The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 06, 1894, Page 6, Image 6

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,. .mi'. itictiTiAiiirMnc o n .wmtHmim. i irw
Preparing to Resist the
al Sacramento.
OOleer lutlntud on Mnrshnl llaldwln llv
1 lnjr Them n Written Order to Fire.
Qnlel liy nt flhhnijii Strikers ArrcMeil
' nt Trliililml and Pueblo Judge Kom'
Chnren to tin (Irand Jury.
Sacramento, Ciil., .Inly 0. Through
out Wednesday llio most iiitenso oxcito
mont prevailed hero. Tho colobrutlon of
the national holiday wiw completely
ovorshntlowod by the Btlrrlng events
arising from the desperate etrugglo be
tween tho Southern PacUlo nnd tho A.
R. V, At 10 in tho Homing two rcgi
tifcnts of stnto militia from Son Fran
ciseo nnd two companies from Stockton
tnarchixl futo tho eity. Thoy bad nbau
douert their trains two miles from thu
city. Tho troops marched direct to tho
nrmory, around which tbo local militia
companies had established a strong guard.
At 1 o'clock tho tf oopa movod towards
tho depot, whoro h large forco of jioliei',
deputy sheriffs ami deputies undoi
United States Marshal Daldwin wuro al
, ready on guard. Tho strikers and
' sympathizers to tho number of several
thousand had preceded tli) troops. Tho
appoarancH of tho military Burgeon,
ladciiod with 1i!h instrument enso and n
bundle of lunihigas, had not holped to
improvo thu temper of tho stiikcM.
V-hen tho soldiers arrived they were
gleet ud with dctlsivo yells.
Mllitln nufntn to Chargo.
Ono body of troops named iuto tho
railroad yards and took np positions
along tho main line. Tho rest of tho fol
tilers wcro massed ontsldo of tho depot.
It ltocanin known that General Snnvtlu
tondmit Filnroru hod unnonacod hii In
tention to start trains under military
protocflon. Tito strike a one o baoaeno
trtMionstirnrlvo. ChrrtitMh VnnkTfw,
trio leader, mw tko gravity of Ww "Maw
thKi (tn& undressed tfro mvo, nrging
thorn not to intent tho mlllfto. Nut
wl standing IiIh eonrillaitary talk, Uio
rtrfBcrs kmdly tlecluTut tfiat ho Pull
nws should Wo moved. Finully, throe
companies of mUitln wcro ordered K
drlvo tho Htrikere from tho dopot. Tho
seeao was at oimo tuinnllnotw nud tho
sltunUoti threatening. Cor a few mo
tile t the rxddlurH Instated, theti they
wavered, mid then ennio n blunt refusal
tv BMiTo against tfco r-xcitod strikers. A
Itvr minutes later alt tlw In huh tiiwied
thirk baeku ujon tlm tnrbuleut imib at
thu titbit nnd (juletly wittulrow to thu
Srtonit Vlaturjr I'or KtrUtnim.
A dcafuiting nhout announced tho
setwid victorj' of tho Htrlkers over tlio
railroad company and their Unit victory
ovur tho stato militia. Soon after this
It Tcftiuo known why tho militia had
retreated. General Stephens whm or
dered to clear thu depot of Htriken naked
for a written oner to tiro, but United
Stated Marshal Baldwin refused. It was
then tho officers declined and tho Stock
tan conipinien followed their example.
Biddw-in then ordeted tho holdiirH K) k
trryfi K) their armory. A lorgft lmmbcr
f iftiktieis from San PniHciro Wave been
ott'f ronio by tho lntno heat. Mayor
Brum thru ifued a pfnclaiuMioit ewM
lunndiug tho people to Ucwp awn from
the m-tie iv Hio distnrbanew. Tlw
striken) havo couiplttt-j poiso-riiou wf th
Wiirllkti rri'tMirntlous of Wrllter..
