The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 26, 1895, Page 7, Image 7

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OX TJIK FRONT ER. KS "Loolt ,,cap nlcc ,n b,B c,,,,
(linger rose to his knees and clutched
Hen about the less, while he continued
begging to lie spared.
lllw ln.inno" was heartrending.
"It's too bad!" I n.utterul to Zeb, who
was near me. "Hen will scare the nig
"Kt he'll cure hltn o' boastln' I don't
Acta like a noultico. rimv:-'i
out fever and pain, and rcinv,"!
orating the entire Female Sys
tern. It removes all obstructions
and creates a healthy, natural
flow of all secretions.
It is the one natural cure for
female troubles, because it is
applied richt to the diseased
parts. Don't take internal rem
edies for Female
mon sense requires a direct ap
plication for immediate relief
and permanent cure.
"Orange Blossom" is a sure,
painless cure for falling and
dropsy of the womb, profuse,
difficult, irregular menses, lcu
corrhcea, ulceration, tumors,
sick headache, constipation, sal
low complexion.
Orange Blossom" is apastile
easily used at any time. Every
lady can treat herself with it.
Mailed to any address on re
ceiptofSi.Dr.J.A.McGill&Co. 4 Panorama Place, Chicago, 111.
For Mule bjrtj. I.. ri(iu,; Hvi
Miss .' I;iri;i T.'ir o.i ,
i '.uliiiiltfil t bo a Iinriiii' Aiinri
cm nutlmrit; on i:oul;i.i; Mi
S.i:;: 'Use
. !. ii iluc!: d r th f it ! tiwi of
S' U,l .Sill!'..?, Mill IIIIIIIV OtllLT
tiling.-, a-il lli- boat utuolt i;
Liebjo; Company's
Extract of i-iccf!"
lf V fdlt.i'i irrlpis
Mill trial h In Hnti.lir i o
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l t?i Clttlip Ii r'i Kiisui'i f'".! t?.-ni).
5v-w nrc, ales . .iM iauilu ik l
-GT'V iu i w in TaKoVj
Y7 S! inllHt ' ' ' ll'fWll v
I "" Ti''' ',,,' J ' A iru5li,orcrr.1'If,
I W .W In lfiii I r ji triilars. t tll.tinnlaU iul I
V KV MUlTiP I till Vmi '(rr, l nturn I
lll. t' P. 1 .. I I. U " I 'If ! K. .. rt
(V - .. it m- (i mill
. . i iii-rim'-i itutui.Miwii.i"iiiiii'iiirm
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(!A I flllTAlN A PATKN'T Kor a
rompt nm.Tor utnl un litmrpt cii'lnloii. wrltu to
IIIKVA.I'II . ultr. Iii. v.. liu.l ii.-.nrlv llflv liir
ffVlM.rli.tlrr. In thi nil iMlt Iillikli.ij4. flllIimilIlU:L
tlon Mrlctlr omtliliTitliit. A IliniilliiiiiU of In
tnrnmttim roni'i'iiiuiK I'iiIi'IHm nml liniv to ob
tain I hi'iu rent 'hi'. AImhi raliili'uuof uicilian
toil nml rclvntttlo liooks ri'iil Hri'.
rutints tnUcn lliiimstli .Miimi & Co. rccclvo
(pcrlultiotlcointl'u Mli'iitllir Aiiirrlrmi. nJ
thus Hro liroiiu'iit wlilely bt'lnrullm inilillowltli.
oat ciwt to ttiu Inventor. 'I'liU nili-iirtiil jMpor,
ImiipiI wrckly, elegantly HluiitrHU'il,lia.lir fur tlm
lrj!0t rlrniLilimi of nnjr hclfiillllo MiirV In tlio
world. : n yi'nr. raiiipln tiiplcii iicnt lre.
llullillim KMltloii. monthly. iiJi) n j oar. rMnele
coploii, v!. t'vnti. Kvi'ry iniiulii r conlnlnn ticmi
tlfnl plulc", In roloir, iiiid liiilnsriijilia of n w
h(inn,Mltli iliiiiulmlliliTs tothuw In
ltt 1-kl'II nml i-iriinicc itrnlf. Aililri'i"t
WU.N'N & CO.. .N'LW lollK. :iil HlliJlnrAT.
a? VGrvj.Hrmt: wns six rt
f" f 'J V, "I-. The sixth whs
inbuilt 17 your. old,
I lack as n coal,
with the blKKPilt
i' -. uith 1 ever iiu',
nnd that mouth vu
t""iill to ovprllowln-;
Willi Rt .it ahlnliu
whlto toeth. ciliiK'r
often deeliirod hl.i
iiiitpntH v.nn iilmont
whim, but ho had "taken bn 'k" Into
the bl'iek blood of hl. fhive nr.eestor
Tm may .wvc limi Hue. but, un old
Xcli SeatAi'man wns wont to obsene
he niHl lmve "taken bael: a durn lonrl
Out m rrpsh"t Creek. In the Ula'-ls
Hills, up struek "colnv."
