The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, January 26, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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Wrmm m Well Kmwii Writ
r, Cap. Egbert.
tomm Chikp 1 need not apolo
phw for writing, for if 1 jtnt aaj that
I am pressed with the Oimr will be
Waaolant to plaoo n on very friandly
brat. 1 am quite interested iti Prof.
Foster's effort to keep jour renders
testes' by publishing hit) weather fore-
ilts. I oau hnrdiy appreoiata his
mo tire ia eorvwritioc. Surely the
Professor can hardly claim that fore
casting tho weather in reduced to t
senate. Tlie forecastinc of future
svestt mnit be domonstratcd true be
ftre it can bo called a seiesee. If tho
Professor will give tho path of tho
stona and eoofioe it to longitudinal
Kails, why all right. Bat his method
fit forecasts eannot be eonlned to
striker latitudinal or longitudinal
limits; nalike Prof. Ilieks who predicts
kffl forceastc wholly on planetary in
tosses, bat is cither ease to bo true
ml preface unirerial rt suits regard
scm cf laiitidc or longitude. If a
ft was reaches the western coast Jan
very 24th, cross the continent by the
99tkt, will it take in a strip of certain
ratitidss, en the other hand if the
Professor's theory is true why should
we not nave a simultaneous broad side
frtm the Bearing sea to Patagonia.
Tacr is no wind bellows permanently
related in the plaeid Pacific; no, tho
raws er nature arc universal and can
net be changed. Tho key to tho gold-
easkat that contains her secrets
will net be surrendered to profane
hands. Hiparehns. Hypocratcs and
Che patient and persistent inquriis
before and since hia day were reward
ed at last and handed the key that
Irst disclosed the procession of the
eejtriaoxes. The certainty of tho peri
ed ef cycle of the sun and noon the
Misuitj of the ecliptic. The meth
ods of computing eclipses for ell time
even to the fraction of a second. What
this age demands is facts. Guess work
will tot do in trying to explain nat
ural laws. I fully agree with him
that the dumn animals ine!odiu the
keg chew more intelligence than man
ia anticipating atmosphcrio and cli
mate changes. Also swamp and river
rain, we goose Done ana tne never
failing ecrnhusk. I think it is be
Mm they confine their observations
ts censes eperating nearer home.
'Their minds proud seienee nev
er taight te stray, far as tho solar
walks, er milky way." I wonder my
self if atmosphere and storm phenom
ena did not originate entirely indepen
dent of planetary influence I wonder
if n partiole of heat ever roaches our
earth from the buo; don't you when
yes rcleet that the eold of spaoe ac
cording to that eminent chemist and
philosopher, Scoht is 18,0000 below
wre. I wonder after all if it is not
probable that tho rays of light project
ed through etherio space and enteriog
the convex outer surface of tho earth's
aimoiphere and focusing on tho sur
face of the earth, don't produoo the
same effect as a burning glass made
of ice. It must bo sunlight, no other
light his the elementa necessary to
produce the phenomena ef heat,
Please experiment with a common
tan glass. I wonder if it is not possi
ble that these actionio rays of light
are intercepted by sun spots that aro
invariably accompanied by unusual
electrical activity, destroying the equi
librium between earth's negative and
avn's positive, whioh can only be ob
served in earth's atmosphere, result
ing in oyclones, hurricanes aud minor
storms; whioh alone oau restore the
equilibrium. Tbcso fooused aoticnia
rays falling on areas unobstruotrd by
fttmespherio vapor, whioh asoends rap
idly, tho surrounding air less rarified
rushes in not always equal on all side
n oiroular and forward motion results,
and the oyolouo starts on its journry
of devastation and death. From this
we should learn that the hii;h barome
ter and low barometer is not tho oauso
bat the effect of the conditions brought
en by aotienio force as a warning that
tho atom is coming.
It is more than- probable that the
meat violent storms atcend into the
upper recrjons of our atmosphere and
i spend their fury without over touch
1 J ing the earth; it is too late to wait tin
,i , til the issobars or thormals are looatcd
uhi to seek shelter. T. W. Eodbrt.
