Nebraska herald. (Plattsmouth, N.T. [Neb.]) 1865-1882, January 05, 1882, Image 3

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.;a. AiiritKTisKMKrs.
. :. r c nr u lin. ' Itilar advertta
' - i-'"' ,,",'- N advsrU'tniiit iu.ttii-t-
" 1 - '4-vm f fti- (aw .t! h r.ik;
T: T. ;v.t! ,' rr-v !rsr.;t In.
...... ... . i-i ., ! R .4.-. f r'..--
.. v :.-.; -Aid rci-rlU to Ibe pul.l.C
. .. no? j .i . . .. , .
. ym t UnittfHi, at: txu'iuaic.''.o w
-m.-. i. i .irf . to Hi paint, ,sttff m wv
c-r .
fV'.yinfu responsible for ttie eorrctie
'"i; to eopy of paid matUr and paid L
s'.. .t j. - r "
1. Ajr prtn who uOtaatt FPrJTcn,l,$t:
tHe HM.-fSr. whether lretd to air
Mt. cr rnUiHr k la sbesrts or o-
rrfcptariUf t ujt mt pay.
1 rt sny prrsoo orders ht- pfi
be mutt pr all anrwarajree, r te publish
er iw dukUiim to ! H M7Vft
nutlOaji4 eeHeetwe vrhole aoi.t. whetae
tfce i4fwir t taaen iTtMB Me or not.
V 1 e waft have d tha4reJulig to
te npr ud perWleale from tho pot
ofUe -or t amoving aad .sarins; thorn aneaUed
fwr. l ).rbM ori TttIM Of UfTsUrTlOVAA
mui ':...- .
-Saw Bucka at J. S. Duke's 4112' .
Bennett Lew is sell Brcmoera
crackers. "-. ' ' J t41
Tfie Caia County Bank hj nearlr
doubled it's business lately, it seems.
33tf Will t). Wise.
Baker & Atwood sell Bremnex's
crack era. .,. . .- . 42U
A Pre In the City Ilotel. Monday
morning early, turned lets of New
Yeai's pleeter3 out of bed.
(iood Blankets at J. G. Chambers
& Son's, fur 42.00 a pair. 4U2
With the New Year came a
cb:iug in U'.h weather, and winter is
apji ireiii ly oi luind, at I.tst.
r. intiun-iu & Bro. sell iiui-
KiMlkf l-i at .1. t
Chambers &
Ail. J..tu Bona wiil resume tlie
ch:irr ui Voarding house -L llie
fout of ;.i:tiii street, as ve uridfeittaud.
3BU Will S. Wise.
.J V. Wtckb.vcb sells Biemner'a
cvaokerd. 4Ji4
Tb , Wrekl7. Journal appeaiKl
las: l iiutSMj, five column Quarto,
pririt'i Hi t,'u'(l shape a is Mr. bler
initn's Dily. .
-iicksnetack" lwtinK and fra
grant erfuiiie. Trice S3 and'GOcts.
fcoJd 05 ;n;it!i & Black Bros. 42eow
VVh s.ivt loU of peopl going in
and oar of Fitzgerald Hail Saturday
ioul SwnJay. Cues Woodford
had full lioiiHrs.
Wui. llt-rold sell Bremnei crack-
ers. i4
Critrs aiid llamsey, attorneys nud
Notarv i'ubllc. necoud door east of
Curt'ltjiusi. PUttamouth, Neb. . StOa:
Capti Palmer seUled up his .com
pany's losses at the late fire promptly
iacludiutr damage to the wall of Hart-
Uiiw s building.
Shiloli's Cure wiil immediately
riievr '-tiroup, WhOoping Cough and
Broiicnitis. Sold by Smith. & Black
Bras. " - " - 43ow
Fonr brick yards in foil blast all
last season, and net abiick left. Who
says Placutnoutb is not boojiing.
If "you want a" first-class boot or
shoe go to Sherwood's. 40tf
Why will you cough when Shiloh's
Cure will give immediate relief. Price
lOct. 50cU, and 81.00. o!d by smith
& Black Bros. 42eow
TSclilegel'a -Leader" takes the lead
of auyftve cent cigar in the city. 40tJ
Have yon Catarrh?; "Dr. ykL9
Sure Cure" is an unfailing r-medy.
Have 3 ou heard of it? 42t4
Fer the best staple and fancy
groc:ieH in Plattsmoutb go to J. V.
Weckbach's. 1Qtf
Mr. Pickens, the brave tire laddie,
looked as though ke had been dragged
out of the jlbflouri River, en Monday
Ch.u:V.Gyger cme down from
Omali and tid over night with his
folk-. Mcday. :
vShi'ou's Catarrh Remedy a posi
tive cui tor Catarrh, Diphtheria, and
t'ankor- Muth.-. Sold by Smith A
iiUck Bros. : 43ow
iiuboer" Boots and Overshoes by
tho car load at Sherwood's. ' 48tf
You had btiitr cut e-ut this ad
drss -Ir. Clt. Sykes, lt0 Madison
St., Chicago." for you may need his
"Sure C ure finr Catarrh."' 42t4
railing cinders at the Are on
Moiidav moiling did considerable
damage. 10 the wearing apparel of the
feystaudets. " - . ...
Fresh bread, cakes and pies, every
day; at the Union Bakery, corner Main
a lid Third. -t . ,10tf
-A Nasal' Injection free with each
bottle, f 5hilh's- Catarth Keraedy.
Price I-Octs. Sold by jjiauh & Black
Jiros. '"' ! 42eow,
. -.- .
j.Prib Dvkteri -evenr day at FS.
White's; direct from the oyster beds.
Don't dirmember it. - - - 40t4
The. BeV. Geo. II. Thayerr of
Bonrbw.. Iud says: -My wtfo and-1
ow ui lives to Shiloh's-Censumptlon
Cure SoH ' by Smith & Blacfc Bror
Tt h filled. rulled and cleaned in
o'. skillful manaer by 'Dr. Sails
bury. -Give him a calL 85tf .
