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TEREST. A DrUf flnmmary of KvenU In Whlrh
People are Deeply Intori-Mml Short
Hentenrre Convey Inn m Worlil of In
formation to Our Header.
ThnrRilny,' June III.
The Oregon regiment has hailed for
Serious trouble Is predicted in the
Buffalo strike.
President Kruger refuses t) make
nny more concessions to John Dull.
M. Poincnre 1ms heen given the task
of forming the new French cabinet.
The park commissioners 61 Chicago
linvc issued tin order excluding auto
mobiles from the driveways.
The statue of1 Benjamin Franklin,
presented to Philadelphia by Justus 0.
Strnwbridgc, was unveiled with much
August Hiigcnow's band of Lincoln.
Neb., captured the first prize at the
Modern Woodmen head camp meeting'
at Kansas City.
A Lebanon, Mo., special says that
Congressman island's condition is such
as to excite grave comment. He lias
been in u deep sleep for many hours
and it is feared that it is the beginning
of the end.
The employes of the smelters in Col
orado are on n strlko for fewer hours
for the same pay they have heretofore
received for ten hours. Nearly 40,000
men will be affected. Only the trust
smelter employes are out, the employes
of the anti-trust smelters already hav
ing the eight hours and big pay.
Friday, .tunc 1(1.
Drackett, Tex., is said to bo under
three feet of wutcr.
The results of tho peace conference
are said to be disappointing to the
Albanians assisted by 2,000 Turkish
troops have begun tho invasion of
The first formal meetingof the Vene
zuelan arbitration commission opened
at Paris yesterday.
Abraham llcrchborg, whllo insane,
leaped from a tenth story window at
Dayton, O., yesterday, and was killed.
He fell sixty feet.
Among the exhibits at the Paris ex
position will bo handsome models of
tho battleship Maine, Dewey's llagshlp
Olympla, and the Oregon,
A landslide in the Florence. Wis.,
mine yesterday killed two men mimed
Cook and Britzman. and Arthur Khar
is thought to bo under the debris. All
wore residents of Florence.
Professor Fcsscnden of tho universi
ty of Pennsylvania has invented a tele
scope that will lessen the effect of
smokeless powder In warfare by locat
ing the Hash when the powder is dis
charged. Kntur.lny, .tune 17.
Stove men are to combine.
Tho yield of wheat In European
countries is not up to tho, average.
John R. Gentry paced a mile In 2:0il;
st Detroit, the fastest mile this season.
Tho kidnaper of the Clark baby in
New York, was sentenced to fourteen
Chief Kipley of Chicago says that
city's population has passed tho 2,000,
000 mark.
At North Siding, Cape Breton, II. C,
more than a score of men were killed
and many were in lured by an explosion
of gass accumulation.
Tho report from New York of the
organization of tho Federal Printing
Ink and Supply company Is confirmed
by the senior member of tho Ault &
Iborg company of Cincinnati. The
new concern includes all tho leading
Ink houses.
Kuutluy, June 18.
Boston yesterday celebrated the 123d
anniversary of tho battle of Hunker
Infp, with W. Turner up, won the
suburban handicap at Sheepshead bay.
At Pedro, Cat, at the United Smoke
less Powder works, nn explosion killed
Ed. and John Tccumbe, James Morris
ley nnd M. Hollenbcck.
Marcus Daly and his associates have
sold their interests In tho Anaconda,
Mont,, copper mine to John D. Rocke
feller. The price was 523,000,000.
Thousands attended the funeral of
Congressman Bland yesterday at Le
banon, Mo. President MoKinloy tele
(rraphed his sympathy to Mrs. Bland.
Tho Transvaal situation is still tho
nll-absorblng toplo of conversation In
Great Britain. The situation is u trlllo
less warlike, and it Is believed that
President Kruger will back dowu; also
that his defiant is assumed for home
Reports just received at New Rich
mond, Wis., show nine deaths in tho
county heretofore unheard of. Along
the Burkhart road about 200 farm
houses were wrecked. Tho wholo work
of the tornado cannot bo known until
complete returns from tho couutry are
The official list of deatliB at New
Richmond, Wis., contains 103 names.
