The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 16, 1885, Image 6

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Jarly from iho post oHice. wi.eth.r.lireeieif to
fs rr yilJ'n , ,,lh.t;r ,,c Is a cribcror U
is icf ponsihlc for the pay.
J'he court.- have leei,,.,i that rrfiis.rie to
take newspaper jrm ,;. t .. '; : '
niovlnp and Joav.ii-j tiicm tim:,lle,l'jv,r. -
"From Alton Hay toHiitiilwich Dome.
from Mml io.Sr.eo Ittver.
Tor palriarchrtnt the primal wool
HumiukIiI with vain endeavor.
Ami then we paid : The plants old heyond retrieval.
Thin p:;niiy growth the axe had spared
lrt not the wood juimevul.
1 Jo.c viiore we will o er vale ami hill
llmr idle are our nearuhes
Jor liniad trirtlictl untitles., wide limbed oaks.
Centennial piuc-i and blrchc-:
Their tortured limb the aw and aiv
Jiuvo eli:ititreil to beams uml trostle.-.;
They re-t in wall", they on neiii.
Tile.) lot III MiuUctl vet-els.
Ill's shorn and wasted mountain land
Of undcrhrii.-h ami houMer
Who th.uks to Mt it.s lull thrown trc-o
Mu-t live a century older."
A1. hist to us a wolt:iml path.
'Jo open hiuiHel leading.
Hevciiletl the Au.ikiiu ot pitie-i
Uiir wildest wish e.ceel:ti;.
Alone, the level huh Ik fore.
Itemw, the lake'H jrieen i-lim'N,
lletond. in mihlv rJi-tiineedmi,
The riiiKtil Northern Highland.-.
Dark Titan on h.H Sintm-l Hill
M limeiuifl ehatu'edeiiant!
Jlowdwarled tiieeoiiimoii wooilland feemed,
Jielore the old time Ktiint.
"What marvel that in -linpler ilays
Of the woild'n early eh.ldimod
&!c u e imvnctl with :ii!iiin-. toft-dind praise
f-uch moiiim-hs oJ I tie wild-Hool
That Tynan maids with Ilower ami f-onir
Ilaneel throiitrli the hill "rove n spacer.
And hoary-hearded Druidi IkuiiiI
Jii woodH their holy places.'
Wjih wiiiicu'liMt of that I'airanauo
Willi Christ -;tu reveicncc hlemliiiir,
'e -jiw our pun- live ml-'lity aiind
Aliove our Ir-wlt extendmtr.
We heatil 1 f-. needles' my-tie riinu,
.N'iiiv riMiiir, and not; tltln;r.
As er.-t Doilumi s priest !- heard
The on k leaven propiic.-)iu,r
'Was it the hull" iineoncIoii.s moan
M me iiplll t Mid llliltoie .
The weannessof iinlioinl power.
Tie lonclinc- ol'
O ilnu ii- and Him-ct lend to him
Your lieauty and jour wonder.
IShthe sparrow mug thj Miuiiiier sotijr
Hi.s roieiuu t-hadow under:
I 'lay lightly on h.n leiiiler kej.s,
o of wi miner, waking
Kor hill Ilk the.-e, t hit son ml of setts
On luroll lH-ttchc- breaking!
And let the cuglc mul the crow
Itest on hihntlil gieen hratiehe-i.
When winds uhake down hlH winter snow
In .-liver iivnlauchcri.
The hrave are braver for their cheer.
The htrotiKcHt need ii-Hiiriincc.
TIim mkIi ol'ioiiging makes not lew
The le-iitv7 of eiiduraiiee.
.. (.'. IV hilt m; in A. 1". Inilriicwtcnt.
.ouiTiug" salmon.
A Happy Consummation. Brought
About by It3 Cupturo.
It was no ordinary .salmon; not one
of us can speak of it even now but with
bated breath and a tendency to retell
th .-. story. Several of otir friends think
it lime to e;o the moment that ginud
Jish thrusts its into the conversa
tion. Lord Duller even departed in a
huff yesterday afternoon because we in a final ;o.s.ipupnn the sub
let: but he is devoid of all sense of
f.ilher romance or sport, without which i
jiicongruous ingreiiieiiLs our saimou
can not be dished up for conversational
purposes; or perhaps as I pause th"
others accept the hypothesis with many
voiced acclamations -he was in love
with Kthel him-elf! She who ought to
know best denies this, but her good
nature in sheltering rejected lovers
from r.dicule is proverbial in the fam-
It is perhaps the most perfect hour of
the year, viz , six o'clock on a .Inly
cveiung. ami especially perfect because
we are just going to have tea, an event
.-which attains exceptional importance
owing to the fact that luncheon at tins
Milling hour of one was a fa ret;. Wo
Jiavo been out since early morning, a
.state of things which has obtained ever
.since our arrival in Wales ton days ago.
suid arc grouped in picturesque atti
tude, such as girls naturally adont
"when in momentary expectation of the
return of the gentlemen, round the head
of a rocky pool soino miles tin the
This spot has, after an exhaustive e.x--nmhmlion
of the entire neighborhood,
been pronoune 'd by the family the beau
ideal of romantic perfection. The mur
mur of the fall soothes our ears; Cap
"tain Croft e.tlls such music a "ceaseless
tlin." but men of his stamp have no
business outside hondou; in fact his
-adverse verd.ct alone would be enough
to decide us in having afternoon tea
here. It is pleasant to lie on the rocks
viaring down into the glittering black
ness of the d- ep nool, while the pre--ence
of the heavy saimou which lives
sit its lower end, and occasionally
siartlos us with a loud splash, is fraught
with ceaseless cxe tement.
Dick and Captain Croft have often
tr"ed him with everything, from a
.Jack Scolt" to a "Silver Doctor."
w thout getting the ghost of an offer
from his majesty. They will soon re
turn, surly. After the bootless fatigue of
Jong wading, and, if we know anything
of a fisherman's nature, try him yet
Meantime, we light a lire of dry
.stieks and arrange everything in a way
calculated to cheer the eyes of disap--pointed
e are uisgusieu to seo v..apiam
Croft returning first, and more still to
see Kthel with him, for Dick has long
been her slave, ami wo did hope to find
that he and Kthel would be together
..and that something would occur to pre
vent his threatened departure tomor
row morning. It this afternoon turns
out blank, we givo up hope, for Dick is
lue in India in October, and will not
get another chance with Ethel.
