The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 06, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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Published Weekly.
Suhsrrlplloii, f 91 For Annum,
luvurliiMr III Advitltc
It not paid In nilrnncn, nflrr this date March
is, lira, tlio rrlco will lio f 1.23.
Kntcrett nt tho rust Olilrn In lied Cloud, Neb.,
m mall mnttcrnf the sreond clait
t'rnf. cards. I ttii'li or lost tier year tft 00
hi i month 300
Throa mouths I...3 0O
IV r Inch nn (100
I'cr Inch plx months a no
IVrinrh thre mouths 3 On
PticcUl m-tiers per iuis ar lint space, urst
TrousJrnl spi-cluls, ;i)aUI Invariably In ad
Villus', iicrtjiic lucent. . .
All rrnriln? uutlccs In Hi nature of advertise
ments or puffr, 0 rents per line.
liCcnl notices nt Icpnl tales, lr.: for a square
J Ion lines of Nonpareil or less,) llrt publication
l.oot for rncli subsequent publication, per
sqimrp. GO cents. .....
No "inTftrrcd position" t ontrnctf made.
All mmtr-r to insure publication must be re
ceived pi Dili onlcn not later than Wednesday.
Advertisements cannot be ordered out for
tho current work Inter tlian Thursday
II. Ac HI. It, It. Tim Table.
Taking effect Dec, 3.
Trnlnscrurjlm; passengers leave lied Cloud as
No, 112 russciij;cr to Hutting 2:30 p. n.
No. Hi russciiKrr tram Hustings 11:3 a.m.
nAsrvi.v WYMoitn
No. 10, Passenger to Ht. Joseph Ht.
lAiulsanUCIilcaxu dally 10125 a, to,
No. IS Passengers lor Denver, dally, B;5J p. sn
Bed Ci.oon, - Nkuraska.
ever Taylor' I'u Mil ture More.
ttxlructs tenth It hunt pain.
Ciovsu and bridge work h specialty.
Porcelain Inlay, and nil kinds of gold filllngi.'
Jlnkes gold and rubber plates and combination
All work guaranteed to be first-class.
'Meow Hlock, - RRD CLOUD, NEB.
Collections promptly attended to, and
correBpondence solicited.
TIlO O. It. Minn.
Red Cloud. . Nebraska.
I glvo my personal attention to my,
patron. l'irt-alas. ehnving and halri
uuiiuiK Bpiuimiy. cauds.
Homoeopathic Physician,
Red Cloud, . NebraiKB.
onico opposite Vlrst National Bank,
u. H.l-.xumliiliig Mirgeon.
Cliroulo diseases treated by mall.
Kbd Ur.ouu, - Nebraska.
Will attend sales nt reasonable tlRures. Satis
faction guaranteed.
Insui'itiicu Agent,
I uo a wlrlotly fnrin liiBarouoe nnd Inyito
nil to bus mo.
Atfnriinv aa
Kctl Cluutl, . Nebraaka
Ovfioe Up stairs, in Moon Blook,
Tomorlnl Arllal.
4 th A yen uk, Red Cloud, Nsbbiiia.
Firat-claBs barbers and iirst-oluss work
gonrnnteed Giyomeacnll
lnmiraiiee Akciicj',
(lerniau Insurance Co , l'reeiwt, III.
Hoyal insuinncxCo., Liverpool, KnRland.
Homo t'lro lusiirauco Co., of Omaha, Nebr,
I'lnrnU AHsurauro Co. of Iindon, Knc.
To Mauclicster Klio Atsurancti Co. of kiikMiuI.
Iliiaidluu AstiiraiiroC,,of Loudon, Kiir.
IturlliiKtou lnsuiaiu'o Co. of IlurllUKton, Iowa.
Iltitlsh AiiU'llen Assiirniioo Co. Toronto, Call,
Mutual ltiscio Fund l.lfo Ahsu.oI N. Y.
Tim Workman liuililin and Ijomi Association
of Lincoln, Nebraska.
