The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 19, 1876, Image 2

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TIIUSI.y (At. li'i!,. I
2a:cccf Su:::r;pt::s.
One copy ' ?2.
One copy 0 month.-, j ,, : h- n in the i-u-t, lii-fuliliniri in j.u!i-
One copy:? " -.Jandv.dl.vr .tm-to er-the
Otticia! Directory
A,VS,!,l'I,', "k ,:" ,,r'""- r.F.nat'T
.Hit.-Vork.i;inJjS,, i;. S.. i.r
liorunzu C'n;unr:. Kvprcrciitau-.e.
S"'AS(;I:i;k. ijowuor. Lir.-ol,,
Jiriino lLchuri,. Sue J - it-
' '; v;-ton. Luilri, Auditor.
l.O. M-i:ri li. ., 1 fwiiT'T
'" ". Kilirt-. Ati'y m-ii.
J. M. McKciiie. Lincoln. Sup. Pub Intriic
(ion. 15. Like. "in:ih:i. Chiuf.I itiec.
I J .in iif:tiit..'eijr:isk:i ttv. )
Jaam'J Maxwell. Phit-ni'Mith J
Aueoeiaie .Iuf.
J- A. TijIIcs,
Co u ii t f'Jprk.
I'ruhat .Iil'L'e
Fehoi 1 -up'r
i ''rn r.
County Mirvejor
County ('omrui-'ioncr''.
r.. ii. .Iin .-,
L W. Th I ley 8.
if. :. itiii.
.1. ri. (Jilh mi
:. i Ci'iii.
W. K. Tliorn.
' II. Hobart.
Hayes & Wheeler.
Fur I're.-id- nt
For Vice I're-ideiit,
For Presidential Klector.-',
ckn. com;,
State Ticket,
l'or Cotmrcpsinan,
of Mad'son County
iFor member of Congress Contingent,
of Nemaha Count'.
For fiovemor.
of Webster County.
For Lieut, (invcrnor,
of Hall County.
'-For Secretary of State,
of Sarpy County.
For Auditor,
of Cage County.
For Treasurer,
of Colfax County.
For Sup't of public Instruction,
of Pawnee County.
Fcr Attorney Cciieral,
of Hailiu County.
For Land Conimis-oner,
of Clay County.
For District Attorney,
of l.'aw.-on County.
For Senator. L'lth Di.-triet,
J. S. Gilliam.
A seuuiue Anti-Hitchcock candidate.
County Ticket.
For Representative,
J. IC- Smith.
For Commissioner of 2d District,
' " 1:0 ROE BALL.
For Coimni--ioner of .d District,
W. .J. Vance.
Campaign Avpoint.ments.
lions. Frank Welch, John C. Cow
in and W. II. Ashby. will speak at
the following dates aud phces, at 7
O'clock P. ui :
Hebron, Thayer connty Tuesday
October IT. Edgar, Clay county
Wednesday October IS. Nelson, Nuck
olls' county Thursday October P..
Red Cloud, Webster county Fiiday
October 20. Bloomington, Franklin
county Saturday October 21.
Alma, Harlan county Monday Oct
ober 23. Beaver City, Furnas county
Tuesday October 24.
Plum Cieek, Dawson county
Thursday October 2G.
Kearney, Buffalo county Friday,
October 27. Juniata, Abatns county
Saturday, October 2$. Sutton, Clay
county Monday October 30. Geneva
Filmore county Tuesday, October 31.
Swan Creek, (Caldwell School House),
Saline county-Wednesday, Noveui-
DeWi'tc. Saline county-Thursday,
Xoveraber 2.
Columbus, Platte oounty-Satur-
day, November 4.
Central City, Merrick county-Mon
day1 November r-
jTTnTa keeps 3U wu bo.u.wx
jeahincss to protect their country.
It prot.ablv .. I. rxj. t, ,:
I upon ah-u:uenj -.i,tr-.' .(the I mn
j I tint we w!,i itif'inii o'ir ; vr.,rj- of 'ir n .tJ. ,,J -tat" A- tt.c ;--7,
intcnti. n-fur the f'jtur... -.n ! '! p- u j,.tj.,u.iU h twem the It-ii:.I.
j Mtion tli- ( H ij:k .ii .; cpy ;.oi?-
I - .
j iraly. We liave m!r t.i mj- thru the
' t'!'-f,'"n le itt th- future a it ha-
i rioii;in:i:iuti ami taction of the hc.-t
men to fill the v;.ri':- j.o-iimi .