This morning Captain Croft killed
two sewin, anil Kthel was the only one
of us civil enough to congratulate him.
l)ick appeared at lunch with au empty
-creel, bron.od and tired, but as usual,
-cheerful. This cheerfulness of his, ad
ded to a curious habit very curious,
even unique, considering his se.v of
thinking of ever) one else before himself
have 1ic1mhI to mako us worship Dick
as an elder brother.
I wish some of you tcouhl be a shade
less sisterly," I heard him mutter the
vother night when Kthel said with a
-guileless smile: "We all look upon you
-ouitc as a brother, you know, Dick,"
Captain Croft and Kthel. whom we re
ceived with dignified stiffness, throw
out strong hints upon the subjeet of
tea. bnt we request them not to be
greedy, which is uncivil, and declare
that the kettlo is not boiling, which is
iiatnip. Possiblv wc rather astonish
Cfcptain Croft with our rudeness, but
uZrw im nbout Dick, and our enemr
rfeas often enough disavowed all surprise
t the vagaries of our sex.
jpfcjLi tfc aagler, finding us too dim-
cult for conversation, turn ovr the
leaves of !fw lly-book ine ihativeiy,
Ktiiel recline- anions the .se:t of brake
fern wliteh ne!ops our ramp. I ob
serve ljer from iiebind a book, ami re
lict ted for the iho'i-amlth time that the
multitude of h -r con ,nf-ts i not to be
wonder d at. Who can v.ith.-Larid .-ueh
blue eves and j-oii ctinv nair aim uie ,
. . .1
dimphs which come and jro a- .-he
sieak? Airain. her voice is like the
i--irhle lA ?i i!rlitill'.l!e. atlll but -i-tr
i.s...i ;- .. tiw.tiii. u-lii-li t'roui It-fvcecd-!
.....f.''r.v.'...."-v -
ji.i tn mv, v .t --.- - -- -- - i
in attracts eness, I must label "Uan-
Dick comes in si'ht. clambering
over the rocks with hi Ion"; rod over
his shoulder. I fancy I detect an added
lihl in her eyes, but she only remark-.
ea.-ually: "Now you irirls have eit
your hero back aain. perhap- ou will
jive u-i -onie te-i."
"" avs Diek: "not a fin. Mi'ht
as well throw a lly on
on Ihi.T jjm-elear water
drv "round a- i
lie 'its down, and we recover our
spirits and temper a little. lint he i-'
not him-,. If, for beiti"; really anxious '
out him and Kthel. I o!i-er;e him
c'o-elv and not the elaboration of ef
fort in h s mirth.
was not so h
minded. I'robably he will not even a-k
he'-," -o run im thouiits.
After our paiiistakmjr preparations
tea is not to be di-m:s-cd in a mom -tit.
Our coiilfiuTilative en;ovment ot it.
however, is broken in upon by a loud shstl' have a chance." 1 declare to my
shout from fourtecn-v. ar-old Hella. .-elf. and ponder a little while the others
"Look, the saltn m"1 ami she points to
the curving which mark the spot
whore tin; bi ha-, risen.
"I'.y jrum." say- Dick, jumping up in
ha-t". "it's a " icular -ockdolaer.
"Take my rod. Croft, and try for it.'"
"No. no, it's vour turn. I had the
1ii t ood-natttred I)i'k thru-ts the
rod into hi- fr.enil'" hand and lrao;s off
his own hat to examine the ilie- in it.
Our loud-!onjriied entreaties are to
him a-, the idle wind; but a gentle, iow
voiced from Kthe' veers li'm
round in a moment. He takes the rod
and rIide- caution-l v down to the wa
ter's ed'e, crouched behiuil ro.-ks. and
with beating hearts we watch every I
movement of Dick's linirer-.
" I .-hall show him a Ijiir dark 11 v
hii words seareelv reach
thiou;h the nois-of the fall " 1 should
nevi-r land s-uch a 'whopper' on a small
h .ok."
lie -eenis an aire a!liinir that 11 v and
then wetting it. A- lie lengthens Ins;
line out aard or more each ca-t, and j
the black win;;-, and silver body lloat j
nearer and nearer to the spot where
the ; I'sh rose, our excitement '
reaches almost to hur-tinr, point, and
little Itclla has to be held down by
force. "
There, it must have been riirht over I
- .i . . t t i . ...t .
ms nose mat time: i aimo-i wouoer,
that Dick has the courage to goon
working his lly at all. Hut no ripple
breaks the -urfaee. His maje-ty gaes
unmoved upon liie black and silver.
Two or three more throws and
reels up his line.
"Try him with a .-mall '.lock Scott'
now," Captain Croft, caught by the pre
vailing excitement, speaks in a solemn
"All right. Throw me one over."
Ajraiu lhe wetting proee-s has to b'j
jrone through and again seems more
r r O
ondle-s than before.
At last the brilliaiit-hued ".lock
Scott" is almost over the big li-h. Dick
balances him.-elf earefullv for the next
,.nsU -pj,,. nj curves back, swing- for
ward, and the lly, delivered straight
ami freely, drops gently on lo the wa
ter a couple o yards above the salmon.
Hardly has the line sunk an inch lie
low the -urfaee before there is a heav
ing boil ami swirl of water as the great
fish bounds to the surface. There is
no' one ol us girls who would not at
this juncture June thrown the rod down
with a shriek.
In a moment .lack has struck. His
rod is a hoop: the line llashcs through
the water; the whirling reel makes mu
sic in our ears.
"Down to the b tto:n of the pool,
and drive him back if he makes tor the
rapid." Wc ol) y D ek like children,
except Kthel, who stands beside him
and views the struggle, so to -ay, from
the grand stand.