OMco over Mizor'a Storo,
Ur.n Ct.ou, Nbrrabka
C. E. Putnam,
Agent ,, c
Phoenix Insurance Co.
St. Paul Bankers Life
Insurance Co.
All business intruslctl to liim will bo'
promptly attoudedto.
FSTLsl iJ mm3
Kompt nnswer nnd an noneat oplntoa. writ, to
UN N oV V.O., who havo had oeerlfahr Tears'
ezperleneo In the patent business. Communica
tions strictly ronUilenilnt. A llandb.akof In.
Jormallcu conccrnlua I'atema and bow to ot.
fain tUn:u rent a co. Also a catalogue of suecnan.
toil end nclcntlllo Pools seut froo.
l'atvnts takon. through Munn ft Co. feostT.
epccinJ iidIIco in tho Hilrntlllo Amerlraa. and
tliiii arn brouiibt wldolr boforeth. public with,
out cjwt to tho 'Inventor. Tim splendid caper.
Issued roklr, clwantly Illustrated, has bv tut hi
lawcit ij-oulntloa uf any eclontiao work In the
wwiit. s?a ayear. Samije copici aont f re.
Dullrtluu KUtlou, monthly, sfioa year. Watle
copies c. cents. Every numbir coutalae beaa
Jlful Plctea, in colors, and rbotoerapha of w
!"!u,c?i w "' flans, oiubllim builders to show the
jato.tdmlimaandtieruracoutrmcls. Address w
MUNN CO New YW,3tJr iAuadiT1
izorzTcrr (hmsssjjsk,
Tired, Weak, Nervous
Could Not Sleep.'
m Prof. L, I). Kdwartlu, of Preston,
Idaho, says: "I was all run down,
weak, nervous and Irritable iliroutrli
overwork. 1 milTcrcd from brain fa
tigue, mental depression, etc. 1 bo
camo bo weak and ncrvotw tbat I
could not sleep, I would arlso tired,
discouraged and blue. I began taking
Dr.' Miles' Nervine
nnd now everything is changed. I
sleep soundly, I feel bright, active
and ambitious. 1 can do more In one
day now than I used to do In u week.
Vor this great, good I give Dr. Miles'
Ilcstorativu Nervine tho sole credit.
It Cures.'.!
W Dr. MIIiyi Norvlno Is Mild on a msltlvo
cimranlcr tliatlbfi Hrxl.lHiiilo will liunclll.
AlldrugglstiHoll It at II, 0 Unties fur M, or
ii. win iiummi.pronaiu, mi rocpiiit or prim
by tho Dr. Mllea Mudlcul Co., Llklmrt, lnd.
. A CrH4 Ctlulllar. "-
t suQtmnrrtihe
idiould owd this
.Dictionary, It an.
swurs all quosllnns
roneernltu; tho Ills
ry, aveliaic, pro
nuutUtlon, and
uimulac or words,
A Library In
Jtnolt. it also
Rivos tho often de-
felrAiJ InrArfiiatlmi
eoncenilnRcmlnent persons j facts concern
ing, tho countrlos, iltlcs, towns, and nat
ural fontures of the Rlobo ; par tleular con
cernlnc noted flctltluus persons and places t
translation of foreign quotations. It Is In
raluablo in tbo borne, oOlee, etudy, and
Tin On Crtiat Standard A utltorlty.
Hon. I). J. Ilrewer, Justice of V. s. Huprems
Court. wrltM : "Tho IntcrnaUonal Dictionary U
In prrfccllon of iIlcllonwlM. I commend It to
oUostlio on. great eUnJArU auUiorlty."
Sold by All Uookttlkrs,
C. .0 C. Mcrrtam Co.
Sprlngjlcltl, itatt.
y Po not IrtirrhMpplmtrt.
irnpliln reiirtnlAIaiiUent
irnpliln repi
Cy Cena for tree pro?rcctn.
