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By A. C. Hosmer,
Decoration Day Daly Observe1
in Bed Cload.
A beautiful day, warm but breezy,
einilcd upon the .Decoration of our
Nation's honored dead.
The afternoon procession was led
by the citizens choir, L. P. Albright
leader, in the four-horse band wag
on. Nest Chas. H. Thoeming command
ed the martial baud, consisting of
L. A. Ilaskins and Wm. Cozad filers,
Arthur Cozad base, and Henry Cozad,
Wm. Cline and Simon Cozad, tenor
Then Firing Squad commanded by
T. W. Hatfield, marched with arms
reversed, followed by pupils of the
public school, ia charge of Superin
tendent Oaam.
Then came the Garfield Post of the
G. A, II. wndcr Post Commander G.
W. Knight, followed by the "Woman's
Kulicf Corps, in the full uniform of
the order, commanded by the Presi
dent Mrs. G. W. Dow.
Then came citizens on foot and an
almost cndlcBB procession of teams,
decorated with flowers and flags.
Lieutenant D. L. Groat, commanded
the entire line as officer of the day.
The ccmctcr, with flags fluttering
in the breeze marking the resting
place of sleeping veterans was already
sprinkVd with teams and pcdcstiians
on the arrival of the procession.
After distributing flowers to the
various organizations, the line of
march encircled the grave; of the
fallen heroes, leaving there the price
less emblems of a Nation's honor aud
a Nation's love, affording an obj ect
lesson to those youthful ranks of the
undying glory of him who offers his
lire for his country's good.
The ranks then formed a hollow
square, enclosing the monument
erected to the unknown dead, near
which the further exercises were con
ducted. A dirge by the band, and "Sleep
Soldier Sleep," rendered by the choir,
was followed by the Hitualistic prayer
of the Order, reed by Chaplain
E. L. Ely, who then gave a beautiful
eulogy on the unknown dead, whose
graves arc scattered over the lillB and
vales of the south. At the close of
the eulogy, he placed upon the monu
ment a laurel wreath as a fitting em
blem of the enduring gratitude of our
Country toward her fallen defend
ers. The firing squad thcu advanced and
delivered the usual volleys as a re
quiem to their precious dead.
On returning to the opera hall, the
choir rendered "Falling Into Line"
and Chuplaiu Ely led in prayer.
"Shed A Tear," duet by C. J Cot-
ting and Mrs. Fred Dauchy and
chorus, was followed by ths address
given by Comrade G. K. Chancy.
He iiiht rvlerred to the honors
heaped by Anci out Natici upou
their Soldier dead and traced the
beinninir cr our own Memorial Ser
vice. Then noted the beucfecent cf
fei ts of these Services upon ihe hv
injr and stated how the outh of
France drink in patriotism and burn
ing zeal while reviewing the victorious
emblems of battle displayed in the
Hallsof Versailles. He then con
sidered the importance of .teaching
the oiing of oar own couatry patriot
ism by reciting to them the matchless
valor of our armies at Gcttysbarg aud
ihe oiher battles of the war as well as
m tlie victorious wars of or past
The noble part takcu by the women
of the Nation in the hour ot darkest
tria1, and the suffcriugs of the
soldiery were vividly depicted.
At the close the t-peaker rose above
all party considerations and advised
a full conciliation between the Blue
and the Gray, and the laying aside
of all animosities and prejudices be
tween soldiers, that all may be broth
ers and friends.
Bis feeling allusion to the dropping
away of the living tojoin in a glorious
hereafter our ''Grand Army of the
' Dead" was a fitting pcroratiou to an
ii VI a aililroca
... aj . . a .
The solo
bv Mr
chorus sweetly render! ng.the closing
Blection, '
" 'Noble, Souls.' 'The Boys In
Blue,-" and benediction by Chaplain
Ely; closed a decoration service, "well
worthy the efforts of the Garfield Post
of theG. A. 15. and the V. B. C. or
der under whose" auspices the pro
gram was ably carried oat
Sleep Soldier sleep, waiting the
jtigBent day, ''Uaier the Ivmrel pie
Blae, Uader the wilJow the
According to invitation issued from
headquarters of Nebraska and Kansas
inter-Btate reunion, delegates from the
W. It. C. met and organized a perma
nent auxiliary. The following officers
were elected and committees ap
pointed: Emma B. Kight President, Inavale,
Maggie B. Wood S V-Pres., Bun
Oak, Kan.