The lirst rush is straight toward the
dangerous rapid, but a strenuous j
N-iil.-isliin.r from us drive the lisli hack
-i o I
in time.
" lly Jove! that was
th nigh," and Dick wipe
i noar shave
his forehea 1
ltoth Dick and Captain Croft after
ward de dared that they had never seen
a lisii show such spon as this one tlid.
One grand ru-h after another seems
14 ll.'l- lilt.. 1C ffdl IC it-.t ll.i 1.
across the pool! down the pool, under i
the white water at the top. and almost
under Dick's feet all in a moment.
Again and again he hurls himself into
the air ami his great silvery al-mo-t
da.des our eyes with its glitter.
Little Iiella po-itively cries with ex
citement, ami one or two of us would
fain do likewise.
1 have that strange feeling anglers
have often described to me, which
makes the burning reality of the mo
ment blot out past and future. Tne
fate of the universe seems to hang on
this one fish if he is orce landed, f feel
that the struggle of life will bo over.
For tlr.rty-eight minutes does that
lish keep us palpitating round that
pool, then he begins to tire. His rushes
are shorter and "shorter. Dick is get
ting him in hand.
One hu-t effort for freedom, however,
he makes in spite of a shower of stones
froin us. and the strain put upon him
by sixteen feet of green heart, that gal
lant lish struggles into the head of the
Dick comes running down the bank,
losing line even then.' for the current of
the narrows is furious.
Through the neck at the bottom of
and sets his teeth. There is a last
chance, but a tiskv one.
"io:i u iick: you ouui eeurowneii
.fk . 1 1. . lit 1 1
to a certainty. we Shout in Chorus.
hthel implores him with tears in her
eves not to risk it He looks gratefullv
at her. but shakes his head. It lia-hes '
across tne that if the expression of her
face at th s moment does not give him
hean. to ask her a certain
question on the way home, why. he
doe-n't deserve her.
Nothing short of cart ropes would
stop Dick now his blood is up; he steps
into the hum ing water and is taken ofF
his legs in a moment and washed
against a rock; now he regains his foot
ing and staggers on a yard or two, now
loses it once more.
"No lish in the world is worth su?h
dangerous work as this. What a reck-
less chap it is," thus Captain Croft
While "making a short detour round
Ike rocks we lose sight of the angler for
tll tt.lill Ibwhits tb l.l-. llrrtit-
. """ " . "7" "7 -"- 7 -- , iMilla. bvwav of creetinir.
nine;. I he snrht of bowlders and broken t ...-. j..- ... i... t tr.
. , . ,.. , . "t.,orae ouisiue. jrins. i
water renews hts coum-e. Dicks i,r,athiesslv, "and I'll show von some-!
miiniitilnti'n tni'im ic i r.r..f li- ', T . ...... I
iii- - ....f--. . v.. p tiimg worth a tmnureii salmon.
rock; lis line is run out to the last yard. A - wo eme from lhe ioor
1 his prince of fishes will escape after lv.msht sho 11S lhe VTettit ic:un.
.in. iiii k iii.ia, iiniiii ii r kt ii iiii' :i..'i
a moment: then, ru.-hinj: bre:it!i!cvsly
dov.ti t' the water aain. lintl him lyiu
110:1 the bank, much shaken.
and evbau-fed, but holding on to ha
ro.l doedly.
"Tlie hah' i-- snlkinir in the lower
pool." he explain-, emptying the water
Irom hi-puceta. "When I've had a
....- ... ..... w.tta ni rnii: fiir?i titi .
a-i ym iuh wiu -u ..-. -r ;
wit i stone-- ....,. .. , i
This rc-n.te :s bnei. That i;ame li-h
is soon
c:ireeriue ro'.uw t.iu m.- uun .
- . - i .w.. .1 i
. .,
nool. but the ellort is a li'ial one. cry
. . .
-oon be is hinLr in the siiallow water.
aimot .i-sive.
We have no iraffwith u- and "aplain
Croft'-, bi lamliii": net would not even
hint at inclosing such a leviathan as
Dick leads the lish steadily shoreward
until it is almo-t aground: then apta:n
("rofl. warily circbii"; around it. .-coops
it tin in both arms, anil, behold, the
rr-at -almon is irlittermi: amonjr
mil hea" her!
loud eh er ari-es from the whole
part, and little l!ella. in a paroxysm
of triumph, kneels beside the .-iier
mons'er ami ki e- its slippery .u-.
Thirty pound-, at Mi-l." we cy.
"Xo. twenty-live, perhap-." say the
ov-iitjein.n. .And a irrand liah in per
let condiiion."'
The excitement of the sport has com
pletely driven all thoughts of IMck.
coiiiin depatture from my mind, but
thev now return with force. "He
are sieepe i m n-!ti-wor.-.nip.
"lJ:ck."' I cvc.a m. authoritatively,
"you must o home at once, in-tcad of
loitering about here. li-i j.plriir like a
Newloiindland dee;. Kthel and I will
wait- back with oii ''
C'atchiii"; Dick's eye. I see that lie
understands me. "Come along," he
Kthel takes my arm on the side re
mote from Dick. She is remarkably
silent, and -how-; a tendency to blu-h
about nothing, fearinir jo-s blythat her
anx ety about Dick's danjreroii-
eapade ju-t now may have betrayed
lier. Dick, feeliujr that lie is now. as
he would him-olf phrase it. "in for it,
maintains a no h-s impenetrable
diimbnes-. Never have two -.ueh leaden
, compauioii-. fallen to my lot before or
It is a relief that the beaut v of the
wiudinniourlaiiii path, stretching away
belling u-, compel-, me to stop and take
out inv -ketch-book.
"I'll -tay with you,'' says Kthel,
"What, and leave poor old D.'ek to
jor home alone?"
"Kb?" says Dick, looking at me with
comical terror. "Don't let modrajr,
her with me if she want-, to stay."
"Noii-en.-e. jrt away, Kthel. I can't
have you lidjretinjj about me while I
iT. :.... "
am uinnuiu.
