The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 16, 1894, Image 1

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r .'fAfiy!
) All Home Print.
PuMUhcd Weekly.
SabicrlptUn, 91 Per Annum,
variably 1st Advance
It Dot paid In advance, nfter this daie March
18, UW, Hi price w Ill be 11.25.
Entered at the Post omce In lied Cloud, Neb.,
as mall matterof the second elms
Trot, cards, 1 Inch or lead pur year to on
"Is months 3 ()0
Three mouths 'i oo
Per lnchnuoear : 1 oo
Per Inch lx months 3 no
rerinch threa months '1 W
ppoclal notices per line or lino spoco, tlrst
Transient specials, paable Invariably In ad
vance, per lino to centi.
All reading uotlcei In the naturoot advertise
ments or puffs, scents per lino.
Legal notices at leiml lates, lzt for ft square
iten lines o( Nonpareil or less,) tlrst publication
1.00; for each subsequent publication, per
intntre, go cents.
Ho "preferred position" contracts mado.
All matter to insuio publlcutlou must be re
ceived nt this ofllco not later tliun Wednesday.
Advertisements cannot be. ordered out lur
the current week later thau Thursday.
M. & M. R. II. Time Table.
Taking ellect Dec, 3.
Trnlnscarr jlm; passenger leave Ited Cloud as
No. 142 Passenger to Hasting ' 2:30 p. m.
Ainu vi.
No. 1(1 Passenger (ram Hastings 11:35 a.m.
No. IB, rassencer to St. Joseph St.
Lo uls and Ckfcaeo dally io:25a.ui,
(101KU WEST.
No. IS Passengers for Donver, dally, B;5S p. in
Rid Cloud, - Nebraska.
var Taylar'a Furniture Stare.
V tK-rtracta teeth without naln.
''"- sfsw-i'-' l ll.l(,Ko work a ipeclaltr.
AVJ '. ' Sand all kinds of gold nlllrurs
k kTat..
fA ulKeV s, 1
tbber plates and combination
All work k
feed te be first-class.
llomaapatble Physician,
Red Cloud, NebroiKa.
Office opposite Vlrst National Dank.
U. H.Kxamlnlng surgeon.
Chronic diseases treated by mall.
Red Cloud, - Nebraska.
Will attend sales nt reasonable figures. Batls-
taction Kuaritnteeu,
Insurance) Agent,
I de a strictly farm insarnnoe and invite
bbu luvnonu vu sou me.
Moon Block, - RED CLOUD, NEB.
Collodions promptly attended to, and
correspondence solicited.
Attorneys at Law.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Office Up staira, in Moon Block,
Tonsorlul Artist,
4th Avinoe, - Rkd Cloud, Nbbbaska.
Firet-class barbers and tlrst-olass work
gnarantoed O i ye me a call
Fusnlonubl Barber,
Red Cloud,
T oiva mv narsnnnl attention t tny
patrons. Firat-olaBri abnvlng and hnir
cutting a specialty.
litiiiriinco Agency,
Itepresents , . .
(lernmn Insurance Co , rreeport. 111.
Iloyal lusuianc- Co., Liverpool. Kngland.
Hatne Fire Iiisuranco Co.. of Onialiu, Nebr.l
VlKfiitx Asjuranet Co. n( London. Kim.
To Manchester Klro AsuiancuCo el ngland,
(luardlan Assurance Co., of Uindnii, K"K;
llurl nttou insurauret u. .""l""-;"""
Hrllish America Assurance Co. Toronto. Can.
Mutual Iteseiui Kiiml Life ntviu.ot N-.,.
Tho Workman liuildlng and J)n Association
of Lincoln, Nebraska
OITloe ovur Mizor'a Store,
Run Cloud. Nkbrabka
D. B. Spanogle,
Real Estate
and Loan Agun
Red Cloud.
Sternal Vigilance is the
What is
M . HIjtvL. tH iH m m A9ft wkZ
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
aud Cliildrcn. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
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It is Pleasant. Its guarantco is thirty years use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms aud allays
fcvcrlshncss. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation aud flatulency.
Castoria assimilates tho food, regulates tho stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is tho Children's Panacea tho Mother's Friend.
"Castoria Is an excellent medicine for chil
dren. Mothers haro repeatedly told mo of Its
cood effect upon their children."
Da. O. C. Oiwoon,
Lowell, Mass.
