The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 19, 1892, Image 8

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Educational Department.
D. M. liWrilK, IMIfor.
Bvorr leaelir-r in thU county
should rend Pago's Theory and Prac
tice of Teaching nnd Halo's LiglitB of
two Centuries this tear. These aro
tte book! to be used by tho Stato
Taaehers' Reading Circle.
The reading eirolo work will form
part of the program for every teach
era' meeting during tho sehool year.
Wherever sovoral tcaohera are so
located that they can meet regularly
once or (wise during each month it is
advisable for thorn to organito a local
reading cirole.
Let "Tho Teachers' Blackstono" bo
o thoroughly ntudiAd this year that
il will become a part of oycry Uacher.
The summer vacation is nearly past
Let ui oemmenco to plan for our fall
work in the schoolroom,
Some of our teacher who havo
been attending a summer school havo
returned reoently. No one can bo
too well prepared for school work.
When one beonmes iotercsted in
teaching, it is difficult to give up tho
work and engago in somo other occu
pation, tieveral of our expailenced tcaoh
ers, who thought they would not
teaob this year, have changed their
Binds, and are preparing for another
year of usefulness in the schoolroom,
The boys and girls are commenc
ing to feel anxious for tho fall term
to open.
Some parents are plinning to havo
their children attend school overy
day next term.
Let us try to got value received for
the money exponded for school pur
posed this year by having our chil
dren attend school regularly.
Every thing connected with the
sohool-houso and grounds Bliould be
in readiness Tor tho teachor and pu
pils. Parents, remomber that tho public
school is yours. Why not mako good
use of your own property ?
8ohool officers;
Are there any panes of glass
wanted for the school-house windows?
An the corners of tho school-room
filled with cobwebs ?
Are the desks and walls covered
with dust ?
Has tho floor been scrubbed this
summer ?
Does tho stove pipe need cleaning?
Would it not bo a good plan to
have tho stovo blaokcncd ?
Havo tht windows boon washed
sinco tho school-house was built ?
Does the blackboard nocu repair
Is thero any obscono languaeo
writton on tho desks, wall",
woodwork, anywhdro on tho insido of
the houso, on tho outsido of tho
houso, or on tho insido or tho outside
of the outbuildings ?
Have the tall sunflowers boon re
moved from near the sides of the
house ?
Is the school ground covered with
sandburrs ?
Oan tho door be latohed ?
Have tho outhouses bcon scrub
Is there a box of crayon on the
teaoher'a dosk ?
Are the brooms, watcrpail, tinuup,
wash basin, coil shovel, and coal
scuttle in good condition and prosont?
Do you noed any blackboard, eras
ers, and pointers ?
Havo you sufficient books, slates,
etc., so as to give tho teacher and pu
pils a chance to commence work on
the first day of school ?
Remember that tlm schoolroom in
the placo whero the teacher and your
children are to livo many days and
weeks this jeat. This dwelling placo
of the children cannot bo nmdo to
pleasant loriuom. men, "any
thing will do tor ihe schoolroom"
might do for a Hottentot. "Nothing
is too good for tho sohoolroora"
should bo tho sentiment of overy en
lightened American oitiron.
It should bi the rulo in every tits-
triot to have tho schoolroom awept or
scruDDCQ auer overy puuno nieoung,
It is not tho teacher's business to
act as janitor for every public, or
lodpe meeting in a sohoolnouse.
. "Neither the board nor district hatt
any right to nllow tho sohool-houso to
be used in suoh a way as to interfere
with the school."
On tho morning after niaxy a pub
lic uiutiiK in a sohool-houso tho
schoolroom is too filthy a place in
whieh to raiBO pigs, much less to
teach ehUdrcn.
When tho sohool-roem is found to
be in such'.conditiou the teacher and
children should return to their homes
snd refuse to ocoupy it till it is
cleaned by proper persons.
