The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 05, 1907, Image 5

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AlissHthel Kcnady is visiting in Re
ntvice. Argabright bus u lot of piano boxes
for sale.
Allen Van Dyke returned from Den
ver Sunday.
Knink Itenson it. visiting relatives at
Gibbon and MeCook.
Mr. anil Mis. Vim Negley were down
from Inavale Sunday.
Miss Vernon Storey returned Sun
day from Plattstnouth.
Mrs. W. 1!. Ruby and daughter Helen
are. visiting in Iteatriee.
Don't buy a piano until you see Ar
gabright, in Potter bloek.
Misses Florence and Mertlia Potter
vame in from Lincoln Tuesday.
Will Mitebell left Tliursday for bis
future botne in Los Angeles. Cal.
There will be services at the Dpisco
pal church the next two Sundays.
Engineer Za.icek and wifearo spend
ing the week in Oxford and MeCook.
The Statu bank rooms have been
nicely papered and painted this week,
Mrs. A. McCall and daughter left
"Tuesday for an extended visit in Penn
sylvania. A. U. Kaley and family left Monday
for an extended visit in Findlay and
(tyrey, 0.
Miss Jennie Cotting went to Denver
this morning for a visit with Miss 11a
y.el Potts.
Mrs. Dave Dickey, Ivcturah and Pete
left Tuesday for a visit with relatives
in liladeu.
Dr. K. A. Thomas now has his den
tal parlors in the rooms over Cotting's
drug store.
Mrs. V. W. Studebalcer ami daughter
Paquita are liome from an extended
visitin Iowa.
(Jeoree Corner, who formerly ran
Tho Fair store, is now working for
Nowhouso Rros.
The government weather sharps say
last month was the coolest .lune in
.se.vcnty-tlve years.
Mrs. Allen Heir and son of Chicago
arc guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Alfred Hadell.
(iuide Hock defeated Cowles yester
day , 10 to S. Superior defeated Ryion
hi a fast game, I to 'J.
Mrs. lieorge Clauson and daughter
Georgia left Tuesday for Lebanon, Neb.,
tor a visit with relatives. t
We request the ladies to read the
nrtlclw on the "rest room" question,
published in today's paper.
Kx-Seeretary of State A. (lalusha
was shaking hands with friends in Red
Cloud the iirst of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. (5. (Jroody of Wash
ington, Kan., visited this week with
Air. and Mrs. W. A. Holmes.
Nd Gillard came down from Naponoe
Alonday, and on Tuesday went up to
Hastings to take in the races.
Yes, I can sell you an A. 15. Chase or
n Packard piano. Nothing is too good
for Argabright'.s studio tosell
Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Mountford are
rejoicing over a girl baby which ar
rived at their home last Monday.
Kx-Sherilf McArthur, John Wilson
.and John Turner are among those who
lost heavily by the big hailstorm.
Mrs. Carl Jenkins of Beatrice ar
rived Wednesday evening for a visit
with her mothcr.Mrs. A. Cummings.
Manager Dal Sheard has secured a
-date, with the Rostwick team for a
.game of base ball here next Tuesday.
Mrs. E. H. Rlakledge and children
leave today for a visit in Flannigan.Ill.
Mr. Ulaokledgo will join them later.
Mrs. James llyan, who has been vis
iting with relatives in this vicinity, re
turned to her home in Chadron Mon
day. Mrs. J. F. Amick and Mrs, Neal
Clancoy are visiting with their parents
Mr. and Airs. AI. S. Marsh, in Grand
15. U. Overman delivered the Fourth
of July oration at Thompson's creek
celebration, over in Franklin county,
Airs. C. S. Palmer and daughter Hoi
tha left Sunday morning for Wray,
Colo., to visit Airs. At. Finch and Miss
Flo Palmer.
Air. L. C. Rarndt left Alonday for
Cowley, Wyo., where she will join her
husband and sons who have been there
about a year.
Dick Moore and Cieorge Seal of Rtv
erton came down to Red Cloud Tues
day after the ball game at Inavale, in
which the latter town lost to Hiverton
W the score ,of 0 to t.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars tho
Signature, of
A card from Airs. R. F. Raines, in
Chicago, announces that the doctor is
much improved and that they expect
to return home soon.
Mrs. Leigh Pope will arrive tomor
row morning from Kansas City for her with her parents-in-law. Air.
and Mrs. (ieorge Pope.
Airs. J. M.Chatlln and Airs Congress
man Landis, of Delphi, Indiana, eon
template spending hepteuiber in New
Jersey visiting friends.
For the benefit of all would-be can
didates, we will state that it will cost
them $." each to have their candidacy
announced in this paper.
