The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, December 13, 1901, Image 3

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Seven of the Escaped Convicts
Known to Be at Large.
Alulrtmit Neuron Will Klhl llUrniti
hlfcnirut MltiUIrr Shut A (Inntwt
Spcrt t'Hplurr.l I'lroM (iranc!
Itlatul-- (IIIiit "Nrtrt.
Two tuoro of nil convicts wlio ci
:uv(t fnm the Fort Leavenworth
mllHnry prison Nov. 7 have Im-oii rup
tured at I.tuvton, Oklahoma, according
to n telegram received hy tlm warden
from tlio sheriff of Mutt ' place. They
uru Turner Darnes, sent up from this
territory for tun yenrs for assault, and
Hub Clark, who was serving n llvo
year sentence for bn'aklng into n Tex
us postoflleis. Clnrlr wns oms of the
leader. In tlio revolt imil it was lie
who held up .Superintendent. Htnils.
Tho men are well-known to the ollieers
of the territory, anil Warden Me
Clnughry stated over tins long-dlstunee
telephone. tiNlny that he felt sure that
they are two of hif missing prisoners.
f Of the convicts who eseapeil in tho out
break, hut seven nits now at law.
1 JleHiofllM MiuUtcr Khot.
Ucv. 4. lirndfonl, a Methodist min
ister at Hrookstdc, Aln., was shot and
killed hy R. D. Coffinim, a justice, of
I lie peace, Rev. Mr. Hradford had
bwjn lettir'ied i'b the MidljodUt tiifil
inler foV'uUiilliet'.yvnt'. Vbiio ut Sun
day school thu Rev. Mr. Hradfovd
Itradford called ntteiitiou to Mils fact
and reinarhed that hu hoped all the
relations between hlmclf and his con
gregation would Ihs pleasant, adding,
it Is alleged, that their lvlutions would
Iks pleasant if they eauhl stop such
men as CoiTmau from lying about him
and the ehureli. CoiTinnn was once a
member of Mr. Itradford'.s ehuruh, but.
hit had lieen expelled on' homo charge,
and for this re.-iMu there had been
Msttcr feeling hclwts'ii him anil Itradford.
Ilurrtir Ht. L'ttw-utluii.
liltd Wilson, the eonvlet who killed
It. II. Naylor, a guard of tins Yell coun
ty convict tsnnip -last September, was
hanged at Danville, Ark., Decomlier 0.
Iteforo this lid was placed upon thecof
li n this body licgnu moving about. Wil
' sou opined his eyes and his whole
(mints shook with tremors. Ho wits
taken nut of thu eotlln by thu deputies
and carried up the steps to the. scaffold
for thu purpose of haug'ing him ugnln.
When tins platform was reached thu
body liecamis rigid, remained so for a
moment and then became limp. The
physinns dually pronounced Wilson
dead, death being eauseil by strangu
lation. f.ltlKatlon Kmls.
F. M. Hull, attorney for thu finance
committee of the A. (. (I. W. temple at
Drnud Island, as the permanent head
quarters of the grand lodge for Ne
braska, has written to this olurli of
the district court, to tho etVvct
that he still not want this
transcript of the proceedings as order
ed by him, since lie had consulted the
members or tho finance committee anil
this grand master workulau and had
Ux'ii ordered by them not to curry the
litigation any further. The entire liti
gation is thus disposed of and It is ex
lccUd that in a few days the commit
tees will meet and complete the pur
chase of this building.
ttttfMftm l ltrjical l.lqimr Ortllnaiire.
A committee of 10(1 cltir.en'a of Well
ington, appointed at thu revival moot
ing waitcil this city rounclt with a pe
tition asking for the repeal of what is
known as thu ''malt ordinance," tinder
which joints ha ve been licensed by the
payment of an ocupatlou tax of 8004)
u year, Ry a, vote of il to a this council
which contains a majority of memliers
eleotcd last spring on n "wet" ticket,
turned down Ihu petition and refused
to repeal the ordinance. The temper
ance people arc considering this advisa
bility of bringing quo warranto pro
ceedings to prevent thu city accept In g
this license money.
- . -
I'll I llur lUlty lu An Oven.
