The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 12, 1891, Image 2

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A. O. HOSMER, Publisher.
Michael Davitt's Labor World has
suspended publication.
The Italian wheat crop is at present
in a strong and healthy condition, and
there is every prospect of an excellent
The czarewitch opened the first por
tion of the Transsiberian railroad at
Valdivostock, and laid a memorial tab
let amid a scene of great enthusiasm.
Wheat rose seven marks in Berlin
after It became known that Chancellor
Von Caprivi had stated in the lower
house of the Prussian diet that the
ministry had decided agaipst any re
duction in the corn duties.
Henbt Clews says there is no doubt
but Secretary Foster will agree with
the bankers that it will be to the best
interests of the country to extend the
maturing' of the 4K per cent bonds
afterSeptembcr at '2 per cent
The British consul at Hamburg re
ports that the time is not far distant
when that place will be lost to the Brit
ish coal industry. The English coal
producers now send about 1,500,000
sterling worth of coal to Hamburg.
The jury at Indianapolis, IntL, in the
Lemon-Reinhold case, in which Rein
hold, a former lawyer of that city, was
tried for robbery, returned a verdict
against Rcinhold, sentencing him to
ten years' imprisonment and to pay a
fine of 8500.
It is reported that the czar, in re
sponding to a personal appeal made by
an exalted personage on behalf of the
Jews in Russia, said he was determined
to continue his measures of Jewish re
pression with a view to a solution of the
Jewish question.
Thk Baltimore World announces the
formation of a new political party at a
becret meeting of prominent citizens.
It favors only Americans for public
cflice and is opposed to foreigners on
the ground that they will eventually
disrupt the union.
M. L. Boldeit. a guard at the Pied
mont (Ga.) broom factory, ran away
with Eliza Randall, a female convict
They were located by the sheriff and
captured after a long chase The Ran
dall woman is a life prisoner, having
received sentence for tho murder of her
The miners who were shut out of
Westphalia after going on a strike have
nearly all drifted back to work, the
employers finding that they could not
do without the skilled labor of their
former men. It is also said that the
government gave a hint favorable to
the exercise of lenity.
Richard Goiidelieb, a music teacher
In the Pennington, N. J., seminary, says
he has sent a challenge to the Emperor
William to fight a duel with pistols. He
claims to have had his business ruined
in Germany by the emperor and Bis
marck for revealing state secrets. He
is regarded as insane.
At the Galveston, Tex., city election
It L. Fulton was re-elected mayor for
the sixth consecutive term, making a
period of .twelve years continuous ser
vice' He defeated W. II. Nichols who,
during Cleveland's administration, was
doorkeeper of the house of congress,
defeating him by about one thousand
The marriage of Miss Uattic, the
youngest and only single daughter of
Secretary Blaine, to Mr. Truxton Bcalc,
minister to Persia, son of Gen. Bcalc,
of Washington, and brother-in-law to
John It McLean, proprietor of the
Cincinnati Enquirer, is announced to
take place early next fall. Miss Blaine
has gono to Europe for her trousseau.
It is stated ex-President Cleveland
has secured a lease with purchase op
tion of what is known as the "Joo Jef
ferson place" in Saddle river valley,
near the line that divides New York
state and New Jersey. Tho estate
comprises about fifty acres. The
large stone house upon it which it is
.said the cx-prcsidcntwill use for a sum
mer house, is long and low, being built
tn Dutch style. The farm is in the
prettiest part of the valley and the
house is surrounded by beautiful lawns
and shade trees.
The American nurserymen's associa
tion, in session at Minneapolis, Minn.,
tok a shy at the world's Columbian ex
pedition, the object of their attack be
ing the horticultural department One
of the members read a paper in which
Wnlter D. Maxwell, head of the depart
ment was characterized as a "dude"
auti "a man who wears a new necktie
crery day and buys a pair of patent
levther boots every week." After a
long discussion resolutions were
ad )ptcd unanimously protesting against
Maxwell's confirmation.
A Berlin dispatch says that the
bankers of that city have given no
tice to their agents and custom
er that Russian- securities will no
longer be dealt in by them and that
onlers for such securities will
not be filled. It is said that
similar action has been taken at
V'nna aad Frankfort and that in
London an identical movement is un
drr consideration. As to the effect
upon Russia opinion is divided. The
c?ar's government is amply supplied
with funds and has given up the idea at
present of converting the loans which
it-was proposed to redeem with the aid
of the Rothschilds.
Rev. Mr. Moodt, a well known Win
nipeg divine, went to Portage, Man., to
conduct the prosecution of half a dozen
hotel keepers who had violated the
liquor laws. He secured a conviction,
and whea leaving the court room was
mobbed, but escaped with slight injur
ies, taking refuge in theIethodist par
sonage. Later in the day, when Mr.
Moody arrived at the depot to take the
train for Winnipeg, he met a warm re
ception, the liquor men first covering
his clothes with rotten eggs and then
assaulting him. He was badly injured.
Rev. Mr. Duncan, who went to his as
sistance, had his nose broken and was
otherwise badly handled.
A Madrid dispatch says that accord
ing to current report the revolutionary
party of Portugal intends shortly to
make another effort to overthrow the
laoaarchy and that newsof the encoun
ters between British and Portuguese in
South Africa has greatly strengthened
the movement for a change. Among
the people the feeling toward England
is one of the most exaspe Ating, which
is none the less hitter because theyieel
their-inability to'da nay aerionshnrm.
Appeals tore been received for rein
foreamaam, hat the only mattage to
Aftjn"ince the- eneonnter has keen
one directing the Portuguese to remain
within bonads and not under' any cir
nieiittTt" te fight with the amgiiah,
c0maMt)an WiU repay aaj
damage ar trtapaas done.
Sj- .& f
Gleaned By Telegraph and Ifafl.
A disi'atch from Vancouver says
that parties interested in the Behring
sea fisheries are known to be getting
ready to sail under tho German or
Italian flags in the event of aeloae time
arrangement between Great Britain and
the United States.
Considerable surprise is exhibited
in English and Irish ecclesiastical cir
cles at Rome at the failure of the pee
to appoint an Irish cardinal. Two no
blemen were sent as special envoys to
notify Monsignor Rotelli at Paris aad
Moneignor Gruscha at Vienna of their
Dispatches received at St Petera
burg from the districts of Samara and
Simbersk state that the peasants re
cently revolted against the authorities.
