herbs with,
out drugs ?
Come and Sec.
Do tho women of America continu
ally uso as much of it a3 wc aro told ?
Como and See.
"Was thero ever such a person as
Lydia E. Pinkhain, and is thero any
Mrs. Pinkham now to whom sick
woman aro asked to write V
Como and Sec.
Is tho vast private correspondence
with sick women conducted by
women only, and aro tho letters kept
strictly confidential ?
Como and Sec.
Havo they really got letters from
over ono million, ono hundred
thousand women correspondents?
Como and Sco.
Ilavo thoy proof that Lydia E.
Pinkham's vcgctablo Compound has
cured thousands of these women V
Como anil Sec.
This advertisement is only for
doubters. Tho great army of women
who know from their own personal
experience that no medicine in tho
world equals Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound for female ills
will still go on using and being ben
efited by it ; but tho ioor doubting,
suffering woman must, for hor own
sake,bc taught confidenue,forshoalso
might just as well regain her health.
Astonished Great Pianist.
A collection of anecdotes of musical
celebrities just published at Lelpslc
contnlns this ono under tho head ot
Anton Rubinstein. When tho great
pianist was making his tour of tho
United States ho sat ono dny In a
railroad train looking out upon tho
scenery. Suddenly a man sitting
across tho aisle spat over Rubinstein's
head out of tho open window. Tho
master drew back nud gnzcii In aston
ishment and anger at the vulgar Amer
ican, who smiled and Bald, soothingly:
"Don't worry; I know my distance."
Tho extraordinary popularity of fine
whlto goods this summer makes tho
choice of Starch a matter of great im
portance. Deflanco Starch, being freo
from nil Injurious chemicals, ia tho
only ono which Is safe to uso on fino
fabrics. Its great strength as a stiffen
er makes half tho usual quantity of
Starch necessary, with tho result of
perfect finish, equal to that whou tho
goods were new.
An Eye on the Future.
Tommy'B maiden nunt had called at
tention to somo of that young mnn's
misdemeanors, thcroby causing him
to be punished. Tommy pondered a
whllo, thon asked, "Papa, will llttlo
fiistcr Gladys bo un aunt to my chil
dren when I am a man?"
"Yes, Tommy," answered his father,
much Interested. "Why do you ask?"
"'CaiiHo sho might as well get mar
ried and havo a homo of her own, for
I don't Intend to 'low nny aunts to
stay around my houso, making troublo
for my children." Woman's Home
That an artlclo may bo good as well
as cheap, nnd give ontlro satisfaction,
Is proven by tho extraordinary sale of
Deflanco Starch, each packago con
taining one-third moro Starch than
can bo had of any other brand for tho
eamo money.
High Art In Blllvllle.
"An' you say It took that artist two
months to paint this llttlo plcturo?"
"Shoro did!"
"Well, all I'vo got to say Is, ho'.i
too slow for this settlement. I could
'n' painted two houses un' four barns
In thnt tlmo, an' not half tried." At
lanta Constitution.
TjraH mm H H IKfc BB
WIIMWS'undM' N CW LAW obUlno4