The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, February 16, 1883, Image 3

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v k, -? yyuE:ipiiiLj ia 1 n,cnt?
accompanied by the name of the mitjio avuot
necessarily for publication, but as cx'ttepceof
pood faith on tbe part ol the w-ritcr.5Mrita
oalroa om aldeut tae paper- 1 parUcnlarlr
careful, in ctvincnames ana date, to bare f
letters or fljrarea plain and distinct.
I know rrbnt mothers nrt dolnir tn-riijrbt,
Ixnlnjr. mother nil ovci the land:
1 can fe the ioiIua whit':.
Ttonhd many n honor Un-h.iIi- in.L O-
'Ti tsaturrfay ntsrht. nnl. roy and weE:
Kcb from It lnth. Pk n !!ot Irora rain.
ratleriiitr n'out with llttk Imrv f --t.
And tra line nlsht-dresM.- Jrj from j tale. -
know what mothers na doinj: lo-nlyht.
i'littitiK nway h tor or a tool:
Hi-Jinn? aomc dear little acfaoinr rrclto
lwn or text for br Ki&lmi-M:ho..
1-nrinjr otitrcndy weo Jackets anl cup.
Serine tbiit rtMf and stocking arc tlrhC
Gloves mid collars and oorywrarw.
That's wbnt mother nro doinjrto-niKbt.
Patiently mcndirir ioinc little, torn dross,
ichiiiK to think no hotter i there,
l'litt'njr down n--dte and thr:nd to carca
Little onw txmdluz lxalde her in prayer,
rmymjr hernolf. n the twilr few?.
Now n inittrn. wnj niw a ltr:
If on aw relay nlsrht a mothr knows
Tho sweetest Bide or u mother care.
On Saturday nlKht, when tbe chlilren filoca,
And father ulu by the fin. at n-rt. '
The iiinreln jrivo her 11 thought to ki-ep.
And she forls that a mother's lov I4 Meat.
Fh" IcndTly tnlksor tbolr future dnya,
lellinir of all they have nald and done.
Till the father plow to her pktiftant praise
And blcttso his children one by one.
And the yearn will pom, and the children
liiii deep in thif h-art tto-r Vlil keen. I
a w'"Z' . h. , . hllJ,K ,.,, I
That !dny when they !vnd,"r d farand' wide. 4
That eve. when tber imid. In the wanlnsr
lifrbt. T -
11...1. ..,n.V,,.1 .1.. . .I...I ...
Obl lier kl- was pweet.und tbclr bearta f
wr llr-lit. '
IVhen the went to 11 on a Saturday nlfbt.
MUlt. K. llnrr, in X. Y. ldycr.
The conversation drifted smoothly
and pleasantly along from weather to
crops, from crop to literature, from lit-
rrature to Hcindal. from K-:ni!nl ttt rn.
ligion, then took a random jump, aud '
landed on the subject of burglar alarms,
And now forthulirt time lr. McWill-
i:ims showed feeliii"-. AVbenvr I
perceive this sign on thi-s man's dial I
comprenenu it, anu lapse into silence.
aud give him opportunity to unload his
heart. Said he, with but ill-controlled
emotion: -
I do not go one s'ngle cent on burg- "
lar alarms. Mr Twain-not a single
cent and 1 will tell you why. When
we were finishing our house wc found
we had a little cash left over, on ac-
count of the nlumber not kuowitiir iL I
was for enlightening
lightening the heathen with
was always unaccounUibly
the heathen somehow: but
it. for 1
l itt fitl till llaftlt !lfn urif1ltfktV lttlf.
Mrs. McWillhims said Tio. let's have a
burglar alarm. I agreed to this com-
prom se. L will explain that whctieer
1 want a thin"-, aud Mrs. McWiUiams
wants another thing, and wc dceiuo
upon the thing that Mrs. McWiUiams
wants as we alwavs do- she calls that
a compromise. Very well: the man
rami! up from Xcw Vork anil put in the
alarm, and charged .32.'i for it. and
said we could sleep without uneasiness
now. So we did for a while say a
utik.itli rl lwn Mnn Titfrlif w,, utlf1leflf
unokc. and 1 was adviied to get up and
see ulnil the mailer w:ls. i lit a e.iliil 0
1 i.i.,ri,.,i iniM,r,i it,,, cii; ml Tne!,
a biipdar coming out of a room with a
basket of tin-ware, which he ad mis-
taken for solid silver in the dark. Ho
was smoking a pipe, 1 said: "My
friend, wo do not. allow snioMng in this
room." He said he was arranger, and
expected to know l7ie rules
s; huI he had been in
could not be
of the hou
many houses just as good as this one,
nnd it had never been objected to be
fore. He added that as far as his cv pe-riciK-e
went, such rules bad never been
considered to apply to burglars any
way. "1 said: 'Smoke along, then, if it is
the custom, though 1 think that the con
ceding of a privilege to a burglar which
is denied to a ISiahop is a conspicuous
m-ii of the looseness of the times. Hut
waivinr all that, what business have
outobe entering this house in this
furtivo and clandestine way, wi.hout
ringing the burglar alarm?'
lie looked confused aud ashamed,
and said, with embarrassment: 1 leg a
thousand pardons. 1 did not know you
bad nburjlar alarm, elsel would havo
rung it. I beg on will not mention it
where my parents may hear it, for they
are old aud lceblc, and such a seeming
ly wanton breach of tbo hallowed con
ventionalities of our Christian civiliza
t.on might all too rudely sunder the
frail bridge which hangs darkling lo
tween the pale and evanescent present
and the solemn great deeps of the etcr
uities. Id ay 1 trouble you for a match?'
1 said: 'Your sentiments do you
honor, but, if you will allow me to say
it, metaphor is not yonr best bold.
Spare your thigh; tb s kind light only
on thebov. ami seldom tbcro; in fact.
1113- experience may le trutcd. But to
return to business. How did you getin
Through a second-sttrry window."
It was even so. 1 redeemed the tin-
ware at pawnbrokers' rates, less cost of
advertising, bade the burglar good
night, closod the wuiilow alter mm. anu
retired to headquarters to report. Kcxt
momin-r we sent for the bunrlar-alarm
man, and he came up and explained
that the reason tbo alarm did not go
off, was that no part of the bouse but
the first Hoor w:is attached to tlie alarm.
