The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 18, 1903, Image 1

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Red Cloud, the Geographical Center of the United States, a Good Place to Live In.
Bift Store
Most of Comfort,
Of Elegance,
Of Satisfaction
Wrapper ft Waist Goods Notions.
20 piocos of heavy fleeced lln"d
(rood val
price, per yard.
rapper ana waist uoous,
value, 12 I '2c. Special
200 dozen Handkerchiefs, Linen
and Cambric, Hemstitched,
Embroidered and Laco.
Each 5c
Many of these are half price
and cannot bo duplicated for
le88 than lOo.
Dress Goods.
38 and 40-inch all-wool Suitings
In popular weaves, worth t5c
to 5c. Special at 5tt
1,800 yards of embroidery in 4 1-2
yards length, sold at 10c to 18c
per yard. Per piece 35c
Seld Only ! the Piece.
Black Satlne
Special job. 5 dozen 91 25 and
tl 60 Petticoats at
$1.00 Each.
Other values at 84 00.
Talcum Powder, 5, 10, 15 and
Va8o"ono, 5, 15 and 253 por
Dress Shields. 5o pair.
Pearl Buttons, special job No.
52G'.', 3c dozen
Twin Anchor Hose Support
ers, 23o. They give the correct
Spoi-ial in tho new Finishing
Braids at 5 and 10c
Special job of Nickel Thim
bles, 2 for 5c
New novelties in Hair Orna
ments at 15, 25, 35 and 00c.
Necx. Ribbons in Taffetas, spe
olal at 15c yard.
Special va ues in Handbag,
Wristbags and Pockerbooks at
50c, 750,11 00 and II 25.
Special job of Cord Elastic
Web, fancy colors, at 7c yard.
Remnants of Outing Flannels:
12 l-2c Outing Flannels at. . .10c
10c Outing Flannels at 8c
8c Outing Flannels at 6c
Remnants of Petticoat Outing
1 5c Petticoat Flannel 10c
Swerve Not.
If your luck is out of whack,
Keep on hoping,
Novor turn a coward back,
Keop on hoping.
Though tho world bo dark today,
Though your skies bo damp and gray,
And you loso in every play,
Keep on hoping.
If your wlfo is glum and cross,
Keep i'U hoping,
If sho trios to bo tho boss,
Koop on hoping
In tho coming by and by,
A nice gown may catch hor oyo,
And sho'll bo as nice as pio,
Keop on hoping.
If your sweetheart is unkind,
Keep on hoping.
If she can't mako up her mind,
Keep on hoping.
Praise some other maiden's charms,
Fill hor breast with lovo's alarms,
And sho'll flop into your arms
Keep on hoping
If your wifey's mother comes,
Keep on hoping,
Though your ears have aching drum.,
Keep on hoping.
There will come a joyous day
When she'll take herself away
Maybe up to heaven to stay
Keep ou hoping.
At your troubles never shy,
Keep on hoping;
You'll be a winner by and by,
Keep on hoping,
For the darkest hour, thy say
Is before the dawn of day,
And your clouds will hike away.
Koop on hoping
sold s'oadv to stronir all wook. oxcont
lli.lit t nat.t l.i.i.ltL. ...Itl..1. I.w.l 111 I at .
15 cents. Kat native withers sold
from $3 40 to $.1,75, owos 83 to 83.35,
lambs 4 50 to 5 Feeding wethers Jj
Irlng 83.25 to 33 33. lambs around 94 J
I no run today is o,wu, ami tho market
is 10c highor.
Thoro was s mio inquiry for 1200 lb
drivers at 375 to $125 and good draft
horses woro wanted last wook, but
light to medium horses were 95 olf
Mulo business whs dull. Some choice
sixteen hand mules sold at 9100
nround and cotton feeding mules 14 !t
to 15 hands, good quality, aro bringing
nro bringing 805 to 9115.
Jno. M. Hazklton,
Llvo Stock Correspondent.
...Eye and Eye Glass Care...
W ET us pilot you out of tho misery
Improperly treated eyesight Into
and danger of overworked and
tho rest and satisfaction of ro-
Remnants of Waistings:
50a Waistings at 35c
250 Wuistlnes at 18c
90 und 75o Wool Wnlstlngs..50c
Satisfaction or Money Back Is
Our Guarantee.
