The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 10, 1888, Image 5

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Supervisor Berg is up again.
L. C. Gross has been on the sick
A U. Becker went to Lincoln Sun
day. Horace Kasterday spent Sunday in
Prof. Jud Clark, of Fairbury is in
the city.
Chas. Newcotnb has T?turned from
a trip to California.
See the "Marble Ireatu' at the
Methodist church to-night.
The government is authority for a
cold wave by to-morrow morning.
f Xo choice in seats to-nigt at the
Methodist church. First come first
J. II. Itemsburg has been on the
sick list, but we are glad to say he is
out again.
The admittance to-night at the
Methodist church is but one half the
usual.price of this company.
There will be a grand ball given in
the Moon block hall to-morrow eve-
' ninir. Prof. Clark'., orchestra will
furnish the music.
A. J. Welch has been appointed
corresponding secretary for Xebraska,
of station agents railway association
ef the United States.
Parties desiring to attend the en
tertainment at the Methodist church
to-nisht should go early as there will
undoubtedly be a large crowd in at
tendance. Mrs. William liarrett. living at
Judson departed this life on Sunday
after a protraccd illness. The EvE
niso Chief extends its condolence to
the bereaved husband and family in
their hour of trouble.
Buckien's Arnica Salvo.
The best salve in the world for Cuts.
Bruges, Sorer. Ulcers. salt iinetun.
Fever Sire.-. Tetter. Chnjiel Hands
Chilblains. Corns, ami :ill Skin Erup
tions, and ;tively cures Pile, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect s:itiif"t, tT nnmey refun
ded. Price 25 cents pr box. For
sale by Henry Cook.
"it lli-romiiM-Hdutioii.
The body of Renj. Little who died
at Red Cb.ud Januaiy 24 was em
balmed anl placed in a tnetalic casket
bv 3Ir. V. V. Taylor and shipped to
Oelwein. Payette county, Iowa, came
tProush in nice hape.
V I). E. Little.
Nashua. Iowa.
Xrarly A Blaze.
Ayer'- Hair Vtoir iiiijrcTf. the ri.iut rf tlif
liiiiraml i.roiatr..'iiunuili. It ii-t tin
acciiiiiulaticn f Jauit-.:r. rU-aa-- the --a!i.
aal re-tort u tatunil cl-r to jrrox hair. Hae
a refi il At" ASnwai" (or the new war?
U m'..i:M!iac:i:e-iniM- f hair,
e-elair- "'.e iS'.eiliau Hair Srciiewt-r.
heiiw-t'lli-tor of nVin tm.e
or the
?Iako To ?Illale-
Bv !i--j-ell--jr :! --yint'tnis t of
ten tiifc.--i: I'-r .-..-MK.-.ption. Saiit
hje hfr- oronjMi '.ni"? to many a
household, 2-y r-kins up th" e.lii
that h .- !''" !cv-lp"'l into thsit
f:ttal dis'---- - T2i(r-.-i!'l- -'ti l saved
from :.::'" ,ily ur:iv it insice
:t(. n!i- 'v --'''''r : '"tti- f' '"'''
ub lint '" 1,v' ;w-v :i: y'M'r liou?e
C..lif.:i.i- .-ai-r-etir i-5 .tjiially rfl'.'rt
f hi tin K-nfi. ! true"" ': n--trl
cat:;rr! " :! of tin-- c ! rful Ca!-
ifnilllM !' r'.l- r-olil :ilid W.llTHIItfcll
by !!:.. "i l ,H-r package. 3
i..r $2..Vi.
Absolutely Pure.
This ihit Vr nevr Varie--. Marvel of pure
slreiiKtliaial ho'esosiwiess, mor sonom!rnl
than the or'lir.'rjkmdaud cannot 'eiiold in
tstmpetitn: with i!m iiiulthilw of low test short
v ehiht aluw or iborhal-p wihirs. Sold only
iu i:i-. :i -"i'AL K K I : I-OWDER CO.
in; Wall srett. Y. City.
Oae of Lon Eddy's children is quite
Miss Lucy Sullivan is reported to be
dangerously ill.
H. W. Brewer left this morning for
Brnmnled Neb. on business.
