The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 26, 1876, Image 1

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K:i of Advertising:
The Red Cloud
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IiKD CLOU). NKIIRA.KA. TII!'K1AY. ()( TOP.KIi :v.. 1-7.;.
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IMilnr Mini l'niirlflnr.
111 PjF
I u-liarxl'- 3!;i!iiirr..
All m n vvi-o aie man led, all Jms
lands, come at one linn, sooner or
later, to a point in tlii-ir lives wherc
they have to ili-i idc w hcthcr lli ame
nities, ami courtesies, and sweet m-ss,
which characfeinred lie earl days of
their alb-elton. shall be continued, or
whether it shall he given up, ami harsh
A dci man ii.tim 1 Uir-lt.tti-. M -in-old,
at Hartloid, Cnn.. whi intoxica
ted. Oft. nth, laid down 'ii some hay
mar the railroad dejtot, ami the fire
from his pipe communicated to the
fobem.n news.
A di.sjt.tN-h from London savs Mr
ha, burning him to death. ...The job- Ut-nry Elliott, at Constantinople, has
lung and retail and hardware house of .n instructed louul.ty the Porte that
W. W. Mail-ourg at Atchison, Kahsw, uut th- IIiinlili propositions an un-
st-jiliim-itt and speech, and thought, ami i,n.( Oct. nth. destroying stocX v::hi-d ns-eivediy accepted by them the Cuv
lecling. shall pci vade tin life. Tosome aJ ..i,.,; insurance. 6:i,ooo A 3W.- , eminent will withdraw all siipport to
oi us, pei naps, mis, time has come, ami , ()(HI u,,. curr.-d in ( iiinttro. -n the j Turk5 and im-n-lv "(larantcc Coiiatan
near N-w drli-an-. a : da- :i? .:, )..- j-kt. t'r. . -L--r ! r t uV.' .' : i .' tr. -
Ta-1-persons ! i .:r ed : dealt-. j.-t.i i:. .n.-l. w ;? a "rl. hi!.!-2 .. ' '.. " '",; i--- I
ami iottr were or w-.ed The jHH,r ,i,.-v,i t $u, !... As he d.d ::.i- i.. i. 1 '.. : up 1 .. vr ,
valued a: S;.".oihi. :n-i.rel for S:;o.j. j,,, ,.je fell np.n his nruu adtu.rrr. J jr-nta. lran..- ;i.
fll.e K.! ,. J
T-t :
(who w.ts staiidw.r nar. With :'. ' -.T.t:'.i
! sweepm-; stride of th" im-lnm-hoW lMn . li.r j:i .-t p""! of Ue rrrr j. :t .
he went up abrupt h t hr and .-kel . brr, jumJ " to lis cn jut.. r.
"Did iu &ty yu wniiM jr. v SP : for it kk. rne t I ae laov waj-si.ivii ir j in in puo ir s. rio.ii-. as a xu Tr
a moment, but with th tT-ie Western rhildifii fitbr 30 in-iue U dt..r --t
dele: mmation not t4i ! btlil. l.f re briiiy thesr lunch U-xee u4 -.: ti. r
pljed, "I did," .m. oix-iutli picJiir-r ; ;ont."nt a best tlicy can. uau-h .u
i;; .-h ' f,
s n.J ' t ' 1
:! ' '
!.. U i
the !r,it. ?.t.
. .' '.i.r i'... .
-v. ! :L u
; : i: i :.
' !. '....c I rl
. .r 1.. '.. n. ;)
.il t;r I ! U4 IkJ
.4! !
i :
i x - ' x: '. k'
1 .f ( r i. ' ' J1'' t'"'
h. intftuili g -r. U- or a rsg
t:. o l!r.i ' .-k Jt -C :W !
U,xr tri b nrt. n-.t.g UjA aV
.4 Isrti nlr lb caitnJ tf lrf ffct 4 ctwtr.
ii.,i . ...
.-...-.. & . .K . i.
vf !.
P.ileii mel.-ly, and there Ills lieen :x,liaJ;'e, .. .. has ..sp-Jidet!. ttlth tVt.. ( jmimii I'jtoha has left k , , ., , -,-. . , , , ,,. , ... . t .
ni.- i.aii'i i iu. uv. nil vw .i '.! r-i'uu..u i.ikhi jis niiuu m 4 ,i;ir ; . : ; i.
ailU lilu'.ed tin thf valieV oi the 1 llnok .,,.. !.,. ,,.... .,...,.. t,.,,..! ,....... .. ... . .
11. 1. nt,.. ..,.... .. ,.o ...i.i . , .-..i. ..... .... . """ ."-' ""'.. i..t-.Kt;, aiiu ai rvji mc sauir t,iNje a: !. - ii .- -iii ;
.... ...... ... . .... t,. .-, .,K.,,, iWu , ,,,n ;, x !,,,! .ii.ip. iooojisiiait ... m tiHMlir.rtion .; Kii:.i7enatz ... Lord i into the tinr.u.ts Land. taiiitf -iiu- . . ,, . 1.1 . . . , . 1 . ,...