Sarah Church J V-Prcs., Chester,
Kate Pond Trcas., Bed Cloud, Neb.
Ada Billings Chaplain, Geneva,
Jane Houghton Conductor, James
town, Kan.
Marie Aycrs Guard, Campbell, Neb.
Belle Miller Secretary, Bed Cloud,
Addic Morgan Orleans, Neb.
Mary "Walker Davenport, Neb.
Mrs. 0. H. Durancl Mankato, Kan.
Harriet Luce Bcpublican Citj-, Neb.
Kate Judhon Inavale, Nebraska.
Kate Pond, Fannie S. Dow, Marybc
The following resolutions were
adopted and presented to the encamp
ment in session:
Besolvcd, That our thanks arc ex
tended to Commander C. E. Adams
for courtesies shown and advice given
us, and to Comrade Church of Burr
Oak, Kan., for presenting us with
Besolvcd, That these resolutions be
spread upon the minutes, and a copy
be pre.-cnted to the encampment in
The resolutions were adopted aud
the organization unanimously accepted
as the auxiliarj to the Nebraska and
Kansas inter-state reunion.
The Woman's Belief Corps are mov
ing onward. Everywhere in the land,
woman, the noblest and best educated,
fair to look upon, earnest and true,
are rallying to assist the Grand Army
of the. Bepublic. Among them arc
luuuy of influence and position whose
patriotism, when compared with that
of some of the men of this day and
generation, overshadows the dwarfs
and stands out as a beacon light to all
lovers of home and country. Encour
age them boys, aud these noble women
whose duty it is to perpetuate loyalty
and love of country, will not permit
that those who bore the brunt of bat
tle, or the widows and oqmans of the
fallen shall be forgotten.
Ma. Editor It appears to us
that Peck's Bad Sister is trying to
slander some of her best friends,
especially 31 r. Wes Street, wc suppose
he has a right to get a new buggy if
he wiints to. She sas it is the first
new hu!gt' he ever owned.
Mr. Jhiucs Wilson is running a
fi-ih market at the Kcd Cloud mills.
Stay by it Jim for there is money in
We saw M. B. Bcnlley aud lady
trying to a-glc the festive cat fish
the other day, but they would not bite
The eat fih belongs to. the Fanuors
Alliance, and they kept out of the
The prospect for a gonl crop was
never better thin it is at the prcsen
time, the late rains has thoroughly
oakcd the ground aud bow if it will
come off warm the groand will be like
a hot bed. Small train has a good
color, corn does not look so well on
account of it being so cold. We
think the hay crop will be good this
year lor it looks better bow than it
did last year. A good crop and a fair
price will do the farmers aiore good
than any thing else,
Wc took a trip to Smith Ccnter'last
week aad every thing is looking fine,
winter wheat is begiaing to head oat
and has a good eolor, largest per cent
is sbmUI grain, winter wheat, spring
oats aad rye, aad quite a aumber of
fields sown to fax, aad all ia good
Bro. Hmsmel organized a Sun
day school at Ml Hope on tl.e 34th
of My, Mrs. Francis superintendent,
Bev. Uamael will preach at Mt.
Hopej next Sunday evening
Married at the residence of the
brides parents, on last Wedaesaay
afteraooe, by Bev. E. J. Baadall,
Miss Sadie 'Metcalf to Mr. Frea
Bright The Great Family Waakly
exteads its coagratnlatioas te the
M Eternal Vigilance is
Saath Side.
The fanners arc busily engaged cul
tivating their corn.
Since my last correspondence, we
have been blessed with another rain.
That is what makes the farmer's coun
tenance brighten. Plenty of rain sig
nifies plenty of grain.
The school being taught in Bist.
No. 34 by Miss Lena Jones will close
June 10.
Lcn Wilmot has one of his horses
sweeneyed so he can't use it
Julc Wilber was visiting with his
parents Sunday.
Uncle Levi Moore will soon have
the new addition to his house complet
ed. I wonder if any of the alliance
have asked Uncle Lee to join the
farmers trust.
The honorable board of the great
republican township of Line, met on
the first day of this month at the town
clerk's office, for the purpose of equal
izing the taxes of said township. The
board found that O. Slockc the assess
or had performed his duty faithfully.
