The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 04, 1889, Image 9

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THa Complexion of th Kepnrt of the)
Cammhinn that Inrtisatl the Pen
sion OBtn, on Which CnmmilaDfr
Tinn. OSriuI Held Fell-PrHDrrt
that 0:!im will Also b Kelezated ta
Pnvat IMfe.
Waseisctot. Spt. 27. The Evening'
Capital pcblish-s the folliwia: "The
report of Has rs. Exias. Campbell and
Brnce, the commission that iavsti:rated
the Pension OS--, thontrh. closely uard
ed by Interior Department oScials. is
jr-adially becomm:- fcio;rn. Printed
-"copies of fii report are no-v. and have
been for some time, in the Lands of all
the members of the Cabinet. Commis
sioner Tanner ha wie. a also has 3f j jr
"Warner aad Colonel Dally. Br de
crees its contents, arts Iwm:r dirsfcjai Is
is known that the report tain ap each
re-rating cise septsratelv aad each ca-;e
is aa exhibit ia Itself. Stress is laid
upon th f .ct that Depny Commissioner
Hiram Scuta. JrM received over slxthoa
saad dollars a3 a re-ratia. This action
of his comes ic for s-rere criticism ia
the report. Whether 31r. Smitn bn re
taraed this raoa-j or ait the report
doe not state. Air. Smith receives
his pension at the Topeta aacv. Sec
retary Zvjsle. ta vie of the report of trie
cnmrnissio-t, has himself questioned Sir.
Emith a to fte fact-; attending the r-s-ratiaj.
It is not kaosra definitely -ranker
ilr. Smith's certificate of re-ratiaj is
signed by himself as acting commission
er or bj- Commissioner Tanner. The pa
pers ia his 'R-eat through daria Mr.
Tanner's absence from the Pension Of
fice. The report alsc condemns Mr. S-nirej
la rtwnd terms, especially for his actioa
ta maim; cases special. It states that
ilr. Sqnires possssed the stamp of Mr. I
Tanner as Commissioner, aad affixed it
to paper withoat the Commissioner's
taowle-ice. The number of snch cases
a ery lar-e nnmber Is trivet, aad Com
i&iasioaer Taaaer is criticised for hi
pro.- carelessness ia thas iatrastia; hi3
official prerogative to a taere prirste
secretary. who w dated the confidence
reposed ia him. The names of th- P-a-e.oa-Offlce
oficials who caased them
selves to be re-rated form a conspicuous,
part of th report. S-rreral were di
charzed at she time by Secretary .Sob!-,
aad they no point to the fact that the
oae who received the largest amount of
all Dtrpaty Commissioner Smith is still
ia -iffi-e.
Said a member of the board Trhicn mads
tbe iaTettatioa:
"There was bat oae of two thiar for
the Pr-'-'ideat to do ia view of oar re
port, either to disatiss every oae of as
froai the serrire as aaworthy of belief,
cr lse relieve Mr. Taaaer froai o3ce."
The saaie raeaiber iatiaiat-d that th
chief calprtt were s'ill ia positioc bat
woald ooa follow ilr. Taaae? iato pri
rate life.
The Amount Accortlinr to the
Cora- Producing Statr.
Chicago. Sept. St The Farair3' Se--ritfw
puiil:he-. the foilovriaa-: Preseat ia
dicatioas to a larger crop of cora
thaa ba tr;ea aatic.pated by stafsticiaas
generally. The qoality. however, will
not he eqsal to that of liiS. except ia
low-, ili-soari. .eatcc-y aad
Tn- latter State w.II harvest a fine crcp
thi- year to cfTet the failure of lat Tee
eoaditioa of cora ia 2iebraka was excel
lent daring the early part of the growing
sea-oa. but hot winds m Ausu-t brought ,
down the high average ia,
and earlv frosts damaged late planted
cora 'a local tie. Tee ow coad tioa of
ma z in other States is accounted
lor by til anfarorable sea-oa: I!'inoi',
Iadiaaa. Ohic, aad Wbc-Q-in'
sutf-red from a co i, wet spnag. which
was v-ry favorable for cut worms, fol
lowed by a long drourat :a Jaly and Au
gust, il-aaesota aad Dikota suffered for
rain the sea-on througa. It is as yet too
ear y to et mate tae probable yield of
shelied cora. but from the reports of cor
respondents we estimate the crop as fol-
-- -ir l
T.r.r. .v tis. :.-
3 C7S.TJ- 5 :ra,2Ki
.T-T Ci 3" I' Z.-6 , '
V73- ,i7i 4 iT6.0cK.73 j
-j ' AStil H t ii S tj.Tsn j t5 2tt:
57T.O : aJ.i-i.''
