The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 01, 1904, Image 1

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VOLUME xxxir.
Commencing Wednesday, December 23,
we will give a discount ol 20 per
cent on Cloaics.
Ladies 42-inch Coat, loose back, Skinner
;nttn Unincr. militarv strapped, a
w... .-....-. -.....---- -
very handsor
p aui2L
Woolen Mil
military cap
pleated, heai
Lrt ialtvaIue.iH'
imitation cc
ir,1 tan only.. Regular $6.00;
tary cape,
lin piling,
Kersey imiti
Misses' long Cloak, green Zibilene, fancy
stitching, imitation collar with stoles, military
cape.regular $7.50;
Special, $5.50.
"Satisfaction or
.Too Bnkor and sister returned from
Ho'drrKHlun Saturday.
Mrs. C n rio Adams and hildi on at o
visltitiR nt the homo of her parent", Mr.
and Mi-J. Wnh lifted of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Gnatli" B -stare vldt
jug at tho homo of B.C. Host south of
town. k
Mrs Will Johnson's father and
mother, frun Salino county, nro ,idt
inghoiothis wodc.
John Onenl and sislor Mitmio of
Bcukelnmii, Nobr., are visiting nt the
homo of II. B. Bojd south of town.
Mrs. BlRRlos of Rivet ton i vititinir
her sistes, Mic J. C. Harlmann.
Mrs. Will Bonnott is visiting in Bed
Cloud at the homo of l.or brother,
George Boyd.
Mhrriod at tho homo of tho bride'd
sister, Mis. C A.Easterly, Mlis Maty
Soucheckto Mr. Juhn Kropp, Do.;
ember 29
Miss Ethel Cmwson is visiting hor
Jnuics Egolton and daughter drove
to Btuo Hill Inst Wednesday.
OVJrles Sponce and family spont
FrhW with his brother Ernest at this
MIb Martlndale, who has been
vitlting Mrs. Geo. Solomon, returned
if sT
. - -,. '
-"?" wr, 2jj jwBrtmJ
". ' imimi
linchljacket, made of American
in blacks ana castor,
loosl back, inlaid with velvet,
hninflf, imitation
. .
- .
LckeK' wool kersey, satine lining,
lac kef. satine lined, black, French
,00 reiular. special $4.00.
50 reiular, special $4.40.
lack Zibilene, loose back, mili-
satin lining; regular$i2.
$9.60. :
tooseback, fancy.colored Zibilene,
tic :, . .fSTTKnasTjaps.'" KSMm-f
shwwvw w?i-rt3
t hnr homo in Bed Cloud last Thurs
day. John, Antononnd Christina Soucheck
cam') up ft m Dowoeso' to attend their
sUtir's wadding.
K II. Cox has loturnod homo from
Sholton, where ho wont to attend his
rithePri fiinernl.
Doluyed Coi i raponilonoe.l
J o Baker Ik h tvin vacation of a
wcfrlc iltniriK holidays.
MVh. Dnllit MuCallum returned homo
from Lincoln to spend Cbristmas with
hrr parents.
Fran and Chailes Fussier lit ve go no
to Ohio on n visit.
John Bay returned homo from Peru
to spend the holidays,
Mr. Uubhs has rented the Wilson
Bico place for the coming year.
Mrs. Hartman's mother is visiting
her at this place.
Mullio Williams is visiting her sister,
Mrs. Clark, at Cimpboll.
Eli C x and son Elmer aro visiting
friondu up at Shelton this week.
Floyd Tooker left Wednesday for
Genoa to visit his mother, Mrs. Clark.
Tho entottiinment given by the
Iittlo folks Wednesday afternoon wns
vory niooand tho tioo thoy had nindo
it attractlvo for tho lltllu folks.
On ChriitiiiHH night about slx'v pen
plti ntsimbiud at tin homo of F 1)
Hutchison to culebriite the occasl ui hy
a unrwniis tree mil iiiihic, utter
which u'l partook of it supi er inch ih
on i) roads of in fnlrf lo'o. Au:nng
th so present fiotn al wore Mr.