The revolt was only suppressed after a
number of desperate aad bloody con
flicts between the peasants and troops.
Prime Minister De Fretcinet, of
France, denies that French men-of-war
are interfering with tho bait supply in
Newfoundland and discredits the re
port that a French officer had warned
the inhabitants living near St Pierre
bay not to sell bait to United States
The pope, in order to provide against
all possible contingencies, has just con
cluded a definite wilL In this he be
queaths all his personal property to the
holy see.
A Chilian insurgent cruiser recently
defeated the government flotilla.
The people's party of Iowa has put a
full state ticket in the field, headed by
A. J. Wcstfall for governor.
The state department has been offi
cially informed by Consul-Oeneral Kim
berly of a change in the ministry of the
government of Guatemala and of the
appointment of Senor De Leon as min
ister of foreign relations.
The confederate monument at Jack
son, Miss., was unveiled on the 3d.
The Connecticut supreme court has
decided the "for" ballot case in favor
of Morris, the democratic candidate for
governor. This decision favors the
democrats and is a point gained by
them in the contest for the governor
ship. Judge T. N. Edwards, district attor
ney of Carson, Nev., committed suicide
by shooting himself. He had been suf
fering for some time from nervous
prostration, brought on by acute ill
ness. Bisuor Flasch, of the Milwaukee
Catholic diocese, is suffering from can
cer of the stomach and his recovery is
There has been another fight be
tween an insurgent vessel and the gov
ernment flotilla at Valparaiso, Chill.
The flotilla was defeated and the
cruiser steamed away.
Benson J. Lossino, the well known
historian, died at his home in Chestnut
Ridge, N. Y., on the 3d of heart failure
at the age of 78 years. The deceased
was born at Beck man, February 12,
Georoe W. Turner has resigned the
office of publisher of the New York
World and has been succeeded by Man
ager Dillon, late of St Louis Post
Dispatch. Mr. Turner goes to the Re
corder, in which he is said to have ac
quired a proprietary interest
The new Chilian congress convened
by Balmaccda, which is now in session
and in which Balmaccda's friends claim
all but two provinces arc represented,
has placed absolute power in his hands.
Baron Ludwio Fischer Von Naovs
Szalatuias, proprietor of the great
Wernberg estate in Hungary, is about
to join Emin Pasha in German cast
Africa and link his fortunes to those of
the African explorer.
The president has appointed William
D. Owen, of Logansport IncL, superin
tendent of immigration. Mr. Owen is
45 years of age, represented the Tenth
congressional district of Indiana in the
last three congresses and was t'ic
author of the new immigration law.
He was strongly backed by labor or
ganizations for the position.
The report has agaiu been started
that Secretary Noble will resign on ac
count of bad health.
Harris A. Smiler, James J. Slocum
and Joseph Wood, all tinder conviction
to suffer death for murder, but who had
appealed to the federal courts, have
been resentenced by Judge Barrett to
be. electrocuted at Sing Sing prison dur
ing the week beginning July next
M. Jouanno, a banker of the Rue de
Richelieu, Paris, who acted as trustee
for most of the exhibitors at the French
exhibition now being held in Moscow,
has absconded, leaving liabilities esti
mated at $400,000.
The recent rainstorms covered nearly
the entire area of the United States.
Two or three tornadoes attended the
storms. In South Dakota three lives
were lost
Walter P. Franer, of Williams
port N. J., and William It Smith, of
Hallcsville, N. Y., freshmen in Rutgers
college were drowned while bathing in
tho canal at New Brunswick, N. J.
Three white men have been killed
by Shawnee Indians on the north fork
of the Canadian river in the Indian
Territory. The Indians asserted the
men were horse thieves, but a good
many believed they were Oklahoma
boomers. Tho Indians bear a good
All the section men on the Wheeling
fc Lako Eric road, 250 in number, went
out on a strike for an increase in wages.
They had been paid 91.10 a day, but de
manded SL25.
A frame building on the west side,
Chicago, fell the other day, killing
three men who were carousing under
the structure.
On the Grand Bay plantation in
Coupee parish. La., a number of ne
groes were playing craps. A dispute
arose, which resulted in the killing of
Willie Jennings. Levee hands at once
hanged Alexander Campbell, Sam Hum
mell and another negro.
The president has reduced the six
years' sentence of Robert Sigel, son of
Gen. Sigel, to two years and nine
months, and directs that a pardon be
Issued to young Sigel then.
A boiler explosion at DusartTs saw
mill, near Bedford, lad., on the 3d
killed eight men.
Bill Wtatt, alias "Six Shooter
Jack," who killed the telegraph oper
ator at norton, L T., last fall, has been
A sudden gale caused a panic on the
Latonia race tracks, near Cincinnati.
Fortunately no one was hurt in the mad
Gales are reported to have done: con
siderable mischief to shipping on Lake
Nine persons were killed aad many
houses blown down by a harricaae la
the Susa valley, Italy.
RcssELtufc Co.. with houses ia China,
London and New Yorkvis ..reported in
difficulties. tX- -
The German government is rednciag
tae staff or. bpandan arms factory
l;teo to 400 men. Thee is -much
content among tae meaacoeeeqi
The ceases of Ireland ho we a-kaje
reduction lariaf; the deeade.
Thx presiding omeer.of tea Par:
boar announce thai ILYereim,,
broker who did arj extaamve ba
nana a. defaulter on hmcoatvae..
HJsliahmties are estimated to initial
4eMe,M franca,
py i.awo h MaJm.iLii mmi,ISSsseifftsateA
The ShafeMt distillery. Chicago,
on ire the other day. The lose
iiuim iwu u tla aUatillerr
whiaky treat fa said to be energetically
endeavoring to destroy.
Liohtnino ceased a terrible explo
sion at Waach Wleehaw'a dynamite
factory, at Schlebueeh, near SoUagea,
Germany. Several persona Were killed,
aad many were injured.
The Hew York Dmpateh Pahlkalag
Co. is ia the ahermTa himmier
exeenttaaaacfreratiacfHlTi. Capital
etoek, fUMM. The eneay pnb
mM feeBew York Dhmateh, the
oi the Ceaacll-HaU-M eLeetei
Cev, ef Nashville, Team, useae
aienment Liabilitiea, t4Ti,ae.
eat misted attTOMtl -'
Tan Itata waa quietly eerrendered to
Ada. MeCaaa on hererrival at Iqaique.
