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1 Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty," and One Dollar a year is the Price of The Chief.
By A. C. H
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb., Friday, July 10, 189 J.
Vol. 1H. No. 5U
Special Clearing Sale
At Ducker's Cash Dry Goods House,
Lambkin Plaids Syc per yard.
Ladies' Hose 5 and 9c per pair.
Children's Summer Vests at 6c.
Indigo Blue Calico 5c.
7c Unbleached Muslin for 5c
Be sure and see them.
Children's fast Black and Colored Hose at 6c.
Silk Mitts at 14 and 1 9c per yard.
10c Bleached Muslin for 7c
Ladies' Handkerchiefs 5c usual price 10c. x
Fast Black Organdie Lawns 12jc Parasols and Umbrellas at less than cost.
Fast Black French Satine at 19c. . - Spring and Summer Jackets at
half Usual Price, ie are determined to CLOSE OUT
And arc making the LOWEST PRICES ever heard of, Come at once and get
some of the bargains.
Geo. A. Ducker.
Departed Hale Life.
Died at the residence of Kev. Geo.
O. Yeiser, his brother-in-law, in this
city, on the morning of July 5th, 1801.
r. John Dillard. Dr. Dlllard came to
this place in Dec. 18S7, in feeble
health, and finding that his health im
proved, niado it his home and became
interested and identified Kith the in
terests of this community. He was
the son of Kev. R. T. Dillard, I). D.
of Lexington, Ky., and was born
June, 1830. lie chose medicine as
his profession and practiced it very
successfully, until about 18SL,
then gave it up on account of failing
health. In the fall of 1890, hi
health began to fail and he took a
trip to California. He turned to this
city in April last, in very bad health,
his nervous system greatly racked.
He was not able to go upon the street
after his return. The evening before
his death (4th) complained of noise,
cat heartily in the evening and walked
through the house, appeared in usual
health in past month. In the morning
his room was visited and not answer
ing call, his niece went into the room
and found him dead. Friends of Dr.
Dillard and family thought it better
to hold an Inquest and post mortem
examination. It was found that, "lie
died from natural causes" latty de
generacy of the heart, lie evidently
died without a struggle, calm and
composed as in sleep, doubtless passed
away in sleep.
. He was laid away by kind friends
in the cemetery lot by his sister, Mrs
Yeiser, as he requested to be. On
paper was written lately: '-For months
and months, brain and nervous system
gone. Help mo, I pray, U, God ! all
aid must come from Thee!" Ho v. J.
D. Pulis, D. Dr, pastor of th; Baptist
church, officiated.
I.OCMI, ii:rrv
Condition powder. of all Mud. at
Deyo keep the target Mock of jwt
ent medicine-.
Tin? best tock of machine oil i to
be found at DoyoV.
T. J. Wright of Glennwood, Iowa,
is in the city this week.
Go to Deyo and .ce hi bargain
in ramnanl of wall paper.
Chas. Hansen is the guest of I'eter
Hill, of Cow lea, this week.
The W. C. T. lT meets with Mrs.
Overing thi. month at 3 p. in.
4'llHM MM I'ptM DtM l.
' K.wu the Unrota ivruxl'
M A. Upton, Jonathan Chao and
Chariot M. Chao brought uil ngs'&t
J.W. Sherwood and I V Albright, hu
i, to tcuro the rovernal of n
tnulo u heroin plaintiff eichangod lot 1,
bUvk .H Lincoln, located at the north
ont corner of Twelfth and Q atrrot and
valued at 33,KM. sub.oct to a motgago
forflSW, for Mock in the Ued Cloud
National bank of far value f fc2AA.
Defendant amumed cTV0J of tha mort
gage and ChoftO and Upton put up a
lgid for d'A) to ercuro the parruont
of the remainder of it. Upton wan prom
imsI tho pcwiitiou of ctuililir tn tl Iwink
undor CIirm, but tho annua! i1cvIkq of
ollk-orn fruBtratfnl thu dcnign, aa a man
Jl ., ,
K. L. Tinker and wif', wore the namod Clary wan ltcdcahu'r through
guests of .Mr. and Mrs.
crson on -the 4th.