KntTOtl fjlllicr: 1'Iorao pivo mo a
litfl Kpimi to toll your ninny roadors
about W. li. 0. day nt the inturHlntc
reunion to held ntSporior, Wednesday
tho 21th is assigned to tho Wotnon's
Ilolicf Corps. Wc oxpoat to ontortaiti
tho people with addresses music reci
tations, songs, and short specohes
from many members of our order.
Tho subjoots will bo various, patri
otism taking tho lead, Tho subject
of politics is prohibited, but doubt
less if tho speeches be closely follow
ed, it can bo conjeoturcd at tho olosc,
what party tho tpeaker favors.
The department presidents of Kan
sas nnd Nebraska are cxpectod to be
present. Also the National S. V.,
president in this stato, and many oth
er talonted women,
The District Association whioh hnb
thiB in chargi, intends to mako W. R.
0., day, tho best ono of this reunion.
All are invited, Come and boo what
tho' women can do. E. 13. Knioiit,
District Pres., W. II. C.
For Fire Lightning and Tornado
Insuranoo in the German of Freeport
and other reliable companies, call on
or write to Chas. Sohaffnit, oflico over
Deyo's drug store, Red Cloud, Nebr.
A fow good farm loans, six per cent
interest. No second mortgage. D. B
For Flour and Feed
Go and see L. P. Albright. He keeps
tho best brands and sells his flour just
as chtap as others. Also sells hard
and soft coal. Priocs reasonable. Of
fice and scales, corner of Webster
street and 4th avenue.
Gasoline gloves.
Tho best in the world, for salo at,
A. Moil ART'S. 40-tf
Call on T. E. Penman, Jeweler and
optician for fino watch cleaning and
repairing, artistic lotter, emblem nnd
monogram engraving. A full lino of
watches, clocks, jewelry, spcotaolos,
oto. always on hand. Can fit any eye
with tho very best of spectacles. You
will find, in Cotting's drug stor j.
We advise nil oar readers to procure
"Marshall's Manual of Health.'' This
valuable book should be ia every home.
It ia a masterpiece of eoience. Bent free
on application to Maranaii unemicai wig.
Co.. Kansas City, Mo., or Lawrence, Has.
For sale by L. H. Deyo.
"Good morning!" Why. I am sur
prised; the doctors and neighbors have
all reported inai your ueam was unuy
"Ah I yee; they all said I never could
rocover and gave me up to die with
ohronio malaria, kidney and liver trouble.
I have taken three bottles of "Hepnti
oure," gained 40 pounds nnd am sound
and well. John r. Harrison, Home, un.
For sale by Xj. h. Deyo.
If dull, spiritless and stuped: if your
blood is thick nnd sluggish; if yonr appe
tite isoaprioiouB and uncertain, you need
n Saraapanlla. For best rest results use
Do Witt's. U. Li. Dotting.
G. A. R. Inter-stato Reunion, Su
perior, Nob., Aug. 22-27. Agents
within -UU miles of Superior may sell
tickets to that point at ono fare for
the round trip, tickets to bo sold Aug.
21-2G inclusive and limit for return to
Aug. 29.
Prevent chills, fever, malaria, loss of
time by aioknese. Take "Hepntioure."
For salo by L. H. Deyo.
Dayou want money, happiness, com
fort and pleasure? If so, keep your
Health perfect by an occasional use or
"Hepatfcure" the great Engliek blood,
kidney and liver tonic. For sale by L.
II. Deyo.
Tho Red Cloud Dray Lino havo four
good and heavy mulo team). All
hauling promptly attended to your
orders solioited, J no Uarklev,
tf ' Proprietor,
"Late to bed and early to rise will
shorten the road to your home in the
skies." But early to bed nnd n "Little
Eany Riser," the pill tbnt mnkes life
longer nnu oeiter and wiser, u. u
Take "Hep aticure"and prevent chill
and fever rather than nausoouB danger
ous drugs to euro them. For salo by L
II. Deyo.
Hall! Hall! Hall!
