The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 12, 1904, Image 4

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P. C. Piiaues, Editor.
One year ! oo
lxmnutht ... so
Bntered at trio pot offlce at llod
eoond class mull matter.
Furnished on application.
Ilully for tho Japs 1
What is tho Roosevelt club doing?
How would you like to bo a Russian
just now?
Tho Japs hnvo at lust wonrlod of
Russia's doublo-doaling and procoodod
to give tho hour 11 lesson.
Tho oflleinl call for tlio Republican
Htnto convention, to bo hold lit Lin
coln, May 18, has boon issued by tho
Htnto central committee.
Tho serious Illness of Sonutor M. A.
Uiinnii lias caused considerable appro
honuion in tlio ranks of tho Republi
can party. Senator Ilanua will bo n
powor in tho Republican party as long
as ho lives.
Tho sympathies of tho American
peoplo, and of all other civilized na
tions except Prance, aro with plucky
littlo Japan in hor fight against tho ag
gressions of Russia Franco lias been
unfortunate in her friendships.
Tho dignity and wisdom displayed
by Judge Keeney in his conduct of tho
preliminary hearing of Frank Darker
Hhowcd that tlio voters of Webster
county made no mistake in electing
him to tho olllco of county judge.
In many respects the Haltimoro tiro
was remarkable. The property lo'-s
has never been exceeded in tills coun
try except by tlio great Chicago dis
aster; tlio rapidity with which tlio
Hames spread was thought to lie im
possible under modern conditions, and
tlio remarkable abscncb of fatalities
in a conflagration so great is astound
ing. Not a single lifo was lost, and
the severely injured wore few in num
ber. JohnOtho Yoiser, formerly of this
city, now of Omaha, has nnuouced his
return to tlio ranks of tho Republican
party after having been in outer dark
ness since tho Populist crnzo sprang
'into existence. This announcement
is probably duo in somo measure to
tho statomont nindo by Alfred Soren
son (who is booming hlmsolf in his
paper, tho Omaha Examtnor, for tho
United States sonutorship) that when
he in elected to tho senate ho will havo
Yoiser appointed attorney general of
the United States.
Fruuco will probably docllno to join
tho movement inaugurated by tlio
United States and concurrod in by
tho othor powers, tonding'.to malntaiu
tho integrity of China, no matter who
wins in tho prosont contest. Franco
is still soro at tho United States ovir
tlio result of tho Spanish-A nioricaii
war. Thou, too, tho miserable failure
of tho French in their efforts to build
tho Panama canal, which work will bo
carried to completion by tlio United
States, lias arousedunreasonablo jeal
ousy in the breasts of somo French
men. Ayers
Take cold easily? Thro
at 1
tender? Luncs weak? Any
relatives have consumption?
Then a cough means a great
deal to you. Follow your
doctor's advice and take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It
heals, strengthens, prevents.
" For 0 years 1 tiara depended on Ayer's
Cherry 1'ectoral for countis and coldi. I
know It greatly strengthens weak lung)."
Mm. 1'. a. ltuniNsoN, Blluo, Mich.
J.c. ATinco.,
ljiwfll. Mute.
Weak Lungs
Ayer's Pills Increase the activity of
the liver, and trus aid recovery.
The matter of feed is of
tremendous importance to the
farmer. Wrong feeding is
loss. Right feeding is profit.
The up-to-date farmer knows
what to feed his cows to get
the most milk, his pigs to get
the most pork, his hens to
get the most eggs. Science.
But how about the children ?
Arc they fed according to
science, a bone food if bones
arc soft and undeveloped, a
flesh and muscle food if they
are thin and weak and a blood
food if there is anemia?
Scott's Emulsion is a mixed
food ; the Cod Liver Oil in it
makes flesh, blood and muscle,
the Lime and Soda make bone
and brain. It is the standard
scientific food for delicate
Send for free
lit lure that tills ntcture In
the form ol a labtl is on the
wrapper ol every bottle of
Emulsion you buy.
Scott &Bowne
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
50c. and $l 1 all druggist.
Atchison Globe Slfthts.
Laugh when a friend tolls 11 joke; it
is one of tho taxes you must pay.
If a brakomnn speaks the language
ho refers to his caboose as "the hack."
No mau can go hunting or llsning
without making an explanation alter
wards. Tho trouble with sympathy is that
if it is not given to you, it is so apt to
bo misplaced.
Wo liavo remarked 1 hat when wo ro
coivo a letter from Washington, wo 111 0
referred to as "Hon "
Thoy say of a cortain man that ho is
so badly shaped that ho can wear noth
ing rcady-mado except uu umbrolla.