Honor an. tni-t within the zift of th-
people of the r-juniy, and State
U have alway. ,, en more of a &'"'
mer I hau h ro!iitrir:i, and wold rath-
, .
er make the ' lliKKa pater for far '
. ,. , ... ,,.- , t
mer than for the IMriican-. ith
ini ottjeci in view we rc-ptetJuHj -u
icit corio.-ponJence from all patt-ui
the County, and Hta'e. We hope
1 . . . fs
farmer will take hold of the matter
ami j-end in u-port-, of the croj and
the iueee-' of their experiment.- iven
erally. I"-r we wi-h the paper to he
a medium through which the farmer.
of the County may exchange view-on
all the topics and pie-tion- of inter
est, that may arri-e. We have laun
ched upon an enterpri.-e which i- to
'i?, eomparitively a new htiaine.-s.
I5ut we -hal endeaver hy indu.-try anl
a close a applii-aliun to Lti-itnt.-. in a
mea.-uie to make up fur what we lack
in prartieyl experience. In conclusion
we would say to o:i ill, corn
e in
tiid t-ee u-, we want to see how you
M. L. 1'lIOMAS.
r.. . , , &1yL Iti' llll 1IJWI t'lll'.Jl'WII'H ll.l ll'llll I
tl ,! Itllflr. !.. r I. .. ll... ' .. ....... ...'.' I
i niiii'iiaiuii, tl-.Mll iiiv . .ll.t mill
..... . .
ol the C II I hi-', u is pioper lor me to
, , ',
to wiiom 1 ti ive surreinlered the key-,
Mr. Thoma- is an old ie-iletit of the
county, beitiL' one of lhcoMe-t .-ettleir
on k'iii Creek. He ha- been long
known to the reader.- of the ClllKF as
"X.rxes" fiom "Duzard.- (.Ilory."
His ha- been mainly occupied in
agriculture simjc his anival in the
county. He will, therefore, more in
timately repre.-eut the county than 1
was able to do
.Mr. Thomas was a rc-ident of Ratin
precinct. From the fact that the
mo-.t of the farmers of the Noithern
part of the County do their trading
at Hasting-, there has not in times
past been that acquaintance and sym-
athy between the two sections oft he
County that is de.-irahle. I am con
vinced that the ClllKF, hence-forth
will do a Kreat ( to bind the North
and South together, and will, under
the new management, be a more faith
ful exponent of the whole county than it
ha been in the past.
With warme-t wi-hes for tho suc
cess of Mr. ThoniiH, and the mot
heart-felt gratitude to my pa.-t sup
porters. I commend him to my pat
ioiis ana ttierixTtruij .
M. II. Warner.
We invite the reader's attention to
an article from the Omaha Republican
published in another column. It will
be seen by consulting a map that Ad
ins couuty lies directly in a Yum of
he road from Omaha to the west, and
)hat ite construction terough this coun
ty is almost a foicgone conclusion.
The road will open up one of the
richest sections of the country in the
State that of the Platte ValVy.
The proprietors of the road have filed
bond.- to complete the road from Oma
ha to Wauhoo in 'JO days from tlu
time the bonds were voted by that
county. The election was held on
Tue.-day, and resulted : For bonds,
2.031 ; asrainst, -JUS considerably over
the two-thirds vote required beimr
given. We believe, if necessary, aid
will be extended by thi-coi'nty, as also
will -Webster come boldly to front with
at handsome inducement? Our Red
Cloud friends can do.nobetter than to
alk this enterprise up. and act with
out delay in the matter. This idea
can nut well be .thrown aside by the
people of Webter, as the people feel
the need of a road through that coun
ty, and here it is, almost knocking for
admission. In future issues The
Gazette will talk more upon this sub
ject. Gazette.
Editor Chief. Dear Sir
The Tliajcr Co. AViwtof the 12th
inst, contains the following.
"Mr. GlLHAJt claims to be a genu
ine anti-Hitchcock man. Mr Willcox,
his warmest frieud, in advocating his
ciaims to the Thayer county delegation
at the convention said: "We are for
Hitchcock and will not support an one
from your county because you are op
posed to him." Their man was a
Hitchcock man. When was Gilliam
a deceiver, then or now? Did he
deceive Willcox or the people?'
