The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 24, 1905, Image 8

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    Autumn Dreaming.
I don't know what's tlio reason that along
nbout tills Hinsnn
When the golden rod Is blitzing and the
pasture s Rcttlm: brown.
And 1 hour the locust (-ailing and old
fortndlo baulliiK, bulling-
while thn npnles In tho oichnrd one by
ono uie dtoppiiiK down,
That I sort of atop my hurry let up
about mv worrv
As I loaf nbout tho bamynrd and en-
inv fhn ntltlltnn llnvn
)V the autumn hazo.
And foriret tho locust's rlrr
orpet tho locust's droning and old
brlndlc's loncsomo lowing
For I somehow hco tho faces
that 1
anaw in other days.
And I find myself reviewing wliat for
years I've been n-dolriB
nut It seems as If the most of It was
,..,. onl' ehlltllsh piny,
whllo tho things most worth tho keip
Iiik nnd for which to-day I'm wi-ip-Inir
Have been lost In life's blind slitiN
Ho and have vanished clean away
But tills autumn air Is clearer and It
brings up objects nearer,
Or perhaps It innRiiltlcH them as I hoc
them through my tears;
Maybe Unit may be the reason that
alonir nbimt Dili himihih
I can see the ones I used to love wa
back In other years.
I can hear my mother Hinging and enn
feel her hand a-cllng 'K
Around my boyish neck again and sue
her lovlnif gaze,
And I find my troubles lighter and m
future growing brighter
For tho dreams that I'm a-ilu-miilng a.
I loaf around Uipbo days.
Washington Post
Have to Call Loudly to Attract Their
All tho night birds nro noisy. They
cannot consort with ono another In
happy tympanies as do tho warblers
and thrushes and finches, and sing
nnd whisper, but must call loudly nnd
long to one another in tho darkness.
On consts where petrels and certain
other night-hunting seublrds abound,
all day sitting on their eggs or hiding
In burrows, you will hear no sound
from morning till night, but after dark
tho air Is filled with shrill cries. The
loud, reiterated calling of the South
ern chuck-will's-wldow, nnd of Its
Northern cousin, are familiar. A
whipporwlll will sound Its cry several
hundred times In succession without
a pnuso. Owls hoot, or utter a harsh
sort of laughter, rarely pleasant to
listen to, nnd nlght-herons and bit
terns squnwk nnd boom. Sweet songs
occasionally heard in tho dnrkness are
those of wakful day birds, as tho
nightingale, or our own oven-bird.
Ernest Ingersoll, In Harper's Maga
Tom Marshall's Scathing Reply to
Young Louisville Fop.
One of Kentucky's national law
makers furnishes this good story
nbout Tom Marshall:
When the science of phrenology first
began to uttract public nttcntkin. a
lecturer on that line turned up in
Louisville and gavo talks, .us well as
made examinations of a largo number
of craniums. Marshall attended ono
of these "exhibitions." Ho was about
"half-seas over." After tho lecture and
demonstration closed Marshnll and a
crowd of friends went to the Gait
houso to "liquidate" and talk over tho
newly discovered science Marshall
declared that ho could 'phtenologlzo
as well as the lecturer; that It was a
rank fake and tho fellow ought t. bo
rocked out of town." Marshall wns re
quested to go into tho parlor and ex
amine a few heads. This he eonsentod
to do, and a numbor of ladles and gen
tlemen wero entertained by the bril
liant man ns ho called off the dlffcient
"bumps" and ground out yard alfr
yard of good nnd bad qualities ol head
owners. Ho know most of the crowd
and mndo a vast amount of inn.
It happened that among tho. o pits
cut a Louisville fop, of scare amonv.
of brains, distinguished lor his lor
wardneBS and egotism, was left out ';
Marshall. To this the fop obJcui,
tolling him that his head had not been
"I beg your pardon, sir," said Mar
shall, "but you must really excuse mc.
I am too drunk to read small print bv
candle light."
This Language of Ours.
Teacher What do you mean, Will's
Emerson Beansby, that "a battleship
Is a rowboat?"