--- -- ----- -.. .
1 ins was simpry luiouc; one u.'-
well have no armor at all in bnttle as to
have it only on his legs. The expert
now put the whole second story on the
alarm, charged $?00 for it, and went his
wav. By-aud-bv. one night, 1 found .1
burglar in the third story about to start
down a ladder, with a lot of miscella
neous property
,-. My first impulse w:is
end with a 1) lb .nl-i-ttc,
ItMcIn n. rain from this
to er.rck his he;
but my second was to re.rain from this
attention, because ho was between me
aud tho cue-rack. The secoud impure
was plainly tlie soundest, so I refrained.
and proceeded 10 comprom su.
t .-.
1 i
deemed the nropcrfv at former rates.
if 1.
'deducting ten percent- ionise 01
a a a ..1-iIh. 4 XV,TV
T0.1: LL.r-,' - n;
.,a3 u m:iu uu ty rtnrr att Jhod
more, and had the third story attached
to the alarm lor 5uu. ...
Bv this time the 'annunciator nau
.-vn to fnrSldable dimension?. It
grown to formidable dimension?.
1 . . nr.n
upieu li
ordinary wardrobe. Tbe
irnnir wns the
f,vr, '
size of a washbowl, and was placed
above the Jicad of our led. There was
a wire from the house to the coachman's
quarters in tlie stable, and a noble gong
alongside ins pillow.
1 r-Ma
' e should have
i!t'i;u uiiiiiiw. v
now but for one de. ecL Every niorn-
.fer. in the wo,- of j?A!?!
went that gong: J lie iirstiimo m Hap
pened I thought the last ta, was come.
t .itj.v i.:..u :. T.. UiA nn lint,
sure- lUutniuniK iiinw-u
sure- 1 uiuii t iinm
out of bed for. lie
. ". -t a ?. T-. I -J rt ltlT
first effect ol mat
frightful gong is to hiufl you across the
l.micn onil tlriTT. vnn rainst the wall.
and then curl vou up, and squirm you
like a spider on a stove-lid, till some
body shuts that kitchen door. In solid
fact, tbere Is no clamor that is even re
motely comparable to the -dire clamor
which" that gong makes. Well, this cat
astrophe happened every morning regw
ularly at five o'clock, and lost us three
hours' sleep; for. mind you. when that
thing wakes you, it doesa I merely
wake jrou in spots; it wakes you all
over, conssieace aad all, and yon are
good foreighteea hours of wlde-awaked-ness
subsequently eighteen hours ol
the very most incoaceitvable wide
awakedness that you ever experienced
in your life. A utmnger died oa oar
iands one time, and we vacatea aBd
..V . . . ." .... ... .
B J K - - --a II J-tBrf nn i Tll'l I-lb I TL. I A I
ne naSeif yaSms "ronnd hun- j whole thing finis
iiwt nn.l it. neennied the space of an neAU
! i.ij ?yi our room aver urnt. ma
No. sir; hn got p at tire tfca w
untwieniattous way. J knew lc would.
I knew it mighty well. He collected
bis life insurance and lived happy ever
away tow
- - - -- --., -i " w j --w m ifcS -
Hmw!fT in."n,cutji,uldjraI:nn--'erTtbing hist
nwviamjtlJteen'Jmw fmMH - . It
iucm-n.upan. anu nc ran a
WiireA - -P".-,,1-0Df P?r W". -w4 sf 1 Vbefi d bl jpltlA -ne- wrs witb
plapfed a siffJttlbre;wlBWelJTibtoUihars.imJnTnL
ine uutler. could take off and puixn the .
-Tini lMtTmilaB -JUWarr amxtVt one
5Htctmtak-hes,Kchcdthe'alS'rmoff '
at night when whe went to bed. awI
switched it on aain at davbreak m Hie
aorning, jmChi trwe for 5Wrilk i
ojKjn the kitcliendfvor, od x-HaWutfcit
going JcrUam,usacnilbclrtHM5,wwwe.
times breaking a window with one or
the other of us. At tbe endjf a week
wq recogTiijteJ that ibis switch buinyH
wan a delusion and a fcnare Vie abo
di covered hat n band of .bun-law bail
been lodgiag in the hou cj i lv tivM
time not exactly to .rical. foTtlicre
wasn tmuch left npjrfc "piut bidu-fxom
jiu puuvw, jor uiey were jkh prevsoii. one i-on or anoiuer. uiaicunioniaro j
and tbershrvwd'v judgedMiat the He- lonir with that combination. Goal bye;
Jectives would rever binkif a tnbe of J
burglars taking" Ranctimrv
itf a boufe
notoriously protected by the most im- j
joing and elaborate burglar alarm -in!
America. r A
"Sent down for the exttert a?iin. and J
tbia timi.lii-clrtiilr.ti tii(CtlrL2i!''Tdfa4iK.- .?.
""he fixed the thlnir sft that ottcimig the
kitchen door- would take off the alarm.
ll :is a ! Mea. and he charged ac-
-cordinelv. Hut ou alreadv fore eetbc 1
ctit -ffni-'li..J on ft..! otiirtn iorr
-- -"-1.l. Vf" . .".... .-
nijrbt at bcl-time, no lonjrer tnwtm to
ThOTflSSMrnJl mtfriTfirv8": and "as b on as
i . ... '. ..
the lights were out tlie uurfrla walkeu
in at the kitchen door, thus taking the
alarm off without waiting for the ccnik
to do it in iLe mo: ning i'ou fee how
airirravatinirlv we were-situated. For
months we couldn't htiv any company.
St a spare bed in tfioJiouse, all occik.
pied by burglars. ,
1 " llnallv. I Lrot up a cure of my own.
!I-1.A ft .....- ...I .1. .... II ., -nM
1 be p.xiert answered the call, and ran ,
-.. .. 1'
nno'her underground wire to the stanie.
nd established a switch there so tiiat
j coachman could jiut 011 and take iffi
Iho alarm. 'Iliat wirked Jirst-rate, HTiillvhit and briule: eut into st cks.