" Castoria Is tho best remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. I hope tho day U not
for distant w hen mothers will consider tho real
Interest of their children, and uso Castoria in
aicod of the variousnuack nostrums which are
I, q destroying-their loved ones, by forcing opium,
f 'morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agent down their throats, thereby Ecuaing
them ty premature groves."
Da. J. F. KiMcnELo'i,
Conway, Ark.
The Centaur Company, T7
A nice lino of
Cuff and collar button-, neck
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promptly. Call and see inc.
Price of Liberty," and
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, February
" Castoria is so well adapted to children thai
I recommend it 03 superior to any prescriptlcc
known to inc."
H. A. Ancnitt, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St , llrooklyn, N. Y.
11 Our physicians In tho children's depart
mnt luivo spoLcn highly of their expcrl
inco in tlielr outsldo practice with Castoria,
nml although wo only have among our
medical supplies what is known as regular
product, yet wo aro free to confess that tho
ineriui of Castoria has won us to look with
favor uion it."
IlOkton, Mail
Alucn C. Sitrru, Prei.,
Murray Street, Nov York City.
Partr Loarjs
Less Tliart -
Pgr ceit
E. A Sinipsoi,
Blae Hill Neb.
I.e(iil Kotlce.
Webster County f "
In the County court.
In the matter o( the estate of Anna Kadileck:
notice Is heri by Klven to all persons limine
claim and demands against Anna Hadileck
late of Webster county deceased, that the time
tixed for tlllni; claims nuliist raid entate Is six
mtnttiH Iiom tho'Jd davot .Miucli 18'JI.
ll siuli persons aiu retiutred t present
thotrclaiius wlih the voueln-is te the ceuutv
Juditnnf said county ntlils nfllea theieln en er
helointno :id dnv oi September INt, Mid all
cWhnsso (lied will ho heard before tin kald
fiidt'oou the 4th day of September at lw
o'clock p. III.
Witness mv signature this ud day tf
I'ebiiiury lis'Jl.
County .ludne.
CiiHt A: .lIcMU, Attorney.
tn tliu DMrifl Court or Iho
Tenth .littllcial District let
mid l'or Wehktcr t'oun-
ly, NcbruMku.
In tho matter of tho estate of John Crow ell,
(IrCI ilSI'll . , ,
Wheieas Donald McC.illum administrator of
thn i stale uf John Cinwell, dectased, has on
(lie 1st day of Keluuaiy IS'A tiled his prtltlnn
in lllu HlMiToeutltieii loiill asKiui,' inereiu inr
lrav tos'll the following deK'iibed leal estate
the piopeity of culd etat, tn-wlt; West half
nlihe iioriliritst Hint to r mid the Ilast halt (
tint Nnitliwent fpiaiterof section six Tonushii
no iHiutHUlu west of lliojdxlll pllnoipal mer
liliiiu Webster county. Nebraska, mid allejjlnc
Hint there Is not mifilclent iroual iirnperiyet
Kld eitale in tu nanus or in amninisira.or
top iv the debts eiitslaudluir against kslil es
tate iiud the expinsus f auinliilsirullou, and
Hint ft necessaiy In pell whl iral estate or a
ii.ii t thereof to pity nucIi debts.
V.n Ib.icfoio I. I'. II. Heal ImlL'eof the tenth
judicial district heiithy older all persons Inler-rst-'i
In mid eslut1 to before me at the
court linnno In llasilucs, Neliriiskii. on the lyih.
ilat ef Mnich IKM.nilOaViock .1 in. then and
therein dhow iMiise If any he wlir license
tn vi. l sii hi ic:u est lie or nil I ercor si i ns
I'VVcdTo'rimlnTulator:8 8l'miW ',ul
.I..da. Tenlh.Iudle.a'lf'iTrllt.
Diti'dat iiastiiin.our.isKii. tuts ami nay oi
I'Uiruurs IS'-".
Curt Kvutifl husovorythingyou want in
lliuHCcotid-hutut Cumituro lino. Scohim
Uluo Front, south Wobster street.
One Dollar a year is
what us.
To sec a man tun his fact) for cnal
And swear no can't pav to iie his
Ami then ltd nut mid t:iki mi u
Ho litMvy that ho run hardly whk.
If them Is any plan' like the preachers say,
i mil man iii lie rnasien urown inim'nay,
'lhe fair oncn, too, sninel lines co wroinj
And do uhat llicv cm tohi'lpalmiR,
II) runiilHu upaiiililnvMi thosiieet
Ami kit pltiir ciisilii fresli (not sweet)
lilllni: thelt nelulilioiM tight .sipi.tic In tho
'Iho siuiiihl hi hllu their tongues and haul In
Then Hie (aimer that stn3 In town all il.iy.
n (In- (inn
l.i' ts Ills tcmn dilnk '
; uiun
mid eat nost liav.
