The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, April 18, 1902, Image 1

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quickly. We arc going to make a sacrifice sale on suitings by giving linings free
on this line and price only.
We have selected about 20 pieces of Wool Suit
ings from our stock at 60 and 75c yd.
VENETIANS, SERGES, ETC., in reds, grays,
tans, blues, blacks and greens.
' "lKl--2
3 set
FREE with every dress pattern sold at 60c to
75c per yard from this stock.
All pieces goods marked in plain figures, and tagged with
green tags. Sale lasts as long as the goods last.
Red Cloud,
Highest Prices Paid for Produce.
Qhicago - Lumber - Yard.
r .
Lumber, Lime, Goal and Cement.
6 yards Cambric.
1 card Hooks and Eyes.
1 1-2 yards' Selisia.
4 yards Velveteen Binding.
s i ,, i ' t,'. ''' if
Tliero is moio catarrh in this section
of tho country than all other diseases
put together, and until tho last few
years was supposeed to bo incurable
For a great many years doctors pro'
nounced it a local disease, and pro
scribed local remedies, and by constant,
ly failing to euro with local treatment
pronounced it incurablo. Bcicnco has
proven catarrh to bo a constitutional
disoaso, and theretora requires consti
tutional treatment, hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Chonov &
Co., Toledo, O., is tho only constitu
tional euro on tho market. It ia taken
internally in defies from ton drops to a
tenspoonful. It acts directly on tho
blood and mucous surfaces of tho sys
tem. Thoy otter ono hundred dollars
for nny caso it fails to to euro. Send
for circulars and testimonials. Ad
dress F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75o.
Hall's family Fills aro tho best.
Six Million 'Boxes a Year.
In 1805, none; in 1900, 6,000,000
boxes; that's Cascarets Candy Ca
thartic's jump into popularity. The
people have cast their verdict. Best
medicine for the bowels in the world.
nit uruygisis, IC.
Attempted Jail Delivery.
It lias just leaked out thnt ShorllT
McArthur lnul quito an expetienco
with his prisoners sumo tlinn ago and
hnd hu not been cool and thoughtful
ho might have been thu victim of n
jail delivery. The night chosen was n
stormy one, nnd it was very dark.
SherifT McArthur hnd heen away (lur
ing the cluy nnd on coming into the
jail in tho evening he was unable to
Unci Prisoner Williams. He inquired
of Prisoner Keating what had become
of Williams. Keating replied that hu
hml laid down and gone to sleep, and
when he awoke Williams was not in
tho jail. Sheriff McArtlmr and his wife
proceeded to make a searcli of the
promises, including the outside of the
jail, quite thoroughly, and not finding
him they came back into the jail and
the sheriff accused Keating of having
IjVillhuns hidden s onewhere in tho jail
qngo, but Keating protested that such
Was not tho case. It then occurred to
tho sheriff that Williams might bo hid
den under his cot in his cell. It nlso
occurred to Sheriff' McArthur that if
ho wont into tho cell to search for Wil
liams it might be a part of tho plan to
lock him in tho cell and then tho pris
oners would mako their escape. Ho
asked Koating if Williams was not un
der his cot, and Keating said ho was
dot. Tho sheriff, still thinking Wil
liams must bo there, ordered Keating
to go to tho cot and look under it for
Williams. Keating went and looked
tinder tho cot anil said Williams was
not there, but the sheriff observed there
was a largo roll ot paper under tho cot
and Williams being a small man, the
sheriff thought he must be rolled up in
the paper, but he failed to go in and
look himself, for ho (irmly belii veil it
.was a plan to lock him in the cell, so he
sat down and waited for developments,
After waiting quite awhile, young Wil
liams? crawled out and they tried to
Convince the sheriff' that it was simply
o joke, lint Sheriff Me rthur feels sine
it, was a well laid plan lor tliem to trv
(To escape. He immediately locked
them in the jail cage and has kept them
there ever biiicu.
A Pleasant Affair.
On last Monday evening tho Ladies'
Afternoon Whist Club of this city gave
one of the most enjoyable social fuuc
tions of the year, tho occasion being
the last meeting ol thu clttu tor the
season. Tho party was civen at tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. 11. K Griec, cor
cer of Fifth avenue and Walnut street,
and was in honor of the husbands of
tho club members, Prcgressivo whist
was tho game of thu evening, and tho
ladies were pitted against the gentle
men during tho entire evening. Hearts
were trumps, und tho score cards, were
heart-shaped and decorated with red
carnations in water colors, hand-painted.