Their a-siuuous gootl nature in pre- (
paring my water-color box and block j
lor action knows no bounds; neither
ful-oine hints nor cross requests wiil in- ;
duee tliein to dcpatl. At length, when
1 am busy with my lir-t wash, and re
fuse wiin .-ulky stcadfastuc-e. to answer !
anv more fiic-lious. or to offer any
turthei pretext for their moving hand
or foot on my behalf, they stroll slnly
oil' toget er. Kthel s eyes on "the '
ground. Dick's on the distant hori.on.
Craning round upon m camp-stool.
1 watch them down the long slope of
brake-fern and heather, straining my
eyes as the; grow indi-t net after cross
ing the stream, and finally disappear, ,
to leave me none the wiser for all my t
Anxiety prevents inv sitting still for
ten minutes together. My sketch i- a '
curio-ity a phenomenal specimen of
the kind of daub produe bio by the con- ;
vuliivc dashes of a hand totally unas- t
sisted by a mind, whiA is too agitated
to do its duty.
My eyes yearn to pierce the small
knoll behind which the twain have dis
appeared. Are those two heads any
nearer to each other than when 1 saw
them last? !
For years we have looked upon Dick
as a brother, to-morrow night, when he
has departed, many tears will be shed
which he will kuow nothing of. His
go ng to India, too, is a mere freak, a
decision reversible. 1 really Mieve. by
a single word from Kthel. Again. Dick
is his own master, unhampered by that
lack ol gold which quenches the hopes
of so many oling fellows. Well. I
t have done mv best. and. now thev have
, -.
had a clear hour with their fate in their
own hands, may as well collect my
paraphernalia and follow them.
As 1 pace homeward and gaze ove
the swelling hills, the sun setting "be
yond their utinou purple rim. "saddens
me. Solitude and the gloom of even
tide, melancholy a a long-drawn sigh
nature, settle upon my soul; by the
time I have reached the la-t bridire to
be crossed, the castles I have built con
cern n: Dick anil Ethel have crumbled
one by ono.
Sutllenlv I stumble upon them among
the rocks, and my hopes rn-h to the
surface once mote, the glow of happi
ness upon these two faces admits of bnt
one evplanation.
Yon old brick." beg'ns Dck. clasp
ing my two hands with a fervor which
I tni-t" he will never repeat. "If it
hadn't been fr you. I should never
have done it!"
"And Lucy." adds Kthel in a thrilling
voice, with her arms round my neck,
yo.t're a dear old thing; if it hadn't
been for the salmon an I Dick's gmg
in after it, he never would have - "
"Done this." interpolate- Dick, ki.-s-inir
her again and agaitt. with a cool
indiii'erenee to my presence with h
bathes her face in criui.-on. "Hut we
haven't the courage to go in without
you. ue anus wnen ne nas ipiue uuuu
his whispers in her ear.
"You'll have to, though. Master
Dick." I replv, dashing onward and t
into the nibr-t of the astonished group
in the inn parlor.
It s twenty pounds ten ounces.
have ever looked ttoon; and the
happiness which underlies the shyness
I of the one tace and the siiarkle and tri-
---i- ---
, mm,h of tne other wake- an an3wer.n.
-,0nl in nur hearts i we nmrmnn
-Welcome, brother.
. ,
....w. - - - -
LomltUi foctcfy.
Tint llntish mnnns !xMili!o th
..-. . . . . .
I riehest and largest forests in the wond.
, exteniijng overmillioas bt s-mare acres
In India alone about WAKJ s-,uare
miles are atTorestoJ, and the forts-ts of
Canada. Australia. New Zealand and
Capo Colony are second to none in ue
and the variety and value of their pro
ductions. But there is no knowledge
of forestry and no school of the art in
France and Germany. Consequently
the acreage under timber there and ic
Great Britain itslf is small and con
stantly decreasing. Of the SO.OWUOC
square acres of Scotland, only about
700,000 to 800,000 acres are woodlajed.
I Teacher. "Dehne snoring. - Smai
' boy: Letting off sleep.
V on'i OKnrr niel a lotlier"- l!pimrr
ISnt for tli Wine m tuir T.lle I
Sboiild .Ni'irr llae ll-eii Here!"
J was a riH?t once at a beautiful
in one of the lla.-lern Mate-.
Nothing that wealth and taste could
. , . . . , ...,( i
..roiuc w:ia v;ijji.ii t.j uiwhiim .mw
adorn it. The falh-r was a man o:
tis'ne-s. an 1 immer.vM in it- care-;
the mother was a re lined and cultured
a ly, who moved in tin; lirst circles of
' - c etv. They had two children, one a
young girl of "some fifteen ear of aire,
' aid the other a yotmg man of more
.ban eighteen years. who ua- alien ling
j the eo. lege in the town, and whom his
fin 1 par- nts d -signed tor the profes
sion ol the law.
'J he home was a hospitable one. and
; l.o-piiality had 1m en conducted
' on th" oM-fcvdiioned line- of what was
called polite .-or ety. No enterta u
1 men -, were more elegant, no table
it. ore daintily -upp'.ied. and non had
' i o-llier wine-, than were to Ik? found in
ti.i-s home ol a lor mo-1 Im-ine-s man.
1 The latter were u-eij to no excess in the
pr.vate life of the family, and were di.
peu-ed with refined hospitality to the
.amilv gue-t-. I'a'h'-r and mother.
daughter and -on. drank of them with
t.'ie.r gor-t.-. ami. -' far as could be
' -ecu. ura'ik of them -pariugly and pru
dently. Once or twice the oting man
i had been noticed to till hi- gla more
; (halt once, I. ut neither father ie.r
' n. other dreame 1 that eec would eer
, mark hi- comlm-i. He wa- brought up
! to u-e wine as a gentieman. and would
l far forget himself a- to allow
I it to ma-ter hi- self-control, m thought
filher and mother, if ever the matter
i e- me a subject of thought.
i'.w; who e. n an-wer lor the con-e-
itienoe- when once the subtle spirit of
I drink ami the warm blood of youth ate
j mingled. The fact- un-een by all were
' that the wine-cup had already fatal
j charm- for liieouth. Often, when no
ee-aw him. did he quaff tile extra
i ' a-- or take the half empty bottle to
1 hi- i hambei. And often, when lather
and mother lh tight him with hi- stu
dent companion- bi.-y at work. wa- he
to be found with companion-, not at
work, but j laving the exciting game
and drinking the still more exciting
I had r'sen earl v. ami wa- readinjr
J in the pha-nn: little hbrary. when au
:'Uioti-. burred step was heard in the
d ning-idoin. and through the half-open
door" 1 caught the quick tones of a
I woman's oiee. saying:
Where.- Tom? His bed was not
touched la.-t night. here can he be?"