KriHhet Civek, I think, lins nlnce been
Blven name.
To Mike Canity bclntiRPil the honor
m iiiHcoveriiiff that the southern bank
flf the eieek slinwvtl "n!r;n."
Hut It wai HIr lien Harris who found
the entire side of the ravine was lull of
"veins," cohtnltiltiK jrold enmiBli to
make us all rich, If It could bo taken
Then we held a eonnultntlon.
Just above the liolnt where we had
r.iailo those discoveries the puny stream
dropped from n hluh fall.
"V.t wo only lied plenty of water thnr,
v.'e could work her by hydrulleks," imld.
That set m .o thinking.
"There must be plenty of water there
In the wet season," I obt.-rved. "Ke
iflcniber this Is called Freshet Creek."
"lb'Kobs. that's so," nodded (lanlty.
"Will a bit nv a dam up above we could
Kit force to throw the warther chine
to th' top av this bank."
fllntjer said nothlnK. but looked very
We worked at the bank for awhile,
but. although It wan very rich, the
work of Kettlni,' It by the panful to the
Htivatu and washliiK out the "yaller"
did not make It very profitable.
lib; Hen thoiu;ht wo had better build
n d un, and wait for the sprltii; rains to
Klvo u-i nil the water we needed.
1 had un Idea.
"The hprlnn rains woull clean out our
dam In u twinkling." I declared.
"Then whut can we do'.'"
"There W water enough here now, II
wo can hold back n j;ood pond above
the fall."
They saw t was rlKht.
The next day Davis and C.urrlty were
off for Custer to Bet hose pipes tmil noz
zles. The rest of us went to work building
the dam.
We woiked like beavers.
We had It nearly completed when
Ij.nls and Oarrlty leturued.
They brought the hose, likewise soiiiu
SltttiiR Hull and Ida braves were said
to lie In the hllR
It was reported that the chief had
k "lit word that h would wipe out Cus
ter City and level Deadwood.
A party of prospectors had been miir
il?ri'il and scalped In Potato Gulch.
Outside the lai'Ker camps there was a
Keiv ral state of alarm.
"PKobs!" ci led (larrlty, "It's oursllvon
thot'il bu losln' our hair av we don't
look out."
"(i'w.iy, ilar!" came contemptuously
from Olii'ter'n lips. "Who's skeered oh
n fw Injuns'.'"
His teeth weto almost chattel lux with
OV Zub Scattermun looked seilous.
")'.! thar's rcdsklii'j In ther hills we'd
best keep our weather eve opnn nil ther
tlm" he observed. "Kf an.sboOy nee.
an. thins of 'em round these yire paitt
Wf'll have ter skip out lively."
"Yah!" Kilnned (llni;er. "Five IiIr
wh'u mans riiunln' fiom de Injuns!
Yah, yah. yah! Nebber ketch ills iiIkkpi
ruiiiiliiK while dar's yaller ter pay fei
der washln'."
Now wo nil knew that (iliiKvr was
about the blfWt eoward on the face ot
the earth, and so we did not pay much
atii'.itlon to his boantltifr.
Thin seemed to anner him. and hu
lirn'Trfod worse than ever.
He bewail to tell how many Indian'
he had killed, and how he had escaped
Alollce to Tcncuum.
Notiiit is lieroby jiivcn that I will
examine all persons who niiij ilcsiro
to offer thtinsclvoi us cuiiiliilatcs for
tcuchprs. oftlie puMic suhools nl' this
county, at 3(ml Cloud on the third"
Saturday of cadi iimntli.
Siotiial esaniiiiiiti'iiM will ho held
on the L'riiliiy proeopiluig tho .'J bat.
Hrilay of cjoIi niootli.
Tiie ritandwi ileMipd I'ur d mid
Hd frrado certiliontod is tho saint! no
grailo liolowTO pur cont., f.vcriiy" 80
pur tout; for lirst railu mttfiu.ttf
no trudo boloir Hit pnr o'.nt., Vfiat."'