Another car of ties has arrived for
the street railway company.
All kinds salt fish of choicest
quality at Hacker & Parker's. 120-Gt
Mrs. Chas. But chow recieved a tele
gram announcing the death afher
mo: her in Peoria 111. this morning.
W. T. Auldof Guide Rock has
been appointed assignee of John S.
Marsh, who failed somd few days ago.
Mrs. F. Peisiger, mother of C
Buschow is in the city and will remain
here until Mrs. Buschow returns from
We nre in receipt of the Daily Jour
nal a lively six column folio published
at Kearney Xeb. We have placed i
on onr X list.
What about that canning factory?
Mr. M, It. Bent'ey who has Wen
over in our neighboring state for a few
dftvs has returned home.
John R. Shirey, cashier of the First
National Bank is again aide to be
around. We are glad to see him up
again after hi recent illness,
Bible studies at the Babtist church
on Thursday evening t at 7 o'clock
Subject -'Jesus the little ones,"
Mathew IS 1-14: All are invited.
The board of supervisors have or
dered the bridge over Crooked creek
east of the city repaired. The board
will probably put in a first class bridge
there soon.
C. E. Webb, proprietor of the Red
(loud Tank Line, is now in the city
and gutting ready to go the rounds.
This U a legitimate enterprise and
will be well patronized by our people.
Thk Evening Chief wishes Mr. Webb
and his enterprise success and pros
Mrs. C. Buschow of this city and
Mr. A. Zerwekh, of Blue Hill left
this morning for Peoria. Illinois, to
attend the funeral of their mother,
who died there on Tuesday morning.
Their friends in this city and Blue
Hill sympathize with them in their
dire affliction.
The iiord of trade should not rest
easy in railroad matters but should
ke! delegation? at the front all the
time. The path between this city and
the various irenerai managers offices
stiould be kept warm with applications
from this city. Keep it up, don't say
that a man has been there once and
that will do. but keep some one going
lii tii time.
Troe3! Tree3!! Trees III
Il m: want fruit. forest or ornamen
tal tret, or .-ma-l fruit trees of all
kind at bed took prices call at the
City Feed Store and leave orders fur
what vou want. ppo-ite I. O.
L. H. HirsT, Lock Bos 1 52.
Stillwater, Feb. S. Special Cor
respondence There was a leap year
jiarty at J. K. Allen's on Wednesday
eveninn of last week. Those present
report having had a good time.
Louie Orr, who has been going to
school in Superior is home on a visit.
John Purvis of Superior was visit
ing his uncle, Adam Orr, last week.
Hugh 3Iclntyr Sr., has laa suf
fering with a lame back for about a
week or ten days. He is some better
Adam James from near Blue Hill
was visiting in this vicinity last week.
J. 15. Potter has traded his farm
for half of the Guide Rock mill.
' Frxsw
Highland, Kansas, Feb. S. Spec
ial Correspondence John Merrill
visited Mankato last week.
Ghas. Huppy has returned from
the east.
Married at the reaidcDce of the
bride's father in Highland, Mr. Jim
Wait to Miss May Wood. The
happy couple have the best wishes of
the entire community.
Tom Brown is the last victim of the
fan loving waifs of Dutch Flat.
Harvey Merrill lost a pair of val
uable young horses by distemper,
William R. Barton has the Arkan
sas fever.
Bldge Leggett has moved to Kan
sas from Nebraska having rented Mr.
Geo. Coon's farm in Smith county.
Quite a number of our young folks ;
went to hear the negro preacher at
.B ,f - p.vl.ti,
JDiiU lllllitU aJaWeu
, "--"vw
The board of supervisors are 'n
sessioa to-day.
G. W. Liadsey has been oa the
sick list for a few days.
The fire department will have dan
ces at their hall on the 14th and
Seven days from to-day will be
"get-even day" or St. Valeatine
picture gallery.
A. M. Talbott, John S. Marsh, Jack
Hayes, J. M. Chaffin and Supervisor
Hampton, of Guide Bock are in the
city to-day.
Hose company Xo. 2 were out
throwing water last ni ht
The com I
pany threw a stream clear over J. L
Miller's harness shop. The company
is doing good work.