J It was Mr-. A.'-voice. To it replied
t'te -lower, more careless words of the
i nii-bai)d.
"Do not be anxiou-, dear; Tom's all
right: lie ha- likely gone home with
one of hi- iriends. He will turn up
pr ntlv."
U e sat down to breakfast, but the
whole atmosphere was d .-quieted. I
could not ce the listening ear and the
glancing eve of that stately mother as
each step sounded near, or a form
pas-eil the window. Hut no 'loin came.
Hivakfait had jtHt ended when t"c
-ervant brought in a no.e and handed
it to Mr. A. He quickly oj ened it,
turned a- quickly pale, and then, with a
hurried, anxious look at his wife, left
the room followed by the frightened
A half hour later I learned it all.
Tom had been arre-ted the night before
and taken to the lock-up. ami the note
was fiom the kindly keeper, who wished
to -pare the respected fam ly the dis
grace of a public trial. I shall never
forget the face of that mother. Pride,
shame and love chased each other over'
it in vaning light ami shade, but love
conquer, d and lighted it up with a sad.
pitying, merciful glow. It was settled
that -he -hotild go to the lock-up and
that I .-hosdd a company her.
We alighted at the forbidding door,
we entered the -till more forbidding
ta age-way, and were condin te 1 to
1'oni- cell. Wnh a cry of unutterable
love and mingled bitterness the mother
Hung her arms about the neck of the
boy whom .-he had nurtured so deli
cately, and wept hot tear-of shame and
"Oh Tom. my son. my son. how
could you disgrace me -o?" she uttered
between her -obs. The an-wer came,
slowly, bitterly, nltno-t defiantly, cut
ting into the conscience of that mother
with the .-harp, rcmor-ele-s edge of
"Mother, oh my mother, why did you
teach me to drink? Hut for the wine
on your own table, eur-e it ! I should
never have b en here It crept into
my blood, fastened upon myw.Il and
chained me fa-t. What I did h'-t night
I know not. I wa mad drunk. Oh.
if von had kept it from in" ear ago."
That mother's face is before me now.
Pale as de;'th. agonized beyond po i
b fity of de- ription. everv line of re
proach for the wayward boy turned into
i deepenmg furrow of self-reproach.
She -poke but once " me. my
boy I oe it all now. and may (od for
give me."
Tom wa; taken home. The di-grace
was not suffered to Uvome an open
one. That night a lengthy and -olemn
conference took place letween the
proud mother ami the wealthy father.
And the next da no vestige of strong
drink wa- to le found in the princely
home. The evil sprit was i.n-t out.
but. alas' not lnjfore it had well nigh
possc-sed the only son of tbo-e who
had ,-o thoughtlessly harbored ii- I
have isite-i that home -mce. Wealth
j an,j n..!hH-ment mark all its- appoint-
merits, as o: old. hospitality reiim-- as
royally, but the lesson ot cha-u-ninr t
to be read in the absence of all that
can intoxicate, and in the tender c:ire
anil cou-tant prayer that the Ilc:ien!v
Parent may repair the error wll
irrevocablv wrought by the
earthly parent-. Yes. detr rea ler.
keep it out of the houe. Hstv no de
ce tftil allv within, working hand in
I hand with tVe braza confederate nith
, out- Keep i: out of your kitchen, away
1 from vi.ur table, make the fannlv circle
I xei-i!n
; j. rnar lx? that s-ine mi
. will fall a iet:in :
emb-r of vour
iJltltl 414 kit i.Ufclla V k.l- a'i.. V
-. .-v .rwKlA
i .,.,-,.- , ;,.. ,tn-v n....t.t.. ... n-K-
i ..:.;.-., i -?.i-. i ,i.t
, -. IMllLfli: liilU-. LLt,-r2iLl. U.l
'..'..- ... -.
inougni x vottiu t.t to iaeni von ior-
ever, if ronscieace accn--d von of mak-
. -
r .. t .!... .. . . .1 . .! ,...
If tht. lihtnin" mt-t -t ike v. nr home,
don't, fr oitv's sake, tre are the rod
which draws. Le descroviug bolt upon
j " oer. b.r. yr.n. mav sonnd and
a harmless. bt alitbesc contidn th
subtle spirit of destruct on. the farai
alcohol. They are th- easy steps, vie
alphab -t:once allow them to be leanwd.
and you can Dot stop the goings forth
and forward toward destruction. M&k
your homes pure. It U the cradle of
youth, the refuge of middle hie. the
j ksvlum of the ageL WhateTc
the temptation and the dang
ateTcr may m
temptation and the dangers with
out, give no place for thwn withia.
Keep the drink oot of Uk homes.
fro: L. & t'O'ter, M.f
Krtnsr!. r Itltliop tnlMH? rfi :Im K
c-ut ulliolic TVmi'i-r.iHce lnt rtliiI
l'-n. III.
Tit ainual convonl'oa of the Catho
lic T :al Ab-tinenre I'uion of t'.e Matt
of Iliiu ..- wad recentl- iw2d at I'eor.n.
K:. Hev. .J. I- SrpaUIing. Ifisho of
Peoria Dioe-e. wa cho-en 1'ns-uh'Ut
of th" Union for the ensuing yer.