... . .. r -....... ..-.-raaswi iitiittitf nv:.ii
tor, tui-nud up tJiegnsand s:iwlhoworu
McWlliams '
4NurBerT, exposed, Mrs:
fainted dead away, and 1 came precious
near doing tbe same thing mvself. I
seized my shot-gun and stood timing
K4M7i1 WW
the cotvbniau wlnlal that appalling buz-
zing went on. I knew that b.s gonz 1
had Hung him out, too. and that he
would be alowr-Avitb bis gun as soon as'
he could jump into his clothes. When '
I jndged that the lime was ripo I .crept
into the room next the nursery, glaneed
thrntigh the window, and saw thy dim
outline, of the coachman in the yard be-
low. sfauding at a prccni-arms anil
waiting for a "chance. Then I hopied
into the nursery and fired, and in the
same instant tbe coachman fired at the
red Hash of my gun. Uolh of us wcie
successuu. 1 cnpoicu u amw "
shoL oft" nil my back hair. We turn' d
We turn d
uj the gas and telephoned for a sur-,
gcon. There was not a sign of a burg-
far, and no window hail been raised.
(.'no glass was absent, but that was
where the coachman's charge ha 1 come
throiiL'h. Hero was a line mystery a
burglar alarm 'going o V at midnight
of its own a cord. amLnot a b-.rglar in
tlio no ghnorhoou.
...n . ..c...-.,i ti.n ,.c..i ..nil
and explained that it was a 'false
alarm.' Said it was easily fixed. So
ho overhauled the nursery window,
charged a remunerative figure for it,
and departed.
"What we auffercd from falso alarms
... I. natl llirnn vnnrs TW t, lormtllllC
.. ,iu.,.ni.n iii.rmrr it,,, ifrt (rw I
IfLU lll Il-tVIIM a " ..- -w-.
1 i inon hs 1 always Hew with my gun to
' .1 ; 1: 1 1 tl. ,...,... ..1. ... i
HIV 1VI1U1 IIIUIUUOI, illiu iiiu niv,ii.w,.,i
sallieil forth with his battery. tosupiort
..... lint tlmrn was timor'anvilim"- to
shoot-windows all tight ami secure '
o always bent down for the expert
next day" and bo fixol thoo par
ticular windows so they would keep
uuiut a week or so, and always ro-
membored to send us a
1 ro
Two hours lutor
bill about like
ltecbanrinir buttery..-.
ThriM. hours' lntor..v
Htrins..... ...-..
luird .... . ...... ..."
Pond's Hxtract
fprinp. t.O.VJ
llullrond lares
" w
" Atlongth a perfectly natural thing
came about after we had answered
three or four hundred false alarms to
wit, we stopped answering them. Yes,
1 simply roc up calmly, when slammed
I across tlio House oy ine aiann. caim-
i ly insjiectcd the annunciator, took note
J the room indicated, aud then calmly
disconnected that room from the alarm
ftj wcnt Dacij to bed as if nothing had
i,.ippcncd. Moreover. I left that room
iiuiibui lUiMlvitv v m -- -- ...-.v .. .-. -.-.
CXj,ert. Well, it goes without saying
tuat 5n tjie ct,ur!e of time all tbe rooms
whcr& taken off and tbo eutire ma-
chinery was out of aervicc.
..It at this nnprotcctcd time
that the heaviest calamity of all hap
pened. Tho burglars walked in one
mht and carried off the burglar alarm!
yes, sir; even hide and hair of it;
ripped it out, toolh and toe-nail;
spriags, bells, gongs, battery and all;
- wiro;"tliov fist cleaned hor
M d j,,, and never eft us
.. ,l'i . i.
thnv took one nunurou anu uny mues
a TCSllge 01 ner 10 bwear aw eai u,
1 mean.
We had a time of it to get her back.
t - II1 .-;. a.i..ll n
mi vc accuiniTiiynru iiuujiu, aui
. 7 .
moncv. -Uicn uio alarm nrm saiu mai
what we needed now-vras. to havo her
in right with their new patent
.min in'the windows to
tnake lalse
! nns hnpoible. andtbeir new patent
j tment to take off and put on
i. -,- ,n,!n. .nH T.;.ri,t ui'thnnt
-fuv- -"" """'"". R ,
hnan assistance 1 hat seemed a good
scheme, uncv promisea to nave uie
ted in ton davs.
1 uemui huik. anu u iuai. tut uic uiu-
& 1F . a It n Piim
mer. ineyworKoaa coupie 01 aays;
then they left for tho sunaer After
which the burglars moved in and began
their summer vacation. When we re
turned in tlio fall the house was as
empty as a beer closet in premises
, where painters have bcn at work.
. . . ." .
V rnfnrni.shed and then sent down to
' t .... Y.v .,.,A T4. ..MmA,., anil
A.JU IIUW u.r All.
Sn S, So
clock is set to nut on the alarm every
night at ten. and take it off every morn-
I 1UV tlL U.TVt va w aww -p- w - --
(p, .. -- -t nd ihm
, "'-"".:Z . "-n7-v ""
1 icaw H8r aiouo -ffuo tiii io
the alarm herself.1
' After that we had a most tranquil
season during three months. The VOX
was prodigious, of course, and I had
said I would not pay until the near ma
chinery had proved itself to beHawleas.
The time stipulated was three months.
Sol-paid.the bill, and the very next
dav the alarm went to buzzing like
30000 bee swarms at tea e clock in the
morniag. 1 tuned the heads arofuad
twelve hoars, according to instructions,
aad this Atoo!ceff the alarm; bat there
was aae&er hitch at aight. and 1 had
to set her ahead twelve hours oace more
together to put the alarm -a agaia.