For the last few days the county
officials having been hovering between
a cjld wave and balmy spring. The
coal supply having given oat they
were compelled to burn sawdust,
prairie grass and such, until the
board bought more coal.
Geo. 31. Palmer 31. D., of Xew
York state arrived in this city yester
day in response to a telegram from
Mr. T. J. Mosher, who called him
here to treat his case. He is the old
family physician of the family while'
they lived in the east. He will re
main here about two or three weeks.
This morning John K. Aultz came
very near furnishing a little work for
the fire department. It seems that
John (more fortunate than the rest
of us) had some hams in the summer
kitchen which he was smoking, and
in some wav one of them fell down
upsetting the kettle of fire, distribu
ting the embers under the kitchen
timbers from which a little fire emi
nated. One of the neighbors saw the
smoke ascending heavenward and
gave the alarm in time to save the
house from being consumed.
The Strrrt stall way.
A letter from Kansas City received
this nioinitig announces the cheer
ing news that work on the street rail
way will be commenced on the loth.
The ties were shipped from Memphis
Tennessee and have arrived and been
unloaded. Good.
Aid. Cather is on the sick list, but
s convalescing.
John Fulton and Geo. Young de
part to-night for Arkansas.
John Uentley is the happy father
of a bounding baby boy. Usual weight
G Dow has purchased the bal
ance ot the hardware stock ot Jioss
D. C. Mjers left this morning for
a visit with friends and relatives in
Council Bluffs.
John Jncobion, deputy oil in.-ni'ctor
was in the city the other day, and iw
tified dealers that he would prosecute
all who sold oil or gasoline that did iu t
cotne up to the tet.
Gui Bartch the little " pe -nut
vender" wsit taken before police
magistrate West charged with coin
ing concealed wc-ipons and doiiv a
gambling business on : mikiII tcl.
H wa-s fined $10 and co?N. :tud thn
of the little bids who were also t.-.keii
were given 15 minute- in the city ba
tile. We vou Id gently insinuate ha;
perhaps it would nut be a bad idea t:
some of the oldet violators of the Jaw
in the same respect be taken in and
treate . likewise instea 1 of bcius btg
irce. Give them all the same dose
big and little young and old.
Garden Field and Flower Seeds
Don't send off for garden seeds,
when we can fill your orders by the
oz. cr lb. for less money and with
better seed?. Our stock is fresh and
reliable of the latest improved var
ieties from the best seed house in the
land, who handle northern grown
seed.-. We do not sell on commis
sion, and nothing but fresh seeds in
the bulk. Give us a call.
Perkixs & Mitchell,
diw feb Amch Bed Cloud Xeb.
Advertised Lettebs, Remain
ing uncalled for in the P. O. at lied
Cloud, Xebraska, for the week ending
February C, 1888.
.. . -.
Daniel HoIIehan, James Press,
Wm. W. Watkins, E. J. Patterson
-,,. tT rfeu-
B. i?. Waterman, G. W.Baker,
R. 3L Crampton.
r T tl ii ti c- .. -
-Hrs. Belle t. Perrj, Miss L. McLiin
Mrs. Ellin McKtnslcy.
i inese leiiers win nn uit ii i
lltese letters will be seat to tha
, ac.i ietter .. -it-,,.!, r laco
Q letter omce 31arch Ci,18b8, if
a j- asjIIaJ Fa KaVma
e --r. v xw
.. a. .uahu, A". m.
The Investigation of Trusts a. 8ta
psodousUndartaJcinc HostOs '
loc-Lard and Cottoa-Seed-OU-8ae-
. ...,.uc..:.itw.iTui I
HtiTy George Endorses President Olera-
land'i Administration Mosey Far a
Washixotox, Feb. 6. Henry Bacoa, of i
ICew York, chairman of the House Coav .
auttee on Manufactures, who ha been di-!
rected by resolution to investigate the I
whole subject "of trusts," has been ill lor i
a week, but be managed to get out Satur-1
day to attend the regular meeting of the,
committee and aeain to-day to spend a ,
short time iu the House committee rooms, j
Mr. Bacon is very much interested in the
huge tusk which the House has imposed
upon his committee, and be has a full ap
preciation of the importance of making
the inquiry deep and thorough. It is plaia
to him as it is to bis associates
tbat the work is rull of difficulties.