Experience and money cannot improvo
t JJr. bawyer'e rurally Uure, because it (h a
C perfeot onre for Dyapepaia, Liver com-
,fH eyofcUrica "' y"MUU'
Bhj Twinolittui dooa uot go to Milwau
kee fttter all, St. Louis refuses to aho
W AviwW.
Caught tough! Cough!
If yon want to, bnt if job dtatre to atop
got a buttloof Uegfi'd Cherry Cough Brup
li will i) top your oongh in five minutes
Bold aud warranted by Deyo fc Orloe.
striking prhiture
being reiaBtuttid.
ut Pittttburt aro
Nonpareil llHlr Curler
Will keep the fJuir id eurl the dampest
wtather. vcry bottle positively guar
anteeO by Deyo t Oriee.
Cleveland iron workers have been out
10 per cent,
"Orange Blossom" is a painless euro for
All diseases peculiar to women. Hold by
C. L. (Jotting.
European laborers aro omigrating from
A enp of 4'araV Ter at night moves the
bowels in the morning without pain or
Now Haven union will publish a news
.- ...... ......
Detroit preacbore Iiuvo organised a
Mrs. N. Mryette, the Qtneeee eonnty
treasurer of ibo W. U. T. u. and very
luSnential worker in the eanse of wemen
says: "1 have used Parkas' Tea and find it
18 tue beat remedy I have ever tried for
ooustipation. It requires smaller doaea
and in more thorough. I aball use notn
ing else in fotore"
Beaver Falls
workers demand lower
W. I. Chnrsb. of Htaunton I'ost. O. A. R
sajB: ''I have tried nearly every oough
remedy out round nothing tooopare with
Parks' Coogh Byrnp. I have Battered
ever since my disoharge from the army
and J? rka' Coogh Hyrnp is tho only rem
edy that two ever helped me."
" r
Storce close in Jersey at Q p. in.
Talk does not always oonvinoe. Try
bottle of Dr. Sawyer's Family Cure and
you will be convinced that it will rare all
tJtumaon, Liver, Kidney and Bowel dim
oulties. Deyo & Oriee.
England has fomalebauk clerks.
Ladies: If yon have hoadaehe, pain in
the baok, nervousness or any of thoso dis-
eases pseullar to yonr sex, do not fail to
try Dr. Bawjer'a Pastilles. Deyo Orloe
The depression in Canada is tho great
eet in the last thirty years.
-1 III ...M
There ia no remedy equal to Dr. Saw
U...III.. . JJ . II.-A
f . m Ilini IU1 U10CBOCB lSGUIiBr W WUHI
en. Ladies who will trv Dr. ttawver'a Pna.
tillea will alao find them superior to all
omen.- ueyoesunoe.
iniai m
A cooperative glass mill Ib to be estab
lished at Parker Pu.
Edward Shepherd. Harrisbnrir. III., had
a running eore on his leg of eight years'
niaDuing. uaea tnree bottles of Electric
Bit' ore and seven boxes of Buoklen'a Arni
ca Salve, and hia leg ia sound and well.
John Speaker, Catawaba, O., had fiie
targe revor sores on bis leg, doetora said
he was inoarable. One bottlo Eleetrlc
Bitters and one box Buoklen'a Arnica
Salve oared him entirely. Sold by C. L.
Cotting Drnggist.
'- I !
The GeloBburg Paving Brick company
has resumed oporotionR.
' 1 Hi' 1 1
Small boy (aside) "Gee whiz,,' but those
Little Giant Pills take the nnkn. Hnlri
and warranted by Deyo & Orlce,
Meriden (Conn.) Cutlery company cut
wages 10 por cent.
1 .
Ladles: Thedrniraist tmmeil hutnw til
give join free sample paokageof Dr. Saw
yer a Pastillea. Tboy are the effectual re
medies for the oure of all diseases peculiar
to woman. Deyo A Orloo.
A central labor council has been or
ganized in Portland, Oregon.