Wes Street, wife and son, accom
panied by Mr. Ponsor, head miller of
the Bed Cloud mills, were pleasant
callers at B. Turner's last Monday
0, say! Isn't that Charley Turner
a rustler? He cut his finger to the
bone a few days ago on a breaking
plow and now he has smashed the
plow; and 1 learn he contemplates on
shaving his mustache smack smooth
off. Look out then for a squall.
I wonder what has become of Char
Icy Gust Sr. and his widow? Havn't
heard of nor seen them ride in the
same buggy together for a long time.
I don't suppose it could be possible
that one or the other has got the mit
ten again. Peck's Goon Sister
Fine weather for corn.
More showers Monday.
Mrs. Hicks was at Blue Hill Fri
day. Eli Cox is giving his barn a coat of
Chas. Nelson of Davenport, la., is
here selling his corn.
Dick Ackerman is here taking in
wheat for Gnnd & Co.
F. W. McLaughlin was at Hastings
last Friday on business.
Mrs. V. S. Hall visited friends at
Guide Bock last week.
David Byrne and F. W. McLaugh
lin attended church at Campbell Sun
day. V. S. Hall and S. E. Hicks attended
the funeral of 0. II. Martin at Blue
The A. 0. U. W. lodge is meeting
with good success. They have taken
in a new member at each meeting.
C. E. Hicks will leave a competent
man in charge- of his business while
he is east.
Our school closed Friday and the
exercises of that day did credit to
teacher and pupils. Prof. H. C. Pro-
basco has done
good work and gave
us the best school
ever taught in the
Decoration day was duly observed
and the program carried out to the
letter. The hall was crowded to hear
the remarks of Bev. Burbauk of Blue
Hilt which -were well received.
S .
Wc arc having plenty of rain in
these parts and the farmers are bap-
U . G. Knight started fcr Denver,
Sua day.
Mr. Knight and wife, Mr. 01 stead
and wife aad Mr, Ayers, went to
Superior Tuesday to attend the Dis
trict encampment, held at that
Mrs. Luce took the train Tuesday
for Guthrie, to visit her rob, Ed
Mrs. Hunter is oa the sick list this
Mr. Yaace is havias; the Lagrippe.
Jtfr. llaater is having a windmill
pal ap.
There was a very interesting game
of ball last Satarday, between the!
1 Red Cioad team aad the laavale
team, the score' stood 5 to !, is favor
of Red Cleaa.
There will be qaarterlj meeting
here next Saaday, Love Feaat at ten.
praaehiag at eleven.
Mr. M. Wiboa, was ia the Vale
Ht. Eadj is haildiag a neat ieaee
arsaad his place. Bcstlml
Pare Italian bes for sale. Ia
ire of Geo. A. Latta, Cowles. 45-t4
the Price of Liberty' and One Dollar a year
Red Cloud, Webster County,
IsMtallatlaa Service.
The services held at the Congrega
tional church last Tuesday afternoon
and evening were of unusual interest
to the members of tha. church and
was somewhat new to many of the
ministers who formed the council.
The installing of a pastor, although
customary in the east, is a service
much neglected in the west. The
churches represented in the council by
delegates were Bivcrton, Franklin,
Naponce. Cowles, Campbell, Bladen
and Vine St. church Lincoln. There
were also present Bev. G. E. Taylor,
general missionary for S. W. Nebras
ka, and Bev. J. D. Stewart, state sup
erintendent of Suuday schools.
The exercises in the afternoon be
fore the council consisted principally
in the examination of the candidate,
Bev. E. L. Ely, who was lately called
to the pastorate of this church and
who had accepted the invitation of the
church to be installed. T'pon re
quest of the council he gave a state
ment of his religious experience doc
trinal belief and his evident call from
God to preach the Gospel. This
statement was so complete, clear and
comprehensive and withal so strong in
faith aud doctrine that it left but lit
tle for the members of the council to
bring out with questions. The public
services in the evening were unusually
interesting and instructive. The
church was filled with listeners, the
music was excellent aud the speakers
in their happiest mood.
The report of the. council wan a
unanimous and most hearty approyal
of Bev. Ely as pastor of the church
Judging from the many words of praise
and commendation which he received
from the different speakers it wa evi
dent that they looked uoii him a3 a
man called of God aud a safe leader of
the people under his charge Theser
mon was dcliyered by II. S. Wnua
maker of Vine St. Congregational
church of Lincoln. The prayer of in
stallation by Bev. J. D. Stewart. The
right hand of fellowship was given by
Bev. Mr. Haddcn of Bivcrton. The
most interesting part of the service?
was the charge to the pastor by Bev.