From the outset the committee will
encounter the hostility of cotton trusts,
sugar trusts, rubber goods trusts, petro
leum trusts and the many other organiza
tions intended to make their member rich
by compelling consumers to pay prices not
regulated by free competition. A great
deal of assistance will be expected from
the public, and persons who have informa
tion tbat can be used in enlightening Con
gress should send in facts, nasies, figures
and every thing else. The ground work for
the investigation has been laid, and it may
be some days before the committee will
begin taking testimony. Mr. Bacon as
signed to the task or arratging the work
Messrs. Breckinridge, of Arkansas, By
sum, of Indiana, and Hermann, of Oregon.
He has co-operated with this committee
and the four have assumed to eacn ae
ber of the whole committee a special vrus
to be read up.
samples or tann.
Wasuisotos, Feb. C The friends of the
pure hog lard legislation have tiled in the
Agricultural Department for analysis a
number of samples of alleged adulterated
lanl. This morning Congressman Phelan,
of Memphis, which is the chief center of
he cotton-seed-oil interest, at which the
proposed legislation is aimed, called at the
department with D. F. Fox, the attorney
for the large refining interests. They al
leged that spurious samples had been con
cocted, and aked that all s.implcs submit
ted by either side in the investigation be
accompanied by affidavits establishing their
authenticity. Commissioner Colman agreed
to tbU. They then asked to ie furnished a
list of the samples furnished by the pure
hog lard representative Mr. Kimball, of
Boston and offered to furnish lists to Mr.
Kimball or all samples submitted by them.
Mr. Kimball vigorously protested against
this, and the Commissioner withhold the
lists till Monday.
Washington, Feb. a To the ight of
the officers of the Post-office D -artment
the .pe-ial delivery systt-ra has now proved
to be a success. Huturns received from all
free delivery pu-.t-ftice for the quarter
ended September "W. 17, showed that
271. 5J3 speciul delivery letters hal been
delivered, which was a largn increase coai
pared with the previous quarters. For the
quarter ended December 31 the returns re
ceived howed n increase of l?.6perceut.
over the September quarter, 'ih-i normal
increase in the general -M:al buhin'-ss
during the same icriod was less th.m 10
per cent., which shows that the special de
livery system is increasing more rapidly
thaulhe" general postal business "It is a
pronounced succes-s," s.itd a promin-nt of
ficer of the department today, "and its
best featuteis Vuat the Uf.wrnmeut can
not lose a cent, for ir no letters are deliv
ered no expeu-c is incurred."
hkxkv GF.oia;n.
Feb. 0. lii an interview
to-day Heaiy George said: "Mr. Cleveland
has !ei i.Js face elenlyin the direction of
free :r::de. The length or i umber of the
the seps is not f i much importance as
that a step has been taken. Fresldent
Cleveland is even now in sidvanco of his
party and has inside the issue. It can not
be dodged or evaded. 1 am with the Ad
ministration and opposed to a thiid party
Presidential candid ite as o:is a-, the Ad
ministration and tho D-moen.tic p.irty
tend toward freedom. 1 have a strons be-
liei iuuk.xit.-siui.-iii. ..-t.-.....u is .i muic
radi.-a! than h. njrtv or even his m.-ssace.
and that h--will at the opportune moment
.i. ..i.. ,-,.,, :u J...., v.;. i.. A.
Ittuu a n l.u iui Ail mane ii iiui ou-
vanee look itisicnificant."
A n.'lTl:T BLEfslSO.
Washington, Feb. 6. Major Warner
:.:' ..? :r.rtT..r,r,.r:r
ti-t Female Colleee of Loxinrton Ma ir
Statestroop, occupied the college buUdiw
during the war. The trustees have beet
trving for over twenty years to collect th
monev. It isoneof the first claims of the
kind allowed bvContrress. Mr. Springer,
.-,- .i.Ain--Mnwi .v-' JL.1
s-srsi s-2--5
demands. The college is to becongratu
laed. Mr. Warner says the claim is a just
one and there is no reason why it should
not have been paid long ago.