Tho uutliuritk'H and rullruml pcoplo bo
camo givatly alarmed when advised of
tho wm like preparation of tho utrikuraat
varioiw point) noi th of huo on tho Oro-
waiting and soon tliis armed body of ex
cited men wero Hpi'eding towaul Sacra
mento. A L'ulted States marshal" wtr
was coupled behind tho coaeh m which
tho warlike strikers wero riding.
At Bed BlulT a diuiioiibtratlon which
nlho portends troublo was made by thu
btrikern. Tlw A. U. U. men theui re
cwived orders curly hi tho morning to
ootno to Snciumento and at onco began
rustling about town for arms. Finally
100 litles and plenty of uininnnition were
seemed and placed In a caliooso at thu
depot and boon they wero speeding to
wind Sacramento.
Tho addition of theso cxcltisl and de&
perato men from the mountain regions of
tlw north to tho riotously inclined stiik
en already here, portends grave conse
quences, and tho whole populace Is not
unreasonably aiulmw.
Tho labor unions of Los Angeles aro
forming military companies and claim
to havo about n,000 men enrolled. They
havo ndopted resolutions indoisiug thv
A. H. U. The National Guards nr
moiiea aro being carefully guarded by
military men to prevent their poKriblo
Juiliro Hon of Lira Aiiicvlrt Im- tontn Uio
1jw on Htrll(m.
Loi ANCirXhH, July 0, .Tudgo How'
chargo to tho grand jury wan as follows:
I understand, through the district ut
toruoy, that you desire some further in
NtruetloiiH in regard to the uinil, C'oiinrtst,
has provided by statute that the pit
mtibtur general lu all cases Mmll ueilde
lu what manner the mulls Mm II lie
conveyed, nnd that officer has, thnmuh
his sulmrdinates, designated thv .Sunt hi i n
California Bailroad company and tip'
Bouthern P. title Ballroad company in
this judUriul dibtvlctthe regular pasMiigu
trulusot these roads for thu carrying ot
tbu Kultinl SI nt i-4 iiiuIIh. Xuitlicr r.f llusp
companies are by the law lupuiicd tu run)
unv other trulus thun their reuular imi
uvmger trains for thu carrying of thu nmlU
uud their failure to dosolsuot n lolutlou
of any law of tho United State to whluh
my attention hi! hcu called or Hint i
have hoeu able to Had,
Adiv and erYw nernon who shall Icaow-
laglyamlWilritiry obsfruct tlio psitVI
of tlie rohll l gtillty of a crime itgmti'st
the law of tho United States, nntliftwd
or more parson conspire to commit that
gon branch. At Duusinulr slioitly nfter "" i i .
mn,abodyof 7h striken fully armod . '"iwtUot HHnn iK the dopu-
and .spiipjieil for bnttlo marched to U.o w last Stiiulny. hi addition to theeo
rV.nthern Paeilic ,hTot, where other A. 0 others woioanestisl, who ventured
It. U. men had a car and locomotive in to uc'ur tho rwllro,ul I'Iorty.
ornnyothfr iffm'') ngntnst the United
BtaU.M, nnil ot' or moru of Hitch parties
I do iinv act to eHi'i'l llio object of tho con
spiracy, nil of surli parties to pitch con
Militia splnuy ate gullly of a crime, nnd lfyou
i find from your lucsthnHoiiN that nny
I eiicli nlTeii.e has 1m-hii commit ted within
I this Imlicliil illsltlct It In vonr liiiiirratlve
' uml Nilinm duty to tlml an Indictment or
InilletnientH nitnltiHt nny or every such of-
J feinting person or peisttiiM. Uhliig tho
I subitnnco of the InnqunKu of .IiiiIko Jack
hod lu it Hoinimhiit hlmllnr cane that
i arose In WVmI. Vlrlnla in IS!P1, it Is proper
frtritiiito s.iy that exactly what Is In
volved In this Mrlke, which has brought
all the trouble, here and elsewhere, Is not
for mo or you to Investigate.