Snthcrlnnd and family fiom Bostwick
nnd Louis Aubushon ui.d family from
Neighbors nnd fr'or.ds to tho numbi r
of seventy tit mb!ed lit tliu homo of
Oiant Cluisty on Saturday night nml
holpcd him colebirto his wooden wed
ding anniveis try, ami presented Mr.
and Mrs. (Jhri.-ty with a lino extension
tabic, o spii o cabinet, a rolling pin, a
butter outtit, an easel and an enlnrgod
picture of their boy. A sumptuous
supper wnj served and the guests de
parted for their homes at a late hour.
Mr. Honghtallng is 1'. at present in
very poor health, owing to o'd army
wounds and the hardships of army
W. W. Hick, and bride and Mr. nod
Mr. Charles Beard.lee spent Sunday
afternoon with Bea UibBoa and fam
Uy. , .
Archie 8iaaBoa spent Sunday and
Monday la Jtwell county,
JBUiJnjotook a flying trip 4o
smitn center on Tuercuy. unreport.
uoit or ibe'cora gttneteu along turf
way and the" surplus ;Med around
ready for the .heller..
Wm. Orchard busy .helling in thH
neighborhood for the second tine, He
sheKs and stacks the cobs in snoh a
tine way that they cannot get along
without hiin,
Charles B ard.lep, James York and
Douglas D.ivis have .helled this wtek
Etna Honghtallng i chucking corn
in Jowfll county for Mr. Gillette.
H. 0. Mitnson oim'e so near being
oaught by the fast train g"lng west the
other flioining, while going over the
west section on Mr. Lambert's little
tha' ho lust escaped by jumplag.
oui (ueiicnv jour -w- ujiiiij nivutfHr
J.b. Colvin camo home for Clirnt
mas. Ho has beeu away nearly two
The now pastor ot tho B iptUt church
hasunived with his goods and will
ociupy the W. J. Hairis ptoperty.
If . F. Coopei's brother Martin and
his little gills, from Uborlln, Kans.,
are spending tho holld-iys here.
J Ferguso'i has rented tho Drink
wator farm for iIih comiug yoar.
D. Columbia has nuted tho W. II
B irciiH farm.
F. Lano was over Sunday from Burr
Oak, Kan.
O. J. Buchanan has accepted the
ollleo of village marshal.
II V. C oporN brother, W. Cooper,
Is hot oon a visit.
J. H. Bailey is down from Red Cloud
S I). Wales, S B. Hockott's son-ln-law
has touted tho old M E. piiami.
age. 11') recen'.ly tamo from lowu.
i ill -ti Mr-, i - i -rj
Fiuo weatlior.
Will Hagan shelled corn
Wi 1 Isnin, Jr , is hu&kiug
Flavo Rhrltor. this week.
rQrn for
John Ri so of Bluo Hill was looking
aft r land deals iu these parts Monday.
Tho Schilling boys aro hufng corn
for Birt Reeve this week.Tj''"' '
Samurl ForquabarJjjhjjiioyci to bis
placn In Beaver Creek this week.
W. A. Howard is putting up a new
Will Ciozler, John Buster and Dave
Flshet were hauling wheat to Am boy
Ross Hubbard and child of St. Joe
are visiting his parents and other
relatives this weok. ,
Gilbert Uunney, who is attending
school at Hnstings,is spending the boll
duyi athouie.
Carile nnd Jonnio Higgln1 of Stella,
Nobr , visited with their aunt, Mrs.
I. R. Crozler V .'iiasJay,
Hippy Now Your to all.
Charley Diek rion nnd sister M ifftflo
of HuiiRry cieek visited with Fred and
Nellie Bou hist Sunday.
Mr. and Mis. Bo ois u gavo a tin key
roast for n few ol tliclr near neighbois
C iri.stinas day.
Mis. B ub.iker and Mrs. Jackson
wont to Valley county last Thursday
to visit relatives.
A beautiful Culstmas at Mt. Ilopo
soh ol house wiih hi;li'y enjoyed by
both old and young.
Mrs. McPnciti'fsof Pawnro rounty
is visiting her faihor, Mr. Biubaker.
FreilBmis sliucking corn for Mr.
Mr.. John Hngnu and obildren of
Noit'tn conn'y, KanB a, aro vMiing at
tho homo of hor father, Bev. Black
Cloyco Jaikion has returned to
Wabater cauntv after a sojourn of two
JtTTntMtnMt"Mf iijit i urn Tt Vi yiSiL
Mr. Soott and Mr. Blackwell bare
both built new konses this fall, which
add reatlyto the appearance of the
Mostoftke the faraera are ready
(muI anxion to hare their core shelled
while this wCwfather lasu.