here. Ilinv, at the MWJi.,i. of our ' ,- u- Colman To. lumber .In. , I,,,!,;',,!,,,,,.,-!, i ,r FL-r.rv nj,.. I ph. "The.e- ai...'b.r." ai..l' rb..ut ' ,,M h lW haP ttt W W-"- " l"'t !' "' ' r h l
.. ... ". " ' - ' t..t ...: 1. ..! tiUti. mill I'liii tif tt:f F (j'k ,t. f. l'..r t; m.i ... i. .. ti ikliM jA...i'ni tflLff(fcf
any fin t her ::. n- nt the l.d. pa.-etl ; plate, and thf lunch- axf patn ; a b-r :.itnliv .-rk with maihinr and Ken Mrs. Ii. orlnre to . , lV1;,.Mi .. ,,.., .tuniM . ?,..' , ......, 1,. 1 .-.., ... M-. -r n f
- w - - V9frmmm '- j S 4 " Wf i." . . ' II l " " " w r
ar:-ted in r.o.Uo!i, i-harm-d with beat- regard to the Unitarian atrocities, de-
The .MihIim-s.
Time has woihed tearful levenje
ainon the Modocs ince their tieachory
111 the lav-' beils. Three v ears ago tlie
"were removed f nun ( irejon toareser
tioa near r-eiiern, M. At that titiiethe
nuniben'd 1 .",:;, ()f this number r.s have
die 1 since then, and i he mortality last
1iKiir.l1 w:is greater than ever. As in
the case of the Fiji Islanders, diseases
to which they hae not been accus
tomed, ami of which the are entirely
iLMiorant. have attacked them. Theeuin-
lanttive innocuous malady of whoop
inucoimh pn-vtils anion'; them, ami
- ei;lit have died of it- The saddest
feature f their case is that there is no
-ili,sician at the reservation to cartMoi
them. and. ;us they know nothing of the
diseases that have attacked them. the
eadily fall victims to them. It would
M'ein to be part of simple humamt for
the governineiit to look into tins mat
ter. If it can furnish ponies, food, am
munition and arms to hostile Indians,
it oimht at least to furnish medical aid
to a little handful of Indians, who are
dwelling peacefully on their reserva
tion. ChUiKjo 7'n'lin 11 f.
in" his wile, a v. hit iiiotiian. to death.
A special passenger train with sol-
dieis homeward bound fiom the re
union at IudianajHilis collided with a
might train near Creensburjj. Ind.. tin
the morning of Oct. 7th, injuring a
number ot passengers. 'otnIuctor
manding repaiatimi ami justice, and
urge tie immediate rebuilding of the
houses ami churches, and giving assist
ance to persons who have been minced
to poverty.
The tone of Lord I Jerhy's dispatch to
Mr Henry Liliotl, tegaiding the r.ulga-
"Woul him." uiib-r the iriiiusUiults.
Science and Faith.
In the next pl.u e, s u-nce h:u l--n , example.
in m ; Tc r : ! :.' n
m pan , st-aHont-ti with thterful !,- at: n -u ti kid : -i.'AL
ersat ion. jpxi manners, imuh at et! t wb.t. .It. w.:b lujibt rlrl
The effect of this, anl rbr i.ll u .t : t r r- . . am! low m het
w,. i,.,v.. ,a ,ii.i.i rff.tiv i.i.,1 i.ti. J...-, ..... ,..,. 1. a'i .... ... ;J .,:..';. ......'.-- . bJ-uraedeflantly- ;- "!Sni.l.wivas? SCfi? & bono ha snate aprfnia:t r. r
ni-s has i-iei.i ii,if,n,:.iu-i.i..i. ).:.. 1 ,l ".. ;, r...r,r .,-.....,..-... 1 ...- '......... ' p.dTiiTrm arounu n-r tife.TftntirrT.m tltnrp. Let Uiem go to a kinder- t!:na m .. i-;fe. t free4.m !.
7 ' 1 0.1 .1 ioiij; . "- '!- -- i in- iuiMu,iw .t.ini uineii tne onejj- . ,.... , 1 ,1 ... a. .. ..... .. t ..... .. t. . ... ... ..
vi.iiiL: iiT 1 ti z:iMiii hum n .ir..i.ii .ii.i nil L4JGtffiY: I V t aAf kt i n'tii. .t. .. -. . .'UTvi vivnifti
-hionie discord in our famil cinle. I jsuu:diiig contracts est 1 mated vari-
I'be tune cotiies now to us again, right l,,,h at fioiu 10.0m. to liooyo shares ...
here. now. at the suggestion of jour' y c.iiuan & '.. lumber drng
;tst.r, to lec.dl those sweeter das and j U(lS(. ;u ( h;ppew.t Falls burned Oct. 1 directs the l.nlish Amb.ussador to de- '
re..rm our conduct. if m . :Li,. Ik. -5:a.HH; inuraiic-. ?jii,ko. j IUUmI a personal audience with the
have lapsed from thatswe.-t er.u For- ... .Harry , I. awv.-i-s, colored, hasbe.-n Miltan. and communicate with him in
hearam-e is tlie keystone, of manied
life. Then-can be no discoid, ti ep-can
be no huge diergeueies, from tuneful
n esa, so long ;ts the husband forbears
am the wile forbears. Xow, this can
not be attaimtl without some labor.
Ib'Stilts are approached gradually in
character, as the aie in making a sand
lull. It is gram upon grain, shovelful
upon shovelful, and load upon load,
that make, the moin.d to iise. Si
icsults of chaiaetcr come gradual';.
