The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 29, 1884, Image 2

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ire robbHHPRnmlalay and
Bharno. FiftyoWne prisoners were
A makkied woman of Sacramento,
Cal., who was in the habit of lining ar
senic for improviil6r complexion, re
cently took an overafee and died. The
Sec was sncrilegibfirj enough to hope
that "her complexion' is now satisfac
tory." Haiui Loja, the once famous de
fender of Bosnia on the invasion of the
Austrians, has, on the termination of
his five years' imprisonment in the
fortress of Thcrcsienstadt, been liber
ated and conveyed to his native
The Postmaster at East Penfield, N.
Y is charged with using postage stamps
in large amounts to pay debts and as
substitutes for money in various direc
tions, thus deriving comparatively large
revenues from the Government as his
The new sculpture room in the Brit
ish Museum will soon be opened to the
public. In this gallery have been ar
ranged the remains of the Mausoleum at
Halicarnassos, erected b' Artemisia
about y.50 B. C, over the remains of her
husband, Mausalus.
Efforts are on foot in France for the
amalgamation of the towns of Calais and
St, Pierre-les-Calais, between which for
twenty years acute rivalry has existed.
Formerly Calais, when it had a popula
tion of 14,000, desired to annex its
neighbor, then a much smaller town,
but St. Pierre now having a population
of 25,000, thinks it has a right to swal
low up its smaller rival.
The latest wrinkle in the styles of
photography on the beach is to be taken
in a yacht "sailing the ocean blue."
The subject is placed in a small paste
board boat with gigantic sails painted
on a background, the camera is leveled,
the photo is done, and the pholocd goes
home to tell his friends how Jie had to
pay a handsome sum for being photo
graphed on the real live ocean.
In Massachusetts women and chil
dren are driving men out of many in
dustries. The trades in which the for
mer are a very large majority are awn
ings, tents, buttons, dress trimmings,
carpetings, othing, cotton goods,
woolens, fancy goods, llax and linen,
hair work, hose, rubber, mixed textiles,
paper, silks, sporting goods, straw
goods and worsteds twenty in all.
3ixty trades show a preponderance of
New Zealand is said to have ad
vanced wonderfully in civilization dur
ing the past twenty years. The natives
liave changed their diet and no longer
feed on missionaries. The missionaries,
through their eflbrts, have brought the
people f ronj a state of degradation and
cannibalism to a creditable degree of
civilization. Sweet potatoes and pork
are now their principal articles of diet
The island has over 500,000 inhabitants,
Jialf a dozen daily newspapers, 1,462
miles of railroads and 4,111 miles of
telegraphic lines.
A company has been formed to estab
lish a New England colony in the high
lands of Florida at Belleview, in Marion
County. It is desired to form a model
lown, which shall combine natural, so
cial and religious advantages, with
freedom from intemperance and pauper
ism. The deeds to lands will be given
with the provisos that no intoxicating
liquors shall be sold, and that no dvelE
ing sha!Mx built at an expense of less
than five hundred dollars. A school of
twenty-five pupils is now in operation,
a good hotel is now being built, and a
church edifice ad an academy are to
Intense excitement was said to exist
in Jersey City over a report that a num
ber of cases of leprosy had been dis
covered ia that city. It was claimed
-that there was no longer a doubt that a
number of lepers coxuVI be found among
the Celestial laundrymen. Not only
was the disease feared in Jersey Citv,
but in Hoboken as well. Within a few
tdays past several sick Chinamen have
'been removed from laundries and taken
no one knows whither, exeept that they
were taken, out of the city. It was the
removal of the patients tiat aroused
suspicion, The sick men were taken
away ia every instance atrJght, by their
friends, carefully wrapped, tkat only a
glimpse of heir skin oould beeen.
A Queer story of how a lady attended
o part of her own funeral has leaked
out in Oakland, Cal. The ladyim ques-l
w" iraxuum oi oan jxancisco,
and early in May had one of her legs
amputated for a tumor. A burial jaer
mit was procured, as shown by ike
Health Office records, in proper ordex;
and -the lonely limb was placed in a
.nanusome casset. The hearse which
conveyed the "remain" to its 'grave in
Mountain View Cemetery "was followed
ly a single carriage containing the
Iwlance of the lady. It wasTthere
swricu wua solemn nmnn.l Tl.
iato ladr herself died on JnW
id on the followins: dav was takan
the bay and buried alongside her
foot in the grave.
f the IHUIjr Utewi.
anniversary of tfcc Wrth of
-an party wm celebrated at
ob the 19tk. The town was
V people and decorated with
d banners.
a was aorainated by acclatna
ngretg in the Eighth Congrea.
.let of Michigan.
was a Butler demonstration at
ce, K. L, on the lfKh. About.
eosand persons were present.
-monstration was considered a fall-
n point of numbers, ten thousand at
t being expected.
Clara Louis Kjellogo, who has jnxt
returned from a foreign tour, expresses
the opinion that Italian opera is doomed,
and that AlbanI is soon to sing in English.
3lAttr Clcmmek Ames, well known as a
newspaper correspondent at Washington,
died the other evening in that city.
J. J. Woodward, one of the physicians
who attended President Garfield after the
assassination, died in Philadelpiba the
other day.
J. T. Riplet has resigned the Assistant
General Freight Agency of the Wabash
Iload, to take the Commlssioncrsbip of the
Wabash & Burlington Pool at Chicago,
September 1.
Akchmsiiop Rtan was installed at Phil
adelphia on the '20lh, in the presence of
about ten thousand persons.
Emma Abbott, the prima donna, arrived
from England on tbe steamship America
on the 21st.
The Kansas Rcsubmissionists coalesced
with the Democrats at the recent Conven
tion at Topeka.
Governor Glick was renominated by
acclamation at the Democratic State con
vention at Topeka, Kas., on the LMfct. C.
K. HoIIiday was nominated for Lieutenant
Governor by acclamation. Eugene Hagan,
of Topeka, Secretary of State; Hugh V.
Gavigan, of Cherokee County, Auditor of
State; W. E. Hutman, of Barton, State
Treasurer; G. P. Smith, of Allen, Attorney
General; M. J. Keys, of Ottawa, Superin
tendent of Public Instruction ; Judge W. P.
Campbell, of Sedgwick, Chief Justice;
Judge S. A Hurd, of Leavenworth, Asso
ciate Justice.
President Arthur recently received at
the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York, Com
mander Schley, Commander Coflin, Lieu
tenant Emory, Chief Engineer Jlelville
and a dozen other officers of the Greoly ex
pedition. General Leroy Pope Walker, first
Secretary of War in Jeff Davis' Confeder
ate Cabinet, and who gavo the order for
firing on Fort Sumpter, died at his home in
Huntsvillo, Ala., tho other morning, after
a brief illness.
JunoE BAHTLKTr, of New York, granted
an attachment against tho property of John
P. Dickinson, defaulting cashier of the Wall
Street Hank, in a suit by tho bank for tho
recovery of $150,000.
The Breeder' Gazette, of Chicago, main
tains that pleuro-pueumonia has oht-iined
a lodgment among tho:attlo in Illinois.
Guaham, LonGE & Co., wholesale white
goeds, of Philadelphia, failed recently.
Liabilities unknown.
The Michigan forest fires have run to the
great crossway connecting East Tawas
with Wilbur. Mr. Oilman's house and one
or two others were burned. Farmers were
burying their household goods and leav
ing. Tho firo was running rapidly before
a southwest gale.
E. L. Mingek, Jn., wholesale canned
goods, Philadelphia, was reported embar
rassed by tho failure of Warner & Merritt.
