The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 26, 1908, Image 1

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County Commlsloncrs' Proceedings.
Hoanl of county commissioners met
ii: regular session. Members present.
.1. (i. Overman, W. 15. Anderson, ('.
Olmstede. T. .1. Chaplin ami (J. W.
In tlio matter of petition for bridge
across river between Uod Cloud and
(initio Rock. Tuesday .Inne Hi, 1 '.. at
I o'clock wai .set apart for hearing
(l:i motion same v;is carried.
It was moved and seconded that T.
,J. Chaplin and (i. Olmstede be ap
pointed a committee to eonfer witb a
l'l(o committee from Nuckolls county,
to divide road work between Webster
and Nuckolls counties. Carried.
In tne matter of the petition of .John
II. Kolunetscltcr for license being be
fore the board. The applicant repre
sented by Attorney .1. C. Savior. A
remonstrance by W. I). Moore was
filed thereto, the reinonstrator repre
sented by Attorney Bernard McNeny.
There was also the petition of W. I).
Moore V Co. for liquor license before
the board. The said applicant re
presented by It. McNeny, attorney. A
ictnonstraiice by H. N. Marshall was
filed thereto the reinonstrator appear
ing for himself and by Attorney .1. C.
Saylor. Said parties being before the
board and said petitions being both
for license at the same place, it wa
upon motion made and carried, ordered
by the board that said petitions and
remonstrances be heard together and
they are sot for hearing on Friday,
.June H', at 1. o'clock p. m.
Now comes U. I). Morit local mana
ger of the Red Cloud Chautauqua for
t'ie season lulls and petitions the
tounty board of commissioners fr the
light to let and dispose of all camping
concessions of the court house block
from August . to 1.1 inclusive. No
other concession to be granted ecept
as above speeilied. a fee of SI to be de
posited with K. I). Morit. by holders
of each tent. Said deposit to be re
turned if ground is left in a clean and
unimpaired condition. On motion per
mission wifc granted.
June Hi. llios.
I-urSuantr-trW-hri orJfc of board of
county commissioners setting aside
.June 10. 'Os, at one o'clock for hearing
of petitioner for bridge across Repub
lican river between lied Horn! and
(Snide Uock. F. I . Overman appeared
for the petitioners, presenting claims
for recognition and asking the board
to take favorable action on same.
After convincing arguments by repre
sentative men who are interested it
was moved anil seconded that the
board investigate location and condi
tion surrounding building of .bridge
and report at next regular meeting.
T the Honorable Hoard of County
Commissioners of Webster County.
Your petititioners Henry II. Crowell,
Joseph l'olnieky and Frank Crabill,
defendants, shows to your honorable
body that there has been served on
them the following notice. You are
hereby notified to remove all fences
and other obstruction from the public
highway on the section line between
section No. -1 and .i, township 2, range
II, Webster county, Nebraska, and
leave said road open for and unob
structed and in ease of your failure to
comply with this notice within (it) days
from the time of its service on you I
will proceed to remove said obstruct
ions and take such other legal pro
ceedings as may be necessary.
Kd Fry, road overseer, Dis., No. H.
Your petitioners show that there is
not, nor has there ever been a public
highway on the section line as de
scribed in the above notice, but that
the same is the private property of our
petitioners. That no action has ever
been had to open such a public road
nor have your petitioners or their gran
tors ever received any damages or com
pensation for their land or any part
lying on cr near said section line, nor
lias said section line ever been traveled
by the public so as to give the public
any right to travel said section line,
nor has Webster county through its
ollicers ever exercised any control over
same as a public road, therefore your
petitioner pray that said notice may
be withdrawn and your petitioner be
not required to remove their fences or
open their land to public travel until
proper proceedings have been had to
open a public road and your petition
ers have received just compensation
for th'-ir land. Henry Crowo'.l.
Frank Crabi'.l.
Joseph l'olnieky.
Ity l. I'. Overman their attorney.
It was moved and seconded that
above petitioners be granted a hearing.