U.K. Pond, will writo Hail insur
ance in ono of tho best companies rep
resented in the west as choup as any.
Children Cry for
.n -ivCastorla.
Snerlira Sale.
Notice la hereby Riven that under and hy vlr
tuo of an order of sale Issued from the oiuroor
0. II. Crone, clork of Hie district court of the
tenth Judicial district, within and for Welxter
county, Nebraska, utxm a decree I nun action
pending therein, wherein r. H. urUuIra l
plaintiff, nnd against Aloiuo M Kreelovo, Utlu
lauherj Hweet. Orr & Co.i iteulner Hhoon
Crockery Co.! Klrkendall, Jones &i'o , defend
lints. 1 .hall offer for Kilo at public vendue to
the lilRheit bidder for cash In hand at the eiut
ttoor of the court houso nt lied Cloud. In said
ebtcr comity, Nebraska, (tliut be n lliu
iMilldinie wherein tho liwi term or sld oourt
us holdon on the
act Day or August, A. D. 1899,
tit one o'clock p. m. of said day. the followliiR
described properly towlti luthrro and four
In block one, In Vance a hrst iiddlilou t the
tuwiiof (iulde Kock, Webster Co., Nebraska
I1IV.M1 111V tmnii tkid nil.l.'.l.... ... ..V
.... .. . ,....a'0 K. CooN.Sheilff.
jaiim luriKJiv, run SAiiy, 4K-J00 x
The uo?e ale was coutmued for 0
day, tor the want of blddors, It will be
airaia offered for aalp September D, 18'JL'.
at 1 o'clock p. m.
Osa. K, Gowi, Sberlff,
DriinkcnncM. or the s.lquor
Habit Cured at Home In Ten
Days by ArimliilNlermg r.
Halite' Colileii Npcclilv.
It enn bo glvon In n gins of bear, n
out) of coffee or fen or in food without
tho knowlodgo of tho patient. It Is nb
Rolutoly hnnn'ccD nnd will ftfeel n jior
tnniiont nnd speedy sure, whotlior tho
patient is n modernto drinker oi an nt
cohollo wreck. It liaa boon givnn In
thousands of canon, anil In ovory instance
n perfect euro has followed, It never
falls. ThoByetom onco imtirocnated with
tho specific, it Incomes an utter impost)!-
unity ior mo liquor nptxHuo to ex int.
Cures guaranteed. 48 pug l.ool; of par
ticulars free. Address tho Golden Spo
clllo Co., 185 Unco Street, Cinciniinti, O.
Children Oryfv.r
Pitcher's Cattorlc -
Hve 'i'. to ii rrnti' nil every dollar you fum.
Wrlio (or nnr mstntnoth tatnloRae, a um-psi-t.
book,coolnliilDK Illustration and i(IvIur luneit min
Ufsctnrerr' prlctrs, with nimitiic(lei'dlfCoiuiU
of every kind of Roods and rumiUe mauufacuired
and Imported into the Unltril slates. Urocerlei.
llmiseliuld Good-, Furniture, Clothing, Lndle'
andlieuts' ClolhliiRtud KnrnishlnR UimhI(, Dren
Uoodi, White Goods, Dry Hoods, Hats, Uspi,
Hoots and Hhoes, Ulovrs, Notions, MlMiwart,
Btstlonery, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, bllvtrware,
llURRles, Wblps, Aurlcnltursl Implemvuts, etc.
on receipt ot its cents for eipreiisze We sre the
only concern which sells at mamifacturers' prices,
allowlnR the bnyer Ihe same discount t'.st the
manufactorer rives to the wholesale buyer. We
anarantee all Roods as represented: If not found
so, money refunded. Goods sent hy express or
IHQolncy Street, Chicago, 111.
