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First a Mole,
Then Cancer.
Probably no disease carries such ter
ror in its path as Cancer and well
may this dreadful affliction be regarded
with horror. In an alarming manner,
it slowly but surely preys upon the
life's blood, bearing the victim nearer
the grave day by day. Beyond the use
of the knife the physician is powerless,
and too much cannot be said against
the folly of resorting to the knife for
a cure of this terrible disease. Can
cer is in the blood, hence it is apparent
to all that no relief can be expected
from an operation. In ninety-nine cases
out of a hundred the cancer promptly
returns, if not in the same nlacc. in
the same locality, and is far more ma-
lignant than before. The same is true
' . .. .. i
of attempts to remove the cancer by
means of caustic plasters, etc., and a
who have had this treatment cirum
that death cannot be more painful.
But there is a cure for cancer one
which gets at the scat of the disease,
and removes its cause. S. S. S. is the
only real blood remedy, and cures can
cer and all other blood diseases, even
after other treatment has failed.
One of the well-known residents of
Macon, Ga., IsMrTH. Powers, the con
tractor and builder, who lives at 515
Ross street. For twenty years Mr.
Powers has suffered intensely from a
cancer on his face, which was treated
constantly, but grew worse all tha
while. He sought the best medical
kill In vain, and could see no hope of
ver being cured.
On June 22, 1896, he writes: "Twenty
years ago, while being shaved, a small
nole on my face was cut, leaving am
insignificant sore, to which I paid little
attention at first. This sore refused
to heal, and after a while became quite
obstinate, and began to grow. I placed
myself under the treatment of promi
nent physicians, who said I had cancer
of the most stubborn type, and though
I took their treatment faithfully, the
cancer grew steadily all the while,
increasing in size and severity. I
also took nearly every medicine
that was recommended for the
blood, and applied various salves
and ointments, all without the slightest
benefit. Year by year, I found myself
steadily growing worse, for the cancer
was sapping my life away, although I
spent hundreds of dollars with doctors,
and as much more experimenting with
various so-called remedies. I was
strongly urged by the doctors to sub
mit to an operation, which they
claimed was the only hope for me.
" I had well-nigh abandoned hope of
ever boing cured, when I was induced
to try S. S. S., and even the first bottle
afforded relief. The medicine caused
the cancer to discharge, thus forcing
out the poison, and ridding the sys
tem of it. I continued to take 8. S. S.
until the discharge ceased, and the
cancer healed up entirely, and I am
perfectly well. My cure is regarded
as truly remarkable, and demonstrates
what a wonderful remedy 8. 8. 8. is.
I shall take pleasure in always recom
mending it."
8. 8. S. is the only remedy that
gets at the root of all blood diseases,
that all so-called remedies fail to
reach. It Is guaranteed
Purely Vegetable
and cures Cancer, Cotagious Blood
Poison, Scrofula, Eczema, Tetter,
Rheumatism, Catarrh, or any other
disease having its origin in the blood.
Books on blood and skin diseases
mailed free ro any address, by the)
Swift Specific Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
-4Un-- ftVVu.K'
Proccedingo of the New Board of Com'
missioners at Their First
i'licsdiiy, January IS, 1S07.
Tliw coard of county commissioners
of Webster comity convened unil was
, called to oiilcr by County Clerk Fort.
Tliu full hoiinl, Chas. Wiener, V. It.
Hyl;er und Jolm MoCalltini wero pres
ent. Chas. Wiener was made chair
in an of the board.
Tho county clerk was instructed to
notify tho evcral township clerks unil
treasurers who have not mailo return
of their township hooks to make duo
i turn of same usoon a pnihlu.
'I'Ihi followinj; bonds were approved:
do. W. ll' ni'-or, Guide Rock;
11 A. Stuvcii. !iseor, Oak Creek;
T T L-tey, iiss.jior, Pleasant Hill; J.
ii.M'lu ;u t'Mir, Line; Charles
,"- -i-if !. (.u field; Edmumd O.