-47.WI a irl.'trUTS
-:e : Si .4u,;a (
Kentijcicy . ..
MWocri . .
Nra-tei ..
Michigan ...
tT; o2-:a
Dakota . .
As -am .ag that the crop in other Stat.- ?
will be eoual to that of 1&-S or 523.273.000
lnh-l. tee total crop of liis wi.l be
2,'t.Sa.r9:". acuiit a total in Is-: o
l.Sr-T.TCj.'.X We summarize the report
of correspondents relative to the present 5
cand.tioii of com as follow: Illinois. Si :
percent.: Indins. 54.. Ohio, sit Ken-J
rucr-v. 101; ilisourt l'i: Iowa.lCo; Kaa-,
sa, "lit): r-einsks. t-3: Wiscoasic TV; j
iIichigaa.CS; Miaaesots. -2: Dakota, TL
Important ACldavits JJt to the Great Strike
of 1SSC Liketr to Cau-e Trouble in the
K. ofL.
St. L.cis. Sept. L Important deten
tions besriag upia the great strike of I;so
have been taken here vsry quietly, but
when th r"sit become- kaown
w T'-zlz become- I20n in
Kn chts of Labor c.rc-e-
j 'ike'y to
a lrgs -m-HS row. iae rceat war
b'twe-n lortimr u ju. u. mm -i-,
llortim-r D Snaw. o: tnis ci
h iT-r-r Wrrtman Powderlr. in waich ,
a number of prominent knight-of th.s city f
became involved, and which is brisgiag t
Ma-ter Workmaa Powdery- aad his en- !
tire exca:ive board to Sa Louis, is r-ally
the cause which has I-d to the present
trouble. The dspa tias tagen xvere irom
a number of dusatined kn ga-s waa har-
iag been ia th
nide of the o. tae
zreat str k-. have been able to gi
n -,
xj.-.fl ,;i-,- rh rh iri:i b a-ei ia d-
fease at the dattia-e salts mstirnted bj the
si-n prtnecuted for the AVyandotte trata
rrtr--nc xaese uio3;iuii3 ."
rTtiirr charges aram
st the leaders of
the ka rhts. Anion-; other thin-rs alleged
is a plot to blot ap the bis IUdi bridge
Gold 311ntn-j in Chin.
Poetlaxd. Ore-, Sept. 25 Ne" of the
discovery of rich co d-h-ariag quart ia
the prortsce of Caatoa. China, anout VM
miles froai :h- ctrv cf Caatoa. Las beea
reciTed here by Seid Each, a prommea
Cninese mere:
at. Cninese merchant of
the Paciac coast havs orjraalzert
a coaspaay. Experts from 2er Tors
who examined the Iedie report
that the rock assays from $CT3 to $400 per
The ledge is a mile end a half long ana
thirtv fett thick. The Governor of the
province issned a prcdamatioa agaiast
tninin. It is the intention of the ccm-
r to spend SiiV,Vi Ict macaiaery 1
e Uai:d Suites.
Colllaion IWweca Two Section of m XW
Turk Cntrl Expre Trm SeTrl
Sleepers Crowded Witb Pjsencer
Wrecked llmnjr Victims.
CAyAJOHAEn. y. T., Sept. 2. A frizht-
fn fatal accident happened on the Cectral
raiiroai near Palataie bridge last nisht ,
aad three sleeping cars are :n a shapeless
niass, while many lives have been lost.
The accident occurred two miles east of
Palatine bridge. The first section of the
train fcroie down and before the second
section cocld be Si?ed it ran iato the
first sect.on. The first section cf the St. (
Louis expres "o. 5. which left Albany at
tea o'ceci: last aisht, brote down aad
stopped for repairs two miles east cf Pala
tini bridge. The rear brtxeatan was sent
back to slaaal the second section, but for
some naicowa reason failed to perform
his daty. The engineer cf the second sec- '
tion says he did cot -ee him and the first
thins he saw was th Hants of the arst
sectxoa directly in his front. The first sec
tion was made np of burgage, mail, ex
press aad three passenger cars, packed
with people, and a VTazner sleeper on the
The crash was terrific The second sec
tion telescoped into the first section,
knocking oat the lights and plunging
eTry thins into darkness
Up to two o'clock four bodies had been
taken out of the s eeper aad it was feared
the total namter of deaths would run up
to tweaty-five and poibly more, as the
car was fuIL It is d.fficult to get par- ,
ticslarst j
Engineer "Worth of the second section j
was so badly injured that he is not ex
pected to survive the night. He reside
in Albany.