I do not know who is authority for
the above statement or whether it has
any responsible authority. Uat I
do know that it is Pil-e. 1 did not say
we were for Hitchcock, and did not
say I would not support any man from
Thayer for the reason given or any
other. The rea-ons I give for oppos
ing Major Past were of purely local
nature and were unconnected with the
Hitchcock issue or my regard for Ma
jor Past as an individual.
In am ther article in the same pa
per, we are refered to the past woes
of the Chief, for proof that Gilliam
was, Uitcbcock.
We refer any one to the record of our
delegation to the last State Conveu
tionofwhom Warner of the Chief
was one. They voted "And" first
last and all the tiino and Nary-a sell
out either.
John R. Willcox,
. a
Th" G.-e. n i -i' ' m 'Tit i- jith -r
'u r.-i ! n' ' tr-')'th in - one '-
8n.J ,tuocmti.-iarti--
The "Vjv n ,
j Uckcrs" r.rc l.keboy- who av i j
fight, but care nt juiu in the g-uTal '
,mce, mj pntuuK-l some old man Ko
,s : uo way cunori .! in the matter
j Aecrdiri to programme Gov.
tr ,, t0 ta:t. .J,u aiutiip. Come
(JfiWI tj,j. w ,,,. .i.
.Mr. ., had the p'ea,ore of ,
lIIltoir iLIhau, nt Hebron la-t
. ... , , . . ,
week. We dont know how much ;
, , , . ,
pleasure le-nlted to mm I ruin iiV c-jd- ,
,, .... . 1 Kill i.K.finr iHititTli iifM nil
i ,tfc t ,vuum y-w VJ -'4
i her man eery tune.
'I'll' Jnunvil puihh a letter from
('liar!..- V . adireed to J l
,wi. r"l"1
the latter to come
out a- an indep ndent candidate.
WcL-tet Cutiiitr worked for Cvwin in
the L'otnention a- eairerly a- did Ad
am-. Hut Weh-ter .-tandi hy the de-ei-ion
of the convention. That !.
the liilerencc.
Colorado i Keuh!icjti hy 12" mi
majority. Colorado L- .-mill stiaw,
hut it shows which way the wind i--hlowmq.
The Lla-titii:- r.frninuil contains a
lttter pur"irtin to have heen wnteii
I hum U. d Cioud attacking the "H.iv"
! . . ... "
(iilham. Thi is too thin. There!
are only tw .opponent.- of iilham in
in iit-d Cloud, and m-ithei of them
can wiite. II the Jnunml want- to
get up any moie correspondence frotu
,, . , ,, , - " 1 1 11 . 1 .
! lied Cloud, it would do well to date
, .- i
I their letter-Irom-ome other point oe
.-lac lied I. Iotld.
The lepuhlicaii- in Adam- Citmty
are to be thoroughly aroii-ed. There j
are lifteen appointment- tor a d . !)
speaker.-. Hut rah fur Ad.mis County
They have been having tiouble
down in Misi.-sippi. Mure negrii
Germany i' the onlv power that can
stop a general appeal to arm-, is the
news fla-htd aero-.- the cable. Ivirnpe
ia ready to put millions of men into the
field, to liirht with the feirfui imple
ments of modem warfare until snm
party is exhau-t.'d ; and probably to
change the map of a continent and af
f.ct peoples' de-tiny f r all time.
Happv Effects of a Dueam.
TheLuzeine (Penn.) Leader relate.
this incident :
"Tho terrible accident at the rail
road bridge at Pittston, by which
Robert Holm was almo-t in-tautly
killed, is of to recent a date to have
been forgotten by our reader". The
sorrowful di.-a-ter broueht to the home
of the de-J:i-ed a terrible de-olation,
and the wifewBwas left to mourn
his sudden loss was nearly di-traeted.
For many days after her hu-hand was
buried she continued to U pine his
death and went nearly wild whenever
she thought of it. Her nights were
pa.s-cd in restless ravings, and her da
wcrc gloomy a:d eheerles-. It wa
eared by her friends that her mind
become diseased if her Krief iTa.V . nt
n some way a uaged. At la-t diop
ped to sleep cue nini-y aftirnoon, and
while thu- at re-t she dreamed that
her hu-band came to her, and, bend
ing over her, implanted a ki.-s upon
her brow. She asked him (o remain
he, but he tuid her that tie could
ti'U, iu:it he was too happy where he
was, but that they would meet ai:ain
heareafter in the the better Wurld
The vision passed, and she awoke.