An act l this time, a deed esieiday,
a wool this morning, a word to-morrow
morning, a cross answer tiMlay, ie
Iejited a month hence, and so on, till at
hist ou find there isaildge between
011 and 011r wile's or husliand's affec
tion. Mr. M 'in in.
... . .... . ........
-I. I ifc-i ii.iritiiK . M m . , ,. ... .
. ti. it .r I I l.e lH !l t l
T.-'. !rt .fij !.
T!.u rr! tit ::
, it . r ! lie S
ii:iidnM : uitM-t U uL.- '
--'1 --. ' .,- lht .hA.OM.OMrf.
...,. .-. ,
e,K.A .... . . ,. . b.a l tt 1
1 .it t.vr I.miI wt w ,
Ukf - ttrtr rtrti!i i
u . V m.t 'tmm1
uk t. tLal Uf lU il " tUw -?" A
atiDo; t-r uo tMu4 - www 1
Until t!?v. ti re s Elbff t- -li'ii.
iw! tfc-r nt luie !. a !' '
nul ?sr tt -er
Pvmml ipmm Lt!MC.
t eb IHTn N' V.ik ltue t
Allen of the passenger tiain is not ex- nan atrocities, is very .-evere
peeled to recover n accident oc-
eurrcd on the File railroad near Ie!.e
see. N. V., on the night of Oct. t'.th. b
wbirii the engineer. iarlr, killed,
and the liieman. brakemnn and another
man were badly injured. Three pas
sengers wen slightly injured ...Two
fi eight trains on the Jackson railroad,
collided. Oct. (ith, m-ar New Orleans,
and eleven cars loaded with cotton ami
"liinese imperial edict has been pub
lished expressing 1 egret for .Margarg's
murder, and atliruuug the right of for
eigners to travt 1 thiough the country.
... .There are good ictsous for believ
ing that the negotiations between Tur
key and Montenegro have gone further
than the renewal of the truce, and that
there h.LS been an approach between
the two countries on the basis of a
other merchandise, including powder. 1 cession of territory to Montenegro.
and all were blown to pi-c 1
brakeman was slightly injured.
A Vienna dispatch says: It is stated
in diplomatic circles that the idea of
The brig Ftu opa binned m dry dock I !l Kuiopean conference may be con-
at New York. O.-tober 7th. and six ship
carpenters perished in the tl.inn-.. The
victims weie all married men with
large families lire in I'eoiia. IIL
October 7th, injuied CuMcn t: I'roetoiV.
stove fou ml rv to the amount of -t Io.oimi;
sidend abandoned The Paris Lon
don TimtJt coriespondeiitsasthe I'orte
lefuses to accept the terms f the
aimistice because it cannot recognize
ervia :us belligerent, but consents to a
suspension of hostilities, the duration
fully insured A fire at Lapier, Mich- not to be fixed, provided the ervian
A IieMitcd Indian Chief.
A touching story is told w hieh
shows the better Indian character.
Hack in 1Mb a part of hunters in a
Wisconsin fnst came upon a solttaiy
gnive over winch tluatei1 the tatteied
remnants of an Ameiican flag. The
soon met a band of tii-ndl Indians of
whom they 11. quired the meaning of
the st range sight. The rcph was that
it was thejrra'Veof an Indian chief who
was a brave ally of the Americans in
the battle of Tippecanoe. After the
fiht 'General Harrison presented him
with a silk flag in token of his appre
ciation of his sen ices, which the chief
preserved as nioie valuable than lift-,
and commanded that his body be buried
in the wilderness, and the tlai; presented
by General Harrison be unfuiled ab ne
bis grave, there to flutter in the bivee
unmolested so long as a thread re
mained. This command was religious
ly obeyed by the Indians, who ft equeut
ly visited the grave to see that the flag
was undistni bed. JfoAfoji Tran.wrij.L
Ida Lewis weighs r's pounds, and
thinks its splendid. And she s:isshe
would go out again in the stormiest
night that ever was to rescue am bod
that was drowning. een though she
knew she would never come back. She
says she couldn't help it il" she would:
it's her nature to. And that makes a
true heroine of her.
igan, October 7th. destloed the Masonic
block and other buildings. Loss. 1...-
!nm The t. Louis fair closed October
7th The llockfoid. Hock Island .v.
-L Louis Kailroail has been sold tint to
the Chicago, liurliiiglon & Qiuncy IJail
road Co. The purchase price is 61,h.-
William Ireland. chi f ch rk of Hie
r.ureau of Third Assistant 1 'ost master
General, ami ('Italics A ml reus, princi
pal of the finance di isioii. have re
signed, to take effect October :llst
Fp to October yth. neai ly .M.oik had
lieen received at the First National
Hank, St. Paul, in response to the cir
cular to banks asking donat'taii to a
fund for the benefit of Mrs. IIej.Hid.
widow of the bank killed b the
robbers at Northtield.and respeii-eshail
only been received from but onc-four-
teeuth of the banks of the country
Gov. Kemper leftist s the invitation to
name Virginia day at the Centennial by
pioclamatiou. His chief reasons are
anm shall not meanwhile be icintorced
by foreigners As to the second point,
the Porte accepts the proposal of the
Powers in principle, but proposes to
all its provinces some liberties without
distinction mericaii coin to the
amount of .? 1 -'r,0oo has been withdrawn
J. mi the r..iUxr"or Fngl.ii... for New
York thspitch from t. Peters
burg denote a war jann 01. stJ k Fx
change. se: diti ilown funds and joint
slock securities ai.d jmllmg up the rate
of discon. ' L" t.i 10 to 11 iter cent
On the ti'.gi.i ot Oct. 7th the Montene
grins, bain g received a ieiuforceinent
of J.r.Otl men, attacked Monkltac Pasha,
ainl compelled bun to ret 1 eat to the
tro-Mtier. It is stated that SMi Turks
weie kill'd. while the Montenegrin loss
in killed and wounded about lb"..