It is always very annoying to a
congregait n to have a person hacking
aud ouglilng daring services. One
Uoee of Dr. Marshall's Lung Syrup re
lieves ate .worst cases. Sold by. all
drtijptK. . - ..;-. i .. -it
. ---iw-alwburj still holds forth over
otcith.'ri ack A Oo's. store," where he
JUje& Liit4 ttr. 1 of werk in -the ' dental
p Y"Mld .Hrdierjpf Brwn ville.'hss
viiiliti2r-t!w; aevfcBot.ilts. Bairrf
whi? irVT.t i jwiHtances. ?c- J
S' -:t-viCrf3 at the Catholic i liarchj
next ; buiidayy ' on account ot Fath'ejs
Lynch's amf ure on misbionary dutie
Are ua ruade miserable by indi
ff-fcVtiKr,-.vrtipalin, Diiziaess, Loss
orAw-etlte.Yenoir JkiH Shiloh Vi
LWljei laJX iywitive cure. Sold by
SmttbiBiack Brog.. 42eow. .
a . .... 1 , i :u
brain.u: i io'tsp on Tuesday morning
" Oifjiitfr m a tuxiod yesterday. - ?
n . r-r-": Personal. 7 -v .
l b. K. White of MtJ Plsasant called
yesterday. . .. ,
; Jno. IT. Becker wishes us a Happy
New Year. Thanks. ; v- .
Amos Graham called in Saturday.
Amos goes oyer to the Junction to
live. ; . - ! , . ':
Fred JJye goes to Washiagtoa as tin.
editorial correspondent for the Omaha
Republican daring the session of Con
gress. The little son of J. M, Patterson.
Charley, was taken with croup lion
day oight, which came near protiag
fatal. r
i-T.S. Datia Esq. of ML Pleasant
pomes to town to live , and becomes a
partner in the firm 'of Parmele & Co,
taking Mr: K'e well's place.
il L. White who has been rery
sick, is slowly recererlng at this writ
ing which the IIkkalb is pleased to
record. . His twin hi ether came 0J1 to
se him Tuesday. : .
The T. AIM', club meets to-night.
The O. A. n. meets to night,
special session ; turn out;: Important.
"'--J. C.'Smith and brother; caught
Ua biggest "cat in Cass County; last
week fishing. '
All persons indebted to us will
please call and settle as we must get
our business settled by February 1st.
42t3 L Baker A Atwood.
. For Dyspepsia and Liver Com
plaint, you have a printed .guarantee
on every bottle of Shiloh's Yitalizer.
It never fails to cure. Sold by Smith
& Black Bros. 42eow
The Madame Frv Concert Com
pany, which comes hers the 6tk, from
the reports we hear, will give a fine
entertainment and should be well pat
ronised Doi.'t trifle with a severe cough or
old. Procure in time if you wish to
tsaVc dot tor bill, a bottle of Dr. Mar-
shall' Lung Syrup. Price only twen
ly-Uve cenu. large size ufty eents. by all druggists.
The" ladies of St. Luke's Guild will
give a sociable at the residence of Mrs.
F. Latiiain next week Tbuisday, Jan
uary 12th. All are cordially invited.
Anyone in need of a good set of
teeth should call on Dr. Salisbuiy at
once, and he will make you a set that
will please you ever after. 85tf
Death to rats, mice, roaches and
ants;. . Pauson's Exterminator.
Barns, granaries and households clean
ed in a single night. No fear of bad
smelTs. " Best 'and cheapest vermin
killer in the world. Sold everywhere. 4
The parties burned out at the late
fire would rebuild immediately if brick
could be obtained. Under existing
circumstances the blackened tuins will
have to remain until spring.
A pure, wholesome distillation of
witch-hazel, American piae. Canada
fir, marigold, clover blossoms, etc
fragtant with the healing essences of
balsam aud of pine. Such is Sanford's
Radical Gure for Catarrh". Complete
treat merit for SlJ . ,v 41t4
Volckner, alias Hartington, had
his preliminry trial and was bonnd
ever to appear at the District Court in
the sum of 81000. Not finding the
spends ' he still languisheth as the
guesl ct Farmer Polin. 9 .4 f
Ayer's Ague Cure is an infalible
cure for Fever and Ague in ail its
forms. - Tbe proprietors warrant it,
and their word is as good as a U. S.
bod..r Trial proves it.
- -A celebrated preacher makes the
recommendation of Ayer's Pills a mat
ter of religious duty. When people
are billious and dyspeptic, what they
need is the Gospel of Health. In sacb
caseo; lite best ereed to swallow con
sists of the thirty sugar-coated articles
in a pill-box. 1
-We learn with regret, that Mrs.
Champion S. Chase 'of Omaha, died in
that city on the 3d inst. from the re
sults of an operation for cancer, from
which she had been suffering. II cr
death will he mourned by a large cir
cle of friends.
Among all your good resolutions
for the corrent year do not neglect
make thirf one: "That as for you and
your family you will not use any other
.than Brnn iter's .crackers," and our
word for k, you will feel at the close
of 1882 as sweet and delicious as buck
wheat cakes bathed in maple syrup. 4
Tiis Journal's account of the Ma
sonic festival was very good and com
plete. Asa daily paper it has done
its duty in this respect. Giving the
county news we do, Tho IIkrald
cannot devote so much space to mere
ly local affairs, but we read them all
the same with great pleasure.
- - .- . . -..
