The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, March 24, 1905, Image 6

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In Spite of Reverses He Is Considered
the Best General and Foremost
Strategist Changes Positions With
General Lincvltch.
St. Petersburg, March 22. The Huh
a I an tiiiny in Muueliurlii Ih still to
auvo the services of Uunernl Kouro
patklti, who Is considered by many, in
pilo of his series of reverses, the
best general and foremost strategist
ef the Russian army. Sinking nil feel
ing or personal bitterness because of
lis stipercesslon and all the old time
enmity between himself and General
Lincvltch In a patriotic desire to bo
or service to the fatherland, the form
er conimnndor-ln-clilcf volunteered to
remain In nny capacity with the army
which ho hnd so long commanded.
The tender has been nccopted by 13m
juror Nicholas and grntefully received
ly the new leader of the grand army.
The change exactly reverses the old
order of affairs, when Kouropatkln
was the supremo loader and Llnevltch
directed the First army.
Authoritative news of this, remark
alilo step was known in Manchuria
aiuch earlier than In St. Petersburg.
General Kouropatkln, having pauscrt
en his homeward journey at Harbin,
started southward tho afternoon of
Starch 20, amidst a most remarkable
iarcwell from residents of Ilnrbln and
soldiers who nro on tho way to 1111 out
tho ranks of tho depleted army. The
send-off was a mere foretaste of what
awaits General Kouropatkln at tho
front, and his self-sacrificing deter
mination and the equally patriotic
course of General Llnevltch In accept
ing tho services tendered are bound
to do wonders for tho relnsplrntlon of
tho emperor's legions and glvo prom
ise of union nnd harmony at tho coun
cil table which that army has hitherto
Retreat Progressing Uneventfully.
Tho retreat is apparently progress
es uneventfully. No dispatches of
moment were received.
Little weight Is plnced here on tho
deduction drawn nt certain European
flapltals from tho dispatch announc
ing that ennnonading had been henrd
nouth of Tie pass, that General Rcn
aenknmpff's corps, endeavoring to re
join the mnln army, had been Inter
cepted south of Tie pass. Tho dis
patch In question undoubtedly was
erroneous and It may bo pointed out
that several correspondents nt tho
front have mentioned the orderly ro of General LInevltch's army
iml asserted that It effected a concen
tration at Tie pass with scarcely a
straggler missing, but made no men
lion of the absence of so well known
a fighter as Itennenkampff. In addi
tion tho Associated Press correspond
ent. M. Tolsukoff. who wns with Hen
acnkniupff's commnnd during tho bat
tle, has arrived at general hendquar
lers, slightly wounded.
Preparations nro now mnklng for
Oic mobilization of a number of now
detachments, not, however, on a gen
eral scnle, the preliminary orders af
fecting but twenty-two districts In tho
governments of Odessa, Warsaw and
Renewal of Agrarian Troubles.
Recurrences and extensions of
tgrarlan troubles are noted nnd near
Llbau workmen and peasants are mak
ing common cause. The Caucasus Is
already tho scene of armed resistance
to the forces of civil authority and In
tlie region around Kieff, where tho
Beasants are Increasingly bold, thero
Mavo been ninny cases of violence.
The labor leaders in tho great Indus
trial centers are plainly planning to
synchronize a general renewal of the
strike with tho climax of the peasant
disorders and with tho action of tho
troops In mind have been serving no
bee by anonymous letters and other
warnings on guard officers hero and
officials In other cities that ir another
"red Sunday" comes and they order
the troops to fire they will be held re
sponsible therefor and tholr lives bo
Biade tho forfeit.
Official Report of Japanese.
Toklo, March 21. Tho following
official announcement hns been made:
"Our detachment entered nnd occu
pied Knlyuan Sunday morning at 4
o'clock. On tho samo day at 10:30
o'clock the enemy's cavalry, about
sixty strong, with three companies of
infantry, attempted a counter attack,
tut was completely repulsed. To
ward tho northeast tho bridges on
the main ronds south of Kalyuan have
been burnod by the enemy. Tho rail
way brldgea havo been partly de
stroyed. Tho number of guns cap
tured near Mukden Is increasing, ow
ing to discoveries of those buried by
tiie enemy boforo retreating."
Governor of Viborg Shot.
VIborg, European Russlu, March 21.
Governor Mlasorodoff was shot and
corluusly wounded by a boy, whoso
Identity has not been ascertained.