Do not delay. When dlseaae naonllar
to women are allowed to mn thn tmnnmn
difficult to cure. Dr. 8awyer'a Pastilles
will positively cure long standing and dif
ficult oaaei. Deyo & Orice.
One thousand minora are killed annu
ally in Great Britain .
Dr. Sawyer's family Cure ia the result
of long experience, skill and honesty.
Try It and you will be convinced that it Is
a poRitivt ouro for all Stomach, Liver, Kid.
ney and Bowel difficulty Deyo & Oriee
Connollsville has 0,000 coke ovens
running on full time.
Ladles: Do not saffer with pain on top
of the head and in the baok or with any of
those dlatroHftlng diseased, when Dr. Saw
yer's Pastilles will absolutely and positive
ly cure you. Deyo & Orioe.
" m ..
Tho employes of tho Miller piaiiO
factory ut Wakotield, Mass., refused to
accept a cut of 20 por cent and tho works
havo closed down.
Ladle: Yon will find Dr. Sawyer'a
Paatiltea the most effectual remedy for fe
male weakness, pain on top of the head and
lower part of the baok, all one tired feeling,
Deyo k Once.
The Pittsburg, KhenHUgo & Lako Erlo
ruilroad has cut wages 10 per cent.
I)r Sawyer' Family Cure cures dyspepsia
Dr Sawyer'a Family Cure cure hlinn.n.
uraawyera faintly Uure cures kidney dif
ficulty Dr Sawyer's Family Care cures Constipa
tion (f
Street railway rnou ut Grand Rapide,
Mich., huve been cut 10 per cent.
Bucklcitre Arnica Halve.
The best salve in tbe world for euto.
L.ulo. an.... 1Tt-s U.ll u... m '
uiuiminiO! viwinmiv ruOUUJ, lever
soree, Utter, chapped hands, chlliblalns,
corav, anu an etna enipiions, eua poal
UvJly cures piles, or no nav reouind. It
ia suaranteed to give perfect aatiefaction
or money rerunued. rrici
boi. For mile byCotUpy.
a - J. . - -- ,
tnce. osum oar
4Tm rt
OuThursd) evimugnf lust we.'k,
Jan. IB th, an eduoational rncitii k
wuh held at the sehnol-houhv in D t.
N. 20 About ciiruty d-iskiis wire
prisciit Thf aticndunee ot tlita meet
ing shows that the people in thai part
of tho country ruve an inx-nst in ed
uoational work. Mr. W. II. Giant is
teaohing seoond year in tho district.
Ilia work in the school has been of
sueh nature as to oauBc quite an ad
vancement of his pupils. It pavs to
keep a good teacher in tho same sohool
for several years. Considerable in
terest was manifested in the .ques
tions presented for disoussion
Some of the questions aro as follows:
Can pupils loam an well vihen they
aro grown up as they can when thM
am voung? D ics if. boni&t a pupil or
or a school to havo speaking every
two or four week? What shall a
teaeher do to keek order in a sohool?
Shonld there be any whisporing in
the school-room?
How shall teachor teach a subject
to a foreign pupil who eannot speak
What subjocts should be taught in
the publio schools?
Shall pupils study in tho evening?
How ean children becomo interested
enough to start to school after having
been absent for some time?
How many out-houses should there
be for ft country school?
Is it more needful for girl to be
educated than for ft boy?
What ean the friends of eduoation
do to supplement the work done in the
The First Grade olass meet to-morrow
at tho high sehoo) building in
Red Cloud. Some members of the
class are up with the work arranged
for tho year. The plan of doing the
work in algebra and physios is a good
one. It is to be rogretted that some
who joined tho olass last spring have
"fallen by the wayside"
A good attendance i desired at
the eduoational meeting to be held a
the Francis school-house next Thurs
day evening Feb. 1st,
Tbe state 'apportionment has not
yet been heard from.
Monthly reports have been received
from teaohers tnis month to Jan. 24th
as follows:
Carrie L. Bill, Pr Tr.
Margaret Letsoh.
Daisy Ciaft.
Genie Kershner.
D. E. Pope.
Lulu A. Ayer.