kw Yobe. Sept. i A newspaper cor
respondent telegraphs: A serious acci
dent occurred on the 5ew York Central
road at 11:40 last night, two xaLes east of (
Palatine bride. The first s-ctiorc of the
St. Louis express, which left 2ew York at
six o'clock had broken down, an accident
having happea-d to the steamchest, when
the second section, which was com
posed of eight vestibule sleepiag
coaches drawn by a sixty-ton en
g:a aad running at the rate of
tntrty miles an hour, dashed iato it. The
first" section was drawn by Coaductor
'.Veeks. had a bajgige, express and mall
cars and three coaches which wire packed
with people, one Wagner sleeper and two
private coaches. The private car K.acka
kee telescoped the firt vestibule sleeper
for half it3 length. The only damage done
to the day coaches was the crashing of
the windows and putting out the lights. '
The first, third and fourth tracks were
littered with wreckage. i
"Just how the acci ieat happened is at
this boir (oae o'clock) not determined.
Conductor Weeks says his rear brakeman
was seat back, but Engineer "orth, of the t
second section, who was very tadiy hurt,
says he did not see him. 2orth is ia a
bid way. He had a pillow under his face
and rooked very ghastly.
"Every seat in the car was taken. One
1 half of the passengers were wemen. They
made a wild break for the door, bet were
deterred from jumping out iato the dark
bv the cooler-headed passengers. The
wreck could net have occurred in a more
unfavorable p'ace. On
r .feet
below is the roaring ilohawk river. The
lights had ail been extinguished and all
was total darkaets. Oae-half of the pas-
singers were wrapped in s;uaiDeriag
dreams and awoke to Sad themselves in
extreme darkness and all confusion.
There was not a scrgeon or a doctor
on th train and it was wih the greatest
d faculty that whisky and brandy were
procured for the wounded. It was not till
a large bonfire was In It oa the north side
of the traci teat a real sing cs- cf the
acc-.dnt was obtained. Already six
wounded passenaers. including' one lady,
had b-en taken from the Wanner sleeping
car. Ax, saws and p.cks were procured
and hands at once st to work to
cutaway the side o" the telescoped car.
How many are dead or wounded it is Lu
pous bie to teK a-j yet.
Engineer Weeks of the first sec
tion saidt ily engine had broken
down and I was out by tfai side
of my engine when the crash
came. I immediately sent my fire
man back to see what was the matter and
Condnctor Abel dispatched a fiazman to "
Palatine bridge, two miles away, for as- "
sistance.' I
"It was just by a miracle that the dis- '
aster was not rendered ten fold more
territle. Within five minutes after the
cra-h tne meat express came tearing along
the fourth track at the rate of thirty
miles an hour. It was stopped just in
tJtie. else it would have dashed into the
debris of lhe wreck. The second Atlantic
express due in New York at 7:3) a. m. was
hailed at the station jut as it was pulling
4 An Old Woman Thoaeht to Be Her Living
I in "iles. Mich. ,
i NnJ. Mich.. Sept. 2s. Mrs. Bender, cf '
l the notorious Kaasis fami y of that aame. '
is said to J e I.v ng in this town. The
I Bender John Badjr aad his wfe aad
' thir daughter Kite lived in a sparsely
settled nart of Kansas year ago and are
known to have mardered maay chance
for their mosey aad bwr.ed
one of
todies. The murders form
the mo: sensational chapters in
the history of Am-ncaa crime. The
vroman supposed to be 3Irs- Bender has
been a wandarer all her She has had '
many hu-taads aad many temaorary
homes. She has lived here about ten '
y-ars, but claims sae was here at the
time cf th Kansas murd-r She says
she rented a bouse of Judge Fish here
cne'.eea years ajto, but the Judge's
book -how that it was between ten aad '
sleven vears aro. She comes and goes.
no one knows where, and pretends to be
p-dd.ig. A tintype of the suspected
woman seat to a maa named Ccle in 2ew
York, who knew the Benders aid was at
th-ir fiicht, was seat tacit -with
this rep'v, -This picture is an exact like- j
, jiess of Mrs. 3der.'' Oae seat to L B.
zm--. a.s.vm -? - -e
as Mrs. Sender.
The dicoTery that Sirs, Bender wns lir-
ia-r here is said to hare been made by the
meruit chance is Kansas.
Tbe Secretary f the Interiw Readers
Decision on an Appeal Ctue.