0...1.. i. r., .!.!.. i....v . i.' w
J i i n i i . nii Vi 'uiu' nwviii in it
tf ..,., , ,. T i,
A" els"" "'"'. l'"o; J-
j iimi i.i".iiv, i.nni.' iK'vn. ... i
hjeii. con.str.lilc, htillwulor; AleMimier
iluI.i, cuastauk, Beaver Creek.
The following bond? of overseers of
road districts wuiu approved: F. llor
raeku, N i. 14; K. W. Shirley, ID; (5er
haul Suhroer, 22; Chns. A. Sniolser, 111;
J.K. liutler, 17; Chris Wecehter, 38;
Hurry Hates, 28; Win. Crozicr, 12;
Felix A. Kollough, 21: Ed. Lectseh, 27;
J. A. Hcaton, 25; Hwnry II. Arnds, 2:3;
S. W. Ailcs, 24; G. W. Blaukenbaker,
10; A. M. Kay, 47; Thomas Burden, 31;
YauceSorensou, 16.
Resignation of A. 1. llanucy us jus
tlco of tho peace of Potsdam towusbip
was accepted.
Petition of F. Wedniau and others
asking board to appoint H.Schlichtor
tnan as overseer of highways for road
district No. 50 was presented and tho
appointment made as prayed for.
The county sitperinteudout tnado
quarterly report of Teachers Institute
for quarter ending December 31, 181)0,
as follows: Amount on hand J203.8-1.
Oini eiulor.ienicnt fee, $1.00. Throu l e
nowals, i3.00. Thirteen examination,
$13.00. Total receipts, $310.81. .lanu-
ury l'-', leiii, naiuneo on nana,
Following is Hut qiiut turly repoit of
County Clerk Fort: Receipts, $032 20.
Paid out, $881,50. Balancu on hand
550.70. Annual report as follows: llu
ceipts, $2250 70. Paid out, $2200.00
Haiauco on hand, $50.70.
The bids for stationery and priming
supplies wore opened and nil bids
were rejected by th board. Tho cloi k
was instructed to purchase such books
and stationery as needed from tliu
State Journal company when it cannot
be furnished by homo printers and
that the Statu Journal company's bid
be a guide as to prices.
Adjourned to January 13th.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
were taken up by the board in settling
up with tho several county officers.
Monday, January 18.
Board mot, all members present.
Official bond of J. W. Sampson, fer
constable for Potsdam township was
In tho mutter of erroneous assess
ment ou part of the sw and part swi
nwi 1-1-11, assessed for tho year 1805
at 1880,'belng erroneous assessment.
The county treasurer was instructed
to reduce the valuo of said laud to
same value land was assessed at in
1894;aud;is3iie receipt in full for said
taxes ou said land.
In the matter of affidavit of Adolph
Howard regarding the refund oft!) ou
non-resident receipts it was ordered
tliatlclalm he rejected.
Superintendent Hunter asked for an
appropriation of 1100 for county Insti
tute expenses and the board ordered
an appropriation of 950 for this pur
pose. The annual settlement of John
Sheets as road overseer of road district
No. 20, was approved and an order was
drawn on road district fund for 130
lens $1.08 leaving balance due John
Sheets uroud overseer of $20,112.
Adjourned to January lflth.
Tuoadai, January 111.
Tho board procumled to nuleel names
from which the jury Is to bo drawn for
tho April term of dlitrlct eourt.
(J. W. Knight was appointed as a
member of the soldier'. relief coinmln
siou for the term of two years and
John McCnllnni was appointed for the
term of threo years.
A petition was presented asking thai
J. (J. Nelson be appointed as road over
seer of road district No. 37 in Batlu
precinct. Tho prayer of petitioners
was grunted.
Chris. Weciitor was appointed road
overseer of district No. in Batin pre
cinct. Sheriff Ituuchcy made his report for
181)0, as follows: Amount of fees and
expenses, $1007.91. Amount of fees,
700.70. Amount of fees collected $023,
70. Amount of back fees collected
$80.45. Total $701.15. Amount of fees
due for lS'.iO, $142.00.