When a lecturer- has worked the
Isdjes pf his audience so, near to the
weeping point that they have gotten
out their handkerchiefs, and then sud
denly chaages his tone and speaks 'of
themerits of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup,
lie is bound to rouse a feeling of indig
nation. ... - . proceeds of the Ladies of
St,' Luke's Masquerade party were
about, $61. . The. congregation gave
Kev.Mr. Burgess $30 as a New-.Year's
Dtesent.' He-rnrached euoh a'sood
sermon it- just.- drew the .money out;
in' fact he. has' 'been' preaching' better
and 'better right, along, lately, and will
get to be the "old man eloquent" in the
pulpit yet. - - - 'v.,rrJLi?i.v -ir:
Take cart of your. Lirer,' "'"'A 'great
number of the diseases to which man
kind are liable arise from a disordered
condition of this organ. Keep it in a
sound and healthy, condition and you
can defy disease.- Prickly Ash Bitters
are especially - adapted "for - this par
pose, being composed of drugs which
act oa'the. liter, giving it" tene and
strength to withstand malaria, . 4St4j
-To yon see that new .looking "Dex
ter Spring" buggy J? It Is a'nice buggy,
it Iias'jusf ibeen "paipted: Tins paint
ifig 'was done by Skinaeriarld ilurpby
at Mike hiellbacerVvwgpaUhop.
This buggy .belongs to an editor for a
wonder It is painted -' so" prettv he is
afraid to take it out and get it muddy.
It is good painting all the Same.
It is to be hoped that the poison
ous Apue medicines have had their
day. Arsenic and qaiaine are not de
sirable commodities-to carry about, in
one's system even for the sake of tem
porarily displacing trie maiariai poison
wbich produces Fevr. ana Ague
and Aeue. t
Aier's Aeue Cure hr a sure
&nUdots !
for the Asrue. and Is perfectly harm-i
less, leaving bh systota In as -good
'onditiua as before the AjTUB was
. nV-'-tir . t- i
Mere Biases.
L Shortly after seven o'clock on Moil
day morning last one of the chamber
maids at Fred Goos' City Hotel made
the discovery that the upper rooms of
the building were filled with smoke,
and immediately after giving the
Alarm flames issued from the south
end cf the roof. Fortunately the
wind coming from the west, a-j it did,
gave the occupants of hotel and of the
grocery store adjoining considerable
time to remove most of the; furniture
and articles of merchandise, although
in a somewhat damaged condition.'
The flames made .rapid progress, and
in a few minutes both buildings were
fairly ablaze, only the brick walls of
Mr.'Hartmau's building on the west
staying the progress of tho flames.
Our hook and ladder boys did good
service, in spite of the inteose cold,
aud were mainly instrumental ia oou
fining the fire to its limits.
Mr. Goos is probably the heaviest
sufferer. He was insured for $1200
on building, and $800 on furniture.
His loss amounts to about $3500, and
what was saved from the fire was
found to have been badly damagod.
Mr. McCourt the grocer, was insured
for 91000 loss nominal, having saved
most of his goods, but in a' shattered
condition. Mr. J. Bona, the proprietor
of the building; carried an insurance
of $600. Henry Bons, who. occupied
the rooms over the grocery, suffered
the loss of some wearing apparel, and
tne damage sustained by the hasty re
moval of the household goods.
Tho origin of the fire can scarcely
be explained, but it is generally believ
ed to have been caused by a defective
A Boy's Lock.
The Norristown (Pa.) Herald in u
rectnt issue referred among others. i.
the I o;i w nig cases of special iut r( ht.
They are their twu commentary, r-ii.
Samuel C. Nyce, resides at 0S Mr
snaii fctreet and holds the retpentii
lbitiou of journal clerk in the Pt-nii- !
syivania Legislature, at Harrisbulg. S
While Mr. Nyee and family were in j
the ruuutry recently, his boy, aged j
three years, fell and broke his leg. lie
recovered, but a very troublesome
st.ffness set in and hs could scarcely
use tLe leg. The injured limb was
rubbed several times with St, Jacobs
Oil, and the stiffness was so much re
duced that the boy was able to use bis
leg freely. Dr. Knipe said it was th
use of St. Jacobs Oil that cured the
stiffness. Mr. Nyce himself used the
Great German Bemedy fr toothache
with good effect, and also for a sprain
and pains of rheumatic . nature, and
always with good effect. Mrs. Nyce
also says she thinks the Oil is a splen
did thing, and she always keeps it on
hand.- ;. , - " ' .,' . . ' '
Marriage Licenses were issued to
the following couples for the-month
of December up to the 24th : ; ' ;
Mr; Win. Hawkins and Miss C.' Cor
sagei December 1st. - - ' ;
Mr. Everett E. Day and Miis. Jennie
M. Norton, December loth, y . , - -
Mr. ' Isaac Kallsky and Miss Leila
Simpson. December 10th.
Mr; Wm. Kriskie and Miss "E. nil
dei brand, December 12th. " f
' B. Jameson and -Miss Bessie
Rogers, December 15 th. , -vr!
; Mr. Bnj J. Johnson aad Miss F.
Rhodes, Dec. 10th. . . -
Mr. James Robertson and Miss M.
C. Hasermier, December 20th.
Mr. E. G. Gibbersen and Miss D. M.
Canaday, December 22d.-
Mr. V?.'- B. Berrymsn and Miss D.
Hawley .December 22d. - .
2dr. John D. Kennedy and Miss Ida
May Sampson, December 17th .
-Mr. F. B. Parker and Miss M. Tl.
Comptom, December 19th.l . f.
Mr. Frank Farmer and Emma If or
gan, December 19th. V'
Mr. W. C. She waiter and Mian F. A.
Richardson, December 18th.
; Mr. Frank Wetzer, and Mis B. W.
Ileitzhausen, December 22d. . . .
Mr. A. J. Haller and Miss M." A.
Haslip, Dec. 22d.
Mr. J. W. Tilmah aup Miss ;M. .M.
Dawson, December 22d. (
' Mr. It. Overtoil and Miss F.E. D;r-
lington, Dec. 28d. ;
Mr. J. Godbey aud Miss E. Goodman,
Dec. 23d.
Mr. .! . W. Galyan and E. A.Tinuell.
Dec. 2td.
The above represents Judge Sulli
van's matrimonial diagnosis for Dr-c
The Judge is the "boss hand" at "s pi ic
ings" lately and seems to be the favor
ite over the parsows. I'ts the way he's
got; when he marries a couple they
feel good all over aud go home dead
sure the business has, been done up
GAYL&VTONJU Plattsmoutb. Neb.. Jan.