Tho decorations of tho house wero
in rod nnd white. Each lady woto a
beautiful bouquet of red nnd white car
nations and each gentleman a bout
tonniero of tho sair.o. Refreshments
were served and those, too, carried out
the color scheme, each article being
either rod or whtto; ovon the gentle
men's cigars had boon decorated with
rod ribbons, Prizes woro awarded to
those who had made tho highest num
bor of points. Mrs. M. A. Albright
won tho first prize among tho ladies,
receiving a beautiful bunch or Amori
can Boauty roses, and Mr. II. E. Grico
won tho tirst prize anions tho gentlo
men, recoiving a cigar about fourteen
menus tu lungm, wnicu uuu uecu uec
orated with red ribbons
Painful Accident.
Last Monday ovoning Mrs. Gcorgo
warren mot with quito n painful ncci
dent. Mr. and Mrs. Warren had boon
driving and turned to go in where Mr
A. ;. Green lives. The horso struck a
barbed wire, which had boon stretched
ncross tho road, and began to plungo
Mrs. Warren was thrown from the
buggy and foil under tho whcols. Tho
buggy nassed over her. ono whool strik
ing her faco and nnother going over
nor arm. as soon as nn. wnrrou could
got control of tho horso ho brought
Mrs. warren to town and called in a
physician. No bones woro broken nnd
at tho present writing Mrs. Wnrron is
fluttering but littlo from tho cITocts of
nor tall.
Declared Insane.
J. F. Smith, a farmer and tin old rosi
dont, living southeast of this city, was
brought hero last Saturday and taken
before too insanit7 board und adjudged
insano. Ho was tnkon to Lincoln Sun
day aiorning. Mr. Smith's troublo
seemed to bo only temporary, as on
Sunday morning ho appeared to bo as
sound in mind as could bo and talked
as rationally ns anyono, stating that
everything that was dono from Friday
morning was a blank to him. We hopo
to hear of his return to his homo in tho
near future
m m
$45 to California and Return.
Tickets on sale April 21 to 27, May 27
to June 8, August 2 to 8. Liberal
stopover arrangements and return
limits. For additional Information ask
tho nearest agent, Burlington Routo,
or write for a California folder to J.
Francis, Goneral Pnssengor Agent,
Burlington Rente, Omaha, Neb.
This is written in mld-Octobar. Th long,
opproitsivo summer is quit gone. Fading
loaf, withering trco and -the rustling corn In
the fields are signs of tho season. Fog,
frost, rain, snow, they ore coming. You
remember last winter of 100O and 1901.
The weather was cruel. Ah I thethona
ands it killed, and tho hundred of thou
ends it maimed and crippled. Oh, the
rough grasp it laid on men at work, womta
at homo, and children in cribs and cradle.
Cought that began before ThanksgWini
Day are racking and tearing them atlll j vee,
and growing worse as they dig deeper lnt
the poor, tired throat and lungt. Many
wero cured by using llenson'a 1'oroua Plan
ter. For the soothing and healing powei
of these Plasters Is wonderful. They con
quer tho complaints
No other plaster, no other medicine or ap.
nllontlon. can conumro with them. Couch.
colds, backache, rheumatism, lumbago,
kidney and liver trouble, asthma, influ
enza, they all go down before Bcnaon'f
Plasters like a enow Image in the sua.
You can't throw money away on a Benson's
Plaster. Everybody is going to use them
this season, but make certain you get the
genuine. All druggists, or we will prepay
postage on any number ordored in the
United etatcs on receipt of 25o. each.
Beabury tc Johnson, Mfg. Chemists, N.T.
Real Estate Transfers.
Tho following transfers, furnished
by thu Webster County Abstract Co.,
wore made during thu past week:
A Miner Welltna to F E Hilling
ton, w d, lots 1, '2 and !l,
block 15, CowIoh SO
F E liilliugton to Ceo W Hutch
iiisoii. w (I. same 20
James N Clarke, receiver, to J R
Urcouhalgh, w d, nwir(S2 10
J L (ireeuhalgh to E L Ronton,
wd.hf tiwqrU2 10
C E Perkins to F E Wilson, w d.
lot 1. block ill, Cowlcs 10
Jesso It Eulou to Sanford Crox
ton, w 1, 11 hf nw qr and w bf
no qr 1 2 !) 2700
Louis W Hay el til to C A Roi
her, wd, neqr'28:J 11 100
K F Carper and wife to .John .J
Delehoy, w d, lots 1 to 8, Har
roll's addition to Rluu Hill 075
Suroptn Osbnrn to William Os
born, w d, part 11 hf s hf nw qr
18 1 12 ... 400
C H & Q R R Co to W F 11
Schneider, w d, no qr 33 1 V2 12112
flnttio C Altmnn to John Woiirol.
w d, part lots It and 4 in 11 1 0 20
Sallio F Sayles to N Painter, w d,
lots 10, 11 and 12, block 0, La
Duo's addition to Red Cloud 250
Kate Kinney to G 1) Harding,
w d, lots 0 and 10, block 0,
Hoover's addition to Illuo Hill 200
Chas E Hicks and wife to Jos F
Orosbach. w d. n hf nw ir and
nwqrsw qr 8 4 11 . ... !tt5
Hans Tolisson to W 11 llobart, w
d, sw qr 18 2 12 2000
Stato of Nebraska to Maggio
Robinson, dood, nw qr 80 2 9 1120
Androw Bock to Rosy Potter, w
d,nwqr302 12 2500
Fran. Uuschow and wifo to L C ,
Peisigor. w d. cart bo or so or
4 4 10 ' 160
Henry Ludlow and wife to Ella
M Uurt. w d. oart sw or nw or
19 4 12 . 1300
William (t Kinsoy and wifo to
Emma J Duckor, qo d, lots 4,
5 and 0, block .1, Talbot's addi
tion to Guide Rock
Total . .