VrAPHTyGTOSV Sept. 2s Ia the ex parte
case of Abraham L. Hiaer. on appeal from
the decision of the local officers of Marys-
Tille, CaL, the Secretary of the Interior in
a decision rendered holds that nader the
school grant of the sixteenth and
thirty-sixth sections to the State of CJi
f ornia, the title rets on the date of inr
Tey, and if the lands. althoeh in fact
mineral, were not then known to be min
eral, the sabseqnent discovery of their
mineral character do- r.ot affect or direst
the State's title. This decision overrules
that in the case of Colorado, rendered by
Secretary Vilas December 10, 1S58.
Close of tle Great Bankers ConveaUom
at Raasas City Officers Chosen.
Kansas Cjxt, Mcv. Sept 2T. It a
neariv eleven o'clock yesterday when
President Parsons called the Bayers'
convention to order. He introduced Rev.
Heary Hopkin, who invoked the divine
blessing on tae coaventioa.
A numb-r of papers on subjects relating
to the financial qaetion were read by
t;tle and referred to the secretary with
instructions to have them pr.nted in the
A reolutioa memoria'is'ng Congress to
enact such laws as would effectually put
America on an equal footing with all the
other nations in the matter ol marine
traSc wfcs offered aad was unanimously
Mr. Sneed. of Kentucky, offered a res
olution g ving it as the rente of
the convention that section 5195 of
the law governing National Banks
should be so amended as to leave out
the clause governing forfeiture interest.
and requesting Congress to make the
The "ew York delegates were firmly
opposed to the resolution, as the law. if so
chaczed, would mfi.ct hardships on them
and operate diSereatly in Kentucky and
Uew York.
J. R. ilulTane moved that the resolution
be referred to a special committee of three
to be appointed by the president.
ilr. Knox, from the executive council,
reported the following substitute for ilr.
Sneed's resolution, which was adopted:
That the association apply to the Con
gress of the United States to so amend
said section 51'JS that no forfeiture to ex
ceed the amount taken in excess of lawful
interest shall be exacted of any National
Vice President Johnston, of Alabama,
took the chair as the report of the nomi
nating committee was announced. The
committee was composed of C. M. Seley.
F. W. Tracr. W. H. P.hawn, J. P. Odell.
J. H. Smith. C McCarty and Gorge H.
Morrison. The name of each officer, as
Td. was greeted with cheers and it was
aprarect that the wcrk of the committee
had been satisfactory to a great majority
if not all of the delegates. The report was
at once ratified and confirmed on motion
cf Mr. ExalL electing the following new
officers of the association:
President, Parsons, president
State Bank of St. Loan. Ma
First Vice-Pres:dent,Mortoa McMichael,
cashier First National Bank of Paila
delpnia, Pa.
Treasurer. George F. Baker, president
of the st National Bank of Sew York
Members of the Executive Council for
the term of three yeari: John Jay Knox,
president of the National Bank of tne
Repub.ic. 2few York City; W. H. P.hawn,
president National Bink of the Republic,
Philadelphia; Asa P. Potter, president
Maverick National Bank, Boston. Mass.;
L. J. Gage, v.ce-presIJ-'nt First National
Bank, Chicago; A. U. Wymaa. vice-p esi
dent National Bank cf Omaha, Neb ;
Ejiery Wendell, pre'sident First National
Bank. Detroit. Mich. ; S. A. Harris, presi
dent Ncrtuwestern Bank, Minneapolis,
For the term of two years: W. P. Si
John, president Mercantile National Bank.
New York Ci'j; J. J. P. Odell. vice
president Union National Bank, Chicago,
L, H. P.oots. president F.r3t NaTional
Baafc Little Rock. Ark t J S. Chick,
president National Bank of Kansas City,
Kaaas City; R. M. Nelon. pre-ident
Commercial Bank, Selma. Ala.; M. M.
White, pre-ident Fourth National Back.
Cincinnati. O ; S. G. Murphy, president
FirM Nitional Bank. San Francisco. Cah
fcFor the term of one year: Lottan C
Murray, president United States National
Bank. New York; J. T. Sxith, cashier
National Baak. Baltimore. Md.; H. E.
Camp, president First National Bank.
Milwaukee. Wi.; David T. Porter, presi
dent Memph.s National Bank. M-mphis,
Tenn.; James S. Barrett, cashier German
Security Bank. Louisville. Ky. : W. E,
Schmertz. president First National Bank,
New Albany. Ind.
