The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 23, 1900, Image 6

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IV, !
Red cioud chief. I
pfblisiiiid wkhkly.
Ill-ID CLOl'D.
The proposition to control tho trusts
by publicity Is clearly tin Infringement
on-Edltor Pulitzer's copyright.
Nervous IntllvlcluiilK, with 11 tendency,
to hysterlcH, nro warned to look out
for n new romance which Marie Co
rcill Is about to launch.
It Is proposed to hold another Pan
American congress, this time In the
City of Mexico. If anybody can show
the world how to run things success
fully It Is President DIu..
Senator Hoar of MussaohuprttH has
Introduced a bill Into the senate of the
PtiUcd States, which. If It becomes u
law, will prohibit the Importation Into
the United States of birds for orna
mental purposes, but birds for food and
for museums, zoological gardens or
vclentlllc collections are permitted to
bo Imported, as well as living birds
whose feathers can tie lemoved. or
feathers taken from living birds with
out Injury to the same.
This story Is told of Prof. Prltehard.
who recently opened tho sixth Interna
tional otologlcal congress. Reviewing
tho progress of the last thirty years,
tho professor referred to "chronic win
tmpptirntivp disease of the middle ear"
as being the supreme mystery at pres
ent to students of otology. "What Is
this middle ear?" a lady asked a sage
physician. "Madam," he replied. "It Is
the ear with which we do not listen."
In other words, the nose.
Prof. Ficdorlek von Martens, who
holds the chair of International Inw In
tho St. Petersburg university, Is a
notable linguist and author, and at the
Venezuela arbitration conference In
Paris, where he read the decision of
the commission, be had a pleasant
fashion of addressing each delegate In
his own language. One of the Nngllsh
Jurists wondered bow tho piofessor
was able to keep up bis knowledge of
so many modem tongues. The pro
fessor replied: "It Is self-defense. You
see, in case I lose my chair I wish to
be prepared for any offer you foreign
els may make."
"The nrlnclnal sufferers," said a New
Yorker, "from the railroad discrimina
tion as to the rates on freight east
bound fiom Chicago to Atlantic ports
are not the few large shippers, but the
numerous class of small importers
whose orders urn brought from Chi
cago In lots of one to five carloads.
Houses whose ordeis loqulro a train
'of twenty or more enrs have no dlfll
eulty in getting grain in ChicaRo at a
price, Including its transportation to
an eastern port, which leaves them
without complaint as to discrimina
tion. It should be observed that tlu
bargains with the railroads aie con
ducted chiefly through freight brokers
a practice which aids In concealing tin
secret cutting.
Americans going to Paris, who ex
pect to live In anything but the grand
est hotels, will do well to accustom
themselves to running up and down
stairs. Most of the apartment houses
have their best tenements on the
fourth and tlfth tloors, and many of
them have no elevators. Those that
have them provide no attendant, ami
tho dweller or visitor has to run the
machine or walk. They arc usually
daik closets, and the finest look like
cabinets for china and glass, being
three-cornered and cramped and hav
Inc "shrine" doors. Accidents are fre
quent, tnough not serious. Kvery new
comer looks upon the French ascenseur
with horror. Even In houses supplied
with lifts and attendants the passen
gers walk downstairs. Few ring for
tho cupboard to come up and take them
down. It is considered superfluous lux
iirlnusncss and Is rather resented. In
many apartments there is a rule
Hgalust It.
Vice Consul Morrison of Dawson
City reports to the department of state
relative to agricultural experiments In
the Yukon district of Alnska: "(Jraln
hus done exceptionally well, being well
tilled, and I sec no reason why It
should not be extensively and success
fully grown here. As far as my obser
vations go, the climate Is as suitable
for raising winter wheat as In any
place in the north western or the not th
em states of America. Fiom my ex
perience of the last two years, I see no
reason why this country should not be
nblo to produce Its own vegetables and
grains. As for Mowers, the success I
have had proves that all hardy annuals
will do well. Tho coming years I lu
terd planting several hundred hybrid
rosea; also bummer 'lowering bulbs, a
lurge variety of other hardy and half
hardy annuals, and some of tho hardj
perennials. Small fruits, such as straw
berries, currants, blackberries, ami
raspberries, should do well. Currants,
raspberries, cranberries, strawberries
and blueberries grow wild hero li
There Is certainly no monarch In nl
the world who is In so many different
places in the course of the year as the
Germnn emperor, so It Is rather dllti
cult to say where he Is most "at
home." But perhaps the honors of Jilt
domesticity may be pretty equally di
vided between the Hoyal Schloss of
Uerlln and the New palace, Potsdam,
which might he called tho Hampton
court of Prussia. Tho latter, about
halt an hour by rail from Berlin, Is the
summer residence of the Imperial fam
ily while from November to Eastei thf
court generally resides In tho capLal.