While heBoUes with the sllser problil
Siuely Hid ilnWI oiikIiI to uolihle lilm
Then'a alo tho ulrl who lives next door
ho poumls I hi' ilano all oer tho Hour,
And sings (or thinks stic iliics nt least)
Hut It Miiinds llko Intuitu1 of :i lengo.tied
While wo lie In bed and "cuss" and swe;r,
It'll be pretty hot for her out (here.
Tuns a stranger came umong us;
('nine to dims much of gomlunss,
For ho was a slick, oiunoth stiauger;
Came he not loretml or silver;
'I bus hi" talked, t hut smoothtongued .stranger;
tliitiila, thogiKiil man nklnnml us
Ion loely llntsh akluued us;
Iliiun It up to suit a ipieHii's t.isto,
'I lien he left us hor to pnuder,
Pointer well upon III J nubject
l'or lie told ui wo were suckers
Wliiit un Income Thx In.
fallen from tho New York 1 ribune
To tii'k Editou of thk Tuiiiune:
Sllii-Will Mr. Iloir kindly explain
in The Weekly Tribune I he operation
of the income tax ?
Hew do its advocates4 claim tbat it
can bo levied so an to bo even approx
imately just in tho distributioa of
burdens ? u hat is understoed by
the tfyord "income" in this connection?
Salatjsi, rents of real eitalo, intcrtst
.on4fooy loaned will all theso bo
taxable as income? How is u mer
chant's or a manufacturer's income
deteimined ?
I am entirely at sea in regard to
this question, but so I find art a great
in any who try to aruo pro and eon.
If Mr. dorr will favor the readers of
Tho Tribune with one of his lue'd
explanations, I believo that a qood
number of people will understand tho
siibjtct better than they do now,
Yours Respectfully,
M. C. Fiutsoiie.
Osierdook, Iowa, Jan. 2G, 1801.
In reply to this important letter, I
in compelled to giro simply my own
understanding of such a law. I do
not Mipposo that the term income has
a technical mcaninc. An income tax
has been levied for many )cars in
Great Britain, and was enacted in this
country during tho war of 18C1-'C3,
and enforced until 1871, when at the
olosc of tho year tho tax expired under
the provisions of the original bill.
As I understand it, under this law
a tax would bo levied on the amount
received by caoh individual, including
(1) salaries, (2) rents on real estate
over and above repairs, inHuraucc and
.taxes; (.'() all interest and dividends
received on bonds, stocks or moneys
loaned; (4) tho net profit received in
mercantile business, manufacturing,
the buying and selling of bonds and
grain; aad (5) tho profits of every
other kind of commercial tranxaetiotiH.
Tliu object of an incomes tax is to
compel every person in tho United
States to pay 2 per cent of all the
tuouoy ho makes in each year over and
above $1,000, which letter sum is ex
empted fromtaxation in all cases. If
the tux is to bo honestly paid, tho re
sult of each jsar's business will bo
carefully kept by nself, nud tho
amount each poison has actually mado
during that year, when tho amount
exceeds tho sum of $(,000, will be
subject to u tax without any regard to
tho kind of biisincrs in which the
Biouev has been made. Tho Icshcs of
ono Near would not be allowed for do-
1 ,ton ttom ,iie income of nnv other
iUCllon irom me hiluiiii oi niij uuicr
Mtrchnnts. f.itinors. lninom and
I .
i manufacturers wouM a1 be required
,,inU n" CXi0t r0'Ort f ,1,(! l,rflt
0f a ,,r their t raiiiuotioiir.: and tliu
. - ,,-,
ltiootno iioiii nuy una uvory Kinu oi
btiHitiusB over and abnvu thu propir
exponfos would ho subject to this lux.
Ouo of tho gravest objections to an
the Price of The Chief.