V hen a woman dies, tho papers say
sho was a tocioty woman, thinking it
11 gro it compliment. Hut it's not.
Don't worry about tho falluro of the
ico crop this winter. You can keep
the butter in the well next summor,
and get along.
Somo pooplo straighton their arms
up and out u few times, wa.k around
tho block and imoglno thoy havo
ouough exercise for tho day.
As soon as a woman marrios shegots
hor toetli ilxod. As soon as man is
oloetod to a good big olllce, ho bog ins
to lay oir woiks at u timo, owing to
' illness."
An old fellow is makiug a fool of
nimsoir in Atchison over a woman.
That sort of thing should b-i laid asldo
at thirty or forty; oarllor If possible
An old follow should bo able to defend
About all tho dliforonco botwoon a
g.iobt from New York and ono from
Smith's Cross iionds is that thoformor
refers to the servant girl as a maid,
and tlio latter wants to sit in tho
kitchen and visit with her.
Onco a thing is pronoucod propor it
goes on forever. In tho ilaya of bar
barism, it was nocossary to watcli tho
j bodies of tho dead to keop wild anl
1 mals from getting at them. Wo still
watch tho bodios of tho dead at night.
A boy took his teacher a half on
app'e. Tho toachor thanked him for his
thought fuluoss, and offered him u
part of It. "As a niattor of fact," tho
boy ilnally confessed in rofuslucr. "I
ute my apple, and half of yours "
. .
It Ketps the Fett'Warm and Dry.
Ask todny for Allen's Foot-Easo, a
powder. It cures chilblain?, swollen,
sweating, soro aching, dump foot. At
all druggists and shoe stores, 25c. 12 4
I'rottyMNs Nelllo Hnsoimb, Omaha:
"I owe my Rood looks and lualth to
Holhster's RocKy Mountain tea. Havo
fully regained my health," Tea or
tablets. 35 cents C L. Cottlng,
m I IM:AI - m
Stock saddles at Joe Fugel's.
Light hurncss at Joo Kegel's.
Joe Itlalr was in town this week.
Try fiat calf meal nt Caldwell's.
Car best Colorado coal at C ildwell's
Li on Marsh wont Im Hastings Tues
day. Mrs. J. L. Minor wont to Bluo Hill
The tenth grade had a Imlf holiday
Wrtlt Kaloy was up from Chester
this week.
O. W. Black was d-iwn from Alma
this week.
Mis. Charles Kobinson is rop'irted to
bo very ill.
J. W. Wallin is homo from Sour
Lako, Texas.
Infants' all-wool whito shirt?, COc.
F. Nowliouso.
Herbert Conover was down from Mc
Cook Saturday.
Try Ward Hayes for a first) clues
shavo or hair-cut.
P. A. Williams was down from
Hivortnn Sunday.
Ed Gillard nrido a short trip to
Napnnoo this week.
Mrs. Fred Turutiro has returned
from Muryvillo,Mo.
G. W. Hito was down from Campbell
this week on business.
Furnished Rooms for Rent Inquiro
of Mrs. J. A. Tulloyj.
If you want tho host and cheapest
harness, go to Fogel's.
Sco Joo Fogol for anything in tho
harness or saddlery lino.
Place your ordor? for next car Sheri
dan coal. J. O. Caldwell.
Shippon's big horse sale Wednesday
24:h,;don't foiget tho dato.
Miss Mary Po torso n was in Guide
Rock the first of tho wook.
Miss Moody of liluo Hill visited in
Red Cloud tho lirst of tho wook.
Cook wanted at tlio Hon Ton; 920 per
month, board, room and washing.
Morauville's Perfection Hair Tonic
for sale at Seliaffnil's barber shop.
Quick sorviro and first class work is
the motto at SchiilTnii's linrber shop.
Charles (Just went to Kansas city
with somo cattle tho lirst of tlio week.
Grant Turner, who last week quit tlio
dray lino is now working at Johnston's.
Mr. J L. Minor and daughter Irene
havo returned from their eastern trip.
Mrs. tlralick visited in Franklin with
Mrs Nellie Moore tho first of tho week.
Mr. and Mis G A Latta entertained
their neighbors and friends last Tues
Ed Walters came homo from Lincoln
o attend tbo funeral of his siator, Mrs.
Alice Barker.
Hev. A. A Cressman of Grand Island
and Hev. Wm. Iiauptmann will ex
chango pulpits noxt Sunday.
Mrs. Charles M Cord arrived from
Denver Monday to attond the funeral
of hor sister, Mrs. Alice Barker.