14th. 1S82, riixK L. Oavu and Misi Aud
Eatov all ot PlatUmouth.Kev. H.C. Burs
Miss Alice can Eat-on no more, but both can
ftast so Gailee, oh ! "All aboard for paradlM
Ution express train to Bliss Harbor' trans
portation tree, no passes seeded; "Bye. bye.
Gaylo." say tbo boys; ytt too. bate left us.
oa the down grads, and bo Junction in sight." '
' Cnt Flowers.
Roman Hyacinths and Chinese
Primroses now in bloom 25 and 30 cts
each. 41t3 Lkw A. UeoRB.'
The first man out in a sleigh we
saw was Croft Eikenbary.
Dr. S. Miller, whose card appears
this week, has devoted four years of
his early life to the diligent study of
his professioa: ' Durinz that time -he
took three and one-half full courses of
lectures at the Toronto School of Med-'
icine. He attended the General City
Hospital three years, taking two cours
es of Clinics in that institution, and
was a close student in the Obstetric
Hospital for two years. Ho then ob
tained a diploma of qualification from
the Medical Board in and for Upper
Canada, Ontario, and his license trom
his excellency, the Right Hon. James,
Ear of Egin and Kincarther, Governor
General of British North America, giv
en under his hand and seal at arms in
Toronto. Was registered in the College
Of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada,
when first incorporated by act of Par
liament. He was appointed, during
pleasure by his excellency Lieut. Gen.
bir William Eyre, K. C. B-, administrv
tor of the covemmeat of the Proving
of Canada, and commanding Her 11
jesty'a forces t; erein, toibe asistni t
surgeon-In the second ?h?t.-.Hinn ui
Weutwnrth. lie baa also sko serv:c
m hftrv l-'i rrr.
Which Prewed to be a Double
Parents and Daasrhler celebrate, the
One their Fiftieth Anniversary,
the Other the Beginniag -of
Life Matrimonial. -
Cards have been out for some days
bidding the friends of Mr. and Mrs. E.
Davis come and rejoice with them
that they had reached the fiftieth mile
stene of the journey of life.
Obeying thes. summons about thir
ty-five couples assembled in their
pleasant home, and Rev. Wilson made
in behalf of those present, a congratu
latory address, during which be pre
sented the rifts which had been
brought to commemorate the event.
Thea to the surprise of many prea-
eut he further proceeded, to unite In
bonds of holy - matrimony and start
upon the first mile stone of the jour
ney of matrimonial life Mr. R. Peter
son and Miss Laura Davis, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. E. Davis. Then fol
lowed a perfect storm of congratula
tions to both couples; after which
came the bountiful supper, and a con
tinuation of pleasant social intercourse.
The btide of fifty years was arrayed
ia a plum colored cashmere with satin
trimmings; the bride of an hour, in
seal brown moire antique silk with
demi train, lace trimmings and natur
al flowers.
The occurrence of this anniversary
just before our going to press prevents
such a notice as wo would like to give.
The followiag is a list of the pres
Pair gold napkin rings, by Mr, and Mrs. J. V.
Wockbach and Mr. and Mrs, J. W, Barnes.
"Pair gold spectacles, gold lined silver up and
saucer, silver butter dish and knife and silver
; itt, gold lined, by B. Spurlock and wife. W.
' H. tk-liildinmht aud wife, M. Way bright and
i wife, T. W. Suryock and wife. It. Newell and
I wife, L. U. Bennett and wife. J. A. Mac Murphy
I aud wife, V. U. Newell and wife, J. G, Cham-
bers and wife, Washington Smith and wife, G.
11. BlacK and wife. Saw'I Richardson and wife.
Uov. H. P. Wilson and wife, M. McElwaln aud
wife, Wirt. Herold aud wife, P. L. Wise and
wife. Joliu Waterman aud wife. R. tt. Wind
bam aud wife. If. E. Palmer and wife. J. I).
Tail and wife, and T. A. Hull.
. Pnir Kfld-liued silver salt dUhes. Mr. and
Mrs. Frauk Johneon.
Flanuaoiua stWer cake basket, gold-lined, by
b liver spoons, gold lined, by Mr. and Ml. F.
Silver napkin ring and tooth-pick holJercoiu
blueti, gola-liucd. by Mr. and Mrs. A. Drew,
Buhi-tulan lax toilet net, gold-triiuiued, by
Mrs. A. Bt.idy,0ceula. low.
bet silver kuives and forks, set silver table
spoon, atid sot silver tea epoou, Lora Davis.
Kt silvt r tea spoons, by Flora Davis.
Ten dollar gold piece, by G. N. folviu.
Five dcllar gold piece, by 8. Eichardnon.
Silver pickle dUh, by James Mitchell. .
Cot gl.ii-' teaseit. by Lou juid.Edith jHiryock.
Crystal water pitcher, by Mrs. W. Smith.
Ssi -silver tva spns, by Mrs. R. P. Kennedy
and daughter. : ' .
Piir rfiiver napkin rings, by Alpha Conn.
Liiriy' Kbi breastpin, by Frauk Davis. -
Gcnt' gr5d shirt bin. by Frank Davis.
Lar.e cut las fruit dish, by W. B. Shryock.
Dozeu:Citt glas sauce dishes,- Mrs. R. Newell.
MajiitiC.i fruit dish ind two Majollea cake
pUtfct, by BIr. Wm. If erold. ' ' 1
G!ss tra set, by FloiaDavl.
G!a at-Cft dUli. v Thaddeus Adams.
:Giis pUcatr. Mrs. T. Adanii "
s MJoIica lea jiot. Mrs. Ese Xeenev.
; Glat-.s calk dish. Mrs. Geo. N. Colvin,
Cblna dinner swtt. Mr. E. Davis. L . , . .
Blue zephyr pin cushion, Aggie Sampson.
Wall pocket. T. W. Shryock.
Linen tablet cloth and half dozei towels, by
bride's mother.
' Pink zepayr pla cunhion, Mrs. A. Brady. .
Embroidered tidy, Mrs. Solomon.