Gen. Tcheniayeff has demanded
that all .Servians between the ages of
Is and .r) ears shall be called out in
anticipation of a renewal of hostili
ties in the spring Russia is preparing
most helpful to i ehgion in piirifuur its ; apparently tnflmg features of the km- hair. ei!t-rtaiiiii. m the patio?, as
faiths and guiding its reverences. Now. dergarten. is that the children tu en- tbowh she ;m tbe irr-:- lad in " thv Han Pmnr4F" CaUmiy Aavnif)
this is a service that Faith much neel.s ter tt little untaught savagi-d. leave it l.u.d. more t nan their fiat im. .-. . . ttip iuuy foulta whi h at MMtl.
to have some o:.e do for her. For. j polite little ladies and genUeuien. J fie . And luisfiaiM ' H .l W.n (..tit.d tn m tbt ' fittite-
sublime as are her aspirations, her j know how to enter and leave a i -in. mi b a ats!irt epr-nion that .t -- . Tb Me ik wi-'i bs
intellectual Vision is but dun. Iter ee how to Speak to strangers Without Uish- eiiit a-rfravat.oli toolduiatv ivpi rrft.ltitph ReevMff -'tiee ')
the poverty of the people, and that it j Iul" contingencies. Arrangf-iueiils
is not customary in Virginia to use of- I "Jive been made with the Black ea
final proclamations for such a puipose ' Navigation Company to remove the
A disastrous foe occui red in (lev e- Hussian colony in Constantinople to
land on the morning of ( ictober tub dessa in case of danger.
Three business blocks were dcslr-ved Tlu' r " " ropulsed the
bv lire in Memphis on the night of Oct Tiil M Jt aU"ml'1 l cu lhe liv(r
:V...raVht bundled bales of cotton. J'Ai"'1 ,"ar '' Telegrams
valued at .5:;7.H,o. were destroed b j f"'lk "l,'"y "f ' P""dy n.m-lu-
tire in
iirooklvn. October nth The
sion of the armistice, for which all the
Haivester Works of Minneapolis, with I l'"Wt,, are "presented ;us continuing
a portion of the c .litems, were burned j tu " ,u "
1 I I r... .-..lilt it 1. iii
on which a six
month's armistice will be granted weie
communicated to the Powers un the
llih of Oct. It is stated that Servia
! will 1 eject the six months' armistice
October nth. Loss, $;".u.iho; insurance.
.sz.T.mhi A disastrous lire visited Piih1
Bluff. Ark.. Oct. Hth. Loss. l;0.oO':
insured for half Four miners weie
?.ll...t l. t It.. i if ?i i'.iTi..,ii fin !
. ,. ,- , , ."". ... ' and that Bussia will consider an armis-
liicuneci railway, w men sent Lineec.i.s
whirling to the bottom, at New Boston
Pa Major W. W. Laiaies. formerlv
Charles Stunners private secretary
The new tunnel being built under the
Thames is intended chiefly for the use
of about MKM workmen who have to
cross at that point, and who are often
detained by fog that stops lite boats. It
will be an iron tube nine feet in diame
ter, lighted with gas. thoroughly ventil
lated. and only for pedestrians.
The English Duke of Mitherland has
transformed LMKK) acres of moorland into
arable land, at an expense of i..;o per
acre, or.S:MHK) for the whole. If the
English nobility always absorb land in
this way. there' would be little com
plaint of their conduct.
I lice equivalent to a rejection by the
j Porte of the peace proposals of the
European powers... A dispatch fiom
Belgrade savs that a council of Servian
minisUM s decided to accept a reirulai
., j armistice as soon as it is proposed to
e than ' . . , ..,,....
mem ov i onsuis 01 itte i.reai rowers.
a prominent politician at Denver, Col
orado, died suddenly. Oct. I'th
.John Fitch Cleveland, for nion
tliirtf Vifilv ? ?i 1 1 IT. 1 .! flt.ll i.t l...tll..l
'. ' ' ? ,, ,,, , ,. ,T V ,, j In tliis connection, a Belgrade telegram .., JT fill. ...lit J 1111 1 C?ltt .it lit.) I
..ll.ll.'t ".'I. 111. . ....'. .... ....... .. I..' J
New York Tribunt. died in that city.
Oct. lUh Bonds have ben voUti u
aid the Union Pacific railroad in build
ing a branch road from Omaha through
i savs that the British. Kiissian. Austri
an and Fiench Consuls already have
been instructed to advise Seiria to ac
cept an armistice.
aunders ami other counties.... Pat , o,. Hundred Dollars for a Kis
.lohn Lock, one of the lew survivors
of the battle of Waterloo, has just died
i: an almshouse, at .Rochester. England,
c -the age of eighty-four, lie was in
thu Sixth Dragoon Guards, and, although
among the first of the troopers engaged
and in the thickest of the conilict, nei
liei i e nor bis horse was injured.
