The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 27, 1906, Image 7

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A Food
to Work On
Work! Work!! Work!!!
Lots of energy is needed to keep up the pace. In
the struggle, the man with the strong body and clear
brain wins out every time.
The man of to-day needs something more than
mere food ; he needs a food that makes energy a food
to work on.
Although some people may not realize it, yet it is
a fact, proved and established beyond doubt, that soda
crackers and this means Uneeda Biscuit arc
richer in muscle and fat-making elements and have a
much higher per cent, of tissue-building properties
than any other article of food made from flour.
That this is becoming known more and more every
day is attested by the sale of nearly 400,000,000 pack
ages of Uneeda B faculty the finest soda cracker
ever baked. An energy-giving food of surpassing
value sold in a package which brings it to you with
all the original flavor and nutriment perfectly pre
served. Truly the food to Ivork on.
Whoever you arc whatever you arc wherever
you work Uneeda Biscuit.
. rrv'-yjf -
1 Jleuisy Notes prom Neighboring Tomns I
9 S
MANKATO. I viciously. striking the boy in the
stomach. At first little was thought
(From the Advertiser.) of the jnc,loilti the l)OV hong .
Miss (Jeortfia (Sard of lied Cloud, , parontly only slightly injured and it
was not until Friday night that alarm
ing symptoms developed and a physi-
Ni'lir.. is spending the week here
Hruce White paid his $100 line Mon
day as he had served out his term in
Klmt-r True. .McCarthy's tinner, went
to Lincoln last week and took unto
himself a wife.
Mrs. John (Jregory. who underwent
a serious surgical operation in a hos
pital in Lincoln, Neb., four weeks ago,
returned home Tuesday evening.
It. W. Thorn, who has been practic
ing law in Colorado for the past two
years, Iuih returned to Jewell county
and will probably locate in llurr Oak.
Friday afternoon, from 1:30 to o:.'IO,
JIrs. Joe Trump entertained thirty
two friends of her little niece, Ruth
Hall, the occasion being her ninth j
birthday. . j
Miss .Maud K. Hill, the only daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Hill of this
city, died Monday night. Maud B.
Hill was born in Jewell county, Kan.,
November '2i, 1882. She died in Man
kato, Kan.. April 1(1. 15100. She united
with the M. B. church when nine years
of age.
(r'rom the Citizen.)
Bd Woodworth, recently in the em
ploy of II. (iaudreault, departed fordil
eago Friday, to take a two months'
course in the study of embalming.
Don Firkin, the 12-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. (i. A. Firkins, in jump
ing from a wagon near his home Mon
day, accidentally slipped and fell
under the wheel, which passed over
liis body.
While Henry Mercier. living nine
miles southwest of here, was coming
to town Saturday in company with his
wife and child, his horses became
frightened and ran away. Mrs. Mer
eier, grasping the baby, jumped, and
eseaped without injury. Her husband
wius not so fortunate. Hefore the
horses were stopped the buggy had
been wrecked and Mr, Mercier's leg
badly bruised.
A shocking and fatal accident oc
curred at the home of Jacob Quirin,
four miles southeast of town, Wednes
day, resulting in the death of Louis,
the 13-year-old adopted son of Mr. and
Mrs. (Juirin. The lad had gone to Un
stable for some purpose, and desiring
to enter one of the stalls struck the
horse with a strap.
chin was summoned. It was then as
certained that he had sustained inter
nal injuries, and from that time on he
rapidly grew worse and died Sunday
morning, April 1.1th.
(From the Times.)
A. Ij. Topliff is confined to his room
again with rheumatism, which was
caused by a fall on the sidewalk some
time ago.
Lester A. Stillman and Miss Florence
I. Winchell were united in marriage at
the M. E. church Thursday evening,
Uev. Brown oflleiating.
Lester Honecutter resigned his posi
tion in Cole's store and will accompany
his parents to California, where they
will spend the summer.
.1. B. Hrodmarkle and family were
called to (Ireenfield. 111., Sunday night
by a telegram announcing the serious
illness of Mr. Hrodmarkle's sister.
Sunday, at 5:30 o'clock, at the home
of the bride's sister, Mrs. Charles An
derson, occurred the marriage of Miss
(iertie Srader to Charles Cruin, Rev.
'('remain officiating.
(From the Sentinel.)
C. N. Ilenedict died at his home in
this city at 8 o'clock this morning as
the result of a broken leg received
several weeks ago.
At the home of the bride, four miles
northeast of Franklin, Thursday, at
high noon. Miss Blanche A. Heeson to
Mr. Harry C. (Irout. Rev. A. A. King
officiating. Miss Hessie (irout was
bridesmaid and Walter Heeson grooms
man. W. II. Chancy and A. Hayden ac
companied a shipment of fat cattle to
St. Joseph Sunday. Mr. Chaney's
shipment included the largest steer
ever shipped from this place. It was
perhaps six or seven years old, weigh
ing 15)25 pounds and sold for Sill.
