The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 06, 1907, Image 8

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AWAifcAUartknkifcafa( OrAvV ik AU( Or OrAi (( 0. i
Ih e grice
fleaisy Jiotes From neighboring Tomns f
M JCr im Jrr&Mmf
i"f t r fjy
Jm I tm
down to .low ell county, Kansas, to!
attend tho funeral ol bis father.
Geo. Znliuil litis sold tlio Wilson
villo Hour mill to .1. IJoyd, ol
lilooiniiiKton, possession to lio ulvnn
(Worn tho SIkiihI.)
A diiUKhtor was born toMr.iind Mrs.
.1. KniKtfc, nonr liokloy, last wook.
In somo manner ii horao full on (loo. t,0 llst ()r (, tllontli.
Hunt, oripiilitiK Ids rifjlit lc hudly.
A tin Hhowor was given In honor of
MissKatlo Durban Tuesday ov.miiiK
at tho ifsldonco of her sister. Mrs, A
Hiifus liiirKont and wilo drovo to
Aithur Ii. Kimherlinj,' for sovorut
years the foreman of the Advocate ,
olllcf, was married at Alma hist
Wodnosduy to Mias Mabul I'itehor of I
that place. i
At ImkIi noon yesterday at tho homo ,
Ci'arllold township. Wednesday to visit of the Kroom's parents, .Scott Walker
her sister Mr.s. Ida Kent and lelatives a1( jMlss ytm0 ps, mmj nmrried.
from California. j 0V, Thos. Walker, unclo of tho groom
Mrs. Fred Watt died Thui.sday, No-' performing tho ceremony.
vember 'Jl, at L ainbridge, Idaho, aged
T'A years, mo and '2 iluyn. The fu
neral was held from the M. K. church
Saturday, November J:ld at that place.
Wednesday afternoon, Mr. James
Simpson and Miss Katheriue Durbin,
accompanied by Mr. Donald Hitylos
and Miss Geneviovo Hobinson. hied
themselves to tho county judge's ollice
at Red Cvlontl and were married.
(From the Leader)
C. l Harvey, or luavalo, was hero
Wodiuwltiy having some dental work
done. FJorn to Mr. and Mis. II. Ibiulf,
southwest of town, Wednesday morn
ing, a girl.
Mrund .Mis. Kay Frame loft Tues
day for Sidney whore they expect to
make their future residence.
Mr and Mrs Nod Grimes came up
from Red Cloud Wednesday and a to
turkey Thursday, with Ids parents.
Mrs. W. C. Kralun icturned to Ueil
Cloud Monday alter a few days visit
with her parents, Mr. anil Mr-.. A. M.
Tho dance Wednesday evening was
attended by a large crowd. A lied
Cloud oivhusini fumi-hod the music,
anil they pleased the dancers mure
than any music that has played for
dunces for some time.
(From the lOuterpiise.)
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Dowd.
a line boy.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Aichie I'reslon
last week, a boy.
Worn to Mr. and Mrs. Geneureaux
this week, a lino baby girl.
Doris, the little child of Mr. and Mis
T. J. Riggins. is seriously ill with ty
phoid fever.
Tho carpenters havo linished work
on the Kimmol building, and it will
soon be occupied.
Itavivul meetings will bejin at tho
Congregational church Sunday ee
ning, Dec. S and continue indelinituly.
A deal was made lutweeu Whclan
Hros., Wriglit and King the llrst ol the
week, by which the. two former became
possessors of the blacksmithing and
implement business, formerly owned
by tho tinn of Wiight, Whelan Uros.
A- King.
(From the Sentinel.)
Wednesday. Nov. -7, Ai thur Kimber-
hng and Miss F.lnie Pitcher were mar
ried in Alma.
() i Wednesday evening, Nov. 27. at
the home ol Mr. and Mrs. W.F.. Kwiug,
occurred the marriage ol their daugh
ter Kiln to Melvin R. Sptout.
The Methodist parsonage is being
enlarged, the work ol laying t lie found
ation having begun 1'uosday. A kitch
en, pantry and porch aie 'eiug added.
While the family vidting relatives ot
Will Tucker were piepat ing the Thank
sgiving dinner, Wediiesily,an old shot
gun which had been loaded for a long
time was. iccidentally knocked overand
every one of the four persons then in
the room leceived a part of its contents.