The aires of State are heavy. When
people propose to arrange an entertain
ment in Madame McMahon's honor, she
exclaims mournfully, "Por Heaven's
fc&e, don't! Do let me rest!"
Ex-President Woolsey's son, Theodore
S. Woolsey, has become a professor in
the Yale Taw School.
McGuire. m New oik. a lew nignts j
ago during a quarrel with his wrej
charged her with and seizing i
three children onealteianother. dashed !
them to the floor, exclaiming. "This is
not mine." One of the children has
died from its injuries, and the others
are 111 a precarious condition Sen-
unee of death has been pronounced on
.lohn D. Lee for participation in the
Mountain Meadow massacre. The
prisoner, having the right under the
laws of the Tenilory to choose death
by hanging, shooting, or beheading,
chore to be shot to death on .January
20th. 177 A man named Ithode.
herding cattle near a ranche on Horse
shoe river, forty miles northwest of
Fort Laramie, was killed, scalped and
his head cut off bv the Indian
Edwin Booth'- Adventure In a Parlor
The following amusing story con
cerning the tragedian. Edwin Booth, is
published in an exchange:
Edwin Booth is proverbially opposed
to having his private trumpet blown,
but a little incident of his overland
trip is too good to be lost. It seems
that in the same parlor car with the
tragedian and his family was a lady
more remarkable for the loudness of
her style and the oppressive gorgeous
ness of her jewelry than for her refine
ment. This "water-fly" not only con
ceived the most intense passion for the
pet of the stage, but took esjecial pains
to make it manifest an interest that
seemed to be the more inflamed bv the
ins lieau cut on by the Indians a lew ; nrofuliril inditlerence of Mr. Booth to
days ago. The body was taken to Fort , llt?r ..--esence. She repeatedly stated.
Laramie. Oct. loth. j amo, ,.tier things, that she "would
Jack Morris, a herder, was killed by
four Indians b". miles from Fort Lar-
loss by the fire at Pine Bluff. Ark., foots
up a quarter of a million dollars. It
was the work of an incendiary . . .The
entire business portion of Sandy Hill,
X. Y.. was burned on the night of Oct.
10th. The losses are over S200.000
The Steamboat Southern Belle burned
give Sioo to kiss that divine Booth just
once." At Omaha a rx-or emigrant at-
amie on the night of Oct. 10th The 1 traded the attention of the travelers
as they returned to the car after din
ner. He had started for California, but
had been robbed while asleep, and was
without funds to go on or even procure
food. Our American Hamlet's gener
osity in the days of his golden fortune
is proverbial. Mr. Booth put his hand
fixed on the heavens to w hieh she would
ciimb. she cannot discern distinctly tlit
Steps by which it IS reached. Mie needs
science ever to be at hand to direct her.
I nfier mounting instinct. Faith. st retches
up her hand and clutches and chugs to
whatever she cornea across. The mis
shapen lice which rescued the savage
from the wild beast ; the black stone
which fell fiom the skv ; the serpent or
the crocodile whose strange form and
I tower fascinate the pnmitive atan
sitch are thcobjecLs that htiHiaiut. in
its first dim gmpings for an object !
worship, embiaces. Kt-hgioii may ic
uiain long in thi.. groveling stage. a it
did among the Egvptiaiis and A Syr
ians. But oom-ror later, ah kuowiedgc
mcrcases, the powcrlessness and the
worthleasiiess of such things for tin
worship of thinking men are seem
Faith reaches up her hand to higher
objects the invisible but JMitent Wind.
the outstretched sky, the etherlal file,
the sun that waims and lights the
whole earth. These aie looked upon
as mighty living beings, and venerated
in solemn ntes. But, again, as man
learned- m-jit of A.i-f? . lJ-.i-!
which they obev the 0-1 ..ned paths in
which they move, and. in learning this,
learned more of himself he recognized
in conscious Intelligence and the over
ruling Will something greater than wind
or lire. Faith raised her reverence.
then, to a divinized humanity, a com
pany of human gods- -.! e, king of
heaven, and .Juno, queen; Mercurj.
messenger of the gods: Cupid, inspirn
of love; and soon. But. again, with
thegrowing comprehension ot the unity
of all Nature, man rose to the idea of a
single supreme deity, a .Jehovah the
eternal 1 Am Brahtna.the one realitv.
of which all else are masks and
shadows and liiusl drvvn the other
deities into tin jtosition of divinities,
spirits, and devils. Mill religion had
not got above superstition, ."she still
clung for a long time to burnt-ollerings,
and washiugs.aud tastings. macerations,
and masses; mlrtference by good and
evil spirits: ideas of GihI as jealous,
wrathful, appeasable. 1 epentiug of vvhat
he had once done, interposing to mend
His work. Gradually increasing knowl
edge pulled one after another of these
rounds also out of thehandsof Religion,
and her v earning lingers that must
clasp something readied up still higher
on the ladder of divine apprehension,
until at last she grasped the conception
of the universal, eternal action of One
Infinite Perfect Being, without parts,
without partiality, and without shadow
of turning, to be wr-h;ped only in
spiiit and in truth. J. T. llixby. in
Popular H'ifurfi Monthly for (ictl,tr.
Kindergartens and Common Schools.