Ordinary and Extraordinary
ilrlef s'iiiiiiihi-) "f Mnto lolin; Htute,
County Mini Mtiiifrlml Nett of Ini-
piirtnme In Our llimy Hrmler
III.' I tcmn llnlleil I'mtii.
Tnrnlitj, I'elirmiry ','0.
Luwicnco Monisscy, a fanner near
'IVemiiM'li. Neb., got his left hand
caught in acorn shellorund the thumb
and forollngor bad to be amputated.
State TiciiNurer Mescrve lias issued
a call for !J 11.000 worth of general
fund state warrants for February VI.
This makes four calls for the month,
the total amount being Sl.'
Some one who evidently bad" revenue
in mind, killed a beef in I' rod Fritz's
stock yaids at Wilcox. Neb. The ani
mal was struck In the head with some
blunt instrument. Mr. I'"rlt. recently
had some parties anosted for bt caking
into his butcher shop.
After an absence of ten years, Frank
Crane loturned to his home at Wake
Held. Neb. U disappeared In 1S0O, lo
cated in Pittsburg'. Pa., where be be
came connected with a furniture
factory. During' his absence his mother
died, leaving to him an estate valued
at $70,000, and provisions wore made in
the will that in the event of his death
'.'. 000 was to go to each of bis seven
cblldien. Ills return bus prevented
what promised to lead to much litiga
tion In the settlement of the estate.
At the populist convention at Lin
coln. Nob.. February IP, the middle-of-the-road
members of the populist na
tional committee displeased at what
they bolloed"to be the intent ion of tho
fusion members to oust them from the
meeting-, and angered at the action of
Chairman I'utloriii appointing- a one
sided committee mi credentials and In
arbitrarily adjourning the session to
await a report, organized a bolters'
national committee, appointed a com
mittee on resolutions and took other
nieasutes to carry on an independent
Wetlneiiilii, IVhriiiir.v "il.
Dewitt Lager and son of Seward
count v have arranged for opening a
lank in llemlngford. Neb. Minor
Fagor has already located at that place
ami will bao charge of the concern.
Tho remains of Sergeant Charles
Molliok of Company II. First Nebraska,
who was killed in battle in the Philip
pines, arrived at Nelson. Nob., and
were buried there with military hon
ors. Auditor Cornell has received notice
fiom several companies that they are
ready to comply with his ruling n
(lulling an allidavlt sotting forth that
applicants for license will comply with
the resident agency law.
The old St. Charles hotel at West
Point, now being used as a laundry,
caught tire and was partially burned.
The structure is a relic of the pioneer
days of West Point. The insurance
would have run out within a fc
Wavorly lias been seized by tho era
of prosperity and the oitions aie con
sidering the proposition of an electric
light plant and waterworks system to
be owned by the town. The citizens
feel somewhat elated over the pios
poets, as it will give tone to the town
and hi 'leased value to their property.
The remains of 11. (Suy Livingston,
who was a member of Company M,
First Neb.-aslca infantry, and who died
in the Philippines, arrived at Plutts
mouth. Neb., and wore burled there.
lleforo being interred tho body was
wrapped in an American Hag. Many
of his comrades lu arms wore piesont.
Tliiirnduy, Peliruury '1'!.
Tho populist national committee
concluded its session Tuesday by se
lecting Sioux Falls, S. I)., as the place
for the ne.t national convention, and
named May 0 as the date. This date
is tho one named by the iMilting faction
of the committee that split off on the
previous niglit and decided to hold a
convention at Cincinnati. The Ne
braska delegation, together with Ne
braska men holding proxies, wore
largely instrumental in designating
Sioux Falls as the convention city.