Mr. Tucker's wife and little boy were
t he worst in.jui ed, t lie boy get t ing much
ot the charge in tin shoulder. The
mother in-law Mrs. Ibirnes was uImmii
juredas was a fourth member of the
group who was also in the room at the
time. The hoy mentioned died of Ids
(From the Advocate)
Died, Sunday, Nov. r.M, l'.u7, Millie,
the beloved wite or .). F. Goings.
Allen Tulloysreturnel Monday from
Brush, Colo., where hu expects a job in
sugar factory.
W. C lmtis Inst Friday was called
Win. A. Cole, tho real estate dealer,
closed a big real estate ileal the past
week whereby a Mr. Maxtield. of Ne
maha county, comes into possession of
the old Ruby ranch, north of town,
consisting of 9(!0 acres, tho c nsider
ation being SUkoOU
(From the Messenger)
Miss Weruice lloughman who is em
ployed on the Kensington Mirror, came
home Saturday night to spend Sunday
at home
A. ('. Young, living north of Athol,
was found insane in probate court
last Monday and will be taken to the
state asylum for tteatinent.
The union revival meetings, which '
have been in progress hero for the
past three weeks came to a close last '
Monday night. Over ("00 people had
taken the stand and declared they
would lead a dilfcrcut life.
X lioot! Shew Hern Dec. 13.
Manager Mtnh.irt of the lied Cloud
opera house h. is guaranteed Duhiusky
Urotliers' musical comedy "Pickings
from Puck." which appeals in this city
on Friday. Dec. III. the largest amount
ever assured to nnj company appearing
in this city. This ,vas done undur the
impression that tiiepeopleot 1 'yd Cloud
would appivciati the oppui hinity of
.seeing an attraction in this city such as
freipieut ti ips are made to the larger
cities to witness. "Pickings from
Puck's" appeaiauce in Omaha or Kan
sas City would attract a large Hum-1
or ol lied Cloud people to see the cut- j
ertaiumeut and now that the chance j
is given to save this expense the house
should be crowded to the poor. It will
be a long timo before the opportunity
is again given to lied Cloud people to j
witness such an entertainment
"Pickings from Puck,, is a merry,
jingling musical comedy. The company
couttiiiisauumber of the best comedians
ami vocalists in the profession. Pretty '
girls and tho original and famous Am
erican "Pony Wallet." In New York,,
where t he pieeo was originally produced
it was an instantaneous success. I
It is expected there will be a largo
at tendance of theater goers fri.jn the
surrounding towns, and in every way
the entertainment promises to be the
most nota'de engagement ever seen in
this town.
Commissioner '& Proceedings.
Kmi Cum I). N it.. Dtc. 3, 1907
County IiojmI in session and
tneinbeis all picbcut.
A committee was appointed to in
vestigate. The claims of 1C. M.
lladcll was ict'eied to city of Red
The icpoit of the appiaises ol
the committee on the c: of sc; sec.
36 i) Value pe acie Sjo and thr
w ol the ee. sec. ,5(1 1 o value pel
acie Si 7
In the asscsMncnl of l.ymant I' .11
iuilus on 3500 bushels of un lie
ing assessed in two piecmcts was
suicken fioui tax list in one place.
The boaid m.ide oidei dei'laiine,
toad a public load on sec 34, .mil
5 town 4 y.
Petition of N. I".. Haivcy and
others to open between sec
tions 20 and H) town 2 12 and dam
age allowed Win. Moote at t,o.
Miil'l 1 11 1:0 l.lrfii
The following marriage licenses
weie issued this week by Judge I'M
son. James F. Simpson and Miss K.
Dusbin. Mauicd by lodge Kdson.
Frank P. idctten and Miss Knniia
Wellnian. Mnnicd by Judge F.dson
Joseph II. At rants and Miss Lena
V.' Mason. Manied by Judge Kdson.
Ml m j. . j. m jj w ,7.W"aEi
No doubt yon bave heard of them. They are used
by several millions of people t5srougboi!t the United
States, and we sell them to you with a guarantee that
if tfcoy are not what we claim we wiIS gladly refund
your money. One remedy for each fcwraan ill.