'a an arbitrary woril useil to ilcsignatc the
only Unv (ring) which cannot lie pulled ofi'
tl.c watch.
The bow his a croove
i t .. s. i m w.i eu.ii cute ft coiiar
Vlntf"" fJ runs down Insldo ths
Zsayr pendant (stem) and
775L "ta Into tho r.rcovcs,
Z Ormly I oc Li nit the
sZri-SC bow. ,0 bo pendant,
s2f liTsS? so that it ennnot bs
I'wllcd or twisted o(f.
It positively prevents the lots of the
wolch by theft, and avoids injury to it frvm
Jas. Doss Filled or other w.iich ffia
caiesbearlncthistrudcuiurk if!
All watch dealers sell them w ithout eMrn cost.
AU yuur jeweler fur pamphlet, or tend to
the mmufacturcrs.
KeystoneWatch Case Co.,
sssssssssssrSVsf I I H R HI H WJEsssB
I'jawv.Hh.aiDiiKBWiviasii.'iQ ubi
. $500 Reward?
dluesttoii bonstlpnflon r CiistUcneS ?we " anncV
cure with Wet's Vccetoble I.lver Mlli, when
the directions nic strictly compiled with. They
arc purely Veectable, nnd newr fall toche jk(.
jsractlon. Buttar Coated. I.nwelwxcs.Vicei.t'
Kaware wf counterfeits aud Irjiutlou' 1 lie Jin
For rnlo by Do k Orlco, Ikd Cltud,
Pc.itli enmo nloiiR or.a day
And n.iVi'il hhpiy-'
The llfo of u child.
In this world, iliht nnd loft,
l'orcntsnre Ihus bereft.
Tim child but tmllcd. we, too, Miillo,
And nflcr nwlillo
lio reconciled?
Edwnrd H. Creamer In New York Sun.
Atirlrnt Musical Instruments,
In tlm Metropolitan IMnscuni of Art
hi Now York city tliero is an interesting
collection of iiiitHir.'tl iiihtruiiieiilH of ail
imtions, uinny of wliieh belong to past
centuries. Tliey Uo silently iu tLo glusu
casei Tbo fctrkig of maudolius aud
lutes that uinilo sweet muslo in days
gono by aro broken and twistod, aud
tho fltiRera that oueo swopt them h'nvo
passed nway, but still tho air seems
trembling with melody. Imagination
pioturcs tlio baiuiuet iiall, tho summer
nights when tho troubadour sung sougs
tinder Ids ladylove's window, or tho
llodouin camp in tho desort, whero tho
fluto and guitar wero pluycd during tlio
ovening hour of rcposo. Tlicro aro in.
strunionts horo of nil oharaoters rndo
violins and banjos fashioned by savugo
hands, and dainty lyres inlaid witli gold
and mother of pearl, instruments which
havo played their part iu ancient cero
monies iu faraway India and China, in
tho castlos of tho middlo ages aud in tho
African wlldorness. It is iifterostiug to
note that all nations havo tried to muko
instruments to pleaxo tho well
as to produco sweet souiiiK Tho stringed
instruments aud flutes of savage races
aro often grotCMjno nnd even ugly to
clviliicd cye., but tho poor savngo did
his best. Ho curved his iiiEtrumuuts as
woll as ho could and also adorned it
with whatever precious trinkets ho had
in his possession. XL H. Oouant iu Ht.
Half Mnrrlmt I'nr Iliilfnn Hour.
At Dunmow parish church tho wed
ding of n coal porter with a young
Woman formerly employed ut tho vioar
ago was interrupted in n curious man
ner. Tlio brldo and groom wero kneel
ing nt tlio chiuieel a tops for tho first part
of tho ceremony, and n.i tkoy row to go
to the communion rails to complete H;e
rito tho best man, probably thinking it
was all over, hurriedly fsmtoliod a, kiss
from tho brldo in accordance with an
old custom wliieh is (.till obserrod in
many country towns. Tlso ofHelating
lvrgyninn, tho Iluv. C. C. Natcw", cu
rato in charge, was mast indignant nt tho
proceedings and ardnred tho wedding
party to lcavo tho church for' half an
hour. Tho partially married couplo lin
gered about tlio precincts,for that porlo
of time, when tho offended clergyman
returned, ami after ndmonibhiug tho
best man, who was tho bride's brother-in-law,
for his lovity in interrupting
tlio scrvico iu tho maunor ho had ho
proceeded to finish tho ceremony.