William Emerson Boansby Yen
will pardon my saying that you both
mlsconstruo my meaning nnd nilst ro
nounco my words. In this instance
tho word r-o-w Is pronounced with tU
same sound of o-w that Is found in
"cow." Following this direction and
adopting my hypothesis, you will load
lly discover that I am right in my
fundamental postulate. Baltimore
Knew the Man's Way.
Poploy Come, come, Wllllo! Don't
cry because you've barked your shin
i little bit. Act like a man.
Wllllo (blubbering) Yes! then
rou'd whip me. You told mo you
would If you ever caught me swear
In'. Catholic Standard.
Ruse Bv Whih e ...... i-u .. . .. . '.
c,.. w . r- ' aao
wi,iin MFrlc,ndof Enem'-
i-i vn i l)Iot wh,ch ,,ltImteIy d
iinini.0 ift er throno wns ,,0,,,K
! c ok ,on Isn,,el1'1 )f Spain was
ni at. bonastlun ami ono day surprised
nui cuiirtiera ny expressing a desire to
visit a man-of-war. Knowing that tho
navy was not very loyal, they tried to
dissuade her, but In vain, nnd finally
tho Zanigosa, an armed cruiser, was
summoned from Cndlz and her ma
losty went on board. The cptw'i. who
was one of tho plotters ngnu ft tho
throne, received bur with ui- lienor
.ind conducted her over the v ;s 1.
Sho wns charmed with all th:it s,
saw and treated the captain so ccttrtc
Misly that finally ho turned to h- i
id said:
"I'erhaps your majesty Is not uunr
hnt It Is In my power to carry ji.ii
n this vessel far away from Sp-iln.'
"I know It," replied tho queen.
"Yet your mnjosty did not lies. tale
o come on board?" ho ashed, won
'erlng at her courngc.
"No, 1 did not hesitate," she ropllr'
because 1 knew that you were a gin
onian nnd I wns sure that you would
t act liko a coward."
"Your majesty was right," said the
iptain, with n low bow, "and you
mil have no cause for regret thr.t
on placed confidence) In me."
Girts, Can You Carve?
One of tho minor accomplishments
o bo acqulrod by every girl Is th
clonco or nrt of carving. Lot )ici
cam to cook by all means, If '-Ik
as any gift for that divine nrt, but to
I'nderstand the graceful dissection ol
n joint of a fowl Is still more Imi.or
Unt if sho intends being nt tlu head
of on establishment. Generally this
luty falls to tho man of tho houso
who, though he may not be skillful Is
et strong of wrist, and whoso right
Is to hack nnd slnsh without leproof
from tho other end of the board Hut
when a lady can easily nnd dexUtoua
ly perform this share of a man's pre
rogntlvo It Has a very pretty appear
nee. Exchange.
Remarkable In the Lower Branches of
Organic Life.
A fow days ngo, wiicn they brought
oio a fine specimen, about four inches
'ong, of that strange creature the sea
mouse, dredged from the sandy bot
tom of Loch Hyan, I began to specu
late darkly upon tho significance of
the generic name Aphrodlta, bestowed
ipon this lowly lnvertcbrnto by Lam
atack. Tor It Is no mouse, but a
worm, belonging U) tho class Anne
lida, animals which, being still In a
primitive stage of development, enjoy
the enviable privilege of being able to
replace any organ, oven a head, of
which they may bo bereft by accident
or assault.
At first sight no living creature is
less suggestivo of the goddess of love,
Its general outline being thut of a gi
gantic wood louse and its structure
but nn oblong mass of Integument and
viscore. Yet on second thought, It
appears not Inappropriately termed
Ahprodlta, born of tho sea foam urn
phros and. if beauty of for.l be de
nied to It, compensation Is made by
an extraordinary loveliness of color.
The breathing apparatus, consisting
of external branchiae like silky bris
tles arranged all along the sides of
tho animal, shine with a' luster as deli
cate as and more brilliant than a
pigeon's neck. l'all Mall Gazette.
Victory Over World Means New Vital
ity and New Powers.
It is new well known that increased
complexity of life with increased ex
penditure distinctly adds longevity.