The surrender had been prearranged.
The whisky trust has at last secured
posaetsion of the Shnfeldt and Calumet
distilleries, Chicago.
TrfE Wichita and affiliated tribes
have eonuacnoedjngnlng with the gov
ernment commission.
Peasants are reported starving to
death ia parte of Russia. The exactions
of tax collectors continue nevertheless.
The Shawnee Indiana who recently
killed three white men in the Indian
territory have been discharged. The
dead men were recognized as outlaws.
The Shawnees, on being released,
headed a party in penult of the Dalton
gang of train robbers.
Cait. Moonet, of London, England,
defeated Murphy, of New York, in a
pigeon shooting match at Hollywood,
Asbury Park, N. J. The score was 87
to 82. Twenty-five thousand dollars
was was wagered. The stakes were
f 1,000 a side.
Three bull fighters have been killed
in Spain. They were given pompous
The secretary of the treasury has
called upon a number of national bank
depositories to transfer to the sub
treasury a portion of the amount of
public moneys held by them and not
needed for the transaction of public
The band of brigands who recently
seized a number of passengers on an
express train between Constantinople
and Adrianople and who sent one of the
prisoners to secure a ransom of 940,000,
now decline to receive the ransom un
less Israel dismisses the escort accom
panying him.
A correspondent at Odessa tele
graphs that the recent heavy rains have
benefited the wheat crop in southern
Russia so greatly that the harvest will
probably be but little below the ave
rage. It had been expected that there
would be an extensive shortage, owing
to drought
John You, an inmate of the county
hospital at Reading, Mass., deliberately
starved himself to death in that insti
tution. He went without food for
twenty-seven days. He was terribly
The census of London shows a popu
lation of 4,211,056. The outer ring has
a population of 1,422,270 a total of
The schooner C F. Hill brings news
that the grip is creating great havoc
among the natives of Alaska. Hun
dreds have died, at the rate of a dozen
per day. There arc no doctors on the
island and no medical stores.
The Union seminary has voted to re
tain the services of Dr. Briggs, thus to
a certain extent defying the Presbyte
rian general assembly.
Tub kaiser is said to be utterly aston
ished at the baccarat trial, as in Ger
many nobody playing against the heir
to the throne would think a moment oi
A passenger train on the Denver &
Rio Grande ran into a rain washed cul
vert about fifteen miles south of Den
ver, CoL The passengers were consid
erably shaken up.
While engaged in a row over a game
of monte at Fort Douglas, Utah, Rufus
Smith, a private of company C, Six
teenth infantry, shot and fatally
wounded William Carter, of company 11.
Business failures (Dun's report) for
the seven days ended June 4 numbered
224, compared with 254 the previous
week and 205 the corresponding week
of last year.
M. PontEDorosTSEFE, chief of the
holy synod of Russia, has issued rcgu
lations which provide that students of
all religious denominations must attend
lessons in the orthodox catechism and
that all industrious establishments
must have an orthodox church within a
distance of twenty kilometers.
The machinery of the steamer Itata
is in a bad state and it will require
some days to put it in order again.
When the necessary repairs are com
pleted the Itata will leave for San
Diego, Cat, convoyed by the United
States steamer Charleston.
n. T. McCabb, the husband of May
Inez McCabc. the murderess of Jadge
Stein, of Hidalgo, who was confined ia
the Hidalgo county jail, Mexico, on a
charge of conspiracy to murder and
rob, broke jail.
The buildings of the Cleveland (a)
Hardware Co. burned to the ground.
Loss, $150,000; insurance, 9100,000.
The brigands who recently captured
a number of Germane from' a railway
train between Constantinople and Adri
anople, whom tbey held for ransom,
released their prisoners.
The Vienna correspondent of the
London Standard says that at least a
dozen persons were killed ia the recent
lightning storm there.
The northern part of Italy has been
visited by serious earthquakes. Four
persons were killed and seventeen in
jured. Clearing house returns for the week
ended June 6 showed an average de
crease of 2S.2 compared with the corre
sponding week of last year. In New
York the decrease was 29.5.
Omnibus drivers of London have
struck for shorter hours.
After a loag aad exciting debate the
Portuguese chamber of deputies by a
vote of 105 to 6 ratified the convention
with England.
The census office has ran out of
funds and many clerks will have to be
There is a coal famine ia northern
Iowa consequent upon the strike.
Skcrktakt Bras, has issued orders
prescribing the rules aad regulations
to gorcrajthe shipments and transpor
tation of cattle from the United States
te foreign countries under the aew law
providing for the safe transportation of
such animals.
Doccxexts which have been dis
covered at Bonn, Prussia, where
Beethoven was bora in 1778, prove that
the Beethoven family came origiaaUy
from Antwerp aad that they were pro
fessional musicians.
Sin John A. Macdonald, premier of
Canada; died on the eight of the th.
Mrs. Duncan, who was recently mar
dcroasly assaulted by her husband at
Bcttwa-Y-Coed, in Wales, is dying.
The rennblican candidate was elected
mayor of Wilmiagtoa, DeL
Financial conldcacn has been re
stored in London. Prices are much
Won has beea received of thekOliag
of Frank Cathehy Apache Iadiaaanear
Arizpe, Ariz. Cathe was employed aa
a swamper on a male traia. There
were two ether aaea with the taaaja
HrtufAX ZKixnr waa recently
drowaed while bathing in a iah pond
near West Poiat
Elxex Youno, a farmer aged M
yean, who Uvea with his mother near
Lincoln, died recently from glanders,
which diaraert waa contracted f:
aome horses that he was treating.
ORbcextlt John Beckmaa, a G
living twelve miles north of Oelambaa,
eommltted aaidde by hangiag. He waa
TO years old. The only reason that
could be aaafgaed i or the act waa pov
erty aad poor health.
Tee large dwelliag hoeee of Frank
JoUnek, a farmer living three miles
aonthof Crete, burned to the groaad
the other afternoon. Lose, heavy. The
feaikUag was lasured ia the Nebraska
Sc Iowa Co., lately defaact
The total aaseeaed valuation of rail
roads in Nebraska, aa determined by
the state board of equalization, ia 130,
265,917.80; total assessment of palace
cars, $158,534.12, and total asaesaaent
of telegraph companies, 1210,184.34.