At this time It Is not 'necessary to
know wlil'h hliln Is lu tho right or
which hIiIo Is In thu wrong, nor
whether, lu fact, cither sldo is in the
wrong, upon tho merits of thnt
question. It tuny bu again said
that there hi tiutouu way to redress a
wrong duno In this country, and thnt Is
through thv regularly coustltuted tribu
nals of the country. No man nor set of
mill, no combination nt men can law
fully ujuilvrtnko to redress a wrong except
thu way pointed out by law. Whenever
men attempt to unlaw fully combine them
elves together for tho purposo of redress
ftig a wrong they Hlrlko it tiie very foun
dation of those laws which gave them the
rights of a cltUcn, thu protoctlon of life,
liberty and thu pursuit of happiness. It
IstbuHWom ami tho Imperative duty of
those charged with thu administration of
tho laws to t.ike prompt uud vigorous
measures hi bring to tho bar of Justice
any nnd every Infraction of the laws.
Ntrlliurs Hnein to Unto n Wholesome Be-
ii'Ct For tlu Troop.
Cnicvoo, duly (. Taken in its entire
ty tho Fourth was n quiet day in etriko
circled barring nn occasionul flurry
caused by tho gathering of the mobs in
flio stork yards district, which, however,
woro held in chock by police mid depu
ties backed up by tho near proximity of
n dotnchinctit of regnlara for whom the
striken havo n wholesome respoct.
Tr.tlti aro onoo tnoro moving nt Bluo
lalArid. Tho tnrbulent olument having
dd(m!y rlmiuuwd down when con
fronted by ftuwoa i- wlmmcc and gilt
triug bayonetu.
After tho tro'ty dLsefnborkod at tho
stouk yards striktn rented their spleun
by ditcbiug tho two rear cdachos of the
troop train nud disabled the engine by
shoving coupling (tins into tho cross head
guides, lieiug caroful, howovor, to whit
utitM tho regulars had got a safe dls
fnnco nwny.
Tlio Cliiirugo uikI Northwestern has ro-
Bnuied ifrt pasHiigor hervice, which is
now moving rrgulnvly mid without in
ks, fvrenco.
Tho H.uita l'o and tho Alton Borvico is
etill netJouvly crippled, though tho Bantn
l'o passenger t talus aro moving on time.
Tho 5lichigan Central got out a train of
10 cars of meat Weduewduy.
StrlUo Voinmltten Arreited.
Loa ANtiKt.UM, July l). lx men. com
piling tho fitilko couuuittoe of tho A.
It. if., wero arresto d Wednesday after
noon by u deputy Uulted Stnten marshal,
Bail was Uxod in each caso at $.'l,tM).
Tho indictment cjiargca tho men with
having obstmctod and incited others to
obstruct tho enrryiug of tho United
Btnti mulls on regular trains of tho
Bouthern Paoiflc railroads. Tho wit
nwsus, whoso names wero indorsed oh
tho lmck of tho indictments, woro tho
ofllcials of tho Santa Fo nnil Bouthora
Pacific railroads.
TrlnliUd Ktrlkrra Arroted.
TntNiDAU, Colo., July . Thirtylght
men, half memben of tho A. R. U. and
thu remidudcr being sympathlzeni, wero
arreted hero mid taken to Denver.
Among thorn aro President Mulick, Vice
President Miuth, C'lialrmnn Carrig, Sec
retary ImhoiT, of tho union, and D. B,
.Mllll li Mon.'il by Htrikere.
Skiix City, July 0. Militia com
panies to tho number of U00 men arrived
heio Wednesday night. 'Pho men were
stoned by n crowd of striken wfiilo
marching up town and had to prick a
number of people with their bayonets.