Its Equal Is Unknown.
A Lowell (Mass.) paper, so we ob
serve, cites the case of Mr. 1 II.
Short,' proprietor of the Belmont Ho
tel. I hat city, who suffered witn rheu
matism for seventeen years without
finding relief from any of the numer
ous rem dies employed, until he ap
plied St. Jacobs Oil: I never found
any medicine that produced such re
markable and instantaneous effect as
it did"' s-tys Mr. tshort. Lvons (Ia.)
Tho Event of the Season.
- Arrangements have been made for
tl) caleorated Madame Fry Concert
mpany of Boston to give one of
their Vocal and Iustrumental Concerts
a. Titzgerald Hall on Fridav evening
nxt. January Cth. Dr. Eben Tourjee
I iir- eminent director of the New
Engl.u.d Conservatory, Boton, writes:
ldani- Fry and her daughters hav
uiiiiMJ 1 laiiMcal talent, and I . cheer
fully comnseud them to the public,
The ladies of the company, viz:
Madame Fry nd her charming daugh
ters , "all . appear, in . the Lady Cornet
Band and Bras3 and String Quartets.
Each member of the company is also
a Vucal and. Instrumental Soloist.
Prof. : Miltou O. Iliggins will also ap
pear en Friday evening in his inim ta
ble Dialect Reading and Impersona
tions. Speaking of this talented company,
the Mendota Reporter (111.) says:
The Madame Fry Concert was
greeted by a large house at the Bap
tist Church, Monday evening, Dec. 5.
The program consisted partly of seles,
duets, and trios, all of which was ren
dered. to the entire satisfaction of the
audience, and called forth an encore
upon every appearance on the stage,
and in act the entire exercises were
spoken of by those present in the high
est praise. Should this troupe agaiu
appear iu Mendota they would bo met
with an over crowded house.
For this concert reserved seats can
b sheared at Young's. General Ad
mission SScts. Children 2 Sets.
Somo newspapers loudly proclaim
themselves -anti-mouopolj," but in
what particular they are opposed to
monopolies never seems . to material
ize. They never have a word to say
in favor of free trade, which would
overthrow tho largest system of mon
opolies in America, and as to the rail
roads, if they are the chief monopolies
they wish to circumvent, they never
do it to any srood or true purpose. Be
sides, whoever knew a republican who
was a real anti-monepolist? The whole
party obtains its sustenance from the
favors of monopolists and robbers of
every form. Isnt this true ? Platts
rnruiih Tnily and Weekly Journal.
IT era flush, now's yoor chance, we
j i'.-'ut stand that a minute if we
i wro you. Youve been fijhtinf Be
. palisans long enough, now go for
j this ftiio-v lifep a ijtlli tpgrj aod let
j sljssi.
Somewhat widely and favorably known as the Popular Clothier of
thfs section, announces
Fall Arrivals SMual Bargains
worthy of inspection. His best hold is
and he has a complete stock of new goods.
Best Jfateriuls, Latest Styles, Superior Finish,
Perfect Fits and Popular Price.
Clothe you from head to foot in a neat, durable and stylish manner,
save you big money, and fill your eoul with happiness. '
All Garments Warranted. "Try 'em 'fore you buy 'em."
c us. m7i5sctni"ir.
Successor to J. O. Chambers.!
Saddles, Bridles, Collars, "Whips,
Blankets, Lap Robes, &c, &c.
We not only use
IFirst-QlSLSS Stoclr,
But sell as CHEAP as the CHEAPEST.
For Sale by FRED. GORDER, Plattsmoutb, Nebraska,
Who has the Right for Cass and Otoe Coun ties.
Decidedly the
Farmer's Gate Hinge ever marie. Call and examine them at once at
fif"A gents wanted in this County and Otoe. 40m2
Hie Relief and Cnre as Certain as day
method, with vafety from the dangers of strangulation and without the Injury trusses Inflict.
Those wishing proof should fend t cent for hi book, containing likenese of bad casoes b-.
fore and after euro, endorsement of professional gentlemen. Ministers, Merchants, Farmers
and others who hare been cured. Trusses and Itupture sooner or later effect the nervous and
mental system, bring on oreanic diseases, Impotency. destroy energy aud social desiren, make
Ing the young old aud the old useless. Offices. 251 Broad wav, N. and 43 Milk St., Boston
Days furconsultion. each week New York, Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays ; Boston, Wed
nesdays, Thursdays aud Fridays. -
Cremation r.TQ iyiERCAITS
D I IV W5fE39. T5TTT "Vf AXX SEED3 ,n rapera Irft over at
other form,
DAVID LANDRETH & S0.3r Seed Growers,
Weeping Water Notes.
January 2d. 1833. Ed. Herald:
Wo and yours, ("Herald,"
included.) a prosperous Haopy Xew
W. W. had more than her-usual
share of busy and happy times this
holiday season but no Ii. It. yet, and
no certain prospect of it now before
Mr. Hadley the apple man, has start-
ed a Billiard Hall, so now we have
two in W. W.
Fred Clinton proposes building soon.
Chas. Haves is clerking at Schluntz
& Dewey's.
It. II. Kussell is Barnes new drug
clerk. .
Henry Fleming is home rgain on a
visit.- ;
Dr. Thomas is very ill again, hope
you may soou bo around again. Doctor.
Quite a number of dwelling houses
are in course of construction, and an
other large business building.
The masons work en Fleming &
Race's new store is completed and the
finishing work on the inside is being
pushed forward very rapidly.
Beed Bros. Bank Vault is finished
and. will soon be ready for occuuancy.
Prof. H. Bellows went east on a vis
it, during school vacation and was
accompanied on his return by a pretty,
young bride from Ohio, it is said; and
Trixv ' tenders congratulations and
best wishes to the happy pair.
Un Dec. 19lh at J. Fowler's by J.