Henrt Baldore, a dairyman living
northwest of Irvingtoa, was fatally in
jured the other evening while unhitch
ing his team at home. The horses be
came frightened and ran, dragging him
over the rough ground. Death resulted
one hour after the accident
Two safes were cracked at Lincoln
the other night by burglars. The one
belonging to the Consolidated Tank
line was drilled and blown open and
three city warrants worth $8,400 taken.
The safe of Therod &. Chandler waa
treated in a similar manner aad $440
The house of Valentine Beck, a
farmer residing near Bearer City, took
fire during the recent tjmporary ab
sence of Mr. and Mrs. Beck and their
two children, a girl of six and boy of
two years, perished in the flames. The
parents were within sight of the fire,
but were unable to reach home before
it was too late.
During a late storm near Merna the
residence of H. B. Anderson was total
ly demolished by lightning, and al
though at the time it was struck there
were eight persons sleeping in the
house, no one was injured. The light
ning tore every bedstead but one to
pieces and bolts of lightning went
through every room.
The nine-year-old son of Patrick
Guinane was picked up from the side
walk at Columbus the other evening in
an unconscious condition and died the
next morning. It was found out later
that he, in company with other boys,
had found a number of bottles of medi
cine that had been thrown in the alley
back of a store. He drank from one of
the bottles with the result mentioned.
According to reports from every sec
tion of the slate the outlook for farm
ers haa not been better since the first
sod was broken in Nebraska. There is
a large acreage of small grain in nearly
every section from which reports are
received, and corn will also be largely
increased, although planting had just
fairly begun in many parts when the
reports were made.
Now that Mrs. Sheedy has licen ac
quitted at Lincoln of the charge of hir
ing the negro, Monday McFarland, to
murder her husband, it is stated that
she refuses to pay tho $2,500 expenses
incurred by her uncle in her behalf
during the trial, and in addition left
him responsible for $3,600 for an attor
ney's fee, and also shows a disposition
to repudiate the fee of $12,000 promised
Mr. Strode.
In the United States court at Omaha
the other day James Moore, pension
attorney of Valley, was found guilty of
defrauding Mrs. Mary Qugin, a decrepit
old woman, of a large sum of pension
money. When the verdict was an
nounced the judge administered a se
vere rebuke to the convicted attorney
and remanded him for sentence, warn
ing him that he would get the full ex
tent of the law.
A feud of long standing between two
farmers living eight miles north of
Hartington culminated the other after
noon in a shooting affray in which
Joseph Drees fired five shots at Bernard
Koch. None of the shots took effect
One bullet pierced Koch's hat while
another cut away a portion of his
whiskers. Drees was arrested and
waived examination. He was placed
in jail in default of 81,000 bonds.
Charlet Shepherd and Christian
Fuerst who murdered Carl Pulsifer
December 10, 1889, and then robbed the
body of $20, were hanged at Fremont
on the 5th. Shepherd nearly fainted
on the gallows, but Fuerst acted en
tirely unconcerned. When the men
were asked if they had anything to
say, Fuerst replied nothing," but
Shepherd said: "We are the men who
did the deed, and therefore no one else
can be accused of if
While the family of Louis Cedar, re
siding near Genoa, was at supper the
other evening Mrs. Cedar saw a man
lurking about the premises with a gun.
She Informed her husband, who started
for his gun, and his wife again stepped
to the door when she received a charge
of shot in the face and breast When
Mr. Cedar reached the scene he saw a
man, who proved to be his own father,
Peter Conrad, running across the
prairie. The next morning old man
Conrad was found dead at his residence
from the effects of a dose of poison. He
had been a hard drinker and whea un
der the influence of liquor waa very
abusive to his family, which caused his
wife to take refuge with the yoaag
man, and the father had threatened to
kill the whole family.
Tracet Garter was bitten by a rat
tlesnake while recently on her way to
school near West Point She displayed
great presence of mind by tying a
string above the place where she waa
bitten. With the aid of a physician she
has recovered.
Jacob A. Narrow, one of the cap.
tains of the fire department of Lincoln,
has been arrested on a charge of arson.
It is intimated that he set fire te his
house to get the heavy insurance and
to avoid the foreclosure of certain
Nebraska did full honor to the mem
ory of her heroic dead on decoration
Emil Kubcke, a Bohemian boy of IS
years, was recently arrested at Geneva
for raising a check from $34 to $84.
At Fremont the jury in the case of
the state against Fulton Cramer for
committing criminal assault upon Mes
Spaagler returned a verdict of guilty.
W. BL Watson, an Elm Creek barber,
recently committed suicide by shooting
himself because he was amitten with a
fifteen-year-old girl whose part ate far
bade her marriage.
James A. Coolet. ex-conaty jadge
and aa old soldier, waa found dead ia
bed at Niobrara the other morning.
He ne a bachelor aad waa alone
stricken with n fit of apoplexy.
The bam of Montie Wheeler.
Albion, waa lately struck by lightning
and burned together with three horeea,
two males, a baggy, mower, hay rake
aad ether implemeata.
Stanton, waa recently
his wagon by n runaway
aad instantly killed. Urn
aad four children in poor
Dcrins a late storm at 03feUl Mm
Akmao Bier waa killed by lightning
while standing in her 4oor. Two of
her ehOdrea were staadiag near aad
shacked considerably, hat net
Dtrectan ef V
BIT Um Tese m the I
New York, Jane a. The directors of
Uaioa theological seminary have met
aad declared their position on the ques
tion of the right of the general assem
bly of the Presbyterian church to veto
the transfer of Prof. Charles A. Briggs
from the chair of Hebrew to the chair
of biblical theology. The resolution
paaaed at their meeting held yesterday
aftecaeea ia aa fellows:
Resolved, Thai the hoard ef directors.
after having taken legal advice aad
after dae consideration, see no reason
te ehanga their eiewa on the aabjectef
the transfer ef Dr. Briggs, and feel
bound, in the dieeharge ef their duties
under the charter aad constitution ef
the semiaary, te adnre te the same.
The intent ef the vote paed by the
general aseemhty at ita receat semioa
ia Detroit waa that Dr. Briggs sheaM
cease to be a professor in the Uaioa
seminary. The effect of the resolution
given above is that it ia the judg
ment of the directors that the veto
was a usurpation of powers never given
or iateaded to be given to the general
assembly, and that since the veto was
illegal, the appointment stands, and Dr.