Three of tho militiamen wero slightly
nurt. a nontenant was nit wttn a
coupling pin and iiuito badly hurt. At
i.':!l0 this iiioiuing tho Omaha railroad
bridge irvor tho Floyd river was Bet on
flro by inceiidlaiies.
lVde nil Troup ut I'uolilo,
Pi i:nt.ti, July 0. Cimipunlea A and II
of llio Seventeenth United States Infan
try, It.') men, under command of Captain
Van Hoi no, of Company A, arrived here
from Fort Uussell to assist tho United
States marshals In protecting the prop
erty of tho Santa Fo nnd tho Union Pa
citlc, Denver and Gulf.
TwrUn Arri'nteil nt l'uulilo,
Ti r.iii,o, Colo., July li. Twelve dls
turliers of tho peace were arrested hero,
among them u uttikcr from tho Denver
uud Hii Grnndo named Ivarrol, who was
n ringleader and mado hlmsolf very
otreiisive to tho deputy marahuls. They
will bo taken to Denver.
Will iliinil by tho Company,
DENvr.n, July 0. The engineers of the
Denver mid Itio Grande havo unani
mously decided their duty to lioth their
order and railway requires them to per
ioimcveiy seivlco ttsmlreil of them as
inginoon by the load.
'rurnt)-'lwn llfinl I.'iiKlnrn,
MM)N City, July . Twenty-two en
gines aiu "dead" al this point on the
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul and
all busiiUNS ;b practically suspended.
Tho Iowa Central shops aro shut down.
liijliiictliui Auitlnut Deb.
San, July . Judge Mo
Kuuia has Ubiied an injunction against
Dubs nud other numlieis of tho A. It.
U., usttniutug them from interfering
with tlio Southern Pnclllo trains.
II lilt la ut Cairo.
Caiuo, ills., July 0. Six companies of
tlio Fwtrth reglmcrit I. N. G. arrived in
Mounds nnd nro ilniutercd in tho Illluoiij
Central louiidhotuo.
ltlll. .. T .....II .. ....lilt fPl... ...
llendnrho is the direct result of Indi
gestion nndStomaeh Disorders. Ilorasdy
thfso by nulng DoWitt'e Llttlo Early
Itiiers and jour UandHoho disappears.
Tho fstorite Idltlo l'lll everywhere. 0.
L. Celtlug.
Wnico him nofllruut, liorHow, trees or
wooden housea.
Dr. J. M. II. Brown, n Chicago phjei
ciitii) wan drowned in Madison.
Ileal Faith novr grows weak by hajing
to wnlt. Snllrers taking Hood's Hrs.
pnrilln for ehrenio complaints should be
patient nud the result will be satisfactory
Huod'H Cures,
Hood h 1'ills not easily, jet promptly
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Tho fileainer City of iMiulison struck u
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All Vrce.
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Tho I'lorenco and CripjYo Creek Rail
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(Ion. Kryo's coiumonweal tinny arrived
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Novel Performance by Coxey
Wealers on the Fourth.
lleoort of the Sugar Investigating Commit
tee Will 1'lrnio tlm ftocrctnry Govern
inont OlllnlnU Arounrit Over tlio btrlki.
flriiml Jury Ordered nt Chicago Kyle's
Itcsolntlon Will Canso IJebnte.
WAf;lOTOf, July C Tlio Coxey
commonwenlers wont through tho spec
tacular performnnco of burying the God
dess of Liberty in front of tho Capitol nt
noon Wednesday. It was a sequel of the
demonstration of May 1, when, accord
ing to Coxey and Browne, liberty was
mortally wounded and lingered until
she expired on the Fourth of July. Cap
tain Austin and a forco of 10 mounted
and six unmounted police were on hand
with two patrol wagons. A small crowd
was attracted by tho novol performance.
Tho commonweolers marched four
abreast, 216 strong, with mauy banners
and devices, At their bond rodo Carl
Browne in n romarkablo disguise. His
beard had been removed and bis face
powered. A wig of yellow hnlr fell to
Ills waistt his nnns wero bare and powd
erod. A liberty cap was on his hand nnd
his body was wound with tho emblem
atic garments of liberty.