The bodies of Sergeant Walter Poor
and Private Milton F. Lynde have ar
rived at York and wore conveyed to
King t Wynian's undertaking rooms
by an escort of their late comrades of
company A. The Hugs on all the pub
lic buildings we ic raised at half-mast.
Inasmuch as the body of Private I'd
ward Day was shipped from San Fran
cisco the l'.th Inst, and Which Is ex
pected to arrive Thursday or Friday,
union services will lie held lu tho an
dltorium Sunday. February '.'il. Chap
lain Mailley will probably conduct the
A man between fifty and sixty yours
old, supposed to ho John La.arus of
Mount Carmel. Ph.. jumped from the
lioat Island bridge into the upper rap
Ids of Niagara and went over the falls.
Alaska. W. Va . is quarantined on
account of smallpox by the ollleials of
the Chesapeake A Ohio railway. Oscar
lllucklan attempted to break through
the quarantine guard and was shot
(Seorge Thomas, a eattle dealer of
Creightou. Neb., mid the proprietor of
the "Plum Dale Stock Farm" was quite
badly hurt by his horse falling upon
him. His arm was broken and the
muscles wore very badly lacerated and
torn, lie is suffering intensely and It
will be some time before he will be
uble to attend to bis business.
I'd ward Lawrence of Lal.evillo (or
nor. Nov. Ilruiiswiok. ni.d his wife and
thrtv child vii. were burned to death
in tlie i homes at that place.
A repoit reached Lincoln Tuesday
morning that the residence of Lee John
son at Mead. Saunders county, had
been biirglarlod and 87.000, lu cash
taken. Illoodlionnils wore put on the
trail, and they wont to the stock yards
about throe blocks away, where Mr.
loliiiMiu's trousiirs were found, but the
money was gone. From this point the
dogs wont back to tho house and gave
up the chase.
t'rliliiy, I'eliruury '-III.
Ill the federal court at Lincoln in
the suit against Peter .lanseii for judg
ment on notes given to pay for options
purchased on the board of trade the
jury returned u verdict in' favor of the
The buttoriuakorsof the nation as
sembled in Lincoln the past week for
the purpose ' holding their .niniial
convention. The sessions wore hold
in tho new auditorium which proved
ample lu capacity to euro for the groat
numbers which wore in attendance
(lovernor Poyntor's private secre
tary. Fred .lewoll. road the governor's
address of welcome, the governor be
ing at Washington, and tills was fol
lowed by the address of Mayor Win
nett. The distribution of prizes was made
as follows:
Separator class-First II. T. Sunder
guard: Litelilield. Minn., score OS. prize
solid gold medal and SI00 in cash: see
mill. Martin Mortenson. Willow Creek.
In., score 117',, prize silver medal and
SMI in cash.
(Slithered cream class First. M. Mag
nusson, Hco, Minn., some 01. prize
gold medal, second, It. A. Carpenter.
York, score Oil. prize silver medal.
The Hist individual prize went to
Minnesota and the second to Iowa, for
butter of the separator class. For but
ter of the gathered cream class Minne
sota again took tirst place and Ne
braska was next.
Illinois, as the state whoso delega
tion had the highest average score,
took the beautiful silk banner.
The national creamery bnttei-niak-ers'
association adjourned without day
Thursday night after a session lasting
almost till midnight. Tho election of
ollicers resulted in naming (Scorge
Haskell of Lincoln president and in
the lo-olcctiou of the vice piesldcut
and secretary and treasurer. The last
day was made prominent by the parade
of 'the afternoon in which there was a
coinM'titlou for a SMI prize for the best
appearing delegation, the Iowa delega
tion being the winner.
-in! until), February '44.
Leo llordiiian of Omaha has boon
appointed cleric of the supreme court.
rojMirtorof the court and state librarian
Ills deputy is to be l'lon W. Nelson, at
present deputy land commissioner,
.fudge Wilbur F. Bryant will prepare
the supreme court reports for publica
tion. The remains of Sergeant .lames A.
Storoh and Myron Sterns, late members
of Company I'. First Nebraska, have
readied Fi'illorton. Sergeant Storoh
was killed in battle near Manila some
months since, while My ton Stearns
died of fever contracted soon after his
regiment arrived In the Philippines.