Luxury, "the fertile parent of a whole
family of diseases." modifies It greatly,
yf course, but this Is a manageable
We have only to recall personal ex
perience to renlizo the force of Intel
lectual stimulation. The Interest of
sport will sustain men without fatlguo
for distances they otherwise could not
traverse. The excitement of striro
will often mask the presence of
wounds. Self-forgetfulness in all the
walks of life, under tho stress of lovo,
ihlvnlry or accepted duty, doubles hu
man endurance. Success gives new vi
tality, new powers, and this is another
uame for nw At.
Distinction That Is Worthy of Careful
"We sometimes fancy wo hato fiat
ery, when In truth It Is the manner of
It wo disllkb," said La Rochefoucauld.
Stripped of its cynicism, tho saying
comes to this: that whllo praiso is
eternally pleasant, there are fashions
in flattery, and thoso fashions change
very completely. Flnttery Is innocent
or desplenblo, not according to wheth
er or not It oversteps the limits of tho
accurnto, Dut whether or not it pro
ceeds from an Interested or a disin
terested motive. There aro momenta
when a truo statement of honorific
fact mndo for the selfish purposo of
tho speaker may bo gross flattery,
""" " uuKKuniiuu fipeocn may ae
justified by Its good Intention. The
' ,m-,aim i not wnni was snm,
rifll nr.,.il f.. !
unt NV,,y lt wns 8n,(1- TlmL ,B " only
tost by which we can divide tho con-
tomptlblo from tho hnrmless kind.
Suroly tlU!,' ,s l0SH (,f tho worse sort
than there was-or do wo but llattor
(Continued from First Pago.)
over only a part of the route in one
day, going over the balance of the
route the next day.
Chat lev Fruit, who has been in tli
United State army f')t' three years, in
the Philippines, is homo, nnd wn be
lieve he has had enough soldiering to
last him qtitite n while.
D-Mitist Keith of Hustings is in town
this week.
i W. Mi Donald drove- over to liluu
Hill Saturday.
J. W. McCoy nnd family visited at
K Hrowoi's Inst Sunday.
Dr. Wegninn went to Kansas City on
Imihiichs last Wednesday.
Mth. Cowley is moving into her prop
orty up in the in w addition.
Mr. Wolf is having nn addition built
to Ids barn in the south part of town.
11. II. Hoyd ruturned Saturday from
a six weeks' visit in Illinois and Iowa.
A few more days like Monday and
Tu"Mlny and there'll bo no more snow.
Miss Demurs went to Campbell Fri
day, visiting with ftiends until Mon
(ipoigc Ktall of Hf all ice is paying a
vidt to his patents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J.
Krai I.
Mrs. Peter Haller and son returned
Monday from a month's visit in Custer
Mrs. Fish visited nt tho homo of her
daughter, Mrs. George Soloman, last
F. McTigh visited Sunday nt the
home of his sister, Mrs. P. Duffy, liv
ing southeast of here.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Ungate of Kim
creek wi-ie viiiting at tho homo of
Frank lloom last Saturday.
Tho Misses Wegninn of Blue Hill
visited with their brother, Dr. Wi-g-man,
in this city last Monday.
Guy Harms buy niovid down near
The i ural mail eanier has again be
gun to mm ve his route.
Hev. Taylor preached both morning
and evening last Sunday,
i Mr. Haiiington has moved to the
oust putt of Guide Koclc township.
Mr. and Mr. Frank Aile8 were guests
of X. L. I). Smith one dnj this week.
Mr. Hnskett has moved to the old
Mark Wainer fin in in Line township.
Mrs. Kflie Heed and her dnugliNr
I'eurl wcie visiting Mrs.' Kued's parents
this week.
Mrs. Dcllnrt with her motlipr nnd
sister wero guests of Mrs Lmmn Smith
last Wednesday.
The Enst Gin Held telephone com
pany will hold n meeting in the Kuruer
school house S.ituidtiy night of this
Kd nrd Ne innti Jones ale chopping
wood for A Arnold.
Hnbeit Mitchell and family visited
nt T. F. JonesV Sunday.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Fulton,
the 15th, a boy. All doing well.
The roads are so bud a number of
pnniU have stopped attending school
at No. .