It wns not Intended that Browne
should Iks known in tho dlsguiso nnd the
name of tho goddess was announced as
Sarah Elkhart. Tho army formed
around Pence monument, whero the
Goddess Browne delivered un apostrophe
to tho bronzo goddess on top of the Capi
tol. As he closed his address he flopped
into n badly simulated swoon from his
horse and his comrades catching him
placed the palo faced marshal in au im
promptu hearso and laid him at full
length with flags nnd cropo over him.
Tho hearso was inscribed: "Ltburty is
Tho procession then moved away to
Mnlllgan kill, where the "Goddess"
stepped from the hoarso, uud Uio com
inouweafers closed the day with dancing
and gpoechos.
Bonato Mugar Investigating CbiumlUo
About Iteaily to lUiport,
Washington, July 0. Ono thing on
which the Democrats and Republicans of
tho sugar investigation will agrco nnd
npon whieh omphatio roport will bo
mado, la the exoneration of Secretary
Carlisle from any improper aotion in tho
matter of tho sugar echedulo, and tho re
port will state the facts as brought out
in tho testimony and will say it is tho be
lief of tho committee tho secretary's only
connection with tho whole affair was th
preparation of the sugar schedule at the
request of the members of the finance
It is not yet known whether or not
Senator Allen will concur in this part ol
tho report, nnd, in fact, there rs very
littlo known as to what tho Nebraska
senator will do or the kind of a minority
repoct ho will submit. Senator Grn
has made a draft of tho report, but it is
not wholly satisfactory to the Rcpubli
an iiremhers, wlto say it is too mild in
its suggestions. A draft prepared by
Uio Republicans is in the bands of Chair
man Gray and he U attempting to bar-
uioulzo the two, in order, if possible, to
get a roport which all can be agreed upon.
Authorltlei at Waiulugtou Aroused.
Wasuinoton, July . A dispatch
was sent from tho department of justice
Wednesday to the United States attor
ney at Chicago directing him at onco to
cull together the grand jury. It is sur
mised the intention is to socuro the in
dictment and punishment of Dobs and
tho other prominent leaders for violations
of tho antitrust act of July, 1800, com
mitted prior to tho issuance of tlio omni
bus injunction by Judges Grosscup and
Woods. Tho authorities hero are fully
determined to enforce the laws and pun
ish thoso who violnto them, and so far as
the national government is concomed
there will bo no compromises nnd no
temporizing. The present striko is re
garded as a bold defiance of the laws of
the country and a criminal infringement
of tho rights of tho pcoplo of the whole
Kyle's Itetolatlon Will Cmue Urbnte.
Wasiii.nqto.v, July tt. it Is tne gen-
crnl understanding that when tho senate
meets on Friday thero will bo only a
brief session and that tho scnato will
then adjourn until Monday, It is quite
piobnblo thoro will not bo a quorum in
the senate ngain this week. Tho reso
lution of Senntor Kylo introduced nt the
request of the striking railway men ii
regarded as sure to causo debute and
seuutors who expect to speak on it under
stand it will go ovor until Monday. The
resolution will causo somo very tart do
bato in which Senator Davis (Minn.) will
tuko a leading part, following the lino oi
his telegram to Mclnuis at Duluth in
which ho said ho would not support the
Kylo resolution.
Celebrated Very Quietly.
Washington, July 0. The Fourth
was colebrated very quietly here. There
wero half n dozen celebrations by pat
riotic bodies, of which tho most interest'
ing was conducted by the Sons of tlu
American Revolution, which, under nn
escort by the Marino band and n dotaeh
mcut of tho National Guards, marched
to tho foot of tho Washington monument
uud held exercises thore.
Htevennon tho Attraction.
GnnuNMioiio, N. C, July 0. Vice
Piesident Stevenson was the attraction
at tho Pom th of July crlobratiou on the
historic battlefield of Guilford Court
house. Tho vice president was, received
cnthusliibtically and made n patriotic
ISx-flovernor Wlnnns Is Demi.