The store of ChasuolV .V Kichards. at
Shelton, Neb., lias boon closed on a
chattel mortgage for 8111,000. given to
the Shelton bank for the bonollt of
their creditors. The failure was pro
oipitated by several wholesale houses
that hud claims urging the payment of
the same. The tlrin has been doing
business tlieie for about two years and
it was generally supposed that they
were making money.
.Mniuliiy, I'elirimry '-ill.
A telephone message from Fiireka.
Colo., conveys the Information that
Chris Ihinsen. one of the Owners of the
Lucky Friend Mine of Picayune gulch,
lost ills life in a snow slide last Mon
day. A party has been organized to
search for the body.
Kdwin C. Vance, manager of the Un
ion i levator of Decatur, III., died of
irus-suffooatlon in an unsuccessful at
tempt to save the life of Irvine (5. lid
gar, a laborer. F.dgar was discovered
in the bottom of a big tank in a help
less condition. Vance went into the
tank to rescue the man. but was imme
diately suffocated by the gas.
Fred Pionstedt, city engineer of Lin
coln, lias left for llovana, Cuba, to
accept a position in the civil engineer
ing corps of the war department, and
will be engaged In the street improve
ment department of Havana. Mr.
Ilonstedt saiil that he had secured a
good position tluougli the efforts of
Prof. (). V. P. Stout of the state uni
versity, and that ho preferred to take
It to dabbling in city politics and light
ing for a re-election.
Mrs. Mamie Hayes was uiurdeied in
her sleeping apartment in the Hotel
F.iulieott, at Now York, by Dr. Frank
lin Caldwell, who then shot and killed
himself. Tho woman was shot in tho
head. Caldwell was employed as an as
sistant by Dr. F.phralm H. Hayes, bus
baud of the dead woman. Ilayoscaiue
from Chicago four years ago. lie had
been a demist well known In Chicago
and when he left there he placed his
otllce lu charge of Dr. Caldwell.
Out of a total of llfty-one cases of bu
bonic plague at Manila there Iiiino
been thlity-two fatalities.
Kdwln Mayo of the Pudd'iihead Wil
son company dropped dead in the Frou
tenae hotel at Quebec, Mr.1 Mayo was
the son of the late Frank Mayo, for
whom the. play "Pudd'nliead Wilson"
was written,
A somewhat bloody battle took place
at I'll Paso, Tex,, between a mob of
negro soldiers from Ft. Bliss bent on
rescuing a couple of comrades and the
police who hud the prisoners in charge.
I One man on each side was killed.
Boer Commander Surrenders
to Lord Roberts.
Itiipclewnly Hemmed Iri li.v il Superior
force rood supply Itiiiiulni; l.uw
I'nrtluT ItciWImirt! .Merely s
Suerlllrc of HIh Mm.
The London war olllce bus received
the following dispatch from Lord Unb
olts: "Puardebcrg. February '.'7. 7:1.1 a.m.:
(Senoral Cronjo and all of his force in
pitulated unconditionally at daylight
and is now a prisoner in my camp. The
strength of his force will be communi
cated later. I hope that her majesty's
government will consider tills event
satisfactory, occurring as it does on
the anniversary of Majuba."
A Loudon. February 'JS dispatch
says: From John IS rout's to Land's
Mud there bus been cheering today for
the queen, and a universal singing of
the national anthem, This, with mu
tual congratulations, is the Briton's
way of celebrating the most cheerful
day of the war.
Already he Is taking stock of the sit
uation and measuring the future.
There Is no disposition to overestimate
the success. The government enter
tains no illusion. s announced in the
house of commons Hi, odd additional
troops will immediately go out and the
effective force will be kept near 'JOO.OOil.
Lord Uoberts has done more than to
capture -1.000 Itoers and a few guns.
Ho is within striking distance of one
of the Itoer capitals, and is master of
a large district of the Free State, lie
has given a shock to lioor confidence
and immeasurably restored the spirit
oi ins own troops, in capturing i ronje
he has taken a leader whose presence
alone was worth thousands to the Itoer
fudge tllt'klninn Uri'liIcK Hull Aftinelu
Hon Docnu'l Need One.
Judge Dickinson of the equity court
At Omuliu lias decided mat tile (.nun
(S rowers" Mutual Hail association
doesn't need a receiver. This decision
came us the result of an application
tiled several days ago asking the court
to discharge J. J. l-'vcringhnm. who
was appointed receiver last mouth.