Weatmiuster Gazetto.
l'ulnturs I'iclile.
Paiuters' pivklu is nod for removing
old paint. It is useless to wasto tltuo
and money applying good enamel pahst
over old pu'mr, for it quickly cracks
and grows shabby. Mix l,i pounds of
stono potash, 1 ij to S pounds of soft
soap nnd a hal f a pound of washing so
da together and stir into nbout a gal
lon of water. Tho pieklo should then be
boiled till tho potash is melted. Apply
this with a brush; then let it stand for
several hours. Tho work must after
ward bo washed thoroughly with strong,
hot soda water, using no soap. This
pieklo may bo applied equally well hot
or eold. Croat caro msist bo taken in
using tho pieklo, as it discolors tho fin
ger nails and takes tho color out of any
thing it touches. lA.stu Herald.
Wlint'n In a Num.?
Tlio custom of naming flats nfter
tholr builders or owners is n growing
ouo and sometimes results in n curious
combination. Just below mo are two
now, built last summer. One
was named "Albert," and on tho plate
glass front door of tho adjoinbig ouo
was tho word "Madeira," it having
been built by a patriotic gentleman
who names his flat houses after various
wines. IJut tho latter was sold to u mail
named Hawkins, who forthwith put his
own nnmu up. So now tho combination
is complimentary to tho old tinio aud
widely known White Houso coachman,
"Albert Hawkins. "Now York Herald.
Wouldn't (ilo Up IIU Seat.
A certain English duchess used to bo
quite a llxturu at tho casino at Mouto
Carlo, and if sho missed getting a chair
at tho tables her companion would pick
out a good nntured looking man nnd
whisper, "Would you bo kind enough,
sir, to yield your placo to tho duchess?"
An Englishman who was carefully play
ing a complicated system onco rcpliod,
"Not oven to tho queen of England!"
Now York World.
A farmer near Owingsvlllo, Ivy., says
ho has :t hen that ncyer lays anything
but double eggs. Ho nuver brings any
of tho eggs to market, but insists that
ho is using them all for setting and
means to have a breed of twin hens.
Joseph Seal Igor hud a very low opin
ion of poets. IIoHitys, "Thero never was
n man who wns a poet, or addicted to
tho study of poetry, but his heart was
puffed up with Ids own greatness."
Crudo oil is nn oxcellent. polisher nnd
cleanser for both floors and furniture of
ull sorts except highly finished wood,
such na mahogany or birdseyo maple. ,
An editor, in acknowledging n gift
of a peek of onions from a subscriber,
says, "It is such kindnesses us this that
bring tenr to our eyes."
Churchill hated to correct his own
poems. Ho wild that tho crnsuro of a
lino was life cutting away ouo's own
flesh. r
Tho first letter envelope dates back to
Slav. 1000. Itltf lKiu-in rlinTtrlHal.i.iii.
Itrportlnr; Whs Toi lUnetlnp;, nnd So no
Itecimn n Hotel Keeper.