This it is the "occupations" tie
irork of the kindergarten, that distin
guishes it from the purely mental
training given in the primary schools
to vouiig children. It le-M-hes them
from the first the dignity ot labor; from
the first tlu-v do thiinjs for themselves,
and rejoice in their work. Not alone
the head, but the hand, has been trained.
But the kindergarten does not stop here.
It educates the heart also. In the com
mon schools the children rise from
class to class, silence being the inflexi
ble rule, each child working for itself.
In the kindergarten the little artists
work like grown men and women,
happy and absoi bed in their work, but
ready to help a neighbor, to drop cisual
remarks, even to sing at their work.
Besides this, the "occupations" never
last long. They are alternated with
"games." which are really calisthenics
and object lessons in disguise. In all
these children and teacher are together,
associating freely, politeness and kind
ness inculcated, and the golden rule of
society enforced by example. The kin
dergarten has but one punishment, but
that is all sufficient. The sulky, selfish
and disobedient child Is dt-omed to idle
ness: sent away from his comrades, and
not allowed to play with them or work
with them. This method has never
been known to fail in reformation.
The philosophical reader who has fol
lowed us through the general features
of the system, will have doubtless per
ceived ere this that the gifts and work
are founded on the constitution of the
human mind. The discipline is founded
fulness or forwardness. and pj-i.ii1 to l.- k at bun. He derietl t l? , rfttung --re f i
how to behave at the table, havstg b.pp f .'.- fen., our.teil and h-rlKd J aje at present i-
leariii-ral tin-most impressionable ;ur- her to ii.ttvate m berwlf. tr Uut eat.r j.
We have now show n in at-nef sketch farm!) ar.d b r h-me . and I d.n't ki. nbit ran t.ardh '
of the work of the kindergarten w hat but br smcetv piiitcipah leUngt to j .levou-i'st u mk '
it does for.tbe hlld. It does itsloulv .bun. Ie-aiie he tught all the lie j A-, re-gaid ". '
and hi the midst of variety. Thedif- tnv iilKms that nndd h.'hteii her Ut-n I j,jt Hip fight nai.
ferent tieciipatiiins alternate wilh-a)i a: .d all the delicate mA pretty things
other dailv. and with the plajs. Even she m-eded t adorn b-r home, and
the smallest child begins t Work at when she as sirk he wouldn't Set her
folding. sti . plating, drawing, pruk- tomb -uk until -die well and
mg, and modelling?, from the lirst, !.--tp'i.g"
ginning with the simplest forms, and Thf. Im, l m uf ,,
gting gradually b. the highest, and Tll,.tIV .,, iMlia,i. ,,,,.! , ,,
stimulated to exercise invention d to ftl ttI aIlHll.r ,, allll. mn lk on
make thing "out of its own head.' , tl(,.:., .. trltl M-1-t.ti.tiuil tl.n
a - 9 -- -p - - -"- -- ----. ---
The kindergarten leaves the trainl
child at s. ven a skillful little wrk-
I Mine a ouiit-s. ist!T.g princijjall.T n
the p.j olar lis.
thi lap-r mi r
ejitiUfC l ImttMl: ,
eliy it wuM I"- e-opium-bating
I '
i Ktbatde Uli .v.d -
retl atwnir .t !..
fev yeam: .
muth wc-re in .
found rt oi.iv t'
it lierateUwfiv. .'
piiupb aiKl were
gtrou prearatio:i
done? ThfamilT-.
st;ltwl alut the 111ml ,
ptmplec prmrrtlied
rihnt The jiatiettt
usinjr tbe moment th r-i. 1-
ptlff aiel he frit bbt;t 1 . I
breei n, habit in a tton..,-.
pb-AMtnt to the taste, tt r n
the for in. and teotihl th
p. r .!
4trf '
II---! '
.. V It
, 1. .
, r m -
!!'. '
ollt.l 1
t- '
V -.
ft ; .'.
h-t! w
fi .
- ,1. . '
. . t .J
I. t
'A &
i mi
t thli
' f h
1 A,
. bta-
: itti
man, deft in linger and brain an em- ! Ilimt in the vast basin hirh U-dav
brvo artist or sculptor, as its taste die- forms the lay ot Ikum7. aiwi sefta
tates. and free to sbo.v the natural iatl fr.-m tbts. l a dike, wan the
of its mind. ancient eit oi Is. In the dike weie
The question remains. What advm-j ' - whuh frin time to time wan
tage is all ibis to Utechihl entering a f oi ted surtu j tr.i to aliuit enough
common sch ft! and never having seen ' w.tei ti the c:.uur:g f t he drain mwl
al-ok? Will not the change from the ..iiaiwise puittvin of therstv. Ku
delidittii! fi....! .f tl.r.,. .rt... .: .u..oii. a Weil ( oed tiiotiatt h. i uied I t'l-'flMtttt to the taste, tt r i . W '
Hif.tlhblv disgust and dishearten it. and ' ' ' -li ,,-'4 ,M Utull nreuled m
tHtn..: la!! u?hef ltn , i ' :- ;U .jrijuin f ta atuiew; j k..Uirefofte -If .. - I
who have onlv receiviil home tr.u-titig - i "'' 1 -" 'I ' - w.w.peiied by a ihe j instead of dhuimlte!: an I a.- ;
A little while ago the answer to these m , win. n the king aiwavs wwit- . lent nuW is aiseme-eaUng that mf oris
questions in Amern.t could onlv U last i.etl aUut bis nk. able t i"fn the peeulutr lo. i
made by assertion and probability. The. ll w' "' lld,,i ,,,urt ,,,n KiUii gift can ilrfe ut tta vtrtimans cfcr-j.