M. V. I)lck-
lriirieIor or the
City Bakery and Restaurant,
Tor a good Squnrc meal. Hoarding and Lodging by day or week
All kind or Fresh Bread, I'ieN and Cakes. Headquarter
Tor Orange, Lemon and Banana. All kinds or fresh
fruit and Candy, Xnl, Cigars, Tobaeeo, frewli Oysters,
and ICe eream in scaon.
Tos. Herburgek,
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infknts
and Cbildrcn. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
feverishncss. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates tho food regulates the stomach
-nd bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas-
5 iA is the Children's Panacea tho Mother's Friend.
- Cartoria Is aa excclleat medicine f or chil
dren. Kotheri have repeatedly told mo of its
good eff et upon tbek chHdrM."
Da. G. C. Osgood,
Castoria ts tho bet remedy for chfldreB of
hleh I am tcqoaintcd. I hope the day is eot
far distant wienmothers irlll com! k the real
Interest of the children, aad use Castoria in
stead of the raiious quadc Boatrums which are
deatroyifig their kyred oaea, by foreias opium,
morphine, sooOjiafr ayntp aad other hortful
vgents down their throats, thereby Beading
i to preBaataregraTec."
-' DB.J.F.EscB9bOC
Coewsy, Ark.
"Castoria is so well adapted taehQdresthat
I recommend it as superior toaay fraflcripttaa
known to i."
E. A.Aion.KIX,
HI So. Oxford St., Drook'tm-K. X.
'0r phyaidaas in the chUdrMv tfefart
ment hare spokes highly of their cxaeri
eace ia their outside practice with Castoria,
and although we only hare among ocr
medical suppliea what is known aa regular
products, yet we are free to confess that Uw
merits of Castoria has won as to look
Uxrrsa Hoarmi. as Diaiai usr,
juuk C. Samx, M,
Ctmfwy, TT Mmj ItrMt, lUw
Jlrs. JIarry Hopkius has returned
from a prolonged stay with her chil
dren in Omaha and Chicago.
A colony or two of English spar
rows have appeared here, If now they
would get iu a little work on the worms
that infest tho lettuce and cabbages),
wc might think better of them.
Harris & Hanawalt have just re
ceived a ton of granulated sugar and
a half ton of other grades. If wc do
not keep sweet, for the present fu
ture, it will not be their fault.
Mrs. Fanny Adams, of Uplarid, has
been visiting her sisters, Mrs. Hag.-r
and Mrs. Waller.
On the fourth several families had
a pleasant picnic in a grove at G.
Latta's. Another group had one at
Miller's grove. No orations at cither.
The lack was supplied by musiuitos ga
lore, who gave us pointers in abund
ance. Deacon Wilsou has opened a meat
market at the old stand, Thomas Paul
will serve customers when the Deacon
is away with his meat wagon.
II. J. Sheldon welcomed a new
daughter, early on Monday morning,
the girls are in the majority again in
that family.
The nice residence of II. C. Cutter
was burned with all its contents dur
ing storm on Monday night. It was
probably fired by lightning, early in
the night and when discovered was
too far gone to save anything. Mr.
Cutter arived witli bis bride, or Tues
day afternoon while the ruins of his
house were still smoking. It is a
great disappointment and a heavy loss
to them. Kvery body is sorry for
The storm of Monday night was a
big one and Kim creek has seldom
been on such a tear. It was as if all
the clouds held a meeting here and
north of here, ana shed all the tears
they could.
Electric Bitten.
This remedy w becoatag so well kmovc
and 50 popular as to seed bo special
meutton. All who hare nsed Electric
Bitters siag the same song of praisa. A
purer csedidne doe not exist, sad it is
guaranteed to do all that is daisaed.