Miner Brothers.
Old Settlers' Picnic
The old settlers of Webster countv
will hold a picnic at tho court house
park in Red Cloud next Wednesday.
A splendid program of speaking,
muslo and other amusements has been
arranged atid a great time is antici
pated. The following prizes have been
offered for tho occasion :
Largest family, ono of whose parents
was born in Webiter county Glass
set, Miner Bros.
Largest family, both whose parents
woro born in tho county Ono-half
dozen photographs, Bradbrook &
Best looking couplo of tho pioneers
Half dozen photographs, Bradbrook &
The oldest unmarried pnir One
pair of tan blankets, i'. McNeny.
Biggest boy born in county Pair of
shoes, Frank Smith.
Prettiest girl born in county Sugar
bowl, Albright & Rifo.
Oldest ?irl born in county Picture,
Henry Cook.
Oldest boy born in county Knife,
Ed Amack.
Largest couplo in the county Cake,
W. S. Benso.
Smallest couplo in tho county Sil
ver pepper and salt boxos, Ay s &
Oldest girl whoso parents were pio
neors One dollar, O. O. Tool.
Boat picturo of stocktito at Red
Cloud Box of cigars, J. O Lindley.
Boat picturo of stockade at Guide
Rock Watch fob, T E. Ponnvin.
Best picture of stockade at Cowlos
Coffeepot, Pope Bros.
Bigiiest story toller of tuo old sot-
tiers, excluding preachers and lai
yers Hat, Beokwith, Wescott &
The man who Killed tho Inst buffalo
Ammunition, Morhart Bros.
Oldest democrat on the grounds
Hat, CowJen-Kaloy Clothing Co.
First populist One year's subscrip
tion toTnB Chief', J. P. Ha'.e of tho
Oldest and straightest republican
Ono year's subscription to tho Nation,
P. O. Phares of TriE Chief.
Youngest baby of pioneers Baby
ponder, 11. E. Grice.
Fattest pioneer Ono dollar, Rev.
Uauptmaiin. grandparent in grounds
handshako, Harry H. Holdrege.
Biggest lift by pioneer Cigurs, W.
H.Sawyer and Harry MoCormal.
Farthest throw of hall Gold collar
button, No ffhouso Uros.
Winner of foot race Cuff buttons,
Newhouse Uros.
Longest jump Old yarn, Irving
Walker. '
Highest jump Old story, J. S. Gil
ham. Best horseshno pitchor of pioneers-Jack-knife,
F. I iterson,
Most varied bill of faro of grasshop
per year One dollar. E. v. Buss.
Market Letter.
Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 14, 1003.
Receipts of live stock at Kansas City
last week and same week last year
were as follows:
1003: Cattle, 03,582; calves, 0,193;
hogs, 35,025; sheep, 23,225; horses and
mules, 1,244
1902: Cattle, 70,712; calvos, 0,107;
hogs, 22,351; sheop, 30,820; horses and
mules, 080
Supply of cattle last week was vory
heavy, as is usual at this season Tho
market was nervous, but on the whole
was steady for the week. Beef cattle
advanced readily on the days of short
supplies, but declined when plenty
wero here, but the close was like tho
close of tho previous week. The sup
ply of sho stuff was well adjustod to
tho demand and there was little
change Veul calves remain at high
point. Aloro quarantine cattlo were
hero than woro needed. Stocker and
feodor trado had a big week, with bulk
of offerings common to fair westerns.
Average prices were little changed ex
cept for common light cattle, which
sold lower Vory few cattlo wore held
over at tho end of the week. Country
buyers scorn willing to take all of them
Real Estate Transfers.
Transfers for week ending Wednes
day, September 10, furnished by J 11.
