The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 09, 1899, Image 1

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volume xxvn.
Promptly Reaches (be Seat jiw-sAaB
f all Blood Diseases and SF "? ? a? at
unu merit or remedies have failed, S. S S
, Cures the Worst Cases. -'SauSXBa
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, ..ui .... . hlqpd. diseases knows that thtSS -!S -w.l,t.h
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tn pnrn nh .l -."tJT f! V1?!01111 CUre. Vervfnwmntix.l.l
- w .u... uocu-bcoh'U UIOOU U aim ana am a a
oner such Incontrovertible evidence of merit S R i. ' none CM1
is a cure 1 It goes down to the v B0.f".i?,.?: 5.J L1, not me"ly a tonlc-it
roundation of the very worst cases, and routs thZiZf e ..8 and Bet8 nt tho
not, like other remedies, dry ur . ?Xtan and TriPf!!,thI0 8y8tem Itdoe"
only to break forth aaa n nwre vlolJSff than eS-SflV0" temporarily,
Airs. 1. W. Lee. Mnntimmoi-v a i. .....i." .:
vo no purpose. The mercury and potash whfnh tiinJ
gave me seemed to add fuel to the awKilZ ,,.ii.i .1 l oy
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Tetter, BollsOarhucles, SoTe", etc mwumatiBm Contagious Blood Poison,
Valuable books mailed free by Swift Specific Company, Atlanta. Ga.
Inter State Fair Association.
Tho board of directors of tho Inter
state Fair Association met at tho ofllce
of tho secrotary on Juno Oth, 1808.
Tho meotlng was called to order by
J. L. Miner, president. Members
present, J. L. Miner, L. M. Crabill,
"Was. Peterson, W. V. Wright, G. V.
Dow, John Polnicky, M. M. Stern and
v. J. Myors.
Prosldont appointed D. J. Mycis, L.
M. Crabill and James Peterson as n
committee to revlso and rccoivo bids
for tho publication of tho premium
list; said oommlttco to report at a
meeting Tuosday evening, Juno lUth.
President appointed L. M. Crabill,
W. W. Wright itno John Polnicky as a
committee to solicit special premiums
kfid report at meeting June 18th.
Mrs. E. J. Duoker was appointed as
president of tho Lidies' Auxiliary and
was fully authorized to call a meeting
of said auxiliary nud choose officers
for tho same.
The dates for tho holding of tho fair
wero mado from September 18 to 21 in
clusive. The secretary was instructed to se
lect an assistant secretary at a salary
of 82.") for tho season.
Prosldont appointed sccrotnry as
superintendent of tho uico track and
grounds, to mow and repair it in gen
eral. Tho meeting was then adjourned.
Sweet, kekhksiiino sleep is given
by Hood's Sarsaparilla which strength
ens tho nerves, tones tho stomach and
overcomes all dyspeptic svmntoms.
xou should try it.
Hood's Pills are prompt and efficient.
Easy to take, easy to operate. Priio
25 cents.
. .TlisBsmLsm
The Thresher
is the one
that will earn
and save the
most money that
will thresh the most
jrrain and separate it most
pertectly, at the lowest cost.
Every part of the Nichola-Shen-
ard Separator is -designed to An thr
best work in the best way, in the
shortest time at the least expense for
power, help and repairs. Every feature
and attachment from the self-feeder to
the stacker 13 of the most improved pat
tern; efficient, strone. durable. Pur.
- m 1 .-.,, mmm
chasers of the
have the choice of various styles of stackers. The Sebum f
4-rMwni i- iuc ucwcai jurm 01 wina fitfloiriMv atiri io riatr r
-mmmtmm m iwf A4 ftw m I I wm &3 y A vft
Hure that will instantly commend it tb thresher buyers.
Som of IU AdvanUtMi Tha ebuta iUrU from the top oftha
'pantort 1 higher from tba (round; awlnf In a compUu
circle j It can bo loaded or unloaded by oca man.
Write for free caUloguo and learn aUaboutthoNlcboU-ObepardBeparatorand
NICHOLS A SHEPARD CO., Battlo Crook, Mich.
rllU full atock of machine and cxtraa.
lTTwfflyM J
Twelve New Names Added to the Rolh of
the Red Ootid Hif h School Alumni.
uir ocnooi uutiei iaae.