Since then her thoughts have beeuat
re.-t, and -he i- thoroughly impre. cd
with the belief that her hu.-band i.
happy, and that she will go to him
when she comes to lie down in the
grave beside him."
The following iliu-trates very nicely
the roma-itie spirit of self-sacrifice
with which sentimental young strip
lings are fonJ of -wearing devotions to
their favorite lady :
A young couple were sitting togeth
ina romantic spot, with birds and
Howeis about them, when the folloing
dialogue ensued.
"My dear, if the sicrifice of my
life would please thee, mo.-t willinglv
would lay it at thy feet."
"0, sir, you are too kin 1 1 but it
just reminds me tfut I wish you'd
stop u-ing tobacco."
"Can't think of it. It's a habit to
which I am wdded."
"Very well, sir, since ibis is the
way you lay down your life for me and
as yiu are already wedded to tobieco,
I'll take good care you are never wed
ded t 9 the a-it would be bisaiuv.
U. S. Land Office,
Bl. ouiincton. Neb .
Sept 27th, l-7f. )
Complaint having been entered at
this Office by Joseph E. Hawley acain-.-t
Lucinda L. Lamed for abandoning
Home.-tead Entry, No. 2.573, duted
June 5th, 174. upon the Sou'h East
quarter Section 3o, Town-hip 4 North,
Range 9 We-t, iu Webster County,
Nebraska, With a view to the cancel
lation of said entry: the said parties
are hereby Summoned to appear ar
this Office on the 21st day of Novem
ber, 1S76, at 9 O'clock A. M., to re
spond and furnish testimony concern
said alleired abandoment.
Webster Eaton, Register.
10-t. George W. Dorsey, Receiver.
-" I VI I IT .
lh I B 1
WIi is your .tlan
Tbi-1 th !a-?:nj: iie-tion ilii
Vi t oil' on whkh oj luijii- d.'kr
UuL i Ilulv i.-
oi jk r
mi 1 xr-
i ' 1 11 L ( I l'K.Sl 1 I 1 111
' j i - C 1 1 1 1 1 It'll
! j
Iccji 'iirita
t lie )i il )lic
i !.
and iivo happy
io say i:
rso( ( led.
al x ui
J t is.
nm Sim i
if .- r b
3 " . O.
Aftt r dve de'i'KT.ui n an I inve-ti-gation
it has been popnhrly decided
by a large majority that Wi: the un-der-igned
arc the peoples choice, and
that our store is to be the GREAT
during the
in every thinj:, and onr prices are
Lower than any
other store in
We prnpose to kep it going on
tnis line until everv body shall know
that it is to their interest to trade
with us.
Investigate and see for yourselves
that we mean what we say.
'2 4 1 ifa-
-t -O-a. ' L-N, V
n t t
. U. I TTI.K. - - - - I .
1 i' i .'i i-mn fin 1 c 'n-in
n hj' 1 Liuji-t-r I.itti, hlus;
-i-h. 1 :- a 1. 1 Hutli-
bunuing raper ana mould-
ings. Pine and Hardwood
CoT" " i.' )"!' tu'irn i" tjihxnp
t r mil r.
BARBER Shox5.'
' H.t.Y.Vfill
i -t ti,- urtntiir' t re
K. 1 i '! -id.
!; iti 1 llsir
!..i ll '
i.j :n t'
t tic
N c Cuk r; ui.' r. ;. i.if..r
." the 1 t ' b I'n: npp'Jf.'ltll-
e.i u--1 eti-i-unx of driiU, aurr-,
te. Two m n Willi uiit- l the-t; "ir:!l-
iti Ii ! tr in i r i ! 1 1 in . "t dai
' 'hi !; h th. r - k ( tli- c.oinrrv
. 1 !!- !:i - a'.- wirri'i 1 to he tin
N w ok i :--i in Dnli- 1 if
I- the Im ml Old
r, ixim i:xrr.
ti i Il II l- l.nxl I In Ii ,( nl I ,t eitt -I
liere i- mi - il 1 1 1 (l., ,.j,
ti l.iiil.-u e-- II it I II nol (lire, no
.-leli.iio pu In that nltlli-1- flie tin.
until ltlnl. or I lie IkmI o u lior-e or
oilier Illlllle-t ! ll.llll'l, I Ii it t ltll'
tint 1 lelil lo II- Vliiif loin Ii
Iml He osi lii 'i'r . , i- or Si . Iln
ntleii siucil I lie Hie of lliimaii
liein ami ie-loreil i I. lie anil ae-linne-s
iiinii.f iilmilili- llnrsi'.