A number of bodies are known to be
In the rulnB. It Is bellevod the full
list of deaths will reach 125 The
loss will reach $350,000, tho loss of
household goods fully $200,000. The
relief fund has reached $35,000,
Dr. Nnnscn thinks Andreo may bo
alive, nnd thinks he may bo heard from
in Greenland.
Congressman Payno of Now York
and party arrived at Vancouver, B. C.,
yesterday en route to Alaska. They
will sail from Seattle Juno 20.
Over a ton of gold dust and nuggets
wero landed at Whlto 1 torso Rapids,
Alaska, last Friday from the first three
steamers to reach that point from Daw
ton City.
The grand jury at Wallace, Idaho,
yesterday found true bills against all
tho participants in tho riots of April
20 iu Shoshone county, A largo mass
of Indictments accompanied tho bills.
Meagre reports are In of a tornado
which destroyed a portion of tho little
village of Montana, wis. No casualties'
Monday, .In ne 111,
Denver citlzcnsareat worlc endeavor
ing to scttlo tho smelter employes'
A military prisoner at Leavenworth
attempted to escaiw and was sltol
ul was snot
...i ....
down by Private Oil
, in urc uu
The Phoenix Paint and Brush com
pany's four-story building. Philadel
phia, was gutted by fire yesterday
morning. Loss, 800,000) Insurance
During a fight at a Bohemian picnic
at Cleveland Sunday afternoon, Frank
Hajdut was shot through the head anil
instantly killed, Tho murderer es
caped. .
In a collision off Friedrlehshaven be
tween the Herman steamer Artushofl
and IhcjHritish.stcamcr Mauritius, the
Artushpff was sunk and ten of liercrew
Dr. B. II. Hean of Hierry Valley.Ill..
a well known physician, committed
suicide. He left a note saying the
cause for his act wan his infatuation
for a married woman of Cherry Valley.
In attempting to save Mrs. Jennie
Prlco, a bicyclist, who fell In front oi
a train at a railroad crossing at Cleve
land, O., Blaze Patrie, a railroad sec
tion hand, lost his life. Mrs. Price
was so badly injured she may die.
Augustus W. Lclghton, Joseph Iter
nado and David Evans, three well
known citizens of Cottage City, Mass.,
arc supposed to have been drowned in
Kdgarton bay Saturday. Their boat
has been found adrift water logged.
TiiMMluy, June "JO.
Sioux Falls, S. I)., will bo the next
meeting place of the supreme lodge, A.
O. U. W.
Charles E. Llttleileld wns elected to
succeed Nelson Dlngley, deceased, ol
Maine. Llttleileld is u'rcpublican.
Missouri, Kansas, and Texas mine
operators are IhuuhI to run their plants,
and are Importing negro laborers.
Trouble is feared.
John W-. Gates, president of the
American Wlro nnd Steel company,
hopes, It Issald, to succeed Senator Cul
loin in the senate.
A gang of masked robbers raided the
receiving office of the Fairmont Parlt,
Philadelphia, Transportation company
and blew open the safe, securing
At Oalosburp-, 111., M. nollenberc
was killed by Charles Liudewald. The
trouble arose over a claim of indebted
ness denied by Bollenberg. Lindewuld
is under arrost.
Near Astoria, Ore., a freight and
passenger train collided, due to a mis
understanding of orders. One man. 1).
P. Bell of Portland was killed, Five
others were Injured.
Tho great Norwegian firm of Chris
tenson & Son of Christinna lias sus
pended payment. Tho Christiana
Discount bank Is Involved to the
amount of 3,000.000 kroner and other
banks for smaller sums.
Justico Fursman, In the criminal
term of the supreme court of New
York, signed the order resubmitting
the case of Roland B. Mollneux, ac
cused of the poisoning of Mrs. Kate
Adaim, to the grand jury.