Tho Tenth Annual Commnnr.AmAni
of tho Rod Cloud High School, held at
the opera house last Friday evening,
was an unusually interesting one by
reason nf tho fact that'thn nlnao
a largo one. Thoy uumborod twelve
exceptionally bright younjr ladies nnd
gentlemen, and their teachers, parents
and in fact tho ontlro community can
wen feel proud of them. Tho crowd
in attendance was fully equal to that
of other years for notwithstanding tho
threatening condition of tho weather
tho opera house was crowded, and tho
Interest in the program if anything
was greater. Tho state was ham!.
somoly decorated and prominently dis
played at tho top of tho drop curtain
was the class motto. "Year Tnnoii
More Than Books," neatly arranged in
the class colors, crimson and white.
Tho program as published was carried
out in detail. On account of tho large
number of them tho orations wero not
delivered, and Instead of tho graduates
seeing how many words thoy could uso
and how much timo thoy could con
sumo in expressing a few thoughts
their efforts wero side-tracked and an
address by Dr. Eugene May of Wash
ington, D. C, had Instead. However
wo think it no more than rlcriit nmi
justice to the graduates that their ora
tions should befgivou to tho public in
some manner and would suggest that
should tho pai ties having chargo of tho
proceeding in future desiro to cut out
mo orations that thoy mako arrange
ments to have them published in at
least ono of the city papors. Dr. May
is a very lluent and able speaker, and
hisaddicss, the subject of which was
"From Cork to Causeway," was very
attentively listened to and well ro-
received. Geo. I. Kelley, supei intend
ont of the schools ptoscntcd tho grad
uates with their diplomas, and it is
needless to say that ho was lust as irlml
to bo ablo to givo a diploma to each as
they J,wcie to receive it, for if there is
ouo thing 11101 e than another he is in
teio3tcd in it is our public schools.
After tho piosontntion of diplomas tho
llower chihhen presented tho gradu
ates with Dowers In boquots, hunches,
wreaths, etc.. given as tokens of esteem
by friends who wero pleased to seo and
appreciated their advancement. Tak
en altogether the class of '00 is a grati
fying reflection on the system of in
struction in uso, tho work of the in
structors and. the accomplishments
of tho students. Another noticeable
featuro was tho number of graduates
that came from other districts outsido
tho city, which speaks woll for our
present school system. After tho
graduating exercises wero over tho
graduates repaired to tho Masonic hall
where a sumptuous lepast had been
prepared for them by tho Red Cloud
High School Alumni and tho fnnntinn
and toasting was kept up until long
after tho hour hand on tho clock had
started on its dowirvard courso, nnd
all ropahed to thoir homes a, tired
though n happy crowd. Tho juniors
gavo tho seniors another banquet on
Monday evening which was u very
pleasant and enjoyablo affair,
Weather of the State.
Report of state weathor obsnrvor. A.
(J. Lovoland for tho week ending Juno
Oth, 1899.
Tho past woek has boon warm nnd
wot in tho southeastern counties and
dry and windy in tho central and west
ern counties. The avorago daily tern
poraturo excess has varied from fivo
degrees In tho eastern part of tho state
10 less tuan ono degree in the western
part. Tho rainfall has been nimvn
normal in tho southeastern counties
and generally below olsowhoro, being
less than a quartor of an inch in most
of tho southwestern counties.
Taken as a wholo this has imn n
good growing week in most parts of
mo siato. .back of rain In some of the
southwestern counties has been rnthor
unfavorablo but as vot no ilnmn.r,. i,
rosulted. Ryo is headed out, and with
out oxcoptlou is leported a thin stand,
with prospects of a poororop. Wintor
wheal is beaded ! southern ooaatis.i
OaU And spring wheat are weedy, and
in a fer instances tho weediost lields
have beon listed to corn. Corn has
grows, well in all nana nf th .
Cultivation Is in progress and in south!
ern cobntlos most of tho crop has bocn
cuiuvaieu tne lirat tlmn In nm-n....
ern cbuntlcs considorablo roplantlng
has been done, but olsowhoro tho stand
is much above tho average, and thus
far burllttlo complaint has bcon mado
of danjiage by cut worms. Pastures
and nieadnws nrmtimm tn n.n..n...
condition. Potatoes and mio-m- Iw.ntu
nro growing nicolV. Alfalfa in hnlno
cut in the southwestern counties, and
tho crop is only fair.