Mm. J. J''rcd Meyers, living tl vis miles
from Corrrctiotivlllo, in., wrapped hur
llve-months-old baby In n blanket, put
her in this oven of this kitchen stovu to
keep warm and went out lit this yard to
gather fuel. Wheu half an hour later
sho returned this fire in, thu store had
I1 a ml up and this room was filled with
smoke. Kushliig to thoovciishofound
tho blanket, and clothes in Humps. The
halsy was dead and its arms and legs
burned to a crisp.
.Shunt nimir.
lhivld It. White, a ICnusus pioneer,
oommltlcd suicide ut. Manhattan by
shooting himself in the temple with
an old shotgun. It la
thought ill health and lliiitnelul worry
canted the deed. I is hud Just made a
will thu previous day, lie wus 71
years old. Ho came to Knuits in 18.18
ami bad tired in Manhattan since. lHOrt.
KcorMllirn f a KatortiMta Criminal.
Thomas .1. Ifamptott, colored, who
couituitttsd a don Me. murder ut Fort
White, Flu., iilim years ago, was
hauged at Lake City for thu oritne.
The dootned man -smoked a iiigar to thu
very moment tins blaelc cap was ad
justed. In his statement, just before
tlte execution, he rniiftsohcd to live
murders, one of u condiustor on a train
in Lexington county, .South Carolina,
In 187, n homicide that for the past
fifteen years lima Ixsca mystery.
Other murders were eoinralttiHl in tiro
ntsrtfsof Georgia.
Konthrrn ln-l'lc ttnlln-tty lint it Wirrk
In tirrsoti.
The California express on Mm S)iith
cm I'aclflo, which left Han Francisco
Dec. 0 for Portland, wns NTcekisil at
Salem. Fireman Silas l. l'lsli of l'orU
land was killed and Kugineer W. II.
WhiUs Rerlously injured
No one else on this train was injured,
notwithstanding Mie fact that thu en
gine, mall, express and baggage, ears
all went into the ditch, At the scene
of the wreck there Is a trestle llftis'ti
feet high over Mill creek. The engine
plungisl into the ditch teruing over on
1 ts side, and the mall ear piled on to
of it. Tlic express nud baggage ears
left this track on opposite sides from
thu engine and mail ears. Tlic day
coach was derailed but remalne'il up
right. The Pullman sleeper ami pri
vate car of Superintendent Fields re
mained on the track. The train was
running about ten miles an hour. It
is not known vthutcaused the accident
Slircpnii'ii Combli.c.
A gigantic combine is Isslug formed
at ltuwliugs, Wyo., by I he sheepmen
of what Is known as the Sweetwater
country for this purpose of excluding
Utah llocknuiMters and local cattlemen
from encroaching upon what Is known
as tins red desert winter ranges In
Sweet water valley.
It is proposed to lease and buy from
thu Union Pacific every alternate sec
tion which is owned by tlio company
nnd thcruby control approximately V
5tH,iK)0 nci'.is of the finest winter feed
ing ground in tlie west. Ily leasing"
till tho land, which will give them con
trol of alternate government sections,
which have been frequent, will come,
U pnend.
' I'lic sheepmen who piirihiM: to leasts
tho land have offered the railroad
company a rate of 1 par cant per acre,
or $1,800 par year, for thu land. The
proposition lias been tvirod to the Un
ion Pa el tin general land olllee ut Oma
ha, nnd it is cxpectu.1 that the deed
will be closed in a few days.
Another llilrl Hiiirct Arr4tiul.
A Frankfort, Ky., Decemlser S Dis
patch says: SheritV Hroiiglitou of Hull
county, accompanied by three depu
ties, arrived here, having in charge.
Dcrry Howard of Dull rounty, who
wi;.", indicted for complicity In this mur
der of William iIocIk'1, and who has
been a fugitive more than a year, lie
turned his prisoner over to Jailor Law
rence' of this county and Howard wns
assigned quarters in the Jail with Ca
leb Powers and James Howard, a rela
tive, charged with the same crime.