Mortgages tiled
Mortgages released
Holland House Changes Hands.
Last Monday the Holland House in
this city changed hands, J. W. Run
choy, tho former proprietor, having
leased thu house and furnishings to Kit.
Fry. Mr. Runohdy and his cstunnblo
wifo have mado many friends during
tho few yenrs thoy liavo been in busi
ness here who will regret to see thotii
quit our business circles. In speaking
of tho now manager. Mr. Fry, wo can
say ho is an old hotel man and beliovo
he will mako a success of his new ven
ture. While we, with the rest of our
citizens do not liko to see Mr. nnd Mrs.
Runchoy unit our business circles, still
if such must bo wo nro pleased to noto
that thoy havo secured kucIi 11 good
successor as Mr. Fry, and I'hb Ciiikk,
wishes Mr. Fry success in his venture
Woodmen's Day.
Thursday, April 24, will bo Wood-
Hum's day in Red Cloud. 'I'hn cnnunlu
of most of tho camps in the county
havo joined in calling a dolegato meet
ing to organize a county association in
opposition to tho readjustment plan
nronosod bv tho head nflienm. It. la
proposod to have an enthusiastic moot
inir of Woodmen in thn nvnnlncr in (.
cuss tho now rates and the reserve
plan, All woodmoa in tho county
and adjacent territory aro cordially
invited. I. W. Edbon.
L. II. FonT,
W. II. Parker,
L. A. Haskins,
Local Committee,
SKX i '?,
School Botid Election,
On Wednesday of next week tho eli
gible school voters are expected to vote
for or against tho ifsuing of more
bonds by school district No. 2. As will
bo soon by reading tho election no
tice published in another column of
this paper, tho proceeds are to bo used
for the purposo of placing boating
plants in tho school houses of this city.
Tho mouthers of tho board found them
selves confronted with tho question of
either doing this or buying nnother lot
of stoves. Wo boliove either n steam
or hot water plant should bo installed
in each of tho buildings, nnd theroforo
aro very much in favor of tho bonds,
much as wo dislike tho issuing of bonds
for any purpose. With stoves ono cor
ner of tho room is hot and tho balance
cold; those pupils sitting near tho
stoves nro too warm, whiio tho others
are too cold. Resides this considera
tion may bo monlionid the annoyance
to both pupils nnd teachers of having
tho janitor coming in to build tho fires,
nlso tho dirt nnd gonernl unsanltari
ncss of stoves. Tho 11, too, tho greater
economy of either ono of these heating
systams in tho matter of fuel. It has
cost this city during tho Inst school
year $450 for coal for tho thirteen or
fourteen stoves, und with either of tho
nbovo systems it should not cost half
as much to heat tho' buildings. With
either of tho systems nn oven temper-
turn could bo maintained, tho pupils
would sillier less from colds and from
cold, and while it seems a largo outlny
just at tho present lime, wo boliove in
the end it will lit found to be nn econ
omy. Therefore wo are in favor of tho
issuing of bonds.
Albert l. Whitwor, son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Fred Whitwor. was born in Smith
county, Kansas, in June. 1888, and died
Tuesday, April 15, at ', a. 111. Albert
had boon a sulTcrcr tor thirteen wcckh
witli that fearful disease, spinal menin
gitis, and during the last two days of
his iifo was unconscious most of tho
time. Funeral services wero held at
tiio home, conducted by the Rev. Cout
tier of the U. H. church of Lebanon and
tho rcui'iiiis wero laid to rest in tho
Webb Hill cemetery April 10. The
family of the deceased youth have thu
sympathy of a largo circle of friends
and acquaintances.
Are You Using Allen's Foot-Ease?
Shako into your shoes Allen's Foot-
Ease, a powder. It cures Corns, Hun-
ons, Painful, Smarting, Hot, Swollon
eet. At all druggists and shoo stores,
Stops the Cough and Works off the Cold
Laxative UromoQulnitio Tablets cures
a cold in ono day. No cure, no pay
25 cents,
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinino Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
is on each box. 25c.
Albright - Bros.,
Damcrell Block,
Red Cloud, Neb.
1 fit
-wqwtwr-' "-