Gilmore wiire married Mr. F. P. Par
ker and Miss Minnie 11. t'ompton; and
on Dec 24th, at the residence ot the
bride's mother, by Itrv. G H. Wehn
Mr. E. G. Gibberson and Miss Delia
Cauaday. Trixy remembers each and
all of them with good wishes, hoping
that their journey through life togeth
er may be one of uninterrupted pleas
ure and mutual bappintss.
Hearing of o many emigrants to
the state of Matrimony, of late, from
this vicinity induces me to beg of the
kind editor of the Herald, an inser
tion of a humorous little description
ef it which Trixy heard years ago, 'tis
as follows:
"Teacher: Bub! a here is the state
of Matrimony?
Bub: It is one of the United States
bounded un one side by hugging and
kissing; on the other by cr dies a"d
babies. It's chief products are broom
sticks and staying out late at night.
It was discoverer by Adam and x,ve
while trying to find a north-west
passage out of Paradise. The climate
is sultry, until you pass the tropics of
housekeeping, when squally weather
sets in with such force hs to keep all
hands as cool as cucumbers. For the
principal roads leading to this inter
esting state consult the first pair of
pretty eyes you can rnn against.
Teacher:-r The answer is very cor
rect take your seat, you're a smart
boy." ' Your old friend
.. , Trixy.
The Madame Fry concert compa
ny is undoubtedly the most marvelous,
unique and refined combination of
musical' talent in the concert field.
Mother and daughters seem equally at
home in solos, duetts, trios or quar
tettes; vocal or instrumental. AH of
the ladies are proficient with the flute,
cornet, or violin. In short the enter
tainment .. was . one of the
finest of the. kind ever in Dubuque.
Doburjue, (la.) Daily Times.
Kobt. Donnelly, who is one of our
best and soundest business men, a
fins friend to bis friends, and one of
the best Mechanics in town too, called
Tuesday ro renew acquaintance with
1734 'S.S
Remember the plaee Opp. the P.O.
follows day by Dr. J. A.. Sherman's
oliered to botu Merchant and Consumer.
grown on their own Farms, OVER 1,500
. ACRES devoted to tills purpose, are the
.:taxiaki for or y. j- whole.
TRADE rrUCE LISTS for 8eda. in bulk or
mailed to merchants on application.
Denver, Col., January 2. The Re
publican's Silverton special says: Ed
ward F. Ryan, Michael Ryan, and
Richard Adkins, employed on Para
dise tunnel. Saturday, ten miles from
here, were buried one hundred feet
deep in a snow slide. Parties left Sil
verton this morning to recover the
Pittsburg, January 2 The Commercial-Gazette's
Beaver Falls special
says: A dynamite explosion occurred
yesterday at the extension of the
Pennsylvania company's new line,
near Wampum. The chief workman
placed some dynamite in an old pow
der keg to-day. This was at noon.
When the men stopped for dinner, the
keg was placed about eight feet from
the fire. While the men were eating
dinner, the can exploded, wounding
ten men, two fatally.
Kenkebeck, Me.. January 2- As
the Boston express on the Boston and
Maine last night crossed the bridge
of Cole's corner, the bridge fell, pre
cipitating the four cars down an em
bankment. The cars immediately
caught fire and were destroyed. There
were about 100 passengers on bosrd.
One man was killed and twenty
StlAiEsviLLE, O.. January 2. Dur
ing the Knights of Pythias festival
last evening, the floor gave way pre
cipitating over two hundred persons
to the floor below. Two were killed
and seventy-five injured, ten fatally.
The building took tire. The lights
were nearly all extinguished, leaving
the struggling mass almost ia total
darkness. Prompt aid stayed the
flames, but a number were burned
The ante-room at the jail was filled
to-day with people waiting to be con
ducted to Guiteau's cell. By his re
quest only those whom the jailors
knew were pore permitted to see him.
In reference to recent publications
concerning jurisdiction, the prisoner
remarked the Lord had a special ob
ject in letting the president down so
easy from Long Branch instead of
Washington. Tt e prisoner is now re
sti icted to ordinary rare. Heretofore,
when food has been sent in from the
outside, it was the strict rule of the
officials not to touch them thus avoid
ing responsibility in case of harm.
Scoville has now thrown the respon
sibility of food and visitors upon the
warden ef the jail. He no longer re
quests officers to admit parties to the
jail. Guiteau's letters and newspa
pers will not be given him in the fu
ture. - -
Last Wednesday noon eight persons
sat down to dinner at A. B. Fuller's
table who frequently, 22 years ago. sat
down to the same and to each other's
tables. The conversation of the din
ner hour must have been full of In
terest experiences, in that early
time, and in the succeeding years, rec
ollections, anecdotes, and incidents. It
is not often that such a reunion oc
curs by mere accident. The person
I thus meeting around Mr. Fuller's
j board were, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Wil
bur, Mr. and Mrs. A. Higlev, Mr. and
rs. A. B. Fuller, Mr. E. D. Canfield,
and Mr. T. II. Hinman. Decatur
- Glory, Glory Hallelugerum! Don't
! we wish we'd been there.
TLe LiederkraDZ party.
. A litter from Sir. Thomas"."
Friend Mac: You asked me In
last week's Herald if I knew Bush,
nell was telling that "the reason the
County Fair premiums are not paid is
because he can't get me to come in and
sign orders." Yes, I have known it for
some time, but thought best for the
good of the society not to engage in
any public personalities, hoping he
would get tired of such excuses, get
the pro rata at once, fill out orders and
present to me for signature. Two or
three months ago he asked me the
amount of money left in the treasury
I at once went to tl e banks, ascertain
ed the amount, went to his office and
told him. So it stood till Pres. Wheeler
took the book and accounts, and is now
footing up the amounts, will find the
pro rata and make out orders, which I
will sign ai first sight. Knowing Maj.
Wheeler's punctuality for twenty-five
years, I can vouch for the delinquent
premiums being soon paid.
S. L. Thoxas, Treasurer.
Kallsky says:
All persons who have registered
their names on our book are requested
to come at once and guess at the
weibt of the horse shoe as it will be
taken down in a few days to be weigh
ed, and those not cemng in time will
lose their guesses. Bed store.