IlAMiiDna, Mich., July . Kx-Gov
tiuor 13d will B, Wiiians died at his homo
r hero of heart disease. Mr. Wiiians was
born in New York state tn lMO nnd was
u resident of Michigan since I83ti
Itrli'f Mention of Mutter Which Every
body Should Know About -i:rnU of the
Wtrk In Nearby v-i lloin Accurately and
CuncUnly (Jlironklt d.
Wlcliltu Poiliimitcr Conllrmod.
Wamiimiton, July '2. Tlio s onato
confirmed tlio nomination of Thomas G.
Fitch as postiiuistur tt Wichita.
Dapultes Oimril Hatitu Io Property.
Topi:ka, June 30. A posse of deputies
left hero for Flotcnco nnd Dodgo City to
tnko chargo of Santa Fo property,
Moro Troop for Chicago,
Leaven wouth, Kan., July 0. Four
companies of infantry nt Fort Leaven
worth loft on a special train for Chicago.
Sceond Trial of Snttley.
Kansas Citt, July !. In tho criminal
court at Independence tho second trial
of Elmer C. Suttloy, cashier of Uio
wrecked Kansas City safo deposit and
Bavings bank, was begun.
Snntn l'o Shops nt Topcha Closed.
Toh;ka, July U, At noon tho Santa
Fo's shops were closed for nn Indofluito
period. Tho responsibility for tlioir clos
ing rests somewhat between the mana
gers of tho A. R. U. and thoso of tho
At Knnins City.
Kansas City, July 3. Tho tio-upis
now cll'ectivo on tho Santa Fo, Rock Isl
and and Chicago and Alton. Tho last
two named icids havo practically sus
pended operations. Tho Rock Island
has positively notitlod tlio superintend
ents of that road to abandon nil trains on
that road until further notice.
ItifiKiH to llnndlo ITrcJglit.
Hiawatha, Knu., July 4. All freight
trains on this division of tho Missouri
Pfteifii; road havo been laid off on no
ronnt of the strike and tho local offlco
rcfusos. to bnudlu iuy freight. This
orders 20 crews out of work, Tlio
switch engines in the yaftfrf tiitvo also
buon taken oft.
Iltow irt tlio lli'cliroent Tin.
Toi-kka, Kan., Juno 20. JudgoIIazcu
of tho District Court decided what is
known among tho liibiirauco companies
as tho "rocipiocal tux" case, holding
Uiat tho claim mado by tho Kansas In
surance Dcpai tment of u right to collect
a tax on tho gross premiums received by
New York flro companies in Kansas was
Uaricst Writ AiUnnccit and corn
Is In nxci-llcut Comlltlon,
Lincoln, Neb., July 4. Tho weekly
weather crop bulletin of tho Nebraska
weather service says: The week lias
been hot nnd dry, but tho general rains
immediately preceding had left tho
ground in excellent condition, and nil
crops havo mado very satisfactory
growth. Light rains of a half inch or
less provniled ovor tho htato generally.
Small grain continues to show general
improvement. Wheat harvest Is well
advanced in Uio southeast sectlou. Tho
straw fa short, In kuiio cases oven too
short to bind, mid the yield will bo light,
but tho grain generally ia of good qual
ity. Tho corn everywhere Is exceijeut
condition. Much of it has boon cultlva
tetWor tlib last time.
Tnmo buy is u light crop, but wild hay
is improving nnd pastures nto every
where in good condition.
Tacking Houici I-ay Oft" Men.
Omaha, July 4. All tho packing
houses laid oil u number of men today
becauso of tho Inability to secure trans
portation for dressed meats. If tho
strike keeps up fow days longer tho four
big plants, Cudahy's. Swift's, Hammond'o
and tho Omaha, will 1o closed down,
Tivclu ArrcHtrd nt Putiblo.