County Clerk E. 8. Garber has pur
chased the residence of D J. Myers in
this city and will soon taito possession.
Arthur F. Kuhlmann of Republic
Kan , and Miss Matilda Bargtield of
Guide Rook were licensed to marry
Roscoe Sellars will leave tomorrow
tor Denver, Col., where ho will be in
the employ of D.J. Myers, formerly of
this city.
The Schubort Mandolin and Guitar
Club will render some very bewitching
selections at the Schuborl's concert on
Thursday, February 25.
Llewellyn D. Qeorgo of Broken Bow,
Neb., and Miss Avvio Lirrick of
Bladen were married nt Bladen Tues
day by Rev. E. L. Wolf.
Tho entertainment givon by tho Do
Moss Lyric Bards at the M B. church
Monday night was well attended and
those present report au enjoyable time.
Charhs Alios, living over in Garlield
township, had iho uiitfortunu to break
one of his tone Tuesday, while handling
some logs. Dr. D.uncroll droned tlio
injured member.
Roy Garl'or camo up from Guide
Hock Thursday night. Ho has a job as
timekeeper for a gang of H. & M. con
crete workers and has hcon at Hum
bolt, Neb , for somo timo past.
Drs. Weiriok and Riddilo of Hast
iugi will meet oyo, car, nose and
throat patients and those needing
glasses Qited. In Red Cloud Friday,
robruary 19, in Dr. Creighton's oflice.
The Rod Cloud footb.tll team will
givo a social danoo at Potter's hall
Friday night February II. Yourself
and ladies are cordially invited to at
tend. Good music ami good ordor
Danciug 6O0.
It isn't how much cold cream a
woman puts on hor f.ico but how muoh
Rocky Mountain to sho takes insldo
that brings out real beauty, Hollister's
llni'kv Mrmntnln run iminnlnrlnnD at.,..
3 conts, Toa or tablets. C. L. dotting.
At tho mooting hold last Saturday
'those interested iu establishing a
This is the proper time to buy an
if you wish to save money.
This is the proper place to buy it if you wish to get
good goods, correct styles, honest workmanship and all
around guarantee of satisfaction or money returned.
20 Per Cent Discount
on Men's, Boys' and Children's OVERCOATS and
cnntial for tho rural phones in this
city decided that all rural lini h should
build to Red Cloud, where they will
consolidate under tho namo of tho
Farmers' Mutual Telephone Co.
Tho great populatity of tho Schubert
Lady Quartette is not only their grand
voices, but also bocauso thoy study to
please tho ponple. All their encores
aro either amusing, or artistic arrange
ments of thnso sweet old melodies so
dear to nil American hearts. Hoar
them on Thursday, February 25.
It is some years since I hoard Rov.
A. A.CrcsMUin's lecttiro on Lincoln,
but there remains in mind a pleasant
recollcetion of tho force, power aud
personality of tho speaker. I should
adviso all admirers of Lincoln and
those who rnjoy anintollccMial treat to
hoar Mr. Cressman. Mrs. Win. Iiaupt
mann. Just as Lincoln's birthday draws
near wo havo a chwico to hear a lec
ture on his life and chiraelor. Rev. A.
A. CiTs-tn in of Grand Island will de
liver the lout me at tho Congngitional
church on Monday night. Proceeds go
to Youug People's Christian associa
tion. Come, hear a good lecture and
help u worthy cause. Admi sion lru.
Tho conceit of tho Madrigal Ladies'
Qnartotto at tho M. E. church lat
night was well attended and everyone
oujoiod the entertainment Owing to
a misunderstanding it was 0 o'clock
when tho entertainment began, but the
crowd win well repaid for waiting.
'Ibis is tho last entertainment in the
Ladies' Aid S leluty lecture course.
M. S. Marsh, p oprietor of the Royal
hotel, was obliged to ejret a traveling
man from tho ollloo of tho hotel Tues
day. It seems that tho party "had it
iu" for tho U. C. T., thetravoling men's
union, aud wns "roasting" tho order.
As there wore toveral numbers of the
ordor present, they took exceptions to
the remarks of tho belligerent. To
avoid a row, Mr. Marsh "tirod" the
offending person from the hotel.
For fifty conts yeu can buy ton yards
of calico or ton pounds of sugar;
a plug of tobacco; ten cigars; a circus
ticket, a ticket to the theater, when we
got tboso liro escapes, or five diinks of
ohoap whisky, or a bottle of patent
medicine, but bestof all with fifty cents
you can buy a soldiers' monument
button, 01 namont yoor coat and your
money will bo crystal zod in a thing of
boauty, to bo soon and admired for
ages to como. For salo at all stores
A Jaunt to Old Mexico.