Washington, Feb. i". A eommuclca-
tlnn signed
asking for
Do 're, has
Bio r oi .Agriculture. The movement is
n: iterstocd to imvc originated with the to
bivco growers, who were asrur eved the
statistician's crop report lat summer.
Heavy IoIim-rr.
JToktolk. Va., Feb. 0. Between two and
jr burglars entered
haimati & Gale, id
four o'clock thi-4 niomin
the jewelry store of Chapman & Gale,
Main street, itnouli a kvliqhl, took the
door off the safe . tid V'.e nil tbe diamonds.
j gold watches a.-t valuables in the stock.
The firm was i-.irryicg a l.irt stock of tho
Kockford Watch Com; any's sroods, wbic
they were on the club plan. The
j value of th
e - od stu en i- estimated at
i ajtO.Uxt. So of the burglars has yet
, been obtained. t
i ftlH-itiiif lutllMn Vrrrittirr.
j Kansas Citt, Mo., Ffb. 6 l"he confer-
i cpv-", - d"'U'9 'he opening of
the Indian Territory, which wi.l be held a
Board it Tr. de H.U Wednesday, promises '
i to be a grand success. S'-eretury Ritchie
eontinues ti receive letters tecep:iag the
invitation sent out oy tne commutes zroa
. rcprewniaiiTe ciiizcdb oj jiuisaa,
souri and Arkansas.
i ..i .
x-oriJtK-j-.urr.3io.. x-eo. u ine evens
te war ou u. tramps at St. Joseph aad
Ksbsss City is being felt. bre. Thlsplaea
! AVOPMili rrtf -kfWffi. itf tMArtt unil tBaaa-a la
irarr uramiMt that tlinra urill imu ha im
sf stealing done.
- :- t -
oy memners or i onzress, "L." ." ... r .sm ,-:i . i thirteen voais old. c::d
Zl Z?IJ T7-!!1,SS, cently, when he was located at Fort Scott, i -on of F,ljce:n. i John
. . . -,.....' nmnini' lunuur uvaiu u. miu uum i-.- i
.. -.. . ,-..v-v. j .. . ir--- . .. .1 .... ,,n.,av
of tk DtotarbanoM mX
Sawtlar - Klotiaf iaSaoiaWitaaLoaa '
ITr ,... . e.Mi...
of Severn LI res-Twa Soldier 4
W OCTCB UITW-I w ovrani w ,
Several Civiliaaj
Weaaded BaiValoat Jadiaaa White (km
v..n. an.:. . Vi.. i.:,rfAu " i
Fatally Whip a Wltaaaj Agailrt Oga
af Their Leaders.
PrmacBoa. Pa, Feb. 6. As was feared,
collision occurred Saturday between the
noa - union men at the 8olar iroa works and
the strikers, in which three persons were
injured, one, a sutteea-year-ota iau namea
Joseph Keaaa, it is thought being fatally
shot. Tbe works watcn nave neea hub iot i
the nast two months on account of a strike
resumed operations with eighty colored
men, members of the Amalgamated As
sociation, which surrendered iu charter
last Thursday. A force of twenty police
was placed on guard at the mill aad at
Bight the aon-unioaists were escorted
to their homes under police protec
tion. A large crowd or strikers snd
friends followed, but offered no violence
and contented themselves with hooting
and calling ths negroes "scabs."
Shortly after five o'clock the non-union
men came out of the mill. They were sur
rounded by officers and the procession
started down the tracks to Thirty-third
street, the strikers following aad shouting
"scab" and -black sheep.'' while occasion-
slly a Tiler epithet was burled at the cot j
orsd workmen. By the tuae Smallman
street was reached, the mob had swelled to
several hundred men aad hoys. The col
ored men bore the storm of epithets quiet
ly, occasiOBaUy "' f" ' ""J J? )
frightened sidelong glaaces at their pur
susra. but aloaz Smallman street the jeer
ing of the striking workmen became louder
and more violent la s cuaracicr, anu ix
eaaieoally a rock would be sees snooting
iato the air aad falling into ths ranks of
Uia beleaeuered Africans. At this juncture.
without any warning whatever, several of
the colored mon reached for their pockets,
and drawing revolvers opened Are upon
the dease mob around them. Then there
was a scene of wild confusion aad excite
ment, and terror, rage and pain rang out oa
the air from the throats of hundreds of
ansrr and excited men.