PuiniLo, Colo., July . Twelvo dis
turbers of tlio pcaco wero arrested here,
among them n btrikor from the Denver
and Rio Grnndo named Kurrol, who was
a ringleader and mado himself very
offensive to tho deputy marshals. They
will bo taken to Denver.
Union I'm I llo Mny Abnniloii All Trains.
On.ii, July I. -It was stated at tho
Union Piiclllc licadiiuuteis that unloos
tho situation iiimrovtd dining tho noxt
18 hour.-) all men in tho employ of tho
company would bo discharged and all
trains abandoned until the striko is
Mltauiirl 1'aclllo Shops Closed.
Skdama, Mo., July 4. Tho Mlswmri
Pacific shops weio closed hero Monday
for u period of nino days, and if tho
striko to enforce t ho Pullman boycott
has not been amicably settled by that
timo tlio suspension will bo condoned
Will Stunil by tho Company.
Dr-Nvut, July 0. Tho engineers of tho
Denver nud Rio Grnudo havo unani
mously decided their duty to both tlnetr
order and railway requires them to per
forin every jervico required of thorn as
engineers by tlio road.
Another l,)iicliliie In MUiourl.
Fi'lton, Mo., July I. James John
feon, coloicd, charged with comniltlng a
ciinimtil iiKMiult upon Mrs. William
Guthiioin lbV.?, was taken from tho
theriir at liillor's Creek by a mob and
Daughters of Veterans .licet.
Guam) Island, Neb., Juno UH. Tho
fifth annual convention of tho Daughters
of Veterans of Nebraska opened hero.
Tlio president, Mrs. Davis of Lincoln,
deliveied tho annual address.
Inuu Mllltmnnlcirtl Out,
Foiit Donni:. Iii , July 5. Tho entire
Fourth regiment, I own National Guard,
has been ordered to Sioax City.
To T.tlo RtrlUoTH 1'larc.
CnrsTON, Lu, July '-'.About 00 en
gineinen left hero for Chicago to take tho
places of strikers. , s
Hews Which Tell tho Story of .Seven Days'
Crimes nnil Cuniiiltlrn nnil Other Import
tant Matters Arrmigud At t rut Jrdy ad
Olveu In a 1'uiv Word.
Drouiinil In tho Hirer.
NcnnARKA City, .luly 4. Harry, tha
18-year-old son of tho lato Thomas B.
Stovonson, was drowned while bathing
in tho river.
Unrvard Will Ilvo Waterworks.
Harvard, Nob., July 4. At an elec
tion In this city by n voto of 2 to 1, bonds
to tho amount of $7,500 carried for a
system of waterworks for flro protection
Nebraska Loeet nn Lilncator,
Geneva, June 80. Professor H. Li
Chaplin, for six yeai-a past tho city super
itendent of schools, has been elected su
Derintendont of shools of Sterling, Ills.
Charged With Using Cnncclod Stamps.
Valparaiso, Neb., July 4. C. W,
Johnson, a mail carrier, was arrested by
officers from Linden and taken to thnt
city to answer to tho chargo of using
canceled postage stamps,
Uatbed In Stagnant Water.
HASTrNuj, July a. Willlo Hum
Shrey, tlie 0-ycnr-old sou of H. Humphrey,
led of bloocf iwlsoniug and typhoid fovor
of less thojj a week's duration, caused by
swimming in n stagnant pool of water.
ITood nt Wlntldo,
Winside, Nob., July 'J. This section
has experienced tho most sovoro hail nnd
rain storm of years. Hall of tho rcgula
don hen's egg size fell for over half aft
hour. Damage to crops will bo Im
mense, Sudden Duutli of u Dancer.
Paluyua, Neb, Juno 30. William
M. Thaler died suddenly of heart failure.
Air. Thoier bad been a resident of Otoo
county fltaoo 18;7. He was a moxnbor ol
company A, Seveuty-Uiird IUiac4S la
Fouud n Velu of Cool.