Will Topluim and Miss II, .el Hold
rego spent Sunday afternoon with
Sim An o-on.
A number of farmers have been haul;
ing hogs this week. Fay Arneson
marketed live IohiIs.
Miss Deiihih Fulton cave n very
pleasant party nt her hnnin Inst Tlmrs
day evening. The young f dks enjoyed
themselves playing high live.
Real Estate Transfers.
Transfers for week ending Wednos-
day, Fob. 22, furnished by J. II. Bailey
or Webster County Abstract company.
James F Lippiucott nnd wife to
Robert E Mooro, wd, sei uvi
nudno4sw4 20-1-12 9 CO
Columbia National Bnuk to Lil
lio May Van Dyko, wd, sanio. . 1200
Helen L Stowoll and husband to
E E Burr, wd, part se4 nol
a.r)-2-ll ro
Leon E Lester and wifo to A F
Uartwoll, qqd, sol .12-2.13 1
Anna TuUoyH to Win M Crabill,
wd, lots :$ to fl, blk :, Lo Duo's
add to lted Cloud 1030
Alico S Wilson and husband to
Win J Holmes, tyril, nol 13 2-12 1
Wm J Holmes and wifo to Ar
thur Wilson, qed, sanio 1
Joseph Saunders nnd wifo to Hi
ram J Sauudois, qed, half s2
Ladies' Collars
A large assortment of Ladies' Fancy
Collars at 25c each. Nothing in the
city to equal them in value or style.
All Silk Ribbons, No. 40, at 15c per
yard. Others equally as cheap.
Kalamazoo Corsets
Wear one thirty days and if defect
ive in material or workmanship will
either give you a new one or return
your money.
Laces and
We have a large number of remnants
and short lengths of Laces and Em
broideries that will be sold at less
than half their usual price for a few
days only. Too many to enumerate.
swl 32-4-10 800
Hiram J Saunders and wifo to
Clias Li Fullwider, wd, s2 bwl
32-110 2000
Samuel Lindsey nnd wifo to Guy
Lindsey, wd, n2 nw-1 and n2 s2
uw4 12 2-12 1200
John M Chapin and wifo to C W
Knloy, wd, nol 1-2-1 1 .'JoOO
Isaac Wilmot and wifo to Lloyd
A Carpenter, wd, lots 13 to 17,
blk 28, Red Cloud 02o
Local drain Market.
(Furnished by J. IV I), aney )
Thursday, F.-b 10
Wheat one
Mixed hotled Corn 3.".e
Kar Corn :j4Ji.
White shelled o rn :.-
OniH y.'lc
He 01,.
Commissioner Garfield to Begin In
vestigation Into Standard Oil.
Washington, Feb. 17. President
Roos?velt has directed James It. Gar
field, uimmissloner of corporations of
the department of commerce and la
bor, to begin Immediately the oil In
vestigation requested by the house of
representatives In a resolution adopt
ed unanimously. Tho Investigation,
by direction of the president, will bo
rigid and comprehensive.
The inquiry will bo pressed ns rap
idly as possible. Representative
Campbell of Kansas, author of tho
resolution adopted by tho house, had
a conference with President Roose
volt. Mr. Campbell's Idea Is that the
investigation should concern partic
ularly tho situation In the Kansas
field, but ho expressed to the presi
dent his belief that tho Inquiry, onco
begun, would extend to tho operations
of tho Standard Oil company In tho
Beaumont field of Texas and perhaps
to other fields.
Secretary Hitchcock gave out a
statement nrralgnlng as a "gigantic
monopoly" the present lease by the
Indian Territory Illuminating Oil
compnny of the right to prospect for
oil and gas throughout the entire
area of tho Osage Indlnn reservation
and explaining tho ngrcement reached
several days ago for cutting off more
than one-half of tho lands operative
under this leaso during the next ten
Congressmen, In Inquiry, Learn Mem
bers Took Fees From Railroad.
Washington, Fob. 20. All tho mem
bers of tho isthmian canal commis
sion, according to tho unanimous view
of tho houso committee on interstate
and foreign commerce, have rendered
themselves liable to peremptory dis
missal from office, if not severe pun
ishment. It was disclosed at the hear
ing before tho committee, at which
tho affairs of tho Panama railroad
wero being Investigated, that every
member of the commission had ac
cepted amounts aggregating from $G00
to $1,000 n year for acting as directors
and members of tho executive board
of tho railway company.