A crowd gathered at NoVa. wJlri a
the Cnrl.ttoae 'trea'aerelsea. 'Tali
young folks did well With tattr speak
ing and singing. HantaClaus wade a
good deal of fun.
Mr. mor Sutton of Norman la visit
ing hi unjle, Oliver Button,
Mr. Fred Gray, who has been visit
ing his couiin, Mrs. Araeton, left for
Hardy M )hday morning.
Besslo and Minnie Whitely have
been homo for a ftw days.
Mrs, Sltbart has been the guest of
Mrs. Arncion.
" Wallace Jones will leave for L'ncoin
Sunday morning. He intends talcing a
courso at the Agriculturrl collfge.
' rnrinVT afaliiss''
spuui vjui niiu is uay wt
John Sutton.
Miss Ola Diwitt and Mr. Houry
Meyors ofNtlson havo boen visiting
with Mi. Tom Whitely and family.
Mrs. N L. I). Smith was ilio guest of
Mrs. Curio King this wouk.
Will Smith butchered n boof list
wtek. .
The Christmas tioo nt Ash Creek
church Touisdny niglit was a huccpps.
Santa Clam came through tho chim
ney and scattered good cliot-r quite
profusely. Kvctfrjno present had n
good tiino. (
G iindnia To'ry, formerly of tl is
place, was bulled in tho Martnm ootit
otery lastTuoiday.
Thn little child of Will Fisher is
quite sick.
Ed White is homo on a visit and wo
aro glad lo so him
Setting Bounds to America.
Wliitoluw Hold of Now York stands
u cliiinco to llud hlnibolf among tho Just what ttiuisfoimiitioiis limy tnko
prophets "who nro denied honors in placo theio in tho noxt conturyor two.
tholr own country. Bald Mr. Hold, at When Josiah Quiney, about ninoty
n dinner of tho Now England society: ' yours ago, was tolling congress and tho
"I vonturo to predict that tho thno ' country that tho Union would bo dis
will como within tho lives of many ' solved If "tho wild men on tho Mis
who now hoar mo whou tho man who sourl" or tho '-mixed, though inoro ro
shall proposo tho incorporation as a ' spoetablo, raco of Anglo-Hlspiino-Ga-state
Into this government of any lo-Amorlcuus who bask on tho sands
island of tho sea tho Philippines, tho in tho mouth of tho Mississippi" wore
Sandwich Islands or Porto Rico or
Cuba will be buntod from publio
life, whether bo may bo animated by
merely llngorlng reminiscences of tho ought to havo dono But what judg
filibusters and tho slavery propugan- ment has history passed on that de
do, or whother ho represent a sugar llvornnco? The "wild men on the Mis
trust in Wall street or a sago brush sourl" nro getting up a celebration to
trust in tho United States Senate." which Quinoy's stuto, tho entlro Union
Of courso, neither tho "slavery propa-' and nil tho rest of the world have
gandu" nor tho sugar or sngo brush bosn bidden, and which all will attend,
trusts will hnvo nny influouco iu any Tho predictions which are setting up
way ou this issue of tho possiblo creu- bounds to United Stutes' absorption
tlou of now states from America's iu
sulnr possessions Slavery, is dead.
Tho sugar trust will not euro whothor
tho sugar producing islands enter tho
Jewelers &
Union as states or not, Territories
are good enough for the trusts, for
sooner or later they can get the free
entry of their products kito the Unit
ed States, aa in the oaae of Porto Rleo
now, which baa not yet reached toe
full territorial stage. The talk Jabot
4.'"" i . 4 ., ! Jill
a aage vnm 'tram in w unnew
B&CK.genaU Is a floarish which
means nothing: Jwe I no "1
'rha nynntiArfl wnn navn iiirnprui hl
.. . i tit i i
tempted to assign bounds to the Unit'
:jr;:r :3 " u" ". "t;- tu
ed States' expansion or sphere of in
fluence have fared badly at history's
hands. Bald a very groat nnd very
wise American, in recounting some of
the things which bo bad seen and in
attempting to tuko a glance prospect
ively at some of the things which somo
othor persons would like to have come
pass: "The Union already embraces
discordant elements enough without
adding others. If tny life Is prolonged
alatBcaSlT ..ll M. nil r nan t arid in thn
iTi ""--vl"" .--- - nii.Tiaa nurr ill "''" utlii
q stronW?in-nTirt V
CU... 1.... nl-lil... A.. nvtnnH If a lllll. I
its or to add now dangois by acquisi
tions of foroigu torrltory." Tho author
of thoso words was John Sherman.