MunpocK, Nob., Juno 1)0. Thifl town
is in a ftvor of excitement ovor tho dls
covory of a Quo vein of coal by Will Sao
while drilling a tubular well. Tho vien
Ii 111 feet from tho surfuco and is two to
four feet thick.
Wearer Addressed Thorn.
AixswokTn, Nob., July 4. Gonerfi
J. B. Weaver spoko at tho Goodrich
grovo in Keya Paha county, 20 milys
northeast of Ainsworth, to tho citizens of
Rock, Brown and Keya Paha couhtioe,
to fully 6,000 people.
Died ft Knife on Him.
Nebraska City, N.ob July 8. Dur
ing nhaltercation Alike Conlcy stabbed
Isaac Plattner with a long dirk knife, in
fllcting several deep gaslies in Uio region
of tlio heart. Plattner is in a precarious
condition. Both parties are disreputable
Wealer Mt Ornud Island. 'i
Gind!, Nob., Juno CO. About
SO cominamVealers, under Uio charge of
General H. C. liigginson of Denver, aro
WujmmI on ths Platte river nt tho Ham
Uton county bridge. TJvo mm ure trav
cling on flatboats uod rafts, and aro
mostly from Dotivor.
Ill Favue of HU Wife.
HA8TIN09J Neb., July 4.Tho grocery
store of F, M. Coovcr was closed by the
sheriff on a confessed judgment to his x
wife for $975. Tito wife's claim will be
investigated by other creditors. His
total liabilities tiro nearly fc,000, with
assets about half that snm. ,
Committed ?turter nnd Hutcldc.
DR3 Mocnes, June .'W. Near Lono
Tree, Johnson cqunty, this state, Jacob
I. Zing, nged !), shot and killed Mary
Tevort, nged 17, becauso sha refusal to
marrj him. Hn then turned the wo.pon
on himself nnd tired, inflicting wounds
from which ho cannot recover.
Demented Itnllnn Killed.
Chavman, Neb., June ','0. Peter Dcib
wnado, an Italian enrouU from Budc,
Mont., to Now York, nnd with n steam
ship tlckot to Genoa, Italy, jumped from
the flyer and wns instantly killed. Ho
bad been acting very strange on the
train and wits evidently crazy.
Decline to Cull n Mi Ike.
Omaha, July 2,-Theiois alHolntely
nn cluiugo in tiio Mtutitlon heio with ref
erence to tho Pullitmu strike, except tho
declaration of tlio president of tho
local union thnt they do not propose to
mix up iu tlio troublo uud that if tha
president persists in ordering them to
striko they will surrender their charter.
Deurl County Himt Contest.
Bid SntlNOs, Neb., July 2. In tho
election for tlio location of tlio county
Beat of Deuel county, Big Springs, Chap
pell and Fioid wuro tlio towns contest
ing. Out of a total voto of 711, Big
Springs received a plurality of 1 1 votes.
Another election will bo called in u fow
days between Big Springs and Cappcll,
Lynched thu Hustlers.
Atkinson, Nub., July 4. Aieport has
reached hero from tlio north part of the
county that Ralph Hills and hon nud an
other man weio lyuihed eaily Sunday
morning near Biibli Cieek. It is said
they bad been iiiie.sled for iirsou and eat
tlo rustling nud weio taken from tlio
ofllcers by settlers and hanged. Young
Hills is tlio party who stabbed a man at
Nopor, in Boyd county, a couplo of
weeks ago.
Oiniihu I'liemi'ii Out,
Um mia, July I. Ten fiiemen on tho
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Oniu
ba road struck heio today. General Su
perintendent James mado up tho north
bound passenger train himself, and it
pulled out of tlio station with u liroman
secured from tho Union Pacific black
smith shops. When tho tiain reached
tho north end of tho. raids tho fireman
deserted his poit and thu tiain was loft
standing half a mile from thu depot, The
situation on tlio other roads entering
uiouns is piacucauy uuciuu.gou,