The steamer Menasha was burned re
cently on Lake Winnebago.
Clement 11. Maukuam, tho English Arc
tic oxploror, in a recent letter warmly de
fended Greoly. Ho was very severe on
tlie American press for making public tho
stories of cannibalism, saying that de
cency demanded silence.
Flames swept away tho other day a
block of business structures at Itoseburg,
Oregon, valued at $100,000, and forty -two
buildings at Pomeroy, Ohio, worth S.VJ.OW.
Postmaster Fawcett, of England, has
informed tho various steamship companies
that tho presout arrangements for carry
ing mails to Now ork will be continued
another year.
Judge Hoffman, of San Francisco, has
rendered bis decision in tho habeas corpus
caso of Shang Ton, who left tho State two
months after tho Chinese restriction act of
May C, 3SS2, went into effect and fniled to
obtain a return certificate. Tho court
holds that he cannot re-enter this country
A Salvatiox Army riot occurred
Worthington, England, tho other day,
which was quelled with much trouble.
The south-bound train on the Intern
Liunui ce ureac nonnern iiauroau was
fired on by a crowd of ruffians near Rod
riquez, Tex., the other night.
Paul Populorum, nn extensive tanner
Chicago, has suspended payment. Hi:
debts were $200,000, and he was liable fo
$100,000 more as an indorsor. His asso
were estimated at $172,000.
The secret service division is in posses
sion of a new counterfeit ten dollar note on
the Third National Bank of Cincinnati.
is series B. I., with chocolate colored back
vignette on the face. The note has
coarse, scratchy appearance, not very vell
So great havo been the ravages of locusts
in tho central portion of Spain that tho
damage to tho crops was estimated at $10,
000,000. Dr.Naole, Register of the New York
Bureau of Vital Statistics, has received
from the Navy Department a certified copy
of Lieutonant Greely's report on the exe
cution of Private flenry. Onthe authority
of this report the record in tho bureau has
been changed to read instead of "starva
tion, "shot by order of Lieutenant
airs. Uxslet was arrested at So
Haven, Mich., charged with cau
death of a littlo girl two years oil
child did not readily respond to soi
the woman wished it to say, whereu
jammed it in a tub of water.
Agent Dver has informed the
Bureau that tho Cheyennes and J.
aouse ooys who nave returned f;
school at Carlisle, Pa., not wisbi
people to be educated.
The Goverament launch Da fa
Memphis, exploded her boiler ti
morning, killing Paymaster N.
who was blown overboard, and s
scalding Engineer A. Graham, Pilo
Ryan, Deckhand Peter Walsh, and
boy who was on tbe launch.
A lakqe and enthusiastic meetin
producers recently held at Oil City
unanimously resolved to stop the dri
til January 1, 1SSG. This will control
production to a great extent, as
eighths of the producing wells an
able territory is in the hands of
of be association.
Coyinwaix, ex-Secretary of the
Post-ofice, was acquitted of tha scan
o8febaxges brought by the editor
United Ireland.
The First National Bank, of AIM
Y., suspended on the 21st, ia co
of the mysterious disappearance
President. A. S. Warner. Wkrnor
aiatetrator of theBrrowa estate, val
fVcKsiin's G
e tJHH
asfMOMW, Ma dUappearaace fa
eep4W tfce peiaoaing of William K, Br-
rowa, eaeof the Mr. A very dark ckW t
wm reported to W resting on Wanser.
Ik attempt! te extiaxvisk the ire la
tae Back Ridge mine, Skamokia, P-u,
aereamea Jot tfceir lives. The intention
waa to food the mine try boriag a bole
through from the Greenback mlae, thirty
six feet loo. While that engaged , gas
aad Ire broke through, killing the seven
workmen and setting the Greenback mine
also on fire. Loss thus far, 4100,000, '
lx view of the presence of pleuro-pnen-monia
ia Illinois, the State Veterinarian
has sent atotice to owners of all infected
herds compelling tbem to maintain a strict
quarantine until BOtifled to the contrary by
proper authorities.
Thb elaborately carved Italian marble
column of Governor Edward Morgan at
Cedar Hill Cemeterr. Conn., was ruined
by fire the other night.
Governor Bate, of Tennetsee, has
fered a reward of $1,000 for any or
parties ctigsgfd in tbe massacre of Mor
mon elder in Lewis County.
The Engliih Privy Council has fixed the
boundary linj between Ontario and Mani
toba along tho Lake of the Wood and Hog
Huh River.
Failures throughout tho country the
last fceven days reported numbered for the
United State, 197; Canada, 22; total, 219;
as against 220 last week.
A max name! Geninger, employed in i
the Salt and Lumber Company's mill at
East Saginaw, Mich., fell against the edg
ing saw. The saw cut through every rib
on one side of hi body, making a terrible
aud fatal wound.
W. Ij. Reynolds, Cashier of the Texan
Express Company at Houston, committed
suicide recently by shooting hirnielf
thrr ugh the head. It was believed finan
cial difficulties led to tho suicide.
Two freight trains collided recently in
the west yard of tho Pennsylvania Rail
road at Columbia, Pa. The cabooso and
gondola car of tho front train and the en
gine and four cars of the rear train, tho
latter filled with sheep and hogs, were
mashed. Tlie wreck caught fire and was
consumed. Upward of eight hundred ani
mals were killed.
Two boys of Lsaac Beard, while playing
with matches at Springfield, O., recently,
fired the stable, which was burned. The
elder bay escaped, but tho younger, five
years old, burned to death.
A number of Chicago cranks were re
cently arrested for cruelty to children.
They pretended to conduct an orphans'
home by faith, keeping the children in a
starving condition. It was asserted that
the enterprise was only a cover for gross
There was a heavy rain, accompanied
by thunder and lightning, on tho 22d at
Dover, N. H. Many persons were killed
by lightning, and houses ware damaged.
Miles of telegraph and telophono wires
were blown down.
General Can ales recently sold to an
English syndicate a hacienda in tho center
of tho State of Tamaulipas, Mex., for $::',-
000 cash, tho purchasers agreeing to take
severnl thousand head of cattle at eleven
dollars each.
The French Consul at Pekin has lowered
his flag, China absolutely refusing to
mako tho concessions demanded. Admiral
Courbet was ordered to bombard Foo
There was an unconfirmed report tliat
Aguero, tho Cuban leader, had been cap
tured. Advices from Africa state that tho na
tives of tho Zambezi couutry have revolted
and killed or wounded the entire Portuguese
force. Reinforcements were asked for.
The British Vice Consul was m Using.
At Shelby villr, Ind., recently, a child of
Mrs. Trees was poisoned by arsenic The
mother mistook the poison for baking now
dcr. Mrs. P. Jameiso.v, wifo of a farmer liv
ing near Rock Island, III., recently met a
shocking death. A herd of cattle had
broken into a corn field near her house
and she attempted to drive them out. The
cattle became frightened and ran over the
unfortunate woman.
The steamer Newfield has arrived from
Sablo Island, bringing up Captain Lucas,
of tho wrecked steamer Amsterdam. All
hopes of floating tho Amsterdam have been
abandoned. Most of her cargo has bcec
The seven young men reported lost on
Lake Ontario turned up safe. They lost
their bearings and were a long time with
out food.
Thomas Johnson, a young Englishman,
was drowned in the Iroquois River neni
Watseka, 111., recently. Ho was a brick
mason by trade.
recently died nt Wilkesbarre, Fa., from tho
effects of a wound inflicted by Thomas
A committee of the Ohio Legislature re
cently took charge of the body of Mac
Gahan, tho late war correspondent. Ho
will be interred at Lexington, O.