Howard protests his innorcusc, and
says he became a fugitive in thu mouii
tain section only because lie did not
want to His in jail here. He will lusk
fur au Immediate, hearing, and if tills
is denied, that, he be released on bond
Now- it l'aupor.
A Carson, Nevada, December 7 dis
patch says: James Henry, who has'
served a suven-j'car sentence for the
theft of 8(W,000 from the United States
mint in this city and who ivfuscd to
take a pauper's oath, came before this
commissioner and look the oath,
whereupon he was released.
Thu United States district attorney
asked Henry a number of questions re
garding the disposition of his proper
ty. Henry stated that the property
had passed out of his possession at the
time of his imprisonment, most of it
going in settlement of attorneys1 fees.
Thu property that was left was placed
lu tho hands of his wife, who secured
a dlvorco ayear ago.
t'irtt ut lirniiil Inland.
During a high wind storm last Fri
day evening thu fire whistle sounded
an alarm, qu'.ckly followed by it gen
eral alarm. A barn lu it well settled
portion of Orand Island, Neb., was
burning, thu fins having 'a big start
and looking threatening, owing to thu
high Wind. However, the department
checked this fire with lint one barn to
tally ituil another partially destroyed.
Tho property destroyed was that of K
K. Ilrowu, it stock food agent.
Will VlKlit IHnfraiioliUrmciit
A large, number of representative ne
groes headed by Kev. W. MetJtll, of
itirminghnm, Ala., have, begun :t move
ment to test, thu constitutionality of
thu Alabama constitution which prac
tically dlsfriuehlses that race in that
statu. A meeting will be. held for this
purposu of raising funds to employ
legal talent to test tho question before
tins supreme court of thu United States.
l'nlnoiiml at Wlllnc Omtt.
Slxty-flvo persons tveru poisoned at
a wedding feast at tins home of John
Mulky, at West Point, Wis., Dec 0.
It is hclluvcd there was poison in the
coffee. Physicians wero
from Lodi, nud, after several hours'
work, hope was given, that all would
recover. Some of tho coffee, was sent
to a chemist to Iks examined.
Vlalit With lluhlinr.
Night Marshal J. It. Smith at Cliel
sea, Iotva, was shot in the head by
three robbers Itud died two hours lat
er. Tho robbers were discovered ,, by
the officer whild uttuinptlng to break
into the bunk, and lu an exchange of
shot the latter was killed. The rnh
brrs escaped on a hand car.
MaM .luau lllll Oa Cantaa,
"KooscTelt at San .luau Hill" in to
be the subject of a painting by Vasaitl
Verestchagln, the painter of battle
scenes. Thu fatuous UtOMlun artist lirn
arrived at Chicago to conduct an ex
hibition of his painting at. thu art in
stitute. He announced his intention
to devote two years or mom to the
work of portraying on etnvasn the
battle which, he thinks, because of
BooMsveU'B elevation to the presidency,
lathe most Interesting war scene of
modern times ts Ainerloans,
Was Connoctod With tho Institu
tion Twenty-Nine Years.
Solillfr Hun .Itiilii'k rronir'liir Mur
ilrrnl SMfn tf Vnllry I'mliinli'O It
Itpiiintlitlieil Nfjfrii Hlllltic lu
l.lnrnlit -Ollirr nn.
II. J. Fleishman, cashier of tins
Farmers nnd .Merchants' hank of l.os
Angeles, ('al., has disappeared with a
sum of the bank's money which Vice
President II. W. Hellman estimates at
;loo,onii. Fleishman has not been seen
since Saturday morning, December 7,
atjj o'clock. At that time lie was at his
club. He notified thu bank people that
lie was 111 Saturday morning and
would not he at his desk, Nothing
wns thought of tho matter at tins time.
When Fleishman failed to report his
accounts svero gone over and this short
ago discovered, The cxnet amount lins
not yet been ascertained.
Fleishman lins been cashier and as
sistant cashier of this Farmers- nnd
Merchants' bank for many years. He
began work for the bank' when n lioy
hi 1873. Ho was under bond with n
surety company for 830,000. lu addi
tion Us Mils he had veal estate and per
sonal property in this eltysufllctent, in
the opinion of Mr. IMlm.ui, to protect
tins bank from loss of n dollar.