Piatt of Cowles, aud the charge to the
people by Bev. George E. Taylor.
The counsel given by each was sound
and well worthy of consideration.
This service brings the pastor aud peo
ple into a closer bond of Christian fel
lowship, and wc trust it will grow and
strengthen as the years go by.
m ! i-
Crete Chautauqua Assembly, Crete,
Neb., June 30, July 10, Agents
within 150 miles of Crete may sell
rqnnd trip tickets to Crete at rate of
one fare. Tickets to be sold June 29
July 10, inclusive. All agents in
Nebraska may sell round trip tickets
to Crete on lune 29-30, at rate of one
larc for the round trip, return limit in
cases to be, July 11.
Nebraska State Fair, Lincoln, Neb.,
Sept. 4-11. Agents in Nebraska may
sell round trip tickets to Lincoln, at
rate of one fare plus 50 cents for ad
mission tickets, to be sold Sept 14.
Circular giving full instructions will
be issued later. v-
Tenth annual international con
vention, young people's society of
Christian endeavor, Minneapolis,
Minn., July 9-12. Aucnts may sell
round trip tickets to Minneapolis
Minn., at rate of one fare. Tickets
will be sold on July 7-3 good return
ing to July 17.
Opening of Colorado mineral pal
ace, Col , July 4, Agents may sell
regular form of tourists ticket to
Pueblo, at rate of one fare, tickets to
be sold July 1-2, god re tarsi ng to
July 20, to be of the standard iron
clad, signature for bearing transit
limit of one day in each direction, to
be executed at Paeblo, only and to be
good for passage goias; aad retaraiag
via the same liae only.
v rner stone and commencement
exercises York College, York, Neb.,
Jane 20-25, Agents withia 100 miles
of York, may sell ticket to York at
rate of fare aad one-third, tickets t
be sold Jaae 20-25, good let ami eg to
June 26. A. Cosoveb. Apt.
li .V V. v r. -.... -,
r h. t v.:.t ..
coantrv over i.Ih R,r,k . .
"""-"-- -" ilJ IS HUWR le
. . .a. tt , ' ,. that fattez, which the tiamiacr says sack c&stnei
aestatthe Hollaad Bease. Maar . . e x.-- s i: Sec 10. TJh pranaeaa eT this act
1 remember the awe exhlhirl W- -
J . fc-
crL.Tr." r'-Ti.i.iiw -iu. fetd ik -
.u.u.t, ncmMHe -
jiia, ana .s mnai gymnasiam. Jar.
.11. J i? r -
IB. waatstomakc date throazk tkia
circuit, and wj know he plsaoed the
people whea here before, aad as he
has several new attractions we thiak
i he will delight them this time.
Neb., Friday, June 5,
Caaataaaaa Circle.
Chautauqua circle will meet with
Miss Bandall Monday evening June
9, 1891.
Bollcall Your favorite French
Table talk Interesting public
Questions on walks and talks "in
geological fields Mr. Cotting.
Questions on French Miss Ban
dall. Music by C. L. S. C.
Bcadinc Amiel Mrs. Kalcv.
Bollcall Quotations from anything
you please.
A review of walks aud talks.
Chapters 1 to 5 Mabel Martin.
" C to 10 Anna Bandall.
' 11 to 15 Mr. Cotting.
16 to 20 Mrs. Taylor.
" 21 to 25 Mrs. Warner.
2C to 30 Mr. Albright.
" 31 to 35 Mr. Kaley.
36 to 40 Mrs. Kalcy.
41 to 45 Mrs. Cotting.
" 46 to 48 Mrs. Martin.
4th week.
Bollcall Quotations from Hugo.
Questions for 3d or 4th week on
French Mrs. Kaley.
Questions on walks aud talks from
chapter 43 to the end of book. Mr?,
Beading anecdotes of French auth
ors. C. L. Cotting.
ITnivcrsltjr or Xcbrakit.
As a result of the correspondence
in regard to a summer school, the
faculty makes the following an
nouncement: The departments of Botany, Art,
and probably History, will be opened.
In addition, instruction will be giyen
in Psychology, Physics, Algebra,
Geometry, Descriptive Geometry,
Latin, German and English, provided
that there are ten or more applicants
for any subject at the opening of the
The session will continue from
June 11th to July 3d.