Judge Dickinson heard arguments in
the ease Saturday afternoon and Mon
day morning he handed down ills de
cision. Ueceiver llveringliam will step
down and out as soon as be can com
plete his report, willed will probably
bo In two or throe days.
This places the hail association in
the hands of a new lot of officers, who
were elected at a meeting held Feb
ruaiyti. The list follows: S. Carpen
ter, president; S. S. lUaiichard. vice
president: L. A. Williams, secretary,
and Watson Tyson, treasurer.
Ituodn In Control.
Biitish influence and prestige in Per
sia lias now completely vanished, says
a Teheran. Persia dispatch. Uussla is
victorious in the diplomatic contest so
long continued, and the shah whose
health is now bettor than for some
time, is making hasty warlike prepara
tions in Ills anxiety to demonstrate his
antipathy toward (Sreat Britain. The
grand slrdurla has ordered the speedy
completion of the recruiting of soldiers
throughout Persia, according to the
pluns, the eurrying out of which lias
bcrn delayed for years. The reservists
also will be enrolled and all ollicers
and privates now on leave of absence
will be recalled.
I.ritten l.urca Fortune.
The will of the late Phillip 1). Ar
mour, jr., has been tlle.l for probate at
Chicago. The Instrument disposes of
property valued at 88,000,000, 9(5,000,000
In personal property and the remain
der in real estate. One-third of the
rotate is left to the widow, Mary V..
Armour, and two-thirds is giVen in
trust to three executors for the two
surviving sons of the testator, Lester
and Phillip D. III.
VIhIi Truil C'utlliiK Prleen.
The fish trust, organized a year ago
las,t August by sixty-five of the tish
dealing concerns of the country is now
engaged in cutting of prices. In
localities where the trust lias absolute
control it is stated an advance of about
40 per cent has been made, while in
territories covered In part by Inde
pendent companies prices have been
cut to water-edge, prices.
Itelraiie of Life Couvlrt.
Henry Donald, colored, will be re
leased from the Jollet, III., peniten
tiary, having served twenty-three
years inside Its wulls. He was sen
fenced for life from Kane county on
May III, 1877, for murder. Last Sep
tember the sentence was commuted to
expire February 28. Donald had charge
of the prison chapel and was a "trusty"
I'rlxouara Uurii to flentli.
Frank llogan tfnd Charley Norrls,
prisoners at the htatlon house at For
est City, Ark., were burned to death In
a lire supposed to have originated by
the men starting a lire to keep warm.
The men were imprisoned for minor
Student Charged TTftli I'll ferine.
Albert Col son, a student in the col
lege at York, Neb., was arrested on
the charge of pilfering from other
students. A bicycle lamp belonging
to the persons ho boarded with wus
found in his possession.
One InMirniMT Co In puny I'uyi Its' full
Auditor Cornell has commenced to
collect a shortage of SJ'.'.OOO left over
by former Auditor Mugoiio Moore of
Nebraska. Monday ST1.' of the amount
came rolling into the auditor's otllce nt
Lincoln and Mr. Cornell feels quite en
couraged, lie believes lie will get the
other S'.M.O'.'H lu due time. The Ham-burg-llreincn
Fire Insurance company
of iSeriminy. represented by general
agents at Chicago, was the llrst to pay
their share of the Moore shortage. The
linn of agents made a sour face over
the bill, but forwarded the money and
registered objections. They volun
teered a little advice in the way of a
suggestion that t he Nebraska legisla
ture ought to reimburse the insurance
companies that pay the shortage. Au
ditor Cornell is trying to collect the
money under a decision of the Nebras
ka supreme court, which holds that
the fees paid by insurance companies
to Mr. Moore was not the money of the
state, t lint Mr. Moore hud no authority
under the constitution to receive it. in
short that tlu insurance companies aro
liable for the amount.
Wnoliliigltiu Note.
Senator Chirk of Wyoming has Intro
duced a bill for the admission of Ari
zona as a state.
(Sardner ("owles lias been awarded
the contract for carrying the mail from
Westcott to Comstock. Nob.
I'rnost L. (Sustnfson and Uupert O.
Walters have been appointed substi
tute clerks In the South Omaha post
olllce. Nebraska postotllces established:
Coy, Nuckolls county. Kd Fisher, post
muster; McCuuu, Cherry county. David
Henderson, postmaster.