Alter the iMi-ine- of the conT-mion
wai Jmi-hed a public westing whs held
and Hi-hop SpaWag delivtred an elo
quent address on Temperance, from
which we make the following extract's:
Tl-- Tetn'rnc i- on h b t he . r 4
II tjue-t.utt eoitmwrids hhi to b.i who bare
tne txrr im1 !nrrr-.- ot miuin.Ut b-trt.
'I toe Iium-s ot nil hMiiucn i.aifiui- i v.r.m- -rlih
ii inluet- '!' I- ct rttl t- tht moml
Ihh ot wh eh tv miv all coa-e.ou- t- lb- t-t.
W Imtt t t-nl- l" roii'M in-i uioiv ern"t a
th? r i-h luct nJ norr- lle U i-HK-lk" what
tne. ; reaeti i -" - mt- tix i srrtwrmi
pr n.- e v t ! tt -lre:y temtKrattc
iiiiiteerm m -i-rtkt In liuran tifu.
Tu- tetnH-rimv jue-ttn i-oo of th aU
sort trii.e-t.''n-l UI-i.
t.;rt.l-lne ha- -hh! that inu-fRt-ranc has " wrt h-i . it w run
iijhmi uiMnKiml ihuti war, laintiM- nl jwu-l-i.
e..iil. !-!. Aim! I am mtn .tut-! : Uu.
1hTt-1- ih -vit to l.e cnurjar-'l in it 4n-a4
au! I.ital iit vr th the v.--of lrnukr-ntH-rt
lk-ai n "!. hdiUMUi huniHn i
tiH.l. 'lh - ! BBUut Oil. but if !.' tll '11
oin i.a in ! f t-ho.crH. everyt-lr talks
X-l.llt It. Hint lieoj'le Iwt'llle MUtrmnt tu.U-
-ai.'i-t ni n-um It ttlt or tr t- lr
Hit-W le-l in a ra lnad act-. .lent th- le'a
1 ei - tirw tli- li s v i.r 1 -.rtih.!iif
-urimi- ! attnu't ot.r atu-titioit. It I- o
w t!i inte :.w-raii-e. It i a .ni-' r. hi uio-r
ut nttii liiU-ehM p msf iJnr a l ru u
lUt..-jijV- It vri.rfc It- wa. u-uti It .u
cu I gather :nn- uue Vtv troiikiirit- of a
.itv r stMte. Mint eittiuittcit.fl th hi-lnr tit
tiiiice ltii;liiel lit-. jutl e uttuitl
-tutal Hha-i A kiwi "f mrHi iiinl.
Mimiil take jHt -ion ot all Um 'jjht
of It Ifoau-e It tt4s m.t inneittu I W- h
j--tileiK-e. iii an hour, t'lit Uy siww aut
-ttuitlik Htlaiie
'I't.en- are tne-r. very trw erenof :he
who hate ItJii; emace whtnlt. nif-I iH-bt.t
lin thetr eje- io the eiM,rmtt tf the ev t.
T..Te is i' i h'fti t me I- - n-jHilte.
that ii it eel- ni-in -tt tititieu-Mii: a nay. 'tht-rt
ai e other ve-that may U-wit-" -hkI Vnt.t
Hut tti me the mtt-t jlt wl-ie ot a iua -
Itroiiirlit iiiKiut t. tlrtinketii.e . It -t'ins
more than any other v.e i. m t control tf a
man t etnir-e tliete are -time left-rautt
ili'iiakattl-. I'lii as a rnie tht-v 1 e l.y the htin
tiretl thtm-aim-aiitl relttrm b ton- Its w
i rs ar.- althtt-l a.- tatrtl as tne Itirce tl jrraw .ta
tittii thai the s:rtiintj. It weakens
the II hi !( than all the other . The
tiui-t i.l rk'-thiitir in a man .- h - tree uiH.
a'iu-'i hiin ulatve othi r cieutule- Th
tentli m o! ail,; i- to weaken th
s ill nii'l tirtmheiiiie lm- thut eitcti more
Until um tlim--1 l-e
Mt t.otititi .- that men il not love litjtior lor
it- luea-ant ta-te. hilt !ir the eCft t tt pun
ililt-tS ami the till eet ell. ft 1- to ! ,tlen ettii--cieii-iit
-. It makes man tor the t me forget
in- Ialtoi. In- troiO It, the t-uc- ot lie ami
therein 1- the itatt-t chnrni ot i-lnr Hictt
lml.e -tunalaiit- lint n-the halt.! vito- ujtn
i.uiit t hrlinr- alunit the 'e fimic ot .ll
n)wer, ami iiitliiit nite In u.itl aiut ithy--nl It is iintttirtht of man to cea thi
iniiiatnnil uneoii-t ion-tits--. It i-utovraitls
refime trom tiie n-al.t.e- ot lite, aii-l re-nlt-iti
the iSttriieta n ol th.- man.
I liatea -iireme l.eiiet in the l'imI n! lite
a- it Is ir.veii lo ii- on earth. It I- a lnnl like
pn ilirze to he ahle to think, to love, to work. ,
ttx-on tie. to -t-e Mti'l enjoy the heatltie- -omI
aivnnt;u:tt ot nature It I- a euine in any
man tti It en tin- (terlt et t'otttlti'--- tit h:- I te.
Much I think i!iunkeinie-- tlm That I- why
1 hate it late i--tt eter. lomler antl freer lo
me a- it total itti-ttimer than a- a ntntleritte
tit- nker: -o 1 -a it oti vant to fet the iint
out ol hie. it oil want to t iiiinitSii.'e with
imr feliow men. to It-el lhe true tureen! otir
Itemy. ith-ta it trom alt oholie -tim'ilant- I
am t iiliMlict I that even the tno-t ilelnatelv
eoiistitiitetl man i- liable to eiitlnre more as
an ab-t.itiutr than u moib rate drinker.
It i- aravt- mi-take to .am-' m- that tlrnnk-eniie--
ha- irrown mnrtr veneritl m nnr iue
than in ih1 iiKe-t On Hie contrary. I urn t tni
viticetl that in tin- eoniiti flml in Kiiiojm' -o-bnet)
I- on the nit-nii-.- Kriinkeiuit s vh.s
even .ij'j-ro tti ot one htiiiilre.l,'t ll
wa- llnii).'hl ui'i e to be a eiitlenian like vlt-e.