SK per oont. in all brannhrH rcijuirc
by Uw.
1). M. lIUNTKK.t'oUllty Supi.
- IS
lusiirir.K'u AKiJiu-y,
Itopreientt ., . ...
ilernmn Iiisiiriiiieo Co , 1'ivopoit. III.
Itoyal iiiMiiaiici-i'o., l.lver'D"l. Knitliiinl.
IIoiiih Fliu liiMiri'iii'o Co., of Oiu.ili.i, .NeUr.
I'lin-iiK Asiur.liu'n Co, lit I.oihIoii, I.iiiC.
To .Maiiclii'ster kI.'u Asnimiico'Ni ot Ktiumnil.
Hfltlth Aiacl It'll Assiirailt'e Co. 'loioiilo, Civil.
Miiiuiilltexeive I'iiiiiI l.lle Assu.ol .V. .
Tin Wiirkin.ui llutlilliiK umt lmii Assocl.itlon
ot Lincoln, Nelii.iiKii.
Olllco ovr Mizor b Storo.
Red Crxiun, Nurahk
The bwcetcsi niusiu
requires a
Guitar, Mandolin,
Banjo or Zither.
They are lite product ot the Larpesi
Musical factories lu the world and are
unequalled for tono or linlsh. Jicnel to
the makers. ... , ,
Lyon & Healy, Chicago,
for a. ileantlful CatalORuo (FKEK)
I cnnfTlnlnc poitralti oi nmeiy iiiii.
Waitibyrns are sold by all tint-class
death at their hands tlmo after tlmo
nml ho kept it up persistently for the
nt xt three days, till everybody wai
pretty sick of it.
"I'll il:; him," said Hen one day. "II
mm his braKKliiK."
With his rllle he shot an ciik1. frorr
will h lie obtained plenty of ft allien
for his purpose.
Ketl elny nerved him ns paint.
With considerable labor he madu him
nt'lf up like an Indlnii one day, am!
then ho had us send niiifrer down tut
ravine on an errand.
When tho colored lad was at a consid
erable distance from tho camp HIk; Her.
came out upon hlin. utterliu a llendlst
Olnser wave a choklni? yell of terror
and started to run.
Hut hjs lege seemed to melt beneath
him, and ho fell In n helpless, blubber
JnK heap.
Hll? Hen stood over him, flourishing i
hatchet and knife, as he cried:
"Heap nice fat black boy! Ugh! Ooot
curly scalp! Waugh! His chief tak
black boy's scalp!"
"Oh, food Mlstah Injun, pleaso don't
tako my scalp!" walled Ginger, In thi
most abject terror.
With the others, I had followed, anl
we were concealed at"a distance, when
we could wttch all that took place.
' Ben flourlahed the knife, at-Uhe win
time pretendlnR to seek for a good jrl
In Olniter's hair.
"Hie chief like block biy'o ficaip," h'
kcer a dcrn!" was the old fellow'B re
tort. I stood It Just as Ioiik as I could.
1 really ben; in to fear (ilnser would
die of abject terror.
Of a sudden 1 tushed out. tlrinir Inli
the air with botli levolvers, and yelling
lllK Hen look to hli heels.
dinner flopped over and lay stiff on
the Ktoiind.
When I reached hltn I found that he
had fainted.
The others came out and we restored
hltn to coiispIoiimik 'j. but he wni ns
Weak a a Kitten diirln; the rest of the
d.ty, and he would start and shake at
the slightest Bound.
A thousand times he blessed me for
MavltiR his life.
The boastlnp was completely token
out of him.
HIk Hen was Kolur; to tell hi in how the
trick was played, but I objected.
1 mnde them all promise they would
Ufep still till OIiiKer Rot to boasting
He was not taken that way.
Hut his admiration and love for me
seemed unbounded. Apparently he
nlneerely believed that 1 had saved U
life, and he was so inateful that he
could not do too much for me.
lte.illy he huntf about me so much that
he bcKan to be a nuisance.
We had completed tho dam, and It
gradually filled with water.
The pipes wore properly laid, and on.
day we turned two heavy stream
of water against the bank of the ravine.
It melted and came washing down be
fore the force of the water.
We could not use the water very loni?,
for the pond lowered rapidly, nnd It
took time for It to 1111 again.
I iul we could wash down ciioiirIi so It
was nn easy tiling to carry the precious
clay to the sluices we hail c instructed.