Tho senate has confirmed the follow
ing nominations: To be major generals
by brevet: Col. O. Summers. Second
Oiegon volunteer infantry; Col. II. C.
Kesslor, Flrt Montana volunteer in
fantry. The monthly statement of the col
lections of Internal revenue shows
that the total receipts for January,
1000. amounted to S'.'.I.OIS.SS.I. an in
oroase as compared with January, IHOO,
of S-.'.VOii.OT'J. During the lust seven
months the total receipts exceeded
those for January. lS'.Mi. by 8l..(iiil.l.V.
A memorial of "protest and petition'
from Porto Uioatts was presented to
congress. The petitioners the
withdrawal of the military; that Porto
Uico be declared an Integral part of
the Fulled States; that unrestricted
free commerce be established: that
American money be substituted, and
that a commission bo appointed to
codify the laws and oonsnlar inteiests.
In the ease of the I'nllimnrc Ohio
Southwestern liailroud company vs.
William Velght. th" 1'nitod States su
preme court decided that an express
messenger who was injured in a rail
road aoeident after signing an agree
ment to relievo the railroad company
from responsibility in case of accident,
could not claim damages. The court
held that there was no principle of
public poliey preventing a man mak
ing such a contract.
i'uiiiiol Itn CniUinl.
Montagu White, ollicial representa
tive of the South African lepublie, was
the guest of the Independent club at
Buffalo, Uelativo to the surrender of
Cronjo and the probable outcome of
the war, he declared with evident feel
ing that Cronje's stand had been most
heroic, but that inimitably the little
republics in South Africa would be
erushed. lie said, however, that ling
land would never conquer the Itoers,
and that eventually they would rise
again anil drive the British from Soutli
Africa. Whatever the outcome of the
struggle might be, he said that one
thing was assured, and that was that
it would lay the foundation of liberty
in South Africa.
For Killing- HI fMrlner.
Sundy Calhoun, an ex member of the
Twiuitieth Kansas, was run down on a
Memphis passenger train out of Fort
Scott, Kan., by ollicers on a switch en
glue, and arrested, charged with the
murder of his business partner at Yale,
He was apprehended when the train
reached Fort Scott, but the ollicers
thought he was a smallpox patient
and released him. Shortly after the
train left they were notified that he
was, wanted for murder The company
tendered the use of a switch engine
and Calhoun was caught at the cross
ing just out of town.
Cowl Thief rieiulu iullly.
J. W. Brown, recently arrested at
Long Pine. Neb., forsteullngeoal from
the Hlkhorn road, pleaded guilty and
was lined SMI and costs. Hrown was a
ranchman living some twenty miles
soutli of Long Pine, and Is believed to
be a member of a gang that has been
engaged for some time In a wholesale
and systematic theft of the company'
I'liul ThlevliiR Trenrer.
Charles Ingersoll, ex-trcusurer of
Tompkins county, New York, wanted
on a charge of embe..l I ng county funds
has been arrested at lola, Kas. He
had lived at a local hotel for live week
under the name of McClary.
UtMiiandu Not l.'mrliltmit.
The llrst important strike, among
Puerto Uiean laborers began Tuesday
morning when .100 men who had been
constructing the military road from
Ponce to Adjutantus marched Into the
latter town, waving flags and carrying
banners with tho inscription: "We
workmen demand Hve cents an hour."
The strikers were orderly. The pres
ent rate of pay Is II cents an hour and
tho men complain that they are com
n'ellcd to work from sunrise to sunset
I for 110 cents.
Fifty Guns Arc Bearing Upon
Cronjc at Short Range,
(liillnnt Hut (llumlly Dcfeuie Already
Too Lone (Iruplile Drurrlptlon of
Trrrllilu I'lclit Sent (o London
by n t'orreiponileut.
Mr. Balfour announced in the hoife
of commons at 4:1.1 Saturday morning,
February "I that no further nmvi re
garding (Scneral Cronjo had been re
ceived by the government. He had
sent to the war olllce during the hour
and he assorted that nothing had come
to hand there.
(Scucral Cronjo, therefore, is still un
beaten. No other construction 1
placed upon the three days' silence of
Lord Uoberts. Yet no one sees how it
Is humanly possible, judging from the
descriptions of Ills situation Wednes
day morning, for him to resist so long.