At Salt Lnko the memorial services, iii
honor of tho Mormons killed in Tennessee,
were largely attended.
Rev. Patrick H. Terrt, pastor of St.
Patrick's Catholic Church, of Chicago, died
on the 24th of heart disease.
A mass meeting of Irish citizsns under
the auspices of tho National Irish-American
Republican League was held nt Robin-
era House, Cincinnati, recently.
iters' & Merchants' Telegraph
oaied the report of their em-
es have been found against the
ttle Company for fraudulent
in the States of Colorado and
rvivors of the Greely expedition
kave-adopted resolutions, thank-
f ship crexv and surgeous for
aud skill to which they owe
hiana, Ky.,a score of fine horses
nily, among them Long Branch.
ilkes and Jersey Lily,
ndred houses were recently de-
firo at Rawa, an Austrian town,
thousand persons were left
Stakixt has writtea advis-
ny to recognize the Congo
which would be an advaatage
trade, instead of effectuig
with Portugul, which would
ny to the customs chicanery. I
Ures that the Congo mast be
of JFindsor, at Windsor, Pa.,
the eb:er day. Deopsitors will
Im paid iv f uIL
&alisbx.'kt, LL. 1)., died at
eaoe at Wbrcet-ter, Mass., receatlr.
eighty-six. Ha -was traduated'at
arvard. 4r -
o fHH
The MIori Valler t Blair Pitlwar
Brkljre Company filed article of Jncorpons- J
Hon lth the Srctary of State some day f
ago. The Incorporator are John I. Blair,
Home William. Marvin HtueU. IaW 1'.
Kimball, P. K. Hall and Oliver Ames. The
purpose of trie corportation U the cmtrur
tion of a railroad from a point xt or near
the town of Miouri Valley, Iowa. Jo
Blair. Nctn, and extending thence to ali
jmts and on sorb ronte or routes in Ne
braska a may hereafter te dchma:s.I by
the directors', together with the construction
of a railroad brnlse aero the JUouri
Biver. connecting the said railroad in Iowa
nd Nebraska. Tltc caplul Uk U 52,000-
At the marriase of John Krai to Mr.
j Ward in Omatia the otljcr nidi:, a M-n-
tioti .va.- cnsiteil by tlie nddt?n ap;-arance
J of William Wani, the grown Mn of Uw
inli-elcet uy ler uivnrccU Havana, wk
I angrily forbade the marriage.
He was Iu-
, ritirvd to lene the urlor and ?o up stair
j to Ids room. Again the minister got them
; trfJtiirft for th.- rrtmiiin.' -w' .. l.,,
i Irf,,uiii ior me rnmniuu ac. wueu
Arthur Wank al-o a xm of Mr. Wan!
eighteen jears of :;, rushed Into tlie
rix-ui and drawipg from his j-ockn: a re
volver, threatened to put an end to tle
exi.iteuru of hl future Lp-father. It was
a M'ti-ational vue. Verv few
jruesU reinalnnt quiet. 3ien and um.
tied with tsich oilier to K-e wlKioitlhi Ket
throutrh the windows the fatct without
n-gard to appearances. At Ja-t .s.:ne ot
the nife,Ls dsanneil ounir Ward, whore-
upon he left the house, and tiw ceremony
v;is finally perfrtnneu.
A !w.tch from North Platte states tlwt
tin strike of the L'nion INcitic .shopmen i-
ended. The men rclurt,ed to work, their
wants being re?t)re.l to the rates obtaining
.aft;r the ctrike lat April. The conduct of
the .strikers cannot Ik to highly commended.
Quiet mid order prevailed, ami no hot
headed, nish, inconsiderate action was ob
served on the part of any.
At Ognllala a few days i-inre Johnny
Kejes hhot and inUntIy killed "Lime'
Smith, who was ilealing a mnnte tniuu and
with whom Keyes had Mmi dispute. Keyes
was fonnerly Shcrilf of Cherry County, and
killed an outlaw there while in the iht
formaucu of his duty. Keyes then went to
Texas and killed a man there. Returning
North he Iweame a bartender at a variety
theater in Omaha a few months ago. and
one ninht during a trenenil .sluKiting wr.ipe
in the bar-room of the theater shot and killed
Jim Nugent, a brother of the proprietor. He
was indicted for murder in theMx-oud degree
ami wa out on bail.
nm. i.i-B . u- f tn s i. f r t me rrenieiit lor re-election uio-i mtIoim
bo.Mi. weeks ago . (,. AlhrL'ht, of De , a.imrfr i Unit culm, delitit rati-and lntiUi.'iit
-Moines, lost several hundred dollars in cah j polltlcid action which imi.t .hnu:jrtx; a
in a iKiker g.uue in Omaha, and then put up tiovertuiiem by tlie iK.-opi...
EftjhAt.r? US nC AlrueAr;r.Srnae, the
hundre I dollars., which he also lost, lie dipnity of mur and the tuot turn heuor lies
afteruaul .toppeI paviuent ujoii the eertlfi- in hoiut toil. Weil pmd latmr 1 n u.mi ut
cates. and the holder," who claims to be an . """"mil proHTli . abniiv to norV eou-tl-iimoceiit
tiureh-iMr li-m sncil il. Imvi ,,1. t 'uteh the capital, ami th". of lulnir. the
r J .1 '"RM'UV ' '? W,tU "'. lt,U' V ' , ' "uf "fit vw.-t. iiiitntNT ft our p .polntion;
ror the money. In the meantime the bank nnd thl-. lntere..t -hom I t,. zeiiiuuflr pro
holds the money ami will not jviv it out uu- i tet-titi. our workiupmen .tre not nkim; un
til the matter is settled bv the courts ! ri-iiMiiiable lndulpeiue but inH!ir ot nud
I manly citizen, they n-ek the iiiii.- eon-l.lcr
I kk lliree-storv hnek building in Omaha, - which thoM demmid. lm ha .ih.r
owned by Senator Paddock, fell the ther ' I1,'";"?"?, llt Ux' Thl'f 1' ,uM f'''"
nh'ht biirvin- H-irre M,.c.... f. .....i.. tJ'e,r '"l' Karcor tbr care and atleiitUiri of
num. ntirjuu ll.irr JUdce, the night tho.-who make and eiH-utetlu u. to tho
waicmnan, ui uie rums, n,-was dugout
and found not to lie tlie h-ast injured.
other parties who occupied the building
were also rescued.
A Foitr-i: of men Is at work on the froni
part of the Capitol building at Lincoln, ami
have the walls up several feet.
Tin: ladies of Lincoln recently organ
ized for thu purjiosc- of making an exhibition
of the handiwork of the women of Nebniska
at the New Orleans K.vposition. at which it
was agreed that each county in the State be
requeued to organize in any maimer best
suiting tneir convenience, and that the
meeting appoint one Vice-President for each
county, who N i equesteil to look after or
ganization and secure work, to the end that
the State bo fully represented.
The ladies i
-,r .. ,,
. II. llOI.I.IVfsm: recently atteillptetl to j
mii ui.s wue at tunaiin. .uotii a year
she refused to live with him because of
uuiiiheuiic.s.s. ne icu mo eny ami only re
He left thu city and only
turiieil a lew days liehue committing tin
deed. He called at the lady's residence and
asked to have a talk with her. An inter
view was accorded him and after making
strong appeals to her to again live with him
aud not being successful he pulled a revolv
er fioni his pocket and uapied it in the
ladv's face. His .son iiiterteied and
him from doing auv iirjurv. He
then promised to leave the city if not anet- j
ed, but the following day he again went to
the house and made threats, when he was ar
rested and tailed.
or lliu MUQ aie invited to co operate with i "onest toil and le rnitued with a vi- u or im
thu organization. .Mrs. S. C. Klbott, of Lin- l ,,rov ln" Uw "tlon ot the uorkiti.-m m a
coin u-iH Mi.i.n;.ii..,l Qi-i.,-,..i . ."V ' proper resanl for thiiHelrare of the Horklnir
coin, was, appointeil bllperm.eudeiit of man 1 ii.u- lu-eparabi c,mn.i-ted with tlielii
rine Arts, and Mrs. I-aniuu Kebright, of b-yrity of our constitution none ot our clti
'IVeumseh. .Superintendent Kduealiimnl l)i I more interetMl tliMii they m L-uanl.