"Yes," t.ald AUclmol Angolo Tracy,
"I onco was tv newspaper man, long bu
foro 1 over thought of hotels nnd dla-
inonds. It was in Toronto that 1 mado
j my debut, nlso exit. Jfy first nssign-
ineiic was to report nn irjqucst. JVow,
my paper was edited in short, con
densed, brocjy style, nnd everything
was bollod down This fact was im
pressed upon mo by tho city editor whon
I went fortlt iu qnest of nows. Woll, I
labored liko ft good follow at that im
qiwst.aud brought in a coltrmn of mat
ter. Tho editor read it over with a min
gled ntr of amuxemcut aud disgust, and
then, laying it aside, said, "this is all
Tcry Dice, air. Tracy, but wo would liko
to know tho vordict. ' I had written a
columa and left out tho onlyplocoof
nows in tho item. Ton oon Imagine my
"My noxt assignment vtM to report a
meeting of tho Sorts of England, a Tory
organization. Now, I was a Liberal
and vico president of tho Yonng Men's
Liberal clnb of my nativo city. Tho
Sons of England wero all Tories and
bitter opponents of my party. I had
hardly taken my Boat at tho mooting
and was proparing to tako notes of tho
proceedings when I was recognized by n
Tory acquaintance, and a howl went up
that one of tho cnomy was among them.
Instantly tho Sons of England roso in a
body nnd demanded that I bo put out I
explniucd to tho oxoited assomblago that
x was only at tho mooting in tho capno
ity of a reporter, and that I didn't in
tend to 1k thrown eut, Nono of tho
Sons of England present soemud to relish
tho job of ejecting mo, and I remained
throughout tho meeting. I didn't relish
my experience, however, and on my re
turn to tho olllco I told tho city editor
what had happened. 'Oh, that's noth
ingl' ho said. 'You will get nsed to lit
tlo things liko that' I didn't agrco with
him, however, and that is why I run in
tho hotel business now instead of report
ing suicides nnd pink teas in my native
land. " Lonisvillo Commercial.
A City Without Wqsuan.
Maiwatchiu, in Mongolia, oloso to the
borders of Russian Siberia, is tho onry
tdty in tho world peopled by men only.
The Chiuuso women aro not ouly forbid
4en to leave this tesritow, but even to
pats tho great wuU of 'kaftan nad onto'r
into Mongolia. All the ehinese of this
border ciry art exelasively trader, and
they accumulate money till their trad
ing with Europe through Siberia has
exeatvd sufficient fortune to enablo
thorn to return to theiaaiativo cities aud
Kvo tlicro in coso with tboir families.
Ilieir dwellings indicate their prosperi
ty. They are separated from the street
by n clay wall, rather ugly, it is true,
but surrounding generally a very ele
gant looking house, before which are
gamboling tiioso sleek looking, plnmp
cues, with unusually big eyes, such as
aro pretty fuithlully represented on Chi
nese vases and screens. The main part
f tho houses of Mniwatohin is divided
into two compartments, and that which
is behind is raised. Fires are kept up
umlcr this great platform," which is cov
ered with matu that serve as seats by
day and beds by night Opposite the
door a nieho is generally seen whero
tlio domestic idols, unaccustomed to at
titndiuiiso to profano oyen, repeeo be
hind an ornamented blind. The walls
of tho reception room aro lacquered in
red or black nnd sometimes covered
with flgurod silk, according to the
wealth aud tasto of tho owner. Tho
apartment overlooking tho court is gen
erally of light wood, perforated and
carved, and ur thoso openings colored
paper is stretched, producing something
of tho gittceful effect of stained glow.
Tho idol temples are gorgeeua build
ings. Chicago Tribune.
Lire In Other World.
Tho fact has been established that the
supposed diamonds fenud in meteorites
near the Canyon Diablo, in Arizona, aro
nctuully such. This is a matter of pro
found interest, indicating as Undoes that
such stones oxist on other planers. Some
authorities neser that diamonds liko
coal, which is so nearly of tho samo
chemical construction conld not possi
bly como into existence without previous
vegetublo growths to generate their ma
terial. For this reason thoy infer that
tho finding of tho gems iu tho meteor
ites proves that thero must havo been
vegctnblo llfo iu tho placo whonco tho
meteorites camo. If there was vegotablo
lifo tltero, it is n fair presumption that
thero was animal lifo also. All this may
bo untrue, but it affords tho first guess
glimpse over obtained into tho greatest
problem that mankind has ever attempt
ed to handlo namely, tho question
whothcr lifo oxists iu other worlds than
ours. Philadelphia Press.