Some three years co a number of cd by the various druggists const luting
prominent retail drnr's rcc!.ir2 the company.
that a b g change was to be made in the From these, about two hundred
proprietary medicine budncss, that the wcrc selected cs being the bast reme
public demanded to know what the in- d. ICS known to medical science for
gredients were ox th preparations they thfL f urc of .il Particular ailment.
were advertising, and that a general J;;!
r.., u. 4. . 1 1 were then transferred to The United
reform was about to ta!:e pbee in pro- D:T Company, which has since manu-
pnetarymcdi.acir.iu.iC.ur.-gandad- facturcd t!:cm in its superbly equipped
vcrl.i.g, formed a co-cperative com- laboratories in Eo-ton under the now
pany to meet the public's demand. TI.Is s of" The Retail Remedies.
company was calbd'fhe Ur.iJ Tri'g Note thwn,f.rst of a".l, these facts:
Cn. nftuhirh 1 i.flprr.i.mM? V."t l-o ?- a t-. .... - . .
' " :, - w ;.. ..,w. ..... v.- AijU iv.e;r-a rc.ers.not ;o one rcm-
comconcofthetyot!.DU"t ndmembors
Our object vr s, f. t, to manufacture
a line cf prcccr:.;::."-.s i: :rh as w: had
tried cui in Cv.r r.rrca ar. J fv.: d io give
the cry bcr.t cf rexus, a-.d Lcond, by
ov.-ning oui own c'-oera.iv:
tunug company . vci:Ii re :tUc to
l:r,ow the erct ie ula i.f cvr ry prepar
ation v'C were c" " -, l'.-s cr..'! ;.r.? us
to give to the p.-1 ' 2 I .c ry I.-t icm
cdks we cou .I ". ..i ct actur.I r::anufcc-
turir. , coct, pus a 1 '.-"!e rj
'i prcf.t.
cdy but to ubodt two hundred
each fcr some one partiuaiai purpose.
Uobody l.ncws bctti.1 th-ui The
United Drt c Coir p: ny druggists the
absurdity cf the "c :re-ar."
. Tnrh "T?e.v" IVrnwdn'o o (!ic..
c:l c.r.d proved rec-ss, selcctc:
fcr its cc:ipicr.cus i.-.eri.. f-om many
of its cL.cs. AI! had c stabiished rep
utations ; thc.r continued use
by physicians '"".iore they became
rremb-rs of il.e "Rexall " family.
3rd. " Res-'l " Rcmcc:es are sold at
low prices Leccuse they are free from'
heavy manufactur'ng charges, job
bing profits, era tVe heavy evpense
of being advertised separately, as
The United Bru't, Company, which
This enabled 1 '.e United Drt.g Com
pany to escce t' e heavy churges f r
advertising a d other cri'cncs such as
have to be pa! J by proprietary remedies.
What was most important, it insures
safety and satisfacti-n to our customers,
because we druggists Jmow just .hat
ive are seiiing.
A committee of :::perts was ap- manufactures the exall Remedies, has
pointed who spent a lngll.e in testing already scored the greatest success
the merits of mere l!:n two thousand ever known in the history of the drug
formulas and prescriptions recommend- business.
Three of the 200 "Rexall" Remedies, one for each human ill, are:
The chii-f i: rcilirntr. of AlilcmCAKITIS ELIXIR The famous KpviIPW," Hair
Wiicu-Tone :i! (jcnti. Cu- ...... n , ....,.,. T.mSf. ,...,, ,..-,i ;.,
tlfDF,;, t-.ter- ;,;..,;,.,,.,,. , , 1.,,,j It. .soro .1. 1$l:.l iVnihtli.,1 anil
t'.tiflly of free riui-j!iorus, rili)c.unn.
Kcsmcin i one of the latent
n-.d most l . active f.A'ini-l;illcis
di.iLovcinl by a m li'iu-o," ami in
Cuniuctum wi'lilii-t.i N.iphthol,
!ii('i is liotli fti'imuhlnl and
inc, and Sar.-apruilla.
m CiH.tianisiecn-i.i-cdiainru.. (u.nlio,.', 4 ,, Iroaluo'
icine as o 11 v ot t.ic an.ittrt j,., t)l)uw ...ui CalUi, .x. "
loan's tver discovi red. It is .... , ., , :. . f ,, .