The officers now drew their revolvers I
also and rushed among the excited colored
men and endeavored to stop the murderous
firing. The crowd broke and ran in all
directions across the common into the
mills, any place to get out of range of the
destructive bullets. Tho firing lasted six
or eight minutes and between thirty and
forty shots bad been fired before the offi
cers succeeded in stopping it and hustling
the negroes up Tweuty-eighth street,
where they crossed the bridge and scat
tered to their houses on the hilL A num
ber of tho strikers pursued them, threat
ening summary vengeance until they were
stopped at Peun avenue by the police; but I
the colored men made no further demon
Rioting was also renewed at the Kheley
run colli-ry, Shenandoah, where an officer
named Wiilman was shot by one of the
strikers in tne left thigh. The police fired
at the mob, with what result was not
stated. Reports from several points af
fected by strikes indicate a renewal of the
Makm. Feb. t A dispatch from Hulva
states tbat Saturday a mob of riotous
miners, now on a strike, bsing ordered to
disperse refused to do so and were fired
upon by the troops and Uvo civilians were
killed. The miners had joined the peasants
living iu the vicinity on protesting against
ojen air calciuations. The Civil Governor
of Hulva, uccouipannsj by two companies
of troops aud sourc civil guards, arrived at
the scene and rou-id the streets occupied by
a tbreatetiinz nn b. The Governor spoke
from tne balcoav ot the municipal building
t ana inea io un.or. w..u
I .. .&.. - A .. Vt Svi'h s-kt
urowneu ms voice nun iiuui uuu
fired pistols and threw dynamite
cartridges at the soldiers. The troops
were then ordered to fire. The crowd
was finally dispersed. Two soldiers were
wounded. At the beginning or tho trouble
the crowd had almost succeeded in routing
the troops. After the dispersion of tbe
crowd the soldiers retired outside the town.
It is now ascertained that five more civil-
ians havo died from their wounds and other
cases .or woundetl persons have come to
light. One thousand soldiers, composed of
, ;--,- . , .... ,,0,.je n
' mianir, iravoai.. -uU ... j, --"--- -
I Bngadier-General, now
i and surrounding villa-re3.
now occupv the town
Magistrates sent
, m r . .,, J
tO lnvesilgaie iue iiua.r inuun ao uu
dvnamite secreted in a number of houses.
Socialist arcnts were isi discovered. The
strike was cause.1 by an English company
. reducing salaries because the deamy of
' the smol-e ar,sinK from calcination -.topped
' work for two cr three , hour, , daily .The
company, on advice, has resolved to pay
. the old wages. .. -,
dastariil white cw-
. ,,ETVNVIfd-,rna ?vTnS
.Crawford County, hve Thomas W.Uiams
. and wife, who were subjected last year to
' E&sssz? -irt-yrissi:
claimed to have recognized amon? his a-
sailants a prominent young man, Thomas
Courtney, Jr., son of one of the leading
physicians of the county. He immediately
sought the arrest of young Courtney, who.
and urres
from Governor
brought b:it:k.
the yimrg
Gray Is now
This ' news en-
mars friends
and tliey enwo yiuiams noaao ri noay
i night aud being rcfiisel admittance broke
UOWH inc uoir. tiiiuwus urr-u mi ":
d WOin.di..g a vou pie of men. The
mob tIc w-iUl;ims toahcd nd
.. . i...-i,., int., th Misi .
took her husband into the yard and
mcu uu . - .t. si- .-
.:..! l.S . -s.wb TT-tATi Itisi woftiaal t
maae a sxvorn siaumen exnnerawu-f
jounS "."unuci u uu... UUM,v, .-j
flogged him until he became unconscious
and then left. Then the victim was later
found in a dying condition. Tho circum-
stance is said tc have aroused the enure
section of the country, where a very strong
feeling has sprung up against the repeated
outrages of the "White Caps." It will
' certainly aggravate the feeling against
young ioonncy.
