The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 24, 1905, Image 1

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Miner Bros. Miner Bros.
Advance Showing
New Soring Goods
'.'Magnificent showing new goods, lowest prices,"
and many such phrases are always heard at the be
ginning of the season. We might add, "Never
before have we been so well prepared." We take it
for granted that the buying public of Red Cloud ex
pect us to be better prepared with each succeeding
season, evidenced by something more than mere
words. We cordially invite an inspection.
Items of Novvs Found in Tho
Chief of Twenty Years Ago
This WeoU V V V S
l"'W'WWWAr'W''V. 'W''W'W'W-
Thore'll bo very 'ittlo
liomo sowing on Muslin
Underwear in Red Cloud
if you nppreoiato our as.
.sortment as wo do And
there Is littlo occasion for
homo sowing, too When
it was a choieo of buying
poorly made, sweat-shop
goods, or making them yourselves, perhaps tho homo wok was the
cheapest; anyway, tho safest and host. In buying PEERLESS
goods you tako no risk nothing is loft to chanco. Theso Under
muslins are orisp from tho hands of well paid workorr whose busi
ness hours are spent in America's brightest and cleanest factoties.
Ml goods cut full and in good, generous sizes.
Now Effects tn Ginghams for Spring 1905.
7.1 patterns I oilo do Nord Ginghams just placed on sale. Stripe,
Checks, broken Checks Fancies, a grea- ratigo of patterns For
tth it Waist Suits, Waists, toon's Shirts, Boys' Waists. 12e.
Corset Covers, 15c to SI. 75
Night Robes, 50c to $2.25
Skirts, $1.00 to $3.7 S
Drawers, 25c to SI. 7 5
Tho now Embroideries aro now icady
and coinpri o the daintiest originations
wo have over shown.
We have gatheiod thorn with lavish
hand, yet with a discriminating eye as to
tlioir usefulness and pi ice worth.
Embroidery dainties from
3c to $1.25
I'K'jjiil feSSsiJ iJ'Ja.
Kansas Cltv Market.
Special to Tub Ciiikk.
Kansas City, Mo, Feb. 21. Buyers
began to pound cattle prices last
Thursday, more on the prospects of
heavy runs this wook than thoy would
have done- with tho same upply under
normal conditions. Prices accordingly
droppod rapidly from tho high point
last Wednesday tip to and including
yestorday, as a run of 10,000 yesterday
hero and 111,000 at Chicago looked like
tho big runs wore bore. Today, how
ever, supply is only ,000 here, and
moderate at other points, and tho mar
ket is steady to stroug, as buyers real
ized they would have to got out and
got some cattlo quickly, or homo of
their orders would not be filled.
A good many stoors sold last weok
at S3 2) to r.7i, whilo top yestorday
was $5.50, and today S5.5J5. Tho decline
is not this much, though, on tho best
cattle, as stoors of tho same quality as
tho J5.G0 to 85.73 cattlo last week have
not boon otforod this week. A good
many stoors sold above $5 last weok,
but prices aro 2.' cents undor host titno
last wook on fair to good onos, and
bulk of steors now soil at 8-1.25 to $5.
Cows and heifers lost only a part of
their gain of last wook, and aro still 10
to 15 cV,s above tlioir prico noloro tlio
83.90, canners $2 to $2.00, bulls 8250 to
& 75, veals 85 to 7 "Trado in stookors
and feedors has been light for some
time, and except fof a slightly en
la god demand for good heavy feedors,
at $1 to 84.10, prices drift along at $.'$ to
81 25 Stock calvos soil at 8 25 to 84.25
for stoors, heifers 50 to 75 conts loss,
stock, cows and hoifors 82 to 82 81.
After dropping down 20 to 25 cents
fiom tho high point last week, hoir
market is 5 to 10 cents today, most of
the advanco on medium and light
' weights. Moro hogs wore oxpectod at
' all points than materialized. Ton
price today is 84.01. mixed weight
packing hogs 84 75 to 8-1 00 best under
200 pounds 84.80, pigs 83 95 to 84.15.
Lambs began losing last Thursday,
and both sheep and lambs aro lower
yestorday and today. Markotis23 to
30 conts bolow high point last weok,
when 88 was paid for lambs. Top
lambs today 87.05, yearlings 8090,
wethers 85.75, owes $5.25, and most
sales in each class within 50 or 75 conts
of those flguros. Heavy runs this
week aro main cause of tho decline,
24,000 in two days.