Matriculation fee, five dollars.
Laboratory expenses and Art fees, a
few dollars per student.
Charles E. Hessev,
Acting Chancellor.
The Red Cloud base ball club arc
coming to the front with filing colors,
last Friday, they wrnt to Inavale and
had a regular walk a way. Although
Inavale paid $0 for a pitcher and
catcher. The 1st basemen and Con
or the hired pitencr, did some very
nice worik.
The Bed Cloud nine played ball to
a man, with Miner and Higby as a
batter-and II. Miller at 1st base,
wou'd in all probability make eomc of
our neighbors crawl in their hole.
The finent play made was the last J
ball, which was caught after a des
perate ran in the right field by Sam
Miller. The game was umpired by
Mr. Miiler, an old St. Louis ball mm.
who gave the best of satisfaction.
Bed Cloud !.
Inavale ;-
A cordial invitation is extended to
our neighboring ball teams.
II. S. Ford, cafthtcrNcw York LiTc
Insurance Co., Oinaba. Neb., Dear
Sir: On my policy No. 119571 of
$1,000 taken 15 years ago on the or
dinary life plan, I am offered the f ol
lewins options in settlement. lt con-
tiaae the policy and draw theaccuma -
lated surplus amount $149, 2d, take
thecatire cash value amount $302,45,
, ., .. n
44, take the paid up policy tor 0.
Of these I selected the 2d option and
nerebv acknowledge Company's cheek
for $302.45 in settlement. Ia doing
hie T m flad to exoress av entire
satisfaction with the result t? I fisd
my insurance of $1,000 for 15 years
lias aleuaiiy com. me ?i.oi ec
Truly yours,
We notice ia the San Francisco Ex - an4er the head of an amde
on "Twonev makin? adrertiscmeats,"
'thai Mrs Clara WorOnngton of New -
Staalislaaa coaaty. Califorala,
caatmredavalsahlcrriae for writing
. .. - f..'SKS
! .anJnuaun W
","' Wi "?' 7 -
-, jj,- y jsalae artist, aad.
. ... . j iAiu iw
aUV. c w w -m..
-. ' M -t fV;
, - . t --
mj mv "- c
-a- wkewasan keaarea member e
tke Waheter coaatj Vfaxl ef sapervis-
We caagratalatc
is the Price of The Chief.
1891 .
Cheaper ! steak.
By rvquMt ot our county superin
tendent, D. M. IlunUr, u publiah b
low House Roll No. iTi, which a bill
passed by our last legislature tn provide
cheaper text books, and for district
ownership of same.
Sec. 1. District school boards and
boards of trustees of high school dis
tricts and boards of education in cities
of the tint and second class, are hereby
empowered and it in made their duty
to purchase all text booka necessary for
tho fcIiooIb of such district; and they
aro further authorized to enter into con
trnctrf hereinafter provided with the
publishers of such books for a term
of years, not to exctd lire; providing
that tho contract pnce of such boks
shall not exceed the lowest price then
granted to nny dealer, state, county,
township, school district, or other in
dividual or corporation iu the United
StaU to be determined as hereinafter
provided; and provided, that such con
tract shall guarnntoo to such district
any furtkor reduction that may be
granted elsewhere during the life of
such contract.
Sec 2. Hoforo any publisher of
school books 6hall be permitted to enter
into contruvt with nny school district
under the protiiiuus of this act, lie
shall file with tho state sujienntendcnt
of public instruction?, to be approved
by him, n good and Hufflcient bond (in
the sum of two thousand to fJU.OiDj
for the faithful jorfonuance of tho con
dition of such contract, and the ob
Borvnnco of tho requirement of this
act; mid such publisher shall also tile
with the state superintedent of public
instructions a sworn statement of the
Ion est prices for which hb scried of
text books are sold anywhere in the
lTnited Stntes; and a failure to tile such
bond and sworn statement of prices
shall bo a good nnd valid defense on
the part of tho district against payment
for any books that may be sold by such
publisher prior to tho date of filing
such bond nnd sworn statement of
prices, and nil such contracts to which
such publisher in a party made subse
quent to the passage of this act prior
to tiling such lond nnd sworn statement
of prices shall be null and void.
Six. .1. For tho purposo of paying
for school books, tho school district offi
cers may draw an order on tho county or
township treasurer for the amouut of
school books ordered.