'I'm. -l. ..r.. ,w. ,it i.. i., i 'transportation should there-Ion- Ik- .itx-rnllv
1 iii-share not melancholy hut happy , u.rti. Within the llmltr the Cont tot,,,,,
days for the average Nebraska editor, jtalg- ; the general f ovcrmnent should m imi.r,vi
ing from the manvrosvparairraplisretuiniug ! ,ml protect Its uuturnl water a n fi, cu
thanks for "beautiful bouquets,'' baskets iff ! bJm! M,!TH,T';sor ' cuu"rr-v to reach n
... i i-1 . .ii .1 , ....... proiitiiuic market
splendid vegetables," peeks of '"delicious j c,Vii. service itrroiiM
apples," the "largest watermelon," etc.. The people pav the wnu-e of the pub
etc. One editor is especially thauktul for a ' He employe and ihi-v are entitb-d to the full
''generous Slipplv of onions." and honest h ork which the nion-y tlius puid
, ." , . , , . fhotdd command. It i thedutvof tho n-
Ami.mca.n tramp lately made an out- tnted with the mammement o'f thes.- uCair
rageous assault upn the twelve-vear-o!d
(laughter of a farmer of Saline Cotnitv. Th-i '
seoiniilrnl tied but wis r-ititnr.wl -mil .-,.i, I
stott u rei iitu nut was a pturcd and Ijnch-I
ing talked of. 1 he child it was thought (
woumuic. jue ortiie proven to lie a .Mexi- I
can who sen-ed a term in the New Mexico
Penitentiary for a similar offense.
Ji'iiuK IiKNKKE, of Omaha, startetl out
the other night with a friend to marry a
couple. The night was dark and the .Judge
making a misstep was precipitated over an
embankment into the mud and water twenty
feet Inflow. He was fished out in a de
moralized condition, while two anxious
hearts waited in vain for his appearance to
make them beat as one.
Miss, Doha HrcK, of Lincoln, recently
mailed iipers establishing her relationship !
with Prix-ate Ilenrv. and antlwirizinL' thn '
Coroner to take nn Ins remains i
UOrOlltr lO lUKt. up Ills TLinain.-.
A r.i:.vT ovation was given to G. Y. E. '
Dorsev. the Republican candidate for rni-
gressinan from the Thinl District, at his
home at rremont, after his nomination.
Over one thousand citizens were out with
white hats, from Columbus, Schuyler, Grand
Island ami other places. Congratulatory
speeches were made by both Republican
and Democratic orators.
A max named A. D. ilonger, from ICir-
win. Kiis., was recently killed by the cars at '
Aniboy. A ticket to Omaha and thirteen
dollars were fonnd on his body.
Faumeus are smiling;
Ax attempt was made to burn the Omaha
.Res office on the night of the 16th, but by
prompt action the office was sa veil with com
paratively small damage. In IS71 the es
tablishment was burned. The incendiarv.
an ex-boOfCkeeper ia the office, was arrest'
and served a term in the penitentiary
the deeiL
Wheat in Hutler County, it is reported,
will average twenty bushels to the acre;
oats sixty, corn fifty-five and potatoes too
large to estimate.
Wiiilk Mr. Bovie, of Omaha, was re- !
turning home late Uie other night, hr was
"h.-UI up" by higjwayuiea and relievt d of a
gold watch.
The good people of Omaha arc making
loud complaints :tgainst the bad people who J
are running disorderly houses.
It was not John Keys who committed
the murder at Ogallala recently, but hi
brother, Lang Keys, and the victim was not
Lame'1 Smith, but Ed Worley, said to be a
tough character. Tbe killing was the re
sult of a quarrel at tbe gambling table.
. JHE AjeI,.nDl,cans.ot - second Uorujres-
V - OJSOTCt nou.mea james ivura ror
A. uttle son of J. D. Hashes, of
OgAlalla, was recently amusing his baby
5isttr while lus Tnother ailked the cows.
Tlie L'ttle ones were playfa near the hen
bouse, "when a board fell, crashimc the
baby's head. She only lived a abort time.
Lc-coja" is sorely afljete-i with pkrkpck-2tt.
A ... ... ,. m mm a. m m-.m . mw.
Knmr ,trvwtmmm iiiTinTpiiij
imsnrrauc .inmiuitna ir iim t m
AiJH.yr, N. Y.. Att CO. Govrrnec
Dei eland's Icttrr, fonwaJlr cvjtfttS th
Democratic nomttistkwj for rrcsHleSit of t&
Culled Starrs Ua. follow:
OtvrwMW-l aarr r-cHvvJ yror cox
.jtunleatlon Utel JbItS. t"". tcfi.rmior oa
. 3f my ootolosrlnn la theo&tT of Pnwi?i
j litv t nit-! iJtr. br ttV Nawooal LHto
r Ur CVt-:ion It-iy -aWJ t M.
ce. I ace! tbe iMMolnjiUao lh trist
ful pprnv4ior of tsr -Jiwe ikhmw vutf
, trrtvl ami lr.n - rf tb rt- - W
Ity w hkh, ia IU ac"-:inc. I 'urjK- I harr
i rarr-fuijj- ifiUicrl iW ;atfrtn 3Uotrd br
' hc conrrntkm n4 Cfrd4ilr artntr ;ht
j Msac J- plain a ratrm-tt of lCTtJc
faUth and tbr priuie ujoa wr$-t tAt
Istrty plal to tb 8!lnifr nf tb JOfr,
orcd no Mtp'rt?nrnt orrflnaion.
, tiik rKKii-rcTii. orrtre.
, ltbouM lr rrC5cnjtrrHhat Ibo ofic ot
sreWcai I rnuatif r . oifrc I it -I
ttarr. Ttp U" rnacte1 by t- Iv-latij
tranch ot tbe l.orermnmt the ' af tit
, ecuttrr J NunU j"aHar
! vn itom f iir r-
IrCX e OT ll Klt'fRl'.-
.iI.l,,mMi,,..,if,Mi ,..
plural Jr.jr irh
a c MMa i nm t o
;hat oaicc h outburst bi potter d lvl3rI
t" I'rtor.pJt. it v--tn to tt e tht m'?bM; In
tr charjett-r of tboGKer tb ivrl-t
f tbe can?. rrUlr- turr fnra tb- r-it-lti-
aenptinc uch oinatK iJwn tie
ur? tH'nnf thrrl Uokm trutb jiIm
lutelv ,-wntfctt to tin- rafe-y "! .i;j- ;
tbe nat.on Ihat thry mnn U- uo ottrn
i "UJ "r l,co wtouu irnv.i.
Wm ..rosily aU mrr- a t.:trmri hr tbe
4--o;le It imioi uvhwfcn acia t f.w'rstrl
hi.-h arrzw, t ueu tbe .mnmvm-ti t
! rs k hy wvunuww im-
tt-ad o: roprtventinrr them, nnh-, n- tbe
nr.Mir' t uUTOwtb oi oir trt:ft. Uut
a (icrrmei t m bv tb )"pe fc-M ihh
pat;y tm;cH it-. ctril it;atn t-Htrt-B'l
pi.-rp-tate it -i" by Ajitimr an-i U
. Irn iiu- th- rHole itil ,f er ,n tbem.