SFourth of July Program.
Following is tho program arranged
forthe;ouith of July celebration in
this city.
National salute at sunrise.
At 10 o'clock procession forma nt
Fireman's hall and March to Elm street
thonce south to Fourth avenue, thence
west to Seward street, thence south to
Second avonuo, thonco cast to Webster
street, thcuco north to 0th avenuo,
thenco to court house grove Proces
sion will form in tho following older
Superior Hand.
Soldiers of Spanish-Amoiican war
under command of Captain Underwood
of Co. I, Old Neb. Vol.
Members of tho G. A. R.and soldiers
of tho civil war.
Civic societies.
Speaker and master of ceremonies in
Mayornnd city council.
Business men's displays.
Representation of states bv vouuer
ladies under command of Prof. Goo. I.
Undo Sam in costume.
Citizens in carriages.
Callthumpians under" commnnd of
T. W. Hatfield.
Immediately after tho ai rival of tho
procession at tho court house tho
following program will bo given.
Music by band.
Meeting called to older bv Hon.
Jno. R. Mercer, master of ceiemonios.
Prnjer, Rev. L. A. Hussong.
Song by glee club.
Speaking by Captain Arthur A. Un.
dorwood and Lieut. Pulls of Co. I, 3rd
Nebiaska Vol.
Music by band.
Tho afternoon will be largely devot
ed to ppotts.
At 2 o'clock thoro will bo an exhi
bition drill given by Spanish-American
soldiers under command of Cantaln
Bicycle racing.
Hoso raco, open to any company.
Grand water light: first orlzo 81O.0O-.
second prize, $5.00.
Fat man's race; contestants must
weigh 200 pounds or more nnd bo over
thirty years of ago. Distance 50 yards,
first prize, 82.C0; second prize, fll CO.
Boy's raco. All contestants must be
over 10 years of ago. Distauco 100
yards; fiist prize, 82.00; second pri.e,
Sack raco, 50 yaids, free for all.
tirst ptizo 82.00; second pri.o, $1.00.
All who desiro to contest in anv raco
must lilc entry blank with II, E. Pond
secretary, on or before Julv 1st.
A grand disylay of fireworks will bo
given at 8 p.m. at tho fireman's hall.
This will bo tho best celebration ovor
hold in tho Republican valley.
She washes her delicate laces
With Ivory Soap suds, soft and warms
The frailest in bottles she places
And shakes them it cannot do harm.
If thoroughly rinsed with clear water,
They're wholly uninjured when dry
Because, as experience has taught her,
Ivory Soap has no free alkali.
The vegetable oils of which Ivory Soap Is made fit It for mnnv anui
for which other soaps are unsafe or unsatisfactory. a"y 8pW
'! I
Street Incident.
"My dear sir," oxolaimod lawyer
Bartholomew Livingston, moetinc tho
Rev. Dr. Archibald Windham on tho
village street, "what does this mean.
I thought you wore laid ud with nil
sorts of bad diseases?"
"And so I was,"roplied the reverend
gentleman, "1 had an attack of indi-
gestion and from that time on my
wholo system has been in a disordered
condition until I bogan taking Hood's
Sarsaparilla which has put mo on my
feet ami cured my stomach troubles."
"I don't doubt it said tho lawyer."
"This samo medicino cured my wifo of
iheumatism and niv llitln chilli nf
sciofula. Whon they say it's tho best
modicino money can buy they only
ion uie iiuiu."
"Yes, yes, so thoy do," replied tho
siaister, mi! the two paissd . I
Teachers' Institute.
Tho annual session of tho Webstei
County Teachers' Institute will bn
hold In Red Cloud, June 10 to 17.
Iho educational mectimr onnnnlna
most of tho time Saturday afternoon
but instituto enrollment and other
preliminary business will bo attended
to at this time.
The instituto sermon is to bo pi each
ed by Rev. James Mark Darby at tho
M. E. chinch Sunday ovonlug. The
dally sessions of tho institute aro from
8:30 to 4:10 p 111., Juno 12 to 17.