I 'tl I'l ..' op I! oil tll'l not t omlcmit it I lent ell.
w hat pro. re - nee then! Ami tin- j-irr;
ha- Imm.-hi ubonihv thf Iminol pn I'lii-
op.inon It I- oiietit li.t ;lorh of thu
i.-oimtry thai It h to ta.r,y Xtmpetamt m..
elc-t e- They irrr. tslni-atniK
puli' e ejliiioa o.-i thl- tpn ttion. o! t. m l.lti
the "'.ipie to realise the aw ttn te-ti.t- ot in
ter.ipeiiince In th I'mtetl -tntet we han
mine true 111 vrty than 1- enjoyetl by
ptiplo inolin r .jnijs W th thl- -t mi ami
relic oi:h hliertv it I Mtime tiit-niiM. riant tti
etlin ate iiiftl. In tineh tin III tt control them
-ele- Heie the people are all III all. ami
since they iroxern. it become-a iintterol -u-prcnie
iinptirtanee that t fi pt-opU -hotilt! be
wle. -titM rami huve -elt-ftmtrol. One i-eit-oii
wh I mlvov.tte total abt tienre Is Ins .ne I
lielieve it I-the nm-t phttalithniple workttf
the ai tn thi-roiiinr ilr.nk prevent-ninety
men out ot a bemlii-1 f rin i leitv.nif tlietr
Ini-lrt n III a better citiitlltioii than that with
Uhh-ll thev -Ulttetl. W hl-kv. aifoliol unit
beer are the .' Invlnellle t-.n-.ines of
women The lake -eiinptvt trom tbtt
cliihlien. till tlw hi-iii" w th the, etli of nicer.
il"teuiit-nt anl wret-lnttm -. wlitai tliey
tnu'lit Ih fall tit huppim . h;rht kikI cheer
Wc i an not nefleet takltik- ti.!. . m thl
iie-tion. It i- of tiioie tm;Miitan-than anr
IMi'.tictil tie-tion It i- a m luOtl with all
we loxe ami le-il-li ami 'lory In.
( oneln liiiiT. the speaker arjrned
that Temperance 5 th- poor itian'-cati-e.
beeaii-e If i- at reat d:-aI nu
tate in the -tntjrle. It i- not only hi-catt-e
it i- tne cause of the sold the
eaxL-e of the Kterual ioii.
A ;ntl M.uij- Iliintlri-'I- ut .Million- ol
Ilftllir AmiiiiiIIv.
When we an.-inquiring a to the act
ual lo-s to the count n through it
dr.nkin'r usage.-, thery nre -til further
reductions to be made, particularly in
the item we hne found dc-enbed as di
rect co-U Nj much if thi- item a- rep-re-ents
the amount paid fw ta s, to
gether with the profit- ' the bu-ine-.
remains jn the country, and gites to em
ploy industry and to Hiilt,. pr'lue
tin and trade. Buu u ti;r supK-Jt:on
that alcoholic drinks on the '-vbo'e ib;
ju-t a- iii'ich harm a gooJ. the whole
1kIv of tne niHt-nal product-that ent-r
into the.r manufacture' i- a d ad !-.
Ten- of m of bu-hits of grain an
nua ly. thou-ands of car-Uad- of wood
and et al. milhon- of f-r-t of lunilwr.
qttantitie- of brick, ".line. tntal- an'I
other materials used ia bn Iding and re
jiairs hae all gone into th' prxluction
of drinks, and. on the -uppo-iLun now
lefore us. noiliing ha- out- out. 'I h -
material- have b-en h-t. t rec.-efy a il
th y ha I per.shed by lire fr ri'Otl. Thj
same i- true of th annual n-c of th.
capital inestetl. The ---inie is altotntu
of all the Wl-or employed in tranform
ing the-e material- into evcrage-. ani
in tran-prting and Tending t . iwto?.
age- All the-e materials, lab r a.-l
capital w,ip capable of be ng hm-1 fr
human oinf -rt. A: ih- -tint wfcertf
tin- apabih'.y o-a.-ef. at the.r prciwr
valuit on at thai pfnt. they went oat
of e.rnce a alt-. ami ao-Jjog
came intt) ei-tenv- ta retorn for them.
The miti were paid for thetr labor, to
1 -it-. but if the hd nt hi-n tam
ing the r It ring n this kv.-. th-y rouW
have be-n earning :t in -om- otr
war. We have - abo'" st it
wocilL have been fa.lae--m- s aht
thi- co-t ti ti relad co. b--cnte
it is a part f tla: eo-4: bt that
dcj- not prt-veal it- gerstar and
uiar lo---. We hav- ao mean of drtr
nning clo-ely :t aaonrii. bt w
Kiw- tla; it is m--3.-ure.l by bna !r-.i
Cv ni.lln-of riobar. Th ca.t of iJr
cv-t at rcta.l di.!er- from t- sj f tlwr l.fl
ir daaiage.-. in thai the .ia-of ie
lailtrf- are al of the natnrts of io-s In
tfce 2t:er ttf evi.- c-ul ttr
inienit erancc. there is n pan that
of the nature of an aiilit-o lo ta
wtil:h of '.he country Tae amount of
tisannal h- tan ran.y.-tl e c-a si
timate with acrnracy; for pury-J-o cd
close Heaurvn:nt. te -tat.-tx- now
lefor ibe pn'olie art? worthlf-f.-. liut
tbey -how that, in th-two department--.,
theabsolute lo- to the country through
th u-e of alcoholic tevera.i amount-.
not vy My to soas hu. 'lretl? of mdl
lon.'' 'Mla-i. but to a good many
"' siHUona sniually. .Vcria
- lhe gat!.-n -J W.I n. b ak-ete4
in t-e- rn-ii tj tt'i-r wors.