A salary of $M to $!H per week to OOOD aRenU
to represent ns In evry county, and sell our general
line of Merchandise at msimfscliirers' prices. Ojt.T
those who wsr araAiiY nkrd
trrtr. CataloRiia and particulars scutou receipt
ft !U cents for exprectage.
F h A. KAUI'KN ft CO.
123 Qulncy htreet, Chlcnao. 111.
To Hnolier Rlemer. nbn-rostdent do
fondant: You nro hereby notified that
on the L'L'd liny of July, lb'J2, Adolpli Hie
mor filed hla petition ngninit yon in the
dlatnot conrt of Wobater county, Nebras
ka, the object nnd prayer of whioh are to
obtain a divorce from you on the gronnd
that on or about tho 1st day of April,
1801, nnd continuously through the year
of 1801, nml in tho year of 181)1, until the
month of March of said laat named year,
you wero gnilty of oxtrerne cruelty to
wards anld plnlntiir, by refumng to cook
for said plaintiff and refusing to do tho
necessary housework nnd in refusing to
in any manner aid said plaintiff in his en
doavors to mako a homo for himself and
family, nnd in leaving said plaintiff in the
month or March, 18J2, and going to tier
many where jon have sinco resided with
out the consent of this plaintiff.
You are required to answer said petition
on or before the Cth day of September,
Anoint Riiurb,
By A. II. Bowix, Ills Atty. G2-4t.
Road Notice.
To whom it may concern:
The commissioner appointod to locate
a rood commencing nt a point 80 rods
east oi the south-west corner of section
34, town two, range ton in said Webster
county, thenco running north through
section 31 and 27 to n point 80 rods east
of the north-west corner of said section
27. Thence west 100 rods to a point 80
rods west of thu south-east corner ot
section 21. Thenco north through said
section 2f nnd 10 to n point 80 rods west
of tho north-east corner of said section
10, except whero said road strikes a
Bwump in section 10 nnd 21 then to devi
ate nnd follow the high land around the
west sldo of snld swamp, has reported in
favor ot locating and establishment
thereof, nnd all objections thereto, or
claims for damages, must bo tiled in the
County Clerk's otllco on or before noon
ot tho 28th day of Beptembor, 1802, or
such road will bo established without
roferonco there to II. D IIankev,
1-lt County Clerk.
Tho Treasurer of Dow 1
James V. Slronsotnl
In the district court of Webster county, Ne
braska. Jnmrs F. KtronK nnd Mary R. fitronjt, defend
ants, will take notice that on ihe 2d day nt .lull,
1MH, rue Treasurer oi jinw Ai'uiemy, piiiiuuii
herein, Hied Ills petition In the district court of
Webster comity, Nebraska, analnst said de-
fondants, the object and prnjer of which Is to
foreclose n certain mortgage executed by the
defendants to this plalntlll upon the hOMh halt
ot north-west quarter nnd the north half of the
snuth.wost nuarter of ec2I.Twn 2. It 0. to so-
cure the payment of a certain pmml-sory note
dated .nine 'M, 1887. for the sum of Slow, duo
and payable on tho 1st day of July. 189;', and Ihe
years (mm dato thereof; that there U now dun
upon said notes and moilRiiKe thu sum of Stoft)
and Interest, for which, Willi Interest from this
date, plalutlir pM a for u decree that defend
ants bo reunited to nay the same or that said
premtsea limy he Bold to satisfy the amount
found due, You aro rcnulied tonnswor said
petition on or hefo o thu 10th day ot Sept., iw
M. A. HarllRaii,tty for I'll (I. 2-lt
Hcnjamlu E. Illiulo, )
vs Y
Joshua linn Is et ivl (
Defendants J
In the district oourt of Webster county, Ne
braska. I.. Morgan Smith, Impleaded with others.