. (,ovi'rJuieut i tl by the - -r.iv . uh a i
tult nh'rb rbutiM reprtnt tW Snt'-ilifetU
will of f r-e ntel tbmkinr men i r rM L-- 4
tertnittiil ty the .ham-Ie errtiu -m of tbetr
j utTruift'. U ben an eirSJou t- ht- bnU l
, Ue Mi'rotkMi In tbe vir)if nvr tluir
1 nuuibr touutnr-for n times ihi!h- irur
, 'n-t'-ad of btl-dk-ntton to tb- ti.r. .m.h of
Kiuiic; iien .e noun
tliter i,t tiu- Itnlh.
aulcUrtiM by a a..of utv. iwM Ve,:e
iniui ivireu-i sou nutinw lrMkeft. mm-I hcn
llw " hall l: nltOi;eth-r Iri- aw.l mi-
rtirrupttni. me tun reuiuuti u of a (,overu
incut to tbe )epb hUI U- ut haiul. '
: tkku ovir
And of the n.i'iiiiv to th, end. not one
would in my Judgment !- tnen-cUcr-tUe than I
nn ninemlmtnt the eontlruTLm UWiUrtitry- '
inz the rrfl-Jfllt from Hhmmn
cnil"k-rtiifpatnHiaet-of tbi-.-rra' onice. th
tain public plate once nl(i.-.J. un I more than
...... ...-....... ,.-... ,, .-iii(.i.jiiu-i in 11
mii. tne avt.iKU.Hny a parly mid in an In-
. cu:nlent nhnin a horde of oihee b-.Mrr. itn
h zeal iKirn of U-netlt nt-vived, anu fonlerol
by tlielmpe of Iitvtrel to entile, pl.tinl u-o
i rn4: to slid with inouev ikk! trHiuet ;ilitlcnl
; fervfee. W ree:.'nle in the i ilk-IIililty of
i-nd that the wnuti and rutiH of the ciiitilui
er ami the employed vlmll n.lkel e Mibrved,
and tho pioperlty of Mlie lountrj. the com
mon heiitiik'eot botli, ix-iulv.itic.xi Arelat-1
to th:.MilJeit, w hile wehould uotdiotirttiro
the emlvr.itiou of tho-e w ho conn- to n- know 1-
inIc ulleviance to our Coveriim.-nt anil
, tooureitUeii Hipuli:.oii. yel us a menu of i
! t.. finr .. l. I ., ..,..... .1 :tr.......
i ,.. y.. v ...... ... ..... ., w. -,. ..! ... n ii.t.i.i-i..
t ruio .should prevail cone-rii:iur thiie who. If
i Intend to Iwoini- Ainerlean. but h!i Injur i
' they conn-, or are btouirht toourliind.dll nol i
t IOIllV ( With tl:fll- llltl Ollflllial trt
jur iii-iii oi moor in it leiier iiiv-itlliif lilt-
nomination of the otlic of liovernor nearly
i tvo year airo. I maduthc-follow in;; statement
-. 1 -- " rf--.-.. .-..- .i
to which I have .teadii iidherfM.
i "rh! latoriiiir cla.s's cout!!iite the
mam part ot our population TL-i Mhould
pmttcteil in tluir etfort peAividily to '
as-'ert their rights u hen et) bv atrtrn
rutcd caitital. and ail Kt:itntc i.n thu 'mit.i....t
holdd recognise the cure of the rtalo tor
ing turamst any corrupting muuem-cs nioch
p.-vr in -l ri l llir u'livui-l.'lll IIIIJNt) HI lllir
Government, and none tdioud t.- iron- natch-
Itil ot the urtlul machlmitioue of tliose ivho
Mil. re tbem tocit luuictcd injury.
Inn tree country th curtailment or rhc
nb-olute rurhts of the indUtdtiul should only I
: 1-in.ji i crciiiiii. hi i lie pence, itll'l Kl'lnl
onler of the cotntniinity. The limit bctwi-cii
. th-proierMitiJects of yovcrumental control
i and thoso which can he more llttiuyly left to
tin. tiwiritl iitiititf. tin. I &.lf .it nik'tkiitl .... ..... ..r
--- - ... V .. -. .-- , .. ..... r . .. ,V.-&.I4 IJi .
I the citicu ehould bctiirelully kt pi in ie. j
Tim iaus iiuuecesarliy Int-rferliig with the
iiauu-s una ciimouis oi any or our p-opic
which in- not oiren!ve to the monilM-ntl-tnontc
of the civllled world ami which are
ptisteiit with rool cillc'i-hin nml the
Ic welfare ate unwise and eatlou..
I O.MMtnU'K.
The commerce of it nation to a irreat e.xtent
determines its supremiiev. hcat and eav
toj-ce that such public Mr Ice l fort hcoudmr I
The flection and retention of MilH.rdtnntc j
"oeriiuiein. enipaiyiueiii mioiiiu m mii.i
utK, 6C(..rtamn, 1PM :1nd the
value of their work and they Mhould l-neither
cxjiecteiiuoraiiowuii toioquetiomiiit- partj
crxice. '1 he Iniere
t of the i-eotde wit.
Ik? bettor protected, the estimate of pubdr
lat-or and duty will In- lrntncne.y imprux-L
public cmplox went will Im.- opm tc n). who
demonstrate th"ir tltncss to enter it The un
iceinly svramble for a place under the l.ov
eminent with the- eoiiMijuent hnportunii)
which embittera public lift- will cease, and thl
public departments will not I-,- filled xrit
thos; who conceivo It to Ik? then
duty to aid the party to which
they owe their pine- ln-tead of render
Ins a patient mid houe.n return to the p.iiplc.
1 beliex-i; thut the public temj-r I nuch thnl
the voters of the land are prepared to Mip
port the party which plxvn the lt trotni
of admluistennir the (ovcnuni-nt in the hmi-
wt lmpl h:i1 piidti manner vlilch Is con ,
citcnt with Its character .and teirrwi,. Thet
have leamisl that mysic-ry and tonccalmcnl
l" the numajrement of thi-n- affitlrt
covcr tricks and iH-tntyaL Tlie tatenman-
ahlp thc-y nijuln- conits In honety m
fnurality. n prompt rcpune to the n-l ol
the people n they artec. and the vie
Uant protection of all their vnrb-d In
tercsts. If I "hould lx- cailcd to tho chlei
i tnurl-traey of the .Niitlon hy the -uffrarri
of my fellow citizens 1 w-Ul asurac th-dutlci
llf thnl hwh .lITlo.. irlth , u.l..,nn .n.rn.lnj.
tJon to dcolcatc every effort to the country!
favor and support of the Supreme is-insr
pood and with an hum hie reliance um thl
who I beltoxv win nlwavs rvwart
honest human endcux-or In the concientloui
Uiseharpe of public duty.
Ijsljrned Guovxit Ci.ivr.isu.
To Cclcnl William T Viias. Oiaim-ari. eUi
A. B. Carter. .I well-1 nown citizen of j
I Aitrinti- GrL. was roeentlx- fxxvakeneil
, . e . - , .-..-.,
by mosquitoes under his net. lie got j
esti-d np, lit a kcio-ene oil lamp, went bark i broken down. Then am niy miowquej Ur vUitd th ininen camp fr,r tfoi titir
v for ! to the bed. ami be-an to brush out tho j 'oiX-.Tbt whkfiTl MSr ' l" 0i "" J iUi coa-
mosquitoes. hildoinrr tuts he strut s i
I? f0-r Dt,"?5- an'l I?' !