Fleis'imnii married this 'laughter of
A. J. Harr.'ll, n wealthy cattleman of
Visalla, but wns divorced souiu time
ago. He is forty-iwo j'eai's of age.
.Slrlckim With Heart Viilliiro.
Within the short, space' of half an
hour's time, and almost without warn
ing of any kind, Isaac 11. Drown, uged
seventy-nine years, and his wife, Sarah
Drown, aged seventy-live, of Fremont,
were stricken with heart ,ailuro and
each succumbed to this attack on De
cember 7. Mr. Ilrowu ate supper with
Ills family, consisting of his wife and
daughter, and appeared to ho lu Ills
usual good health and spirits. About
half, past seven he began enmplnlning
of it pain in his arms and chest. He re
tired a short tlmo beforu 10, nnd in it
little while his daughter heard him
breathing heavily. Shu went to sec
him and found him almost breathing
his last. Death came beforu a physi
cian could be summoned.
Mrs. Drown, soon ufter he.rhusbnnd's
death, said slits felt tired and would
like to go to bed. Thu physician who
wns called to attend Mr. Drown, but
who nrrlved too late to be of service,
hail barely reached his home when u
second call reached him that Mrs.
Drown was in it dangerous condition.
lie hurried back and found her uncon
scious. Kite died about ten minutes
afterward. The dual fatality Is un
precedented lu Doitgc county Mr. and
.Mrs. Drown were the parents of twelve
children, uluveu of whom aru still liyiug
DIiiiiiiiikI Itulilipr t.'out Ictcil.
The jury in the case of John K. Darr,
formerly a prominent merchant and
manufacturer of Denver, on the chnrge
of robbing Mrs. Mary lletts of 87,000
worth of diamonds, returned a verdict
uf guilty, after being out twenty-six
hours. The penalty for this crime is
from one to fourteen yenrs in the pen
itentiary. Something over a year ngo
Mrs. Detts was robbed of her diamonds
while returning to tlio city from it
drive with it man iiumed Hnemalt.
Tlic latter was also robbed of a sum of
money, but was later arrested charged
witlt having entered into a conspiracy
to rob Mrs. Detts, tho drive, it was
charged, being part of an alleged con
spiracy. Haemnlt was confined in prison for
some mouths, and during this time im
plicated Darr in the ease. The charges
against him wero dropped upon his
agreement to turn state's evidence.
This he did not do, however. Onu of
tho sensational features of the casu
was tho testimony of Mr. Detts, that
she was of thu opinion that the person
who took her jewels from her was a
woman disguised in man's ulothlng.
I'lrn In Nnnlt.-trliini.
A dangerous and exciting Uru eamo
near resulting In a serious loss of life,
at St. Mary's private sanitarium at
Milwaukee. For a tlmu there was a
panic among the patients. Although
no lives were lost, great diniculty wuh
experienced' in getting the twenty
seven inmates of the sanitarium out in
time. Twenty-four of tins patient
were carried from the building by tho
firemen. This tire started In a barn in
tins rear, from an overturned Inmp.
Xnlgiihor Demand Invrctlaation.
The ucigbors of George ltliigham, a
farmer, filtueu miles south of Fort
Scott, Kits., who died recently, hnvo
demanded a coroner's inquest to deter
mine whether or uot he was poisoned,
lllngham was apparently well a few
days ago, but was taken suddenly HI
and is reported to hare died in fifteen
minutes. He. l'.rl with hlsfc.'i,(r nnd
a honarkeeper.
MlaUtar Shutlu tl I'alall,
Her. A. A. Johnson, colored, astor
of the African Methodist Kplsuopal
church of Oskaloosa, la., was shot and
aerioualy wounded in his pulpit by a
oolored girl, Auna Nelson. The girl
elaimato have been wronjred by the
Thomw, D. Ferguson of Watuugu us
mined the (office of governor of Okla
homa Decamher 0. Governor Fergunon,
made no apeach or promises. It iaaaid
the ofliclals of th Jenkins administra
tion will be reaxived at onw.
Hajr III (In I Kngliuitl hiiiI Chortle Ifl
lie .Socrelary of Mtnto.