A l.ttle Ura in th water for
vhni- tiinn:. in.l knit &rOki-ntJ( M
far pret. nti-ie to og.--l'ktemgJoH
The valor of a btr io hi tW at
pld I a gr-at rUtrat uM th
trttroet.t tt recr. wh U j ooag.
4 44fT 4im4 tltt.t'Ur Vrm V-m WMB- -
li to mv for a -uc4oti ia tar m
taer. n the tailor kind af lw ia
tvftittrug and Hiiing out th.- podv
Truy ittMt't.
f-i. l.v.-r . ..;.. . m. ,mi tK.
1ai-jrar IV- Thrr pal ol
narjar. two tKnfuuoi mur. a-apra
Kme. two third cup of water r litU
wore, one cup of sarar. a tw rauiaa.
, little butur. KlTor iJ to Uke.
Rural .Vtjir orir.
Mirror -dioul.l bs rlraBed with olt
papr int4 ol rhiU. Thw aOviro w
at.; aew. but may nvrrtbi- pr
u-xul. peeins ttat cloth it il ohn
used, with it- uu&J accispantnvnt of
tint and tronMe iWnaj trtbun.
hda Kit.t ift into one tnT
oftlourtwo it-.i.pKtnfuls of erratu tar
tar; half tatpunful uf a!t aid U it
fMir taldt ptonfiiU of thick ream or
(if ou have not cream t one labia
spoonful f lard andtheante of bottrr.
cup and a half of -wet t mill., dissolve
one teat-poo'ifui of soda in the milk
work well together. n:M into bt-usl
with the han-U Ike not let them touch
a hen in the t.tkitirtin; bake in a juk
ovcii. - ff'.' 1 U ad.
-tce (.! lie take Two ciftil
cold U:ied r.ce. one pint t!ur. one ten-
poniuI otigir. one-l.alf ttt-pmnifol
alt. one ntid onehaif teaiHutls
baking ptwtlt.r. ne -jfj. bttlo more
t: an one-half pn( milk. :fl together
Hour. -ugar. -ait antl powifer. add rut
tree from tump, diluted with Itratrn
egg autl radk. nr lntt m:h butter
ilae gritbiie well heat ett make cake
large, bake nuelv brown. er
Uiaple -urtip. lhe HuHrkaii.
To ftrlen ami glae ellar. -r .
melt a lump of bora tn ball
of ht.t water. an tt i etld wb.te
starch Itae tbe thing- drr ! brt-
-tareiiing them, llien -!areh well oc-
onl. I'btee the cttllar atttl entf iuglv
in a low I w th a fold of it l twe--n en It
row roll up caeh whirt t.ghtU. have n
box-iron ready and iron at ont-e ers
tpiickl. The better -bollM b retl lol,
and. f kept moving tU:ek!f. will not
-eirch. I-..iih article a t nhed to In
pfoxvd do-c to the tire ;-.'- ttibt.
tiillli' I.eiil, In . lilt- It'itlt
KrtllMHH t .
A IVt-neh wmm will prepare a gol
IfntM-r from th- remaiiK tf vetertliy'-i
tin al. that the average Arnt-ncar.
hoti-ew ft- wt mill nte n a Aian hue h
or a !.de-di-h br breakfast. I hnt n
TerhiMie Ilerrick ay thht the eatfoj
waste is due not much to the astray
aginee of tiie housewife a to tke
igimranee. She a "The da nty
ut:li.ntion of scrap i a uKi-t that
well tepiiy- th tht.itghtful ttu ly of anr
ho'i-ewife. ami men the b-.t-t orig aal
cook can often voUe fnrni ileir .noer
etiiisc'ottonet-' an aptMtiing bh from
i t-bl lnigmenl that at tirtt t.'git appear
utterh uiiorotiii-ing. In th.- matter,
htiweer. the mi-tre-.-. mu-t tft-norally
dejit-nd itHin her own lra.n iVw hir-
ling-have th-kH-n .uU-r! m tbnrt-m-
po r-t' welfare that would nrgt- th-m
to -ave n eottp!e tif penne - b-r- ami ntn
or six there Iewer t'dl. ih bi4
inteitttom iii th" worhl. know how u
do it. nr ttppr-ciat' that it i in bile
in nor economies that true njf e"
.-ist-. h t difft'renen d it IIMtkr if
tho-e -traps of cold han lft from
breakfa-t are Mimu anlr di-pt"! of in
the sw 11-barrel, or if that bit of orn
1h- f ttxj small to upon the abh
again betitowctl uptti tlw tr
bti-ket-bt-ggnr who pr-onti himtU
Anl if thee iHteatM- lht fnfe from the.
extra con-eNntioii of tlt- littntM-v
keeper. tbr arr Uhj oir-n onvrt -t
into ttif uttt!linii hn-ti. lleur how
one ra'ftil hotitw-wiff dipo-ed of vm-
ilar remnant- T tb-e ra bf nd
Imcou. uiincotl ba", ho added hail
a- much obi inahet jt tto. tf raw
eg-, a bttlf i boppIoni n and par-.
antl w thert-piett m.fleoftbtwte. r'jJIt'd
in fbtiir ml fried in nic dnpp'c pto
b-tl an dib that wat quite
vuttieit-nt. wien ae ompane-d t tttAwM
jMtTatoe- ami bread and UtUor. to HMkf
a btneh fr thr- f-ople Anotoer dmnty
di-h. which app-r-i upon n incod"
t.u.le. w x form--! fiiotn -tn Um pria-
wsng materials HfT d-nowr ! !a
lufnre hail ben a tulT-l rhieken btl--t
with r:-e. KaaNkinition of tw peotrt
r- veaie.J the can a of too bwti. wlh
one le-attacb I t ft. antl a'M) t f
-M:nf it! of tht old nor. Xothtai;
ilaunUnl. howerrr. the ahntK au-
he-wr advaneet' to tn ehars ami,
with the net of a Mnail. harp kn.aa. re-
i'iol ntor meat from the bote than
one wou'd aX hrt hae brheff f- -
hie. Thi wim cu; not vbopped in
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