Tho board after examining tho
affairs and condition of the several
county officers report thoy find them
in good condition and the several re
ports as made aro true to tho best of
our belief.
Tho board mado the following est!
mute of expense for the year 1807, as
biir rlntciulent of chouh
l.'ourl expenses
font ami court house...
County board.. ,
IIooIck, httitloiiory and printing . ...
At-KCKor A
County nttoruey -.'......
County ffttr ., -.. ..
Jail mid Jailer
.. win iio
ism on
.. HW) oo
1HM no
.. 1U) oo
.. wo oo
.. 1000 00
.. rK) ix)
.. 1000 00
.. 100 00
iioiiru eiiUHiiaiiaii.....
.. MO 00
llnml funiN ii
llnlldliiKlioor house !.... .'.. 'J000 00
County poor "JO0O 00
comity bridge , :-. .vjoo oo
Insane . ..................'........... .. HiU no
Itsilrnsil Uonit .. !X) 00
Soldiers relief- 300 00
IIIrIi school - OW 00
Total 1 .10000 00
Tho estimate was adopted as rend
and clerk was ordered to have the
sumo. printed as provided by law.
John McCallum was appointed a
committee of one to investigate ami
ropnit, upon the notes that aro past
dm) for rent of poor farm.
Adjourned to January 20.
Wednesday, January 20.
Tho county attorney was instructed
to use bis best endeavors in collecting
t!io moi'ey duo tho county from tho
State Hank of Blue Hill and to bring
suit If necessary on tho bond at tho
next term of the district court.
Tho examination summary of tho
accounts of J. S. White by tho slate
examiner woreapproved.
Bond of First National Bank of Bluo
Hill to secure the county against loss
of county money deposited therein was
approved bv the hoard.
The semi-annual statement of Treas
urer White was approved.
The claim of Dr. K. A. Hall of $150
for operation performed for Lucy
Coval was allowed and clerk was in
structed not to deliver warrant until
Dr. K. A. Hall had tiled with him re
ceipts from Dr. Cook und Dr. S, F.
Saunders for all their claim for their
assistance in said operation.
Colors 'That Never
Hard Times Increased the Sale of Dia
mond Dyes Black for Cotton, Wool,
and Silk that Does not Crock Makes
Old Cloaks, Qowns, and Suits Look
Like New.
"It is really marvelous," said a
Wubster street druggist, "how the bard
times have increased the sale of dia
mond dyes. Ladies buy one package
as an experiment, and find the dye so
easy to use that thoy color all their eld
clothing, and como out with new
gowns, clonks, and suits for the whole
family. Tho diamond dye blacks seem
especially popular, I often sell half n
doeu packages to one customer."
Diamond dyes aro put up for every
color, with special dyes for cotton and
aro so simple and easy to use that oven
a child can dye a perfect color with
them, one that will not fade, crock, or
waslt etit, equal to tho handsomest
shade made by tho professional dyes,
Tho turning over of the books ami
monies In tho (hands of the township
olllcurs of Batin township brought to
light a fact which completely knocked
some of Hie eourt hotisn officers in a
heap with surprise. It appears that in
tho past the county supervisor from
that district always plead poverty and
asked tho assistance of the county for
the payment of poor claims and ex
ponso for building and repairing small
bridges. He also stated that the peo
plo up theie wcro poor, could not pay
their taxes and consequently there was
no money in the township treasury to
meet these necessary expenses. Tliu
county board consequently had war
rants drawn for the purpose upon
county funds. When tliu money was
turned over It was found that there
was some live hundred dollars in tho
treasury of this township and hence
the surprise. What object they had In
holding this money is hard to tell un
less they were going to eventually get
enough to build a cunt t house and
make their own laws iu poor old Batin.