Irrigation by Dog Power,
Manuel E. do Costa, who resides six
miles bouth of Sacramento on tho Riv
erside road, has built an ingenious ma
chiuo for irrigating his flower gardou
and his oraugo and lemon trees. It con
sists of ft wooden whool 10 feet in diam
eter and with a rim, or tire, about 2
feet wido. A dog is placed insido tho
wheel, which is turned by his weight
as ho gallops in treadmill fashion. Tho
revolution of tho axle turns n crank
which operates tho handlo of a pump
set in n dug well. After half an hour's
exercise tho dog is taken out aud a
fresh dog put iu for another half hour.
Tho dogs 6cem to enjoy tho work, for
they bark and wag their tails when they
aro brought to fcho wheel. Thoy know
thnt it means something good to cat at
tho end of tho half hour's work. Sao
rnmeuto Beo.
"I'll wor: my fingers' ends off tosnp
port you if yon'll only havo mo."
"But I don't want n slave."
"Ah, considerate girl I What do you
"No; a millionaire. " Bostoa Ga-cctto.
It la applied richt to tho parts. It cures all dlaoauoa of woraon. Any
lady coa uao it horeolf. Sold by ALL DRUGGISTS. Mailed to any
address on receipt of $1.
Dr. J. A. McGlll & Co., 3 and 4 Panorama Plaoo, Chicago, IlL
jFor Hale hy Is Coffiny.
J. L. Miner,
fe's Bank
Red Cloud, Nebraska,
Transact a General Banking Business,
Special attention given to Collections.
Banking Office in
Chicago Lumber Yard
LiLimlper, Lime, Coal and Cement.
LIM KM and WAI,,
Building Material, Etc.
Is the right man when you want
An endless, variety of stoves.
Wire and Everything in the line,
New York
Weekly Tribun
Address THE CHIEF,
Red Cloud, Neb
What is
ssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Costoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotle substance. It is a hnrmlcss Ptibstituto
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor OH.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee- is thirty years' uso by
Millions of Mothers. Castorla destroys Worms and allaya
fcvcrlshncBS. Castorla prevents vomiting- Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea nnd "Wind Colic. Cnstoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation nnd flatulency.
Castorla assimilates tho food, regulates the stomach
nnd bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
torla is tho Children's Pauaceu tho Mother's Friend.
' Castorla Is an excellent mcdlclno for chil
dren. Mothers hao repeatedly told mo of Its
good effect upon ihclr children."
Or. O, O. Osaooo,
Lowell, Mass.
" Castorla Is tho hest remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. I hupo tho day Is rot
far distant when inotherawillcontlJer the real
Interest of their chlUren, nnd uao Castorla In
stead of tho arl9usuack nostrums which oro
destrojlm; their loved ones, byforclug opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents doirn their throats, thereby sending
them to preinaturo eravos."
Pa. J. F. KiNcntLor,
Conway, Ark.
The Oaatanr Company, 77 Murray Street, Now Vorlt City. ',
IIuon Murcn, AV. A. Sherwood,
Asst. Cashier. Cashier
of Red Chud,
Miner Bros Sloro.
"Castorla Is so well adapted to children that
I recommend It as Buporlortoany prescription
known to mo."
II. A. Ancnsn, M. D.,
HI Bo. Oxford Bt., Brooklyn, N. Y.
"Our physicians In lha children's depart
ment hae spoken highly of their expert,
ence In their outsldo ractlco with Castorla,
and nllhoueh wo only Iiuto among our
medical supplies what Iu known as regular
pioducts,yctwonro freo to confess that tho
merits of Castorla has won U3 to look with
favor upon It."
Unitm IIospitai. and Uisrtsinv,
lloiton, Mass.
Akun j. dhitu, irs.,
aouui, tiouuon.
itraflcr: 1