Defendants will tuku notice Hint ou tho 10th
dav of April, lew, llcnjumln K. Illude, plaintiff
heieln, tiled tils petition in the district court of
Web-tor comity. Nebraska, nKiilnst s.Ud de
fendants, tho ohjeat and pr.i)erot whioh Is to
rorociose a eenaiii iuoiiiiiiru exeruieu uy i"e
ik'foiidauts to this nlitlutlll iiimiii thu nnrth-east
quarter of thu north-east quarter, west half
iioriu-rui iiimut-r miii iiurui-wesir qu.ineroi
Moullieast quarter beo 21, T I, It 10, to secure
the payment of a certain promissory noto dated
Miireh 21st. IW, for the sum of $870. due and
puablo on thu 1st day ot April, tetrj.and live
yeuis from date thereof: that there Is now due
thu defendants to plal'K'ff upon said notes and
uuirlL'iiL'A tlio mull of 87(1 ttith Interest from
this date, iorwhlth plalutllT iras for u decree
that tlits defendants he required to pay Ihe
same or that x.ild prenusos mav ho sold to atls.
U the iimount found due. You uro required to
iiiitHitr said petition ou or before the 19th day
ot fcepminuer. ijkw. ..
' IlKWJAMtN K. HlNDK, rialntlff.
M. A. llAUTMl AN, Alt) fur l'ltlf . 2 4t
Painter and Paper Hunger,
Bed Clouds Nebraska.
Mere BtawuirTu wrMattwn vuvramtoM,
Children Ory for
Pitcher' Cattorla.
lloimeopatlitc Physician,
Keil Cloud, . NcbntsKa.
Offlco ophnlio Vlrst National Dank,
u. H.KxumliilnK MirReon.
Chronic disease treated bv mall.
n. E. POND,
Conveyancer, Real Estate,
Loans, Insurance, and Pen
Ion Agent.
Red Cloud, Nebraska.
I especially Invite yon to call oa me for
anything in my line. Loans mad on
farm property at 8 per cent. Insurance
in the best companies I also,
Call and see me if you desire, shrubbery
flowers orfruitstock. Yon will find prof
itable to see me.
D. B. Spanogle,
Real Estate
and Loan Agent
Red Cloud.
Notice to Teachers.
Notice is hereby given that I will
examine all persons who may desire
to offer themselves as candidates for
tcaohers oftho publio sohools of this
county, at Ked Cloud on tho third
Saturday of eaoh month.
Special examinations will be held
on the Friday proceeding the 3d Sat
urday of eaoh month.
The standing required for 2d and
3d grade certificates is the same no
grado below 70 per cent., average 80
per eent; for first grado certificate
no grade below 80 per cent., average
110 per cent, in all branohes required
by law.
D. M. HrjNTKB, County 'Supt.
No Money CommtssloH.
55 q 1 gj
I can write you a farm loan at a
straight 7 per cent with the privilego
01 paying on any part 01 the prinot
pal at any interest payment.
J. It. 1
i i i i 4
Sole Agent for Webster County.
IVoiile proposlmr. to buy sewing machines
should not fall to boo the
Tbe Finest Machine Made In
The World.
Hvery purchaser ot a fino drawer Oak or
Walnut case receives free, n l'oerless button
hole attachment. Don't buy until you see the
niiKci uupruveu ocwiur nscniiiu.
Geo. Guilford, Agent.
To John Arnold and Rosettn Arnold! V
Yd aro hereb notlHed that James L. Brlt
tnn did, on the 3d day of November, A. i. ltoo,
pnrchase at public tax sale, of the treasurer oi
iruuswr county, MeDrasiia, ine following des
cribed land-lot situated In Webster county, No
"tnwij wiwii. aiid iiuiiii-nrsi iunrier OI BvG
(Ion 'J. townshln 3. niin-e Id. west cth n. m.. mnri
lazed In the sear 189 in tho name or John Ar
nold and was sold for tho taxes of said year
l&tt; anduni are further notlQed that the time
of redemption will ezulreon thoUitdayof No
vrmurr, iB-.r.-, uuu mum uix ueeu win ue execu
ted to the American Investment com
pany, assignee of iuU ocrtlllcato ot pur-
ehase. bv tlio trpasurnr nf Whitr rmmtv.
