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The Red Cloud Chief
FRIDAY, OCT. 17, 1884.
A.C.HOtMERJ - - Prosrlfr
8fckl Viim.
October 25, 1884, the people of the
state of Achraska and Kansas are cor
!mllv invited to :nt..wl ,.. a ..
ing, three doors south of Shercr'adruu
tore in Red Cloud, Neb., where you
ill then see on sale the finest and
huge-trtock ofjjoods of all kind kept
ma first-class jewelry ntoru, to be
found in Southern Nebraska. Yeu
don't need to buy tin lees you wish, but
come and see the display of the beau
tiful. Until the -Ui I will be found at
my old stand; then until the 25th will
be on wheelsuntil the opening,
when I will be pleased to see every
ninn, woman, or child who likes to see
?:ood Roods sold within the reach of
the poorest. Kemembcr, everything
warranted as represented. I have the
exclusive control of the white crystal
lens Kpectacles the best article ever
placed upon any market, from $1.50 to
$2.o() per pair. Also a cheaper grade
to fit every eye, at 25 cents each.
Goggles 15c. Solid gold rings, lace
pins, sets, bracelets, collar buttons,
dceve buttons, ear rings, chains,
watches of all grades and prices, lock
ets, bangle., neck chains, etc. cheaper
than anybody. Quadruple plated 'ware
to astonish the world in beauty of de
sign and quality, and so cheap that ev
eryone can hereafter set their tables
with silver. Don't take my word but
come and see for yourself. It is a
pleasure to show the goods whether
you purchase or not.
O. H. Mary att.
PAY Tjp.
We want all of our subscribers to
pay up at once. Wo muBt have
-what is duo us. $1.50 is a small
amount to you but means hundreds
of dollars tone. Don't forget this
and when you como to town call
and see us.
J. M. Pkoctok is in Red Cloud.
W. H. Strohm was in Omaha this
Geo.Emertos is the happy father of
a bouncing b-iby girl.
Dem Higby's youngest cnild died
last Thursday and was buried on Fri
day. The republican central committee
met last Saturday in W. H. Strohm's
Mr. Edwik Pierce, of Ohio, a friend
of Mr. H. A. Howard, is visiting in Red
The Red Cloud carriage works have
built a new delivery wagon for C. M.
W. J. Wilson was in Omaha attend,
ing the Advcntist camp meeting the
other day.
Tue masquerade on skates at the
rink will not take place until Decem
ber some time.
Buoox corn is now coming in.
There is a great deal of money made
on this product.
Mr. Frisdie is building an addition
to his residence in the vicinity of the
Red Cloud Mills.
W. J. Wilson has an ash twig of this
years growth that measures eleven feet
and seven inches.
A. Lixm.EY, the druggist will move
into Bail m's store room this week.
The people p'ease take notice.
Capt. J. H. Stickle, candidate for
congress from 2nd congressional dis
deatrict, will speak in Red Cloud Oct.
24, 1S84, at 7 o'clock p. m.
Dame Rumor says that the denizens
of Red Cloud will witness a marriage
ceremony in a few days between two
of our well known inhabitants.
Hon. W. A. McKeighan will speak
at the Hummel school house in Line
precinct on Saturday evening October
18, ISS-i. "Mac" is a fine orator and
everybody should come and hear a
good anti -monopoly speech.
Fifteen prairie schooners went
west in one line Sunday. All the way
from 100 to 150 go west weekly. There
is a tremendous rush west and it will
not be many years before the public
lands will have been a thing of the
The rubber guns, with which the av
erage youth is familiar, and which is a
-serious weapon when carelessly handl
ed, especially to people's eye, have
become a serious nuisance, and should
be abolished by an ordinance. They
are decidedly out of place i n a crowd
Charles L. Franks, of Chicago,
champion skater of Illinois, and the
world's champion stilt skater, will
open the rink the 28th of October with
-one of his fine exhibitions. Be sure
and see this man and be convinced of
wonderful things that can be done on
Although J. W. Deary has been suc
cessful in the past in his political ex
ploits, he is doomed to disappointment
this year, for in his opponent J. L
1 Kaley, everybody recognizes a man of
fine ability, of good character, and con
taining all the qualities that go to
make a good legislator. Echo.