""-" - " "' -' uiviwii .i.i-. i..w i
lel-pot, and the hot Oil. Jallo .on ifr. i
, i aner, iook ire ami unraeti nerceij. i
In a short time the bod v was a heap oft
' ashes SL Louij Po,t.
m- m -
Frof. Austin Thclp
D. D., savs dcatn is loan inirni-
appalling presence, from
lion till lie-i clo-e. Sav what men will
nf it, all men fear it. lie declares that
the most devout Christian aad the most
sensuous skeptic recoil from it, reLt it,
put it out of sight, strujwle to forget it
to tbe last- It is the ono overwhelm
ing terror of every human life."
a a
California race-h3rsei have made
their best time at home, and have not
equaled it when lake a to the Kastern
turf. The San Francisco Chronicle
therefore concludes that the climate is
as well adapted to ti best derelop
KCfit of tbe tfcorougkbred horse a that
of Arabia or Barbarr, and much better
tbaa that of Eaglamd, IraUsd, or an
If the AUutic b Hm.
:.-n . , .. ikxvv miceU piaiiorm a-
I4JI UiJIi. '.UUWU- . -
,. fM
i timtm or
J IJoU. ( WM P
I tt ar rrr4
I.oKtx. KM. Ar CW
To tnj cttJnpS(.
In x;cHaTilxTtv IU oft rrst iiI ar
. & in-juirv, I kto t ?tvf rt of mr
tiemmntnup ot tJM- feiftraf trrrt K
vhlth tw cfeWTT-i, TWy rtv fef
nrt ItixtUKy U all tafim la c
svtv. !tattr rl Mf4.
eevot TV ir nrlK f t JVI
U ! te4er eurreocy t-f tb 5ppin. cvattt
Ifxnxur tu4 ty t cr,
Ibtni -Tae trl f U cn J1 o,
who Ub"r m le prJtiftj of frJta. to b
tntU m.tni tfa1 ricivt:hn ml ef
Um- bo atorb c4 wawt pr
i ourtb Tbe txr-eiy for rrfonu e
mrimxii t,f bu ia rvTne-ftt, w tt tb
pteHrr tbe -nk iM N Uf bt
js.l. Ji a4maicrle ettoruanl
t&e rfatbt,f AmrtVi. rtiren al kfte ar4
bn4 to RKutM- TJt IHnJltWwiti
8rp"raJc. tjerf tet V n4 W of
thf fvwf'e my h, , to tr-'? tSw" f-xiw-'f
Jty f tbe iwvtrr b riJ riat. jl
tHriten, tLxi jt aJ r.oaJ prt SipT il
aU per-ie.
Tbe-e Mttrr were p'ftnilT COOiWeil t W
b) the Iemcratw m t 5arbetta
t a ajuoe t or iria-trfu, )ut) Sr bljrft
oiAAHS'rattmn r4 uttrt Jurtaf tbe jwrf
ctfon In tte rvlortn t ttrertrent. tntt m w
iMmorrmtH irmtxtUAttna mhMVt Tbej
tre tu t jeitel " tbe t"l tr.
cmtle areBtJi'j IoeM ? ftir- J at
tkm a -ve att Iw-morrattw rtie
rartt3 by r talker I h lte4e'J If
tbe fc-teul ;f IfkrtfOe 4r tieeT mM. bf tb
fet-4e bm? f.n b je tM' . W4 be re
1IU vt-t eL a4 rarety a4 Jiy
i4otti by Ik4t l H MU a fAe niKe
tbart tt tie ihimrvml- irt t bate
nsUtetl tai v name t tvtt to tfe uo-
Veot n fW the UZrjr tit it- r"iWe
t tilef Kns Mttve t tttter 4 emrrj tut
w rJ iIn- h-t r nteAMire tat xhtrb !
bHit kae 1-wh N-uat i-r to axm'H it m
Mrt t-tk h ""M ttocMlaxw. TlMt I ,
aawUbl be pUuW lit UMt ItUh ptWUcHt I iW
a tbe til nf 1-VXuO rtrr f tJ4t ' mmntH-
oaJth. ho bi eivHl Uip r onafkb
y their vte m urMnuwH)y lt Man
nn Uiat MaecMli! bavr l"n a le4efftf to
Ibnl t iiVttMt If be bat 4I1 t lreatb
ImmiiI Ikal )i- wxntilaiint ,lthnr l tJt ttffft-
' .... I .... ..,.1 .... .. .v ir..n.l n.n.11.
t i7." J
. fi . .. , . .,. .n....i. -.
.J , . .. ...-., ,.. .......-j. .k-
ruUorai of tbe rvert l!crafrjte SaIkmmI
t vriitbn at bleatf. ctreattur bl ijhm
tba" tbeemalttee a bMl kU' uf t
"eitH-lleiK-) " He ! refrr t tbe rrje
lior f bi prriM.ii in tbe nvetilHtn Mrif,
ttlnl muVe an attack on txith tbe lK-tx
eratlc hih) KepubUcan part Ira. atn! naitii,'
. f rb ir.lutnai pntration of tt nmouy
nrt: I
the onrtMnric nwenr.
Wi, the tl.idd tirrenlxirVeni. ntirr a
rvinM furad tiiLHhit htto rerJrtnfc. keen
f tfhird lniiiie- mail will no y moum nut
hf tvetifilii.timl Mj e4f lH tjrea im-r
Ihnp ntteett lertr atfo rt.l that tliitrad
oi l'utiik-ul nlii-t .tt ln.l nhicb miH
be hold bv cnrIWlt onlj und for tbr t-ur
poHt evtiririif n Iwnk eiirrvny on'. in-
.-.. .....
rrx hoiit! make ait Inooutrovrrtlt-J- tHJ
ft a low rai- of lnte-ct, to t- lu d b th
l.oxertiioent o that iwn man tnlifht lntet in
it instead of plMciii bV nioney In lir
bank or truat companies to -n kn.l out
on inaivlu mi kltlmr ttvV ami then
hl when cdled for It. Tliat 1-md U-at-Inrf
thrt. and Mtyavr imebuit-lrpHh
tx-r cent lnt.-ret. to I pr "t"! by th
holder Kt hii time to tbe TrMMin . nl b
pal l mler to be K,.xl for It. nod thu tbe
luicrrfi t.i that nmouiit of the National debt
wrui lo tbe Covt-ruiHctil instead of l-rtiv
pnhl l tt fro-n tbe tftx ot the i-pn And
th.i nhrti MtHither Nin.l na bv te
invctor. one nhoo.d b- liiel b tbe .oern
m nt and lnteri-t lhenu t-iffn llrery
llnnncier know that It i the xM fifty nitt- t
uona HiiiMiriiHii or put out that innk a r-dutidHiu-v
or feiireit of ciretilntimr Mnliuin;
and i. tlicM'ii man v fnl4reti now thnt uili
n lMnd h onl.l not lia e pre ctti.-d tlie imrk ami
rtcnolatloti 10 tuilie- ihrmish whu-ri e rw
now jHi-injr' lie time ha come lieh the
-n-.iilwek I -ulaliic 1 bj tb .iprriMe itiurt
. .. , .. ...... .... .... . ...... .....
n ,t ciiiiiiiiiK'iai t urieiic nwici mp .'pin
p.n of th- j-nni Miiorio-t of iery ttitan-ier
of the oimrj Th thin- wllleome. If the
jn-ople f till lotiutr) can iret the clutch of
.......... w.l.. ..f ... ............. ..r. !..,. .. I.....