Mrs. Walter Roby left Tuesday morn
ing for Nelson, Nebraska, where her
husband has gone into the furniture
and undertaking business.
A skyrocket came around the cor
ner from Fourth avenue on to Webster
street last night and broke a glass in
Dr. Kmigh's otllee window.
Mrs. (Ieorge Newhonse and children
returned Alonday from Campbell. where
they have been visiting with her pa
rents, Air. and Airs. Wash Reed.
Roy ISarber is carrying his arm in a
sling as the result of mistaking a
(lower pot" fot a giant lirecraeker. He
didn't let loose of it quick enough.
We heartily Indorse the Comnieieial
Advertiser' scheme for a public
drinking fountain at the corner of
Fourth avenue and Webster street.
A fine lot of registertd Yearling
Hereford Hulls at fanners' prices.
Farm three miles east of'Hladen, Neb.
t',' R. N. Lkwis, Prop.
Those who went down to ("Snide Rock
yesterday report having a good time.
The band boys are particularly well
pleased with the way they were re
ceived. Dr. Warrjek, tlie specialist, will meet
eye, ear, nose and throat patients, and needing glasses properly fitted,
at Dr. Damerell's ollice, Tuesday, July
11). Kxamination free. yi
Next Sunday morning the Congre
gational church will celebrate the Com
munion of the Lord's Supper, and re
ceive several new members into full fel
lowship with the church.
F.d Jones was kicked by a horse late
Saturday night, receiving a bad cut in
the back of the head. Dr. Cook dress
ed the wound Sunday morning and he
is now getting along nicely.
Some miscreant poisoned "Spott"
Will Parkes' valuable fox terrior, Sat
urday night. He was a present from
Air. Parkes' son .Mark, and Uncle Hill
thought a great deal of him.
Ki Potter, brother-in-law of George
Hutchison, came down from Wilcox
Special Low Price on
White Lily
in large lots.
Good Canned Corn,
80c doz. Cans
Strawberries Every Day.
75he GR.OCER
All tho Phonos
y mhmh
Neb.. Sunday, and was accompanied
home on Monday by his daughter, who
has been visiting here for several weeks,
Airs. Paul Storey and daughter Hs
ther left Monday for a visit in Nevada
and California. Mr. Storey accompa
nied them asfarastSrand Island. where
they took the I'nion Pacific for the
O. W. Pope has opened an invest
meiit bank, and for the present will
have his ofllce with Dr. J. S. Fniigh.
lie will make a specialty of dealing in
bonds, mortgages, etc. and will also
make loans.
The Red Cloud Automobile Co., Roy
Hale, manager. Auto livery service,
repairing gas engines, nutos mid bi
cycles. Terms reasonable. Phones:
Shop, 117; ollice, 01; residence. Ufi;
country. Hi.
.Mayor J. O. Caldwell has' purchased
the old Valley House and will make
extensive improvements in his coal
and poultry yard. We also under
stand that he intends going into the
lumber business.
Mrs. Walt Isoni and daughters of
Hrush, Colo., were in Red Cloud Tues
day on their way to visit friends and
relatives near Hellaire, Kuns. Air.
Rohrabaughmet them here and accom
panied them to Hellaire.
Governor George L. Sheldon has
Issued his proclamation calling for the
first primary election to be held in
tills state on September It. He fore we
get through with it we will wish we
were back to the old convention sys
tem. In our last Issue we neglected to
mention that Attorney Saylor had re
moved his ollice to the rooms in the
Damerell block formerly occupied by
Dr. K. A. Thomas. Dave Kaley has
moved into the rooms vacated by Air.
It is hoped that before the season
closes a band stand will be erected for
the accommodation of the Citi.ens'
Concert band. It is hard for them to
do their best work when people crowd
in on them so they hardly have elbow
room. Mr. and All's. Clare Pope, of Forest
City, Aln.. arrived Tuesday evening for
a visit with the Pope Rros. Their two
sons have been here for a couple of
weeks. Clare lived at Hlue Hill in the
early days and is well known to the
older citizens.
"Put" Fuller, the old time city mar
shal of Riverton, died yesterday morn
ii g at his home in that city. Funeral
services were held this afternoon at 'J
o'clock. Fuller was well known to all
of the old timers in the surrounding
country aud had a host of friends.
The first meeting of the union meet
ings in the court house square .will
commence next Sunday evening at 8
o'clock. Rev. L. A. Hussong, former
pastor of the Christian churoh. will
preach the sermon. The public is most
cordially invited to these outdoor meet
legs. Summer coughs and colds yield at
once to Hees Laxative Cough Syrup.