Minnio A. Yensen.
Evalyn F. Campbell.
Maude C. Greenleo.
A. N. Allguist, Prin.
Julia White.
H. Maude Orohard.
L. B. Greenlee.
Alvin Pope.
Laura Laird.
Anna Cookrall.
S.L. Fiaher.
S. Frisbie.
Mary L, Crottv.
Ida E. Sawyer.
G. S. Parker.
Lottie Itoby.
Charles Foe.
Emily Ogilvio.
According to teachers' monthly re
port last fall, eight teachers wore sub
scribers to the Popular Educator; two,
to Primary Educator; fifteen to North
western Journal of Education; six. to
the Intelligonoe; one, to Iowa Nor
mal Monthly. There are some who
do not read regularly any eduoational
papor. We aro sorry they do not take
sufficient intorcst in their werk to
know that a live teacher oan not pos
sibly do without the help of a i:ood
journal of education. It is likely
that thoso who do not read eduoation
al papers intend to engage in somo
other kind of work ncx' year.
Last fall, in the country districts,
fourteen dircotors, nine moderators,
and seven treasurers visited tbjjr
schools. Tho country schools wcro
visited by 328 other persons Of wore
than 200 school ofioersin the country
districts of this countv onl v thirty vis-
ited tbeir schools. Only twenty of
tho seventy-four country district
schools receivd a visit from a resi
dent sohool officer. If school officers
would bo able to properly do their
work, they should visit their whools
at leant once eaoh month.
A livo teacher does not like to bo
"bored" by tho criticisms of sohool
officers and patrons who think sohool
forty years ago. Sohool effioere and
Eatrons should visit schools se aa te
now that there has ben an advanio
in eduoational methods afnae they
went to school.
1 49 37
5 33 1G
7 16 13
11 11 9
lti 31 25
17 28 2G
20 26 20
25 30 28
31 51 47
32 16 10
33 18 12
45 20 16
49 16 14
55 33 21
56 32 30
58 26 19
59 41 28
62 22 19
71 20 15
72 23 11
75 16 12
82 18 17
A cigar in said to contain nrntle,
Inmlc. bytyrln. valeriennd pnononlcacldFj
pritftslc acid, crrorote, cnrltfilio ncM,
ammonia, sulphurottn hydrogen, proidinr
vlrldlne, pi col inn. and rubidinn. to pnr
nothlnff of caMmirinn iimi tiurriockinn
acid. Tho ntnn who kicks about nn inr
five cnta for nil that, doen not know a
hargaln when hesoce it.
An exchange says that an nditor enrn
applied nt tho door of hades for admis
sion. "Well," repliod hfs sable majesty.
"we lot one of your profession in hero
several years ago and ho kept up a con
tinual row with his former delinquent
subscribers; and as we havo moro of
that class of persons than any other, wo
passed a law prohibiting tho admission
of editors."
A few nights ago on tho B. & M. train
was a newly married nonplo. Thyoc.
nnpied a berth in tho sleeper and their
cooing wbb dovo-llke and attracted tho
attention of aomo and distracted others.
Finally the lady said, "I am going to got
a drink of water; when I come back
stick your foot out of the berth so I
won't make a mistake." When she turn.
ed to como back every foot in the car
was exposed.
The discovery has been made that
on one side of tho new quarter-dollar
there are, thirteen eoparate representa
tions of tho number 13. It was probably
the intention of the designer of tbo new
quarter to have 13 occur 13 times bnt
there are few peoplo who have noticed
the fact. There are 13 states, 13 letters
in the scroll held in the eagle's beak, 13
tail feathers, 13 parallel lines in the
ehelld, 13 horizontal bars, 13 arrow beads
in one foot, and 13 letters in tbe words
quarter dollar. Ex.