Enoch Eavanoski's young wife and
their infant daughter were burned to
death yesterday at Pittsburg as the re
sult of tho explosion of an oil. can with
which .the 'woman attempted, to start a
fire In their house. The husband was
badly burned trying to extinguish the
Tho grand jury at Buffalo, N. Y.,
yesterday held John, alias Buck
Sklnner,.(ioorge Skinner, George Frye
and John O'Brien for court on a charge
of murder, it being alleged that they
wero responsible for tho death of Boss
Scooper Kennedy, resulting from u
quarrel on the docks May 2.
Writnt-Ailiiy, .June SI.
Marcus Daly, the ex-copper king, is
to engage in stock raising in Colorado.
Printing Ink companies have com
bined with a capitalization of 820,000,
000. Dan Patrick, a negro, confessed to
assaulting miss Jicssie Ireland near
Soranton, Miss., and was lynched.
Street-ear strikers at Cleveland are
nt the riotous stage, and threaten to
wreck venganee on the non-union
Thi tntn.1 rni'Mnti frntn nil cut..,,.
at the ports of Manila and Ilo-llo dur-1
ing the first four months of 1SU0 were
Thrt Vmv Vni-lr nltt- nitinnll
adopted a resolution making July 3 a
holiday in commemoration of the bat
tle of Santiago.
Dr. C. W. Super has been elected
president of tho Ohio university at
Athens. Ho occupied tho position
twelve years prior to 1800.
The Standard Oil company is pre
paring to abandon Us charter In Ohio,
and Its headquarters will be removed
from Cleveland to New York.
The Cambria Steel company has
posted notices at Johnstown, Pa., of a
general advance in wages of 10 per
cent. About 8,500 men are affected.
Captain Leonard B. Cliapln of the
Third Ohio cavalry committed suicide
by hanging at Berlin Heights, O., his
home, Monday night. Despondency on
account of ill health was the cause.
At Pittsburg, Pa., last night, James
Armstrong, a steel-worker, shot and
killed Thomas Welch, a follow work
man, and then shot himself dead.
Welch was too Intimate with Arm
strong's wife.
At Pulaski, Va., John Raines and
Madison Pratt were bathing. Raines
accidentally kicked Pratt, which start
ed a quarrel. .Both ran to their cloth
ing, secured revolvers and begar
firing. Both were killed.
"Joe" Mutlett Liberated.
London, Juna 10. "Joo" Mullott,
the Irish political prisoner, sentenced
to Imprisonment for life, for attempt
ing to murder a Juror who convicted
Mlohael Walsh, was talcan to Dublin
last night and liberated. Ho is In i
dying condition.
A Ditto of Marlborough lemi.
London, Juno 10, Connoisseurs are
greatly Interested In tho forthcoming
sales of tho Marlborough goms. It
will be tho most Importaut of Its kind
since 1875, when the same collection
wu sold la a lot for $175,003.
rimnljr Mention of tlir Doing of the Na
tional CongrrM, Departmental anil i:
entire Oniclitt Action, autl Movement!
of Army and Nnty.
Tlinrml.'iy, Juno Iff.
The insular commission is busy at
ivork drafting laws for tho Island of
rorto iitco.
It Is now expected that the peace
conference will not adjourn before this
.mimic oi .nny,
The Spanish ppwer la to make another
effor to negotiate with Agulnaldo for
.he release of the Spanish prisoners.
Mr. Thomas' F. Lyons of North Caro
lina, lias been appointed n first lieu
tenant in the I'nltcd States marine
corps. The appointment of a non-commissioned
officer to the grade of a first
lieutenant is almost without precedent
In the history of the marine corps.
Frliliir,iiiiiiti in.
The commission sent from Jamaica
to tills country to further the com
mercial relations of the United States
and Jamaica, has arrived at Wash
ington. Rear Admiral I'lnren Crrwl.t- .,.it....,1
one of the last of Farragut's active
"lutein in mi- Hurring sea lights or the
civil war. died nt Vn.l,irnrt i.
night of diabetes, aged seventy-six
To prevent SlllUlrirltllir on tlw. rs.i.....
coast Col. Tasknr II. ItlLu ,.li..i. t
customs at Havana, is to have placed
nt lite ilti.H.ti . 1 -. - .