The convention then a-ljoamed,
Sister CatnMle. of the Convent of the Sacred
Heart at Emporia. Sererely Beaten By
Crank. ,
Emporia, Kan.. Sept. 27 Wednesday
evening, about dusk, a brutal assault was
made upon Sister Camille, af the Convent
of the Sacred Heart, in the convent school i
hous. after the scho.ars and other teach
ers had left. She was struck over the
head a number of times with a slung shot
1 or other weapon, until knocked uncon
scious, and then k:cked and stamped up
on until supposed to be dead. Hr as
sailant is snppo-ed to be a young rail
. roader from Terre Hauti. Ind.. named
J Murray, who became infatuated with ,
' her while she nursed h.m in a
' hospital in Terre Haute, and w h ch
place hi persecutions forced her to leave
i to avoid him. Learning that she wsf
here. h followed her, and this is the third
afempt he ha? made upon her life be
cause she refused to lave the conventand
become his wife. The previous assaults.
as thi-, oce. occurred in the schooi build
ing and were kpt from the public in
hopes the police would capture the brute,
and this would not have become known
had not seme -chool children heard the
screams, wbicn caused an inquiry to be
made. The r-fused any iafor
taetiOT and th above facts were learned
from Father Leonard, who is ia charge
of the church and coaveat. Sister
CamiTt lies ia a precar.ous condition
and .s unable to answ-r questions as yea
Th criminal is st H at Iare. but as he is
known it U thought he will be captured.
a it wii; b eay to identify him. one of
his hand having only a thumb and for-
nnr-r on it. Fa'her Leonard is maca
t -xcrk'd no ever the affair and sems
think that the criminal is net iTke!y to be
r either captured or punished. The people,
s0 Iar 3S acouainted with the matter, are
extremely indignant and denounce the
villain as wcthy of Ivnching.
Emmons Klaine Marrieti.
R:chtii-i.i SpcnG5. 2. T.. Sept. ffT.
Ernmocs Elaine, son of Hon. James G.
Blaine, Secretary of State, tra married to
Miss Anita McCormick in tbe Presbyterian
Church here yesterday at neon.
a "
Sircp Work Barned.
KTatsas Crrr.Ma. Sept. 27. Fire broke
oat at 2:13 o'clock this moraine in the
sirap rehnery of J. F. Bliss & Co., at
2inth and Liberty streets, and entirely
destroyed the three story brick bnildins
and contents. The telephone alarm was
given about about half an hour before
the department arrived, and then
the fire was nnder way and the
Games bey end control The build
in;; is owned by J. L Reynolds, cf
the firm cf Reynolds. Tramfccll & Allen.
Mr. Bliss having assigned at that time.
The machinery located in the basement is
believed to be a total loss- The loss on
the bnildinj; is JSa.OQO. fully insured, aad
oa the contests abect the (a tne,
The Triennial Kaoka to Be Held ia
Washington fD. C) Oct. Sth to lita.
1S89, Inclusite-
Tickets for tais occasion via the Chicago.
Rccb Island & Paciac Railvray, will be so.d
at One Fare the Rouad Trip, conditions and
-. .it- u- o frt .rtrc Ar.ii!! stirinn or
..fcj xji. jra j iuaw .. - . . 1
the east of the ilissouri River, Oct. 3d to j
ota laciusiTe. ctKxi tor guuij; fcif-' llIJl
titer thaa trains arrmng in Washington
Oct. Sth. aad for retara nassasre to s'.amag
pamt on or before Nov id, liaO; at stations
m Kansas aad Nebraska, Oct. 3d to 5th.
good for goui nassae cot later thaa traias
arriving ia Wishmetoa Oct- sta. aca for
return.-Nov. 3d, l!f&: at Colorado points.
Oct. 1st to 4t'a inclusive. limited goiag. to
Oct- sth, ar.d for return, to Nov. Sth.
Is9. S5p over adowed only oa re
turn coupons at junction noicts east
of Bui-io and Pittsbcra-a. Persons de
siring to za cr retura via New York, can do
so by rayiag $W additioaaL To secure
sleep'iag accommodations via C R. L & ?
R'y," aapdcations should be made at oace
No eff jrt will oe snared ijy the Rock l-.acd
to make the trip of every person passing
over its line oa this occaicn satisfactory
and pleasant. For tickets or farther infor
mation, app'vto anv of oar reoreseatative.
or addres-. Suny Seba.-tlo.". Geaeral xieet
at Paaseager Aeat, at Caicago.
Samoan beat
rv is an
Americas wiuotv. tmrty-six years old.
.? ?-T.
aas IaO.lw acres of laad-
Ore on. tlie farailiMt of Farniers.
Mild, equable ciimate. certaia and abuadact
crops. Best fruit, praia. grass, stock cocutry
in tae world, r uJ. information tree. Aacress
Oregoa Immigration BoanLPortlaacLOregui.
Tsr birth-rate of L-elaad is less than that
of any European country but France, Rus
sia ataadiag'at the head" of the list.
Have voa suffered long by reason of Ma
laria: tried everyta:
the conclusion teat
ig. aaa nca:iy come to
-!1 i-- nri linr5
Sead oae coar to Dr. A. X Shaileacerger.