That sort ef-aoaneBwe weetm a week
or two; thea the expert came up aaa
StmaaewcioeK. u casee ap every
e moaths duriac the aext three
fiHn u. prarc uhsuuh. uu..Up .,..... a nice ieiuun-cauu 11 .uau . ."".-
we got to inv t ng company once more jDg together nlowlv fo half an ho?ir a
and enjoying life. pound of supar and one cup of water;
"Unt bv-and-bv the irrepressible add a 1 tte hot vinogar to clear it JcaI
alarm invented a now kink. One win-J by dropping in r.obl water, and when
lefs-uigiit we were Hung out id red by briUle.vorjaitblenioniiiouc-on but-
the siulden-mrislc of that awful gong, tiered tin-. Any kind of chopped nuts
and when we hobbled to the nununcin may Imj added.
tlwmyii a faiW. Tfa rfrl,
t wottld nut the alstM. on H tbf &) UflM,
" snd r "tTiifc Bht.
'and if W idrTt armL iferr
minute -year
bitnrr of that
. iUti; n wiv -
a it
mad' T,nMr, Ttr,t.,t-i
nauht el down in malier les.
burglar alarm tbe wbole time, for tbcxr
timlwlnn. nn minv ru! -t mr !
cont -for not a plarrnev cent could I
ever sj-'t tbern tueoutnbutc I1ot said
tolr. ilcWd'.am thatl lwtcBougb
ofJtbat'kiiiLof yie; no' wk Jler foil
ttcatXt the whol tkiagotat and
traded 1l off for a! drg. an 1 elot thn
dog. I don't know what you think
about it, Mr. Twain- but I tfiink thoe
thing are made solely in tbe intenrV!
of 4he btiftflarw Ye, mr, a burglar
alarm xabtcsir its prrMin all that U
o ectlonaWe aWuiit . firi-, riot and a
harem, ahI at tbe umc time ba nonal
of tlio comixrn-ating advantages, of
get off here." '
o.sayjSi Mr McWillUm gathered
tin his sacbel aud umbjclla. and bowed
JuavrU - at trf tbe trala-"JarA
- Tah't?2 m'Karpcr Christnia.
i j "
TFVtlJrSweft TWth of Mtllp FelV.
Any. except the fincnt and richest of ;
the .unfcctipBcry of theshops hi tbu
ninion of manV.-nuite Rtrrnacd by tbe 5
l. I ...... ...... i.. .. ..1.. 1 ntwmlfnff If
HL - 3U HlflUU 1IU.UU .U4H.- ..v. V
i ihuhImt nf ntrif -1 tiM-jti wtth great
care, arc here given .lany 01 mem ar
so simple as to le easily made and tbe
children, raav liavc almosrfas mncb
pleasure in manufactnrinj their candies
as in eating them.
For a xerv delicious white taffy, take
tWo pounds of irrauulated sugar.
teacup of cold water, two tea"jKonfuls
of butter, two teaspoonifuli of vinegar,
0d without ftttrrinf until it i brittle
.1 . a!?.. T .1 ... ... IA 1...M l.mM
when tested in cold water.
(1 ill COMI AVIllCr. I HCU tHT,
add one tab"e-poonful of c-nencc of
vanilla and pour mio nouuereu piauur,
whi'n sufflcienth' cofl pull until it is
m z t . u .i. k., .ii ikini.
a nuuiniiy may xe mauu won ....;
sugar hv boiling" together two pounds
A nutiatrf may tc macio wim mapie
of maple sugar and one pint ot water,
imtilit is cnp when dropped inU cold
water. Do not stir it- ben ready to
take offbe.tove add a tablespoonful of
vinegarl Pour into buttered tun or
platters line 1 mil meats, a-id when
cool cnongli mark on mio nps.
" "
Pure eocoaaaa- drops are made ov
beating together one gratetl t cocoanut.
one-half pound of fine sugar and the
wbiUs o( fo lr eggs, well beaten. Dmp
with, a tablespoon on buttered paper
and brown slightly in a quick o en.
For cream almoniN take two and a
half mips ofline sugar and one half cup
of water. I!o 1 four minutes, then Deal
till cotl enough to handle. Mo'.d over
uiuiujju nn .. ........"... .-- ...H.
The following is for chocolate creams:
To make the inMilus mi together two
cups of sugar, one cup of water aud one
and a half table-spoonfuls of arrowroot.
Iit them boil from fiveto eight minutes,
stirring a"l the time. After this is taken
from the lire stir until it conies to a
cream. When it Is nearly smooth add
one tcapounful of vanilla and make the
cream mio nans, ror mc uuume wis
nnn.hnlT timind of bakers' chocolate, but
do not add water to it. Koll the cream
halls Into the chocolate while it is warm.
One. cup of grated cocoanut ."tirred inio
the cream as It is cooling improves them.
Recipes for chocolate caramels are
manj- and varying. The one here given
is miub used and simple. Take o'
"rated chocolate, milk, molasses and
,- - t r t a
sugar one cnpn 1 eacn piece m iiuticr
llu. Hi7t of an C; Boil lltltll it Will
I! V , , r"r 1 . I- .
I harden when dropped into cold water.
Hax'or with vanilla. Put on buttcreil
tins, and mark off into squares when
partly cool.
Delightful bonbons are prepared in the
following way: Syringe etiojgh o-auge
iiiico into a rup wan coniecuoncr s
sugar to make of right consistency to
I mold into anv desired hape. Then roll
j in -granulated sugar aud place on but
tered paper.
The above aro all choice recipes, and
with their aid any clever per-on can
manufacture very dainty bonlxuis. It i
advised in making thco or other con-
1 fections that the sugar or molasses 1 o
J cooked in a vessel inside another
I vessel partly filled with boiling water.
This precaution w.ll prevent the syrup
from burning
Children arc alwavs delighted with
pop corn ball, and these aro easily
made. Grind the pop-corn and sL'r it
into a boiling syrup composed of half a
cupful of while" sugar and s x teaspoou
fuls of -water to every or corn.
When cool enoufrh mold into bal's and
roll in pulverized sugar. Or, make
I sugar or moiases tally, and while hot
. stir m whole, pop-corn, men ici 11 vooi
I and mold into balls. For this operation
buttered hands aro rciiuired, and for
pulling any candy white the tinges
should be buttered" but no more than is
really nccessan or tlie candy will be
A plain molasses taffy which can be
pulled quit white is made as follows:
Boil one pint of molasses and half a enp
of sugar dissolved with three table
spoonfuls of vinegar, stirring often.