...iriiivmi ... i. ..iiiiii. j .... iir .1.1 ....4 , r..-ii
lll-ll N ) -li'tll of nuillHC a 1 hne kett hel
will i'-i- fnilnn to the ln.utriiiln I bui
m littent. of the co. nit r froiH lb.- te-rlWo
tltiiiUHtlon Hhichthe i jie now MttTer.
I put in inv platfortn a biiik urul i-t the
contrtetiou of u I'umoti.i rhipoina. wmIhmii
mi- i'.ii-iii ut itii i ri.ii-i i-tnt- i iiiiwi i.-ii j
n ennui ill time ef pence detrnctlve lo our
iiiiitiiert nn rriiiHii-i-i bus iM-cniie nn en
riMit of K'-o-l of m btrh ihe pnlMetJ of
Amerieun llilutre- f .nn lar:e pnrt for
(IIMrll uuon oxer tie-uiiierrrt:iat of Nertii
Aiiu-rlc which commerce e now cmitri.;
Make thl cauul. IM id HliKlnuii ioinlnaol that
commerce. n .lie ti..w di- that of lb. it
ern coa-t of Centm: uml South A our leu In'
tim.iof nr. with the I'mmuiH canal op-in.
I'Uirhind 'lc It Hith her tinmen-nary, nud
from then.- can rnx aire nnd bUK'ka l- our
whole Pu rifle emi l, Thl- -be cutiiiot do now.
Im-ciiii!- htt iihm no i-ou'itiir Mutlon nearer
than tin-SjiiHlwii-h 1-iund from wh ch it will
.!.. ........ ... I., f ...t.lw.... l ..
Ik-julte imi'oile to - ippl a .M-.idiiiy
r.c.-t ur l tire' -t-n"i r ra:roiii Hirn-n
the continent nhcuriin In i-omrtttin uml
not In iliiion, can carrx our prlu ti-iiia
to the x extern con-t chcaph" cuontrh. nA I in
that ie. lit lent, lb- frclirnl will Ik- phl to
tun., vt- ut l"
our own cltlei
control thin
n. Ni lu tM-iu-enrwHt we mn.t
mil. Tlie KcpuMH nn part) hua
done notions; to proti-t the intT-t" rrnd dijf
uity of the country In thl N'hair. iomI the
I.'iiiocnu.y rvf ui- to promle ex fit t do nny
thliuf. I After further attnek- on Kmrlnnd and her
cornm.-r'tnl Miprrmticy. hj rtilicul" th..
Hho imitate Hnu-llsli eiitom. bu KiKlh
tr(l and prefer Iliu.l.ii hut-It- lo tho.. of
their on country, lie uttm-k ihe preont
fystem of election In Mti--achuett n fol
low n. J
MO-.XOrOl.t-T"! 7IIK
"Why Mioubl the jxKirer ebic hare the
ballot, and thu the rnix-M- rule tie- country I
auiilnt ii? (ir n one of tbdr uiJifnilne '
puhHihfd In lbtiti eipreea It. A few o.l
famllie-hnvcti,.. trnditlonnl rhriit to pf.vrrn '
the jxilitlcs of .Mjts.iclnj-tt tsi that In
Miiinchu'ttn nnd ltho.le kand, u n l'lo
nlmr. h- llnd c-cli lem-bitti"- trixinir In Ita
turn to throw eery obt ruction, hlnd.-rarifv.
and iinj-cllmeut lu the nay to prex-ent the
twMiruinn cst-rcWhur n fre-tnnn rlrht to.i
tin ballot, nnd todrixe hint from Hi- poll by
rcpilrlnif niony (jiinliBeatoii nnd nil other
d-x lce that Ingenuity mny Invent liy th"
menu Ithrt-li' I-lan-1 Ir mirente! by the few
and not ly the mnny; by nn ortMoerHcy of
birth and we.tlth. Hod nt by tbe t-ple
In the into Kenernl election for members of
rVnurrur In flale. f..Cl vote only
were thrown by nil pnrtls In th"
election of n mrtnU-r of Conirre. whd at
tbr Vi'cM.Miere a frc- l-nllr t 1 ld In thj
h.nnd of ever mnn. t the ..imc election d.
2s5 vot-s wen? reiilr"l In th; election of n
Consri--innn. And tht-t cnls-I tjuil repre-
a-ntntion of tn- ps)pe in the i.orrnrii"iit'
i-i everr inic .iiicrjvnii imiwe-r ui-jn inw
ntrun-.iiti.l Innulr... nhttW la the country
drtinsr If ucb Iniiia'ltl- are wIWe in
... . ' - . - .- - . .... .
the PcKlnnlrur, whnt wUJli the end 1-t tbe
I'.-ople nrl- n their misht and brinr bark
the (.ox-cniment where our revolutionary
father plac! It. on thu foundation of fre.
dom. with (vtixl riirht. -)ticl burden, rojuat
prlvJtcffes and epial wiw-r to all m-n.
Why hare the j-ople lit or forUme o rr.
rrclM- thl great power At flrt tln-re were
two p.rteconlndln f'r rreat prlneile;
the rederal airalnt tbe Ik mocratic Tliv onn
;hcl--levln;that Iklnw-ir nmaUtw, ,
le-'t. if it wm n home Koxernment, mibofwH
wnu,,ir.lV. " " w f-tp-imnn or
on aivl Adam
ll thla. Jeff er.n and Madlon
Thedlvllon er'oirrat that
thcri- a no third parr. W hen tbe J-ederal
Vrtr wa in power we h1 the a-n xnd e!i-
Uonlaw. and jud-rra apj-nntcl nt melairht.
and ari.UKratic form of c t '
dcr Jrfferwi n1 Mwiln the nu, fcW
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s In fact they i-w: and then. He; Chilean j
implidty of m&nner. economy In jforern- I
menu and re-p-et Tor th rtaht of tbe
were ioe oner ui ini-iwj in t -jt;eoi ininr
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V..H..UW-. uu... .ut ..uw. HH ,
mlnLtrat!on a srreal banking tnoo'itj waa
much diavrencv. txl until tbeaeUon of the
SiSSS1 :o &S Pe.Cb?K
XhtifuUh the partiea by tbejf
ept ihat 1 1 tbe Democratic
puiljorni. cicep
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of botli psrlle. J bare irtMly owrt. rtore
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th-n actuai dr-creoee t- wsrtj th
Jn matter of prUxclpr h3XT Tn fct ditt
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rir csa TM-ltW like Kt t'.rn.--Lr-.r, J,,
form on tic tariff question, and yet not Ui iho '.
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lu kaj tnrbt ibcia that If tby caaoaly
Verp tbe peop!e of tbe couatry votlar accor.
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try "-rblcbcrer parry prerall. Did I need
evjdcnc of thl it wotud be la ibe declar
tioa aAcrfbed to tbe anrct aaii aUt raUroad
Idax in tbe country. Xr. Coald, wbo 1 kl t
save tcetiSed before a cossmiti Ut l
rtaace. tkst whea be aad a DeviocnitJe Xexi
Urare to xasBlpalxie be a Iesaocra aa-1
vbeacver a Keeublicaa LrUUttire be vu a
itepnblicaa. That U to ay. to carry a( m
rurea. be helped elect, by bl noaey. Dem&
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He i oa-Iy aazioss taat tae aewiiiiatlaa; eea
raUoa of caea party afcotiltl wlmu a eaa
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faoyk paafail villi ai
-- -j .-.- evA-v ( -e-. -, 'ilVt T,
alike a dread, "Stne ths atletnpt of tbe convention t
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trtHtf etnnicb lo miri eW-?e w .Irtltat t-T
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eiM4r in tbe Mate pf Sr t. e,r
HlM-t- the pr-lucer ao4 traler ami
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railna.S. Tbe laU-iio he a.'nf
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at-l itallnJ Tbe pier ha r ttl rft
Ikn )i. ,tl need a law Im retfu'utte tbe bur i
of iaiit. whether woman t4Ueir o mm r
iailiR t-hlrt2 a coMBr. r a tawirtr if
driver 'attdlrt hi a eat It aytly ImtU
ii that tbia cUm leiraJH rej tt hwa
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hundred year.