A Beneficent Action.
The worn look and miserable feel
ings of those closely confined in mills
or at desks or work-tables, are caused
by weak Stomach, Kidneys or Bowels,
and show the necessity for some mild
tonic to build them up. Xo one need
suffer thus who will use Parker's Gin
fer Tonic; for without intoxicating it
has such a beneficent action on these
sluggish orgaas and so cleanses the
poisonous matters from the system,
that rosy cheeks and good health and
spirits are soon brought back again.
Express. See ady.
Having decided to divide, our Etock
about Feburary 1st and run the Dry
Goods and Grocery business separately.
We will sell all goods at greatly reduc
ed prices for cash only, to reduce stock
before invoicing. .
42tn Baker & Atwood.
Xetice. Mr. T. E. Fry. manager and
proprietor of the Fry Concert Com
pany, requests us to say that inas
much as the people of Plattsmouth
have been already deceived as to the
merits of socallf d concert companies
any individual attending this concert
next Friday evening, who consciously
believes that the company an- not. as
good as they are represented in their
bills, can have their money back by ap
plying at the ticket office at the close
of the concert.
John Leesley
Offers for sale the following
S2 00
Sis ce
Annie Trees 3 vears old
Apple Trees a years old. first
15 l so u oo
10 1 30 8 00
ZD 1 75 20 00
40 4 23 30 00
36 4 00 J 00
35 4 00 30 00
40 3 60
30 3 00
10 1 00 7 00
SO 5 00
10 1 00 f 00
10 1 60 ft 00
10 1 50 5 00
10 1 OO 6 00
10 1 50 7 00
Apple Tree 2 years old. sec
ond size
Peach Trees 2 years old
Early Richmond Cherry, 5 to
C fet
Early Richmond Cherry 4 feet
Plum Trees, Wild Goose, 5 to
b ieet
Quince Trees
Apricots, 3 to 4 feet
Grape Viues, Concord
Raspberries, red, the best
Snyder Blackberries
Englldh Goosberries
Cherry Currants, red
Pie Plant, Lineus or Wine
Norway Spruce 26 cents per
Flowering shrubs
Roses, all kinds
First class Hedge plants per
inoueana, i 80.
Maple i rees
Cotton Wood Trees
M 3 00
2 00
Any person not seeing roe eau send orders
throiiRh the Post Office. 4U13
Proposals for Grain.
Omaha, Zfebraeka, December 10, 181.
SEALED PROPOSALS, in triplicate, subject to
the UMinl conditions, will be received at this
office until 12 o'clock noon, on Saturday, Janu
ary 14. 18H2. at which time and place they will
li opened in presence of bidders, lor furnishing
and delivery in quantities as required, up to
June :0, 1S8J. at Oiii .ha Depot. Nebranka, r
at stations on the Union Pacific Railroad, east
of Kearney Junction, ol 2.000,000 pounds CORN,
and 1 000,000 pounds OATS.
rroposais for quantities less than the whole
will be received. Delivery of Hie trrain whl, if
recmireil. ciininienc Fdini.irv I 1hr lJr-fi'r.
euce. will be Riven to articles of domestic pro
iluctlon. conditions of price and quality beinj;
equal, mid such preference will be uiven to ar
ticle- ot American production produced on the
mcinc coast to tne extent r th.
couMiiupt ion required by tho public ervice
mere, l lie government rercrve the rSjilit to
reject any or all proposals. Bids rhould ft:v(e
the rate per .oo pounds (not per bushel.) and tile
envelopes containing them should be endorsed
I'.ldf tor lrain" and addressed to the under
signed. Bidders are requested to submit pro
posals lor delivery oi me corn in new r;sev.el
Knny sacks of loo pounds each and for deliv
ery of Oats In new resewed burlap eacks of loo
pounds each.
Conies of this advertisement and oft I. e ir
cular of Instructions to bidders can be ob
tained on application to this ofllt-e, t nd one
copy each of said advertisement and ejreinar
snould oe attached to or accompany e;r-h pro
posal and form a pa it thereof
40t2 Chief (Juartei master.
83tf Will S. Wise
First Preuiinm.-
The Domestic sewing machine re
ceived Qrst premium at the fair. It is
tl.e lightest rutin in?, makes the least
noise, and it is warranted the best ma
terial. SOtf Peter Merges. .
For mixed paints co to Roberts'
Drug Store. 51tf
Cigar Clippings, 35 cts. per
lb., at C. Scnlegel's, opposite
Ilenrj's Carbolic Sal re.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, tet
ter, chapped hands, chilblains, coins, all kinds of skin eruptions. tc.
as all others are but imitations. Price
25 cents.
are the surest and best remedy for dys
pepsia, biliousness, malaria, indiges
tion, disorders of the .toraach, and
diseases of the blood, kidneys, liver
and skin.
cures all affections of the. .mucous
membrane of the head and throat.
DENTON'S BALSAM cures colds,
coughs, rheumatism, kidney troubles,
etc. Caa be used externally aa a plaa-tt?r.
At this shop you'll find meet wholoin aad
Sausage, pork muttan and veal.
Aad it ia or belief, you'll buy axctllent beef.
If you at thlj butcher thep deal,
lie keeps always on hand the best In the land
OP such as your families need ;
Others may do well, but they cannot excel,
For Fickler will still take the lead.
A good bargain youH make If you want to buy
Or soup meat or to boll or to frv.
You eaa bare a good dish ef whatereryou
Competition be well may defy.
This business provides for good pelts and hides
Lard and tallew he'll both buy and sell ;
And yotl find this the case, there's do other
Youll do better. If you will quite as well.
And this we may tell II you're fat cattle to
Or bogs or shep that are nice ;
You can bring them right here and you need
never fear.
But far them youll tret a good price.
Satisfaction to all who give him a call.
It Is his intention to give.
For we're certain indeed, this belongs te bis
Hot only to lire but let lire !
Sims CrSTOMKit.
Coal and Lumber.
A full supply of hard and so't coal.