Adjourned to meet Friday June lit.
at one o'clock p. in.
Friday, June lit. (Is.
Hoard met pursuant t" adjournment
Members present Overman. Anderson.
Olmstede and Chaplin.
Parties intoicstod in saloon cases in
lJoseinont. oak Creek precinct. Webster
county. Nebr.. appealed as perappoint
ment. Petition of John II. Kohmet
scher for license was withdrawn by
him also remonstrance of II. N. .Mar
shall against application of W. I).
Moon' ,V Co., was withdrawn, hearing
was commenced on application of W.
I). Moore v Co.. for privilege of sell
ing liquors in Koscinont and the re
monstrance of F. II. Klatte, II. A.
Stephens et al. It. McNeny attorney
appearing for the petitioners for license
aud said Klatte and Stephens for lib
juctors who asked for a continuance
until a lull board could be had and to
secure an attorney.
W. 1). Moore was sworn and test!
lied. No other testimony given.
On motion of Commissioner Chaplin
the remonstrance against the issuance
of said license was overruled.
Moved by Commissioner Chaplin and
seconded by Olmstede that license be
granted said W. 1). Moore ,v Co., as
prayed for and the bond approved up
on payment of S.VJO license money. On
viva voce vote Chairman Overman de
clared the motion carried. Thereupon
Commission!. r Anderson objected and
demanded a yea and nay vote. Al
lowed by Chairman and Clerk directed
to call the roll, holding that the Chair
man had no vote except in case of a
tie. Pending argument thereof the
reinonstrators by II. A. Stephens gave
verbal notice that an a peal from the
granting of license Would be taken.
I'pon roll call the vote was as fol
lows: Anderson, uo: Chaplin thereup
on appealed from the ruling of the
chair allowing a yea and nay vote.
I 'pon roll call on the question, shall
the ruling of the chair be sustained,
the vote is as follows: Anderson, yes;
Chaplin, no: Olmstede. no. Chairman
not sustained.
Moved by Chaplin and seconded by
Olmstede that the board adjourn until
five o'clock this evening. On roll call,
Anderson, no: Chaplin, yes: Olmstede,
yes. Chairman declared motion car
ried ami adjournment taken.
June lit, ." o'clock p. in.
Hoard met pursuant to adjournment.
Members present Overman, Anderson.
Chaplin and Olmstede.
Chairman appointed a committee
composed of Chaplin, Hummel and
Overman to view road two miles north
of Ina vale.
In the matter of the ease of Alfred
C. White and Richard J. Skeen vs.
Lipeneott, roail overseer, and Webster
County. The board is advised that
said ease has been by the plaint! IV car
ried to the Supreme court. K. l
Overman who represented the eiunty
in the trial in the district court is
hereby authorized to continue in said
ease and represent the county in the
Supreme court.
Moved and seconded that board ad
journ to meet August :i, 1003. Carried.
B. W. lloss, V. M. Fulton,
County Clerk. Deputy.
i ceo r-
To Our Patrons.
This issue of the Chief is the last
under the present management. Mr.
I'J. H. DeWolf has acquired control of
the paper and will direct its future
destinies. The present owners give up
the management with regret yet other
Interests practically force them so to
do. We bespeak for Mr. He Wolf your
continued patronage and good will.
Ciiiiii' Prill. isiiiMi Co.
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled
for at postollloo at Heel Cloud, Nob.,
for the week ending June :, 1!K)8:
tSeo Cook Hrnest Carpenter
Lizzie Carson W M Craig
Dr. Hetta Callicott Fletcher Waugh
Those will bo sent to tho dead letter
ollleo July oth 100S, if uncalled for
before. When calling for above please
say "advertised."
T. C. Hacker, Postmaster.
At Red Cloud, Neb.,
June 29 and 30 and July 1, '08
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Cambridge vs. Red Cloud
July 4th Two big Gmes
Franklin vs. Red Cloud
Forenoon at 10:30. Afternoon at 3.
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