..v ...T uinimaiii us .soon us possible sev
eral small vessels for use n r..v..n..
Admiral Watson has arrived at Honir
;-": "-" "" " own station,
took command of the Asiatic squndron,
relieving Cnptuin Barker of thuOrciron
tvlinlinu lux,,, ! ..1. ......... ..i . i .
Dewey sailed from .Manila.
Tim nrebtilntif n..l r.. r..,.
left Washington lato yesterday after-
nnnn fnr II.. 1. ,.!,.. t...... ... ..
-- ,. "j "- -u., wnere tnev
go to attend tho commencement exer
cises of the Mount Holyoko college at
South Hadlcy. Their niece, Miss Grace
Mplv nley. will graduate from that in-
SUtlltlntl tlitu v.,,,.. riu... .i- ...i,.
: ,Tj..t. iiiuin i will oc-
nilnv fnnn r.t.i .l...n i i . . ....... lul uj'B ill nvi) WeCKH.
Artillery manning the coast fortifi
cations will have n larger allowance
for ammunition for practice. A new
order issued by tho war department
looking to the Improvement in marks
manship of the gunners provides for
additional ammunition ranging from
five rounds for tho ten-inch guns to
eight rounds for the eight-Inch guns.
Nnturilny, ,lune 17
The Nebraska regiment hns been or
Uered to sail for home early next
week. J
Under the most favorable circum
stances it will be hardly possible for
the government to Increase Its iirmyiu
the Philippines up to tho 3.1,000 lhnlt
before August 1.
i1''10. wn.? department today re
ceived n dispatch from General Otis
-.... ...i....Ki,iu rcpuisoor an insurgent
attack upon our forces at San Femnndo.
The attack was made by a body of
rebels under the direct command of
Agulnaldo. The rebels were driven
buck with heavy loss. Fourteen of our
men were wounded.
Monilny, Juno i.
Ex-Senator Benjamin E. Harding of
.ottage Grove. Ore., is dead, llo was
flno'r .ttHt,l01L?l,te,lStntCh Mnni J
1802 to fill out the unexpered term of
Senator Baker, deceased.
The bureau of statistics lias issued a
corrected edition of the May statement
? ... jmlorts and exports of the
United States, which shows that dur
ing the last eleven months the ex
ports of merchandise exceeded the Iiii
ports by S70.452.131.
Governor General Davis of Porto
Rico, lias signed an order establishing
a provisional court at San Juan and
lias appointed N. B. C. Pcttigill pre
siding judge of tho body, with two
army officers as associates, and J. M
Weedy prosecuting attorney.
Generals Hale and Funston desire to
accompany tholr regiments home. The
Utah nrtillery, it Is announced, will
accompany tho Nebraska troops on
board the transport Hancock, leavine;
their guns at Manila. Tho Pennsvl
yanlanswlll start for home on the
triltisnort Senntnr tlilu n.nnlr 'l'l... t..
dlana has sailed with 500 dlseharired"
anil slnlr cr.1f1tn.i Cl. 111 P . I
dock for a few days at Nagasaki,
Late Honolulu papers publish Presi
dent McKinley's formal official an
nouncement directing that the general
election provided for by tho constitu
tion of of tho republic of Hawaii, to bo
held on the last Wednesday of Scptem
tcmber next, shall not bo held. All
native officers whose terms of office
shall expire before appropriate legisla
tion shall havo been enacted by con
gress shall be continued in the offices
at tho pleasure of the president.
The United States transport Sher
man, which sailed from San Francisco,
May 24. with 1,800 men and seventy
five officers under command of Briga
dier General Fred D. Grant, has ar
rived at Manlln. aftnr n mmviil, ,.n,
One private died after tho transport's
Kinvui, j. uwbc vroops win go to the
Island of Negros to relievo the Cali
fornia troops. General Bates, who ar
rived on tho transport, and General
Grant will probably be assigned to the
command of tho volunteer generals,
Borne of whom will leave for homo
United States Consul General Wins
low, at Stockholm, reports that trich
inosis has been found in a piece of
American pork. Stockholm Is a good
market, he says, for American meat,
and it will be spoiled by careless pack
ing. Noah Hawk of Willow Springs, Mo.,
who Is deputy sergeant-at-arms of the
house of representatives nt Washing
ton, hns wired that ho will attend tho
Bland funeral and that ho has selected
Congressmen Joy, DeArmoud, Lloyd
and Clark of Missouri, G. W. Farrls of
Indiana, Halley nnd Lanlinm of Texas,
Pierce of Tennessee and Henderson of
Iowa to represent that body.