Legal notice: Foreclosure of
Agisters Lien.
wotloe Is hereby given that br virtue of an
asliitersllen, an affidavit for which t tiled In
the office of the county clerk nltVfhiianvmniv
Nebraska on the th day of decembor I89J, for
th.e..eV.e' 'eedlnt and keeplna of one buy mare
with black mane and tall, aeveo veara old,
named 'Nell" the property of .1. 1). Bfucker, for
the period of fourteen weeka from the aeth rtuv
Of August 1883 to the tb day of December ISM
at the price agreed to by said mucker of S2.BO
prr weefc, and for the further care and feedlnr
of wld mare to the date of this sale at the same
price: I will en the 1st day of February itrai.
imbllcly offer said mare for sale at Ked Cloud,
Nebraska nt ten o'clock In ilm rnmnnnn .f
day to satlufy tbe um of 35 with cost ot keep.
ImrsHld mare from Dei-ember eth 1803 to the
dalo ot sale at rate ot S2.G0 per week aad costs
4t .. .. ... A.n. Gnxr,
rasa & MeNrrr. ria'ntllt'a Attorney a
Notice to Non-Rcsldcnt Defend
In the District Court of Wobster countv. Ne
Edward U. Hodge,
Abram "eott,
Anna Scott,
Tbe Nebraska and Kan
ana Farm Loan Co.
aud Leonard Uevens.
Defendants. J
To Leonard Bevens, dofondant In the above
enimea cause: xou are nereuy noiined mat
on the 18th day of January. IBM, Kdwxrd B
Hodfce, plaintiff herein, filed hia petition in the
district court of Wctister countv. Nebraska,
khiiki. j"u, wiiiicaueu wiiu ino oiner ucieiMi
ants named in the title of said caue, the ohtort
and prajer of which is to forecloco a certain
mortgage executed by the defendants, Abram
Scott and Anna fcott to James H. Tallmau, aud
now ownel by plaintiff upon Hie following des
cribed real property, situated in the countv of
Wobster and Ute ot Nebraska, to-wlt: The
south-west quarter of section numbered twenty
('JO) In township numbered four (4.) north, In
range numbered taclve (12,) west of the 6th I'.
M.; to secure the paymont of a certain promts
aory note, dated Auust 1st, 1889, and due and
payable five years from tho dte thereof: that
there ia now due upon said note and mortuuee
the sum ot WJ, tor which sum. with Interest
irura i ins umc ana cotis or roreciosure, plaintiff
prays for a decree; that dereudanta be required
to pay the same, r that said premises bo sold
to Katlsfr tho amount found duet that an
right, title, lieu or interest owned or claimed
by you or any or vour co-defendants In or to
salu premises be adjudged to be Junior and lu
frrlor to plaintiff's Hen tuereon.
You are hereby further notified that you aro
renulrod to answer said Detltlon of tha I'lnlmlff
on or before the VUth day of February, not, and
that If jou fall to answer the samo on or beioro
said dav, the facts and 'allevatieiM contained In
said petition will bo taken m true and judgment
and decree rendered as tbortin prayed for.
Dated January 18th, 1831.
Kdwaro D. Hodok
Rv JAuaa McNbnt.HIs Attorney,
Notice to NotvResldent Defend
In the District Court of Webster County, Ne
braska. Preston D. Sibley as executor ot tha last will
and teatimeut of Mary E. Knsworth, de
ceased, plaintiff,
John Zaekery, Harah A. Zacksrr, W. E. Jack
son, executor or mo iai win ana testament
ot Iletiry UcCorutal. deceased, If. M rtory,
iirnry v.. uuiier. ton niv uuiiar. ina nu
braska and Kansas Farm Loan Co. and
(ieorge Wlnton, defendants.
To John Zaekery. Sarah A. Zaekery. W. K.
Jackson, executor of the last will and testament
of Henry McCorraal.deocaMjd, and V. M. Hmry,
defendants In the above eutllleil chuso: Ymi
are hereby notified that on the 18th day of .lim
itary. 1894, Preston H, Slblev. as executor ot the
last will and textamout of Mary K, Knaworih,
deceased, plalmlff herein, flled Ills petition In
the district court ot Webster county, Nebras
ka, against nu, Imploaded with t'e other de
fondants named In the title or said cause, the
object and prayer of which Is to foreclose a oor
fafti mortgage executed by the defendants John
ZHrkarr and Harah A. Zaokery to .limes li.