Nchiaska, unless redemption from said salo Is
iiuuu on or u lore saiu au uay or isovemoer,
isiti. You will govern yourselves accordingly,
Dated this 10th day of July, 18u
amkiiiuan iNViurMKMT Co., Assignee.
D y o. 0. J eel, Agent. SUt
ed Oioud,Nb.
Moon Blook.
Notice or Sale.
In Ibe matter of tbe estate of James Laird,
deceased. , ,
Kntlrn li hnrehv elvitn that In DUrsuSnce Of
an order of V. U. Tleall, JmJjto ot tho district
umirtui ,,cuBcr vuuuij, ,,,.. y ..
. mil
yuetotne hlpbest bidder for cash efol.
and lota o and 7 tn block e village of Bel Cloud.
Nebraska. Bald sale will remain open one
wtea Aug ,.. .jAM.ttpirty
l April, low, l"f mo ! ,-'" v"Tj-'T-Il.
herolnatter described, there will be sold at the
court house door, Ked Cloud, Neb., on the M
He who Wants Health Wants Everything!
V c' 'SVBSlH ''fSBH
t RRRRfiJBaVj. W;w"vW
, ;,;rrM'
- JHrIrrbbr
1. RVRtRRWiRRrsRk ' .S
;;:4rHrrHlP R''liSJB'
There are millions of pennons in thiB country who Buffer
from ohronio diseases or an affliction which incapacitates
them from business, and frequently makes life a burden,
many of whom would place themselves under different treat
ment if they were acquainted with the fact that a new
treatment was in reach of them. Kemodial agents for many
of those ills we have endeavored to secure. Of such we offer
totne afflicted one, on a business like banis. the maiiacment
of which we trust will be tempered by a moral and philau
thropio principle. '
W prtetlca tji Bnnkerhon- treatment of all forms cf SEPTAL DISEASES. Wa per
tonally owe a dsbt of gratitude to the father ana forager of this system and not to pub
lish to tin world inch knowledge, would be to do manldna an lnjnitiee. This Is tha
remedy ttatthorandi bless, and ono that I havo secured at great onejtrjedanj
tested before offering It to yon for yonr consideration and Investigation. Pescriptlw
pamphlets sent free on application. Offlco consultation free. Names of parties who hare
been cured cheerfully irlven on application.
L. D. Denney, M. D., Red Cloud, Neb
Lower than any yard in the world
Webster Co. Abstract Office,
JT. II. BAILEY, Abstracter and Proprietor.
Accurate Abstracta Promptly Furnished for any Lands In Webster
coanty. A complete and Accurate act or Abstract books
and a 10000 bond niedTltk county Judge Insures satis.
For Abstracts, Cheap Farm Loans or some
good Bargains in Real Estate, call ou
Warner & Warren,
Have opened a Eeal Estate Office,
Farm or City Property, or Auction off your Stock or House
hold Goods. Have some Bargains to offer to any
who call at this office,
2d Door North of F. & M. Bank, irsStaUp
Fire, LightningandTornado Insurance
RmawRmawRmRmVRmYRwRKsVflMwffiiSKiSsRi flffiWi'ifv
lshe Insurance Man, - Red Cloud, Neb.
Will lusuro your properly unalnst
Fire, Lightning,
Also, will insure your
represents the best company on earth
The old Continental of N Y.
CITY OFFICE-With J. H. Smith 1st door
south of F & M bant
and Tornado
crops against hail, He
r, ai1
ii r-r i wfi.iii.rtii
IS. "'',..
L'tJV'I'j.'iausj. -,..J.jL.Hiswniimii
' "'' - cf t-i zw urs"1. wy w my