The BestPapcr ForFarmers
js 1 1! i:
Weekly Tribune-
"Mi Im.J.I. !. ,.r .im. Iti'i .ftlnrt
r .,.-:. .-j.. -ii.-i, r. ,,,. ire. 1-rtcrin-
an t -"r..' ii - . i-.
A lir.- J liL I i'.IIil M.. .,n York.
Stage Line.
CounectiiiL' at Hed Clond with the
IN publican River Stage Lino.
Three tup- a week, an: vine,
and depaitm.' from ,-, Cl.nid at the
-fiie tune the -t i-i the raihoad
fa in-: v ;. low.
J ? r:
'i i r-
& s
- J" " ,
1 ;
'In I In Worhlit:? In -We Mn fir
i. . ii .-n .... 'in ut ir vr'i.i Ii v..'i. hi tn lie
ir ' i-s- pv. n y ur " i""iii,i'4 with
-:t ii uiir ,nv i tr'.in hn'iiu ..ver
ir- nt i ri!" ' in f r t-.-Ai hii i ..i:nry j.,
iki -'ii -"i - tir I h ' "t ' run! H r-1
Hie'--( pu. i..Mti!i in he I'iiit.-.I ' t -lu ti-; Lli'iM'.rlt Ilii-Tite.
I rin-.n!v Sl ier year. Ilio Kferii !
i.te 1 : w h i-ver i.- of mf r t ntin et. !
with the (' rar. The iJrer I.ii-
iti i .i I'lni.el.-lj.Iti:! i- fill y iPu-.tri.-.l m
'lettll. ETr.-vIx.-i3 Hi:t-it l'- vii1.-f- -l.ii-Ieel
sresit inten i m their Countrj 'Vn
ttnn.i! Utr'h I.-.y. mi I w mt t. kn..w a I about
it. An elt'truiit jTri..tii' '-ni; .in .rn me .rp
:ii i ii in pi.-tiin-1 pn'-a I tico : i e , h u'.-
-TllitT. II I- eriMtl'- 1. " I n r-n 'i..,r .. .f
he One Hin.iri-'lih V:inir.T-.r ,.f th.. i.
l'pen-in'-e 01 ;ne t lilted "-late.- m J.
! 0 me- . ny une rar. h" ofne .1 -"j"rp.-ful
cent. lor Im -.ho' flip paper .m'i pietiire
re! huti-lre l f u .prioprj lire paily ib
t iiiit-i e i-rj here. There 1 no liu'in'-'-' th-it
will p.iy Iik'j pru-vnt. We h.iVfc m,iiy
.i-etit.-who .ire in.ikint; a hu-h a si1' j.e'r
iiiyaiii ispw rl Now ij toe time; ilon't
I'-I.iy. Itfiiieiuher it p.. : n-'thini: ti-U"
the huine-. -i tr. il. .-.-ii i f r "-ir pir"
f-rti;-. .in 1 .- mi ! e ' iifp:.T, hi-iinr--ti
f'.p to ill w'i .in'j . i- if I
"oHili te o'ltfi fr"" to I .-e wh- ! let. r-'inii'-r- i:i 1 :u
.1 . - wi 1 t:ie,r
t p 1 --. in : .t
-ii-. an1' i-itistit-r- in ih.
Hir-iit-. Al ire--.
'I hk ".tf-!i Ke ..rp. p. -t' in 1.
? iug QWutJ
1 ETnSa
n y
a ill
erery hranea of trade- Tbi: eosntry ara
ii 1 fiivTi " - .1 -4. ,.a , i.t 1 1 '-ch att' wr-ar.: t "-Ihc.r. ioT.j
00 Jtjorn -v tMiti) w3.!ea!.kiof.p.Il.B .... m.r,
77 " w P.efc irthpoaly '-rilail'utt n. Fu
M. L. TUOMAS, Proprietor.
"Saturday Night"
n :
L-.- r oar atttmuklSmsi rtijtl
.. ! -'A.- .-i r 1 . ll. ' f
I f r IA' fli '
r.'..f i.... Mllhl'O .!