J. A. Riokaut,
Live Stock C HTcspoiiiioiit.
rocon' ' ul o Good to choice heifers
sell at 81 to 81.10. Best heavy cows
$3.80 to 81.20, bulk of she stull' c3 25 to
That Settle's It.
When n Colorado 8am) stone walk is
laid I hut hi t'lns it. dee Overing Bron.
& Co. 'for pricco.
George Holland was in Hastings this
The teachers' association will meet
March 7.
L II .Wallace has been on tho sick
list thi weok
W H. Way has been on tho si--k list
for a few days
L. II. Host has been on the sick list
for tho last ten days
Minor Bros, lost eleven head of val
uable cattle this wook.
Sam Temple is out with a petition
for the postmastership
L. II. Beck has returned from col
lego a full-iledged M. 1).
Watt Chambers is rejoicing over
a little girl at his home
John Wilhelmson sells .'8 gallons of
milk a day to the B &. M
Out on Indian creek tho people are
wiestling with tho mumps.
Miss Mollie Ferris bought tho M L.
Thomas property this week.
I)r Smith and family left Thursday
for their now homo in Trinity, Alii
S. H. Motcalf has sold his drug store
at W ells to John Storey of this city
M. Tj. Thomas and family have
moved to their now home at Holdrcgo
Nathan McCronry, formerly of Inn
valo, was a visitor hero last Saturday.
Milton P. Guy and Myra E Smith
wore married at Guide Hock on tho
Bov. Georgo W Hummell has been
holding a seiies of revivals on Penny
Elder Gallagher has been assisting
in tho revival meetings at the M. B
A. G Stonebreaker and wife or
Shell Rock. la . aro visiting with C. L
Cot ting.
D. S. Ilelvei n icturned Wodnes
day from tho World's fair at Now
Fred Durrie, B. & M. agent, is rejoic
ing over tho at rival of a baby girl at
his home.
Andy Means is now ready to receive
bids on tho now house which ho is
soon to build
II. W. French, near Cowlo, has
bought 1000 pounds of barb wire for
fencing purposes
Tho Gardner houso bus was over
turned Tuesday inoining and u lady
passenger was injured.
Nathan T Fitzgerald and Mary Z.
Fogel, both of Smith county, Kuiihhr,
wore married on tho 31st.
Fred Lutz has resigned his position
on tho Argus and has gono to work in
tho Stato Journal job rooms.
Tho heaviest snow that has over
boon known in Nebraska fell this
weok. Sovon inches on the lovel is
A polo club was organized Saturday
night with Anson Higby as president
and'Charloy Piatt and L. II. Wallace
N. D. Downey, formerly with J. O.
Chamberlain at Iiiuvale has about
completed arrangements to start u
chooso factory at Guide Rook.
Tho funoral of J. B Brown, an old
and respected citizen, occurred on
Wednesday. Ho was 70 years of age
and served in both tho Mexican and
civil wars
Catherton Frank Rood lost a val
uable horse last ' week Tho mail
route from tills place to Konesaw has
clfangod hands E. W. Tuttlo has
a new orgau.
PiiAUUK IIomk James Hal" of Iowa
is visiting his brothers and sisters
hero Relatives of Mr. Pitnoy aro
visiting hore The Stevenson
property has again changed hands.
Last Thursday u crowd of Penny
Croekors gave Rev. Huinmoll a dona
tion surprise, btiiigiug with them all
kinds of good things to oat. 11. B.
Simons made a speech and presented
Rev Hummell with 8.'i2.50 in cash
Faumkiih' Ckkkk-TIio farmers are
losing many cattlo lames Camp
bell and mother will mow on the Me-
Minn place near Red Cloud Mr.
Bon and daughter, Mrs Hatton, aro on
the sick list Bill Waldon has
caught eight wolves so far this winter.
South Sidk Brooks Fearn has
moved to town R Turner killed
thteo jaokrubhits and twenty-three
cotton tails the other day L. A
II ickins is still selling liny.. . A. II
MaskiiiH is on the warpath because
somoonqdd ho could travel fourteen
miles in thiitcou days.
Matin J. Reynolds has lost 28 largo
hogs with quin-y and over 00 young
pigs Irom tho extreme cold.... While
crossing Elmcieokon the way home
from visiting Mis. Fieczo last Satur
day, Mis. Sharp' wagon overturned
Interesting Items Gathered
by Our County Heportors
Jmnes l)o Ic shelled corn Tuosday.