Elactrio Bitters wrfll care all aaisaati ef
tbe Li?er and Kidneys, will renter Pisnnw
lea, Boils, Salt Rheum aad other efcctiMw
caaaed by impure blood. For earc ef
Headache, constipation aad ladigestSoe
try Electric Bitters Entire saliafafltica
isaaraateed, er money refnnded.Ptiao
Writ, aad fUQD per bottle at I H.
The 4th of Jnly passed off in fine
style in Red Cloud with the the ex
ceptions of the rain which fell in just
enough quantity to mar the pleasure
of the people. The program was ful
ly carried out and was splendid. The
fire works in the evening were the
best we have ever seen in lied Cloud.
The afternoon exercises were fair, and
every one seemed to have an excel
lent time, if the streets were slushy
and wet. The young Americas did
their part shooting firecrackers and
keeping up the national honor, while
the older heads took in the more se
rious sports, and the ladies, well they
had all that they could do to Keep out
of the rain. Altogether it was the
ocst 4tn oi duly celebration, or
would have been, that was ever held
in Red Cloud, had it not been for the
It seems to us that the upecch
of M. L Wheat, the 4th of July ora
tor, was the most wishy washy stuff
that was ever perpetrated upon a class
of all kinds of political people. He
took particular paias to deliver a
purely third party speech, to the dis
gust of every other party there, who
had paid his or her mosey for a 4th of
July speech, instead of a political
harangue thai contained neither sense
nor abi'ity. Wc do not know who was
to blame for it, but the speech was
very mach out of place for the occa
sion. No o&e objects to a maa's po
litical views, if he delivers them at a
proper period, but Wheat's speech
was aot ia the least appropriate for
the 4th, iaasmach as it was a rehash
of his campaign speech used last fall
whea here.
A Wemater Worker.
Mr. Frank Hat man. a reea
BatUagtoa Ohio, states that he had
nader the care of two preniaent pbj
skaana, aad meed their treatnaeat aata he
waa cot able to get aroaad. They pre
aoaaeed hia ease to be CeaaampUem, and
iaeerable. He was persaeded to try Dr.
Kiaafa New Diseeverr for feaaamplLja
Coagae aad eaUs aad at that time van
met able to walk aeree the etreet witacmt
resting. He f oaam, hefare he had aeed
half ef a dollar betties, that he wae maeh
better; he eaatiaeed to aa is aad ia to-
iday ajojtag good health. If yea have
aaj Xwfoat. Law eheai Treehte try it.
we narasMt Miwrawaaa. Trial
Polftics that is fall politics are
coming on apace. Tin: Ciiiek is in
favor of a straightforward republican
ticket, which is good tnough for us.
This is free America and every man
has an inalienable right to vote and
act as sccmcth best to him as long "as
he keeps within the pale of the law,
and it is our undivided opinion that
there is no party, pat or present,
oaganized or unorganized, that is any
better, or has any purer record, than
the grand old republican party. It has
been assammed that because the In
dependents carried the coujity last
fall that they will do m the coming
election. In this prediction wo be
lieve that it will be found to be an
error and the republicans will be
found in the race as cnthusastic as
ever, inc present republican om
cials have managed the affairs of
their offices as well and honestly as
any set of men could, and wc do net
believe that any party new or old
could elect more competent men than
hold our county offices. People have
not gone wild on theories that are
flighty to that extent that they can
not re ward an honest official for work
that has bcea worthily performed.
Messrs Ranney, Crone, Iluotcr,
Trunkcy, Tecl, Schenck, ctt., have
each and all been faithful to
their trusts and should be renomina
ted we believe and elected.
The Fowrth at Bladen.
Owing to threatening weather the
exercises were postponed until after
noon. A large number of people
were in attendance. R. C Best was
President of the day, and well did he
discharge his duties. The Red Cloud
Martial Band furaished the music,
and your editor delivered an address.