James S. Bennett of Omaha has been
admitted to practice before tho interi
or department
Tiirmluy, Juno SO,
The president's trip to Massachusetts
is benefitting him greatly.
Bellamy Storer, United States min
ister to Spain, yesterday had an audi
ence with the queen regent.
A movement Is on foot to erect n
810,000 monument to the memory ol
the lato Richard Parks Bland. Wm.
J. Bryan has subscribed S200, nnd
other amounts, in all about SI,000,
have already been raised.
It is stated at the navy department
that every man attached to the Olvm-
phi. libston, Baltimore, Concord, Ra
leigh, Petrel and McCulloch, during
the battle In Manila harbor, regard
less of rank or station, will receive a
metal of honor.
Tho war department will announce
this week that franchises and conces
sions in Porto Rico can be granted
only by congress. Army engineers
will prepare maps showing the wharf
age and dockage needs of the different
Porto Rtciin ports. The insular com
mission lias furnished information rel
ative to the Interior needs of tho Isl
and. A Paris syndicate is seeking a
franchise for a railway line In Porto
Information lias reached tho treas
ury department from the senate com
mittee which Is now considering this
subject of currency legislation. The
republicans of the senate committee,
according to the information, take
about the same view as the republi
cans of tho committee which met nt
Atlantic City In April, and there will
bo little difficulty, it is said, of getting
together upon u program for currency
Wcilm-mliiy, June 21.
The postolllce at Bell, Sioux county,
Nebraska, lias been discontinued. Mall
will go to Agate.
New patents issued to Nebraskans:
Ilanna C. Hamnnn, Omaha, darning
npparatus;SpcncerOtis, Omehn.bolster;
Julius A. Perkins, Omaha, cage for
General Leonard Wood, until recent
ly governor of Santiago, lias been of
fered the presidency of the Washing
ton Traction company. He lias the
matter under advisement.
Tho celebrated case of Scott Bibb
against tho city of Alton regarding
right of negros to attend white schools,
was reversed by the Illinois supremo
court, which held that negros can at
tend white sehools.
Tho French cabinet crisis is still
prolonged. President Loubet, will, it
Is said, call upon M Bourgeois, former
premier, to form a cabinet. Order will
issue not to have the Sfax, with Drey
fus aboard, arrive until the new minis
try is formed.
Among the passengers who arrived
yesterday on board the steamer Orinoco
from Bermuda wero Lady Barker,
General Russell Hastings and Hon. A.
Allison, colonial secretary; J. II. Trln
inghnm. jr., and Hon. T. J. Madson,
reciprocity commissioners of Bermuda,
enroute for Washington.
The secretary of tho interior hns ap
portioned tho appropriation made by
the last congress to aid tho agricultural
colleges of the various states. The
Nebraska agricultural college will
benefit to the extent of S'.'.I.OOO nn ad
vance of S1.000 over the allotment for
the current fiscal year.
There was a test of armor plate at
Indian Head yesterday for armor plato
for the new battleship Wisconsin, tho
lot aggregating 700 tons. Tho test
plates tapered from sixteen nnd three
quarters to nine and one-half inches
in thickness. Tho first shot, a Car
penter armor piercing projectile, with
n velocity of 1.370 feet, penetrated the
plato six and three-quarters inches.
The second, a Iloltzcr armor piercer,
with a velocity of 1,800 feet, penetrated
nine inches. The plate was not
cracked and the test was satisfactorily
Hero Roctlon Man Killed.