present v ear has funnshed a verv deci ,ir ' '" l,"i,i 'v'r- -'"1 the n.a- jr., and the are rmt few. It m ui
sive replv. overwhelming in favor i i '""-- ' b.s cap.ul w the w.....lei t,, rrwtte dio5. and event uwllit rauso
the kinderKarten.-(cia-v.or f-f6rr I wl lU ,",,'l,- l-i")-i ! rtc-ath A very celebrated artrMM. wt.I
1 , a p..tie sint. a.s w dleam of. fa it fenH'ri at WallavkX in A twithlt
... .. . ,, ,, -!. (edar ,i.i d. rephu tsl the
A In s i ipiiiion ot Parents. .
....k, laiote ai.ii lion, eid.i.ait.v us:i
Pan uts aie b..:n to be a gieat trouble I fl j,UltU, .
to then ollsi.i,!,-;. When I ever ho j I tie hoi. wis of the kng's o.urt were
little I remember I tisel to bang up the I a.tne i..s u.togl.Ur, !ab.t,oi Aties
kltteli b the whlel.tsh. a:id luoUter j a pina..-s sbtoeluiU klioWU a the
took the kitten away. loed my ears. ! lb i.a.. l.iiu.u.). lake that utmjr
and went and drowned it herself the 1 i:iioi.Oi-. v:kd w.
next M she had all l he fun her-I - ' -. ' -. ! i"rli
sell. And father's woise than ttiither.
He told me to take care of the pennies !
and the dollars would take care of them
selves, so I and Ben Mnith formed an
anti-svv earing club. We had a rule that
every profane Word w e used we would
pa a cent into the treasury. We had
". cents in the first day, but when we
divined and I fetched ;i7 . cents home
father said it was a bad business, whip
ped me. and broke up theclup. How is
a fellow to know when he is doing
right ? If I had no parents to hound
dilemm.t. A i- w years ao the was a
creature w ith n fl-ah on her bieej.
and . ugly aonIdT oniiexioo. both of
which fticts ea.iwt-l her -wtlous nnxlet'.
SB an actress's tmt m trade s her j-er-Muriftl
appe.uanre. Mic applieit U
dtictor. who pnrr!led araenir in srmd
quantities. For a long time he ( ti
wiUtout tlie desiretl result, at length.
lMw-ever, her skin i learel. ar.i she gr .
plump; lelightL she eitttnue. iier
skm linally bcaint brilliant whtA.nad
si K lMrrn! tat. fatter. fattsf
Now this ih her diU-mma he ctmml
give up tle habit f yesira. nr larnlii
afford t become uriwi-l.!lT with ftewfa.
to U.r uioui.lai.-. One u nbowii near 1 for hirhrriu- icntime?, a-,d t-Lr
sL l .i f r i. - !
1 L. t . ii u-- .j .It
I...:, was a i Used of the tfiont
t lb.sW'
ot n.ous i iii;. s. 11 was her IaIm ) tSich
i.igt.'. ! !.'. hi- o.g lueii whom alie
i.u.i . . ; .4 ..-" n aim hiuduit n treat.
Ml.iit, t.i t. U . e.iai to am list; her.
:b wi. o-paicb-a bv a mtiakt-d
tneioat. n.d ti.eir orps-, tntine nwx
Hu 1"'.. - t-U' the hrtUmof which
!U.-i.s u.e tiiouiitaiti Mieaiu.
otlaJie ti.amitirmgs,aul through which
Uie wuttis ale t-vi-r MghtiiK lioues
Which U.r oiU Hii .liteipli-t ttB CXIV9
otieitv i;jgtivf of iager l-e r are at. -UgoM-t;c
me round I'd beat George W;ishingtin lt(Ui Utt. tiklt, ol lMilUl i,,
II holier, for Id cut d..wn every rherrir ; LilAn.ultis Weie made i. Gradloa
tree in the garden, and own it. tw. If lUliraUli oaiii.aiid iieawa- promise
I was aiiorphiui I know what id do. j .u-.t speedy pumshmeut to hih
Ben Smith and me would go t a deso- (UUj,liU r bul lli4lr,,-ai luaulgnte nas
late uut!i ea Island and sur up the . stIulir lu hia ltriXlX lhaU rurfi utv.
goals and monkeys and things, f ry aud BO lhilnl ral Mli m ter wicked
toadstools, eat oranges a speil. then wed . W-J!L llts ivUlt.uv iy j.., fT ;i,t.
make a snip aim sail arounu me worm. hl .ntidliluOe. His wicked child
What's the use of drying up in one! lolliml a j,jt against bun. by which
place. I ioblrnoiheroneday.whenshel u. Ut uXt. ,r ..f lhe
wouldn't give me ten cents, that 1 I rual lwUr. TllJ. siivr kc., Xt4rf lhf.