Rochester, pa., aad get a bottle of his Anti
dote for Ma.ana. If not cured in a week.
say so. aad the moaey will be immediate.:
returned to vou.
It young mea will not believe in them
selves ao man or womaa can believe in
Yoc hardlv realize that it is medicine, whea
takiagCarter'u Little Liver Puis: they are
verv small; no oae ettect.-, : ah trouoies
torpid liver are relieved by their use.
Up to the ecd of Aurust 14.4ati.UC0 tickets
were takea .it tha Pins Exposition, la
IsTi the aumber vca3 oaly T.125.C0O.
Tnosr who use Dob Dins Electric &ap
(and rheir name i Ik io) save their clothe?
and streasrth. aad let the oip do tne work.
Did yra ever trv itl If not. do o next Moa
ttayiurs. Ask your grocer for it.
A LTTTL2 seeing saves maca looking: a
little saeakiaff saves i
Woek for workers! Are yon ready tc
work, aad do vou waat to make money
Taea write ta B". F. Joanson & Co.. of Rica
menc. Va.. and see if they can cot he.p you.
Rror3gn impertinence i.a't wit, acy
more thaa insolence is aniliaacy.
Foil a Cough or Sore Tarcat the best medi
ciae is Hole's Hoceyof Horehouad aad Tar
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure ia oae miaute.
Hs who waits to co a great deal at ence
will seldom co aay thiae at al
Pais in the Side aear.y always comes from
a disordered liver aad saroma'tiy re-ie ved by
Carter's Little Liver PuIa.Do'a't forget tais-
Gp-atitlde is the music of the heart when
it chords re moved by kiadaess.
Exnns freedom from iaj rious drugs maxe
-TaasuTs Punch'' 5c Cigars mast popular.
Brrr. easiest to use and cheapest. Pisa's
Remedy for Catarrh. By druggists. 2.c
KAX5.V5 CITY, Sept. 3).
CATTLE Shipping steers ...S3 i 3 4)
Bntcaer steers 3 ' Q, 3)
Native cows. 131 S 2 25
HOGS Good to choice heavy. ) ft 30
TVEEAT No. red 63 S 3,
No. --sort t: a tii
CORN No. "i S3 & 2S
oats No. s it a :t4
EYE No. 2 3t fe Si
FLOCH-Patents, pir sack. .. 1 33 S 2 00
HAY Baled 4 00 -S !W
ELITES Choice creaaiery.. 13 a )
CHEESE Full cream 6 7
EGGS Choice 14 15
BACON Hams 10 104
Shoulders 5 & t$4
S.dss ....... " S
LAKD 6rjt S
CATTLE Shipping steers ... 4 00 U t 43
Batchers' steers... 3 . S 4 3i
E035 Packing 3 73 ft 4 20
SHEEP Fir 10 choice 3 i Q 4 4
FLOCE Choice 3 .'-1 Ji 4 33
VEE.7-No. 2 red 51 S i
CORN No.2 Si3 xh.
OATS No. 2 171-5 17S
EYE No.2 37 a 3-i
BCTTEi: Creamery 2rt a 2:1
poek. :: c a :i &
CATTLE Shipping steers.... 3 0 G 4 50
HOGS Packmc and shipping. 4 (X) G 4 33
SHEEP Fair to choice 4 0) a 4 &)
FLOCK Waiter 4 40 f& 4il
WHEAT No.2 red 01 a 214
CORN No.2 Zl'---2 31
OATS No.2 13 ft 10--4
EYE No. 2 41 ii 41
BUTTEE Creamery L" G 13
POHS 11 CO G II 10
CATTLE Comnioa to ?rjz.Z.. 4 00 O 4 50
EOGS Good to choice 4 0!) G 5 13
FLOCK O-iod to choice 4 40 w 3 :
TVHEAT No.ired 56 a S6-i
COEN No.2 4-)S 41
OATS Western mtied 21 d. 28
SCTTEK Creamery 11 a 17
POEK Ii23 t2 73
-Eyatliorfn'A knowleiire of the ramral la
ic-htcii potts t-e cprarlcin of U:s-tic nu rio
tr.JO. aad St a aMli"-""5.3. 't1
properties of '!t-Ievl Cocca. ilr. Epps a
proTid-tl our breaifat tA'l-rs "itfa a c-ltcatlr
Saronrasl b-Teraje --sich oT "a s nraaj a- aT
coct.)r &U!. It by the lndiciou a-e or nc.
articKot aietthataconstltntion -nay be s-ail-iaJ-t np cctl. strocs enoci-ft t re-tst every ttn-d'-ney
to ilia- HnndriHlor abtl alailit- are
fic.itl3aroradnsr'aly to attact w!ier-ertiiere
Ls a leak point. We say escap: maay a. fatal ---tTie-plnionrselfr
w4l lortiSed -nth Dcre blicl
and a properly cocrUced rrame- "Cru zmttv.
aJe iply --rttli boillrz -ater or n--. SoU
onlT tn hU-pocad tins, by Growers, lab!lrd tact :
JAMES EPPS k CO.. Hcmeocaikic Cheaiiis,
Londart, Engian.