Many republicans lu New York statu
have not been ablo to understand why
Ambassador Joseph II. C'hnatu lias pro
longed his vacation in this country. It
lias liern said lu Washington that if
Mr. f,ow hail been defeated ou election
day President llooscvclt. was to havo
"PIMiintcd Mr. l.ow ambassador to
Crcat llritaiu.
Another story eamo out from repub
licans who wens at the Flflh nvenuis
hotel, and who have talked with Presi
dent llooscvclt within tins last few
days. They say they believed that
President llooscvclt, now that the iiistv
Drltlsh trealy has been satisfactorily
adjusted, is to appoint Mr. Choate to
be secretary of state in place of Secre
tary Hay, who may 'possibly tnko Mr.
riioate's place as ambassador. Thu re
port that Ambassador Choate was to
succeed Secretary Hay and Secretary
Hay to succeed Ambassador Choato
was accepted as true by republicans
wlio have discussed the matter with
the president and others in Washing
ton. They wero uot exactly clear,
though, that Mr. Hay is to have Mr.
Choatc's place, and for Mint reason cer
tain eminent republicans intend to go
in for thu ambassadorship themselves
Hltt'iit vry of l.urRutl Knmrit Near Itulle,
A new and wonderful natural cave,
believed to buoneof thulargestknowu,
lins just been discovered in this canyon
of the JelT'Tsoii, about llfty miles cast
uf Hullo, Mond
An explonithli parly from Hullo
spout several days in the cave, going
over ait area of ten miles and to a depth
of nearly 1,000 feet. A large river with
a cataract about 100 feet was explored
for a distance of several miles without
discovering its sourecor nutlet. A few
artielei of stono and copper utensils
ami some Iksiics believed to bu human
Ixmc.s, wens also found In onu of thu
large apartments, of thu eavu. There
were other evidences that at some tlmu
in it prehistoric period thu envo was in
habited. It is believed that an 'earth
quake ilosed the entrnnce to tlio cave
and killed Its inhabitants. The forma
tion of stalactite and other natural
decorations throughout tlio cave are
most beautiful.
Itobbcr Killed.
Three men entered tlio general store
of Kdwnrd Wood at Malena, S. D., and
robbed it to the amount of 810. Sher
iff Dotcn of Deadwood and Patsy Pat
terson, deputy sheriff, started in dif
ferems directions to meet tlio robbers.
Patterson met them In Strawberry
gulch and nrderod them to glvu up.
Thu robbers fired at Patterson and
uuc shot was sent Into the wngon by
thu deputy. One of this robbers full
over dead. Tho driver gave hlmsulf
up, but the third escaped, No no of
tins three robbers is known.
Fred Cavert of i'lunia lias been Iden
tified as this driver of tho team which
brought away thu robbers from Oaleiut
His is under arrest. The dead man is
believed to bo named Kelly. A man
while Intoxicated asserted that tho
dead man was his brother.
A Drmllj- Hurl.
Will McCowan was fatally shot at
Lincoln, Nub., Dec. 0 by Willis Duok
nur. Doth men are colored. Duckner
is now in jail, and Thornton Murpfiy,
another colored man implicated lu tlio
crime, is also behind thu bars. Doth
men gave thumsulvos up. Duckner ac
cuses Murphy of shooting at hi in first,
and says Murphy started to run after
tiring thu first shot. McOowan unit
him, grabbed his gnu away and fired
twice at Duckner. Then Duckner drew
his revolver and fired two shots, both
taking effect. Tlio Ittwt shot proved
fatal. McCowan died. This can so of
thu trouble is sommvhnt in doubt, but
seems to huvo n fond that had
been g.owing in intensity for souiu.
time. Murphy admit shooting first,
but bays it was done accidentally.
One Killed ami Many Injured.
The Central of Georgia railroad pas
Buuger train from Savannah, aftur
crossing the river entering Macon with
itlidiit 100 passengers, December 8,
Jumped a switch ou a high embank
ment. Tins engine and tender parted
from tins train. An appalling week
ensued. The baggage and express ears
wera thrown over into a culvert and
burned. Thu second class coach was
thrown ou its sidu and burned. This
first ulnss passenger coach fell over tho
embankment. Thu Atlanta sleeper,
filled with passengers, caught tiro and
was destroyed. Two sleepers wero
saved. Tho memburs of the Walter
.Main's cirens were aboard. This only
person killed was Julia Doyntou, col
ored, of Columbus, Oa.