Contains honey and tar but no opiates.
Children like it. Pleasant to take.
Its laxative qualities recommend it to
mothers. Hoarseness, coughs, croup
yield quickly. Sold by Henry Cook's
Drug Store.
Rev. George Hummel reported that
the hail Alonday evening cut down his
line stand of corn and destroyed his
melon crop, This will be disappoint
ing news to those who have been in
the habit of enjoying the toothsome
melons that Air. Hummel distributes
amwng his friends every year.
Alondaj' evening's hail storm did con
siderable damage to wheat and other
crops west and south of Rpd Cloud.
Among the sufferers were Claas Doose,
whose wheat was hit hard; Alike Fin
kenbinder, David Hefllebower, Pete
Mcintosh and Anthony Shaefer. Out
east of town John Galbroth lost his
watermelon patch.
There were fewer accidents j'estor
day in this vicinity that there have
been at any celebration in a good
many years. In fact, wo have heard
of no one who was badly hurt. S. AI.
Alilligan moved out of his chair at home
last evening just in time to escape be
ing struck by a heavy skyrocket stick,
but "a miss Is as good as a mile."
So far there are no new develop
ments in the matter of improving the
road south to tho Kansas line. The
Hurlington engineer has submitted
his estimate of the cost of putting the
road in first class condition, but so
far no action has been taken in the
matter. It is highly probable, how
ever, that tho work will be taken up
in the near future.
Alan Zan Pile Remedy comes put up
in a collapsible tube with a no..le.
Easy to apply right where soreness
Ht iiti.k
riui WGciuiGr ojjtftiqib
Do You Know II Is Warm ?
And do you know we are prepared for warm weather by hav
ing in our store all the Wearables that go to make life endurable
for sweltering man and boykind.
Ederhcimcr, Stein
v maklrj
Outing two-piece Suits, $5 to $15
Underwear Union, $1 to $1.50 Suit
Underwear, two-piece, 25c to $1.00
Soft collar Shirts, 50c to 3.00
Golf Shirts, 50 cents to 1 .75
Fine Summer Hosiery, 1 0c to 50c
Straw Hats, 1 0c to 2.50
Genuine Panamas, $5 and $6
Come to our store for your Summer Wearables
UghtVeigltt Goods at Light Weight 'riees.
The Cowden-Kaley Clothing Co.
3 1 5 Webster St.
and inflammation exists. It relieves!
at once, blind bleeding, itching or j
protruding piles. Guaranteed. Price
flOe. (Set it today. Sold by Henry
Cooks Drug Store.
Air. and Airs. AI. C. Sherman have re
ceived from their laughtc Winnie a
very interesting letter discriptive of
her trip to California. She has fallen
in love with the c.ouiitryiiud would like
to stay there, but she is too useful as
a teacher in this slate for us to allow
her to remain out there, aud she will be
back in time to take up her work at
Holderdge this fall.
Wednesday evening was the most
peaceful "night before the Fourth"
that Red Cloud has known in years.
Everybody went to bed early so they
could get up early and go to Guide
Rock, where the big celebration in
this part of the country was held.
Over 300 tickets were sold to Guide
Rock yesterday, morning, and half as
many more went down In carriages.
A youngson of John Alason.of Guide
Rock, was seriously injured at that
place yesterday, by tho explosion of in
giant cracker. He was standing in the
the middle of the street when some
man on the sidewalk threw a lighted
cannon cracker which struck on the
boy's hat just as It exploded. The
force of the explosion tore the brim
from his liat,strippcd nearly all the hair
I from the back of his head, and severely
burned the back of his head aud neck.
, Ho was taken to Pace's drug store,
where his wounds were dressed.
"Hi." Points, son of Air. and Airs.
Atahlou Points of Walnut Creek, has
returned here after a two month's so
journ in Rawlins county, Kansas,
where he owns one-half section of laud
near the town of McDonald. He has
many friends anil relatives in this com
munity, who are considerably "swelled
up" on account of the success of this
enterprising, hustling young agricul
turist. He has a crop of about 75
J acres of corn that he has been tending.
He reports crops looking fine in his
neighborhood at the time of his departure.
r;l )
& Co,
Red Cloud, Nebraska
RoMdenco: First door south of
Red Cloud .Mill, 101 South Webster
Can bo fouiulathotne every foro
uoon. Terms reasonable.
Fulton y
Grocery Co.
(Successors to John Grill'eth)
Staple and Fancy
A full assortment of Seasonable
Goods kept in Stock.
Call and See Us. We will try to
Please You.
425 Webster Street.
Bell phono 103.
Itnl. phono 1
- Y