The 88th anniversary of the birth of
(I. W. (iarrett was celebrated at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. T. .1. Lynch in
this city Monday. A number of the
children, grand-children and great-grand-children
and a few friends were
present to make the occasion pleasant.
Mrs. Ethel Lowe Winehtnd died at
The animal kicked her home in Franklin county, on the
13th of April 15)011. Mrs. Wineland
was the eldest daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. 11. W. Lowe of Custer county.
She was born February 5)th. 1873, and
married to Fred L. Wineland February
15). 185)2.
(From the Leader.)
Mrs. C. F. Ound and sisters visited
in Lincoln last Friday.
A social dance was held at the
llogott hotel Monday evening.
F. C. Ruschow shipped some of his
fine Polled cattle to Oxford and Reaver
City this week.
Ned Grimes had the misfortune to
fall down the cellar steps in the drug
store Sunday night and was badly in
jured about the head and shoulders.
Ed Rowlands and Helen Walters
surprised their friends last Thursday
by going to Hastings, where they were
united in marriage by Judge Dungan.
Geo. Huppert was at Lincoln the
first of the week and brought his
brother Henry, who has been so sick,
home with him, he having recovered
sufficiently to be moved.
(From the Journal.)
Mrs. Saulsbury was in the acl of
chopping kindling this afternoon and
accidentally cut a finger off.
A. M. McDaniel, who has been very
bick for sometime with cancer, died at
his home Thursday noon, aged 50
The home of Jens Rubjerg, who
lives between here and Abdal, was
burned down about 3 o'clock Thurs
day morning.
Isaac Wyscarver continues making
trouble for the sheriff of Nuckolls
county. Last Wednesday he stole two
of his father's horses.
A very appropriate home wedding
occurred Wednesday afternoon nt the
home of Mrs. Vestal, when her daugh
ter, Eva, was married-to Mr. Ralph
J. R. Dishman, who lives on the
Folk place, had a terrible misfortune
last night. His barn and sheds were
burned; also seven head of horses, two
cows and several dozen chickens.
(From the Messenger.)
John Swift died at his home near
Kensington, Tuesday, April 17, of
A special stock train was sent out of
here Monday with twenty-five ear
loads of stock for Kansas City.
Grandma Manchester, died at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank
I 'ark, near Stuart. Tuesday, April 17.
She has been a resident of the county
for about thirty years, and was nearly
ninety-five years old.
Charlie Adams was down toMankato
yesterday, attending the funeral of
Shelby Hill's daughter, who died Tues
day. Clyde Wyhind and Tillie Jacobs, two
of Haulier's young people, were mar
ried in this city Tuesday, April 17, by
Probate Judge Hlaek.
.lames Collier, who has been very
side for several weeks with appendi-
eitis. will he taken to Topeka in a feu
days, to undergo a surgical operation.
Henry Wilson, one of the old settlers
of the county, who has been sick for
the past three years with cancer, died '
Sunday morning, April 15, at Ids home
live miles east of I'eamsville. '
(From the Advocate.) I
Miss Daisy Montgomery, who has
been attending the Keister dress mak
ing college in Lincoln the past winter,
returned home Saturday night.
The Republican Valley Telephone
Company sent two load of poles east
of Franklin by Len Holmes on Mon
day of this week. The poles were
used for the company's line to River
ton. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Kirkbride gave a
whist party last Tucsdaj' night that
was a most pleasant affair. Mrs. 0.
II. Waldo and W. ('. Horsey won the
prives. This was the fifth wedding
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Kirk
bride. One day this week while D. B.
Thompson was breaking some colts
they ran away and he was badly in
jured, one of hisiuikles being sprained,
causing him to take a forced rest.
The old adage that accidents come in
succession proves true in this case, for
while John Aman was driving one of
Mr. Thompson's buggy teams to a
seeder on the farm of his son Brnest,
a bolt come out letting the tongue
drop and throwing the boy under the
seeder, Tpiite badly bruising him. The
horses ran away and one of them broke
a leg and had to be killed.
(From the Review.)
The Riverton string band went Un
rounds Sunday night seranding nearly
the entire town.
Seth Shepherdson's family is quar
antined at present, having diphtheria
in the household.
Roy Rife and Miss Zoo Sanson of
Red Cloud spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Taylor.
The Hancock Hros. have their new
barn practically completed, having It
all enclosed and ready to paint.
Rev. Samuel Williams departed Sat
urday morning for DeWitt, Neb., his
present home, after a few days visit
with friends here.
Married at high noon, Mr. Pliny, L.
Martin and Miss Mary E. Gray, at the
residence of the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. Gray, Wednesday, April
18, Rev. G. W. Owen, oflleiating.
Burlington Bulletin.
Special Ilomcseckers, Ratos 1st
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1 iJS i alkIM
Tram: Marks
Dcsichs "
Copyrights Ac. '
Anyone sending nkotelind description may
qulrkly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Intention la probably niilcntnhl. Comiunntr.
tlons strictly conodcntlii. HANDBOOK onl'stema
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Red Cloud, Neb.
81. LOUIS and
all points east ami
and all points
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1 1
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