Six. -J. The county or township
treasurer shall pay orders, drawn by
school district officers, for the purchase
of school boolyj, out of any funds in his
hands belonging to the district, except
the money derived from that derived
from th teachers' fund.
Snc. o. Any contract entered into
under the provisions of this act with any
publisher who shall hereafter become a
jarty to any combination or trust for
tho purpose of raising the price of school
text books, shall nt the wish of the
school board of the district using such
books bocomo null and void.
Six. C. The state superintendent of
public iufftructiou shall within thirey
dnys nfter the filing of the hereinbefore
mentioned sworn statement of price of
text books have the same printed and
forward a sufficient number of certified
copies of the same to each of the county
suerintendentn of tho stato to furnish
all tho school districts of such county,
with one copy each, and the county
superintendent shall immediately after
receiving said certified copies of prices of
bxiks. send or deliver one of such certi
fied copies to the director or secretary of
each school district or board of educa
tion in such county, to be tiled as a part
of the records of such district and he
shall also file one of said certified copies
of prices in his office as a part o f the re-
cords of said office.
Sec. 7. It shall be tits duty of the
state superintendent of public instruc
tion to prepare c&d have printed a form
of cor ,act between district boards and
publ' ters of school books, and to far.
nish ms same through the county swpeT
intet lest, to the several district boards
of th t state; and no other form of cos-
and publishes us carrrio oet the pro-
1 J :
' Sec. S. Lpoa the filiag of a wnttoe
. Rtt
j pabUc icstractira oSotn
" jy district board, chargayf aay pttbiiA-
-witli violating the eocdrtioM of bbco
i coctract as hereinbefora meatioaed. Tbe
s attomer genera a hereby instructed.
T " " 7 "f -J " "r"
. the svse, and if be sd probaWe ca
and it shall be his daty, to investigate
for actjon fce tmmtmAtei7 i
j proceedings xn the nam oi the state to
! ecforce the liability oo the bocd hema-
I before nentkeed.
' Sue 0. A3 books purchJ by d-
o-fc, , ahmjM
, tc aad leaned !o sawk of the sekeal
t bil fgrggjag a cocne of siady tkw
lire otcn j', pm usa ubvk, wvruc
shag fcetd sack yapgs t j wftih for say
r'imsgT to, kaa of. or faSwre to rsUcra
sweh books at tfee ti ate and to tk
tlsatmtecWaat! by tha teat.
t sbaU isctsde aE school mmtom F-'
Tided, that stbiss ikis act saal ha
iziszi&zs - n - gsKX
irrcrrur . .T
,uua mxi vs i.kcbkUW
drsc Prorided fanW. tii ti
board y cHagaato ma local dsalcr
" tMww imas warn umiZTK, W7&B
t "ca acreaae aun ecsa jna la any
j g, to Mai aaoa be?
The caraka aasl Ka
laler-ftialr Rcaato
TO IE MEM 1.' Ki: C'MWB.
r 14. I, 17. A. I a.
The decision ot the old jolaicra en
campment held at Superior unani
mous in the location of the interstate
reunion at Hed Cloud it will he one
of the grandist affairs that ever look
place in Nebraska, aud our people
have alrrailv r.nmwirnnri iinin!tnH
, , , , ' ,t
For the event. Large aud cosjniod-1
iou ground have been ccuicd within
four blockt of the butnf. center of
the city, and the committer have
gone to work with a vim that u ,,.
equaled to male it a succe. It l
expected that fully forty thousand
people will be here
aud apjKiinlrd
The officers elected
arc an follows;
T. L. Miller, Commander
M. H. McXitt, Chief uf staff
Ch Wiener, Adjutant general.
portant iiiprovrmpl in railroad fK-
C'knnacel MnHSfs tj" thai ha l )?t made tn Ckrlo
ti it i m iv. i i. i. ftodthe W.U lle rnpU.lon f th
The Hed tloud National Bank, hai rtaard guago of tho lemr and lle
chsnged hind-, and i m.w tinder a Grande lUilnd from lmtPr. (lor.k,
thoroughly new maiiacmrnt, Mr. overla saounlsm- U ()gln, I'tah
Charles Clary. f St. Imiip, Mo., a , which Rr years mm w dMil an tm-
banker uf wide experience ha. been !"'Wlity. Is oSTtatnly a triumph .rf
, . f ii ' daring and engineering skill Tl new
chosen caMncr, and is now fully in , ., v , ...