To-night, (Thursday), Elder New
cemb will present his fovorite theme,
"The Babe m the Manger." The Elder
expects to continue with us for some
days. All are respectlully invited to
nttend, especially the unbelievers.
The lectures will occur at the old
school house near the Episcopal church
At 7 P. M. sharp.
Joseph Pollt was driving his team
. over that part of the "meanest road in
Webster county" about one mile west
of Am boy, on Sunday, when the back
seat, on which two young ladies and
, a child were sitting, fell out, hurting
: one of them quite severely. This part
of the Amhoy road mentioned is oer-
taiiily daneerous and.unfit for travel
v unless repaired and graded. A few
dollars spent in that particular place
AouldAiuake afair road and save Lots
pi trouble.
Will Mrrciir.r.Lis convalescing.
E. H. Amblrr lias returned from the
The depot school house has been
Some new corn is comirnj in ' to
Sheriff Wakskh was in Blue Hill
Mr. Mower has gone back into the
meat market.
John Gamier and G S Albright were
in Blue Hill this week.
!'. A. Beachy is afiling Geo. Dodd
in the abstract business.
There seems to be a perfect stream
of land hunters coming west.
The rink closed last Saturday risht
for a space of two or three weeks.
A. J. Welch, ticket agent and oper
ator, will soon move nearer the depot
B. F. Waterman is hiving a car
riage made at the Red Cloud carriage
Don't forget Mclntosh.s sale on Sat
urday. 140 head of cattle and ten
The sidewalks are being laid on
Seward street north from the M. E.
Rev. Fi'lkerson, of Guide Rock,
paid The Chief a pleasant visit on
Rev. Dr. Oliver, a noted divine
spoke to the Episcopal t brethren on
Tuesday evening.
The Red Cloud carriage works are
putting up several new vehicles for
parties in the city.
Fred Hummell is in Nebraska City
attending the grand lodge I 0. O. F. to
which he is a delegate.
R. V. Shirey, the gentlemanly cash
ier of the Red Cloud National Bank
was doing Omaha this week.
The People's Lumber Yard is a new
institution of Cowles. They now have
two in that enterprising town.
We cabbaged a fine cabbage from
Mr. Robert Hicks this week. It tipped
the beam at a little over 14 pounds.
Mr. Ballard is grading Fourth Av
enue in good shape. This will be a
pretty thoroughfare when through
Col. Pickett, of the Blnomington
Guard, has been appointed general
agent for the Beatrice Mutual Insur
ance societv.
The cold chilly winds of November
and some of the same sort of October,
have put a quietus on the festive mos
quito. Selah!
Notice In consequence of the fast
day services the Ladies' Aid Society
will postpone their anniversary meet
ing till Friday of next week.
Mr. Wiley's team took a gentle run
down Fourth Avenue on Thursday last
but did no mischief with the exception
of turning John Kellogg's buggy over
To-day is the day set apart in the
Methodist world for a day of fasting
and prayer, and will be observed the
world over by the Methodist Brethren.
A. Moriiart and wife have returned
from their visit in Illinois and eastern
states. Mr. Morhart says give him
Nebraska in preference to the eastern
Mr. Nnmifi, of Iowa, a friend of Mr.
Worley, of the west partof the county,
has bought a farm in Webster county,
and will reside in the best county in
the west.
H. A. Watson, our livery stable
friend, has purchased two new buggies
for his stable. He believes in keeping
his stable up to the standard in every
0k October 2 Mrs. Robert Hicks'
friends made a suprise party on her.
It was her 4Sth birthduy and was duly
celebrated. She received some valu
able presents.
No change has yet been made in the
running of the mails, which load3 us
to exclaim with the others: "How
long, oh Lord! how long are these
things to continue?"
The public schools of Red Cloud are
doing nicely under the efficient man
agement of Prof. Ebaugh and the
present corps of teachers. The Chief
is pleased to see the schools prosper.
Eld. T. J. Newcomb preached at the
Christian Church last Sunday. He will
continue his meetings for some time.
The good brother has spent the better
part of hs life in the cause of religion.
W. R. Pursell has opened a flour
store in this city. He represents the
Blue Hill Union Mills. Mr. A. W.