Test bj' dropping in cold water. When
nearly done, add butler the "size of a
walnut and half a teaspoonful of soda
dissolved in a little warm water. Add
anv flavor desired, stir well for a minute
and our into a buttered pan or platter.
When coo) enough work white.
For vinegar candy boil, without stir
ring, three" teaenpf uls of sugar, half a
teacupfulof vinegar and the Same of
water. Add one teaspoonful of soda.
When it crisps in water, pour into a but
tered platter. A" T. World.
A Jicw iHrredieat.
It is Mrs. Cobb's candid opinion that
ia some cases, education is not of much
benefit to tbe colore i rare-
Mrs. Cobb nas a colored, cook, who
says she graduated at a female cemetery,
who can read, and who gives much of
her time to perusing tlie cook book.
A Jew morniuirs ngo." the cook, whose
name is Mandy. was told to make somo
cake A short time afterwards she ap
peared in the parlor with the cook book
in her hands, and said
I wants yer to send right off to de
store and get some latter to put on de
Some what?"
"Some latter."
Yes, latter. Tsc doae tole yer foci
"Ib the name of common sense, what
is latter?"
"1 dunno what hit am.
X. . .
write dis heah book. Bit reads data
cupfall ob de latter sheald be put in de'
case 10 ma&e au gooa. '
Mrs. Cobb jerked she book of the
cook's hand, aad, at the alacemakalei.
"Mix bb the doejrh with a tp .oi
waterier of aweet atUst, bat the latter
is the best" rr Siftimm.
that the 7.000 Fmadiaivisas jaixat aK
omity weald like to give 1
'Oa.mvaBactawmsTvl Ti
ofka peeVle iaTfewTtrt sl T.ttt
riliCTPAB Ttl -tlT
. T
-i , j
I t . . ' T
I lll IS t -H tll i
M n IS1T II !.
S. M T W.T
4( ,,-f,
tltt 11 I ! 1?
i ta,at a
... T :w
i a
a i' i
11111 i- t IT
it ta
. 3 .-,
i a. a - t
a Biaillliilt
ts is it ! nam
as xa a-xx 7ixa
tM -- -.-- .. -.
.. I' X SB .
T! a Bian i
14. IS 1- IT 1 !
si xx xa.xt xi o 1
a saat n
t w t r
. 1, a
a 4 a
x a a
T, a B1BII t
m t is ic iri ia
4 c a t a !
it inuuuiB 11
.iuteJii ltutl XX XX'T-I
t . 1
'..- xsh.s:ia-
- 1 .' '
n 4, i T a
10 ii tx ia ii'ii in
.-, 1 l
a a, 4t 5 "J
is 1 1 it ia tt'is
ic iT!ta'iJM
it in iBtati aa xa
Bi(ite:c3i aa,xxi seijSa xs
.. .. .. .- .. -- avai - --
" . . , . 1 !!
To relieve hircougli at once, ttke a
lump ui Higar haturaled with vinegar.
A tou"b piecu of meat cati bemadu
tender by'" letting it cook lor several
hours in water at simmering heat.
Potatoes, when dug in an ttnrij
state, may be at tunes watery and not
til to, but if a thinly a- jk-.-ible
iu a dry. airy place they Will in
tune become as mealy as if left to rijn.'n
iu tbo ground Exchange.
J-net Pudding- One cup of sugar.
0110 cup of chopjied tine, one cup
sweet milk, one teaspoouful of soda, a
pinch of salt, two egg well beaten a
teacup of raisins, or fruit of an kind if
desired, three cups of Hour added the
last thing. Serve with any sauce on
may like, or without hiiuee "the pudding
L ory good. Chicago Journal.
A writer n the Fruit Rerordcr
makes the statement that one of tlie
neighbors planted some cabbage plants
among bin corn where the corn inised,
and the butterflies did not find them
He has. therefore, come to the on
clusion that if the cabbnge-pa'ch were
in the middle of tbe corn-field tho but
terilie would not find them, as they lly
low and like pla.n sa.ling.
Gravy, which is excellent with
lioiled fish or with pork steak, is made
by browning a sliced onion in a Iiltla
butter, and adding a little at a time to
sonic beef stock; thicken with flour
rubbed smooth in a little of the cold
stM5k. Add. if you have it, somu
chopped par-ley" or Worcestershire
sauce, if bcrved with jork, a table
spoon ful of tomato catsup is good.
Salt and pepper to taste.
A correspondent of tlio rKif .'"
crJrr recommends the saving of coal
a-hes, which he says ho ha used for
three or four years on currant buhcs
for the destruction of the currant
worm, and finds no necessity for theuo
of hellebore or other po'iMtn. 'Jlie are
a- effective on cucumber vines to keep
off the striped bug. Laat year he u-ed
them on cabbages, filling tbe head full,
and had no further troublo with tbe
worms. Tbo cabbages headed well,
receiving no injury. from the ashes.
Tho ashes are better" to be silted through
a line sieve.
Many a valuable horse is subjected
to unnecessary pain, if not to perma
nent injury, at this season of the year,
bv the thoughtless placing of a cold
iron bit in bis mouth. Il any one doubts
that this is painful to the horse, let him
satisfy himself by laying a piece of
frosty iron across his own tougue some
simm nioniln"-. It is a very easy mat-
I ter to keep the bridle in the Iioumj
where a win do kepi warm, wncn not
in use. We have scmi horse the sk:n
of whose tongue and lips was as e''ect
nally burned by a frosty bit as they
would have been by a red-hot one. and
all the while the owners were wonder
ing why the animals refused to cat and
feu off In llesh. AV10 England Fanner.
Weeds a ika Wei1,
Who has not sat at a car window and
almost thanked tbe weeds for tbe varied
beauty they give to the landscape? In
April, the "green-sward is gemmed with
dandelions, "from Maine to Minnesota,
and, as the season advances, hundreds
of other weeds brighten the 11. endows,
and make bcantiful the neglected
bed"e-rows. The thistle in mid-summery
the cockle in the rijMjning gram;
the golden-rod and asters in the mel
low autumn how beautiiul tbcv all
Stand at tho rear platform of tlie car,
aad sec tbe breeze of the tram break
up the gossamer globes of the dande
lion, aud whirl .along the seed laden
balloons, which seem to chase and dodge
one another for miles this is in June.