UUBTMea ornrtT Tears.
anirlira KhLnmchT aiul Ejurr of tie KCTX.
MEBSOIKS." itaAacoriaamo
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day. ajeaIl
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Iar. 5o cztKnA sanMrr. 5 !? -jaiiihrs
cr&eacral Axra'. -an c-t tau bock. ForesaaaiT
tamurr aad naaral trrca. write mt aaace to sL J.
mXTIlicma9-mrmwmirrt,mltm-m. EL
T la. x S la. ?0 paces.
1 innlaatesf Corer.
CteTBalT BTfT9sfsf cn application encioains one
OKI! I i" HCCiscjauap, o y addresae.
TIEO00EE HOLLAND.,nas.,la.
Mlas Frmemilll
A New Depsrtar
From ordiaarv business methods is made
bv the manufacturers of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, ia guaranteeing this
world-famed remecy to cure all diseases
arising from derangements of the liver or
stomach, as indigestion, or dyspepsia. bL
lousness or "liver complaint," or from im
pure biocd, as boils, blotches, pimples, erup
tions, scalp disease, salt-meum, scrofulous
sores aad svrehinzs aad kindred kLmeats.
Moaey paid for -Discovery" promptly re
turned if, on fair trial, it don't cure.
Don't hatvk. hawk. b..-w. spit, aad disgust
evervbody with your offeasive Dreath. but
use Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy aad ecd it-
Doy'T iadu.g3 in the luxury of strong
opinioas ia the presence of your elders.
15 aSLcted with Sore Eyes use Dr Isaac
Thorapsoa'5 Eye Wter. Druggets seL it.i.c
Hirrosr is not fable agreed apca but
truth disagreec upon.
The Liver
And kidnees ar orsaas wiica It is Important
snocld be ieptin irwl eaciiiwa. anl yet .tej are
Terioriel 2il asujeti 3y ntariy eT-rjocly. onttl
ibe; become worn-out. c!o;evl np. o- itlaiel.
ilool iariapartil cares a.l ciSesIties w:tn
tuei oryiai. roaes theni to hea:tny action, xal
lonee tbu wtoleCjes-Te oraaclja.
" I fcaTe teea csirs HocC's ?arp.irtla for Izili
etvt,n anil l.Ter trosble. It h itreatly t-::e2teU
ae. aad I t.ilnX It t' tally as tcool a medicine a
claimed. E. a. CEESEBao. cntet ecsmeer lire
Hood's Sarsaparilla
5iUlhyaUlrjsits. tl: six for S3. Prepared only
SjCL HOOD A CO.. Loweli.
IOO Doses One Dollar
A Proclamation!
Br. I. Gay lwls. rnlici. Ark-, uys:
-A TCsr MroX tiad bilioa fever ;Tkttt
Itls were hiftilT recHiaifi,Jt
tbat I B3J them. Sever did isetieie
have a kappir effect. After rm
ttr f quarter or a coatarr, I re
claim tneca tbe best
BiedlelBs ever
ttcrloe tncaa.n
tucd. 1 alvay yr
Tutt's Pills
Cure All Bilious Diseases.
Wfwan Wire Fencing
kWIre Rope Selvage
80c TO S2 PER ROD. .
lgiiSMaa(rrtiths.uitaraiii-2 SonlDycsorcaIr
tn thtf lirn" rt trvtt. rTJlKllT ?A1D- Istor-ji-uiPn trv.
Ely's Cn am Bala
-s-Ppl7 Ualm into each nostnl
E.T EEOS, M Wiirea St. S.X.
3 T a " afon caie.
Iron Later i:a taac-i. Brum
Jk T- oa't IJi t;v iar
"r-i foji- ?Jrtr price llis
-- .' -arr aad aidrrsa
BI5GnAaTO.V, N. jr.
Salvation OH Trj- u. : n z?e.
1 nnn nnn acres lapTd
I lalllllZa t lllli is Alaauai aad Jlloua
I I7WV5VW pPi .sn tae .e . f tci
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IAL.V A)l I1M & EEVEU. PUENT i cr ilCK
F t3Z.Vic-r-re:latlabl-.AacrJ Earaix- L.