Besides the reading cf the dcclaraion
by Miss Householder, 3Iiss Charlotte
Hunter of Monnaoth, Illinois, recited
the "Drummer Boy of Misioa
Rid tee." Her rendition of that thrill
ins: piece surpassed that of many pro
fessioaals. The Xatioa editor and
the Red Cloud band were highly
pleased with the hospitality, kiadaeas
aad courtesy of the Bladen pfxiple.
Loag will the event be remembered
by thi participants.
A HawbemtVa 31 Make.
Busbanda too often permit wires, and
j parceta their children to suffer froea
hwnmcheVdlzzineaa, aeuralgis, fit, whew
by the ace of Dr. Milee' Retoratire Xer-
tub each reealta could be prevented.
Drag& ata every where say it given ttairer-
iin.iii.w, hu amm nn imaaeaeemue.
Woodworth Co, Fort Wayae. Iod.: f cepUWe to tte ecaa ram tfeaa
Saow ACb, Syraeaa. X. V aad haaWaaj other cUns, becaaw the timalet
I fret It UM. Veres
(Jo and sec the way prices arc cut
at Ducker s cah dry coods slorc f.r
today and tomorrow.
Charley Bundiow, of Colby, Kan.,
was m the city, on the Ith. shaking
hands with old friends.
Crops arc booming right along and
the prospects arc greater than ever
before for many years.
It would nol bo a bad idea if the
people would cut down the wccd.i
in front of their residences.
Charley Seclcy's familiar face was
to be seen on our streets, on the 4th.
Charity is now located in Omaha.
Nothing new with the banks an yet
that have failed, except that C. G.
Dorscy, of Beatrice, has been appoint,
cd rcccitcrof the Red Cloud Nation
al bank, and U here and assumed hii
The institute has closed and the
prospective teachers have returned to
their various homes to awatt the com
ing of "school lime," when they will
again instruct the young idea how to
Mis Jennie K. Sillin, of Pratt,
Kansas, is visiting with relatives in
the city, and in the vicinity of Cowlcs
and will prohbaly make her home for
several months in this city with her
grand-parents Dr. and Mrs. Schenck.
Pension attorney Simons, has just
received word that the claim of Zach
ariah Rusacrans, dependent father,
has been made special in the pensiog
I office oa the state of facts presented
in the affidavits furnished by him
Mr. Simons has bean admitted a a
regular pension attorney and is folly
authorized to procure pensions fox
soldiers of the late war. It.
If the people of this country do
not want so many paupers they
should restrict emigration. The fact!
arc that nine-tenths of the tramps
that arc heralded around over the
country by our demagogue speakers
are from foreign land who are to laiy
to work in the land of thir nativ
ity and were sent here to gat rid of
them, and arc ."till to lary to work-
Our old friend and well-known citi
zen, Mr. A. J. Welch, formerly B. 51.
Agent in this city has strack a streak
of luck. He was recently appointed
Acting Freight and General Passes
gcr Agent of the Padncah, TenaeaMC
and Alabama railway coapany. A. J.
is one of the best of fellows and
The Chief extends it- congratula
tion. on his appointment, know
ing that it is a deserved acknowlcdg.
raeat of his ability to fill the respon
sible position.