Miller, the genial proprietor proposes
to introduce his celebrated flour in this
vicinity. The Chief welcomes Mr. P.
to Red Cloud.
Jim Hubbell is sad. The country is
going to the demnition bow-wows, says
"Jeems." Ohio has gone republican,
and the democracy is lost, forever lost!
"Woe is me." "Provisions are lower,
and Bourbon has riz." What's the
matter with Ohio ?
On Wednesday the building occu
pied by A. Cummings as a restaurant,
was moved off, and on to the lot west
of Bradbrook's photograph gallery. In
the place of this Gates & Bohanan will
build a meat market. One by one the
land marks disappear.
There was a union temperance
meeting at the M. E. Church Sunday
night- The house was literally crowd
ed with people. Rev. Geo. H. Brown,
Rev. M A Gault, andRev. Cochrane,
made speeches. The meeting was
quite 'interesting and was inter
spersed with music.
The city fathers at their last meet
ing raised the saloon license from $500
to $1000. They will soon have peti
tions out for the purpose of taking in
the outlaying precincts in order to or
ganize into a city of the second class.
The present board are efficient offi
cers and are doing good work for our
city. '
Tax paying has commenced.
A. N. Kudy has completed his new
barn. 4
Wx. Letso has The pride of Blue I
Mill. 11-tf.
The pride of Blue Hill can be bought
ofS. V. Ludlow. H-tf.
Yarns of all qualities and colors at
Mrs. Xewhotue's. 11-tf
U. G. Knight went to Lewusville on
Saturday after cattle.
A. O. Bkkc, of Guide Rock, wai in
Red Cloud thw week.
200 sheet for sale. Inquire of Chas.
R Bes-cy, Red Cloud. ll-2t
An endleM varieu of white and red
flanels at Mrs. Newhouse's. 11-tf
A new lot of embroideries, laces, and
Jerseys, at .Mrs. Newborns. Jl-tf
The pride of Blue Hill flour i3 tak
ing the lead wherever introduced.
Call at Bradbrook's ntudio and eec
those large portraits he is making. 11-4
Ladies' hose and underwear at Mrs.
Newhouse's in endless quantities. 11-tf
Du. Emigh has had the windows to
his office nicely decorated with sign.
Low prices and honest dealing is the
motto of the Golden Eagle clothing
Rev. Father Clery will hold er
viccs in the Catholic church, on Sun
day, October, 19.
The little girls' sewing society will
meet at Mm. Cupp's, Saturday after
noon October 18.
The river bridge at Rivcrton gave
way on Tuesday, while a flock of sheep
were passing over it.
U. S. Marshal Daley was in the
city on Wednesday looking after busi
ness connected with his office.
Mrs. Atkinson, who has been sick
.or tfomo time past, died on Tuesday,
at her late residence near the depot.
A nice line of perfumes at Lindley's.
When you want something of that
kind call on him. He keeps the best.
Why buy inferior quality of boots
and shoes when you can get the Selz
make at same prices at the Golden
On Friday night Oct 25th, thero will
be a social at Mrs. JR. Mitchell's resi
dence. All are cordially invited to
Go to W. R. Pussell, one door north
of Maryatt's jewelry store to get the
the best flour for the money, The pride
of Blue Hill. 11-tf.
All kinds of dress goods, embracing
silks, satins, velvets, cashmeres, wool
half wool, cotton, calico, etc., at Mrs.
Newhouse's. 11-tf
D. S. Helvern is the boss potato
raiser, a specimen of which we ac
knowledge. Thev are fine and of Ver
mont species.
A number of Masons and Odd Fel
lows went toS.ilem on Tuesday to assist
to asrist in laying a corner stone of a
church in that burg.
Ormxby & Dickeuson shipped 3, ISO
dozen of eggs last week. This would
be about 10G cases. This hou&e is do
ing an extensive business.
Ask your giocer for The pride of
Blue Hill flour. If he don't keep it
you can get it of Win. Letson, S. V.
Ludlow or W. R. Pursell.
Overcoats, big, modiu'n, small
good, fair, fine and, to suit all
people and size of their wad, at the
Golden Eagle clothing store.
Belle Spanogle had a birthday
party on Tuesday evening. Quite a
number of her young friendfi were
present. All had a pleasant time.