kill I U 1 tUMM via 1 n i ri.. 1 " ., . 1 . ... . .1 . a i u i.iii. r.. ,.i.., ....,. rcuulyaici ictntltu 1... t tl...t
bines in hi,;h doKne the 1. Ac tt'v. ;.. V,A'"' ."..l0 lVB
powiin ot all the Knov.n 4'liit- ''',".'
ex!;'. 1 1 a (ci i.; m
tBTh. o d ' !.k-hitc...ilwi..Mnu!iat,lya-.l "":'".. ' 10,1 is
? 11 niZi l,,. en-.ily taUn ip Iv them It is f;m l uh.d, n-.t only denv ,
..ol..g.v...ppliiYtot urn. lIie v , (, I -c talj, j,, t!-eL;cnnsuhidi...l) the hair of
CulK'lw Imvc lr-b(,n rcr. Mdi f'ree'l'!1...;.hou'.-i:1..t i iis milrifnwit, but c-ratcs a
I'll I'jii.iiu.i w!.. !i k 1..: s in- c. (.an ana ne.iithy condition oi
d(.iuii; ij 1. id. the .'calp, which prevents the
The CI; rtviho-ph.Uv ,, a 'af.l lodgment and dowhipnient of
ncr c-ti.. uc iK.ildti-, aio t -m of new ytr...s.
the most n-eut :v 4 ..! jMe ,,., . .. ,
additions to t'.e li ' I of this J iIoc.upin is a well-known
tiaiuhof nu'ia'. i ua .dti-.iqi. ,- nmt for tvMt.iin. the hair to
liM'uMy a in. eirkiit n i- is natural color, wheic the lo-.
edvtl.m tie w e 1 1 - J: n o v 11 of color has In en-due to a dis
00,111 id sa cr v ntl.etn . t
ir.eiit of all eaUiihal 1 .ulitioi s.
Its acti'-n i pr "pt and its
bftiefit im..ii..Me. In
v.h.tever p.: it of t!.c In 'v the
inflamed or diea.sed c 1 . it'on
of the :;nitot:s nienibrane l-aIms,
the ii-.e of Cubehs has In en
leconnueinlfd by the Ik .t phy
tic an-, hiriiiaiivueiicra: .r
n 01 ll.popiiosphiui. e...e of the M.ilp. It is not a
.Cacara Sa-jratla is epe- '1 llC u,n p. n)p, vphatcs is c.,-,,,,,,,, ., ,- or (hcit .,.
cnllvmi.nduced for its new- ,ilC mo.tea-ilya.-'in.ilJtul 1. m ii t I 1 ,n
,.irv l.i.iti.-f iiiniii'i ii'. ,.. :.. 1.:. 1. ..:... 1 il.s tiKLl l) MlllluiailllC
' -J 1 III iiii.i Hllivu i:i.- 1. 1 u .'ill ,1, ... .1.. . 1 1, ." 11 1 ..-L
The lombination of these i..l ir, and the coml.ineil ali.a- l'walp .m.lju 1 follicles ta
with C.l..Tiine and Sarsap.uilU of Cah.-aya have u health and acine life,
makis .Miici-Tone a reniedv tonic etTn-t on alivo-,t ill the Thi-. c om ion of cur.
that att-uU ( itanh fiom eu-ry f.-nctions of lh.; bo, . . avts 1)ll.(l wlh acliuiX as a
pomt.t; adually ie.stoie.sai. I ic In ninpoiuulintt these van- s,:,mii ,, .....f... K .i,,. .,.,,.. (.
bwiltU the iIi.-eaM.-tl tissue to mis elements, tie vtiv liUlu-t ' ",",a"1,,,Vi . ? I 1 a
i.iiri.i-m..i-iIniiiii .i.wi wti-. ...hi. ,i...r... ,. i.i.m....... !,..r. tin Uctie leiueiiy lor nan ana
promotes digestion and creates has been employed. 7."ic. ami 'l 'H." Known to-day.
a normal appetite, liottle, rie. ,M ..'0 a bottle.
liotlk, .l)C.
" Rexall " Remedies are found only in the stores of druggists affiliated
with The United Drug Company only one in each town and each
backs up this " Rexall " guarantee printed on every package : " This
preparation is guaranteed to give satisfaction. If it does not, come
back and get your money. It belongs to you, and we want you to
have it."
H. E. GRICE, Druggist
The &Xall Store
Subscribe now for the Chief. One Dollar a year, and well worth it.
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