Briggs will continue as professor dur
ing the coming year as during the past
seventeen years.
The fact that a struggle n in prog
ress behind closed doors was evident
when Prof. George A. Prenti.v stag
gered out into the hall after the discus
sion had been under way for two
hours, and nearly sank to the floor
through weakness brought on by over
excitement The venerable professor's
body shook like a leaf and he had to be
assisted to a private room until he had
recovered. Thee Ih Hastings left his
place in the meeting and accompanied
the professor to his home.
Only one ballot was taken on the
resolution and the vote stood 20 to 2 in
favor of its passage. The directors of
the seminary express ignorance as to
the duties of the committee of fifteen
appointed by the general assembly, but
say that they will receive them with
all the courtesy possible when tbey
visit the city.
It is evident now in the face of tho
present action of the seminary directors
that the visit of the general assembly
committee will be useless.
Hla Wife aad Daaahter Will Hit Noth
ing to Io With Hlm-Mctttnmn on tbr
Leavenworth, Kan., June 6. The
wife and daughter of Benson, on tria
here for the murder of Mrs. Metttnan,
have repudiated him. John Mettman,
husband of the murdered woman, was
on the stand yesterday. He testi
fied that he gave all his earnings to his
wife, the murdered woman. He saw
her for the last time Sunday evening,
March 23, 1890, at 5 o'clock, in the
yard. He was fixing a swing for
Mrs. Rautzahn's children, a hoy of
8 and a girl of 5. Mrs. Rautzahn and
Henry Mettman, the son, were at home
at the time. Mrs. Mettman wore a
"dark complected suit" he said, and
they were both in good humor he and
Mrs. Mettman. He saw her leave the
gate due cast He next saw her the
day she was burled, while he was un
der arrest This was the Sunday fol
lowing. He did not remember that she
took anything with her and noticed
nothing unusual in her manner. They
had been married thirty-four years.
He had married her in Platte county.
Cross-examined by Judge Webb the
witness testified that they had always
lived together pleasantly. Kight years
ago she had tried to get a divorce, but
she took it back. She didn't get the
divorce. They didn't get married
again. They had lived apart for three
Mr. Webb asked if this trouble was
not due to his drinking habits and his
bad treatment of his wife?
Judge Riner interfered here on the
ground that this was hardly relevant
Mettman went on to say that he was
under arrest three weeks, but did not
know on what charge.
Statute Ned Krpalra to I'rerent an Orrr
wbelMlaa flood.
Washington, June A. (Jen. Jamc
G. O'Bcrne, deputy commissioner of im
migration at New York, who is in
Washington conferring with the treas
ury officials about immigration matters,
says the new immigration law, while
effective as far as it goes, is not yet
comprehensive enough, and that con
gress will be compelled to amend
it next winter. The law, he
thinks, lacks the positlvcncs
usually given to health lmards. Some
thing, he says, will have to be done tc
prevent the arrival of unskilled laborer?
who displace Americans in order that
corporations may pay leas wages. De
spite the contract labor law mea who
have beea foremen or superintendent?
go abroad and secure large gangs oi
men, bringing them over to this country
in detached sections and keeping se
cret the matter of their contract He
says, also, that this state of affairs
can only be remedied by the watchful
ness of officers of the labor unions, who
can aid the immigration bureau by no
tifying it at New York or Washington
when gangs of workmen appear in their
town under suspicious circumstaaccs.
The facts would then be investigated
and the mea, if tbey came here under
contract and arc discovered withia a
year, caa be returned to the country
from whence they came.
Cfcaaaa of Manager
Cincinnati. Juae . The directors
of the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago &
St Louis railway met and declared a
quarterly dividend of l per cent oa
the preferred stock, an! a semi-annual
dividead of IK percent on the common
stock. The resignation of General
Manager W. M. Greca was prescated
aad accepted with regrets, and the
board elected ia his place Joseph Ram
sey, Jr., who has beea assistant to the
president the last earned office being
abolished. Presideat Ingalls will go to
Europe July 1. leaviag the newly
general manager m charge.
Philadelphia. Jaae a. GW
Marsh, the fagMve presideat of the
Keystone bank, is said to be ia hiding
withia a few- mile of this city, and
while the detective have beea scouring
the country for him and watching the
departing ocean steamers for South
American porta. Marsh haa remaiaed
snugly hidden away at the little town
of Uawood. So asserts Francis W.
Lawreace, a reputable dtiaen of Taar
lew, aear Chester, who claims to
have traced Marsh to his lair. Law
reace haa beea made a constable te
catch him.
Cincinnati, Jane . Mrs. Anna Mey
heaT, aged 71 years, waa foe ad hi her
517 Sycamore street iaahalf-
half-kneeUac aoekiea and
to death by natoat twine by
which she hanged herself. Terror at
electrical- storm ia said to he the
erC P. Mill
ewa that the grip
mereatiag great
trresof Alaska.
heroa amonrthe
at the rateaf a
arc ao doctors ea the k mad.
Srtaa aiaa
FaAncsece. Jui
fj a n. s a - n
VavmnawB B6v HI'i AeunyeTw
Irilaed laetaueat at tao At-
laterferenea a rclf ra VHk
St. Pacu Mian.. Jane i Rlace the
publication of hie interview regarding
the cable repot U of the petition to the
pope for the districting of foreign Ua
migraaU ia America on national Hera,
Archbishop Ireland haa aa4 uaaay tele
grams aad letters of Indorsement of his
views. Yesterday he took up several
nointaaet heretofore touched aad ex
preened himeelf very freely aad em
phatically. The prelate aahi that as the details
ef the plot were unfolded to American
Catholics er Protestants the fecliag
eonld not hat grow in intensity. The
whole proof edieg waa an insult to
American nationalism aad revealed the
fact that certala Europeans imagined
America to he a sort of African Congo,
without aatoaomy ef ita own aad in
capable of life without a constant ap
plication of European galvaaic bat
teriev Catholics wrr mortified -thai
their religion should be made. the occa
sion and the pretense for this in
solent foreign intermeddling. "If
things are allowed to go much
further," he continued, "we may
soon expect a cablegram announc
ing that Herr Von Scbloezer has
claimed, in the name of the Kaiser, a
right to veto our appointment to a
dozen episcopal see in the United
States Archbishop Kalzcr. I am urr.
is personally innocent of alliance with
the representative of Prussia, and will
take an early occasion to warn this
gentleman that his 'cordial approval'
of American matter must be dispensed
with in the future. But the audacity
of the Prussian Is to he noted all tho
same as an indication of foreign thought
and action in our regard. The con
tagion spreads, and to an extent that
compels a smile of amusement in the
midst of our indignation and anger.