Alse all kinds of building material can
be found at Dean's Lumbar and Coal
Office, Ashland, South Bend and
Springfield. Give them a call. 2
tiiu c;. a. it. citJAi:
is now ready on sale at the Monarch
Billiard Hall. This
cigar is guaran
teed to be the best
American Continent.
on the
Drugs -the largest stock at J. M.
ttoberts. 3tf
.Notice to Trachers.
Examination of persons wishing to
teach in Cass county, will be at the
following times and places:
At Plattsmouth, 1st Friday and Sat
urday in January, February, May, Au
gust, October and November. At
Weeping Water, 1st Friday and Satur
day in March,. June and September. At
Louisville 1st Friday and bat u id ay in
April, July and December. Notice of
other examinations will be given.
At Elmwood the last Friday and
Saturdap of March. At Greenwood
the last Friday and Saturday In t eb
ruary. K. II. WOOLET,
42tf Superintendent.
Mouey to Loan.
J. S. Mnthews has money to loan t
nine pr cent interest, un Real Estay
secu ity at three or five years. Apply
at Ins office on Main St., Platts
mouth, Neb. 26tf.
$1300 per year can be easily made a
home working for E. G. Hideout & Co
10 Barclay Street, New York, tend
for their catalogue an 1 full particu
lars. 31-ly.
Hair Work.
Mrs. A. Knee will be glad to receive
orders for hair work of all kinds.
Combings made up, roots all one way,
without extra charge. 30tf
Dr. Black's Rheumatic Cure is an
internal remedy and is pronounced by
hundreds who have used it to contain
more true medical virtue than any
other kind thrown upon the market in
the shape of oils and liniments. It is
warranted. Smith, Black & Co., pro
prietors. Sold by P. S. Barnes and A.
I. Marshall, Weeping Water, Neb. 8tf
Livery Notice.
Ilereafttrl vill have carriages at
all regular trains stopping at this de
pot Any person desiring a carriage
to take passengers to, or from said
trains will leave word at my Livery
Barn in PlattsraouUi and they will be
accommodated, at reasonable rates.
35tf Chas. M. Holmes. '
Money to Loan.
Money to loan on real estate secur
ity. Inquire of D. I). Martindale,
Louisville, Neb. 13tf
Save your teeth by using Dr. Clut
ter's Glycerem Tooth Tablets. Beaati
fy! Cleanse! Preserve! tf
33tf Will S. Wise.
if?a week in your on town. Terms an
unul fit free Address, H. Hallett Si Co
Portland. Maine.
401 y
Road Notice.
To ail whom it may concern :
Th section line road petitioned for by Perry
V:ilkr. el hi, and described as follows : ( oni-ineix-ii.K
nt soulh ea-t corner of section 17
tp 11 rane 12, running thence north to north
e.ut corner ot sec. 5 township 11 rmiRe IU , and
tcriniuntiuK at s:iid point, Mill be declared an
upeu road and nil objections thereto or claims
fur d.tiuatres. must be llled in the County Clerk's
olllce, on or before noon on the 1st day of Mrcli
A. I). 1M2. or hiicIi road will be opened without
re'erence thereto. J. 1. Tt'TT.
4113 County Clerk.
Probate Notice.
In the matter of 'the estate of Elizabeth Pul-vt-r
drceai-tjd. Iu the County Court of Cas
Co.. :tibra!-ka.
rpoii leading and filing the duly verified pe
tition of V. 1. (iil tion, pr;tliitr tli at adminis
tration uf the estaie of Elizabeth I'ulver deceas
ed, oi; rauied to some ruiianle perseu, on.ered
that notice of the pendency of said cause be
published in the N kbkahu k Hkkald, a week
ly uew.Npai er, printed, published, and In gen
eral circubitiou in ald t.'ounty, for three con
hecutive week, aud that tli hearing of said
cause be set for the I'.HIi day of January, A. I).
at 1 o'clock p m , at the ofllce of the
Comity Juriue at 1'lattsinouth. at wbich time
and place all persons Interested may appear and
show caure. if ai.y they have, why administra
tion of said estate Miould rot Ie granted ac
cording to the prayer of said petition.
A. N. i'ULUVAX, County Judge,
Plattsmoutb, lec. 28, t6l. 41t3
Notice of Dissolution of Part
nership. Notice 1 hereby given that the firm fit Pat
terson . Dickson Livcry.busineAs. is hereby dia
eclved by mutual conseLt. A. Patterson re
maining at the old plaee, where till the books
aud accounts of the linn wiil be found, and a
speedy settlement i desired with all par'ies
having business with the Ann. Dickson re
move to a baru on the alley between 2d and
3d streets. Please ca J and settle at the corner
of Pearl and Gili sts.
A. Pattkrsox,
40L5 J. W. iilCKaoN,
Pi.attsmocth, Dec. 17th. 18B1.
Road Notice.
To all whem It may cencern ;
The commissioner appointed to vacate a
crur,ty r-ad described as follows : Coniutenclnii
at the otitri east corntr of the south west ' of
tn south west 4 Of m tctlon fifteen (15) township
twelve il uonh of ratine thiitcen (13) east,
running north on Hid line "1 of a mile, ha.l re
! ported in favor of the vacation tTureof. and all
i .(..... t. . t u t t c mt .ir l'litviM ffir iTuinuoit. mint
be Clod 1 1 the Coiintv Clerk' office, on or i-e-for-
noon on the 22d day of February A. I. 182.
or such road will be vacated without reference
J. I. Terr,
4013 County Cierk,
Probate Notice.
In the matter of the Estate of James H. Tuca
er. deceased. In the Couiuy Court of Cas
i ir.:!y. Nebraska. -
Nottee W I erehy given, that Albert C. Tuck
er and..San ii. Tucker, administrators of the
....... f iIia .foiil II I'tirL'.,.. ,lui.Matw1
have made application for flual settlement, and
that ld cause is set lor n earing at my omce
at Plattsm'ui'h. on tbo3d day of Januarv. A. D.
18? !i' ' '-. 1' -I . on said day; at