It will pay any one before buying
clothing, boots and shoes, underwear,
etc., to go to the square dealing one
price Golden Eagle clothing store.
Rev. J. V. Wills of Meadville Mo.
will preach at the Congregational
Church next Sabbath at 11 o'clock a. m.
aud at half oast seven in the evening.
Mr. D. Higby and wife take this
method of returning thanks to the
many friends who so kindly assisted
them during the illness of their little
Mrs. Newhouse has for sale
Warner's celebrated health corset,
Schiller's corset, and the Duplex,
knowledqed to be the bet in
market. 11-tf
There were no services at the Pres
byterian, Congregational or Baptist
churches Sunday evening. All joined
in the temperance services at the M. E
iDo not wait to see who is elected
president for it takes time and sunlight
to make those large portraits I am get
ting up. F. Bradbrook, the 4th avenue
photographer ll-4t
On the 24th, Stickle, the dem-fus. can
didate for congress, will address the
citizens of Red Cloud and Webster
county. His followers will turn out
on that occasion.
If you are thinking of making your
fathei, mother, sister, brother, our
cousin or your aunt a Christmas pres
ent call at Bradbrook's gallery and set
for a large portrait. ll-4t
The patent flour made by Frisbie &
Skeen is reduced in price to $1.G5 per
6ack and is giving the very best of sat
isfaction. It goes far ahead of the for
eign brands of flour that sell higher.
J. L. Miller, Dr. Smith, and John
McCallum were in Guide Rock on
Wednesday letting the contract for the
rebuilbing of the span of bridge across
the river that was recently taken out.
William S. Walden, living near
Red Cloud, has been a sufferer for
years. On last Monday Dr. Mosena
made a surgical operation on his dis
eased limb, which it is hoped will re
sult in his cure.
Look out for the grand fancy skating
at the rink on the 23tn. The managers
of the rink haye secured Chas. Franks,
of Chicago, for an entertainment for
the people. He is anoied roller skat-
er, and will amue everyone.
Ten to Fifteen Thousand Republi
can Majority.
The DeaoeraU, FaaioiUta, Etc, ftive
HUek Y.jt
From the latest Tcports from Ohio at
hand , it seems that tho Demo-Fusion
ticket received a black eye that time
can not erac, at the election held
there on last Tuesday. The entire
state has gone republican by a hand
ouio majority over the democrat,
greenback, and prohibition parties
combined. This was indeed a sad
blow to the advocates of a tariff for
revenue only, after spending hundred
of thousands of dollars to carry the
state. It plainly shows that democrat
ic rule is not desirable in this stage
and age of the world. This is glory
enough for one day. West Virginia
reports say that the state is democrat
ic, but nothing definite is learned, as
mountain reports are coming in slow
ly. Three cheers for Ohio, and victory
in November !
Tlie lAMt Child
On Tuesday evening the skeleton of
little Dan Wagoner, who was lost
some few weeks ago, was found in a
draw some distance from the parental
roof, we believe about ono-half mlie
from the house. It seems wonderful
that the little fellow, only seventeen
months old, could have wandered
around in that vicinity and not have
been found by some ono. A vary dili
gent search was made at the time, but
all effort was in vain, and the little
child met his fate. The remains were
somewhat scattered, most of which
were found in the draw, while a little
foot anil its garmeuts were found at a
considerable distance apart from the
balance. Mr. Ah. Van Dyke first dis
covered the garments, and on search
being instituted the remains were
found. It seems sad to think of the lit
tle fellow being out on the lone prairie
at night left to die without aid being
able to reach him, still such occurenc
es are not un frequent. Now Jthat
the mystery is solved. the
minds of the paronts, friend? and
neighbors will be at rest. The mother
in her sad affliction has the entire
sympathy of the people, not only of
the neighborhood but of this section
of the country, who are familiar with
her great loss. Peace be to the ashes
of little Dan Wagoner.