Prof. Hubbeil of Falrliold. ono of thn
nblost and most experiencod of our
school mon; Schuyler W. Miller, A. M.
of English donartmont. State Uuivor.
sity, and Miss Cora E. Clary of Nebras-
Kauty havo been engaged as teachers.
Tho ovonlng sessions of tho instituto
are as follows:
Monday, informal reception of
teachers at superintendent's homo.
Tuesday evening, lecturo at Bantist
church by Prof. Hubbel.
Wednesday evening, lecturo at tho
Christian church by Supt. Hussong of
Franklin county.
Thursday ovonlng, lecture at tho
Congregational church by Frank W.
Chaffee, A. M Into of Vale University.
Tho public is cordially Invited to
these locturos. All friends of educa
tion aro gladly welcomed to dnilv In-
stituto sessions.
Eva J. Cask,
County Superintendent.
Mis. King is very low arid is not ex
peeted to live.
Mm. Phoenix united with the Moth,
oilist church last Sunday,
Lun Mungpr lost aline calf Monduy
by letting it get on tho alfalfa.
Chan. Muiigur was in town Monday
gutting soino ice for Mrs. King.
Davo Wagoner of Burr Dak was vis
iting friends hero soveral days last
If we can raise as good a crop of
corn this year as wo can of wind we
will bo in tho swim again.
Most of tho young ueonlo of nm
neighborhood attoudod tho children's
mectiug at Maple Grove last Sunday.
J. D. Campboll's team ran away last
Monday. His wifo was thrown from
tho wagon and badly bruised hut
no serious damage was dono.
- -
If VOIl want 11 ilrivn urn 1 1 mn.l.. I ......
do it for llrsl clat.s stylo. Jamks
A. B. Ward has his now dwelling
north of tho church nearly complotod.
The good ueonlo of Innvnin n.,,i i
cinity wero blessed with anothor copi
ous rain Tuosday aftornoon which was
very accobtablo to evoryono.
U. G. Knight will match any ono with
runnway horses, havlntr n tnnm whini.
ran away twico In ono day this weok
and doing no damage in either ohaso.
Wesley Wilson bus bnnn JirmMn a
R. Davis' house to a couplo of coats of
paint, winch is a very notlcoablo Im
provement. If you havo anything you
wnui uxeu can on Wesley.
Our dopot agent got thonowsystom
of mail matter and trains badly mixod
up last Monday, and Billy couldnt help
him out a bit. Everything is all O. K.
now and we think tho change a flno
One of our young mon who just
weighs ninoty-threo pounds, has just
purchased a now pair of two inch lines
todrive his trotting horso with, and
now he is afraid ho will break his lines
every timo ho hitches un hiu hnnn
Too much oats, Jiuimlo.
Wo understand that A. R. Dnvl wil 1
return from Kansas City by way of
Lincoln and brirnr a carload of Mnpn,-.
mack binders and mowors homo with
mm the first of tho weok. A. R. seema
to bo doing thu lion's share of tho busi
ness in thoso parts all right.
Sovorai of our business mon aro in
Kansas City this week, thnrn iwin ..
trninloadof stock shipped thoro from
this place hi Ohas, Huntor. Sawyer &
Davis and the llaivov Bros. Innvnl.,
is strictly in tho cattlo fooding business
and ships Homo of tho lino9t oattlo that
go over tho road.
Citizens' Meeting.
Tho oitizons of the oitv of Rod ( linn ,1
aro requested to meet in tho Fireman's
Hall on Saturday ovonlng, Juno 17th
for tho purposo of providing entertain
ment for tho soldiers of tho latowar
who will bo In our city on July 4th
and will bo ontertalnod bv tnn ni .,1
guests of honor. Evorybodv rennet.
ed to eomo out.
J' S' WniTB, Mayor.
J. L. Keilek, City Clerk.
Mr. P. Kotcuam of Plko Citv. Onl
says: "During my brother's latn inir.
noss from sciatic rheumatism, Cham
berlniu'H PaIii m .o .1 J, ""'
. ; 7 -...... .o iuu willy rum-
edv that anvii Mm ...... -nnr J;
others havo tcstlfiod to tho prompt ro
"f ' P'li" whloh this linimont
affords. For sal by U. &. ttrlee.
,i aiU