Ci.RVKr.Axn, Ohio, Juno 20 Blaso
Patrie, a railroad section hand, proved
himself a hero yesterday, and was fa
tally Injured In an attempt to savo a
woman from death. Mrs. Jennie Prico
was riding a wheel across tho Lake
shoro track at tho entrance to Gordon
park and fell in froi.t of an approach
ing train. Patrie, who had been de
tailed to assist tho fiagman at the
crossing, ran to Mrs. Price's assist
ance but both ho and tho woman
wero run down. Mrs. Prlco lost a log
and an arm and suffered a fracture of
the skull, whllo her rescuer was
struck by the pilot of the englno and
was picked up insensible from a bad
wound in tho head. Tho woman re
tained consciousness, but tho physi
cians say both will die.
Tho New Frenoh Cabinet
Paris, June 2( Senator Waldeck
Rousseau ha informed President Lou
bet that he hopes to complete the list
of the now cablnot to-night. It is
generally believed that tho new pre
mier will prosecute tho Dreyfus con
spirators to tho end. Tho opposition
leaders are quoted as saying: "Waldeck-Rousseau
is as a rock. Nothing
can move htm. A regime under hlnr
will produce civil war."
John Cotllne In a New Hole.
Lkavknwouth, Kan., Juno 20.
John Collins, tho young Topekan now
Borvlng a (life sentence In the Lansing
penitentiary for tho murder of hi a
father,- can now claim authorship
honOrs.M lie has written and printed
with his bwn hands a most creditable
pamphlet which ho has entitled "A
Brief Description of tho Life of tho
Prisoners in tho Kansas State Prison."
Mors Tornado Victim.
Minneapolis, Minn., June 10. A
dolayed special from Pinevllle, Polk
county, Wis., says: The storm which
swept over this part of tho stato Mon
day left death and destruction in its
path. Sovoral people wore killed and
Injured and much property was de
Artlllclul Mnibi.
Artificial arras and legs wero In uso
In Egypt aB early as B. C. 700. They
were mado by tho priesti, who wero
Ui physicians of that early time.
Rebels Met a Reconnoitering Bat
talion South of Manila.
CIo Amerlctm Killed In the Engage
ment AVheiton Ilronjht Up tho Iteit
of the Fourth Infantry iiui Drove
Mack the lineiny.
Manila, Juno 2 0. A battalion of
the Fourth infantry, which left Imus.
whore Gonoral Wheaton 19 in com
mand, this morning, to rcconnolter
towards Perczdasmarlnas, soven miles
south of Imus, wlicro it was bcllovcd
most of tho robsls who escaped from
Parnnaquo and Bacoor had ficd, was
attacked in tho rear by apparently
friendly natives.
This brought on a sharp ongago
racnt, lasting sovoral hours, resulting
in tho killing of flvo Americans nnd
the wounding of about twenty-fivo.
Tho loss of tho robots was vory heavy.
Tho battalion soon exhausted its
ammunition, and at 2:30 this after
noon General Wheaton and his staff,
with tho Second battalion, two
mounted guns and ono fiold pteco,
went to rclnforco tho troops attacked.
General Wlieaton was flrod on in a
road and had a narrow escape
Later tho Third battalion was or
dered to tho front and formed on the
Las Mtnasroad Hoavy firing on both
sides foltowcd, tho artillery being
frooly used. Tho onomy was located
in tho woods nt 4 o'clock. Tho rebels
showed signs of retiring, as they wero
pressed very hard. Oaa gun of tho
Sixth artillory, in an advantageous
position, did great execution.
Tho fighting was still In progress at
5 o'clock, at which tlrao tho Ameri
cans had seeurod a quantity of Fili
pino arms, which had been abandoned
in tho woods. Tho scone of the fight
is over twenty miles from Manila,
fhe War Department Offer Induce
ment! to Philippine ColonliU
Denvkii, Juno 20. Letters received
here indicate that many of the Color
ado regiment will stay in tho Philip
pines. Thoy havo discovered In dif
ferent portions of Luzon undeveloped
regions where thoro are strong indi
cations of gold and silver deposits,
as well as placer abounds. Reports
of similar opportunities in other
islands of the group have been re
ceived nt Manila. The chances aro
looked upon as so favorable that many
of tho mountain man will try them
before returning to tholr homos.