Third Attempt.
An attempt was made to blow open
the postofllco safe at Valley, Neb. Two
charges wore fired, which aroused thu
puoplo near by. This robbrrs fled to'
thu south part of town and escaped.
Dloodhounds were placed on thu trail
uud tracked thu men to a point near
town, where they evidently had horses
awaiting them. The safe was ruined.
Th'. i ti third attempt made by bue
jfur.s to rob the eafs this year.
Heine' fay Car.
A special from Novates, A. T., says
that customs officials there seined a
pay car of thu Southern Pacific Rail
road coiupauy and placed Paymaster
Kobinsou and three others under ar
rest oa this charge, of having several
thousand contraband cigars in their
poatKssston. AU have been releaard ou
Mail Over While Aeleep.
Charles Archer, aged forty-five, was
killed at Rock Island, III., hy a motor
uar on a aaburban Han. Archer was
sleeping on te alret ear feraek,
-... . ...... "ir" frai,irfiiiii rvYiTifT; i i iiKlfli I riiHr-irffl--. m id
MBMMMMMMMMiri mi i"""" tzssss ZMtj03tiSLmmm immBnumwms&miMr m
Woman Brutally Beaten at Wash
Ot.tpoiHlriil .SImii !illt lilt Own 'I'll runt
mid Thtiart of III I'hiiiIIj -Culling-
.tfTrH.r hI IVIeriliiira;--Nliiit I'll)
llntrl .M.?trr,v IIIIht Nrnt.
A Washington. I) '.. Dec. Id, ills
palcli ntys: Mrs. Ada Ollbert Dennis,
it fashionable dressmaker, was found
In au almost dying eoudlllou In her
room under elrcumslanccs that prom
ise to rival the lloi.lnc murder case.
Her skull svns fractured, Jawbone
broken and left ear almost severed
from this head. Her left arm bore
bruises luteal! vr of a struggle and her
clothing and the bedding were satur
ated with blood. She was removed to
the (iartield hospital and a large force
of ileteetlves put on the ease. This
name of lu-r assailant is unknown.
The general belief is that Mrs. Den
nis was altaelced while asleep in her
back room on the first Hour and that
the llrst blow wns In all probabllly
administered with the piano stooi,
which was .smeared with blood, and
rendered her unconsi'lous. The pre
liminary investigation by the police
failed to indicate-Hint there svns any
Will lie Atkril In 11 il I til nit lilillllun In
t.lnroln I'ontollli't-.
Congressman Ilurlcett Is preparing a
bill for the appropriation of .?2l),Mm
for an addition to the Lincoln post
office. Thu mishit eis t Is assisting In
thu preparation of nil estimate and
rough plans for thu new building.
Thu proposition to dlvidu Neliraska
into two judicial districts will, if sue
rmsful, make ueep.ssnry a larger build
ing to accommodate Mm machinery of
ii new court, to say nothing of tins In
ndequncy of the Lincoln bulldjng" for
the needs of today. Within a short
time a bill will lm introduced for the new
judicial district, which will provide
that, the Platte liver is the divid
ing line mid eoutemplnles new officials
from lop to bottom,
I'M IImiiIkK Win i Wax Slulilinl nu u
Itlver limit, Will ICeenter.
I'll Daniels, a patient at the city hos
pital, St. Louis, Is convalescing
from nu operation ou the. heart. D.iti
lets Is a negro roustabout on thu steam
er City of Chester. He was stabbi'd In
tho heart at Chester, HI., and twenty
four hours later was taken to the city
hospital. Dr. II. L. Nletert, superin
tendent, sewed up the wound, taking
several stitches, and the putlrnt Is now
well on thu road to recovery.
Oime I.I ml In l.lni-iiln.
.Mrs. Ceorge II. Phliluck died at
Sioux City, la., from Hie cu"Vels, pre
sumably of poison. She was found lu
her room at the Hotel Davenport ly
ing on the floor ami apparently dead.