Their acceptance of those fees wns
construed to bo in direct violation of
Prosldont Roosevelt's order, issued
May 9, 1901.
gig T M TABLE.
IBffiKl Red Cloud, Neb.
cm u ago
S'l. JOE
S3. LOUIS and
all points east and
and all points
No. 13. Piinsen(?er dully for Oberlln
and St. PraticlHliraiiflieN.Ox
ford, McCook. Denvorund ail
points west . 7 0-, .m.
So, 14. PaHnenger dnlly for St. Joe.
Khiihhb City, Atchison. Si.
Louis. Lincoln via Wymorc
.. ,B1,d n" points east and Miiith 2-iOa.ra
So 15. PnnheiiBcr. dally. Iienver. all
points In Colorado, Utah and
m . California. 8:o: p.m.
So. 16. PaM,eiiper. dally for St. Joe.
Kaiihan City. Atchlnon, St.
L011U and all poluta east and
south. 10r m
So 174. Accommodation. .Monday "
Wednesday and Prlday.llon-
ly.?,8' Gra.1"1.. Iukii'I. Black
Hills and all points In the
northwekt t.iiinm
Sleeping, dlnltiR, and recllnliiK chair rar
eau free) on throiiRb trains. Tickets bold and
sraThgoerCaf1adCad ,0 ""y P,Ul ,D lho Unl
Cloud, Sfcbr. or L. W. Wallelcy.'oenerai Paa.
senuei Agent Omaha. Ni-lmniik uerBI ""',
'The Queen" Is trulv the
tjiicen of Incubators. l(ns a
sjMeni of liausle vcmlla.
Hon ol Its Wii. it will hatch
. u?r r.r. cm of MroiiK,
healthy chicks than any u.S:
chine uith other hj stems of
V-iitllatloti. Send fur cm,
Klie. It's KKUK
box (i, HnvtliifcH, Neb
Order To Show Cause.
Stalo of Nebraska, I
Webster County f
At a coiintv court held at the couniv court
Its- "o."a."i. 1P05. C"my' T,,urs(ln,e bru
In trie matter of'tho estate of fieore Gibbon,
iiireadliiBandulInK the petition of II u
Sim ns filed on the 10th day of February. A. D
U5.praj larfor tlia cxamlnntloa ami alio v
aiico of his lliml account of the -ame date n do
cteo of nsslirnmet.t of the lands beloiiBhiK to
said estate to the petsons uuil.led lo the s. me
an order dlstributluK lho re-ldue of perso 1 ml
estate an 1 there upon an order Wimir nil
him from futher burden ami service In h"s" a
olllcc as dmlnlstrator.
Ordered, that Tliunxlay. thouih dav of Mnrnh
A. I). UH)5.nt?one o'cloJk ,, m VasslKned
fiirlicarlnK said petition , he . , S
Intorestcd In said matter may ap. carat a rauuty
court to be held In nu.l for Mid coil lit" nil
show cause why prajtr of petitioner hIiV.i, d ol
bo Kranled; anil that notice ol the pen lencV of
said tiittliiini nnii ti,. i.n 1... '."."r1" ? 0I
11 hi persons Inn-rested In said inaiter. by pub
ISEAI.l 1 .. ..
innrr in ";. ".
Couniv JudKC.
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Bust Medldna fn Ttnav Pn.i.
Brlnifa Golden Health and Renewed Vliror
and Itookiwhe. jvk nKXK TCXK W.
-Bwwva V nn
ret rorm, a cpnts box. Opnulna rtiada bv
HoLUBTEn Dnoo CimPANV, MadlsoMs. y
Sabetha Has $50,000 Fire.
Sabetha, Kan., Fob. 22. Vlra i10m
destroyed tho buildings occupleby
ho Citizens' state bank, Meye? &.
Kooutz, shoes, and Hobort & Co
clothing. Loss, ?C0,000.
ltiri. Mitimviah it
ommMt tWOMrim