Graadm Tiptoa
Pursuant to an announcement Ex
Senator Tipton, of Brownville, Ne
braska, addressed the democrats of
Red Cloud and Webster county on
last Tuesday evening. It was not gen
erally known, and in consequeuceonly
two or three hundred people were pres
ent. y.. Tipton is a pleasant sneaker,
but unfortunately has belonged to so
meny parties that he hardly knows
what to say, and consequently was on
all sides of the question during his ad
dress. His speech was certainly not
one to inspire one with awe. He
charged the republicans with fraud,
but forgot to look into the past history
of the party whose claim he is advo
cating to-day. As a convincing effort
Mr. Tipton's speech was a failure, and
did more good for the republican par
ty than it did injury. His attempt to
vilify James G Blaine's character was
an absolute failure. James G. Blaine
is certainly the peer of any man to be
found in the democratic ranks, in
point of ability or statesmanship, not
withstanding the raudslinging opened
on him in the past by the leader of the
A Bd RaaAWty.
On last Sunday night John Kellogg
drove his horse "Charley" to town for
the purpose of attending church. Ht
fastened him at the railing as is cus
tomary, and went into church. Soon
afterward the horse broke loose, some
thing he was never known to do be
fore, and went rushing down south
Seward street wildly, capsizing the
buggy and himself just in front of Mr.
William Parkes' residence. At this
juncture Miss Grace Ferguson and her
mother who were enroute for church
came along, and Miss Grace was caught
by the vehicle and knocked down, re
ceiving several bad bruises about the
face and body, but fortunately not any
thing of a real serious nature, although
they might have beeu much worse.
She was taken home and Dr. McKeeby
was called in. Mr. K. thinks the horse
was Tightened by the earless use of
rubber guns which have come into
use recently among the boys. Mr.
Kellogg had just taken his phaeton out
of the carriage shop the day before the
Notice hereby given to all whom
it may concern, that the district court
in and for the county of Webster and
atalA nf VakraaV Ink. V.a11 aiitA..
;, ,oc, - ..w . jS' t j
123,1884, u -hereby indefinitely ad-
JVU.UTO. n.vUJ.M,.,fwK.
rnTr 4W iv .iTi aa ------
J. P. Bays, cleric.'
At 14 a4, OtiaUr 23
Don't forget that the republicans will
hTe a grand rally on nctt Thnntay
in Red Cloud, at which time Sztiatn?
Mnder?nn and oiher peaVcn ttH
. ..- ; i
anureu tae people ot tetter emity
The Senator t a fine prT d 1J
houid hear htm. Ererylody invjtl
A FsUl ArtJJrsL
On In Friday a fta! Accident oc
curred near In vale. It eccmi i ? i
lad, Ellet liii ac! 16 yean. ! i
of Mr Geo. Ric, who lately ? I
o Nebraska, ndcr an ab-ence o' rr
a! ye-. Jitarted out. in company nh
other to haul hay, Lakinj; abnii: nh
bin a cun for the ourpoe of hunting.
After they bud gut fairiy Urted it up
near that the gun Ml" through th
rack to the ground dtchnnnni; the
contents of twth barrels into thtr bdc
men of the boy Ho wa tmuKtltat)T
taken home and Dr. Weston csHcd in
but the 0apmi had done lis work aw!
the boy nftr lingering abotu two hurt
expired. The accident nu a sad 4vr
to the young man's parents and tl.e
certainly have the Minpai t f io
people tn their nnliction. Whilvithe
accident U the fault of no one, people
should be extremely careful w.Ui fire -
arm- as there are so many nenlnt.
constantly occuring. Hiiniiv ad.iT
prtMes but what some norm - hurled
into eternity bv accident" f this char -
acter in different IocaIiu- Tiik
Chil? extends its cvmrmtliv to the
barearrd uurenn of the oumr bov
vnoe nie has
life n$
been brought
to a prc-
mature ond.
Notlre to Tx-pj-f r.
Just at thb time it might woll nough
lto remind the tax-payer of Webster
county that the tirt of November
near at band and that 1S.S3 pen-ona!
property taxes become collectable by
nr at that date, and that the treasurer
has no desire to collect it by dlre"
and salo of property, besidethere are
many persons owing the county per
ouuni mej ior nacK yean, aim a worn
tbereiore to the wiso'Li sufficient. Al
so, the treasurer wishes to inform the
tax-payers that the sale on real estate
for taxes will begin on the fir.-t Mon
day in November, and aho that tho
I8S4 tax books are in the treasurer'
handi now for collection, and under
the changes in the revenue law bv the
last legislature, (sfNBion of IS3i" the
iax m j. 4, ariu tnereaiier, necoruci ,
payable, without interest irom October
I , JS.l, to January 1st, 1S', on whu h
last named dato the tax liecomis de
linquent and a penalty of five per
cent, is added to ail unpaid taxes
which drawn thereafter 10 per cent, in
terest until paid.