afHrklea's.nrnirrii Itc
lhe Kert 5jIto in the world forcaU,
Urcie, SoreT Ulcer-, Salt Rhesm. f erer
Sores Tetter, Chapped hand, Chilblains
Cora, aad all other Skin Ersptiens,
and poiitircij care pile, or no pay re
quired. It is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction or money ref saded. Trice 23
cent per box. For sale by L. IL Dvyo.3
tho mthmiooof S, Vh!, raWrof
the National Hank of (.'umtnerc. KanNt
City, n lirary criMhtor of tho KsJ t'loeil
bank in conmvnnco with th iWndanu
to tin' hUiL PlainllfTa mV that the
nt4K"k wns r?rtvntMl to tliui to 1 rnl-1
tmblo when thoy miulo the trad hint
March, but that they havn mnco liM"0r
oivd Ibat th liabilities of thrt bank at
that Litno woro imo$7r,) more than
tho aNt, nml tho capita! stock of no
valuo. Defendant Albright af thi
auditor nt tho Hum of tho abuo trad
and in tho party jpho Is allow! to hato
led pluintiir into tho deal by faW rop
roKontnliomt ns V) tho condition of the
bunk nnl of tho Plaintiff say
that among tho nnnoU wart a fO0,X
mortgage glvon by tho IUsl Cloud roller
inilbi, which wan roproaontwl to bo a tlrst
lion, but which pruvod to bo about fifth,
nnd tho bank had to oxontl ?7t0X in
aatiRf) ing'othor claimo. Thoro aa 1j
$10,(M) noU-H givon by tho IUhI Cloud
Klectric Light company and ondornol by
tho milling company. " Tho oloctrio light
jHoplo now claim that it wasonly au
accommodation nolo, and havo succooa
fully rotated llo cilloctoii. Allbrtght
had agrood to turn ovor tho control of
the otvctnc light company to Chaw.but
rofiiMii to do m. PlnntiffM aak that their
two notort for ?2p) each, thoir 3TJ
bond nnd thoir Lincoln projxrty U ra
turnod to thorn, and that plaintiffs b ro
qurietl to tnko back thoir worxi thnu
worthier bank aUx:k nnd awiuino all iia
biliU'ri tncurrod thorton bocauw of tho
allcgeil fact that Clary nnd tho defend,
anbi cntarod.into n conspirwy to and did
linnlly wrc;k th oank by depleting it
iiKfoUi und Hcattoring lU fumU. ,,
It Mms that tho Lincoln chafa, wka
enmodonnto ahow Ketl Ckwd fewopk)
how do thingn, got Irndly left oa their
own propunitionH. Tlioy ought not to
fujueal whon Uioy trado with thoir oyo
Tw the Kril 4 (oust .MtdUMi
Mrr. nt I he Nrt t'tam, tmm
HursnlM or nil latstet.
Adoelof htdn trr l$g
wld at U th-tn n)csle prlc
Jb Uu f Udk. chUdtra aa4
gonta andorrv. Udt aad thlasea
horry and pWtew, Ihj. half aoe?
gents Sue shirt Uuadtied nl af
hundrird, trchn n4 rtUniane
lacc, bead iHnttuiwg lrih trldiatUj;,
rcNci ind ether tiwbo. clrtx
liat tritnttJlnjj., hat aid hair oraa
mtuU, bJil, etin luichinf hJ
hair ulc. PetfutoorT. button and
thread, nuedtc ! ptn Jppt
fn ud jijooI. tktbt line.
Zcjhr, Saxony and cotton yraa
d4rting Milm. frilling, Udloa' aad
KCHt IjccV. wrar, cuffs and cellars,
(I rub linen.) crf, haadkrrchlrfa.
album, pi i J log and Mitln,f cards,
prnrii. olovks. tireal mducsavnls
oflctod t country dealer Mllliaery
good for "nr U( pn wholnale.
(IkKl. iiuit and will be sold t any
aorttlc Auction very 5,Uurday,
cooingnturnts 4icilu,
... i ....
Tho Kort ,ltrapt ivMujvmy har otry
transfer up ti tnto.'utid through tlswui Ui
tha only roltnUo w.r.- by hth It ia
poeaiWa In eVory uu'.m y l got an L.
lutoiy correct aUstrat I toJad.U in W.UUi
county without apjdying toUiotarn! offtVw
ia many raao for varlliU08 of t.Uo
ThoolUcontandatSjaslfaficn' Utootmi
pnny, otermily Mr L II Kart, M Mpert
a'vountait and n'wirmr, KaabaaT Uaf
iKTwmal sutiorvision f this aot flf 1
from tho foundation. Uking On
of oacfi and orory j.tut froui th UnI
ofllco, nUiming dato of Ijmuo nnl to hom
isaiiotl. Cr)n thi foundattmi ovry trans
fer hiuboon rocmlNl in it projor nrlcr
ami mujwi of alt dttvoa and ubl u
loan boiiig at iio-o rnatprhotuH!jti nam
rrlutMo. Attorney ta,a!iw a ?
an s.