, , , ... : t line is by the way of I ami rule, tuntxd
charge of that responsible po.ulon, J Mg ToniMiWlhr4B;taa .
he is alo a capitiliBt, Mr Jonathan 0f Kagj,, hM,i (.rand Kivww, ffie
Cha., a capitalist of Lincoln has , virw of the Mount of the He Csaaa,
a-uutnvd the presidency of the bank. , enroute. Uking it Ua.n Uintugh OWa
Uc i a man of cxpcr.oncc and conic. ' .l Hpriiu.- and Uwn the i rand lUr
. i, i ii i r i j .. ., to Grand Junction, thw to Salt Iak
to lied Cloud fully imbued with the ,. .It.
, .... , ., .,, . , . C-itj.Oregouan.1 han frarxn-v Uf
unbuilding of 1W Cloud, and the Ujffl muU, mr , ffJrrn Rn u,
two men combined with other men of behold thn mairntftnonrs of tjgl IUe
means, propose to 5tart khuc uiior-j Canon and Uk nmriekm teauty ami
Unt cntcrpriJies in Kcd Cloud that frailure of the fVnon of th. Uraaartt
will make thinL's buzz tn a abort
, . it t . i i ttt
ncnmi. .Mr. Aiungut ana w. .
Sherwood, have been fupcrccdcd bT
the tsro gentlemen but till hold stock
in the bank and
with its intercut,
' mm
was elected as srsistant cathiar,Tlt
CuiEr- winhcs the bsnk arasasrity aa -
r r '
dcr the new regime.
S. Stenger and wife of Mechanici-ithe
town, Ohio, uncle and aunt of Mrs.
D. M. Hunter, wife of our worthy
county up;rititendtnt, spent a few
day in this city while en route home
after a pleasant trip to Dcnvsr, whert
Mr. ? went ar a delegate to the rail
way agents association of America.
lie is igent of the h. V. A & S. rail
way. He is a very genial gentle
man and paid Tuc Cum a very
pleasant Tisit, They left Tuesday
fur a visit in Arkassa.
Blaaalaiksm .llcr.
Xoticc i hereby giren that the
firm of Blakeftlee A Hatch is thi day
dissolved by matual consent. Krank
Hatch withdrawing from the concern.
The baiuess aill be conducted by
F. G. Blakeslce who aMsmc all is
debtcdacss of the Srm aad to whom
all Seconals are due.
F. G. Blakkslck
Kakk Hatch.
May 22d, 18'Jl.
The city aeheeis ck thU werfc.
C W. FaiVr as4 dsiiter of CowVe.
were sWwa Texaey.
C 3'etler expeeteel to start fer Wffees
Tse4y. He vs3 prowsMy retails o8
John Myerwirte' Hurrar-i. K,SU
arday. espaetiag to rrtsra wrist m sleee.
Hi Immtm Fre.
F. M. KkanUow. I. S. IVai aad h C.i
CMsa4ea4 were deinraWe to tfee Q.A. Ji.
later Ute EaeampsseatTMiay.
BtaAe Crsacetist "ae Ssaaptvc eteeael
lakaMetisxaatthe Carittiaa ckarek vet
8cs4sy. iUaIaw rtiee mnt tt,
3Cra.Baaofcs! Aarara, .Vet axAer
ot3Cra.V. J. Cozad. arrrred Tseadsyf
errettMC for a lew aaya Tiit. SUmob
srway toUPaoifeooswCtosead th
The city cewaex! ef Red Cead wt3is
as a boanl eC asjaafiiaf ioa Jaet,Saae!
Gym&wiuek time gxkimwm wertaiaiac
ioumtt laiatisa the Srst aad
Vol. 18. No. 45.