Bailey of Webster County Abstract
C F Guntl and wlfo to Emmot A
Bnodfker, qcd, nwi 28 4-11....9 21G5
Vina T Douglas and husband to
Isaac D Clnpp.wd, t3 nw4 and
2 sw4 28212 2500
Frank V Taylor and wife to R T
Potter, wd. se4 0 and n2 sw4
2 nw4 and lot 3 and 4 in 10-
M0 5000
R T Potter to Matilda E Taylor,
wd, tame 5000
Llacoln Land Co. t'i Christian 7
McCoy, wd, iota 17 rind 18, blk
17.' Bladen .- 60
Jno R Greenhalgh and wife to
Mike Stroble, wd, 2 se4 21-
3J1 1300
Edmund B Smith and wife to
Clara A Perry, wd, lot 20, blk
22, Smith & Moore's addition
to Red Cloud "
Western Lnnd and Trust Co. to
Henry F Clarke, wd, sc4 12
211 2400
stored vision. Wo understand Eves und Evo Glasses our busl
ness to lit tho ono to tho other. Wo know tho Eyo and its noods
wo know tho dangers thut follow In tho wako of dofectivo Eyes and strain
ed vision. Our knowledge of tho Eyo and practical oxporlonco in tho
g, IIIUIIK in iiuinsu.i is ill, jriir nurvicu. wu u.Miuuiiu juui ujun muumniui.
scietuiiu'iiii.v: ton you tnoir exact condition, ikiviso you wnni to uo anu
grant you tho privilege of doing as you please. y v
Waltlns und hoping never betters ailing vision
procrastination Is the thief ol good eyesight.
The change which come to the eye are be
yond tho power ol the Individual to remedy.
Neglect to elve eyes proper and timely care 1
responsible for much of the president day eye
A very little strain upon this delicate structure
soon exnausts its aeucaie nerve torce.
When the eye first troubles, the man of sense
gets It.
knows there is need of help, and stralghway
Let us aid vou to better vision or the observa
tion of what remains.
A little wny from right I J a great way wrong T
with eye glasses and spectacles. S
We make a study of Individual needs and fix tfc
frames and lenses with exactness. b
Every appliance science has devised Is at our
Every pair of glasses must preclsety suit the JJJ
wearer and us. S
Each lens, each frame. Is thoroughly Inspected, Z
If there Is flaw or blemish it Is discarded. S
Your eye glasses are as Important as your T
.u..ll.. I iMHA..... U. Ih. .1111 K M.I1I
7GIKIil l liiifVI kail., iivib uia vhii.. .iiv
and the facilities to make them so.
Jewelers and Opticians.
Back to the Old Home.
On aeptntuber 1, 8 and 14 and Octo
ber G the Burlington offers round trip
tickets, good thirty days, to many
points in Indiana and Ohio, at faro
and a third ratov An excellent oppor
tunity to visit old friends in tho east.
Ask tho ticket ngont for further particulars.
at prices 81 to 91.25 lower than pro-
vailing pricos for fat cattle During
tho weok fat stoors ranged from (4 75
to (5.55 and grass natives from 84 30 to
84 90. Best light veals brought (5 75,
and, as woight increasod and quality
dropped off, on down to 83 50 Ma
jorlty of stockers and feeders brought
83 to 83 75, with a fair sprinkling of
sales up to 84
Run today Is 10,000 head, a moder
ate run for this season, An effort was
mado at tho start today to boar pricos
on lower reports and a big run at Chi
cago, but this was unsuccessful and
the market turned out steady. Top
salo up to noon was 85 35. Local pack
et swore good buyers today.
Hog pricos gained a big quarter up
to Thursday's dosing market, which
was the high point of the week. This
gain wtos entirely wiped out, however,
on Friday and Saturday, and closing
sales of tho weok were less than u
nickel different from tho close of tho
previous wt ok, 8G 17 being the highest
point reaohob Attraotivo pricos
swelled tho rocoipts last wook and to
day's run is good at 7,000. Prices to
day aro steady to fio lowor, with 85 87
for top, und bulk of sales at 85.70 to
85 80
Light sheep rocoip's ut Kansas City
mado tho mnrkot hero indopondont of
othur markets, and shcop and lambs
Total W8440
Mortgages tiled, 83,300.
Mortgages released, 80,700.
Low Rates West via Burlington Route.
825 to Portland, Tacoma, Seattle.
825 to San Francisco and Los An
geles. 822.50 to Spokano.