Tho words wero uttered In 181K5. Now
see what tricks events havo played
with that hontiment! Tho John Sher
man who, as a senator of tho United
Stuloss in 1805, was opposed to till fnr
thor "acquisitions of foreign torrl
tory," was tho sumo John Shonnnu
who, iu 1897, aided in framing u treaty
for tho nuiioxntioti of Hawaii, and im
noxation took placo justnfcrwnrd.
Mr. Bold may llvo to seo history play
pranks with his recent prediction
Somo of his hoarors will bo certain to
llvo to seo this. No event of tho po
litical fiituro Is surer to como than Is
tho admission of tho Cubau ropubllo
ns u stuto of tho Union. Tho sumo is
truo of Potto Jtiro. Iluwail Is fnrthor
nwny, nnd tho bulk of its Inhnhltiints
belongs to tin luferlor raco. There nro
htill nunc foniililnblo bnrriors against
tho admission of tho Philippines to
statehood, though nobody can tell
admitted to u sliaro lu the lawmaking
powors of tho
! country did not
United States, tho
laugh at him, as It
in tho Moditorrnnonn of tho West, and
to tho political advancement of that
region as pnrt of tho Amorican com
monwealth, will look us foolish us
" f r frVgti&1nT'
Qulaoy's doee when viewed In the retr j
roepect. St. Louis Glob-Deocr.t.',' ,
AOOMMaf sSCMwfsM 10 syMfMel '
Through standard aad tarlH.'l
n.i-4 n - tii .T.AkBiHIy IriMta iK
i .. -.. ..'. Ha'.mml 1
i. "--- w-w -... .-r . r LT"?""wri .
r a aa i wii lesif si . srsBTisrirsi visas
to the SMny.SaMMs feserdi JA
0aTia 5:26 . ml Jtnwyymh.i'M
i via -t-iuaia-0", hm w a
thtnee thropUL
NaehTUlf, V,?Mv;i
, hiiii nimiiia, ji
A.l ill.Nl fl.
rout i made ft rever hlstori
aramatto incmi nts oi the civil war.
You travel in special cars, in fast
trains; do hot have to worry' about
ileeplng car reservations, .baggage-or
the hundred other llttld details " that
detract so much f i om the perfect en
joyment of a trip; the excursion's
manager attends to all' thete matters.
You i scape the most unpleasant sat
"..-v "'. ,! inill) nnfl I
in bearing, tho bathing superb, and the
climate as soft and balmy as a Ne
braska day in Mtiy.
Too itinerary provides for a twelve
hour atopovbi at St. Louis for a visit to
tho Worm's Fair grounds, whioh are
practically in i-lmpo for the opening,
with tho exception of tho m-tallatiou
of exhibits, ii'id a gioat many exhibits
nro iu placo. Tho party will return in
diviually, and llbcril utopover privi
leges nro given on jour tickets.
It is especially urged ihit you givj
us early udvico if you desiro to join
tliis oxuiiitiii n, iu onlor that proper
tesei vation may be mailo for you.
Fur further details usk lltn Builius;
ton aumit or write me. J Fruunif,
Genuial Passonger Agfnt, Oiuahi.
820 Acre Onoof tho host farnis in
Webster Co , $27 per acre, long time
on part pavmuiit Owner bankrupt;
mitht bo suld. Box 108, Red Cloud,
Nobr. fob. 18.
Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy Is at Specific,
Sure to Qlve Satisfaction.
It cleanses, sootheB, henla, and protects the
diseased mombrane. It cures Catarrh and
drives away a Cold in tho Head qulokly.
Restores the Senses of Tasto and Smell.
Easy to use. Contains no injurious drugs.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Rizo, CO cents at Druggists or by
mail ; Trial Bio, 10 cents by mall. '
ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warr.nSt., Ntw Yark.
over the- ; h
. t
T? j. Wl
i.3 S-
Sty J,