" -r ' an i . -r '
I - - ! -k.'. ,
w4 !. -
frUKtil J' l 111 t ttlr flt
a' r halt a i i i.- iur r . ;f
, a i u h . ia -rt- lhir r i t
P ! rujr ai .a..r !. , .oft io
r ; r m irKftlrk h-l.i a. usai kit
wmii- .rr . - ,.t.Mmt
y I
bmi "r
" " I t "
.-'. -jiKlMl S hill i. a.ha.
I i J !i IB irlNM tin rfct 4lj -hat,
I - i r ! i 'f- l a itatirrr . -
f . - hi ta f ibj(! pr. i r r
t :. iiti n. ii. tt--vt I'UU'U
!. . Hflrrv fUf-rJ l t-c- .r
i Hr v iije livitur
W larvir many Irttrr "f BWIlt!'
"tr our ..l rff l-ai"k at i f is
thr ...... .i,r. n.i. swill
mci'i u i
U' U a ! tr -
A 1 Ja'ni'i.--f.t tip'tlt. itiTwi-M
DirM.Kt t t ! u. in 2"-' : :u.h
! - :ti - t . wtli f.e i re-' ntrl t r
- ir 'if.-,T,li,r -f i! r"f do.!nr-
iritDiv Miiir-
Kr deviiv .kii'wo t the trt
Chr iii" Prtotinit ha- 1h' n al tt-t
pr lu i t fiiMT pitur f bin h. i
U-. n ii. ij .i- a pr mi'tm to the rut
-rifi- r- ! t,ti pjp r
Tlu- 0,r . . s- .i ; 'f t uf m of art
!i wu 1 . i- '. r ? it! 't -it it m e
lol' r- t ' f .-r miv ih.u-jrt I
i dollar-, wh . Ii we h ' n-r tf t
hn'k. K' ii t-r hivnu Uiv'-n i
t'hroiuo t -otr -u!"-e;her-, i
't'-u r
. ..t:r
iiim "l ttiitt when we I'.I "I
!,' ;-;-J; - f- a ''
i- tie- im -t arti-? "-. u! 1 .1'viift mua th
in -f .'ir. fu! pruit" r- ixrutt. tar it Irtliu A M'.ft tfk tl a I
'. rff t'ni t' tt foli'j i.f .'',. I 'h'-n t-
' " - " .- - ---
Pifie- wt-hmi; ! t k- 11 K
DV Mi;i?T " f.-r n - -rf.r - n l
thin "lie ear, mn he thf ij r
tiiuih' i to them -it m .nth- for '
r f'tir tnoriMi- fur SI
Vif II !' iM itttjr t,th tin Fij"
ft t I'll i nut
iiik r"Li.wiMi akf trn Hr - $! we will -ri"I i"i - t r
one eir to one d !?-, or a h
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Send Po-t I )llie. Orb r-. or reii-ter
l'l Ilioiii-v I tter- Write .:iuie.'I wti
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,e !i t l.'n and tta tnhafari -ohKbara
-:". I, .vr-.- on the aorttb J of the rhrer.
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Tte potiaty Keat RKD Lr"T "a the. R
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asla!i" ath f t ': aarUi ai
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erery hranea of trade- Tb; eosntry araaI
fh-ri--: rm-ifi'.D can b oh'a.a . from aay
ni ijrat ho adrrti;; is thi.- , per. or at
thi- ofice.
Notice i? hereby eiveii. 'J bat I ttIU j
examine all persons who but desire to
ofter them-elves a candriatfs for
teacher- of the primary or common
schools of the county, at my orace in
Red Gloud. on the first .Saturday ct
August, .November. February and
May. J, S. Gii.iiam.
Co. Superintendent.
. x
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4 ao. hoi. 'i - i' .u
C:ili and Scq Bofore
t) p ' f '. ' . r Va:d
Red Cloxxd. - -
J. G. IWilRPJEK, Prop
1- .ilw!i- m i1. t" itt i.-l t n I ii. il- .Hit o i. h.
Tbi I Intel ie futi! n ' n ' f : -.,
purjH-' il th- trai !ine pMif.
STACK LEWIS l'ti: TflK ft!?l!fi! '
. .,
I Claim to Have the
of Lincoln,
Ahvay keepiiif on hand a k-.l npi ! of
H A Y. A N I) (J R A I
Al-o a mrl .iiv.jaii.-.- li ih- : t f curip:;
from thi- plar to any othr nt rta . f !e raie.
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ll il.' iu, l In- limit is lil
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