16, 1894.
income tix is the fact that it compels
caoh individual to make a showing of
his ontiro receipts, a thing against
which every business man naturally
revolts. No suoh tax can possibly bo
levied with any drgrco of success
without proceedings which arc inquis
itorial and meddling to a degroo which
ih absolutely olTonsivo to all busincBS
The qucBtioti of Mr. Fritsoho as to
how such a tax can bo levied justly,
so us to equalize burdens, is difficult
to answer. In the first place, the ex
emption of $1,000 is of necessity in
equitable. The intention of such an
exemption is that $1,000 is enough to
pay the expenses of living, because
under this bill a man is not allowed to
make out his own personal expanses
or the exponscs of his family ia order
to rcdueo his income. An exemption
of 1,000 is, in many of the cities of
tho United States, moro thau twico ni
much on such an exemption would bo
in thi. city of New York. A man cm
live in tho greater portion of the
United States inuoh better on $4,000
a year thin ho can in tho eity of Now
York on $10,000. To begin with, a
houBe which would rent in a modcrato
sized tows lor ;Ul or uuu a yoar
costs from $l,u00 to 2,000 in tho city
of New York.
In making so large an exemption as
$1,000 the Wilson bill makes t de
parture from the inoomo taxes former
ly levied in England and iu tho United
In England an income tax is levied
on all sums oyer and abovo $500. Be
tween $500 and $750 they collect a
lower percentage than on greater in
comes. Tho incomo tax levied in 18G3 in
the United States at first exempted
only $000. It levied 5 per cent on
all sums abovo that amount up to
5,000, 7 percent on incomes betwcee
$5,000 and $10,000, and 10 per cent
on sums abovo $10,000. Tho cxetup
tion was afterward ra'sed to $1,000,
later on to $2,000. The largest
amount collected was in 18(10 and
amounted to 01,000,000. It was paid
by about a half a million individuals.
When the exemption was itiorcased to
$2,000, tho tax colloctod fell oS more
than ene-half. Only about 20,000,000
was collected iu 1870, although the
ralo was a very hie;h ono.
I havo before me a receipt given by
a United Statoi deputy collector to a
noi chant in New Yoik City for the
tax on tho lattcr's incomo in tho year
1800. I omit tho geutlenian's name
by request. It reads:
"Incomo not exceeding $5,000.
Amount $4,500, at 5 per cent, $220.
''Incomo exceeding $5,000, $5,
842 55, at 10 per cent, $581.24.
Total, $80124.
"Tux withheld $10 09.
"Tax on carriagu $2.
Tax on piano $2.
"Tax on gold watch $2.
"Amount of tax il'J'J.b'i.
"Received paymont, Samuel S.
A) mar, Deputy Collector."
The man who returned that tax was
a merchant in partnership with two
other gentkmou. Both of tho other
men paid no tax nt u'l. They hud re
ceived the same amount from tho same
business but claimed to havo lost it
all in some e peculation in Wall street
or otherwise, so that thoy escaped tho
law entirely.
In theory an incomo tux seems just
und fair. Iu practice it is imposfiblo
to carry out tho law with even an ap
proach of fairnes. The levy of a
tux of that kind is always evaded by
the great bulk of the people, It Is,
indeed, difficult for cvtu an honest
man to tell how much h ouylit to ro-
I turn, l'or metallic, in thu oidiuary
Vol.21. No. 30
. aW Elnvfdfrw
A cream of tartar baking powder.
Highest of all iu leavening strength
Latest United States Government
Food Report.
Iloynl Baking Powder Ce.
IOO Wall 1., N. Y.
transaction ef business a man may ia
vest largely in real estate or other
property, fiuoh property may shrink
in valuo or gain in value. If lie
should sell it during tho year aad
roxlizo a profit, it would then bo easy
to tell how uiuoh he had gained. But
before any sale is made he is unable
tostato whether tho iovestmast mado
ia a profitable or a poor one. At
least, it is impossible to tell what the
roal increase in tho value of such
property has been. Two or three years
may clapso before he makes a sale.
it no hciib lor less than no gave,
thoy will not permit him to deduct
the loss he may have suflfored, because
tho inoomo tax only relates to the
business of the year. If he sella at
au advanced price, the transaction is
yet ono running over several years;
and ho does not considor his gain a
profit on that j ear's business. At
least, ho would not so consider it. It'
compelled to pay to Iho government
2 per ecnt of the entire riso whioh
had taken plaoo in tho few years.
(To bo continuod.)
Whon undesirable goods accumulate,
tho whoiils of business nro clogged.
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Parks' Cough Hyrnp. I have Buffered
ever ttinoo my discharge from tho army
and Perks' Cough Syrup is tho only rem
edy that has ever helped me."
Tho firm of Lainson Bros., at Aurora
Neb., was closed under a chattel mort
gage last Tuosday.
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9 m i
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Deyo it O rice.
Tin hardware store of Nesbitifc Rogers
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O. W. O. Hardman, bherift of Tyler Co.,
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