Almal fMSBMinako.
During intense fceai, such aar is now
prevailing, phytkia&s look for surtromm
and prostrations by beat at any naosnaat.
Any one ia liable to be oTercom, aad tA
penoual care will do a good dl In pre
venting a au&atroke, Whea the beat ooa
ticea through the night aad humaairy
deprived of refreahlcg wt,the coostitB
tion aooa becomea weakeced asd tb
The leaat expoaara to tha Wat ia tl beat
always, asd wha peopSa ara eoaraaBad to
to expose thecBaefrea it is a good idea to
ware x small apoea or wet cJoth ixtl
bat. It adriaaba not to axoaaa is tkia
Idfid cf weather, but tkia ia aot aa iatpor
tact aa drifikni rVnsoaa who ara add;
ted to Xh aa of afaoeolic laoa a
The nummcr KlMf .
Thw ia UK
I'm Btandio' in my
I'arn door.
Smoking city ae'gara
Which tho men folks
(Jivo mo a-hopin
To bribo mo fur
IJettor grub.
Don't you knowMK!
Why, I'm tho fanner
Yahoo, hayfied, greeny
Hut I Uko
Summer borders?
Yc. an I kinera
Whe city board
Coca down.
Mine goe up
Way up, to 100 ia the shade.
Do I Work? Well.
I gwwff no.
Not now, Iut way a,
Sor when city geota
And their ladle
Want air an
Condensed milk
An' kptrn
An' comshuk
UkU. Oh, no!
I give 'em aS thewe, Uw
Fur a pnee-
My wife aa me au" the gabr
Drinks cres in
Summer, you bet.
Hoard la high-priced.
The dal- u hMrh-tosed'
aim hous t bigu.
An' wa lire high
Yd, isdeed !
As I smoke
Ia tha oarxyard
'Cause it cold
The only cool plac?
Os the farm.
-Am I in Hr
Aa the city feHer mez
Well. I Sce
altmrtor, prt&Mon a!J work fstaalwaaw
nQlro and if any irrMtarftjpisaahp.
currrI ititho cousAaaMile1r cu.
tinorii got tha bayjait ffaiaf hi vKloa
asd eakawav-IM 0ud I)mocra4.
Attorney Porter kaa, thU far fc"i
like mozik of Jsly pnxared tx -
joa, tmd if dooUed. refercao- caa W Txit a4 t t$
hid to ht recora.
J rede ef ethara say -it the greatk aaUer
taey ever saew." Tnal Lo-t! cad iae
bookoaNerroaje Pis nam, frccstC.Ii.
at all
the tamnajcaUira. The
uses bboski ls i3 KM tfie KmwaUtre
aa low aa poasib. Ia the dty fajy sine.
tea tits of the eaaaa of heat aroatno
-Sara mew addicted to te we of Int-sor.
U. Smith reoptewae are weak meauay are aiso
Ed Smith. a ef J. this week ra MfMeafiSrTrrrt
ana left this ere a m r far Salt Jake .'aeariy aHwaya raawllW ia iaaskr TJ-.T
where he teee tale the leaser basi
aea witli kia WfUer WiU.
of icebama
" i?'f lH" Hrrrrl oi arre,
6 CXL. Coiling dragglat, Mmro that
the Ja&Trt of u-va l ;rafraooe.
Therefore he jr)ta in kopng th o
tlntft lino of pffimf-rioi, ami u Ut
artlclo, tlrtjgw atd brtnirn) cmUrf
markat. Hojorally invJtll Mr?e
who halo palpiUt'm. ahorl breat. )
in aitlo or houlb-r. drot-y hvrt ittwaa,
to try Dr Miba' uno'iunll Sow (aart
Curo, beforr it m k Uto. ft ha the
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