In this way we could handle six or
c-lKht times ns much In the course of a
day as we could before.
It paid, and wo were Jubilant.
At the end of a week we befjan to feci
like millionaires.
Then somethliiK happened.
We had been usIiir the water, but had
I was Return: my load far In under
the l.ollnwed-out bank, where I thought
It Will liable to be the llchost.
fU'diUnl there was a yell of warning.
I looked up.
A big slice of watery clay came swoop
Ins and sliding down the slope toward
Above It I saw tho overhanging bank
slowly giving way, thf-atonlng to bury
me beneath tons of earth.
Hefore I could make a leap the sliding
clay came about mo and caught me to
the knees.
I tried to ilrng myself away.
Too late!
I was held fast!
Slowly but surely the groat bank wan
settling for the fall.
Looking upward, I felt that my mo
ments were few.
A numbness seized upon me, nnd I
gasped like one fascinated as death
came down upon me.
Then there wns another hoarse shout.
I felt somebody catch me nbout the
body and fiercely htruggle to draw me
from the clutch of the clinging clay.
Olven sudden hope, I did my best to
get free.
Thus aided, I succeeded, and I was
sent reeling through the thick clay, over
the top of It, down the bank, catching
a glimpse of the face of my rescuer as I
It was Ginger!
As I wns suddenly freed, he slumped
find fell, struggled up, fell ngnln.
Iteachlng solid ground, I turned to
,r 'f him In the clutches of the eolllna
1 would have dashed back. but. at that
very Instant, the crumbling bank gave
way nnd came down with n thundering
roar, part of It reaching me nnd hurling
me backward.
filuger wns burled from sight In a
I arose unharmed, but my bravo res
eller was dead.
He hnd dared rush to my nsslstance
when my other comrades stood spell
bound with fear.
Hut he had given his life for mine!
In time we excavated his body and
gave him decent burial, with a large
bowlder to mark his resting-place, In
Freshet Uulch.
On tho bowlder I laboriously chiseled
these words: .
Number of AullitirB KurnliiL UoihI la
tnnii's Larger Hutu Her.
Not all of the truly worthy authors ol
past times have been condemned to pen
ury and vagabonage Sonic of thom
on the contrary, have ncqulred fortunei
by reason of tho liberal compensation
they received for their work. Scott was
paid for one of his novels at tho ruto oJ
$232 per day for tho tlmo employed In
writing It, and his total literary earn
ings aggregated $1,500,000. Hyron gol
fJO.OOO for "Chlldo Harold" and JIS.00C
for "Don Juan." Moore sold "I.alla
llookh" foi $15,730, and his "lilsh Melo
dies" brought him $15,000. Cray leeelved
only J'-OO for his poems, nnd not a cent
for the Immortal "Elegy," out of which
tho publisher made $.'..000; but that wai
because he bad an eccentric prejuillct
nualiiHt taking money for wilting
Tennyson had an annual Income of frotr.
$10,000 to $30,000 tor many years
though In Uio early part of his career
when ho wroto "Maud" and "In Mo
mnrlam," t.o realized next to nothing
Longfellow sold his first poems, includ
ing some of his best ones, at very low
figures, but He lived to receive $1,00
or $20 a line, for the "Hanging of th
Crane," nnd when lm died ho was wortl
$.550,000. Whlttler left an estate of $200,
000 and severalof tho leading Amerlcai
proso have done qulto as welt
These nro exceptions, It Is true, but
they Berve to modify the general rulo
and to show that In cases of sujierloi
merit, literature) has proved to bo not
ably profitable. -
It is safe to.say that tho present ratei
of pay for literary work of good qualltj
are higher than those of any precedlni
time, and that the number of iiersonii
who arc efcwilng respectable Incomes II
that way Is larger-Hian was ever.befort
e Have
) la
em Yet! j
tif i il I
rt ?W I .M. W'-Vtl Ja iH
feiw - !
wS?HB8Wr ' ii
I "i n t t il irrTBHfl Mr !
fciffi; i .HI .IlllllrJk , ' r
I'fMv HBsIl IB
ound books
To all who subscribe or pay up.
We also give away thai beautiful world's fair
book, the charmisg' and delightful
" Sj
No other paper in the west gives you such grand
premiums as we do.
Call on or addiess The Chief, Red Ctoud, Neb.
1 f i
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-Vto. jYO
; &MXMAtsuHs&Hat &MrrvMmiUK3nasnzmMtvi qyiitu t, t iimtivjtfm