So long as the church in America i
fit only to be portioned off to
the cans of foreign countries, why
would not any foreigner, however
small he be, ask for a piece? Hence
we have M. Mrrcier, minister of the
province of Quebec, a mere colony of
England, who happened to meet la
Rome Herr Cahcnslj. running to the
Vatican and praying in the name of his
little constituency that a Canadian
bishop be named for the sec of Ogdcna
btirg, in the state of New York. M.
Mercicr, wa must say, is modest He
should, when once started, hare- aimed
at higher game and asked that tin see
of Boston or New York be handed over
to his patronage.
Hut appetite come in eating and
who knows what monsieur might at
tempt another time. We can eally
picture a further extension of this for
eign ambition to rule Catholic officer
in America. In a few year the ecclesi
astical map of the country would show
tho fingering of every foreign princi
pality whose emigrant chose to touch
our shores. New Orleans, we Imagine,
would suit Italy; Bohemia might be
satisfied with Chicago; Detroit a a
matter of course, would go to Posea
and Gnesen In Poland, etc, etc.
Possibly a few see. James
town or Charleston, would be left to
Americana This attack of forrignLsm
upon the church in America i killed by
ita audacity. So long a It worked
stealthily by secret embassies and back
entrances, it wa dangerous and doing
harm. It ha now entered into open
combat The outcome will be most
favorable to church and to country.
Catholics in America, whatever the
raco from which they spring, will be
more vigilant in the defense of their
rights both a Catholic and a Ameri
cans. "I have seen the official denial of the
representative of the Deutsche Amcri
kanlscher Priestcr Vereln or German
clerical society of America disclaiming
all knowledge of or co-operation in the
Cahensley memorial. What this repre
sentative will not deny l that the Ca
hensley memorial i nearly word for
word the document which the St Louia
German priest, tho founder of the
vereln, sent to Rome in l&sfl, by Rev.
Abbclen, of Milwaukee; nor wil'. he de
hr that a few day ago the Araerika, a
paper which i fed on vereln food, de
clared openly that it will ceaselessly
work for Cahenley' program me."
The Meeratary at tha (iarasan-Aaiarleaai
I'rleat ftortety a tha t.araraa ralllla.
St. LotTI. June i The published
report that the Deutsche-American
clergymen' society of this city was the
author of the so-called Lucerne petition
to Tope Leo XIII. in reference to the
Immigration of Catholic priest ia
charge of Immigrant to this eouatry
ha called out from Rev. William
Faerher, corresponding secretary of the
society, the following sweeping denial:
"I hereby formally and officially de
clare in the name of the DeuUche
Amerikaaischer Prieater-Vereia that
said society waa ia ao way whatever,
directly r ladirectly, connected with
the so-called Lucerne memorial; that
said society had aot the least Mea of Ita
existence prior to its being made pub
lic through European cablegrams and
American paper, much lea ever oc
casioned it origin.
Kag-llahaaaa Altar OmaJta'a Tarda.
Siocx Citt, la, June i A gentle
man who haa large stock yard iavest
meats here and important financial con
nections in England states that aa En
glish syndicate ha completed negotia
tions for the purchase of the Omaha
stock yard. The price Is said to be
aJeeta4 ay ta WfosHs.
Paris. Tex, Jane 5. The Wichita
Indiana, with whom n commhwioa m
bow treating, have decided that they
will aot accept the proposition to take
1W acres each ia allotment and sell the
balance of their land at fifty cent aa
acre. They will make a counter prop
osition to sell all their land atil.M
per acre and eadeavor either to estab
lish their claim epon the lands now oc
cupied by the Cbeyeneea and Arapa
hoe, or, failing in that to purchase
aee among the Choctaw aad . bick
wa, where they thiak they will be
re secure from disturbance and -
Hta By a) CUctrlr Car.
KAAsCmr, Mo., June S-Joha F.
Fogerty was inataatly killed last aight
at the iateraection of LealngV and
Prospect aveaaea, by a ear upon the
Northeast Electric rail way. He wa 34
year of age, was married and lived
with hie wife aad ten-year-old boy en
SeUefoutekae. near Iameaeadence
avenue. He waa walking aloe
the track of the railway aad
stepped into n hole hi the street aad
fell in front of the car- It wheel
ammed over him. cattkag hi body ktto
two niece. It h dalmed that Fogerty
S. Jean Tee,
i "Warr JJatle Dot
,L,lijinstja- ;ti'X- -
KxABtne. Mam. Jan
Taheratelyatarved himaalf to dmukjn
maaTe amaveafJmTmaV aTmTAa uurmmarm
far tunte-rrea amen. Be was terrieSy
imaimlii Mi iiTmWr --y-- lis
aeamde and aft the time ef hi death
neat reen
ner nee. uuaaaws a aav.
Gauuta. IlL. Jaae . The town
which seat to the treat the greatest
norther general of the late civil war
witnessed yesterday the aawlWeg of
tetur to U. Jv Grant aaav tae
ef a new nark braekag hie
katheeeateaef the city.
The atom? sraa the gift of IL K.
KehUaet, ef Chtcagw. aad the park, a
tract ef six acres from which the build
ing whieh formerly ecnel It have
m the entorewut or a
he Jamea W. Scott The
statue U eight feet fa height aad stand
unoa a granite neaeatol tea feet alga.
It reareeeata the eht
Inr bareheaded with his
milltarr coat
unbuttoned and thrown back. The In
scription on the base n?l: "tJrant,
Our Citizen."
Throng of eop1n arrived during the
forenoon from every direction.
t-i.-. I
public schools in Ihibuqur, Free port
,,-.,.... ..w ... V i
aad other nearby town were rloaed
t .-i , i ,v . ....I......
aad large delegation of their cillacn
. . , . . . i -
came to tako part ta tne ceremonies.