meant to go a whaling and I hoped a', mUll ol lJjt. klUi,-9 uu,onty, and
whale would swallow me as one did i j)tK,u jti Uers-lf of it
Jonah, and then she wouldn't never see ! altMittlii ,t her fathers ne,k whii-
. :.. ... r ., . .. .... .. i i i
me .i.tiii. oi i uu. t 3v J.U. stiu I , lltt vkil uu sj,.pu
wouldn't be hkeiv to make such a visit, I Tne king, whn he found that U." kv
for 1 would turn the whale's stomach
mighty quick after I got there. Wasn't
sh- bully? If I were a parent I know
what I'd do I'd keep still and mind
iny own business, and let my children
have some run. There's Tom Cults
lives with his aunt, and h.ts a bully
wab gone, w a in the greate&t conster
nation, and, ur.dir the ominous cloud
ut tviuing niufortune, retried to his
jmlaCe, Al.ti tne petj.le, vno re-carded
the key with sujK:islilHU3 roverenc.-,
might not know uf his hfeo. At night
he vvaexwakeiit-d from a troubled slum
ber bv U;u appearance of sc Guenoie
Koieign Itace Hor' i Enrhni.
It must have been a genuine pht.v
ure to di:n':ret(-i lovim of rarin.' to
see rferiMv Mr.'- AmerirnA
thonnuM.r-(!a p:ayuK n eoiwpiroou;
if not a succeief ul ;trtatbe English
turf. o evil erer rorne- out of hot
t rivalrv. anl thre w nthijg h
e:njttition for testing d.fl-rr.t br-'!!
of horfc and .ud;ng to imi-rv- them
in the lng ran. portumen ,i; thr--for-
U' ghvi tn hear that thtnviaifA
toous Indian rar-! ! ;r.lern yifs. .ot
even exempting "arderde kea and M4
nnmc. w ! :.arni ar htwitnUl
word in the woutl of o'A a agio- Indian.-,
is ihortlT to try hi.- Inejc on Uie
English tnrf. His nam- w Kiin'jrra.'U
an Austrahan-bred hnrs, of grl ptli
jrjer. and gr-at stamina. Asa hzf-f-vexr
old 'Jic hor- was Isongbt at .'.fel-i-ourne.
ami wa taken by ilr M aiiiarf.
a well-known Oneiital f-ortrnan. to
India. litinng the lat two ye;,.-, or -
Kingcraft lats vrl tw-t-ax tim
in India. Twealv-Cre Umes it. carncl
time. He goes wMikchuckingn Mtn-
davs. has no best clothes, crawls under i iief..ri him. who said. i 'all before Ljm. anl once, uad-r hmv7
the canvass of every eircus tent, earns j "B,e uprO ku.g.and hasteri to leave "' lwiltj.setM-l adeul hnL The
monev at every theatre, sleeps in the j ihecitv witu v our faithful servant: for h-'. therefore. rnnei in England
stable when he likes, and alw ays kis . Uauut haa open'-d the sluice by means 1 w-''1" lJj" l'st crf-d-mials. He wm
his jtockets IUJ1 o: iH.Miiuta. lie s.ivs
he wouldn't belioihered with parents if
he could ave Vm for nothing, and he
thinks if I hadn't am it would be money
in my jxx-kei. Them's niy sentiments. I with hex agaiuat the okl king, ha1 by
Elmirn Uti;i(. j mistake open e! the gate of the sea m-
ot the stiver Key. and the unbridled sa pwrcnaaw me oner iay i,y i apum
in tLecitv." I-,aTn. ' wejdthy owner of Arabs
It was true, bahut. going to me- i and Australians in Ind.a. and :n probv-
her lovex, vvbo was alo a conspirator I bly rnw n his voyage home. The horse
goes by the name of The Li:t Won
der, as he is considerably nnd-r 7.
stead of the gate of the city. The first ' As he ki a goM webt-carner and
A Farmer's Wife.
thought of the king on hearing thia " &i sT to a couple tf imles. he is cx-
lllla ; -
Matilda Fletcher thus descnb--s a ' dreadful intelligence wao the pr-s-rva-1 '-d'-d to make a name for hirndf hi
farmer's wife, who is not only beautiful j lion of his daughter. He sought her j England, among all-aged atakf-a -and
wise, but jossesses sevenil airdmal ( out. took her i-ehiiKl him on his fleetest j i-wuiliv. as he is already ix years old.
virtues in addition : "The imist beauti- j horse, and tied awav from the encroach- Captain Iav idson txugbt him f'-r 13X0
ver known was a ! mg wa.i of, as fast as the spur rupees. The climate of England ought
could ilnw. The s-a followed him j to suit a hors which Iit3 done well
with fearful rapidity, but Dahut's cnes j hoth in Australia and India; anyhow,
of fright were louder in his ears tlian j next year. we shall s. In any case,
the noise of the waves, still not so loud the experiment is one which w'l b
as a supernatural voice beside him, watched with interest, as the resttiis of
ful woman I have e
farmer's wife, who attended to the
household duties for a family of four,
and also assisted in gardening and the
light farm work : and yet I never saw
her hands rough and red : I never saw
even a freckle on her nose. Imios
sible! you say: how did she manage?
I never asked her, but she had some
envious neighbors who went slouching
which said :
"Gradlon. if yw wowM not perish
yottrieif. rid yourself of the demon who
rides behind you."
it may te expected to throw some light
on the real quality of horses which
compete for the prizes of Indian race
meetings. London Echo.
i ;
v ' mtt '-