Tallmau, and now owned by the estate of Mary
B. Knsworth, decaed. upon the following des
cribed real property, situated In the county of
Webster and auto of Nabraska, to-wlt: The
south.west quarter of section numbered twent
throe (a) In township numberei
two (v) north,
in ranee numbered
1 10
n fio.l west of thu cth I'
l ni inu am i-.
M.i to secure tbe payment ot
a certain prom Is
sory note, (tan a reoruary ut. ie7, ana duo
and payable In Ave years from tha date theronf;
Uiat there Is now due upuii anld note and mort-
note, dati d Kebruary 1st. 187, and
afietliosiim of cine, lorwiiicnsumwiin inter
nt front this dale, and costs pf foreclosure.
inv rldht. till. Ilm or inturnst ohii
rlalmod by jou, or any of your co-defendants
lu itr u .aid premises, ne aoiudgeu to w junior
ml interior to lien of the plaintiff's testutiU
You are lutreby further uotllled that you are
required to answer said notttlpn of the plaintiff
all or peiore wo vua asy 01 eornary, IBM,
and that tf you fall to anawer the aaiao on or
befnro said nay. tjsu fa'ta, a.ul alien
talued In aald netlllou vvlll be taken
judmnent and decree rendered
alleiiai ions con
aa therein
prayed for.
Dated January 18, MM.
1'aasTON H. Btntar,
As Kxecutor of the last will
aud Testament ot Mary U.
Ktisaortli, Ueoeaied.
bSBM OMafcrneiTiaiMtfiid! Baaaml
piainun pinxa iur qrsroti, iqi ucirimnuu ue
required to iy the same or that said premises
be sold to satisfy the amount found due, and
ih.t anv rldht. litis. Ilfti or Inturnst OHiiadnr
What is
saar saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
amr .afav aaw-BwaaBfHapBawwssisBaF'Baw a -7'-
aW aatamT Tfl m V k
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute)
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
feTcrlshness. Castoria prevents Tomlting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colic. Castoria rellovea
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep, Cas
toria is the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend. '
' Caateria Is an exoelleat medicine for ohil
4rea. Mothers have repeatedly tola rseoflU
food effect upoa their ohlldrea."
Da. O. o. Osooeo,
Lowell, Mas
" Castoria la the best remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. I hope the day la not
far distant when mothers will consider tha real
Interest ot their chUdren, aad use Castoria In
stead of the variousqoack nostruaa which are
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
ageoU down their throata, thereby seeding
them to premature graves."
Da. J, F. Kntcmavea,
' Conway, Ark.
Tke Outau Oeawajir, TI
Served Exclusively to the
21,477,212 People admitted to
the World's Fair Grounds,
amVIilB'V lesfllBsmamwmaB mK 'n
Leading Fine coffee of the World.
For sale only by Sherwood & Albright.
A. H. Gray, the Insurance Man, Red Cloud,
Is noVr prepared to insure you in that well-known company,
The Home of New York.
Walt for him; lie will call on you In a row dnya. You can envo
Money and get more autlifactory Inaurunco thnn from any
other man. Ho liaa exclusive control of four counties.
Jos. C. f4olcon?b,
Holland House
Hag the beat riga in the city and the most reasonable prides,
Your ordera aollclted and fair treatment guaranteed.
North of the Holland House.
" Caatoria k so wel 1 adapted to children that
I recommend it aa superior to any prescrlptioa
known to me."
H. A. Aacaaa.M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, If. T.
11 Our physicians la tbe children's depart
ment have spoken highly of their experi
ence In their outaldo practice with Castoria,
and although we only have among our
medical supplies what is known aa regular
products, yet we are free to confess that the
rnerita ot Caatoria has won us to look with
favor upon It"
Uritxd Hosntai, and Disrtatuar,
Atun a. both, Pru.,
Mmrray Struct, Maw TeTkOity.
accepted as the
Livery Stable,
and W)XL
(' f
j f.i