The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 22, 1901, Image 7

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Nebraska Mer
Iv '
The Nebraska Mercantile Co. made an assignment on January 23(1, fr the hen- fit of its creditors and the undersigned has been
appointed by its creditors, trustee, with power to sell and dispose of all the stock of goods, wares, merchandise, furniture and fixtures,
the property of the Nebraska Mercantile Co. at less than cost price.
The Nebraska Mercantile Co. was by far the largest department store in this section of the state. Its stock of goods invoices
This immense stock of merchandise will, by order of creditors of the Nebraska Mercantile Co., be sold at much less than whole
sale cost. The stock was selected by experienced buyers and bought on the lowest market, and I am instructed to turn the stock intcf
cash at a large discount from the last price. THE STOCK CONSISTS OF DRY GOODS, CARPETS, BOOTS AND'
Local merchants in this and surrounding towns will find it to their advantage to inspect this stock with ;i view of purchasing -job
lots of these goods, as I can sell them to you cheaper than the wholesale houses.
Highest market prices paidfor butter and eggs.
w. u. McMillan.
Oaa ymt
Entered at the poit offlce at Rod Cloud, Mob. a
cond class mall matter.
Local advcrlUtng 6 cems per Hue per lime.
Local Advertising (or oiitortaliimanti, con
It tls. socials, etc., gtveu by churches, charitable
isclelles, etc., where all moneys railed there
from aroused wusllj (or church or charitable
locletlei, first ten ItitOK (rco and an over leu
lines 9M ceuu per line er lame.
Local advertising o( entertainments, concert,
recltali, etc., whore per cent Is given to pro
moter!, 6 cents per Hue per Issue.
Disrunr auveiitibuw.
One column per month.. ..... W go
One half column per month .. 8 Jjo
Ono-fourlb column per month .................... I .o
General display advertising I 8 cents per
Inch perlssue.
K-iusas is proline- in freaks. Not long
ngo it was l'offer, then emtio Mrs. Loaso
and now it is Mrs Nation. No wonder
sonio of Mm wcMem states do not show
Up well in the late census.
Should snnii' of Mm would-be mashers
wlio stand around tho corners or the
depot platform Mating ladies out of
countenaueo run "up against a oirctim
stanee," home of these times, they will
possibly tnko a tumble and not bo so
Tho president of a college, when ask
ed by n student it ho could not tnko n
short courso replied: "Yes, but that
depends upon what you want to make
of yourself. When God wants to mako
nn onk ho takes a hundred yenrs, but
when ho wants to mako n squash he
takes six months."
Hi ro is a discouraging proposition
for iHiihlhltionists: "A Kansas man has
discovered that brandy can be mail
Mit nf wet s iwdust Now a discouraged
prohibitionist asked what ehaneo can
a really Rood oauo have when a iiimi
rnu ro forth with a rip caw nnd fct
drunk on a rail fence " Kx.
Tim society editor, in describing the
belle of a New Year's ball, concluded,
saying, '"And her dainty, feet were in
cased in shoos, that resembled fairy
boots," but he was honor sttieken Mm
next morning on glancing down the
columns of hi- paper to sen that Mm
blundering printer ha 1 set it up ijt this
manner: "And her dirtv feet iteiti in
(wed in shoiu that re-emhlcd feirj
boats." Ivtus-t-riM l Inter.
" An itxdiango thus t-xpl tins tho big
''iilli'ijajjce of the editorial "wo" "It
."may have liave a variety of meanings.
For example, when you read, "We ex-
poet our wifo homo today," "wo" refers
to the editor." Wo lire u littlo Into with I
our work." includes tho wholo office
force, ovon tho devil nnd tho towl; in
"wo nre having a boom" Mm town is
meant; but "wo have hog cholera in our
midst" means Mint tho man who
takes our paper nnd does not pay for it
is ill.
The conundrum "Why is a newspa
per like a woman t" is going tho rounds
just now. The various answers given
are: "Uecauso it has to have someone
to run it." "Uoo'tufto both havo to be
known to be appreciated." "Uecauso
both are good advertising mediums.'1
"Because both havo to bo pressed."
"because it sometimes changes its dress
ami tells tales." Thocorrect answer is,
"because every man should have one
of his own nnd not be running after nis
Of all classes of kickers in tho world
the Loup City Times editor thinks the
town and city kicker is tho hardest to
get along with. On the farm Micro is
he long eared mule and the cow which
kicks over tho milk, but tho cow cn.n be
sold for beef and the mule worked oft"
on tho unsuspecting in a trade. Hut
tho town kicker is hopeless. He wants
nil the privileges of municipal life with
out paying for them and blocks every
public improvement which will cost him
a cent. It is contrary to law to shoot
him; ho will not move away; he never
dies hut onco and puts that oil as long
as possible.