820 to Salt Lake City, Butto and
Proportionately low rates to hun
dreds of other point, including Big
Horn Basin, Wyo , Montana, Idaho,
Washington, Oregon, British Colum
bia. California, etc. Every dsy until
November 80 Tourist cars daily to
California. Personally conducted ex
cursions three times' a weok. Tourist
cars dailv to Seattle. Inquire of near
est Burlington Route agent.
Atteatta, 0. E. 8.
There will bo a regular meeting of
Charity Chapter, on Monday, Sept. 21,
1903. All members are requested to
attend as there will be work. Mrs.
Allco Myers, Worthy Matron.
Tho good roads movement started at
tho republican county convontlou Is
being steadily pushed forward.
Tho old settlors picnic noxt wook
will bo a momorablo affair. Don't
miss it.
H B. Boyd and family attended tho
State fair.
A. W. Cox took a number of hU lino
rod hogs to tho stato fair. Among tho
number was ono two years old which
weighed 840 pounds.
W. B. Housohoulder and wifo attend
ed the state fair.
Jas. MeCoy and wifo were in Lin
coln this week.
Bladen now has in oporation, for the
benefit of the farmors who patronize
1ho town, a town pump and wind mill.
Two cisterns hivo also been put in the
street and these will be tilled wltn
wator and will bo nsod in cno of firo.
Quito a niunbor of peoplo from
B'ndon and vicinity attended Camp,
hell Bros, show In Red Cioud Thurs
day. Wo understand tho trimmer at the
millinery store was unfortunato in the
loss of somti of her wearing apparel
Just Saturday ninht.
Fred Bon Is taklngcareof bis father's
third crop of alfalfa.
Miss Edith Peterson is attending the
Lincoln business college.
Threshing has been at a standstill
for five days owing to damp weather.
Clarenco Lewis and wifo of Red
Cloud wero pleasant visitors on the
creek last week.
A killing frost and freezo tho night
of the 15th which will mako a great
deal of soft corn.
A. C. Bon sold four head of cattlo to
a man from Hastings last week, and
also a cow to Mr. Childs.
I S:hilos has been vory sick of lato.
Ho Is a brothor-ln-law of Perry Norrls
and makes his homo with him.
A party of young peoplo from Wil
low Creek and Cowlos picnicked last
Sunday at the big rock southeast of
Guide R'ick.
Mr. Warthon is hauling lumber for a
new barn.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jones wero in
Red Cloud Tuesday.
White frost Tuesday uiRht. Late
corn will ba hudly damaged, also cane
and Kafllr corn.
J. O. Holcomb and sister, Mrs, M. E,
Atneton, returned home from tb
slate fair Friday.
Born, September 4, to Mr. and Mra.
Frank Blankenbaker, a girl of usual
Nebraska weight. All doing well.
Rob Mitchell has cut and burned the
weeds along tho roadside on his farm
a good exaraplo for others to follow
Uncle William Sabin is very sick
Quite a frost and some ice here thf
W. L. Wilson of Suporior was here
on businoss last week.
O. J. Lum aud F. Newton are going
wost to look for oboap land.
Dana Columbia it on the aiok list
this week. Dr. Robinson is attending
J. M. Dean. II. BorgQold and E. J.
Mooro went to Red Cloud on business
Gsorge Proud lit has returned from
Denver and is employed at bis father's
lumber yard.
Mri. Golden, mother of John Golden
of Stillwater, arrivod in Guide Rock
from Missouri yestorday.
Mr. Gilletto of Bloomington has been
ongaged as pastor of tho Christian
church fortbe coming year.
Perry Dunbar, a brother of J. and
O L. Dunbar, arrived tho first of the
week, having driven from Illinois.
We have th following trnfr point t ChlctRo,
bioux, pioii.
l.aCroMt. Mlnneinolk. Omiha
liwl, Qucbw. Sheibrnoke. I'. Q.. Hamilton, Ont.
A Urtti all letlfTt to Btlhwt Falli, IV,
Vormont Farm Mnohino Co.,
,,,-, Bellows Fnlis, Vt.
,ia .v,rrm T rilF llHTSMini
s '-r
ifc. i.jjaMaiaaaiaMttarti -tatftiaiai3MawtatH:A-