Wichita Dotaca.
Wichita, Kan., Feb. 0. Yesterday
asorniag about three o'clock Jack Gregg
aad Liak Mills, noted gamblers, broke opea
the treat door of a house of lil-fama aad
were greeted by a voUey from Bill Sparr, a
tover of the mistress ot tbe dea. Tha ire
was retaned. sal tea shou wen fired he-
fere it waa again quiet. Gregg, aceordiag
io sat pay-M-iaas. is awnsuy wou-uao, aaa
not eiaectedto Uvauattt moralas. Milla
ia auCeriag from aTsfy paiaful weuad la
tha laft thhra. aad Boarr haa a ball ia Ikak
: "
I ..:. AwAid.fA Tnf fnft-Qi-tQ t-ilrnrttrti nnd '
I ll'-Arilllf LIIIUU1C. I-.1L1UI l--UI-- UliBVUV-IutlMi-4
v nn hiiii ik.i i tT- wzm aftuu.. uulil.1
Mart tt ttw
TOtmlal t 1
- Bxxlix, Feb. . The aaaoaaceaMat that
Friars JSisa-arck would speak oa theMilt-
; tary bilt drew a great throat of people to
tie Reichstag to-day, aad loag hefora the
. day's business was bogua lb galleries
were tiled to rente: ion. Prince William,
of Prussia, and Prises Leopold, ,eta ief
the lte Priace Frederic Charles,
oornnil thm oonrt tax. while
diplomatic gallery was crowded with
the different foreign repceseata
tires aad their families. Prince Bismarck
was enthusiastically greeted oa his war to
Keichstag palace ay dease crowds,
wWch liHeaerouieongWilhelstraase
to the pslscc Prince Bismarck eatered the
Reichstag at 1:25, aad was received with
dealeaiag cheers.
The House proceeded with the arst readV
lag of the Military Lou hill, aad Prince
Bismarck arose to address the House. He
"I don't believe I can add aay thing to
the true state of the case regarding the
Dl-L I don't address you oa that account.
Mv object is to speak of the general situa
tion of Europe. I may coufln myself to
referring to what I said on tne sams sub
ject over a year asjo. There has been very
little change since then, when I feared
war with France. Since then France
has elected a peace-loving President,
and a parific disposition has prevailed. X
can therefore reassure the iblic that so
far as France is coueeruec the prospect has
become more peacef u L Kegarding Russia
also, I am of no other np nion than when X
said that wo hare to apprehend no attack
from Russia. The situation must not be
J judged from press comments.
Th. Unjoin tau.-an.av f Hn not h-
Uer& j th9 Czmr,s wonl absoiateiy.
The BiXvMhm on th wUole is BOt different
Jnm hat 0, j j t thal tne eoncen.
t-ti- of uussiaa troon- oa he frontier
jay appear serious, but I perceive no cause
er pretext for a Russiaa or a European
Prussian or Austrian provinces.
war. Russia has no interest to conquer
"TnrfMtl Imu fur in IB-T fMMSlfS SS
to aay that even a war with Fraaos would
aotaeccssiUto a war wit b Russia, although)
the latter eventually would iavslve the
former. It is true that I can aeidesaaad
a explanation from the Uussiaa foreiga
flee regarding the concentratiea at troops
oa the frostier, but haviag beta well
acquainted with Russia's foreiga policy
for a generation I may have my owa of ta
iga in this latter. I believe the Russiam
Cabinet iateaaa U make 'Russia's votba
heard at the next European crisis aad
therefore wishes to pash her -sulitary
forces as far westward as possible.'