In August, the dandelion is gone, and
the prickly thi-tle fills the air wita
down, and upon the wings of the wind
seeks fresh fields and pastures new.
The East is full of weeds, and our
railway trains are carryinjr their seeds
westward, gradually but surely, every
v ear. Fully one-th"ird of the'laborof
many Eastern farms is troaUlulimg.
This'is a labor oarely thought of on
rcostTVestem farms. " There it is "one
of the things you read about' but
how soon it will be a rcalit.! Tbere
are farms at the East, once weedy, now
nearly clear; held, as we hold oar freedom-
or as we should hold it by eter
nal vigilance This is not scar so ex
pensive as plowing, harrowing, hoe
ing aad summer fallowing. We take
pleasure in commending early aad last
ing vigilance to our brother fanners of
the West.
Fight the weeds. Keep clean hedge
lows aad road aides: slay. burs, eradi
cate, exterminate. Wc " are passing
laws ia the Eastern States compelling
the careless aad thriftless to keep their
road-sides clear of weeds, aad of the
brush in which they harbor. It is not
.. I II lllllllfcl,' .fsVMA I t f ..MA
1 TU4 Muwwij nunc 9 w- a oumo
r"-Br w t.
iUHC mimr wmn- vuocrt ! mac v
to he quietlv agm the lew." Ib
ethers, the laws are m aeese m Laser a
liveslua ta, aad rraaaelh mea caiae
apoa hiees. ssetkia the fielasaadtae
There iaaoteke ahoetit.
iaey wiapes
1 1, u. t w r, r.i.
i, a; a -, -, J
, V W WW.- ,
.. K m' ;!!
I t 1- ! IT !
. ww w . w -
a a u at ..
it 'r i i 'T '" t r
- -.4-,- - - - --
i ' - " 1 t
a a - -
i it i ia
?" ' ocToaca.
$. . t w t r s. r' t. r,.
junc. Dtctataca.
u t w , t . v , s. m ' T r K
T twir at M ve nrr
wafl k w aiiamaial araai i-t
k it eAco i waiil t
Mkn m' coai sj i
rrAi ia-tJkv-LaI cUsrte. laTaivtaf s I
, iTalTScaa J
fa Ob fcsfhlc aa4 kt!-UJ4
aad tboacU, fac. faacr. -1 -
- -.lil. l. lWf fejor
iC!Tt . .c7ZZ-tTtrJ i rz
i T 'V
Aat aml'fral bM-bMbCMbIbI aaATt aMMRtJll 10
"" - - -"-i
i BTirrwaafnT llY'mta
ceroid ro to wora larura wauar
tij a isrre -err u- wsw we
I topa, ae ae wa.-aKOTT. a. fraial
ltd whb Wy a4 aoag.
-weax. aa so -ara Fsaajae pujos pa
tbe rraad. cW aocataiaa of bi. ' i o r. a4 U tar & -
Itobert Han, tie great milpU orator 4 fcM5 , ltt, ,4 iiaf M- u
of flngland. once eaclil, I el ate j h tmtr -i v j. m na t - .
a koa. arwl I tirracb tike a bar. f a iy tvT rr a.g
Much ia lb earctrof lr. Joaoa
U explained liy tbe fart tkal be m
tbe habit gI taxta a vonaoc stotnAca
to tbe utajojtt.
Carey, tbe cobbler, who, witboot any ,
acadxtnic rdiKalion, becaaae tbe luead- j
er of asodem jotwkm, tbe traulxtor of J
the Utblc into forty of ta atcct o
India. IYufftor of haascrst Jn toe
British collcjre at Kort MTUiarn, and tbe
. fr.tMt nl th ,1.t- Kr.uln
deiag enough otber work tolaasioruu -
ize average men, w larguy inueutea
to a Ttiroroua digestion that xm acrrr
, 5af iKUtmXtl AVau. i-aV.iag of
ftfriylc. wholgan early to naffer from
dy?pepia; ""The gloomy view be u-ok
of tbe -conHiUrtioo of modern aociety
was a renex 01 ine menuu urprePMon
dae -to tiad digralKta. Hts
a4 wailiasi over ibe dfearacy of
tbe tiiac, bis bopleB&4 of any ln
proveraent, and hU mean opinion of aU
the literary men and women with whom
be came in contact, had their origin la
the mc Biorbid tale." louf A Own-
Prof. Wiener, the Sooth
explorer, writes that tbe Amazon b not
.. ii.i. . . 1 . 1.... -. t.-
CailCU oy Luai naiua a uuuic, uu n
mouth i called by the natives uo del
Para, ana farther inlanu. simniy V luo.
A1ktc tbe confluence of the Negro it ia
known an the K10 SoJimoeni to tbe
bom ilary of Brazil, beyond which it is
1V 1 liii. Maranon. Prof, Winner is
.1. . --..-n .flanlnn nH .!... r,-
""-! '. A ..':.' A ";.:r.
rMMible from the Brazilian Government,
Doai J'edro II. having placcu a tine
steam es.el, with officers and crew, at
his dipoal, and tbe icntific world U
anticipating with gnat interest the ac
count of his ex(edition to be published
on his return.
In Kngland very rich, beirlcs mer.
are apt to leavo "all to wife," abso
lutely. Thus Mr, Assheton Smith,
the famous fox hunter, left $200,000 a
year to Mrs Smith. She, in turn, left
hall to hi nephew and half to her
nephew. Mr. .Meynell-Ingram, also a
mighty hunter, left two grand nt
with tlecr parks and $'2GU,0XK) a year
absolutely to his widow, then twenty
six. The Londtm Lancet succumbs to tbe
Ixilicf that the electric light must soon
become the common illuminating agent.
. . , ... ..... .. .1....1 ..1 m u.
IIUl mMSl inai aoiu lueumu biiuuiu ud
devised to miligato
;ato its intensity, "lor
true comfort, ' continues the writer re
gretfully, "there is nothing like tha
light given by the old-fashioned nura
wax candle."