Revival meetings are now being con
ducted by Rev. James M. Darby, at the
Methodist Episcopal Church in this
city. The meetings are quite largely
attended and great good is being dono
by Mr. Darby, who has gained a good
record for evangelistic work through
out his ministerial career and wo
would bo pleased to see him nniko n
gnud success, of tho present series of
revivals In this city. Tho Webb City
(Mo.) Daily Times, said of him some
yoars ago when ho was conducting nn
evangelistic meeting iu thatcity, wlioro
more than one hundred was converted,
"That hu was one of tho most thorough
and successful revivalists of the west."
He Invites all the people who believe in
(toil, to Mind up one linked prayer for
tho outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon
A new gamu for church socials has
bei u developed by a young lady who
believes iu Hi to I. Kaelt girl at the
paity takes a basket well Idled with
tho dellciciiM of tho season and covers
n wiiii wiuto or yellow cloth, to suit
her political complexion. Tho young
man selects his basket according to
his views on tho financial question, as
argued during the recent campaign
and then pays at tho rate of one cent
per pound for the owner. The baskets
aro placed in an adjoining room and
the purchaser does not know whether
lie is getting a tat or lean girl. Kncli
purchaser has the chance of weighing
his priao on the scales, and tho silver
man is allowed to kiss his girl sixteen
times to the gold .standard man's omi.
Dudley township, Haskell comity,
Which became famous iu the late elec
tion becauso it was tho only one iu tlss
United States carried by Palmer and
Bitckner, celebrated Christmas at the
oxpenso of General Burkiior, himself.
A few days before Christmas the dis
tinguished Kontuckiaii bent to County
Clerk Cane twenty-live gallons of goad
old Kentucky Bourbon whisky, u cheek
fer $50 and his compliments. There
aro only six voters in the township but
they resolved to give a feast and invite
tho. neighbors. The affair wss des
cribed us u royal spread of turkey,
quail and venison, with plenty of
whiskey punch on the side. If Messrs.
Palmer and Buekuer ever run for office
again, it is safe to predict that they
will carry more than one. township in
Kansas. Lebanon Criterion.
A man who formerly lived in this
county learned eight years ago of a
sectiou of Intul that could bo bought
fer 12,000, He had no money, (ioiiif;
to a loan iiRcnt ho nogotiated a live
years' 0 per cent loan of $3,230 upon
the laud. Ho bought the laud for $'.',
000 mortrugod it for $3,230, pocketed
the dilTorouce, lot the haul goto sale
und now is dimming the eastern money
power for robbing him of bis home.
The sectiou of liiuil can now bit
bought ,for fourteen dollars per acre.
Possibly 82,000 will buy It. Eldorado
Dr. Price's Cream Baklaz Powder
A Pure Orsf Cress 4 Tartar Pewser.
t V!
"lUrri&AJC ys"
Is the
v Rnrlr.
I Swelling
l oomen
'aLV CV III -w
MHWf V 1 .
l Tr &-1
Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S
Has proven, in thousand of cases and for many years,
to be the Peerless Remedy for this dreaded disease
For tale everywhtr. Price, $1.00 per bottle.
j !
in ii i
Are much In little; alwsTs
ready, efficient, lattafac-
Wry ; prevent a cold or (ever,
mts all lliej tin. tick bU-
ache, Jaundlra, oaiUpa.Uoa, etc. Jrlc 'A cent.
The only Pilia to tafca with Mm- Baxfaaarilla.
Wo uro pleased this weok to ehrou.
icle a happy event, the marriage of
Mr. (Jeo. K. Coon an old resident and
respected citizen of tiarfield prcclnctto
Miss Ida M. Fisher. Tho ceremony
whs performed by Kev. Blackwell at
his resilience iu the northwest purl of
the city. Mr Coon is ono of Webster
county's most progressiva farmers who
tin otigh thrift, honesty and good man
agement has collected around him :i
good shiirn of this worlds goods and
Tin: Ciiiuk is glad to mjo him take
Onto himself a wife with whom to. share
his prosperity May thero bo no dark
cloud uppwar m olmeuro their hnppi-m-s
is the wish of Tiik Ckkat Family
Thu Webster County Farmers' Insti
tute is called to meoL at Cowlos next
Thursday and should be well uttended
by our farmers- The success of last
winter's Farmers1 Institutes is un
questionable. These institutes served
to spread useful informuttion along all
phases of farm life and to quicken tho
ambition of young and old. They laid
the foundation for something oven
better in the same Hue this coming
wiuter. The work of preparation for
enlargement over last winter's ex
cellent series is already under way,
and the "campaign of education" is
likely lo he continued inditinitely. An'
interchange of views on farming is a
good thing for any farming community.
m e
I received a new subscriber while in
Lincoln last week, and thereby hangs
a tale. A gentlemen from Schuyler
came to me and asked me what was the
price of the Democrat for six months.