Some tlmo agon volunteers' petition
was presented to the government,
asking that thoso of tho soldleas de
siring to bo mustered out at Manila
bo allowed travel pay to tholr homes.
They pointed out that In no other way
could so strong a colony of American
residents be created or the resources
of tho island bo so quickly developed.
It was promised that tho men would
organizo into a resident military forco
if It were desired that they should do
Friends of the men Interested Con
gressman Bell of Colorado in tho peti
tion and he has been in communica
tion with tho war department. Ho
has received a letter from Adjutant
General Corbln, in which tho
position of tho departmont is set
forth. Whllo travel pay from
Manila to homes in tho Unltod
States will not be allowed, General
Otis lias been authorized to discharge
at Manila all men who wish to stay in
the islands. Each soldier must make
application through his company nnd
regimental commanders. Each man
discharged will be allowod two
mouths' extra pay, travel pay from
San Francisco to his homo and the
right of transportation from Manila
to San Francisco on any govern
ment transport within a yoar from
the dato of muster out. In other
words, tho soldier can stay In the
Philippines for a year, If he wlstyos to
examine tho country, and will thon be
given free transportation to San Fran
cisco. As a nest egg to start him on
his business career iu the Islands, ho
will havo two months' pay allowed by
a special aat of Congress on January
2, and tho travel-pay from San Fran
cisco to his home.
MUilonnrlet Murdered While Under
Government Protection.
IIonq, June 20. It has been
leveloped that tho Rov. H. S. Phillips,
Mrs. Phillips and Miss Soars, mission
aries of tho Church Missionary So
ciety, who, with threa native converts,
wero recently killed in tho province
of Ngan-Hwol, had sought protection
of tho yamen at Klen Yang. Tho ya
men, not being strong enough to pro
tect them, sent tho party under escort
to Klon Ning Fu, but tho missionaries
were murdered on the way.
It is reported that tho natives de
stroyed also tho church, parsonage
and hospital at Klon Nlng Fu.
The British consul Is active In tho
matter, but tho floods intcrfero with
Toledo, Ohio, Juno 20. Mayor
Jones has Issued an open letter in an
swer to several thousand people all
over tho country who have mado ap
peals to him for personal aid. Mr.
Jones' mall slnco his campaign for
mayor has besn enormous, keeping a
forco of clerks busy openlnj nnd sort
ing. Many of theso letters havo been
appeals for personal help in every
conceivable form. Mr. Jones states
that while ho Is an advocato of the
theory of tho brotherhood of man, it
is impoisiblo to give these people tho
nsststanco desired or Uud tlmo to
write an answer to each.
A Street Knlltvuy OfDrlnl In rnlruinaut
Park ICohhril of 31,000
Philadelphia, Juno iO. Masked
robbers, probably ten In number,
ralde.l tho receiving offico of tho Fair
mount Parlt Transportation company
at Belmont In Fairmount park early
this morning. After "holding up"
tho receiver and fivo other employes
of tho railway, they blew opon tho
safe, securing 81,003, tho company')
receipts for two days.
Frank Leavan, receiver; Frank Wat
son and Henry II. Whltehousc, con
ductors; James Cavannu?h, fireman of
powerhouse; Philip Eaves, electrician,
aud William Cadmus, laborer, wero
bound iiand and foot with wire. In
addition to the men who actually com
mitted tho robbery, other operated
miles away from tho sccno by destroy
ing telegraph and telephone wires
connecting with thotrolloy company's
main offices.
Tho Fairmount Park Transporta
tion company operates various lines of
trolley cars through the park. Tho traf
fic is unusually heavy on Saturdays and
Sundays. Six mon, employes, wero In
the office whon the burglars mado
their appcaranco. Each robbor was
armed with two revolvers and thoy
took tho employes completoly by sur
prise It was tho work of a few mo
ments for tho robbers to pinion tho
workmen, who wero rolled over to ono
side of tho room, with tholr faces to
tho wall. Ten minutes later the safo
was craokod and tho gang tlod.