Two Sedgwick county Kansas farm
ers aro negotiating for a eouplo of 18-year-old
elephants to use in wheat rais
ing. An elephant is as strong as Ave
good draft horses, just as intelligent,
inured to hot weather, and adds to
this his great weight and rem irkablo
utility f Ids trunk. It is expected that
with one elephant nnd a four gang plow
one man can ulow eight, a n n of stub
ble a day. These elephants aro from
Mm lumber regions of India, wlioro
they have been trained to pile lumber
with gieatskill. With this preliminary
training Mm.v will soon learn to stark
wheat bundles, and also to load them
into rafihS and throw to the highest
The legislature will probably pass n
law that will imterially change tho
.method of pimilrispig -applies fur the
tale iiistlMiiinns. IJiib'r the present
svsteui Mii"h inMlu ions inn'eliasc Icy
contract anil usually of the hicul mer
chant, Tim hill now pending provides
iIimI the bo, ii'd liny purchase supplies
when it pli'ifes and whore it poa-es
and In large itiatitites. The idea or aim
is to purchase at one time for all tho
1 8.O0O.00
Institutions, buying by tlio car-load or
i" wholesale lots. This method will
savo tho state many thousands of dol
lars annually. Iowa has such a law
and n review of town's expense sheet
shows that the method is n great saving
to t o state over Nebraska's method.
That tho bill is being urged for passago
by tho governor, is nnotnor evidence
that Dietrich has business mothnis
abouthlmuud will put them into forco
in the management of affairs of the
We naturally look for somo reaction
in business from tho booming of tho
holiday times, nnd tho sagging back
that comes with a season that is as tho
farmers put it "botween hay and grass,"
but wo havo not yet seen any evidence
of serious domoraliz ttion following ex
pansion, nor of such a change as indi
cates auy condition of unnatural inlU
tion. Tho reports of the business
agencies aro favorable although con
sorvativo. Wo may look for a contin
uation of fair business activity through
out Mio country, even if foreign business
falls off somewhat, which would bo
only natural. Our prosperity has been
founded on solid growth ami develop
ment, nnd although adverse winds may
blow they wilt not affect tho great body
of umino-H that is legitimate nnd Sub
stantial. Death Blow to Fusion.
Tho following is tho clauso in the
proposodelecticu law now under con
sideration by the Kansas legislature.
If tho law is passed there will be no
moro fusion in Kansas:
"Wherever nny person shall recoivo
two or moro nominations for tho same
office, ho shall bo deemed to have ac
eepted tho nomination lirst mado nnd
to havo declined tho others, unless
wiihiii the time limited for tiling cm
tMieatesof nomination ho shall tilo in
the dllco w Intro such cortitlcates ot
nomination aro required to ho filed a
written statemunt, signed and sworn
io by him, designating which one of
uh iioininaiions ho desires to accopt,
mid upon tiling thereof ho shall bo
deemed to havo declined tho othor
Whenever any person shall receive
'wo or more nnmluntiniis for Mm samo
111 ' at tin samo lime, it shall bo his
Inly, within the timi limiielfor mo
ll'ingof eriilieutesof nomination, to
lie with the ollh'i'r wiih whom tho
n nilleates of nouiinalion are tiled a
vriitcu statement, signed and sworn
o by him, designating vhi h one i f
inch noiiiinations ho desires to -icce ,
and upon tho liliug tlieicnf, ho shall
ho deemed to hnvt declined -tho other
R. D, C ASTON, Trustee.
nominations; and if lie shall refuse or
neglect to
llle such an election, the
officers with whom tho certificates of
nominations aro Hied, shall, iinmcdi
ntely upon tho expiration of Mio time
for Mio liliug of certilicates of nomin
ation, make and tilled in his office nn
election of one nomination for such
candidate. Tho officer charged with
tho printing of the official ballets shall
print such candidate's name upon the
This picture is the tunic iiiutU of
SCOTT'S KMW,SION. iiiul i on
every bottle ot SCOTT h KMUi.
SION in tiie World, which now
amounts to itintiy millions wuly
This great business hub giowit to
such vast proportions,
Frsf;-Becausc the proprietor
have nlwnys been most careful in
selecting the various ingredient
used in its composition, namely
the finest Cod Liver Oil, and the
purest Hypophosphites.
Second;-Because they have pi
skillfully combined the variou
ugredients that the best possibl
results are obtained by its use.