She was revived by doctors and most
of the physicians nayshe wus poisoned.
Her husband, who Is a boiler-maker,
was with her Saturday night, lint left
unnoticed. She had told a chamber
maid that her husband had quarreled
with Iter and that, his mother wanted
him to leave her. Little Is known of
her except that site married l'iddu,k ,
also it stranrer. about two months ago,
nnd that she. was before her marriage
a resident of Lincoln, Neb. Piihluck
has not been .found.
Heath MH.k ut McKlnlry.
Mr. K. L. A. PaiiMdi. the llulVnhi
sculptor, brought to the while house
tins death mask of the late IVesldt'iit
McKlnlry which was taken almost
Immediately after his ilentlse. The
mask has not yet been shown to the
public. It in expected It will lie do
nated to the government, ami deposited
lu thu Smithsonian institute. It Is
said that it Is u remarkably faithful
likeness of this late president. '
A Xtiintntr l'ntll.r Injnrnl.
A box ear loaded with workmen, at
I lie ahcad'of an engine of a construction
train ou the Cincinnati, Richmond &
Munelu railroad, jumped the track two
miles cast of Peru, hid., nud roiled
dowu a fifteen foot embankment, re
sulting lu tlic fatal injury of one muii,
serious Injury to two ami minor injur
ies to twenty other occupants of the
MmrnitUH Canal llnutn AMiirail.
Dr. Feruaudo Sanchez, Nicaragua
mir-'-.lcr of foreign affairs, and Will
lam L. Mtirry, United States minister
to Nicaragua, Salvador aril Costa Rlcu
signed a treaty by which Nicaragua
agrees to lease a section of Nicaragua
territory six miles wide, which, Includrii
the route of thu Nicaragua canal, to
the United States purMstually.
Hl nrotruiNl.
The Urillsh bark Plnmore, Muster
Jameson, owned by HIiuk tiros, of
Urecnock, Scotland, bound from Santa
Rosa, Mexico, to Portland, in ballast,
went into the surf at the mouth of
the Raft river, north of Hray's harhor
near Aberdiseu, Wash, 'flits crew of
thirty abandoned the ship and took to
the boats, one of which was canslined
shortly after leaving the vmsel aud
six men drowned. The othe;- boat
reached shore safely after Wlufj out
thirty-six hours. One man died 'from
llfflrrrt I'rnlnl Thmntrltr Atfaltmt th
Attack nf Hcniuliiii Mob.
A Scranlon. Pa., dispatch or Dceci
lu-r ti, says: The most serious of flu
many riots which have occurred hen
during the street ear strike happened
today, SH-clal onicerl'rankSchoflisId,
nccompnnieil by Detective Cosgrove,
whose head was cut lu Sunday night's
riot, went to (he scene of Sunday
night's disturbance to apprehend any
one the detective might lc able to Iden
tify as having been among his n.ssall
ants. Thoy attempted to arrest a man
lu a isatnou, hut no sooner was the war
rant shown than it crowd of ml tiers at
tacked them with drills, clubs and hol
lies. They retreated backwards, pro
tecting themselves with drawn rcvol
lets, when some oius ill Mm mob fired
two shots. The officers and a non
union niotormnu who accompanied
them, emptied their ivvolvers, thereby
scattering the mob, and then run. The
moli kept up a steady tire front placea
of concealment. Three of the inoH
were shot, but their wound" are not
Sehotlcld ts a striking eonduefor. Ho
is serving as a special officer In Mitgls
Irate Miller's court to fill in time until
tins strike shall bu settled.
Magistrate Miller says Ihat he will
liiive the warrants served If lie has ti
send Iho whole police force to back up
his officer.
Neiv Aurli-iillitnil llureaii
Tho secretary of agriculture has an
nounced the establishment of a nstv
division of soil mnuxgemeut in thu bu
reau of soils with Prof. F. II. Kliiff.
fiirincvlv ni'iifessor of soil iihvnlcs in
thu unlver'.illy of Wisconsin, in charge. I
The work of this illusion will consist,
of following up the soil surveys and
Investigating problems connected with
the proper distribution of crops and
the best methods of cultivation.