For ml at lmt
Time works wonders, and among
other things, it hns brought to light
the whereabouts of little Daniel F.
Wagoner, who wa3 lost the 27th of last
July. His disappearance and destiny
ha a been enveloped in profound dark-
nn:a until nn tl at'nnimr if tlm l.ltti
inst. He was, or rather h'n remain.
were found about one half mile west o
Mr. Van Ivkr- hniiRO. From fhn ,!
we could mako out ho wan drowned.
Wo found his bones scattered around
in different place, but not far apart.
We did not hold an inquest as page
188, section 97, of the compiled statute
of Nebraska made it unneccessary. As
to the identity of the child there is not
a doubt in the mind of any who saw it.
J. M. Moscka, M. D.
A Lin ailrd.
Ren Cloud, Nkb., Oct. 15, 1834.
It has been reported by the tongue
of slander that I am responsible for
the sudden and mysterious disappear
ance of the little boy, Daniel . Wag
oner, son of Mrs. Ida M. Wagoner. I
wish to say to all fair minded people
as I will have to answer to tho Grea
Judge of all, that all and overy insinu
ation implicating mo of any wrong is
the basest falsehood. The idea of me,
tho grand parent of the child, abduct
ing him for no reason whatever. All
who know me are aware that such a
cruel thing is not in my nature, The
child is found and appearances indi
cate that he was drowned in a draw
one-half mile west of my houe. Tho
loss of tho child and to be accused of
his death have worried me not a little'
Wm. Vak Dykk.
List of letters remaining uncalled
for in the post-office at Jlcd Cloud,
Webster county, Nebraska, for th"
week endidg October 13. 1S84. Asa K
Bacon, C Delong, JL Hansen, SI
Howard, John T. Jemcery, Enoch
Matson, Miss Mary H. Meled, Wm.
McMann, James Morhart, T F Moody,
Mr. J: L. Plumb, Mrs A K Robinson,
L S Todnpe, A Weger. These letters
will be tent to the dead letter office,
November 10th, if not delivered be
fore. In calling for above, please say
"advertised," giving date of list.
M. B. McNitt.
At our late annual conference, Fri
day, Oct, 17, 1884, was appointed as a
day of fasting and prayer for tho des
cent of the Holy Spirit upon the
church and a revival of religion among
the unsaved. We therefore earne?:!.
call upon our people and Jinvite a"
others that wish, to engage in worship
on that day. Services: Preaching and
consecration meeting at half-past ten
o'clock a. m. Prayer and conference
meeting at half past seven.
C B. Lzswtsr, pastor.
School Report. Report of district
No. 58, for the month ending October
10, 18S4. Number of pupils enrolled
23. average daily attendance 15. The
following are the names of those pupils
whose average standing is 95 or over.
Lulu Barber, Tilly Hatfield, Albert
Hatfield, John Willaimson, Frank
Frisbie. Axabsl Ronald.
For Sale. I otTer tor sale he build
ing I now occupy as a Millinery store
Price $2,500, tituated 1st door north of
First National Bank. Also the build
ing known as the Brown store, price
$1250, 2nd door north of the Argu of
fice. Mrs. J. H. Fowxek,
Red Cloud, 5eb.
feaeUea's Anim Salve.
The best salve in the JiorW for cutj,
bruises, soreS; ankers, salt rheum, fev
er sores, tetter, chapped hand3, chil
blains, corns, and all eruptions, and
positively cures piles, or no pay re
quired, 'it is guaranteed to five satis
faction, or money refunded. Price 25
cents per bottle. For sale by Henrv
Cook. -
rilW-Ot carta flalre.
The best on earth can truly be said
of Griggs' Glycerine Salve, which is a
I sure cure for. cute, bruises, scalds.
burn, wounds, and all other sores.