Iluslnrss In tlalcna wa entirely sus
pended. Two steclal trains from
Chicago brought delegations of tJrand
Army men and distinguished ritixciis
The ceremonies of the day were In
augurated with a parade participate'!
in by ttraad Army veteran, visiting
military and civic bodies and eitlaent
gathered about the atatuo In the park.
The exercise were opened with the
j "Star Spangled Manner rendered by
I the Fifteenth regiment band from Fort
.-merman, aikt pryer oj me map
lain the bands, (fathered In uuUoa,
struck up with "Hall to the
Chief a little Ml Paullnn Kohl.
aat a daughter of the donor, unveiled
the statue, ami the (fathered multi
tude applauded. Ex-dov. Hoard then
formally presrnU-d the statue to the
city on behalf of the donor. The s tat no
we accepted in a brief address by Park
Commissioner McCleanaa on behalf of
the city. He waa followed by lion.
Chauncey M. Depew, who delivered the
oration of the day. He met with an
enthusiastic reception. Addresses were
alao dellrerrd by (lov. Fifer and Judgo
A oee to Kalee4 tha rr a4 a MaM
atoaaa at Om ae Ilalf-The Treasary
Wall Nall4Tfc Clrr alatlaa.
WAaiilXfiToff. June i Notice hat
been given by Secretary Foster that tho
principal nd accrued Interest of the V
per cent bead issued under the acta of
July 14, 1970, and January M, 1871, out
standing September 1, 1st 1. will be paid
at the treasury of the United H tales on
that day, ami that tho Interest on tho
bond will then cease. Suggestion
have been made on the part of the hold
ers of some of these bond of a
desire to extend the payment at thn
option of the Ualted State at the rate
of ii per ccat per aanam. and the
secretary of the treasury will hereafter
consider whether the acceptance of
uch offer of them will be profitable to
the government aad in that event re
serve the right to except uch lnd
from this calL
It I officially atated that the sugges
tions aa to the extension of the 4J-f per
cent lean added to the call made to
day is made more a a matter of prece
dence than of nrcelty. The treasury
department it is said, is abundantly abln
to pay altnf tbe5l,OO0.0u9 4VperrenU
outstanding, but in vfow of the uncer
tainty of future receipt and expendi
ture it I judged better to take the side
of safety. The secretary net only be
lieve that he has ample means to ee
fray all the expense of the govern
ment but I confident that he will m
able to retire a considerable amount of
the public debt In addition to tha V
00.09 already paid during the present
admlaUtratl n. One of the purpose
la suggesting an opportunity to extend
the matariag loaa at a nominal rate of
laterest ie the desire to avoid the en
forced retirement of a part or all of th
ass,, national bank circulation
now secured by the h per rent txmd.
During tba month of May there wa
a net decrease la the circulation of f!V
om,ZH. There wa aa innra! of
fl.ew.02 ia silver treasury note ami
4t.?ie ia subsidiary IIver. bat a de
crease of f IS.7e4.WI in gold eertiaVab',
i2.:W2,erV.; in ilver certificate, ff.31.
ft7 in national bank note, af.3ee.orje ia
gold coin, fl.W. 10 in tandard llver
dollar aad 1 1.115. 17J lu Ualted Stated
lTrT"Hf roh. Pa.. Jane t. a IL Chhv
aolm. a millionaire iron operator of
Cleveland, was arrested by aviatake ia
a lotel here for pasatog eeerlrrf4i
money. He seat a nwsnfrr from a
detective and electrical call agency to
purchase him railroad and alevplng
ticket home aad tendered two aew are
dollar note to tW egerl-oy. and
the detective jumped to the eeectesiou
that it wa tne oa eoege eeW wwtj
by endiag a boy to work off beat
money. Cabholm wa ahnrtly after
arrested and take ha-fer lawpvetwe
McAtecr aad proved hi saratity
CntCAOO. Jane 1 rir wa 4
eovered in the Ary wea ef ebf4dV
distillery at oVhsrh thk awwnksjr A
large aamtor of rngtaw were elW4 to
to the en and at 4it f f
yeared to be under etrl. Why vs
laed to the reeae ta whfch
ilararil The lean la ressgtdv ietsi
at ft,- The is st
petted to have veWaWd fcvs
ffrerhrated tev The . W dfct.
Ifr U tW aatti-whhkhv testst t-MJk
for a coaeplracy to da-Ovvf tV Hs
dynamite Secretary Gito W V
uy lawwwv
Jtaw Oak Je l. v- U4
Bay afaalattoa ia CWfu an4)V
day. a anaaher d a r
ran, A aaenta rnv ate fwa
hi thehnHssf vttttm Jr W
at one haasl At. t-a.rKK,
bract. Jan ,TTa el freee
Mr, renU -d
f V and )' ! to
4 Mteaeet thn haas tarv
aWtoiwe! Mm to tat a p
mBpwvT- Hr ip " Win W wa
eeeaanaamar ataauV
p S
If 11
fla-l' K
mVmhul mtmW4s latf
CfesBarmTsMi -aWiffmaH araW
t HmkikmI at Jks.
m Uaaafctv t Jfffna
jAraanjt. Mis-w. Juno S. Tho eerf
monte incident to the unveiltn; o? th
confederate monument attratot U lh
city crowd Ureer than the Imiwnw
thrvng that Slled the strreU th- iUy l
fore. Delegation after delejrtkm. rrp
reentlng alt part, of tiw emintrr. ar
rived arwl were awt bf Vr Henry and
hi aides, accompanied by a band. whU,
the treel were Hoed with veterans mt
eathualaaisc nrctatorx
AJpfv?c)ock lh national eitnt
WU t&f under nMnmiM o( 'wn.
jmiup, marched from their quar
ters to the citr ball, where th grand
proreaakm formed, and f ter marchm
through the streets pnceedctt t th
monument ltehlod tho trfps came
a toat bearing IfU-en beautiful younff
ladlea who reprrsente,! the different
southern states at the uneiHntf. as fol
low: MU Anale HUmr. the ..ulhcrn
confederacy: MUs Annie U Mon MU
aoari. Ml Courtney Walthall. Vir
ginia; Mis Cmlaao llortme Sjke,
North Carolina; Miss Annabel iN.wer.
Kentucky: MUs EUvs FeathersUne.
CeorrU; Miss E1U tJovan. Flori
da; Mis Nellie FewcIL Alabama.