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the .iee ef tbe )rtneiUe w heh y repTw
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vour reprwenutve ytmr jlatf'rn- tbe
ih'ii.. rf k- mmvntlort. in l)n lHts if it cr
lM.itie ttwtt tbejr tnltfht le adut at
mj-Ic the rule of that jwirlj. whlrb wmUI
li iMnjel of vnr tr eoN nd ndl. rr that 1 haVtf tlUMfo-aptM)tNt )n"
prinrljHo ere ecel and )Hr lllr,w
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u(tk the
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nnd rut'Mln-fa fw bk-h I take ptijre fceru
na.1 now ioi-xprr4 Mlfatln. Iil t.r rm
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jimi t ilirht the Iwitlle at,nlitt (he tpiei-.r
i-f Ibe l.s:i4c B1.M1 VtWI ttfiht the latitle
of tin- isj,mm lordlier til the ial wanner w
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mniuimr -tretijrlb In decilnmtr xar to li
nil liutt lo ran lie in tw iwiif f tho
prlnclp.. that you nnd I b4tt dwtr.
nitd HtbMit lb- early jnvu-- nod
nbjtkH f whhli thl fiOVcf rtHetl rHWt
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cunlldtc. y.ii will hnve to ml h tin- 18
iW-ffodtiitf hint III-d.Mnrf-hv ben kiown
t thr o-Hjtitry for tttere ttooi a fjtKrtr f n
ceiitiirx Hx er net of hla life bv b-H UMter
tt iHh r-j hifhuol m ibe lurtd lUma of
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eitNt. nnd hi Jut cliav'e t okphiin fur wsu
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nKinl udxHiiimre t ii.relf leHiilni tjMii -
erne I ttMi livo old to make wrfro-h ph for
tbe future. i.-t I boxt tx mx hu- tetllttrwl tun.
If It le. to do Num. -erxle l t4. pit;i
itwl mnnkpel lit enlHr tek tbe trnvernmeNt
to tbe IHir)Me rr wuw-b it xa ftaeil by ttur
father, n tfoyerninntii r tbe tMwM4e. n triv
erninnt by lb lonHy. ntl nol U) Uix'fpw. iwr
for the Interact of trie f.n
, , ltKVI-IIJ UlTI.CIt.
Note I hnre aiul tb- nUln at an
carun!iy than t h.el ImIch-U-.! nt tbeelraf
lHM lneM- IHl Vailiecl ftil'tHl. Irtt MttlMf
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lHirt. -bnrp and decfeHxt one. told
It'MlM not In. ifCIIK in fef, exevpt fx'rhflp a
-ktimlb or tH tintit r,m thirty kiy
)aer; nnl I Imd bHl Uihnxe tbe advanttitfe
of n Utf iH'-t Metnifnt or pr)fi4e Jy the
fii-mo, rti -niel44nte for tbe Iwloey. nd
iiMertnlrxe.1 ft.n hi own deebirntivn
whether ronuii, tm- of Ui poblto p,n.
bMi he mSrfM tt nh-.r bittr fVtlor than
th oQtriril ncthMi or bt. ,Mrty baa abown
lte4f by lu iatfiirm J
HI r.ooiil 3tiilllitel tli Ma n. a Vy
aa the of Lit uienxnt Ki-figlMiry. I.fii.. AugutM. Att. roUiat
of nIatlve, h rninaltia of 1'rltatu W'hUtJur
.- i ... .... , .
v- -' i'w"jueT oi iternap.
forty i.T-.m, who wcro ptlet!y k'aUirrolat
the little country eJnitrli ynnl. j. mk.
Aiu'dl. Miorer ami Smith onkdnlwl. The
caoket lid. fatenc! with fifly-tvxi hH wai
removed in fJvo mlnmM. when a alight alco
holic rnlor wua alt Uiat rap.-t. Tli rofflii
wa fmrkitl with roUon waMtid thacorpM
tightly vx rapped In anhret of miiillfi uimIct
xxhirh were thrrt thlektie-, of wcxdcTl
blanket. All wm cjulefciy atu ,,Mtjy JV
moxed. Tlie Uly Uy uj-m the left du
imI nil tiw llcah km cut from Hie Jjj,,!
and back, the fa the client nd cxixntt
Itleji telng alt Uiat wa, Jeft unbjchH. TIms
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prv n ...mV. ..r ,i i i as
LJIfSv " "'" U w ,Mirp 1(n,.faV
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. . . -. i... .. ei
cayet,. WH. iar. covTr with abater ml
whUkura and th? Jied wjUi tUrkUh te!
hair. Over the kuI wm a &. fitllnz
cap apparently mvlv of a Lull undershirt,
over lajiich wa, a raj kln cap wiUi
eiir and tbfl under U clln. Tlire wrr
xtrIefi UtMtaujea alyit u, writ and
ankles ant nMhUralih trravet nrim lit I
chct. Th feet and ban! uwnki .i.i.l
k "4ufiM b re! Av Wm Jer
wrn!7v rcl;,ptr,fc ttnM lT-b.
ml .wotiai. Tlirj twn&m wer fnllv
IeaUi waa eTukntly r3U-Ml by aUrratloti
'Sr ui- aM tZE:
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":- "",w ,r" r"7 cotiMtueci a mtAll anumnt
hair utl mtr.if Mull. Xo mark of f$o
If.ncc or dtvAw; werr atttarenL Tl.-t
ihi rai -lullv -f i ,i. -l"aJ
b - xJ cap .ivUocfc f Italf ac csrteU.
Tfca CrlU in th- V'l llrxtnn.
r Cwcwkatx, Auztat W.S Wri'a iUm,
I'a., .iperial jay- llrfont fCllire. of hf
- -'i' Ji Mntx UtJiUre of Hut
... w Je
nt i.n.1 Inj. n. l . . - .
r " '" i'". biki a. namver of depu-
it racy and a.Aauit, buta. !1ht writ- nnt.
bIe to m they 7SS
",w - -j wi. iwt .wrj we ra jeJ
lo leave wJU-xrct making anr szrc4.. About
Lw fc'"M'' Ifcr kUAlol h of!
fire arntimt hnt -.t . .. . . .
them. Tbe ..i--. . .i ". . .
fl'wrztlru-r'ritxtl iA lUey rtn
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. . J - 1J
-m - - v v vv - - rma n.L ti a a a a rw r-vaaiaia. r m v p b-
.' .1 . "w Jujei! Ill niuml
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l0tc" r" - lrwer uA, Xrrp373ttea
lerUrje IKVI tot U? m-eitt.
nonsea It Ins fcen dxicb-i! that tfcsy win
isake co public dem.atratfot. but will om
their laioeuce with tfce hr of lh woefc-
Jc-; A brge imxtlns wa teii yt&.
rtr aftersocw, at which fiker w ap.
Iald to aot to resort Joriotescc
- - -- - wM!Wa,l aik.
An H4 Trick.
Ottawa, ot., AtffTuc w.Ta fM
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Britkli OUaabfa. teWafaM(L
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