Frank Levan, tho night recolvcr,
ono of the mon gagged and bound by
the robbers, told tho story of- his ex
perience "Whllo I was standing at tho offico
door, I heard footsteps in tho renr.
Turning, I saw two men with mask.i
on tholr faces. Thoy had two big ro
volvers and took mo into tho clndor
room and tied my hands and feet with
wlro and laid me upon the floor, with
my face to tho wall. In tho conduc
tors' room I saw Whltehouse was also
being bound nnd gagged,
"When wo were laid upon tho floor
a man was detailed to guard us. In a
few minutes in camo another victim,
whotn I think was Watson, a conduc
tor, and ho wont through tho saino
thing. Then two more cams In and
wero bound. Tho burglars worked
quiotly. It only took then tou min
utes to blow tho safe.
"The guard frequently threatened
to shoot us if we mado tho least out
cry or motion. I think thoy must
havo had a wagon to tako away the
cash, for it was very heavy to got
away with.
"Shortly after tho money was taken
out our guards loft Finally Philip
Eaves, tho electrician, got himself un
loosened, and he then unloosened us.
"I tried to reach the city hall by
wire, but the .vlros of both telephones
had been cut and I had to run In thu
pitch dark across country to Belmont
pumping station, wliero I gave tho
alarm and they informed tho dcteo
DIM Cnlilm Th:it Threo :o;lment, In
cluding Nehr.ult nn, I.o.vnat Once.
Washington, Juno 20 General
Otis cables to tho war department:
"Transport Indiana with 131 officers
and sohllcM discharged as sick, with
civilians, left for San Francisco via
Nagasaki yesterday. Hancock and
Sherman with Nebraska, Pcnnslyva
ula and Utah leave for United States
as soon as troops can bo placed iu
readiness. Callfornlans will leavo as
soon as collected. Colorado to follow
on first avallablo transport.
"All voluntoer organizations here
desiro muster out San Francisco."
Adjutant General Corbln slid to
day that General Otis' dispatch stat
ing that the Nebraska, Pennsylvania
nnd Utah volunteers would leave Ma
nila at oaco for San Francisco, Indi
cated that the commanding general iu
tho Philippines now saw His way clear
to return all tho volunteor forco to
this country, aenoral Corbln said
that while all of General Otis' cable
gram was not mado public, tho gen
eral gave no Intimation of when the
Twentieth Kansas or any other volun
teor regiments would leavo tho Phil
ippines, but that ho had no doubt
that tho entire volunteer forco would
havo loft for San Francisco by July is.
A Mexlcm Gorernor to Attend.
Las Veoas, N. M., Juno 2(. Word
was recotvod here 'from Chihuahua,
Mexico, that Governor Ahuroada, ol
that province, will attend tho "Rough
Riders' " reunion hero as President
Diaz's personal representative. Gov
ernor Ahumada will bo escorted by
the military band of Chihuahua, num
berlng 80 pieces. A number ol "Rough
Riders" have already arrived here.
Governor Murphy of Arizona will b
hero Saturday,
Without Wire In the Indlei.
Kinoston, Jamaica, June 2a Tin
government of Triuidad has decldod
to adopt tho Marconi system of wire
less telegraphy for communication
with tho dependency of Tobago. To
bago la an island in tho Windward
group of the British West Indies,
thirty-two miles long by twelve wldo,
twenty-four miles northeast of Trini
dad. It was cedod to Great Britain
by France In I7d3.
Chicago, June 20. The details ot
organization of the Illinois Electric
Vnhlcle Transportation company are
now all but completed and the
company expects within u month to
havo automobllot running in Chicago.
Tho company will havo an authorised
capital of 520,000,000.
LoNDON.Juno 20. The wife of Jaract
Mlohael, the bicycle rider, secured a
divorce from him to-day upon the
grounds of desertion nnd unfaithful,
ncss. Michael had sued for divorce in
Indiana. He and his wife separated
three months after their marrlasro at
Cardiff. Wales.