Will positively core piles, tetter and
xil ikmeraptloo Silisfaction mar-
aRteedor mum nfunrf. nl-r 9S
. For eJ by A. Linvlley,
r! j tv Lj ;&
7?w JhiVwrftjf put m now ;&
land cTcf for illtrftm!imta w$
coswiy, N-hf3iA.
WiHwm H Fuller lyvw &t?zminh
nnei? CtvK
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CJeorge Brown,
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Otcar E, Ramcy.
By sending final recoiptstnd P. O. al
drcii, urtiw can obtain patents.
S, W. Swrrzcii. Register.
The pride of Blue Hill. 11-tf.
R. L. Ti.nkch has fixed up a nico IK
tlo office in his furniture "tore.
Rkpokt say that If A Butler, who
was shot by Max Frornuth, at River
on, died H'edncsday.
W. M. DtciCKRBO.N ami wife have re
turnetl from Denver. Mrs. Dickerson
is very much improved.
Skiivicks at the Baptist Church next
Sunday morning and "evening. Even
ing topic, Gospel Rail Road. Sunday
School at 10 o'clock A. M.
We are indebted toM.Birncy for
some fine qiail. Mr. Biroey is a good
marksman and i?tn rarely a bird escapei
when he draws a bead on it.
We the uddcrtdgncd citizens of Wel
ster county were present at the finding
oflhoremaiiiH of a body on Stale
Creek We have good and sufficient
evidence, that the remains found are
tho-je of Daniel F. Wagoner who wa
so mysteriously lot on tho 2Tth day of
last July. The further exonerate any
and all parties a being rponihlo for
the sad end of this little boy. Signed,
Peter Man-den, W J Turner, Thco.
Taylor, Richard Tumor, H BSimoni,
Wm. Van Dyke. John Turner, W. A.
Van Dyke, J. M. Mo?ena, coroner.
Oct. 15th. 1.&4.
G A lif I ELI.
Sandford P Fox and Sfattic Munger
were married lat Tlnmday, Oct. 9, at
the rcsidenrc of the bride's parents.
Fletcher Hale, a former resident of
this county, is on a vi-ut to Jame
Amack. with a view of finding another
location and returning here in the
spring to once more make thb county
hi" home.
Broom com it about all ready for
the market, and the growers are anx
iously waiting for the buycra to come
One of J F Smith twin babies is re
ported to be quite sick.
Our worthy postmaster at Hieks hai
Eut in a stock of groceries and gone to
eeping store, which will be a great
convenience to the denizens of thia
date for representative. Cant. F.
Bouchin presided. Mr. McKeighan
also attended and made an excellent
speech in his afTable and entertaining
manner. A vote of thanks wa.i ac
corded the sneakers, after which the
audience, chiefly composed of the
youth of the neighborhood, dispersed.
G. DeWitt has completed his new
house and moved into it. It ii an or
nament to the south ide of the river.
C H Smith has some very fine eggs
for sale.
Farmers are bti3y plowing and Jpick
ng corn Scsas J axe.
i e. i
Sheex) for Sale.
A limited number, (1000 head) of
Spanish Merino ewes, for sale. Two
and three year old. These sheep were
raiseaoy ns;m wreosier county; are
free from any disease, and are in ex
cellent breeding condition. Will
sheer nine pounds. Abo a few Wis
consin and Vermont registered Meri
no ram lor sale. Prices low, A Jare
chance to Hart feeding- nock.
Codxax fc Wifrrxrr,
94f ' Guide Rock, 5eb.
ilie anti-monons nad a gay time lant
Saturday night, the occasion being a
speech by F. N. Richardson, cacdi-
Kov in t& tUc io Iyocr
Ih now rooolvlntr hl Holldny Stoolc
whlclx for varloty iunl oxcollenco
In ovory roapect bonU any lino of
Jowolry ovor broucht to thlscity,
embrace complete lln of
Cake baskets,
Pickle dishes
Toilet sets,
Andlf7oadcsirotoptzrhaav Cao
present, or smy Jdad of & x&ecaetsto
for yemr friend, mother, father, aia
tororsweethert,zxw U thsttime
to do ao whllsv my stock Is burg wad
a great arlaty of all maaser of
thltjnJ to select from. Ha kepa
every thins: tba could riab or tho
heart desire, from a 91 cjock to tbs
finest gold watohss. B wax to
can and I will opso your eye on
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