Watte IVaks asMl ar Cm
Colorado t a land of h&rf ooatr,
of bnihAQt light, ot inlnw nhjulow;
j a Uad here htht nd depth sJ
obvious the mnK tf th wrd aaUth
( ; a l&ed hrt every round in siad
can rind an a&aencg tn.d uj catnntk
The high, whiU minuUo( tb tuotiat
aun, from t 1k leader pumar fkxl
the wind-blown haacrw of lb mow,
appes) with uleat returner to ti ty
Mpirwlw&a of tin uj, tho aofubr
cham chft by Titan fr through
graalt hrtedhdl,witUin han depth
tUrk h.-ulow throng and twirling Ur-
' renU dah fk to the h-t a Ungaag
that UirdU, tnepirro aod ftrv Itkw
not follow that U glorxw of w hit
lak aad thi gkm of dark orxwi
itfeclude the plut interval, the tunny
... . . . i
I navkmn or U fxvftiihMi txk whnrtnn
Ul0 tirj mtml ur wrtl U-ly may !itd
&ceful rwt ami refugw from turmoil
and toil. Tw making a nroy tn
!Coknwi New .Mecworl?Uh. or tklog
, a trrtoontuionl tour from to
I wnat, or vice erA, thr !rnec and
IUo (!ramW ilAilruad otfer arommn!-
' tlon pqtial m elegancy tvwuitiiie ami
luxury tolhoo with any other Moe with
tho sddol attraction of the unrtvatWd
K-wwry along it linn, abounding Jn
nmguitirvnl upaUiHi t wMU frak
and dark enuoo. Th nooth of Sovem
lnr, i& witntvwd oti of th ttwt im-
ornrlaml train 1 a mW iaijassf
spct. Fntn the ei
, .
new, aad i! Oat matteWant atyU. .rf
workataaasaa mva HsUh If any tulr
BWLlit a.t
SBom aUut Utrasi ia
work of nature, writn UK K.
Haoper, (teneral Vfnmmfttl:r Agwwf,
TV.. r'.l..,! ... .1 I .11 . ..t
' . . , ' ,, ...,.
I free of ajt, elegantly illustrated ljrA,
giving a full dvript)'m of tit marrele
I r.t J. C. I.--- Ut..l tt' I I-
"CJerat Deride."
u jT jjh4, .. trkui.i ,, yiRi m
Rarklra'aArHirra aaltr
Th Ht Ht tn th workl for cU,
IireU, Bor, trirr, fiH Khas. fr
Km. Ttter, ClppJ hand.. ChUlIla',
Corn, anJ alt other KUn Krwptkts.,
nI KMitlvcly cr !, or nn jy r
qoiii. It l guarant to glr t f-rt
atltfaetionur tr.onvy ffsa4u. 'rl'7
cnU pr loi Vot l by L. II. f;o.M
ii. . H.
I'ntil Jurthor noUtc. rcgtilsr acct
igs of Jamra A. Garfield l'&t o.
SO. Drpi. of Xeb. G. .V. U. iH U
held Mondaj eronlag ea or Mm
each fall soon at 7J50 p. bb., sad
two weeks thercalter t 2 p. to. YU
itin$ comrades cortlially is Tlud to
attend. G. W. Kxiot, 1. a
V. ScHZjrciC. Ad'f.
arkaalr Fssrfa.
IVart & U 9sally ?yt4 te I
iaesrchW, bl Hs pt'ofly trt4 a
large prertl of e eaa bm ef4.
Tow Xrt. Eiranm Xttr h of KlkkaM, laA.
ax! Mr Mary X. Rar of OTU,Strh
were csrI f trr 5eri 2Tlyr. K, C,
L&fevrgtr til bWa Jo, lit, y thai Xu
UAom' h'rw Hrt Csr. iieh wd Ik
fecsMT, wrli 9vm4T to hi wife.
Irri Ignf KrfwujiftXlk., wkok4
krt iUs for J3o yer. ey itm ltU
sajuI Jarir "? lii " tf
MaUe Kw Hrt Cwr U acoeraa
lmm4 ttj C l"4sr. draCt. J-k
wvft4rfi tiai If. f
JUia Kjy rsg rfr4
I grvig eref a4 t.
He&aS grais Tr w4 Wli yft
se al tki Ue ai ih year.
Cwra Jstxprai lkt khekH
Tt rSUtf ot G-mm- Kfc swUkraUa
Mnaorial Uy ky & Wt tmm ia th iUy
iimt aavt a daac V aifc4. JV mIa44
sKiaUaa sal $. Utt) a?w
ytnafaat tact tk tttmti isamty HA aH
rmm t, aad a Vat Jt nnfka a
mrrri U -rrct
Frratiew :. hms aaa4 tfMit
frml acksal yrW ia I. a !'
CTW, is IT. Ti wfi
wTtkJsata arv Dirirt ',. tmd IK.
gm.i Sm CSfCU.
V. SL GrtXaymrt, Aaf. i? JH
, i
ISi'jr -