Tho nssassln, who was about flftcon
xenra old, obtained an entrance to
tho governor's office nnd fired three
times nt hlint ono bullet, inflicting u
r i
serious wound nnd tho others slightly
wounding tho governor's legs. Tho
governor's clerks nnd secretary were
unable to stop tho would-lid assassin,
who ronehed tho Btreet, wlero, how
ever, he was arrested wlthont a strug-
glo. The governor's condition Is crit
ical. Strike Renewed at ILodr.
Lodz, Mnrch 22. The workmen In a
number of factories again struck. A
police official was shot tlntl severely
wounded. His assailants escaped.
Death Roll Now Contalro Fifty-five
Names Rescue Work Made Diffi
cult by Fierce Heat Property Loss
Is Quarter of Million. I
Drocklon, Mass., Mnrrh 21. This
city Is in mourning for r.t least three
Ecoro of her citizens, whoso lives were
blotted out by tho explosion of a
boiler in a large shoe manufacturing
establishment, in the Cnmpcllo dis
trict, conducted by tho R. 11. Grover
company. The explosion was Imme
diately followed by a Hash of ilame,
which consumed the factory, a long,
four-story structure, as If It were n
house of cards, and Incinerated an
unknown number of men unil women,
who were unable to extricate them
selves from a mass of tangled wreck
ngo formed by the torrlflo upheaval
in tho boiler room. Moro than 100
of tho employes In tho building were
mnlmed, burned or bruised by tho
tlmo they had reached safe ground. ,
Some had jumped from the rooff,
eoino from windows and others had
been injured in the mnd rush to es
cape from tho doomed factory, which
from nil parts cmL.ed tho Intense,
awful heat of an Inferno, driving back
tho band of heroic rescuers, who In a
few brief moments had performed gal
lant service.
The lire extended from tho factory
to seven other buildings In the vicin
ity and destroyed them. One of tho
buildings was a three-story wodlen
block, owned by Charles F. Dahlborg.
tho others being cottages of small
value and a blacksmith Bhop. The
wooden dwellings near tho engine
room were practically demolished by
tho ilylng boiler, but nono of the oc
cupants was seriously Injured. Tho
total financial loss is estimated at
$250,000, $200,000 of which falls on
tho R. B. Grover company. Tho mon
etary losses aro nearly covered by
Many Unaccounted For.
It may never bo known just how
many persons perished in the wreck
age. No ono knows exactly how many
persons wero in tno factory. Tho
number has been estimated at 400, but
Treasurer Emerson said ho doubted
whether thero wero so many at work.
Two hundred and fifty survivors have
been accounted for and tho remains
of fifty-live bodies have been recovered
from tho ruins, tho search being con
tinued all night. Fragments of human
frames, which possibly might belong
to bodies other than those enumer
ated, havo also been found. Few of
tho remains have been Identified. Tho
head in nearly every Instance is miss
ing and, except in rare Instances, it
wns impossible to distinguish tho sex.
Chief of Pollco Doyden expressed
the opinion that some of the em
ployes hal not reached tho factory at
tho time, of the explosion and that un
doubtedly a number of those living in
nearby places wore Injured and had
gone home without reporting their In
juries. Ho thought that many of
those unaccounted for, upwards of
100 In number, were among these.
Thq disaster was attended by many
harrowing scones nnd thrilling res
cues. For hours hundreds of tho rela
tives of tho factory operatives be
sieged the ruins and the fire and po
llco stations In quest of missing ones.
Some in their violent grief nnd ago
nizing stress of mind, collapsed.
Several of the rescuers and search
ers fainted as they beheld tho dis
tressing scene. Thero was no trace
of the body of David W. Rockwell,
engineer of tho plant, who wns not
seen nftor the explosion. It is sup
posed that ho perished at his post.
I List of Dead and Missing.
I The list of identified dead: J. R.
Colo, Hardy H. Hall, Jeromo A. Mayo,
Georgo Smith, Emma B. Pray, Flor-
1 once A. Dunham, Samuel A. TUloy,
Ernest Cabon, Nolllo Leary, Miss Se
rena Shaw Rurrows, Marlon Tufts,
Miss Fitzgerald, James N. Bell.
I A list of missing wns given out at
the police station. Thero is renson to
believe thnt all wore killed, ns every
offort has been mado to locate them.
Tho list follows: Andrew Johnson,
jonn Lundoll, Jennlo Styles, Almoran
Hallett, Miss Georglo Emerson, Miss
Mary Fitzpatrick, Georgo Burgess,
Barnabas Lowls, David W. Rockwell,
Hannah Llndberg, Sndlo Hlekov. .T.