On February 18 tho Burlington will
run a personally conducted excursion
from Lincoln to Old Mexico aud re
turn. This is a rare opportunity to
see tho "Egypt of tlio Western bond
sphere" at minimum cost.
Early intimation of your intention to
Hucompiny this party is necessary.
For full information write t G. W.
Bunnell, city passenger agent, Bur
liugton touto, Lincoln, Neb
Farm Loans.
I havo just prepared 1113 solf to make
farm loans at a low rate of interest
either in Jewell, Smith or Wobster
counties; can pty off at any time.
J. II. iUiLKV, Rod Cloud.
To Cure A Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Brotuo Quinine Tab.
lots. All druggists rotund the money
if it fulls to cure. E. W. Grove's signa
ture is on each box. 2oc.
ngninst Firo, Lightning, Cy
clones and Windstorms, soo
agent for tho Fnrmors Union Insur
ance Co., Lincoln, Nob., tho host in
surance company In tho stato,
"One price and no monkey business.
Jewelers S
v-i....9 n.v.."r ......v. ;......;
1 SAY, niSTERl I
3 J
Do you know that it will pny YOU. as
4 woll as US, to buy your Buildiug Ma- f
terial and Coal at our yards? Not only
4 flint mi. .llrta .vwn. I... -. .-
that our prices avebaoe lower, or at
luuai. ua mw, hj moso oi our competit
ors, but because wo tnko especial euro
of and protect nil can be classed ns
lumber and Coal,
Red Cloud, - - . Nebraska.
Order to Show Cause.
Stnlo of NebrmiLn, j.
W'cbMcr C'otiuty. j
At n county rotirt lirld nt the rnnnlv couit
room In niiiJ for mid comity, fcbruiiry Stti.
A I) 10OI
In 'the matter ot the eMttto of Stlne Erlclmou,
On rprtdliiK niul lllliiK Die pet Hon of r.corpe
W. Hutchison, irn)liiK Unit the Instrument
ll!ed on the Slti day uf Kebnmry. I'.kh, mid imp
partita: 10 bo the Intt wit and lestnment of tho
aid deceased may bo proved, approved,
probated, allowed mid recorded an tlu
HKt will and testament of tho t,ald
MI110 Krlckson, deceased, nud that tbo
execution of the Instrument bo committed, and
tbo administration of ald enate mnv bo grant
ed to U, II. Croue and William II. 'l'homiin, as
Ordered, that Monday, tlio MUh day of
February. A. D. IU1H, at id o'clock a. m
la aetlEued for bearing said petition,
when all persona Interested In said mat
ter may appear at a county court to be held Iu
and for mid county and show cauee why
Iho prayer of petition should not bo granted;
and that notice of tho pendancy of said pctl
lion and the bearing thereof be given to all
persona Interested In said matter, by publish'
Ing n copy of this order In- tho ed Cloud
t'uiKr, a weekly newspaper published In laid
county, for three successive weeks prior to
said day of hearing,
Isealj A. II, Kkzmy,
telM County Judge.
Creamery Meeting
All persons interested in establish
ing an independent creamery in this
vicinity aro requosted to moot at tho
court bouse 111 Red Cloud to-morrow
afternoon at 2 o'clock' for tbo purpnso
of thoroughly discussing tho matter,
K-' ' o,..'('.dj ?r"A','.'i
P5?!' -'v' (.'"'; fnv3' 'l
8 Storey
&4.. .-... ::.....?...... ;....". ..It.
time table.
Red Cloud, Neb.
Oil I (J AGO
S'J. LOUIS and
all points east and
and all point
13. Passenger dally for Obcrlln
J? Jftncls branches. Ox-J0"?-
-McCook, Deuveraud all
poluts west . , 6-35 ra
M. Passenger dally for St. Joe.
?a !,"", VU5 Atchison. St
Louis Lincoln via Wymore
and all points cast and south 210 a m
U. Passenger, dally, Denver, all
po ntsln Colorado. Utah 5d
No. 18. PaBonger.dMly"forstrjoe
Kansas c tv. Aii.i,unA u.
iaiiiorilift ' ,.-.
W..W fM
I.ntllft a.t.1
". .H M4 I
All hA - w-
1 points east and'
NO. 174. Accommatjoiiep,
land. Ulack ifiila and in
points i ,o nonnUuLi1 2:00 p
Cloud, Nebr. or J. Fr'I1ei,nom,ri,.AgSnt' Rt
Agtini Omaha, Nelraiia ' Uer1 rMen