77irtf:-I3ecause it has made
-"imy sickly, delicate childret
rong and healthy, given healt'
id rosy cheeks to so many pak
neinic girls, and healed the lung!:
i.l restored to full health, so main
njusands in the first stages of
It you linve net tried it. semi for free sample,
nsrccuhlt: mue will mrprue voii.
SCOTT & HOWNK, Chemists.
409-41 Tear! Street, New York.
50c, and f 1.00; all druggists.
14 A
officinl ballot tiiiderdho designation so
selected, but under no other designa
tion whatever.
Party certilicates of nomination
shall designate in uot moro than two
words of which the word "partv"
shall bo one. the political party which
the convention, primary election, or
resented; as, for instance, "Republi
can party," "Demojratio party,"
"Peoples party," "Ponolist party,"
or "Prohibitionist party;" but a com
pound hyphenated word shall not bo
used to designate the name of a po
litical party within the meaning of
this net."
Two young men in a Kansas town
who aro.tboih in love with tho samo
girl havo decided to tight a duel to sec
who shall bo the bride groom and who
shall bo the corpse.
Tho old fashioned lover gave his girl
a candy heart which said: "Will jou
bu mine?" Tho lover ofiho fashionable
novel gets down on his kt.ees and
swears al ject devotion through life.
But those times are gone. The lover
of today generally goes courting 1 1 a
different liotiso every night. The lover
of today is very coy and smooth and
has to bo caught and hold.
Children don't think a party is com
plete withont something to eat. Men
don't think it is complete unless there
is something to drink. A woman is
quite satisfied without either so long us
she has on her best clothes.
A burglar always knows how to got
in n house when there is no one at
home. All he has to do is to look un
der tho pots, kettles, pans, nnd other
nrticles which surround tho kitchen
Tho woman who sews one button on
her husband's shirt shows more real af
fection than the one who talks for an
hour about the love she feels for him.
Talk about woman not being a pro.
gressive creature. Now sh is of mom
impoitance than man, while hack in
Kve's time she was only a side issue.
Somo women will work day in and
d iy out and oven go so far as to
take In washing in order that their
husbands may sit around and chew ami
Hiuoke and drink and talk about
It is a thousand limes hotter to be
lied about than to lie about somebody
A little girl who vi-iied in Mm conn
try refused to It ink milk for thciet
sou that her hostess hud let it set until
it bud a thick scum overit. It wn- id,.
Ilrstllino sho had ever seen any real
n" t 'III'
me Excuse'
Made by many a man for taking a drink
at the liar is that he needs n bracer. He
feels weak, bis stomach is "out of sorts" 1
and liquor makes him " feel good." The
tiretl man who sits
on a pin leaps up
with new energy,
but no one would !
sny that this
energy was evi
dence of the
strength giving
power of a pin.
So with the en
ergy induced by
liquors. They
only spur the bMy
on, but do not
strengthen it.
Strength is made
from food prop
erly digested nnd
a ssi m ilated.
When the stom
ach is diseased
there is n failure
to extract the nutrition from food and
the body grows weak. Tho weak body
needs strengthening, not stimulating.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
cures diseases of the stomach nnd other
organs of digestion and nutrition, so that
the nutrition of food is perfectly ex
tracted and afsiinihited and the Ixy
nourished into health nnd strength. '
There is no alcohol in "Golden Medical
Discovery," and it is entirely free from
opium, cocaine and nil other narcotics.
Accept no substitute for "Golden Med
ical Discovery." There is no other mediv
cine "just ns good " for diseases of the
stomach nnd allied organs.
"Your 'GoMeu Medical Discovery' and Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy have been of (treat
benefit to me," writes (I'rof.) Pleasant A. Oliver,
of Viola, Pulton Co., Ark. Before I used the
almve mentioned remedies my sleep was uot
sound: digestion bad; a continual feeling of
misery. I now feel like a new man."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
Uae bowels and liver.
A hoy in bed is worth two in ifio
parlor when his big sister has com
pany. Tlio difference between a deep sea
stark mid a land t-hark is that a deep
sea shark will bite your log off while a
land shark w II merely pull it.
Iteer is said to ho fattening, but too
much of it will mnko a person Itnn
up against n fence post or treo.
The person who generally say sthey
I wmnii wnirnnin tleaih ns n lellef fn in
,tlie sufferings and pains of this woifc
I is tho oiin who generally wants three of
founlooiois sent for ns soon as tiny
catch 11 cold.
I A uniformity of opinion noiv ejei-ts
among men Diet, eoo.l .husbands aro
made by letting Mieui havo their on 11
- Verily, I sy ,ll0 y()lli ,s ( w,,0
father that knowoth us much ns his
ten year old son in this day and age.