Aa Aga nf Sutplrlon.
Tnsrjr, thta la aa aire of unsplcion. Neref.
taeleat. Captain '. it. Hoa-et, of tbe ttramer
Wllllani Orjne, Mcrcbaau' a Miner Traa
portatloa Line between Iloa'-oa an J lUItlmore,
wbo suffered tererely from rhenmatiam, .
eanaeil bj tbe expaaurc Incident to lilt jmifi--ion,
was cored br SL Jacob Oil. Tbl la no
saapiclon. Jiotbm OloU.
No, 1'acu tbe window of tbe caul it mt a
rune in the stomach. Marathon Jttdtprndmi.
Chicago' lint Cltltea.
Tbe Chicago Trihunt. la cloaln? sn labor-
ate article ou Hon Carter 11. Harrlton, Major
of th tcltr, aivet tbe followlnsa Mr Hatrl-
son'sorluloa of Sf- JacoU Oil: "When I
first found nmelf sufTerinK from the rlienros
tlsai, my leidinc thouaht naturallj wai to
call a phytldn, but my nelzhtr all adrivd
roe to try St. Jacob 0J, tike Great German
Iteraetly. 1 procured nome of it Immediately,
aad found It excellent for that ailmcul."
'Bia" a'd an old colorcl mn down at
the poot-otRre to another oldcodcer, "IVhst'a
de meaain of veraa-Tersi!" " it means totb
er from 'arblch," answered Sam. with great
dlRnlty. " I duoao." aald the firm one, " I
think it mean ut,dedoa-n." ".No," retort
ed hu friend. "I'ae done saah It mean bind
side defoih." A third old fellow c - e by
1ut tbrn and thrr a pelcd the question to
blm. I cannot detpUIn pernetly." be said,
so to meet wld your compredebention. bat
wlser-irersaa-n a 'propriatlnn from do ltln
and means sum and w and mo' of It, I
members stumbiin' ober It at CDllrdrc It am
a bard word to nemounre.'
" He ambled
slonr wltb hla back saw, and the two wbo
had referred to blm looked afler hlra with re
tted and admiration, wondering that "ona
imall bead could carry all be kaew.M Jhtrvit
Mn.lwV.McnrnT, of Falmouth, Ky., writes:
" I ouli sooner do witlioul rav tobacco than
dlttente with Dr. Guytl' Yellow Iock sod
barfaparilla. Myself, wife and I It tin oat use
It for cold . coughs, bradacbes, indbrettioa,
elc, WbeaTcr we don't jusl feel well, we
sac It, and it always doc good."
A riKCX of steel is a ffood deal like a man
a sea you jet il reU-bol It losses its temper.
Tea Voltaic Bblt Co., Marhall.nch., vill
cad Dr. Drc'a Celebrated ElecUo-VolUlc
Belts aad Electric Appliances oa trial for
thirty days to men (Jonas or o!d wbo are ar
ticled with nervous debility, lost Tiulity and
kindred taauWea. .raaraateelar speedy and
complete restoration of beallh and maaly Tiger.
AaaresaasabTc N. R No risk ta lacuna,
as thirty day's trial to allowed.
BjUa'a Jlaawr of Hi
sat aad Tar
Cures coaahs and colds,
draps core la one minute.
Pike'a toothacts)
Get liTon'a Patent Heel StlfleBer for those
at boot or sheas 'jef ore 70a rsa thasB ,
A atorssexxr ce foot trimester; eora.
Mcax men are the best at -eesifareonae-drBma.
This cornea from the fad thai Use
kale to flax aavmin X O. PUafu.
A Japanese woman dellsbt laa doll, wane
aa Ansaricaa Ctrl doles a dolraaa.
"Tas," aaia the fair bet false yoea to
calkt to BsaihleloB, "that I aa old Eaxllaa
sons with a refrain." "Ah!" repBed Ihe
eruatj critic, 'fJael
)bm salts ae. Minis
A UQCoadealer ta a MaasachaseUs ts
rereireU a prntal card readiar: "Please
tead taa'f saeral of a assc 70a acre Sees Sea
yaass ia klUia.;.
Vbtt theaTRaex asaa laaraa, reU tat
Wks i iaale?aaui.hajag5aw.
"Om, seatr.n cried little Aaiy is ta ma
aery, xak Freddy beaavc aiaff ; every
time I aappea to kit hiai ta the aaal wttaaaa
axafiet ae eatsU oaeryta.M
jrraoiavacTcaabaatadfmm allaaOsw.
Xaa as t ex a aa frosa a sac ot seas, keft
vos ais coatrtva ta isaeliirr ic J. 71
MAwxrAcrcsxaaoClaeKera ae
Itoaa. altheark taxr an eTsea
atx aa
arc aka; weTe
kaeawae telaU
ia aet anal.
fv. It. 1L JIL. Sr. 3Bi . 4
r -- ? fc-. t
A JHf Urt4
tirijsjr4j-.i rw-,r",rf
. j. Hiill . m M i law i i h JBarw
!,. -. &. i vsfcr'MA. A W t
ikU) rr1 w !,
Hw.' J'rt,fL,5!r HT- It
tal Jb4 aai wwn -
I iw cr rwnww iv fet-Ti
l i4ari Stw iwbH-V fct -hia.V
f .! l-am -.-.- ViSut- - IW4m-
v w 9 'WSBBI w al "--"W '- "'ill"" - - - - my
I w 4t t t l
. . - wr j. tJ . ,,. ,
j, 4.4 p jit j tr!
" pt jr srT 1 i sr- a .
, u ru.r.
Uxrt t t st :
! teanau. u u- Ww
j A ,-,5,. Tlr fc-fen
tmVXt 4Jmtr,
' Mw. t i- t. wrri iit,
I JJi -Clx-
irtj e4 .,?
Da. K. V rimcx. RT i v l lr 5r
i I ra;TT tr r.i twtmtf
. tJ.rl.M ta . trrt rr lm Ub .t luf fr'.