(Sr-ut Britain does not withhold admi
ration for the valor of a losing Uglit
against such odds,
"Knglishinen feel something like
pride in Cronjo, even us iv foe," says
the Dally News. "In a position cov
ering only a square mile, hemmed in
on all sides, cliHcd with a chain of fire
from rifle, Maxim and,
played on by deadly lyddite, bursting
in its own sickly light, his hastily
built trenches entlludcd by a stream of
lead sweeping down the river from the
north bank. (Senoral Cronjo still elects
to light. It is a magnificent courage.''
(Senoral Cronje's wife is described by
prisoners as urging him to surrender
in order to save the lives of his men,
but he would not. The British caval
ry patrols- sent by Lord Methuon
north of Klinboiioy discovered tho
Boers concentrating, whether for of
fense or defense is simply conjecture.
Durban Crt Wild Humor.
A dispatch from Durban says: The
rumor gains credence that LadyMiilth
has been relieved It is also reported
that (Senoral Cronjc Iihs surrendered
8,000 men and that (Soneral Kitchener
has been slightly wounded in the left
arm. Crowds throng the streets sing
ing and cheering because of supposed
victories. Seventeen hundred loci's
have been killed or wounded, the lat
ter, it Is reported, Including (ieneral
be n ul I ii iml Ailtiiiicfl nt l.lwrpnol Srti
.Market Aro.
A New York dispatch, dated Febru
ary '-H, says: The wildest excitement
prevailed on the ootton exchange to
day following an erratic, sensational
advance in pi ices at Liverpool, the lat
ter market closing today at a net rise
of 3(Tr 3 10-il4d on the future list and
fl-niM in the spot quotation as com
pared with the closing of Wednesday.
The Liverpool advance, according to
private cables, was to a considerable
extent on the report then in circula
tion to tlie effect that Cronjo had
surrendered. But apart from the South
African situation the ilnglisli cotton
trade manifested alarm in consequence
of the arbitrary attitude of holders of
cotton lu this country, with their own
stocks down to (50,000 bales against
l.s(il,000n year ago, ami 1,170,000 bales
two years ago.
Yet they are talcing only one-third
of the exports now in progress- from
the American seaboard, the other two
thirds going to tlie continent. Thero
was a large amount of selling, but
everything offered was promptly ab
sorbed, and the market closed practi
cally at the highest point of the day,
an advance at 0 to "7 points. The best
advance had been "0 to 'JO points.
Secured the Supreme Court Itepnrtershlp
NeUon to He Deputy.
Lee Herdmun of Omaha has been
Appointed clerk of the supreme court,
reporter of the court ami state, librarian
His deputy is to be Mlon W. Nelson, at
present deputy land commissioner.
Judge Wilbur F. Bryant will prepare
the supreme court reports for publica
tion. Wreck of u tr'relKlit Trnln.
Big Four freight train No. 0(5. east
hound, went through a bridge over tho
Wabash river nt the western limits of
Torre Haute, I ml., resulting in fatal
injuries to Fireman Huddle of Indian
upolls, I ml., and llrakcmuu John
Whlteuianof Matt ion, 111. The train
consisted of forty-nine cirs and thirty
eight of them went into the stream.
They were loaded with lumber an. I
wheat. Loss S'.'OO.OOO.
KiikhIiiii CruUer Appcur.
The Times of lloinbuy, India, an
nounces that a large Russian cruiser 4
has arrived ut Bandar Abbas, on the
Straits of l'lrmnc, which connects the
Persian gulf with the Arabian sea.
The llritlsh third-class cruiser Pomona
and the Hritish gunboat Sphinx huvo
pioceeded thither.
I'liul u f.onK-MlMliiK llndy,
The body of Thomas M. Atkinson, in
a bubly decomposed state, has hcev
found In the TancurvUle canal at
Havre, France. The remains have been
identified as those of a marine of tho
United States ship Prairie, who had
been missing since December 'JO last.
Hrmlon Vulli.
Owing to tho successful tactics of
filibusters the Texas legislature was
forced to adjourn after a thirty-days
special session without having accom
plished tho object for which it wa
called the passage of a tax adjust
ment law, ,
"f "