Victor Turner, Arthur Pray, Mulder
. man, Georgo a. Monk, .TcbsIo Chand
ler, A. F. Nelson, Bror Lovejoy, Mrs
Stolln Kelloy, Mrs. Ciara Atwood.
Richard Sprlgglns, Mamlo O'Connoll,
.Mamlo. Leonard. W, R. Armstrong,
Kate Kelloy, Louis HIckcy, Granville
Hoppin, Miss Burgess, L. BurgeBB,
Mrs. V. Hurd, John N. Sullivan.
An inspection of tho wrecked boiler
by the state boiler Inspector showed
thnt there was a sufficient supply of
water In it. Tho cause of tho explo
sion Is nt present a mystery. Tho dis
aster will bo further Investigated by
the state authorities.
Beef Trust Investigation.
New York, March 21. Tho United
States district attorney, II. L. Bur
nett, hns been taking evidence here
for n week pnst in connection with
tho beef trust Investigation by tho
federal grand jury In Chicago. The
list or witnesses Includes the names
of all tho New York representatives
of all tho big packing concerns In
New York. The witnesses, It Is snld,
wore questioned In regard to tho meth
ods of tho trist east of Chicago and
tho "blacklist" In the credit systems
employed by the firms. All General
Burnett would say was that what was
being dono was worth while.
President of Venezuela Seizes Italian
Coal Mines by Armed Force.
Port of Spain, 'Jjrinidad, March 20.
News has i cached hero that the gov
ernor of Barcelona, Venezuela, has re
ceived from President Cnstro orders
to take possession at once of the coal
mines of Quanta Narloual, situated
near Barcelonn, and leased in 1S0S
for thirty-three years by tho Vene
zuelan government to an Italian com
pany. Tho samo day tho Venezuelan
troops took possession of the mines
by armed force, as In tho similar case
of the New York and Bermudez com
pany, this notwithstanding the protest
of tho Italian mnnngcr. This action
has been taken without a judgment of
tho court of Caracas.
The Italian legation has boon noti
fied nnd Baron Allottl, Itnllnn charge
d'affaires, is represented ns having en
tered a protest.
France Files Protest.
Washington, March 20. Minister
Bowen, at Caracas, has cabled tho
state depariment that tho French
minister at that place has protested
to the Venezuelan minister of foreign
affairs against tho action of tho gov
ernment, which has given notice to
tho French Cable company of Its in
tention to nnnul its concession nnd
seize Its property. The nature of tho
protest Is not given.
Cruiser Colorado Sails.
Norfolk-, Vn., March 20. The cruiser
Colorado sailed from Hampton roads.
It Is understood she Is bound for Ven
ezuelan waters, though reports havo
her going to Join tho combined fleet
at Pensncola. Ten expert torpedo
men wero sent to the cruiser from tho
League Island navy yard. The order
for theso torpedo experts was received
In n personal telegram from Secretary
To Ratify Warner's Election.
Kansns City, March 20. A mass
meeting to ratify the election of Ma
jor William Warner of this city to
tho United States senate to succeed
Senator Cockrell will be held In Con
vention hall In tho city next Friday
evening. Invitations to attend have
boon extended to many prominent
Ml8SourIans and Senator-elect War
ner's Republican nnd Democratic
friends will vie with each other in
paying him honor. Kansns Cityans,
regardless or tholr politics, will avail
themselves of this opportunity of com
plimenting their distinguished fellow
citizen. The list of speakers will in
clude all of the notable political or
ators of tho state.
Flood Feared In Mohawk Valley.
Fonda, N. Y., March 20. Residents
of tho Mohawk valley fear another
flood from tho overflow of the Mo
hawk river. The water has been
constantly rising all dny and the ico
threatens to niovo out nt any time.
The New York Central railroad lias
ordered the section gangs on this di
vision out on duty and a close watch
is being kept on places where wash
outs are feared.
Soldier Killed by Falling Wall.
St. Louis, March 20. Word has
been received hero from St. Gene
vieve of tho death of Leonnrd N.
Gloor, sergeant of batory A, Missouri
National guard, during tho Spanish
American war, by tho falling of a log
houso wall on a ranch near there.
He served with distinction in the Por
to Rlcan campaign.
Warner Elected 8enator.
Jefferson City, Mo., March 20. In
scenes of tho wildest disorder Major
William Warner (Rep.) of Kansas
City was elected United States sena
tor from Missouri to succeed Francis
Marlon Cockrell, whose term expired
March 4.
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