I told him fifty cents, and hu paid me
the money. "Now," says he, "I sup
pose you will set'm up on this trade?"
I told him yes. So ho took mo over to
a saloon across the way, where ho had
the ontlre Colfax delegation iu waiting.
They each called for whiskey straight,
and thero were six of them. Tho
drinks cost exactly sixty cents, and I
have been trying three days to sue
tvhero tho profit ou that subscription
ciines in. Central City Democrat.
Persons who nro troubled with in
digestion will bo interested iu thu ex
perience of Win. II. Penn, chief cleik
iu the railway mail service at Des
Moines, Iowa, who writes: "It gives
mo pleasure to testify to the merits of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrliutii Heniedy. For two years I
have sulTorcd from indigestion, and am
subject to frequent severe attacks of
pain iu tho stomach and bowels, One
or two doses of this remedy never fails
to glvo perfect relief. Prlco 25 and fjf)
cents; sold by 11. E. (irlce, Druggist,
most dangerous of all
Diseases. Pains in the
Irrvrvi fattoc in tU T TJn
of the Limbs or Ab-
are tne tirst symptoms
Ezpoburo to Disoaso.
Does not necessarily mean the con
traction of dUcaso provided thu system
is in h vigorous condition, with the
blood pure and all the organs in healthy
action. Wh,on in such a condition
contagion is readily resisted and the
disease germs can find no lodgmoul.
Hood's Sarsaparillu Is the best medi
cine to build up the system because it
makes pure, rich blood, and pure blood
is tho basis of good health. In cold
weather It is especially noccbsary to
keep up thu health tone because the
body is subject to grenterexposure and
more liable to disease, Hood's Sam
parillais the safeguard of health.
' ..I.
Notico to Tcnchors.
Notice, is hereby given that I will ex
amino all persons whd may desire to
oiler themselves as candidates for
teachers of the public v huoU ,f this
county, at lied Cloud on the thiid Sat
urday of each month.
Special examinations will bn held oh
the Friday proceeding the 3d Saturday
of each month.
Thu standing desired for -'d und 3d
grade certificate is tho Mime no grade
below 70 per cent., average 80 per cent;
for first grade certillcato no gradu be
low 80 per cent., nveruge DO per cent in
nil branches requited bylaw.
D. M. IluNTKit, Comity Supt.
Capt. Jas. A. Duffey,
Tho Oroat Railway Ootoctlvo Tolls What Or.
Mllos Itomotlloo Havo Done
Foe Himself tnt) wife.
DETECTIVE work requires constant
vigilance steady serves, a clear
head and active braln,"A year ago,"
writes Capt. Duffey, of 631 Orchard St., Tole
do, Ohio, "I overworked myself, was In
such a condition Hleep was Impossible I was
so nervous I could not
lie. In bed) my arms
and llmlm twitched
and my lyatetn aeemed
completely exhausted.
I began using Dr.
M Ilea' Nervine and the
fourth bottle restored
me to health, Mrs.
Duffey had suffered for eighteen years with
heart disease, had tried every remedy with
out avail until she took Dr. Miles' New
Heart Cure two years ago. For the past
year she has boon free from the trouble."
Dr. Miles' Remedies are sold by all drug-
Klsts under a potdtlvo guarantee, first bottle
benefits or money refunded. Book on lloart
und Nerves seat free, to all applicants.
DB. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, lad.
j MvrttL
fp Rojvfjojrojp) aw
i 1