MU Mary Hell Morgan, 1nWUn.
Ml Caroline Kerr, Tesa. Mlvs lr
glala lluut, Arkansas; MUsSaW F.lean
or Cowan. Tennessee. MUs Marie
Umry. MLsUjpl. MUs nnle Hem
ingway. South Carolina. Ml Ktto
Porter. MarjrUmL Then ohiih car
riage cmttalnlni? tho tfllrers .f the
ladlea eafslerto mnamenl oU
tion with Mis Sallle It Mrgn as
president and 3dr Hare, the dauffhtor
of Jefferson Davlv a-vmnpanled by her
husband nl sn. Nest came earrtai
-. !!..!t..t tinfc.lirrv&tc.
i fnnMif iij, ', -- -.. -.--.-- -
veterans, followed ! the ittfauii
. I i-inii. of nuifniitrttr Vct-r.-n alio tJB
" . , .. , ..... i.
rrmnani 'i nan a uttxen"n .-,--
ftluippl confederate rern,,-s-
The ceremonies were oj-i.ed with
imtlc by the hand, ftcr whtoh Iter
Father S. A iWkerrt, of Y..Ulurjr.
lellerel a prayer lie m iimii
" - Hooker, who
' " , ,
I f the ladUV monument s
j ..... , . i i
I MUsUslpnl, assilna brief ado
ho, In t-ensii
asMwlatlon f
re In prw-
ntatlon of the monument U the state.
after which. amM the booming of ea
noit, Mrs. Margaret HaTe, daughter of
Jeneron HaTis. pulled the string that
connected with tho veil, and the nest
moment the while statue of thn aoldW
surmounting the monument "m dis
closed. CoL Mcintosh, of Meridian. In behalf
of th confederal veterans and tho
state, then made an appropriate re
sponse to the addre of lot llWer
He was followed br en K. ' Walt
hall, who amidst cheers and appl
addrrsard the assembled crow.l An
original pem ws then recited bj Mr,
Luther Manshljv who was followed by
tlov. Iowry, in a tribute to JelTerson
Havls. The lenedlellon wa prnaehed
by ChapUln Iter II. K. .sprolcs.
arrf jr rMtr Talks wa laa -t
IS MalbMMsl Trutf,
UnooKI.Y.s:, June &. Secretary Foster
waa the guest of the loUn league club
of ilnmklyn last evening Afterdlnnwr
a reception was held at which the mitp
tary spoke In part as follon liur
demiM-ratlc friends have had a g-l deal
to say of late about the billion dollar
congress. Ilia Ute excellency ilrorer
Cleveland would seem to !i trouble!
on this score lo, Tlfx' gentlemen
forget U the while that IhUls a billion
dollar country (Applause) Coiigre
did make largv appropriations fr jen-
slons and for all kinds of pul
He servlcn. In no (. so far as
thesfl appropriations are; concerned,'
were- they greater than the Heredity
called for. I am not defending the a
proprUtions. Some of them 1 would
not defend- Hut CTiry mote w make
our democratic friends wmn to think
Indicates poerty in the treasury do
rartment Kecently I thought It wl
aad prudent to propose an xtenUm of
the 4H per cent bonds, Thn treasury
depart me at ta aliendantiy able to pay
the bond when tliey mature.
"In view of the faet that .V.0O0,0o-l
In gold has been expended within a
short perhal of lime, I deem It unwU
to do anything just now todeerraw tho
volume of currency In Umj national
TTs fasarcval C hlltaa aiaar fist r
ra4ere4 In lfc I nJll !.
lut'lUt', June 5. The Ital rri-l
here early yesterday and was at ona
surrendered to the American men-of
war In thl hrlr. It I expected that
the United Htates war ship Charleston
will arrive here b-dey
All the. arm take at Han I hVgo by
the Itata. consisting of 5.ouo rlrt.
were turned ofer.wtlh the rs-.l.
The commander of the Itata slab-
that the arms wer not embarked at
n Diego, but at a point many mttea
at sea. The Iqubjoe government elalro
that this clrcumstanc? modlfl th sit
nation conskterabl aad will probably
reult la a prefy solution of lh diffi
culties latwrvn the admiral and thn
junta. The authorltU at th nv
time declare that Uh carjfo of the I tola
U of little Impm-tane. taklag Into coo
skWation the small number of arms,
Taa nur cosriBuru.
tVai.ot5, Juae &. A cahte dU
patch 1rm Vre ha te reeel
here annouaeing the surrender of lh
Itata to the commandant of tise VnlUi
Mates naval fovre there The Itata
arrived at TowpUl VWIrerly and w as
ordere to go to Iqnfjoe, abrs lha
astboritte sumeaderrd her
na mm tntur, oty n -
Wiiai.forMs, Jane X The rt r
pln In the immrj U ..
smaller rp then ha la
treaaery within the many of tiw obt
est official. To laerre this srpas
Secretary Foster ha eUl i a,.tw
of deposit fmoi national bask. Th
call rvadw "The -rrUry of the trr
ury ha thh day ralV-i ttp-m a nnmlr
of aaLknsal bank 4-rpc-4tei to trans
fer to lb sua-teeaary a portio h
aa7at of pnWV awsy hW by lhe
and not eited fce tha trrUn of
puMie Wj!.
tmp nns J ?. m.
JC fct fx At."r, Ok., JmtxK 5.
TTs trial &t the fvr !w f44
fcr arii- th tikrsve aliB9
vhrve uvea m NrUk Kxk last taoxtty
MfMrW4 jvWrvlr
At tt Wsisf ttor trial it
seeeaed a VW to lawllaavs rr
gavajf eiaedee, sWf to the toahility
4 th totorpresee to aV mm ta Lte-
d t- Tvsas, tort f cether v-sti-
awsn fly ikw4 Vlsat im aW.i
hJI s d ftvfmtff to toekr pnsTw
Ar MavUwr he evWtence CBj
UfcUii ki t4i4th to4 la
w- $d&Xi a4 wedvrsl thwir releaae.
rssauiaawt ex.
hatHtiai, T-. Je ,M-Mt-
ahjht te yer na seeA to
Ve lafee'n twenn VrUg Ms sV
ae aad teh4 a ana ah hia t
SPNhB,wwA a lew awMrwi wwtf naaaaftpawa am
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