"Pallara ta Pass a Lmm Over CaUf sTays
Tto Ths Ifatlossl Or--ma ta a Seat ta
TaauqCAB, J. T., Feb. & After an un
nsually stormy time another mile-stone has
sees passed m relation to the lease. When
Chief Mayes vetoed the bill tbat passed
both Houses, to re-lease the strip for an
other term of fire years to the same com
pany, tne uneroKee ckocjc Associa
tion, at S125,00 per year, he sent it down to
the Senate with a messaeo giving his res
gons for the veto. The Senate passed the
LiU over bis veto by a vote of 13 to 4, aad
sent it to the House, where, alter being
laid off day after day under differeat
frivolous pretenses, a veto was Anally
reached this morning and the Chiefs veto
was sustained oy a vote of 34 to 15. This
settles it for tho 'present. The question, la
fact, now is where it was at first aad the
great lease privilege is yet to be disposed
A bill was passed to semi a copy of ths
Cherokee Advocate, the National organ (which
represents and stands upon the Indian side
ot the great question of toe day), to every
member of Congress and every depart
ment and every officer at Washington for
one year. The Chcrokees are determined
hereafter there shall be no excuse for gross
ignorance of the Indian question as was
exhibited by Senator Heury L. Dawes, of
Massachusetts, and others who are trying
their hands at doctoring a supposed disease
which they know nothing about.
I.un oa a Batik.
Ciscinsati, Feb. C The Metropolitan
Bank su-p.'uded payment for a short time
this morniu; but resumed in a few min
utes. The directors held a meeting at ten
o'clock, landing which the payment of
checks was suspended, aud a Ion line of
depositor- gathered, reaching from toe
payers desk to the street. In a very
fe'v n iautcs, however, the payment of
chee'ss bejrati and ;t noon the line was much
decrease t. The directors took n oth r ac-
tiuu th;:u toeler iir. Krolia viee-pre-idcnt,
in place of Mr. DeCmim. I'rsidjnt Means,
referring to the stoppage or payments, said
there uas no order for it and ne reason for
I. ... .. -iii -f
I it, ami ttiai no o.u noi knoiv iucro was anj
, su.-"
,. .,..
Iavln-; tin- Ifuislitd.
Pittsbukgh. I'a., Feb. il The butt weld
ers, lap we d I:, soci.ei. makeis and help
ers employed t the Ceut-i nul, Pennsylva
nia, Pittsburgh sin 1 3ai ional tube works U
the number cf l.WJ have mad- appticatios
to the Amalffau-ated Iron and Ste -1 Workers
for a chatter. At piesent they arc con
nected witb the Knitchts of r, but they
have decided to lea-, e that organization and
form a lodge of the Amalga-uated Associa
tion. , IUn Into a Wacna.
PiTTsnriMiH. Pa., Feb. G. An exflrsss
train on ih-Pittsburgh & Western railroad
rau into u wagon aithe Cherry street cross
ing in Allegheny City last evening, killing
William Steinbrouner. the driver, aad se-
rious.y injuring William Albright, a boy
bis companion, a
t:Ou. bteinbrouner
""u u'" " J" "'" "3s.uij iui; HM.U vv
tne way to me r:vei- ur coat wuea tu wain
' struck'tho was-ou iu the middle.
i;ti.l-r the 1 hi aU.
, St. j05nPU Ma, Feb. 6.-John Ward, a
. ecti(m lM was nn over aa(1 klUcd by
fin ,.; wtpni:ir nflArn.n nn thfl ITill.
"" cftv
, " gg".
on -"
o' ---- j
, SL Joseph & Councd xJluff road
"Ptftli itn-iif riur 1)im lil-irtfk TTa 9.
.,., t :mn m tt,i. fmnt f thA m.
"--. -
aue.buX fed m.Jer the wheels and
. fc iblv lcJ Hc resided here and
i cliearaaBn.- Mrikv.
Boston, Ff. 6. Three hundred eigar-
makers, comptismg employes of five large
shops, rcfus -d to g in work this moraiag,
owing to the prop ited out la wages. Tha
other shops either do not belong totaa
Manufacturer Union, or havo act posted
km cbt uown.
UaU ti
Hot BraiNr.s, Tex.. Feb. & AterriM
rain aad hall storm prevailed her at saw
'clack this meruieft. It was of tws hews
daratioa. Awatae la the rmtmarf t
-.owasstraekbyllghtdag. 5 aaB8a ta
the egice or baUding. Tke ffasuls of
rala to-algat are good,
'.?"" '
Jh . "" " " ..
mm. Ma, Fek. MM CBiiiamie ac
to Jm.tmitI' 1
families are dew Wk)
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