: tVi,rt.ta rrrt t S)-i .t I- r1-
1 a-- -f Mat
i wm s w-: r -v. --, -
1 testati,tai J a. Hum, u U
. MA
9ium ruu; wt (Kt ! r-
TBl U p tiuat bfj- W4 U'ify
ktcf tit- C4p Jiuta. Upj, t'Wf
II W tVtl4 Vol.
Wrrr xrfl tUwrl ra a. crt-r ia
UkI.iv! UVm y O. tVrr -
1tLrrl, ti,tam xwld t1 II la It t u4.aafc,.f
t traJ'for ll. dirirr rahir to bcr ml
Etx- atalf a taJ It ttr tba U&s 3
ei ' tU' U iluu . u tae jv
I rb. CAi-w Tu-.
lit Iitar' ria'da Mrdkl !rvwir 1
bit troa m tWwrh.i Ul4H4J H puttie I
tAxar Us4l U t Uf tt fcrtfa f
J, It oatl &t t ewry t4rU !-
J " J" 'HT cfTTt V 2?
it iefuU f lb hiM i oltwr 14..S 4-
t Mf u b (Hc ,4fi. uwt
t 4&4j -Um co.uiiat"
.Ma. 1. ft. Ott.var fc l-t btt tTtr"r
corctt. Tlpir r tiAtu wat atl tU-
."InblUr It ltrr tl lra lr
I W ItT "T DemO M'T-;8 ta HW Ia UT w-n
! if vujrta kiwi a -
lalorrrln mauiUfaiar hrttfe. WHU btliWt
liter, tfl tbi liibr-j, airfl ant mr
trill aif 1 la sol hcllh. U tW t.u
t.rn torpid. If I'ilru Mf nlj if ll- kV l 1
ci wlo. ft a jurl. -rr iJ KU-rj-W-ri tn bo
Cir&i attbout mote uCcrtei.
Tiuri U nothinc llkf a tro c .tr I
puMlnj U tsVr t -n ipW r ttl lra ,
CtvUVC lCr .Vr Harm JtrfrtUr,
If yoo ate a vmtiia tnJ wnl ltli t ct'lh
a&d beauty, rcajewt-T tbt ail arBr4 rV
fort t Inert e roar pctml cht ra re
Tta- rrhne a"d l-riotr rc-'piax Kt.
ad to curr tbu Mr. Ltdi '. fnnka r
rcttir-hct for all lemair eak'Ti feJtcf ?!
uret tnrnt of rcnorl$rm. "Ib bt.-lftt la
tahlSJ-nc- lor it lulr Un It mm; fin J "
cxprrIi lbnHch a bhiuut cw4JiMuJ
Good for either ter.
A roiXTK If yon aaa't ieH. ilu aa-h
a bid hml tbtl noUxlr rin trl! iiit Uu
Irtlcra arc .
tJTTbe tnrl t-rllllanl tbtslM pr'tle a
' tit tbrlr arc inauc nr tnc inaotwt n
all tbrlr arc mailr vy tlw iiuwotwi ii. - a
, m.11m1 . ,, ,inr-r . dun.MHlr H da.
. n
You cam twtar rrlr upon an ectr.. tr not
hArtrr rk oftb care brt Ecito
llc 1mIuh Cvrrr.
Dn. a W. llff'i Ory srd Ch
It! la are t.rrParrd CTl rrlr to cor
n.ri llmlartK- of all klodt. Nruiacia.
ontuea and Drspctla. 1'roTcd ao.1 udroJ
by paysiciatit.
" l'w a nntron of hni.lrv " said
rtdow wbo tuada Jicr fourth coupling
Foa Tea Coaa or a Cot'ou on Kaa
Tunoar, "JlnnenU JlrvntKUI TracA' aro a
simp: remedy Sold only la boxm.
WiiT is a shoe like a
It It ma.Ie of ; ik.
borne rtrtt IWpsu'
"Dk. llrxox's.S'Kf Crt rrdUtttTnypn'
tin. TSty wxtf Ut lrtit outeimtittiy " etora
1. Harrison, Itochrster, N. Y SI aliruj;UU.
Vou.T uncil.oJ
IsntxH CiUtrn.
for A dead lellr.
"Well' May Apple Pn'la'cathartU.lOaod'r.c
PnoTrcTTOt for home
oa ttw) pantry door
Industries. A lock
KKtXTIc, Wens' Health Itmrw-r"
rettorrs health and rior. cures Dytprptia. II.
Kunr jt HAroirrcit fared ten) : "I won
der what made mt mtrrr ptt lie la not st
all tbe sort of man I s boa HI bare cured fort"
Traaer Asia Grra.
Tlie Frazer Axle Grese lat four times as
Ions as any otter LV It, and sate yonrborsrs
andwasODt. A trial wlbprotelbatwearerisbt.
Trerk 1 a marked .Mfferrnce between ct-
tlnp np with the lark and slaying cp to bear
one. .V. T. JlrraLL
Tar the aew brand, "gpriac Tobaeaav
leuraloia, Sciatica,
at au. srrsMB aa
I j ttntgrnm rnIMn .
ac cwaaus a. as
.i.a,i.aarraacnawifitwfcn ia
sl aST w Hiimsa. arartSc tVnjp
0WkWrrw.J.ii.aTacsiaOo.attr4. a.T.
wULTBX xcxTxaa a tatlobcsl. j
cMata ssa steoa ia
,scotMi ra
S JAC0J?. Oil
ls- S mWWmmWWrmWWrL
F aaaaaaaaaaamBBaaaaasa
kmsz ff mmmmavammsKx
-H fteast OEnK- 0f TJiia. sxmssBVMsmt. MH
gCawteaas?. Fernet lay mwaWmamV. J
I 4WU tiaawrjir!
U4 31
rvww t SJ
j3 V-
a a. r U tt rtvX4t-K wtu.
tw k.-k t-i., rt;o
rkti. iu it iiiJM rt tfcint.
irtrt ji. - t .
tir-inrt com rLiivrr nw b
ltUrt Kiwri lis tT.
ltima r. rtaataka ai rtatnra
1 a
fct U ! Ill ' &
lWt),M. toMiwllan.lwiiinom'11"1
(riiwr-!-.!-.! n? r
Yt i ac mU ta k . tr -
nvrWMlW t a rkx M a., i. l
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