4L irnt. St Lja ' Kk EnJ tn? tlrlrt. E
r.VtlE FtiUTIIE IHM 1 TUII; - tw on al to
a.. ; i" In AlabaauiB'l'I.w!! -pr m th-3ia(nle
.a- a,).:.-. 1? 1 ..Ttw.4cr. .ia'ari 2KL VDtfr
liri mad S-Hb.BVaU atbr -ti. nit. Tlctrt oxl
forSiifa 1 - Ptra-ii- ( P' -r- t-" Bla".
C. U. KI.N H. . H. 1. .V X. Mtale. Alaw
"" VZt ?iti
W19& k!
3 rBSSmOhBa-v-iKa
kHix: 723 rxrts.
tc uie. .Cheapest. Relief is immediate. A
It is an Ointment, of -xbicn
to the nosils. Price. 50c-
EiaiL ..(i-ire!?.?, E. T.
I ESfflKralinHaBaaaRBfisdaaar TO MAKE
B JFW ta TCua eseczs fca
(WW B H... -.r-aF V MMurrSaV mm.
For Rctthw, Brnss, dts cd'n'ouiiis.
r-cj5i-fcrtscnd Gzrdr
AT tterooisrs asd DrA.tzz3
THE CHAHtES A. VOCclFH C0 BaKistare. Ed.
ty return ma3.
tall tejcnptlT
drcurs cX
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can ea.'.7 amt
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any yarmsiit, ta
any s. .e to say
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CJT'ar.B, C.
MM Cocoa
abtoiuttty pure and
So Ctiemiccils
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c-nainr. EiillT DtttLffia.
ia! Mttmmitj iiprrl ttt J'i!i
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9Mld by Grogr v?rywhgrc.
W. BAKEB 4: C0 Dorchea:er, Kosa.
fen. "3 CC - C3 S-J-C3
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Wrtl-a To
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:.:. But cot a beverage. Cur llliio
nns. Grnl Dvbitltjr, lllrcJla LlTrr
CoaplalaU Ff cr aid line, etc Z3f AS
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mr3an2 tma ?A?sarpi ta ra.
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Libral .traacn. Fair com. Jj'ffiawnsfl.
C.Vr tlnra.". Prumpt wSra'fi ad
x fa il-W. Hftmncr L.itxi Boaiu
tit N. Cdsmercul. : iT. LOCLS-
PrKariqaik:y 13 F"y
paaiph.t?: a ireziiua aaI
E.in3Lars iurrais.
AJi. ?. H. FrrZG7.iiU, -.
CSaia Area-y for Wmitra ioMi-r. l-...anaK.j.Iai
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w "r CBEUITto AiT-itoacarXeTr Rook.
T" 1 hi rin Tim 1 nan
VCTa mm m?.mrm A hM.Mr.1 WI
dent property of nit aere. onr tv
non-Drsident. Atltlrean. ? M. VKAZEY,
316 West Sixth street. Ktatu City. Ho.
lf'aillaSlil.SaT.'tC- V
erter rlieT.. Law rri.
i.T KltaUlaa'S-.CaviBjut.ij.,anaaAiatj.l).C.
ea-gaxx taa ikfti 1 ijanwa.
OOK free mini!
nit.J.c.MlM..v. iillK-F
PATADDU Carbolic Smok Hall PJIBC
uAIAilnnA pol'tre cure for Car.-h.bUnC
Bron. "litis. Arnica. Cll la tne hai sal Ttr"a
ssilIi-rtarfBaaira. 1113 M tin St. ai-tcia C zj.Ho
C IN 3h DAYS;" -10
orirrs ta IS
fr- JaS. H. EaEL.Fniuji:er. atc-i.
1 PA"ta mrv XXTtm f, 1.
si yp rrnT. Boi -rtng. f :-.ii:-i?.Ani-.
IlllBlk "''.Sti:r-Ji3.nil. ru: -Aoroct.T ti-ltll
by i-a.- Circalim ir-t. BatxTTS TOT.1 (7, eaala.S.Tl
VfailltftlflCaI-,::irn T-irrapbr an.t BaQraad
I iiiimV .vent's Eairi?V,re. aailercr
o 1 iitoatioaj. Wntei.D BROWN. edaltA.Mn.
X3r3alIZ RiiS ?i?ElaaiJwaarl.
A. N. K. D 1259
tiatr tAat a M tlM Ai2acrumcat ia xSLm
o c 'r-lI.G'Tr- a
a smaU particle ia applied
Slid bj drugcists or sen;
HAZTa.xisS'arrea, Pa.
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