The eastern and western divisions of
thulsoil survey haMi been cmndineil
and put under the supervision of Mr.
Thomas il. .Means.
A new division of insural soli survey
has also been established and assigned
to .Mr. Chirr nets W. Dorsey, formerly li
charge of thu eastern division of tint
worl. Mr. Dorsay leaves WashlngUm
on January I to organise it party lu
Porto lllco, and later will go to tit"
Philippines nnd Huwall for the sam
I " it Knife nit Amnllunt.
.1. A. Wclguud, it stoekbuyisr oud
farmer, and .1. W. MePlierson, a f aim
er, living four miles from Feternburgv
Neb., whllu Inn saloon became involve!
lu it dispute over business matter,
Welgatiil struck Mul'lierson, who drowr
a kulfe and iullleteil Minis wounds oit
Welgnnd. tins most serious being u
gasli in the groin. Peter Ready, it rel
ative of Wigand, cnine, to Mm rescue
and received a cut in the abdomen,
which severed hji clothing,- but did
not enter the firsh. A blow front
Ready finally felled Mul'lierson ami Iws
wus dually carried away and locked
up. Wclgnntl is seriously wounded,
but will rrcoyer.
AflcrTttriity Yuant.
.lolin llomriglious, it prominent itcu-
list of Msitoou, HI,, nted from tho ef
fects of a suicidal nttc mp'v made recent
ly. Ilomrlghous corresponded with
cousin, Mis-i llomriglious, in
Ohio for I weuly years but feared that l
was unlit led by lumpermcnt to ww
her and that eight thousand dollut lu
had saved was not enough money wltl
which to face malriuiouy. Recent!;
he lvcelved a letter from his sweet
heart asking if I here tvas any hope a
an early mari'lngc. The same nigh
ho chloroformed Himself anil turiul o
this gus. His left a will bequeathing t
the womnii 53,iMI().
.llhnirabln IJikIIiik.
Maurice Fitzgerald and his broliictl
Inward Mtgerald, of Dostou, Mass
wero found dead in bed in a room
filth. A diligent search by tho polii
failed to show whether it was cat
of murder uud suicide or Hiiicidu h
each. Maurice was a priest tl f tee,
years ago in Huston and wan uxcot.
munieatcd by Archbishop Wllliaai'
having been condemned for vlolatk
of bis priestly vows. He brought tv
suits against thu urchbhihop- and
brother l-Mwnrd ttsslsted him. Ill
they lost. ImiMi ei,ses. They had led
miserable existence, since, that time-
Trim In Wlim Out Family?.
While lu a fit of despondency ov
Ills inability to llnd work, John Kit
uen or lanimci, ,ci., cut his win
throat, and the. throat of a Kon f,Wti
4.!iihi .if tKrit ultiuli.i.l It Wlt1Vl.t. l
, ...... ... .ftt , ... .'..... JUMMgl,, n
less seriously and then, committed o't
cidu by cutting his own throat. Ml
Kiuonen and her sous were nsle
when this attack was snude.
Kinoin-ii is dead, hut. the other me
bera of this family,, while lu a aeri"
condition, are not fatally wounded.
I'iMinil In a dying Condition.
, William Sheets, a well known hor.j
man oi i rawronisvuie.. liul,, t
found at Hie fair grounds there ill
dvliur Cthulitloii. Ho was rcmnvMl
thu city and expired la a few minnt I
It is thought lm hail betn drugged '
robbed, as lm was Icuown to- have e
sIHerable money on his person. .
KtlUu by 1'ramatar fij.l.nln
Herbert wallaii,"whos;rv.'jl'as tri?
peter iii Torrey'a Rough Riders dnrij
the Spanish American war, was e
stantly killed by the- premature
plosion of a shot la the Copper Kf
mine at 'Xle Mining, wyo. jnoiteau
wan a native of Wyoming.
... . niiuiiB ISmJ
At it session of a privy council KH
Kdward definitely Mxed Juae 0. IWrJ
the date for hi 8 coronation. I
decided that yarUauttal will meet
I narv 11 ij