CI use Jncksnn was on our snoots
Fri'd Kiiiick and lady were out driv
ing Sunday.
Mr and Mr John ilolcmnb visited
wiih Julia Sitlndcu's Monday.
Tom Swnity, ace mimnii'tl by his sil
ler c nihil at Mr. Mtllci'.s Monday night.
C. 11 Fsisl i went to Kiinsns City
Wednesday with two cm loads of cattle.
Mr. mid Mrs hrc Cox and Mr. and
Mi". Jnc.ib Kllingcr look dinner at
A It Saluden's Tuesday.
Miss lllttnche Kciiroson of Guide
and threw her and her infant child Uek in m nur village fur the pnrpoie
of oigaii'zii g a musical class. '
The Union society met with MrftI.
out, but they wero not injured.
Judson- C. SlofFcii shipped 21 head
of cat Ue to Chicago Friday. ...Thomas Krlsbic UVdniuiliiv iivimliiir iiml nil Urn
Ryan -sold 00 head of hogs which L,,.iitleim.i wire' invited in honor of
averaged .J.J pouiKis lie lias over iuu vs ington's birihday. They nil
head or cattle .... Wm. Barrett has VV(lr.. garments icpresoiiting Wishing
been on the sick list with a bad leg toh's ,j,m, j ,!,,. j,, w, H (l vry
.uoorgo MountloiU Is tlio Happy . ij,,,it nlluir .mil luncheon was served
father of a 10 pound boy.
ScOTT-Tho quarterly meeting of
tho Bod Cloud circuit was held at
Walnut creek Rev M. E Grover
and Mrs J. W. Noble of Middle
tv four i'f i he Indies.
Llojd II n - wussi'verly hi. rued Sun
ilnv. He lud nmviniM'il s"inc pints.
horns for experimenting, not knowing
ll ivnti (lii tiiii.i iiiim. Hit iiIiikiiiI It. In lua
.uHvur.niiH.wiii.un.'ir iiiiiimiw, imvu ,,,,,,,,,, ,, lf.r ,.HITyillK t lhnro
been vlsi lug hero .....Mrs. Mary ft. ,, tin,e it caimh: tireand the en
Arnoson learned that her husband ,ln, ,, , okl., IW ,f lt HR ,,nzo ()f
had boon injured by fallitu from u ri Ho WH Vf oonsi.lerato how
plow, mid roturnod homo before her. ,.,.,. an(, ,, (uon ,,,, ,hn)W niln.
visit was competed .... O F roiiiH-l ,,, Ul( Hmw wh(,h )t oul u,e
more surprised tho pooplo horo by his ,j m
reappearance, ttioy having supposed
him to bo dead.
Inavale- Frank Ilolcomb has ro
turnod to Iowa, where ho will try to
disnoso of his property, intending to
go into"busiuoss horo Mr Wulkor
has lost four or flvo head of two-year-old
cattlo Ned Gray is stopping
at Mrs Arneson's now ... Nathan
McCrary of Falls Cily was liero Friday
and Saturday Chits. Hunter ship
ped a car load of fat hogs to Kansas
City this week .... Ryland Y'oisor of
Rod Cloud is sojourning hero a, pros
out Miss Lidn. Halo and Miss Hat-
tio Lutz wero at A. C Halo's this
Land Sales.
If you want to either buy or sell
land, write or see C F. Gather. No
charge if no sulo.
Plumb the feed man will pty you the
highest pi ice for pi-ultry, eggs and
George Alotuilfoid sold over forty
In ad of fat hogs hint week.
We understand that our popular
young bachelor will not fat in this year.
He expects to sell oul and go into other
Tim Lebanon-Red Cloud phono lino
is at. a Hliind-lill siiicn the storm, as tho
workmen could do nothing. The coin
pan v expects soon lo resume work,
Tim snow is leaving rapidly, anil also
lenving ma plenty of mud, which is
much better, however, than bring
drowned out, as is the case in most
sou) hern states.
Oiirmnil route earlier, Mr. Wascom
and his worihy assistant, Win. Norris,
have done well during the bad weather.
At times they have been unable to get
(Continued on Last Pago.)
A Matter
of Health
There is a quality in Royal
Baking Powder which makes
the food more digestible and
wholesome. This peculiarity
of Royal has been noted by
physicians, and they accord
ingly endorse and recor -mend
J r.
'. 51
tmim i gfc.'w mmM iiiWM
, I . . . t .' .' apnji,
'M&kCK , ".,i ..'.